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Inno setup incorrect icon

Q: Inno setup incorrect icon

I am switching from InstallShield Express to Inno Setup. All works well except the Icon displayed after the install is the Visual Foxpro icon. During the install the correct icon shows during the install process, but the Fox icon is the final icon on the users screen after the install

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Preferred Solution: Inno setup incorrect icon

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


My friend gave me a program he wrote. He used the inno installer. When I try to run the setup file, nothing happens. He said its a problem on my PC after I asked if he gave me a trojan or something.

Any help?

A:Inno Setup?

first question, is what is the program your buddy gave you supposed to do? Secondly, have you downloaded inno and tried it?

and finally, just HOW MUCH do you trust this buddy?

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I just downloaded about 4 different files off the internet. All the files were in zip format. I extracted all the files only to get a setup.exe file. All 4 setup files have been modified using inno setup. When I double-clicked the application the first time it came up with the setup wizard. I clicked next and it gave me an error stating the version was out of date and I need to download the update from the vendor. I tried the other applications and now nothing happens after double-clicking on the inno setup.exe apps. If anyone knows what is the problem either with my computer or the files I downloaded please help me. Anything to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I have already downloaded and installed Inno Setup from the vendors website and it did nothing.
Comp Specs:

Alienware Area-51m7700
3.0ghz intel pentium 4
1 Gb Ram
Nvidia GeForce Go6800 w/256 mb ram
40gb hard drive at 5400rpm
Win Xp Pro with SP2

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Hello, I am posting this question in the hopes of getting some insight into how I should proceed. I have been a programmer for some time but I have limited experience with MFC/C++ dlls. I am currently using Inno Setup, instead of InstallShield, and I have to have Inno Setup to call the dll in order to do some specific processing. How should I go about creating the dll? When I create the MFC dll, it will create a class and I am not sure InstallShield or Inno Setup can use a class from a MFC dll. The examples that come with Inno Setup are C dlls, not C++ or MFC. I just hope I am making sense.

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I just found this on Belarc; don't know how it got on my computer....maybe son.
Don't know if I need it; what's it for exactly?

A:Jordan Russell Inno setup

found this for you.

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Hi Guys!

I'd appreciate it if you could point a girl (me) to where I can find out how to put my picture (headshot) on the Inno Setup installer window during a users run of setup.

I'm don't know much about this at all, but really want to alter the setup installer screens a little...

Thanks a lot...


A:Inno Setup Compiler > Want My Photo on Installer

I know it is possible to change the icon and background image in Inno Setup. I have changed the icon but never the background image. You might have more luck doing a post in the Inno Setup newgroup:


One article discussing the background image is:


You might also visit this website, it contains various plugins:


Sorry I don't have a more definitive answer for you.

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I have an ethernet cable linked from my PC to my XBOX 360. I bridged my PC connection to the XBOX so that it can share my internet connection to access the console's online features. This is what the network area on my PC looks like:

The problem I'm having is in the taskbar. The internet icon just shows the bars with a red cross through them (as if to signify the internet isn't working), instead of before the bridge where it showed the speed levels of the internet with the coloured bars.

I know this is a minor thing, but is there any way I could get the icon back to its original state while keeping the bridge?


A:Incorrect taskbar icon

Rayman Welcome to SevenForums. Have you gone to right click start orb/properties/taskbar/notification area costomize/network/ show notifications? Have a play with this may give you a veiw you may prefer.

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The laptop in question currently has one user account set up in it ( in user accounts ) but if you look in the laptop there is another account for the same user with there name spelled incorrectly. unfortunately most of the software installed on the laptop is associated with that wrong spelling and it is driving that user crazy. is there anything I can do to fix this. I imagine i could delete the "bad" user but what will happen to all the programs associated with it?


A:1st user setup with incorrect spelled name

Hello Leslie, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The programs installed on the PC will not be removed if you delete the user account. You may need to create new shortcuts from the .exe file of the program in a new account though.

Since "User Accounts" in the Control Panel only shows the one account, where are you seeing the other account at?

Could this be a case of the account had it's display name changed, and still has the original name for it's "C:\Users\(user-name)" folder?

Hope this helps for now,

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I have .htm and .html files set to open with Firefox, and they do. However, the icon is IE. I've already tried the Icon Cache Rebuild but it didn't work. So how do I make the icon show Firefox instead of IE?

