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Cloud Storage Desktop application is not connecting

Q: Cloud Storage Desktop application is not connecting

Hi all Tech Gurus & Saviors

I am using IDriveSync for online backup and storage. and through referrals I have earned total space of 24 GB. Problem is, the desktop application has stopped working i.e. it is unable to connect to Internet. I contacted their online support, they probed my system using teamviewer, but problem still persists.
When I try to connect the application, it displays the message that " the firewall maybe blocking the application".

I am using Windows 7 Home premium on my Presario CQ56. I am not using any third party firewall, only windows firewall, and the programs executables are already in the allowed list of firewall. I am using Avast free edition, and I even disabled it and the firewall and tried to connect, but of no help.

Can any tech guru help me.



Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4500 @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3002 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1309 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 100347 MB, Free - 34410 MB; D: Total - 15643 MB, Free - 2251 MB; E: Total - 81917 MB, Free - 40169 MB; F: Total - 76308 MB, Free - 59076 MB; R: Total - 30718 MB, Free - 11371 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1605
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

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Preferred Solution: Cloud Storage Desktop application is not connecting

I recommend trying the free service from Zip Cloud. It's currently our users' favorite backup and storage solution and will save you headaches down the line.

You can get it direct from this link http://goo.gl/rFYDxc. (This link will open the Zip Cloud homepage.)


I am trying to block download from Teams application installed on a  desktop using the procedure mentioned in the below link 

I created Azure AD conditional access policy with session to block download for teams application. It blocked on browser but on desktop applicaiton it didnt Is this an expected behaviour


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does anyone here use, or are familiar with, the at&t locker free cloud storage program? i'm unable to log in to my account, & i'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem. thanks

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What is the best cloud storage company?

A:Cloud Storage

Probably should add in what you're comparing (price points, speed, free stroage etc) so what we know what you're looking for.

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WD My Cloud 1-Bay 2TB Personal Cloud Storage | Ebuyer.com

Any thoughts on this Please,My son is thinking of getting one and he's interested in the pros and cons.

A:Nas Cloud storage

Pro: Cloud = convenience

Con: Cloud = lower security*

Con: the drive will eventually fail
(Any files kept on any media should be backed up to at least one other location.)
*There is nothing that WD can do that will ever make this totally safe. The same is true for any cloud service. If it did not offer the cloud service, it would be safer. So, what is more important:
Lots of convenience or the relatively slim chance of a break in?

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What is the best FREE and easiest to use Cloud Storage? I have read about several however I am still undecided. The battery in my laptop will not charge and I am using a power cord. Lately, it has started to stop and go black, if I am on it too long......I am very afraid I am going to loose everything, files, pics, etc. and want to get it backed up ASAP.

A:Cloud Storage

There are a few different options
onedrive googledrive are more of a sync rather than backup
I think you may find for a reliable backup service you would need to pay
I like idrive.com as you can backup all devices - but it does have an annual fee - although 5GB are free

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I just got an upgrade from 5Gb to 50Gb of cloud storage - useful for sharing on team collaboration files, and wondered if any forum members has used / is using this service at box.com.

Specifically I want to automate a backup, or the upload & download of changed files. There seems to be a basic 'app' on their site to do this, but it leaves alot to be desired (it doesn't work). I would want to use GoodSync.

I contacted their support team and they couldn't help me. Also contacted GoodSync's support crew and they told me to use WebDAV, but when I try to connect with my credentials, it says "unable to parse redirect url".

Does anybody have any knowledge of box.com?


A:cloud storage @ www.box.com

I got interested in the box 'coz a friend who is an IT professional uses it, and told me about it. He told me about the 50gb upgrade. I tried to get it and found out they are discriminating the give-away. My smart-phone isn't an i-phone, I don't have an Apple computer, or an i-pad. Although I've decided after 12 years to drop Verizon, and to never get another HTC android phone, I still have a few months left on the contract. My laptop is just an i3 Toshiba with win7.

