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cd burning - data v audio

Q: cd burning - data v audio

Can someone please confirm (or otherwise) that if I just want to copy some mp3's and wma's that are on my hard-drive onto a cd for back-up purposes (and not to play on another cd player) I can just do it via a data cd and don't have to do an audio cd. I have done this and can play it back via Winamp or WMP from the D drive so I think this is OK.

Also have done the same with my image files (photographs) which seem to be accessible via the D drive and then got a bit confused reading Nero's help file about creating image files etc.

Why would one need to create an image file via Nero just to copy some graphic files onto a cd for backup purposes?

Preferred Solution: cd burning - data v audio

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: cd burning - data v audio

Graphics files and mp3 files are just data files.

Audio relates to .wav or .cda files when you intend playing them on a normal stereo. In that case tell Nero to make an Audio CD and it will convert the files anyway.

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You nice folks helped me find DeepBurn when MusicMatch JukeBox Plus failed time after time. Thanks. Now please, a happy follow-up.

When MMJB "allowed" me to burn (which was like maybe every-other February 30th!), it only worked at very low burn speeds, like 2X or maybe 4X, anything higher got an instant error message. Now with DeepBurn, I'm seemingly burning CD's at warp-speed (to me) of 40X. My question is: Is there any qualitative difference when burning at higher speeds? Said differently, if I'm not in a hurry (and I'm not), should I back-off the speed to maybe 10X to give me "better" CD's? It's important, because I'm primarily doing this for backups. Thanks for listening.

A:Burning audio and data files with DeepBurn

Technically there is no difference in usage when read from the same drive that burned it. The problem is primarily when you put the media that does not read up to that speed. Most players more then 3 years old can access 99.9% of all CDs though.

I would be more then happy to research specific models, if you like

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I have done this a hundred times or more, What am I doing wrong. I was showing a friend how to burn some data onto a cd. she had a word document and followed my directions and it got burned on fine. I told her how if she wanted to add some info or deleted something from it she could just pull it up and make the changes and then click the red X in the right hand corner and would ask her if she wanted to save the changes I told her to click yes and it would save them and that was that. However, it keeps coming back that it cannot save the changes cause it is read only. If you right click on it > properties> it says read only and won't let you change it, I always use to change the data I burnt. What am I doing different? Please help

A:Solved: Windows XP SP1-Burning data to a cd, try to add some data and it says read only--hel

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      I have Windows Vista 64bit using a Pioneer Model BDR-2209 DVD burner, and I am using Optical Quantum 50GB 6X BD-R DL media. I have copied over 28gb of data files to burn to the dvd then selected burn files to disc, and it runs for a while and stops saying there is not enough free space on the disc. I know it has 46gb free on the dvd so why is this happening? I even tried to use an old copy of nero version 9 and It it starts to burn then gives me an error and stops. Can some please help me here, I would like to backup my 28gb's of data to a 50gb dvd.

A:Issue with Burning data on a blue ray dvd (Data)

Your drive is designed for Blue-ray and Vista so there is no problem there.
The fact that the burner runs for a while then says there is not enough free space suggests that whatever burner you are using is trying to write a DVD (4.6GB) or a CD (7-800MB). Two possibilities here. One is that the burner is not capable of burning blue-rays or that it is not being set to blue-ray as the destination. I have Nero 9 myself but it is not available to me at the moment so I can't check if it can handle blue-rays or not.
Since your drive is compatible with Vista it is the burner you are using that I would look at.
Chris Cosgrove

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Ok, i'm new to this CD Burning. I have Nero Express, and i'm having a little problem with it.

I've copied an Audio CD to a CD-R, and it plays fine, but there are still space on it, and i wanted to put a MP3 (it converts to CDA really nice also) together with the already burned tracks, but i can't. Everytime i put the same CD, i get the folloqing message:

"This midia cannot be recorded
Please Insert another midia."

(Sorry if it's not right, cuz i translated from portuguese)

Can i do what i want?? How??

Sorry if it is hard to understand, it is hard to explain.

Thank you

A:Audio CD Burning with Nero Burning Rom

You cannot append any audio files to an disc that has been completed. Once a disc is completed it cannot access the remaining space. Especially with Nero Express. Once a disc is burned it is "closed (finalized)."

This is just a simple explanation.

I believe Roxio's Easy cd creator lets you add files to your disc as long as you don't "finalize" it. Until you finalize it you will not be able to listen to the music.