And just to be clear, I reiterate: This is not an issue of the wrong program opening; it is an issue with the incorrect icon being displayed.

A:Incorrect icon for file association

Hello cbiweb,

As a test, use "Open with" to set .htm and .html files to always open with IE, then set them to always open with Firefox to see if that may toggle it to use the correct icon again.

Open With - Change Default Program

If not, then you might see if reinstalling Firefox will be able to correct the icon.

Hope this helps,

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I have new computer with old Monitor (not very old It is Samsung SyncMaster 920W)

and new harddisk want to setup win8.1 from DVD
I booted into DVD it show Windows Logo

When it switch to "Preinstall Environment Setup"
My Monitor turn into black with message

Not Optimum Mode
Recommended Mode 1440x900 60Hz

"Preinstall Environment" still alive and If i press "escape" twice it will boot.

I think my monitor not accept the that resolution for setup, and i dont know what to do, buying new monitor is bad idea for me.

Is there any idea to tell "setup" to change the resolution.

A:Incorrect resolution in Preinstall Environment Setup

More info. My monitor have only normal terminal, but in my MOBO i have Normal and DVI, maybe the setup switch to use DVI?

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I was using Cirrus Logic 5465 AGP, later i changed it to nVidia TNT2 M64 display card X-setup is showing it as
Cirrus Logic 5465 AGP Instead os showing it as nVidia TNT2 M64 in the Information tab of display under hardware menu. I am using X-Setup 6.1 How can i solve this?

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When I initially installed Win10 my ethernet network tray icon was what I would call normal. However, after a number of upgrades it now looks as though its corrupted as its missing a few lines. If I goto select which icons appear on the task bar the icon there is corrupt and matches the tray icon. The icon in the network and ether section of settings shows the correct icon. While my ethernet works fine I thought someone else may have solved this issue already. I've also rest the taskbar icon cache but that did not fix the issue. Thanks for any help.

A:Network Tray Icon incorrect/corrupt

Is this what you tried ? Icon Cache - Rebuild in Windows 10

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during setup of a new H.P Note book I entered incorrect email address on both a new microsoft acct, and Outlook16. My  problem is what steps to take and in what order to perform them in to verify this I must pick a differant email address and be able to verify it in new microsoft ,thats been created with the wrong email add.been struggling with this for 3+ weeks? any help will be greatly appreciate. Thank You

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I am trying to setup my Outlook at home for multiple email accounts, and while the end result is close to what I want, the security seems a little suspect. Here is the background information: I am running Windows XP, with one user account. I am using Outlook 2002 SP3. I have three email accounts, all of which originate from the same ISP. What I WANT to have happen is that I have a separate Outlook login for each of my three email accounts, after I log into Windows with my one user profile.
Here is what I setup so far: Using the Control Panel/Mail application, I setup three separate (mail) profiles, and selected the option for ‘Prompt for a profile to be used’. Also, there are three separate data files which are associated with each of the three email addresses (Outlook1.pst, Outlook2.pst, Outlook3.pst). As far as I can tell, all that setup is correct. When I open Outlook, immediately – before the application finishes loading – the ‘Choose Profile’ prompt box appears on the screen and forces me to select one of the three that I setup previously. So far, so good. Now comes the part that does not make sense to me. No matter who I am, I can select any of the three profiles, and the next action that occurs is for the inbox to open. The good news is that the inbox is correctly associated with the profile I selected. The bad news is, well, why is the inbox opening without asking me for my password? At this point, I can open any message that already exists in the inbox. No pas... Read more

A:Incorrect Outlook Setup for Multiple Email Addresses?


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installed fx5200-8x into newer computer along with hard drive, have no signal input (to same monitor)
checked all jumpers , think the're correct, help please

A:inno 3D fx5200-8x

This a AGP card?

Was the PC using the integrated graphics before?

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Can you help me?