It seems that box is failing to look at the whole picture by not making the 50gb upgrade available to everyone. It won't make anyone jump to by an apple device just to get it. An i-phone may be my next choice, but box cloud trying to control this piece of free software really pisses me off! It's poor marketing strategy and will cause people like me to go elsewhere when I run out of options and the need to spend money for cloud storage becomes necessary.

If you read the simple directions, it's not hard at all to use, just limited. Just create a file within the box and drag anything you want to it. 5gb hardly makes it worth fooling with for we who are the wrong...type...box can kma!


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I couldn't find a board, to post this on, that seemed to fit, so please forward this to the right group if this is the wrong one. I just purchased a HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j050us Quad Edition Notebook PC. According to a sticker that is on the laptop, a HP sticker, I can signup for access to Box Cloud storage and recieve 50 free gigs of storage space. I used the provided Box app (link) to access Box and signed up for an account, but I only received 10gigs of storage space. I would like to know how I go about recovering the other 40gis of space I am supposed to recieve. Thank you, Jim

A:Box Cloud Storage

Hi, That's not an HP product, you don't need to buy an HP machine to qualify for free space. THEY can change anytime to fit their $$$. The sticker may valid at that time:    https://app.box.com/pricing/ People normally will consume more after 1 or two years and that is the way they make money. Hope this makes sense.  

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For several years now, I have been backing up to an external Seagate HD.
Drive has only been plugged in during the backups, and left unplugged normally.

So, today, I wanted to backup some more, but...!
Sounds like it is whirling from the sound I can hear, but the icon light on the case does not light.
Also, my PC will not recognize it.

So, is there anything to try before just admitting that it has gone bad ?
Any tricks, hints, etc. to try ?

And, just wondering.

a. Are USB Memory Sticks considered more reliable for long term storage ? Sandisk still the "best" ?

b. It seems like for "large" storage, or even for the larger memory stick sizes (say for the 64 GB ones)
the only thing that makes sense for me, now, and for the future, is to probably sign up for some Cloud Storage.

The Cloud storage concept has never sat very well with me, due to security concerns, and also the time it would take to upload to their Servers several hundred GB. Ugh.

Any thoughts on this ?

Who offers a really good, not too expensive service ? I know there are many, many, that offer cloud storage these days.

I really know nothing about cloud storage. What should I be aware of, make sure of getting, caveats, etc. with the particular services as I go about picking one ?

Much thanks.
Appreciate the help,
than the typical external HD ?

A:External HD Gone Bad: What To Try ? (and, regarding cloud storage ?)

There are knowledgeable people who might help you with the disk, however try the obvious:
- did you check the Device Manager, all ok there?
- can you use a different cable?
- a different USB port?

USB sticks are not reliable backup devices. Sandisk Extreme's are the best performing sticks atm. 2 years old test but hopefully still is true 31 USB 3.0 Thumb Drives, Tested And Reviewed - 31 USB 3.0 Thumb Drives, Rounded-Up.

Can't say anything about Cloud storage as I would literally time-out and die of old age before I could upload my data to cloud (1Mbit upload )

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Is there a way to create my own home cloud storage that functions as easily as DropBox or OneDrive?
Where I can find my Home Cloud drive on Explorer, like I can on DropBox or OneDrive?
I use those services alot and, being not rich, I was hoping that I could purchase something like a WD My Cloud.
The way I use these cloud services now is I can create a file in the field (I do fema flood claims), so if I get a claim while I am in the field I can go from my handheld device to the drive and create a folder. I can take a bunch of pictures and then, while in the field, easily share them to the new folder I just created. Then I can scan documents like receipts from the homeowners and point them to save in the cloud file I created.
How do I do this with my own hard drive? I dont think WD's software lets me do this, but I am not sure. I am looking into this.
Anyway, if there is anyone here with expertise around this I would be forever grateful.