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I would like to copy data to a CD. Problem: there is more data than one CD will take. Is there a way to partition the data so that I can copy it to two CD's? Does the burning software have an influence on how this is done?

A:Burning data CD

Is this all one continuous file?

If it is the simplest way is probably to "zip" the file. Of course this depends on the type of data and how much larger than the CD it is.

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In burning a data cd either to a CD-R or a CD-RW how do you avoid "closing" so as to be able to write once more to that CD?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


A:Burning a data CD

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I'm just wondering what's the best way to burn a Data DVD w/o Nero, Roxio etc? For some reason, my DVD drive reads as CD in My Computer and it doesn't let me burn to disc. Thanks

A:Data DVD Burning?

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This is probably a dumb question, but I was wondering what the difference is, if any, between copying (drag and drop) using Windows explorer vs programs like Nero/SonicRecord if all I want to do is backing up my data (all types including data, image, and video)?

I did one with SonicRecord (it came with my computer) using a DVD-RW, and found that I couldn't add files to it using Windows afterwards and was stuck using SonicRecord for subquent file additions/deletions. I guess this is because SonicRecord does something proprietary?

thank you.

A:burning data to DVD?

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Recently opened my music, pressed "Copy all items to audio CD". Music copied al right, but none of the titles or other music info got copied I've been told that I need to copy all the music files as data onto my CD-Rs in order to capture all that other stuff. Is this correct? How do I copy data onto a disc?

A:Burning Data To Cd

Are you trying to burn an audio disc for a CD player, or are you trying to burn a data disc with audio files on it? One is burned as an audio CD, the other is just a data disc.

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i can burn movie from media center but can only play on comp

A:help burning dvd not data

Assuming you are actually burning a DVD spec disc, it's likely a media issue. Stand alone players (especially Sonys) are very finicky about which media they support.

Try a different brand/type of media. For SL DVD, use Verbatim or Taio Yuden, for DL DVD, use Verbatim.

After you know it works with quality media, you can experiment with other brands to see what works in your hardware.

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it's been a while since i've recorded data on cds.
i've been doing a lot of recording audio, so i've forgotten how to
record data.
so what i'm basically asking is --what method is the best for recording data to cd?

would appreciate the help!


A:burning data

I use Easy CD Creator and just choose the option to create a data CD. What software do you use for burning?

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Hi all. I just picked up my first blu ray anything. A Asus blu ray burner. I got it for the sole purpose of burning my pictures and movies for a second back up as dvds were getting out of control. My question is can I burn a data blu ray with just windows, like how its done with dvds and cds. I did pop in a blank blu ray disk and went with the motion of creating a blu ray but I didnt want to commit because I only have 2 right now. My computer reconized a blank blu ray as a 25gb storage in the computer panel for what its worth. Thanks.

A:Burning blu ray data with just windows 7

Someone with a Blu-Ray burner will surely answer

But from what I gather, it will.

Only one way to find out, didn`t the drive come with software ?

burning data blu-ray, all I get is coasters!


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My problem is this: I need a name of a burning program that will let me ADD Data to a CD-RW without having to erase data each time I want to add more data to the same CD-RW. I used to use Click n Burn but I bought a new CD Burner and since then I am unable to use Click n Burn due to it gives me Run-Time Script Error 9 now. And Nero wants me to use a NEW disk just to add a couple of things of data.
Please help and all help is deeply appreciated.

A:Data Burning Problems

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Im about to burn data on a CD-R disc designed for Music. Simply because i do not have any plain CD-Rs available.

should i expect problems? im downloading drivers for a printer i have at work.


A:Burning data on a CD-R for Music

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I'm not sure if this is the right section, so forgive me if it isn't.

Right, I was basically writing a series of files onto my dvd-r using the windows 7 cd burner (the default one). The problem is, I cut-pasted them onto the dvd.
Now, this was the fourth DVD being burnt and I had done the other three quite successfully. However, the third DVD, despite deing burnt, was still showing the files as *not* burnt. The problem was that the completion dialog hadn't shown up.

That didn't seem to be a problem. I therefore deleted those files (which were written successfully) and cut-pasted the next batch for the next DVD. So far so good.

However, the burn completion dialog now showed up. In my haste, I clicked finished. Because of this, my newly copied files were deleted (as Windows thought that they were the temp. files of the previous disk!

Is there any way to recover them without having to run a recovery utility?

Thanks in advance.