I can't find a driver for Inno 3D MX 400 TV. Probably (I hope - not), you will have some probmlems like this in a future. And i can help you too. :angel:

A:Inno 3D MX 400 TV driver need

Your Inno graphics card is based on the NVIDIA Geforce 2 MX400 graphics chip so the appropriate NVIDIA driver would probably work. However InnoVision also supply their own driver for it and you can get it here: http://www.inno3d.com/support/support_download.html
Click on 'Nvidia' for product type.
Click on 'GeForce 2 MX' for product (Geforce 2 MX includes the MX400 model)
Click on 'Display Driver' in software box.
Click appropriate operating system then click 'Download'.
If driver doesn't work get the GeForce driver here from the chip manufacturer (they supply a 'forceware' unified driver which supports all their graphics chips in a single driver -- doesn't mention 3D support though, so your probly better off using the Inno driver. http://www.nvidia.com/content/drivers/drivers.asp

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I install the drivers from the web as well as from the disk for the above graphics card, then get message new hardware found, (n/vidia wdm video capture (universal) then device did not install properly. then (code 10) this device will not work. have the yellow mark against it in device manager
any ideas?

A:inno 3d gforce 6600 le

Could you supply more info. Did the card ever work? New Install? Did it replace another card?

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A while ago I bought this graphics card, and I couldnt get it to work, so I took it back to the shop with my PC and they fixed it and somehow managed to get it work. However they never told me what was wrong or how they fixed it.
Anyways I had a few problems with my PC and I had to re install windows XP on it, but now the card doesn't work again.
XP doesn't even detect its there. I have an ECS K7VMM+ mother board, with AGP 4, which is supposed to be supported by the card. I don't know how to get XP to detect the card at all, any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Inno 3D Tornado GeForce 4 MX 440 AGP 8X

download and install the drivers from www.nvidia.com

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I hope somebody can help me here? I have an Inno 3D GeForce 8500GT GPU. Yes, I know it's cheap and nasty but it does the job and is all I could afford. Is it possible to put a decent fan/heat sink on this card please? At the moment, it only has a very small sort of bakalite/plastic heatsink and a very small, plastic fan. I was just wondering if there was a way I could remove that set-up and put a bigger, decent fan/heat sink unit on the card to make it cooler and thus perfom better? As far as I know, at the moment it isnt overheating or causing problems but it's better to be safe than sorry as I intend to start loading and playing games soon and I believe that could up the heat values etc. if anyone could help me and it is possible, could they suggest the set-up I would need please as I don't have the foggiest idea what I am looking for?
Many thanks in advance.

A:Inno 3D GeForce 8500GT 512DDR2

Trust me, I do a lot of gaming, and I own a 512MB GeForce 8500GT, and I haven't had a single problem with heat. Not one.

If this is your card, then you will have no problems at all. Mine has about the same size fan, if not smaller.

You won't need a new cooling system on your 8500GT.

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XP SP2 user
When starting installation package for winrar, (Inno install pack) MS antispyware warned me inno was trying to change reg key and I mistakenly blocked the action. Now I cant run any installations which use inno install pack
Been to MSantispyware "blocked events" to unblock but no reference to event in log or in blocked applications
Been to registry for ? run once inno key left with exclamation but only old inno keys for previously installed executables
Searched google for references but looks unique
System restore was turned off, ?one of my over helpful system utilities(2004)

Any clues??

A:?is MSASb1 disallowing inno installs?

Probably the simplest fix is to uninstall MSAS beta1. (I'd also delete this from programs.)Continue with the install of the "winrar, (Inno install pack) ".Then get the new (6/24/05) update beta release of MSAS here MicroSoft AntiSpyWare Refresh DownloadThis will avoid the conflict with the MSAS, I think. Anyway, you'll know now not to blockany changes for that particular program.I'd also reset the system restore processes - you might need it in the future...Seems the easiest fix to me.Regards,Koan

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A:is the Inno 3D tornado 128 G4 mx440 any good


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I own a Geforce GTX 550 Ti SDDR3 3GB card but it shows 256 MB available memory, and also when i go to
to check if game would run or not it always fail due to that low memory
Here is a screenshot

Is there any solution to set that?
and also from Bios I have selected the maximum DVMT for graphics.

A:Available graphics memory in Inno 3d Geforce GTX 550 Ti

Assuming that you have installed the FULL driver for the card from nvidias website and not just the windows update driver, the answer may lie in you BIOS settings.

I assume that you are on a 64 bit version of windows?