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I'm looking for a cloud storage to use with a group of people.

It should provide >5GB storage,
be usable on Windows and Linux
and free.

So I’m interested in SkyDrive, but stuck in some problems and questions:

- I don't find "My Sky Drive" to mount it as locale drive.
- What is the difference between "Documents" and "My files".
- How does the "Sharing" feature works. What does happen with the mails I enter in the formula? who can they access the files? Especially if they don't have a live ID?
- What does "Syncron SkyDrive" is? Didn't understand how it works?

Or is there a better alternative?

A:Cloud Storage (SkyDrive)

No one uses Online Storages?

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What do you think of MEGA cloud storage, by Kim Dotcom? Think it has potential? I think one concern is if it gets taken down due to copyright issues and you lose all your files stored on it.

A:What do you think of MEGA cloud storage?

I personally think it's a great site. It's designed to be takedown resistant if I remember correctly, meaning they partner with various companies to store the data. I always prefer self hosting things like this though.

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Hi  I'd like to know if I can use the 50GB cloud storage space that I've found in the product specifications of my notebook (link: http://support.hp.com/it-it/product/HP-ENVY-15-Notebook-PC-series/5401187/model/7039012/document/c04... How can I use it?Thanks in advance, M.

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Have been thinking about the cloud storage options, and have seen several recommendations for the JustCloud outfit.

It "apparently" offers (totally) free, and unlimited storage.

I read their site fairly thoroughly, but the limitations and gimmicks are pretty well hidden on it, assuming there are caveats.

Will blame my ignorance on old age now.

So, O.K. what am I missing ? Is it really totally free and unlimited ?

How do they make a profit ?

Is the storage that is free only for a month or two, and then there is a charge ?


BTW: are there any (other) totally free cloud stgorage options ?


A:JustCloud Cloud Storage ?

Hi there .. It is not Free you need to read the terms and conditions ..
Cloud Storage From Just Cloud. Free Online Storage

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Hi we currently have a local NAS device with over 600 GB stored on it. I'm sure we have a lot of duplicate files on it. We currently back it up with a Online company. I have 2 questions.
First what are some recommendations for a file duplicate finder program? My thought is to have one of our users with knowledge of their folders run a duplicate file finder, then manually delete the duplicate files as they see fit.
Second I'd like to know what some other businesses have used as a cloud storage option. I'd like to hear your thoughts of the pluses and minuses of the companies that have been used.
Thanks for any input on both questions.

A:Cloud Storage for a business

Well...I would leave "duplicate files" alone.
600GB isn't a lot of storage, IMO.  I'm just a casual user but I have well over 5TB of data files stored on this system...and I know those files are nothing but data files.
Installing various programs may result in the appearance of duplicate system/program files...but if those files are removed from the location where the programs expects to find them...the program may hiccup.

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Hi there, computer people!
I have a simple question. I am using free cloud storage through Weiyun and I installed the client for my Mac, and I have the folder on my computer to sync to the cloud. What I'm wondering is if I put files into that folder, is it also being saved to my computer (taking up disk space) as well as being put into the cloud?

A:Cloud Storage Question!

I do not know about how Weiyun Cloud works.
In general, file syncing over the cloud means that files are updated to all the connected locations. Latest files are kept in your local hard disk folder as well as on the cloud.
But in most cloud storage systems there are settings to sync only a particular folder or set of files.
So yes, it may be taking up space on your hard disk (and consuming network bandwidth for downloading files) depending on your configuration settings.

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Hi guys. Id like to offer a cloud storage solution for my customers data back up. I had heard that there are companies that work in this manner. Basically, I pay for the cloud storage and charge my customers a fee for backing up their systems to recoup my monthly/yearly cost and generate some revenue. I planned on charging them for the cloud service while in-tern waiving my wipe and reload fee if they ever need the service. Can I just use carbonite or one of the mainstream service or would that be against their user agreement? Just curious if anyone has offered this service and how they did it, or should I just create physical back up options for my customers. Thanks

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I purchased a HP 110-243WB desk top PC . How do I activate the 25 GB lifetime cloud storage from (BOX) that came with the computer ?