A:Recovering DVD Burning data

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

My primary advise is to chuck using Windows Burner but use Burnaware Free instead.

That said, almost all burners give the choice of either closing the burning session or keeping it open for the next session(s) in case all the space on the media has not been used up. So if you didn't close the session you can use the same media again to burn the files. I have never used Windows Burner so I don't know if that choice exists in it.

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Hey guys! Just want to ask something. Lets say my pc is infected with malware and I try to burn a data disc because I want to make back up copies of my videos and pics, will the malware be able to go inside the files that I want to burn in the CD?

A:Burning a data disc

I have done this a few times and I backup files that I have created, not .exe files or programs.. Just pictures and word docs etc... Then when I have reformatted my computer and i have my antivirus program installed, I scan the disc before using it... I have never passed on a virus this way..

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I've got a NU DDW-082 DVD+/-RW and it's been successfully burning cds and dvds, however, a lot of times, it'll say that the burning process was good but when I try to read the media, nothing shows. Underneath the disk, there's the obvious "burn" rings, but it says that absolutely nothing is on it. It is not set for mutlisession, I made sure of that. And the disc cannot be used for another burn because it says that it's not empty.

It's confusing, I know. But if anyone can help me out on this, I'm be damn grateful.

A:DVD+/-RW Burning Invisible Data

Have you tryed differn't burning software? your specific burning might have incompatibilities with the software, you could check by googling the software and burner to see if anyone else has had any problems. You could also try upgrading your firmware, nu probably has a new update some where on their site nu-global.com and you could try burning with a different type of media and see if the problem still exists. Have you tryed the disks with a differn't dvd reader?

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Has anyone had any experiences with Windows Media Player and burning .WMA files onto a CD? My surround sound system can play .WMA files and I was curious to see if it works. When I did the burn in WMP as a data disc, but it seemed that it didn't finalize it, even though it said it was. The disc was reported with only 183MB left, but no files were showing.

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For the past 30 hours (minus two for sleep) straight, I've been trying to make a backup of some vital files on my Dell Dimension 1100 desktop before I use Dell PC Restore to completely wipe the drive and restore it to factory settings. This has been a long and incredibly frustrating process, to say the least.

Finally, I've managed to burn 3GBs of files onto a DVD-R, and had to split another few gigs of files zipped into a folder into six seperate files and a .bat, which have all been burned to seperate CD-Rs. My problem is, after successfully burning these data CDs (using Express Burn), despite the fact that I can see the data burned onto the disc, my PC is acting as if there is no disc in the drive when I go to access these files. I put the CD-R in the drive, open My Computer and highlight the CD Drive (D:), and in the summary box to the left side it says "Free Space: 0, Total Size: 0". I am sure that the files have been burned to these brand new discs that were just purchased and unsealed today for this very purpose. When I open the CD Drive (D:) folder, there is nothing there. Yet when I insert a blank disc, it recognizes it as having 702MBs of free space and 702MBs of total space, and it knows that there's a CD in the drive.

If anyone can help me out before I drive myself completely insane with this, it'd be greatly appreciated.

A:Data CD burning issues.

Hi Hero Classic and welcome to TSF !

I take it you've restored your Dell computer to factory defaults ?

The first thing is to try to read those CD's on another computer and see if you can access your data. If the problem lies with the CD's we can't do much.

You should connect to Windows update to reinstall all the latest critical updates for your computer. Also connect to Dell's website to download the latest drivers for your hardware. See if they have some firmware upgrade for your CD drive. Have you reinstalled the burning software ? Can you burn a CD and then read it ?

What's your CD-R drive model in the device manager (start => run => devmgmt.msc => expand DVD/CD-rom drives). Right-click => uninstall your drive then restart Windows so that it gets redetected. See if it helps.

You can also try to delete the lower and upper filters and see if it helps :
Backup the registry with erunt first.

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please help me... i have a problem with my media player crashing and i dont know what to do... it has never did this before and now its becoming a problem... I cant even burn wmas anymore... i usually put 300 songs on one disc...now when i do it it starts to convert and when it gets about halfway through the media player closes unexpectedly... can anyone help me?

A:wmp crashes when burning a data cd

closing duplicate, please respond at http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/1035625-windows-media-player-11-crashes.html.

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So I have about 120GB of personal pictures that I'm working on making a backup by burning to Blu-Ray single layers (23.4GB each formatted) with my LG Blu-Ray burner (model WH10LS30K). I was hoping to burn them directly using Seven's built-in optical burning capabilities. Problem is, I only get about 1 good disc for every 5 bad ones!!! I'm getting really sick of burning $1 coasters...