I can't point anything out specifically, but there may be settings in your BIOS WRT the video card that may limit the amount of ram is uses (AGP Aperture, etc). If you were to stick that card in to a computer with 32 bit windows you would have NOTHING left to run your OS/programs unless memory aprturing (or whatever it might be called in your BIOS) was enabled.

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how do i set up my icons to be setup by date like in windows 98.

A:Windows XP icon setup

Right click a blank area on your desktop and select arrange icons by modified. Make sure auto arrange is unticked.

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I have a geforce 6600 Gt, and it doesn't work properly. When im playin' games, for exmpl: LOTR: Battle for Middleearth, Need for speed most wanted,or other needfo', the game is so slow. But it's not just the grapich card, i don have much RAM. Thats allright, but if the card is OK, then why i see so many big grapichal crashes in the game. fexmpl: Need for speed: the street is transparent, the tree is in the middle of the road, the berm of the road is in the front of me, and overlay the way. Or in the Battle for middleearth, I can see trought the ground, or i have some big black holes in the land. So I dont know what is the reason of those crashes.

Can anyone help me?


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I've installed wxp from my computer, by coping the files of wxp pro then installing wxp from there .The problem now is that I didn't put the xp files into folder,, as I usually do , I just copied the several folder of wxp onto the drive, then I proceeded to install , and after the successfull installation I discovered that this infamous xp icon is displayed on the drive letter and when I click on it from my computer folder (on the desktop) it start the wxp installation setup, and that is a no no! in my book, so now I want to delete that folder ,which I think is the I386 folder in explorer , but I'm a little reluctant to do so 'cause I don't want things to get ugly and have to spend another day installing the several gegs of stuff so according to the info that I have provided here , is it safe to delete the I386 folder that I think is where the wxp copied files are. The file in question is located between the network service and program files folders.......Ok here is what I just did : I deleted the folder I386 and I'll keep it in the recycler bin for a while, but that didn't change the fact that drive F:\ is still covered by the wxp pro set up icon and when I click on it, the setup windows still appear with all the option for installing wxp and when I click an option it still opens up as if nothing happened although the I386 folder is a goner, so there must be another folder that keep this alive what gives here !! I don't know about the ... Read more

A:wxp setup icon instead of drive letter

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I have been trying to find out where I can find the missing driver, I'm assuming that's what it is, to add to my Windows XP Pro which will enable me to set my computer up for a wireless internet connection. I have done all of the system checks from the Microsoft website, and have spent hours researching. I have discovered that other people have run into this same problem, but don't know what their end results were. If anybody has run in to this problem, and they know how to solve it, please inform me. When you do an internet connection, there is no wireless icon to choose.

A:WINDOWS XP PRO - No wireless icon in setup

Try going into Control ;panel>system>hardware>device manager. Is there a network adapter listed there?
Expand it (click on the+)

Right click on it,on the adapter, then update driver.

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Hello, hope this is the right place. But for some reason all my winrar archive started showing as a white piece of paper with the top right hand corner folded in, and in the middle the winrar archive icon shows. Ive never had a problem like this before and was wondering how do i fix this problem back up so it shows the winrar icon not with a white piece of paper behind it. Ive got AVG Antivurs Free version edition 9 and I've got malwarebytes anti malware, so i have no idea what could be causing the problem. I have attached a screenshot of what i mean. Note:I have already tried file association and associating it to a different file and then re associating it. Also have tried uninstalling winrar and then installing it again. Thank you Much appreciated Dazz

A:File icon incorrect file association correct

Click Start, Run, Regedit.

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes and scroll down until you find RAR or WinRar (Not sure as I don't have it); whichever it is, it should show the (default) entry as RaR File (you could also use Find > RAR File).

It should also have a subkey of DefaultIcon. Click on this and it'll show the path where it gets the icon from. The last number in the path, after5 the comma, is the icon selected from that file. The normal path should be pointing to the Winrar.exe file, and the number something other than 0.

Export the key first, just in case you need to restore it, and change the number to 0. Should change the icon shown for Winrar archive to the main one.

If not, report back on anything that deviates from the above, including a screenshot of the registry keys.