View Solution.

A:How do I activate the 25 GB lifetime cloud storage from (BOX...

Actually cloud is a 3rd party software. Yes, it may came with HP when you first purchased the pc but for the activation of that you may contact cloud as they need to perform some sort of registration.

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My husband asked me to figure out the best cloud storage for him to share Excel spreadsheets and pictures with his work colleagues.  We already use Dropbox for our personal finance forms etc, and so I don't think we could use our free Dropbox account and make it where part of it was public, and part private.  (At least I don't think we can.)  Can anyone recommend another good sharing storage account and while you're at it, what is the best (and cheapest) way to get Excel?  I don't know if there's a free version floating out there or not.  Up to this point, we've used our Ipad's Numbers, but his new job requires Excel.  I'm hoping to drop as little money on it as possible.  Thanks! 

A:Excel and best cloud storage for sharing

If you have a Hotmail or Outlook.com email account, you can use OneDrive.Comes with about 15 GBs of free storage, and it includes Office online, so you can create Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents in the web browser.
Since he has Excel, he can just upload the spreadsheets, but if he needs to work on them and he's not at his PC, he can edit them in the browser. Everything gets saved to the cloud, it syncs everything between the cloud and the PC like Dropbox, and you can determine what you do and don't want to share.
And it's free.

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Hi. I've been reading about cloud storage and encryption recently. Of all the cloud storage services, Spideroak is often singled out for praise because it encrypts your document at source. Personally, I use Dropbox which doesn't do this but I can easily encrypt a document before it goes to 'the cloud' by using Cryptsync.

Anybody I choose to share that document with only needs to know the Cryptsync password. Which leads me to my question: is there any point to the encryption of files destined for 'the cloud'? Why not just password-protect them? As far as I can see, the bad guys in either scenario simply have to crack a password.

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new computer - how do i access 1T of cloud storage that supposedly came with product?   One Cloud only had 32G

A:HP Stream 14 - how do i access 1T cloud storage that came w ...

Hi, You need to be on internet to be able to access Cloud storage. Please use the following instructions to set up:     http://support.hp.com/au-en/document/c02948489 Regards.

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We are looking at moving into cloud storage, vps email and web hosting and we are just wondering what is the best way to go about this? we have the hardware.

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Hi, I am not tech savvy at all! However we have a small business, and all of our files are stored on one computer in the office. I am looking for a program that would allow my members to login from home and access files, as well as a cloud storage for backup. I have been looking online for the best ones, however I wanted to hear what you all think. Thank you ahead of time!

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What is the best cloud storage company?

A:Cloud Storage in terms of Security?

Probably should add in what you're comparing (price points, speed, free stroage etc) so what we know what you're looking for.

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Starting yesterday when I go to run an app (different programs or tools), I'm sometimes getting the following popup.
Cloud Storage Integrator Beta 1

The beta version of Cloud Storage Integrator used by this application has expired.
Please visit /n software - The Net Tools Company for an updated version.
This verion of the componet will no longer function.

I'm running Windows 8.1 pro, current with patches, onedrive disabled long ago when I updated to 8.1

This happens with different apps, and I'm wondering if this is related to onedrive somehow? Anyone else seen this?

A:Cloud Storage Integrator Beta 1

Never mind, my bad. Turns out it only happens with apps that I run from scripts, error is popping up from jpsoft's Take Command.

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a new home in the cloud for my photos and other files.

At the moment I am using SugarSync and storing about 120GB but at $99 per year (for 250GB) I'm looking for something a bit cheaper.

My main issue is that I'd like to choose which folders are stored in my cloud storage - such as picking folders from my computer that are outside the cloud storage's folder on my computer. Most don't seem to offer this, apart from SugarSync.