I have tried burning both as a "live disc" and "all at once," but neither works reliably... When I burn it all at once, the entire disc seems to burn but then windows comes up with a window saying the disc did not burn successfully, and the disc is DOA (once in great while it will successfully burn, but I haven't had a good one in about 7 tries now). If I try the live disc route, it will burn around 6-8 GB and then come up with an error saying the file system has changed and it cannot burn the file. Once this error happens, the disc will not accept any new files but the ones that got on there are good. Tried changing burn speed between 1x and 8x, no affect (the drive is capable of 10x, but the BD-R discs are only 4x).

As far as I can tell there are no firmware upgrades for the LG WH10LS30K, and the only driver apparently available is the Windows one that auto-installed when I got the drive.


A:burning data blu-ray, all I get is coasters!

BTW I have 3 good discs that successfully burned using the "burn all at once" method where you drag/drop files to the drive and Windows waits saying you have files ready to be burned, and then I put in a disc and tell it to burn the files all at once. As far as I can tell there isn't anything I did differently than before, I've even tried burning the EXACT same files again.

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I'm using Nero 6 to burn data dvds and so far none of them have been successful. The burn completes and Nero tells me it was sucessful, but when I attempt to read one of the burned DVDs, windows tells me to insert a disk into the drive. Attempting to explore/open one of the burned DVDs also apparently managed to crash Explorer. I've created a successful data DVD on this machine before, so I know the burner is capable of doing it. One time I chose to finalize the DVD and another time I chose not to. That change didn't affect the final dvd at all, and so far none of them have worked.

I'm using Sony DVD+R disks and I also tried my burned dvds in my other disk drive. both are DVD readers and one is the writer. Please help me figure out what to do; should I try another software? I know what I'm doing, or at least, I thought I did. It's always worked in the past.

do I need to format the blank dvd before I try to burn to it?

I'm not chosing to make a bootable disk either, so I can't understand why windows or my dvd-rom drives can't read the files on it.

Trying to burn a Nero Image Rom was downright unsuccessful. (nero admitted it was)

I tweaked settings and also reverted to defaults for each individual burn attempt. I also tried using my copy of Nero Express. I even re-installed my copy of Nero 7 Premium to see if it would work. Now I'm using Nero 7 instead of 6 but I still have my old copy of it.
1st attempt was ... Read more

A:burning data dvds - please help =]

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I need software to burn data unto a DVD. I have Cyberlink DVD Solution but I can't burn any data unless I change the names of all my files. I've got way too many files to start doing that. Any suggestions?

A:Software for DVD Data Burning

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I don't know if this new version of nero has some kind of a built in compressor, but every time I try to burn a data file that is 414 MB in size, when I move it to the new compilation window it turns into a file that is 395 MB in size. What's the deal? I hav not tried yet to actually burn the file to see if it works as it should because I'm down to my last 2 disks and am prcastinating going to the store to get more. Anyone have any idea what might be happening?? Thanks in advance!

A:Burning Data in Nero 6.0??

Just tried it and yes there is a small amount of compression. I have burned many data, mp3, cd, and bootable cds with Nero6. It has never given me any problems at all. I would not worry; go ahead and burn your disk

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I'm trying to burn 3Gb worth of data to one of my DVD+RW disc which has a 4.7Gb capacity.

I've tried to burn it to disc using Nero and it says that it has burned successfully. Then when I double click my Disc drive (E:) i expect to see all my files but instead i have an icon and it says the files are ready to be written to the CD!! I thought i had just done that on Nero?

When i try to write the files the wizard comes up and then it says the disc in the drive is not a writable CD!

Any ideas anyone.

My Disc Drive is an LG DVD Multi Recorder, DVD RW.


A:Problems with burning data to DVD

Sounds like its caching the files to your dvd burner. The files should be
cached on the harddrive. You do not have to cach if you burn on the
fly. When you cach, cache, however its spelled, you are storing the
data to be burnt on your hdd, the burning software uses the cache to
burn, when its done it deletes the file. But I dont think the burning
software can discern from a hdd or a cdr, it just caches where its been
instructed. I could be wrong, but it sure sounds good..lol

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I'm using Nero 6 to burn data dvds and so far none of them have been successful. The burn completes and Nero tells me it was sucessful, but when I attempt to read one of the burned DVDs, windows tells me to insert a disk into the drive. Attempting to explore/open one of the burned DVDs also apparently managed to crash Explorer. I've created a successful data DVD on this machine before, so I know the burner is capable of doing it. One time I chose to finalize the DVD and another time I chose not to. That change didn't affect the final dvd at all, and so far none of them have worked.