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I am avrage user, and don't know much of pc.
I have trouble with my new pc games such is: James Bond Nightfire, Unreal Tournement 2003, C&C Generals. All the new games who need the DX 8.1. Exepct the ("Soldier of Fortune 2 ") They will start and then they will freeze out or reset my pc. Before I upgraded my PC, game James Bond Nightfire worked with my old pc even UT 2003 worked but with very bad graphic.

My old PC was:
MB: VIA Accorp
CPU: Celleron 633 Mhz
Monitor 15" : Hansol Mazellan 501 P
HDD: Maxtor 2B020H1

My PC is :
OS: XP Professional
MB&CPU: AMD Athlon 1466 MHz (1.4 Ghz)
VGA: Inno 3D GeForce 4 MX440/MX 440 SE 64 MB DDRAM (TV OUT)
Monitor 15" : Hansol Mazellan 501 P
HDD: Maxtor 2B020H1

Also I have :

Film Edit Card : Movie DV 100
TV/FM Card : 3Demon capture on pc
Modem : 56K
Scaner: (Parallel port)
Cammera : Logitech
CDROM : Teac 532-b
CDRW : HP +7500

I update the VGA (www.nvidia.com), also DX9 I have, still is the same problem.

Thanks all you ppl for advices, I found and solve my problem, it was old MB BIOS, I take my pc to the service and serviceman said that was old MB BIOS,and he can not suport fast cpu like mine, (cause the day when MB was manufactured didn't exist that kind oof fast cpu's). SO he updated and now works fine.

A:Inno 3D GeForce 4 MX440/MX 440 SE 64 MB DDRAM (TV OUT) Games Freeze!!!

A friend of mine had exactly the same problem last week- Medal of Honor would start and freeze after a while, sometime the pc would reboot during a game, Mafia froze, IL-2 Sturmovik. After testing everything (he's got a AMD 2200 XP, 512 DDR Ram, ATI 8500 LE 128) we found the problem to be the power supply. If your machine is fine using any other application aside from games (as his was) then the video card is needing more power then the system can supply. Buy a more powerful power supply, swap them out, test your games and if the problem recurrs you can always take the new power supply back. Unfortunately, you can't go cheap on power supplies, and most that come with the case are underpowered! Let me know if this is the problem.

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I setup a workstation running Windows XP, this computer was setup with one monitor hooked up to the video card, I then put in a second monitor to go on the left of this monitor. In the display setup it showed monitor 2 as being on the left and monitor 1 on the left. I right clicked on monitor 2 and did "set as primary" the issue that I'm facing is, after a reboot, all icons are on the first monitor on the right rather than on the left. I'm not on site so I can't easily swap the cables on the video card outputs. Is there a way to make it so that the icons stay on the 2nd monitor which is also the primary monitor? I've been googling everywhere but most information I find people are suggesting using some third party software, but I'm pretty sure you can do the trick without the use of third party software.

A:[SOLVED] Dual monitor and icon setup


Originally Posted by Ayyjay

In the display setup it showed monitor 2 as being on the left and monitor 1 on the left.

Please can you change this for us, cheers!

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I have a laptop that was previously running Win 7 Ultimate x64 andI upgraded that to Win 8 Pro x64 quite some time back. On this laptop, when I have several windows open for an app on my task bar, when I repeatedly left-click on the task bar icon, it cycles through the app's windows. That is, as I click, the app window will show up in the foreground and the next click will show the app's next window, etc.

Now I have a new laptop, with Win 8 Pro x64 pre-installed and I no longer have the cycle-through feature. When I click on an app that has multiple windows, all it does is show me the preview windows down by the taskbar.

I searched and searched and could not find where such an option exists for me to enable that feature to cycle through when I click and I couldn't find anything. Nor was I able to find any posts on the matter.

Does anyone know how I can enable this feature on my new laptop so that both are functioning the same?


A:How to setup click on taskbar icon to cycle thru windows?

Would this help ?
"Window Switcher" Shortcut - Create in Windows 8[1]=Shortcuts

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Firstly thanks in advance for your time.

My machine, an old compaq armada e500 isn't very fast but lately it's got very slow. Also at times there seems to a lot of disk activity when I'm not actually doing anything. The Task Manager shows System Idle in the high 90 % yet the disk is whirring away like crazy.