So far I've tried:

OneDrive - no selective sync
cCloud - no selective sync
Dropbox - no selective sync
Google Drive - no selective sync
I want to be able to view the photos online in a browser and share a link to folders so that others can view the photos.

Dropbox backs up my documents which is great. But I need something for about 120GB of photos from various folders on my computers.

Any advice?


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Hi folks,

Want to buy an external 1 TB HD, and of course looked thru Amazon.

Quite disturbing reading all the reviews, as neither Seagate or Western Digital shine.

Most of the reviews talk about their conking out in a few months, flimsy construction, no customer service, etc.

Seagate "used" to be so good; wonder what happened.

Anyway, I have to buy something.

Is their any kind of concensous among you experts which brand (and model) might
prove to be be the best bet ? Who still has the best reputation ?

And, at my age it is getting to be hard to keep up with all of this.
Heard about cloud-storage where you wouldn't back up to your own HD, but send all the files to some other place via the web.
Seems like it would be awfully slow to transfer, particularly videos (of Grandkid of course)

Might someone give me a few words on this possibility, please.

Thanks for opinions,

A:Which External HD ? & On Cloud Storage (right word for ?)

I bought a year/half ago one 1Tb Western Digital Elements 3,5", 7200 Rpm_Usb 2.0.

It is enough for external hard drive. the only thing is that it had no switch on/off. Just have to unplug or put it in a rack that have a switch. It is already pre-formated to NTFS, just plug & play and have a capabilities to idle.

Oops, looks you're looking for video HD Hard drive...like this one? WD Elements Play 1 TB

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Any suggestions on a Cloud Storage, I'm looking for a cloud storage solution that I can upload 100+ gigs. The only issue I have is, like with most my upload speed would cause 100+ gigs to take an awful long time to upload, how is this compensated ?

A:Massive Cloud Storage Suggestions?

100+ gigs is going to cost you. As for the upload, my only answer for that is "patience".

This company got a great review from Maximum PC and this page lists their chief competitors, too:



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~20 GBs of files exist on my D: drive and are synced w/either Dropbox, Skydrive or Google Drive. I am replacing my C: drive and doing a fresh Win7 install (no, I can't restore a system image).

I will eventually re-install the desktop apps for those three cloud services and point them to their respective folders on D: The physical files should still be in sync, but will each service need to go through an indexing or "inventory" process or something? Basically, is it going to take a long time until reaching "synced" or "up to date" status for each? Thanks.

A:Resync Cloud Storage After OS (Re-)Install

If helpful to anyone, Dropbox and SkyDrive are intelligent enough to recognize files that have been previously synced. Indexing ~18GBs in DB took about 10 minutes.

Google Drive isn't so smart. It doesn't offer an option to merge existing files. When manually selecting your local GD folder, it would only let me select an empty folder. After choosing an empty folder, I tried moving over folders that were previously synced, but GD would just create a duplicate folder of each from the cloud. Stupid.

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What do you think of cloud storage? Good or bad idea? Thank you for this information in advance.

A:What do you think of cloud storage? Good or bad idea?

From my personal experience, I can tell you about dropbox. It is free and allows you to even find documents that you deleted in the past. It is stored in the cloud, and documents will not be lost due to hardware problems. I use it in conjuction with Karens Replicator with the back ups on my external drive.
The good think about cloud storage is that you do not have to worry about your hard drive going bad. You can also access, items like pictures etc, to show friends or even enemies when you are not at your computer.

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Some years ago I began using cloud storage as an additional back up measure for my many irreplaceable files. In the process I have occasionally lost some valued files and believe it was due to the way sync works. When I try to find a thorough explanation on the internet I come up empty.

I did recently learn that there are two types of sync, "one way" (target to source) and "two way" a/k/a "mirror" (source to target as well as target to source).