I'm using Sony DVD+R disks and I also tried my burned dvds in my other disk drive. both are DVD readers and one is the writer. Please help me figure out what to do; should I try another software? I know what I'm doing, or at least, I thought I did. It's always worked in the past.

do I need to format the blank dvd before I try to burn to it?

I'm not chosing to make a bootable disk either, so I can't understand why windows or my dvd-rom drives can't read the files on it.

Trying to burn a Nero Image Rom was downright unsuccessful.

I tweaked settings and also reverted to defaults for each individual burn attempt. I also tried using my copy of Nero Express. I even re-installed my copy of Nero 7 Premium to see if it would work. Now I'm using Nero 7 instead of 6 but I still have my old copy of it.

1st attempt wa... Read more

A:burning Data DVDs - please help

Make sure that in the drop down box for recorders your DVD Burner is showing and not "image recorder."

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I've a TDK Veloced and while I can transfer data and photo files to CD RW discs I cant to CD-R's. What have I missed.

A:Burning data files to a CD-R

Can you be more specific? Why can't you? Are you getting errors?

Please offer up some more details,


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Hello, i am having promblems burning a data dvd, I have a Memorex DVD+RW/+R drive and i have updated aspi and drivers and tried multiple burning programs. i keep recieving an error. could someone please help me with this?

A:Problems burning data dvd`s


Basically i keep recieveing this

"Burn data process done with error : "WRITER ERROR [NOT READY (48,17)]""

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I used to use Roxio Easy CD Creator for my old computer with Windows XP. It worked fine and compiled everything. I did not have to wait for accumulating enough data to burn a CD, and I could always burn something to previously burned CD. Now, the new CD/DVD burner software coming with the computer is CyberLink. It can never compile. Once I burn something, that is it. I cannot add anything to it. However, why is it always asking if I want to load the data from a CD for compilation? If it has the option, I should be able to compile files into a CD that's not blank.

I thought that this software is mal-functional, so I downloaded a CD burner software called Burn4Free. It is still not compiling. What can I do to make a cd burner compile and add new data? Thanks

A:Not compile data for burning CD

You need to check the burning options and select
multisession to be able to add data later.
If you select finalize disk,the disk will be closed and
no further writing will be possible.

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I've burned a data DVD of JPG files, in folders, from my last vacation trip. The DVD will work fine on either of my PCs, but not in the either of the DVD players attached to my TV sets. I get a "Incorrect Disk" error.

I have previously burned data DVDs of jpg files and they worked fine. (Same burner program on the PC, same PC, same camera)

Here's what I've done so far (and I'm completely out of ideas now):

1. I checked the old DVD from my previous vacation .. the JPGs display just fine using either DVD player on either TV

2. I tried burning a DVD of the JPGs on my second PC, using a different program (Record Now on one PC, and Cyberlink Power To Go on the other PC). Same problem

3. I tried again, on both PCs, this time using DVD+R disks instead of DVD-R disks. Same problem.

4. I doublechecked that I had selected the "Finalize disk" or "Close Disk" option in the burner programs before doing the burn. Same problem.

5. I tried using a slower burn speed, just in case. Same problem.

Please tell me that I missed something very simple, something that will make me smack my forehead and call myself an idiot !

A:Data DVD Burning Puzzler

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I hav burnt a DVD by using a software called "burn4free", the process gets complicated n the dvd gets burnt successfully, but after burning i cannot c anyhting in the DVD its stils shows as 0bytes free n 0bytes used.
I think the burning software is not able to close the session of dvd, i cannot read the dvd in any others destop or laptops too.
I am burning the dvd with few video files on it, don know what the problem is, if i try to burn that DVD again(cause a multisession disc was created) it show that only few MB of save is left, which means my video files are present on the dvd. but due to some reason im not able to access it.
I even tried to fill more MBs of it n clicked on close the DVD option also. But after that also i cant c anything on dvd.
dont know whats going wrong
I am using windows XP.

Please help me how to solve this problem. I have tried this with 2 dvds both r not working . Please help me.