Protection installed asfollows:

Comodo firewall
AVG anti- virus
Spybot search & destroy

I update and run these fairly regularly and also run CCleaner

I ran an online scan with Kaspersky and it showed

D:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\MyStuff\Downloads\SpySweeper\ssf-snr-a-setup481.exe/file13 Infected: Trojan-Clicker.Win32.Small.tl skipped

D:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\MyStuff\Downloads\SpySweeper\ssf-snr-a-setup481.exe Inno: infected - 1 skipped


D:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\MyStuff\Downloads\Zonealarm\KYLG\FamilyKeyLogger\cisvc.exe Infected: not-a-virus:Monitor.Win32.FamilyKeyLogger.230 skipped

Spysweeper, I can't recall downloading or installing tho' it's possible I did or my son did.

Keylogger I did install and uninstalled quite a long time ago.

I have followed the pre-post steps.

here is the text of the DDS scan

Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68
Run by Administrator on 2008-05-08 10:38:23
Computer is in Normal Mode.

Backed ... Read more

A:kaspersky shows Trojan-Clicker.Win32.Small.tl & Inno: infected - 1

72 hour bump

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so iv'e been downloaded some software from utorrent (i know it's a bit risky), and when i unrar the file, and entered to the directory, all of a sudden all the setup.exe files's icons become blank and when i try to lunch them, they wont open. 
even when i've try to run them as admin. and even when i shut down all my antivirus defendes(windows defender). 
thank for you all.

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Ive read the Instructions on how to setup XP to dual-boot with Vista...
However, im concerned (and someone mentioned it happened to them in the thread)
that when XP SETUP is finished with the TX part of setup and reboots PC to go into the
rest of setup (GUI XP SETUP)) it wont continue....?
is this right>? ive read elsewhere that if the partitions for XP are created in Vista that it wont boot into the rest of setup....

I could make the partition during XP setup if this will help?


A:Vista/XP Dual Boot - Will XP setup continue into GUI setup after reboot of 1st part.?

When I did my dual boot [using win2k / vista] I used an existing partition that was created by vista. No problem at all. It is a little more difficult than say installing win2k after xp however as long as you follow the instructions there are no problems.

As always make an image of your system before you start. This way if something does go wrong, it is a simple matter to restore the image and be back where you started from.

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Is there any info recorded anywhere in Windows, that tells me the name of a setup file
that (ideally including it's path)?

An executable can usually (always?)
be opened with 7-zip, often (like itunes) revealing the executable internally to contain a collection of .msi's. Maybe info about the execution of one of these is logged somewhere, in which case (with a bit more effort) I think the 'origin' (setup.exe) could
be inferred...

I read that the journal records every file that's opened!!! is this human-readable?

Thinking aloud. I have about 7 widi setup executables I obtained whilst trying to setup
intel widi, similar scenario with several other applications installed on various VHDs. I'd like to purge my downloads>>setups folder, but retain installation-media for important applications (just in case).

So much info is installed during installation (ie setup/msi stuff as well as appdata of
course), surely something this simple must be possible somehow, somewhere! somebody?

Thinkin aloud 

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I have several Asus Eee netbooks that I'm getting set up to use at my school. I had some parent volunteers helping me get them ready to deploy, and one of the netbooks was plugged in to initially power it up, but then hard-shut-down before Windows could run through its initial setup.

Now when I boot up the netbook, and it attempts to go through the initial windows setup "Setup is starting services", and then throws an error message:
The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click "OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation.I restart, and the cycle continues. This happens whether I try to boot normally or in safe mode.

I've got no CD-drive attached to it, so I'm not sure what I can do to break this error cycle. Any suggestions/tools/ideas?


A:Win7 Starter getting error on initial setup; locked in setup loop

Not sure how you deployed them, but if Startup Repair doesn't help when run from System Recovery Options then I would redeploy the image or run Factory Recovery from its partition after backing up the disks.

If you don't have one and they are same hardware, simply backup one's image using Win7 backup imaging or free Macrium - Image your system then boot System Recovery options to Recover Using an Image from its external storage location which you have connected.

If they are not same exact hardware or Image hangs at startup, SysPrep the original before deploying to remove all drivers, activation, SID and HID's.