As I understand it, if you are using "one way" and for some reason the magic folder on your computer is empty (maybe it was moved) , AND the "source" is the folder on your computer, then you will lose all the files on the cloud (except for trash). If you are using "mirror" this would not happen.

The problem is this. It seems impossible to say in the case of any particular cloud whether syncing is one way or mirror and, if one way, which side is the target and which side is the source. Not knowing that makes it difficult to avoid losing files. I have starting to disable syncing for that reason but that has undesirable results, too.

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Hey guys,

Thought it might be beneficial for us to add a thread here where we can discuss the pros and cons of each of the major cloud storage vendors. I'm not really trying to create an argument for which is better or worse, but just gathering some information in one place for those to decide on which they like.

Microsoft Skydrive:
+ : 7GB of storage, or 25GB for free if you previously had it
+ : local app to sync a folder from local hard drive to cloud and vice versa.
+ : sharing ability
+ : easy access to online copy of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.
- : no ability to throttle bandwidth (upload speed)
- : no recycle bin or ability to recover a deleted file
- : cannot upload entire folder via website only via Skydrive App

+ : support for almost all platforms (Win, MAC, SmartPhone/Tablet)
+ : LAN sync for faster syncs between local LAN computers
+ : Pick and choose which folders you want synced on which computers
+ : sharing ability
+ : ability to restore any file or folder deleted in past 30 days.
+ : ability to get more free space by referrals
+ : ability to throttle bandwidth
+ : local app to sync a local folder to the cloud/vice versa
- : Only 2GB of free space by default

Upgrade prices are 50GB for $9.99/mo or $99.00/year
Upgrade prices for 100GB are $19.99/mo or $199.00/year

Google Drive
+ 5GB of free space
+ Trashcan keeps all deleted files unless you manually delete them from trash
+ Pick and choose which folders you wa... Read more

A:Pros and Cons of various Cloud storage options

I don't want to necessarily maintain the master list, so if somebody has the downlow on the mobile apps, that would be great. i dont' use them, so I don't know about them, or even know what I would want out of them.

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Hi all;

I'm going to be upgrading to a new Windows 8 PC soon. My external hard drive is giving me problems for the 3rd time and I think I'll have to reformat it once again and lose some important files. Frankly I'm tired of this. I want to move to cloud storage and not worry about this kind of thing happening again.

What is a good cloud storage service for backing up an entire computer reliably?

Thank you!

A:Recommend a good cloud storage service?

Depends what files you actually want to back up.
Personally i use a combination of Google Drive and Skydrive, both have free accounts but i pay for extra storage on both.

There are loads more but it depends on what your needs are.

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I know its not especially common, but in theory of course Ransomware can attack any drives the OS has write access to; these include everything from attached storage to network drives to cloud drives mounted to the OS as a volume (like Windows' integrated OneDrive, amongst others).

1. I'm wondering if there are best practices to securing these drives. Of course what I want is 'cold cloud storage' which is completely detached and never exposed to the host OS. The simple method is a Dropbox-esque web interface, and there are various services like that. A more complicated solution which I prefer is to use Amazon CloudDrive and link it to a desktop program like Arq for management.

Arq support tells me the drive never mounts to the OS and is essentially managed through the Amazon web API. In theory this should be secure from Ransomware/illicit write actions.

2. What I'm now worried about though is that a lot of the files getting put into these cloud services for storage could themselves be infected with say Ransomware or even malware more generally. Say its hiding in a PDF or an Excel Macro, something like that.

Of course it will be dormant in the storage system and unable to execute without a host. But lets say I one day retrieve that file... it could infect the machine.

3. Am I correct to understand that the best/only real way to deal with this is to scan every file that goes into the 'cloud storage' and hope that's s... Read more

A:Comments on Securing Cloud Storage from Ransomware

Cloud storage security provide almost a full protection and encryption however since ransomware and other threats are so good to hide through its identity hence chance of infection. Which why steer away on any multi connected networks to avoid the spread of viruses immediately.