A:Cannot read the data after burning a dvd

Try a different burning program and/or different brand and type of media.

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So you know in advance, I haven't had this problem in the past - it has worked before, despite that i've reinstalled winXP Professional and SP2 since it last provided me with a working dvd. Though I also recall this happening PRIOR to having formatted and reinstalling. One other note - I'm able to read media fine, and I am able to burn memorex CD-R's with no trouble using the same files i can't burn onto DVD.

I'm attempting to burn a few video files onto a memorex dvd+r for storage purposes, and i have thus far been completely unable to make this work.
I've managed to add the files in Nero Express and it starts the burn process and appears to work, but on reinserting the burned DVD (and it is burned with *something* -- I've checked the disc and it's marked almost to the outer rim), no files appear on the disc when I try to explore it. (I have tried reading these discs on 3 different machines, with the same results.)
I've also run "verify disc after burning" in Nero and it gets stuck on 3%, with the log showing error code -1128 in Nero, NOT in Explorer. That error code however, appears to only indicate a read error.
Also of importance, I'm unable to burn in Explorer. I can't even add any files properly to an explorer window. Previously, I'd add the files and they would momentarily vanish. Later, when I'd attempt to shut down the computer, I'd get a message asking me if I wanted to de... Read more

A:Burning data dvd issues

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Just started using Cyberlink to burn video files to DVD+R disks as a simple data DVD (no conversion to VOB file happening here).
In the configuration tab I noticed the option to choose 'File System':
- ISO9660/Joliet
- UDF 1.02
- UDF 1.5
- UDF 2.0
- UDF 2.5
Did some quick research on what UDF is and concluded that for my OS and disk type (DVD+R) I should use UDF 2.0
I burned a disk full of video files (mostly AVI's but at least one MKV).
No one file was greater than 800mb.
When the burn and verification was complete I tried to view the disk on same PC.
Disk was full but appeared to contain nothing.
Took the disk and tried playing it in the DVD Player attached to TV.
All files were there and played without problem.
Repeated the process choosing the ISO9660/Joliet file system option.
Disk contents could be viewed and played on PC and the DVD Player.
Apparently, if I want to read data from the completed disk on a PC I have to choose the ISO9660/Joliet file system option?
Can anyone explain what is happening here?

A:File system to use when burning a data DVD

UDF requires a UDF file system driver to view the contents. Most modern OS's can do it, but not all.

The most common file system that is most compatible is probably the ISO9660 with the Joliet extensions. Microsoft uses both file systems simultaneously on their media to expand compatibility. But they use UDF 1.02 for reasons beyond me. However, that UDF version seems to be preferred by others as well, so there must be some logic to it.

Most burning software will allow you to use both at the same time.

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Hello all...
Been having an issue for a while now with my Gateway laptop. I can format the system, re-install all my software per my setup, and then burn one data DVD successfully, and after that, all my burns fail. I'm currently updating my Nero software to Nero, in hopes that will resolve my problems, however I'm not relying on that. Hoping someone can advise that's better w/ burning than me. I know Nero creates a log, however I need advise on how to access it...

Thx for assistance... Plz feel free to ask what ya need to know...


A:Need Help with basic DVD Data burning Problem

Have you tried different Media?

Some of the cheap stuff is woeful, unless you want Drink Coasters...

You can also try slowing the Burn Speed {when you get to the final bit in Nero where you can rename the Disc etc, click on the left side of the box and it'll give you the option of what speed to burn at}.

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After trying Nero INCD, getting rid of that due to too many issues recognizing the disks, I then switched to NTI Dragon Disc for Windows. A simple drag and drop application that lets you first format with various UDF choices (HOWEVER, the disc can only be read by the same pc after burning, that is, if it works - major drawback).

Burning CD's were fine for the most part, with a few glitches, but saving to DVD's seems a different tale.

Using DVD+R Philips, which are quality discs.

They quickly format and burn but yet again, there are issues after playback. The software doesn't seem to recognize when a disc has already been closed -- push "close" and it might finalize again. Then when you put the disc back, all files are apparantly become lost -- with only the Dragon Disc files the only ones all of a sudden visible and present. At this point asking if the user would like to install a reader for some reason, even though the same disk had read before. Although the first couple discs seemed to work after closing.

Multi-session cannot be turned off with NTI Dragon Disc.

Now I have many files on about half the discs that cannot be read. Big problem.

What is everybody using for drag and drop burning since XP won't burn these discs?