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
System Image Recovery

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Hi everybody.
I got dell latitude d800 laptop with dead display and without os (supposed to be XP, sticker is intact).
Hunting for affordable good shape lcd panel will take a while so I made unattended cd with nlite and installed XP but external monitor didn't fire up
I checked the installation with live CD and it looks like complete install so I got an idea that the install is lacking dell drivers particularly video driver (nvidia fx 5200 go card).
Even more: it's possibly lacking any video driver 'cause native display was disconnected.
So I have to somehow inject video driver and force setup to install it. Then XP must fire up external monitor and then I can update all the drivers.
I read about winnt.sif and $OEM$/Drivers directory but that all about "naked" drivers like .sys .cat .inf ... but the drivers I got from dell have also .dll .exe and other files but nvidia driver even has its own setup.exe.
How to make XP setup to install such drivers during unattended setup?

A:[SOLVED] Inject drivers with .exe extension or own setup file in unattended setup

Hi I 'am not entirely certain but this might help Customizing Unattended Setup
How to Add OEM Plug and Play Drivers to Windows XP
Talking Shop: Windows XP unattended installation | TechRepublic

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Hi Guys & Gals,

I've been trying to get my Home XP(SP2) desktop talking to my XP(SP2) Laptop, using tips gleemed from the threads in this forum.

My desktop does not require a sign-on.
My laptop is from work and requires sign-on to the work Domain.
I have put my Desktop into a workgroup of the same name as the laptop domain.
I have enabled file & print sharing, and added the laptop into my trusted Norton security zone on the Desktop.
I have shared folders on both machines.

I can see the Workgroup from my Laptop but not the desktop within it.
I can see the Domain from my Desktop but it times out if I try to drill further.
I cannot see my shared printer (connected to the desktop) from the laptop.
I can map from my laptop to desktop (shared folder), but not vice versa.

The only thing I haven't tried is to run the Network setup wizard on either the desktop or laptop.

Here's my question: if I run that wizard on my laptop, will it destroy my work network settings?

OR any other ideas what I should try to get each machine to see each other?


A:Solved: Running Network Setup Wizard - affect on existing setup?

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I'm trying to install windows xp, after formatting, it goes thru the process of copying the xp files and automatically reboots. Now after rebooting, instead of this installation to continue, it just goes back to the same setup process again i.e right from the beginning again of wanting to format and repeating the same process again. It does not continue with the installation as it normally does. Xp disk is good. no problem with it.
One thing strange I noted is when booting with the XP disk in, it automatically goes thru with the XP setup without asking 'Click any key to boot from CD-Rom'
Any ideas to solve this? Thank you all in advance

A:Solved: Xp Installation: Setup-Formats-Copies files-reboots back to square 'A' Setup

The simple answer is a stuck key, or a faulty key signal. Could you post your system specs to give us a little more to go on?

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I formated my hard drive with Fdisk and ran the 4 disk set of Windows 2K and it goes through set up till last screen and then says Setup is starting Windows 2000 and it freezes there.


A:Window 2K setup stops at Setup is starting Windows 2000

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Hi All

I am trying to install windows XP on my new system I built.

When I get to the 5th XP install disk it stalls and says

file ntfs.sys caused an unexpected error(4100) at line 5010 in d:\xpclient\base\boot\setup\setup.c

I have done a memtest and it has came out with zero errors.

I am lost can you help?

Kind regards

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Hi All

I am trying to install windows XP on my new system I built.

When I get to the 5th XP install disk it stalls and says

file ntfs.sys caused an unexpected error(4100) at line 5010 in d:\xpclient\base\boot\setup\setup.c

I have done a memtest and it has came out with zero errors.

I am lost can you help?

Kind regards

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So I decided to experiment with Raid 0 on my i7 system to see if it had any impact on video encoding performance using two 500Gb Green Caviar WD HDD's. Specifically, I encoded a 700Mb AVI to DVD. Unfortunately, it took almost 3 times longer over a single HDD setup.

Prior to this, I installed Vista Ultimate (non-Raid mode) on 5 different 500Gb HDD's and a Velociraptor and ran the same test above. Keep in mind that the video file and the software were always on the Main Drive and there were no jumpers on any of them.