Yes in order to deal it is by scan them, as much as possible multi engines to have second opinion.

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How do I sync chrome canary to my cloud storage? I need to download data logs regarding site security issues experienced due to certifiate installation

Expert help please

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Hey guys. I'm quite tired of using several cloud systems to farm free storage and in the end suffer with government spying my files.

Any alternative that works? I've found this Fibo for cloud and streaming, but they're not open yet. I wonder if there any similar to http://www.fibo.io/ ?

A:Safe cloud storage or torrent streaming to use?

A big portable disk works for me.

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Can somebody tell me which type or model of disks are used in Lenovo Beacon Cloud Storage 2x 3TB HDD?Thx!

OS6.build_195_v1.1.9.2.ROW after ud Lenovo Beacon Version 1.7.1013.0, OS6.build_195_v1.1.10.2.ROW, latest OS6.build_195_v1.1.12.2.ROWLenovo IdeaPad s12Ion, Levovo G580, Lenovo B5400.....

Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo Beacon Cloud Storage 2x 3TB HDD type of dis...

I let you know as soon as possible.

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Hello guys, first of all, I wasnt sure if this is the right forum for to post this :/ so I apologize if its not.

Secondly, and the topic of this post,Im looking for a cloud storage service for the business I work with, I will post all the info I can, any tips would be helpful

-20 employees(users)
-1 Tb of storage
-Data transfer size wont be bigger than 1 Gb
-No device limit would ne nice (not a must)

I've been lookiong onloine for hours, and what seems to adjust more to my needs is Zools, although their Instant and Cold data transfer seems a bit confusing.

Could you guys give some recommendations?

A:Recommended Cloud Storage for a Small Business?

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Is there any knowledge on whether it's possible to make the Lenovo Beacon pass DD 5.1(and/or DTS) audio through it's HDMI?
I just bought a Beacon and it plays avi files without audio at all, it plays MP4 and MKV with AAC 2ch audio just fine, but when I play a MKV with DD AC3 5.1 audio, it somehow downsamples it to a 2ch signal and I can't see any options anywhere on how to make any changes regarding the audio output.
The whole Audio section in the XBMC settings is completely missing.
The Beacon tech specs say that it supports DD and DD+ formats, but I don't know where it supports them. Yes, I can play files stored on the NAS via DLNA on my smart TV, and those files keep the DD sound, but the DD 5.1 doesn't work in local play mode via HDMI of the Beacon.
Any help would be appreciated,
Moderator comment: Please refrain from bumping your thread(s) / post(s) more frequently than 3 days. Doing so, unfairly, pushes other members' threads downwards. Bumping post(s) removed.

A:Lenovo Beacon Cloud Storage HDMI MP3, DD and DTS A...

I think that we must wait for firmware update from Lenovo for working sound on Beacon device, but when it comes out is mystery.

OS6.build_195_v1.1.9.2.ROW after ud Lenovo Beacon Version 1.7.1013.0, OS6.build_195_v1.1.10.2.ROW, latest OS6.build_195_v1.1.12.2.ROWLenovo IdeaPad s12Ion, Levovo G580, Lenovo B5400.....

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I am looking for a solution to the following business issue. Preferably a cloud based non-hardware, non-vpn solution.

I have data files used by some mortgage software in my office (24,000 files across about 800 meg). Currently I have just shared the folder and the individual PCs accessing the data just set their data location as \\joes-pc\datafiles\ or something like that (the data location is set in the mortgage software).

My main problem is that I am opening an offshore location and I need to have the remote users to also specify a networked location for the file storage. I have no vpn or other hardware other than wireless routers. Only a few requirements.....when one user has a file open if a second user tries to open the file (from the mortgage software) it tells the user the file is already open....there is no simultaneous sharing of a file and this needs to continue. I do not want to sync files from the cloud to local drives since I am guessing this would lead to all sorts of sharing issues. I basically need the files to act as if they are on my local network. I need the files centrally located, not distributed to users desktops.

Secondary issue would be ensuring backups happen somehow....right now I just copy the files to a external harddrive once a week, but I really should at least use dropbox for this or something so it is done automatically. Used carbonite in the past and it encrypted the files in such a way that they were unrecoverable.

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A:Map network drive to cloud storage, no syncing, options?

Some ideas:

1. Purchase a cloud server service.
2. Look at Logmein Hamachi.
3. For backups, use a batch file and set it to run on schedule via Task Scheduler.

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Hello Forum,
I am a student trying to figure out the best way to manage my files. I would like to find a seamless solution that will allow me to Create files on my home PC, View and edit them on other devices, and then see those changes reflected in the original file. Also, vice versa.

So far I have tried Google Drive and OneDrive, but I have one primary complaint; I don't like how Folders and Files must be placed within respective folder found via the taskbar. For example, It seems that in order to get a file to sync via Google Drive, I have to place it in the isolated Google Drive folder on my PC.

I think what I would like is to be able to keep my files in their original location on my computer, and have a Cloud storage service reference that file and its location. That way I can keep everything in the right place so my workflow can operate as usual, while having the luxury of viewing and editing the same file remotely.

Hopefully my needs were sufficiently articulated. I look forward to hearing from anyone and am eager to hear about possible solutions.

Thank you!

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Throwing all caution to the wind, Amazon has launched a new cloud storage plan in which users can store an unlimited number of files using its Cloud Drive service for just $59.99 per year. If you're after the absolute cheapest...

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A:Amazon Cloud Drive now offers unlimited storage for $60/year

I love the idea of cloud storage for some things. Here in Maine it is useless. The time it takes to upload anything is abysmal at best. (180k up 50k down) With such a useless connection, cloud storage is not a useful option.

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Microsoft is running a new promotion in which they're offering up 100GB of cloud storage space on OneDrive absolutely free. Here's everything you need to know.

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A:Follow these instructions to get 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage free for the next two years

I knew I've been coming to this site for 5 years straight for something good. You da man Shawn!

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Transfer, store and share any files between different devices (e.g. photos, videos, files and documents)
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Create a group space where you can add and edit documents, photos and other files with your friends
Move and share photos and videos with your friends without the hassle with Bluetooth sharing
Sync your files and other media to one secure place for free
Transfer files between your computer, iphone, ipad, tablet and other phones and devices for free
View images and other content on the go from any device
Import contacts from your phone by uploading them to the cloud

Younited by F-Secure 200GB Cloud Storage (100% Discount)

A Guy

A:Younited by F-Secure 200GB Cloud Storage-Free 3 Days left

Nice one cheers Bill

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I'm trying to map my box.com cloud storage using "Map Network Drive".

I found the "Map Network Drive" button at the top of my folder.
I click on "Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures"
I follow through "Choose a custom network location"
At "Internet or network address" I type the url where I would log into box through the internet:

At next I get the login prompt, so I login, clicking "Remember my credentials"
when it returns, indicating that my login is incorrect the number of letters in my password has doubled, so
of course my password is incorrect if the "network drive" is adding a bunch of extra characters.

So I go back and click on "connect using different credentials" and get the same result

what's happening here and how do I fix it?

A:Mapping a cloud storage site using "Map Network drive"

Your password looks longer because no one should be able to see how many char your password contains.

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For the past 6 months I have been using 2 wifi lenovo desktop computers (windows 10) connected to a NAS Storage unit attached to the router by USB. It has worked perfectly allowing us to share files via a network called PERSONALCLOUD-2. I have now purchased a Lenovo Yoga 300 small laptop but can't connect to the NAS unit. It connects to the router and under the networks it shows that there is a network called PERSONALCLOUD-2 but when I try to access this I get a network error saying it can't access \\PERSONALCLOUD-2 giving error code 0x080070035. Does anybody have a solution to this problem

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