Here's A summary:

WD 500Gb Green Caviar 16mb Cache = 13 mins
WD 500Gb Green Caviar 16mb Cache = 36 mins
WD 500Gb Green Caviar 16mb Cache = 13.5 mins
WD VelociRaptor 150Gb 16mb Cache = 12.5 mins
Seagate Barracuda 500Gb 16mb Cache = 39 mins
Seagate Barracuda 500Gb 32mb Cache = 37 mins
Raid0 WD 2 x 500Gb Green Caviar = 34 mins

So is this AAM related causing such dramatic variations?

When I get home tonight, I plan to run a program that's supposed to disable AAM.

A:Raid 0 Setup Performs Worse Than Single HDD Setup

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I mistakenly launched XP Setup and want to know how to stop it from progressing further. I have another XP installed on another virtual disk. Rebooting from there allowed me delete the Setup files. Or so I thought ! The main XP installation however continues to try to launch Setup. Just about whatever I do, it ends in tears. My question is … how do I stop XP on this disk from thinking it has to launch Setup? I don’t want to reinstall XP, as that will involve a huge amount of work to recreate my environment.

I am able to choose my operating system when I press F8

If I launch the corrupt system in “safe mode” or “domain controllers”, everything appears to progress normally until the very end… when the XP black desktop appears (and just before the icons appear). At that point I get the error message
“Windows XP cannot run under safe mode” and I am asked to click OK to consult a log file. The screen however is actually frozen at that point, so I have to unplug the machine.

Otherwise if I launch in debugging mode or “Last known good configuration”m I get a message saying “Setup will restart now” and then “ Setup is being restarted…” while the usual XP installation logos start to appear e.g. “An exciting new look etc…”. Shortly afterwards I get
“An error that has been encountered that prevents setup from continuing ”,
Again the screen freezes so I need to unplug the machine.

I looked at the difference config and ini files, and compared the Windows dir... Read more

A:Corrupt XP Setup – trying to remove setup by logging on from another disk

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i can setup my d-link 604 wired router with no probs...but after i have done that then i need to do something in the windows control panel under the network connections icon. i have no clue what to do there to complete the final step in networking my 2 machines. some nfo: 2 new machines with ethernet cards. one is xp home and the other is xp pro. all i want to do is make those 2 machines use the same cable connection...i dont want ics or print/file sharing. i have been told to set up the router then power cycle the devices and magically the 2 machines will begin working. but i refuse to fall into that lame trap. i do format approx every 3-4 months so i will need to know how to do this so i can recover from that activity. each machine has a network connection from its previous service - do i delete this - do i create a new one -must i disable/delete/leave alone original connection icon ??? these are the many questions that i have and i have googled this and can not find any nfo as to what to do, on the windows side, after the router is setup. help, i have been trying to figure this out for approx 2 months and my hardware will be obsolete before i get it, so i appeal for help, mahalo and aloha.

A:router setup - no prob...how to setup the windows ctrl pnl

not sure the issue. but posting the result of the ipconfig /all on both computer may help.

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The code below will do the following if you have a table set up in WORD:
1. Sequence down a column of cells one after another while:
2. being given the choice to embed a selectable pdf file from a File Open dialog popup after which
3. the embedded object is displayed as a icon ( icon set always same set in code)
4. goes to next lower cell and repeats from step 2
5. keeps doing this until you click Cancel in the File Open dialog box

My question is how do I make the icon conform a set size after it is embedded? Right now I have to go back and resize all the icons after I finish the embedding. I think the trick is to use a 'With' loop but haven't figured it out yet. Here's the code. Thanks for your help:

Sub EmbedPDFAndDisplayIcon()
Dim d As Dialog
Dim r As Word.Range
Dim p As Object
Dim vrtSelectedItem As Variant
For Each r In ActiveDocument.StoryRanges
Dim fd As FileDialog(msoFileDialogOpen)
ActiveWindow.ScrollIntoView Selection.Range, True
Set fd = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogOpen)
With fd
If .Show = -1 Then
For Each vrtSelectedItem In .SelectedItems
Selection.InlineShapes.AddOLEObject ClassType:="AcroExch.Document", _
FileName:=vrtSelectedItem _
, LinkToFile:=False, DisplayAsIcon:=True, IconFileName:= _
"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader\acrord32.exe", IconIndex:=0, _
IconLabel:= _
MsgBox "Select cancel to Save. Item e... Read more

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