A:Burning Dvd's - Losing Data, Won't Read

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An error message appears while trying to burn data files onto a CD_R using Nero Express 5.5:

"Joliet names of these files (listed here in ISO-L3) are the same:

Preparation of ISO9660 structures failed."

I can't locate the "SOFTWARE.DOC" files (???).

An Internet search of this problem turned up something about changing "bin file" locations (???) to correct the problem.

I had a spare CD burner and tried it to see if it is a hardware problem. Get the same error message with either burner.

The computer is running W98SE and is pretty well updated. There are no other problems evident. The CD burner has been in this computer for a couple of years with no trouble.

I ran "Hijack This" and found something called "LOADQM.EXE" which I removed, but it made no difference in the error message while trying to burn.

Any thoughts on this one?

A:NERO Error While Burning Data Into CD-R's

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when I burn a disc it with nero it burns over the data ring to the end when i burn with imgburn it burns deep up to the data ring then shallow over the top of it. my disc's are dvd-r I have'nt changed them.the pc burned ok before.Iv done every thing i know cleaned, sent it back to factory settings. did asfc scan which was normal .help

A:burning over disc data ring

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I would try dvd+r

You may have discs labelled and packaged the same but they may be from different batches or manufacturers, dvd+r is the more recent technology. Also you could check if "InCD" is running on your system. This is a Nero software known for causing havoc.

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Tried searching forums first but couldn't find anything specific on this subject.

When burning a Data Disc via Windows Media Player the tracks are all out of order, I set them up a certain way but when they are burnt to CD-R they are all out of order! Very Frustrating! Anyway to fix this issue? I hope I don't have to rename each and ever one of them.. theres literally hundreds..

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So, this may sound dumb, but I started burning a disc image onto a dvd-r, realised that I set it to a different burn speed than the desired one and pressed cancel. Yes, I know that you can only burn once to a dvd-r, but I pressed cancel almost immediately after starting it - there is only a little data on it and definitely enough space for the whole image. Is there any workaround or something that I could use to burn the whole image onto it? I'm running a win7 64-bit, used imgburn.

A:burning to a dvd-r with tiny amount of data on it.

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I am trying to burn a data CD with WMP11 (although I couldn’t figure out how to do it with WMP10 either) and I would like to have each album in a folder rather than all the songs listed one after the other. That way when I am listening to it in my car I can jump from album to album or song to song.

When I drag an album into the “Burn” list it will show it as all the songs rather than each individual album. IS there a function that I am missing somewhere?

The only way I have found to get around this is to us the CD writing wizard but I would like to use WMP.

Any info would be helpful.



A:burning a data music cd with folders

I haven't seen that either in WMP. I think WMP just makes it one full CD rather than with folders.

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Can anyone please name any software other than Nero, with which I can burn Data into a DVD. Would be very helpful. Thanx.

A:Solved: Burning Data DVDs

CDBurnerXP and InfraRecorder are two good freeware burning programs.

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I now have a cd rom drive and a cd/rw drive and I burn data and music cd's using the 2 drives. My question is, if I have a cd-rw/dvd drive combo, can I burn from one cd to another cd using the one drive? I know I could copy the cd to the hard drive and copy from there, but if there is a way to copy from cd to cd using one drive, I think that would be easier. I want to purchase a new computer. I have had mine for 5 years and I have added memory and a cd/rw drive, but now with the digital cameras, etc. I want to upgrade. I hope this is not a stupid question. Thanks... Liz

A:Burning Music/Data Drives

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I have a Compaq pressario2100 laptop using XP. I use Roxio CD/DVD easy creator. When I try to create a Dats DVD I get a message that "no supported DVD- Recorders were detected on your system. What do I need to do? I know I have a CD/DVD drive on here.

A:burning data to dvdr disks

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how can I burn data to dvdr disk? I tried using nero (6 ukltra edition) but it just tells me I cannot use this disk type

A:burning data to dvdr disks

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I lurk here frequently becasue this place definitely is a wealth of info, there's some really savvy folks on here.
I'll apologize in advance if this has been posted before, of if it's a really stupid question (or both). :)
I have recently purchased a car that has a CD and mp3 player in it. I have been ripping my CD library into my computer, and transferring the songs into mp3's using a program I downloaded. My problem is this: My player can recognize folders in the mp3 format on the disc (it says so in the instructions), but I can't get the songs to burn onto the disc in their folders. I am using Windows XP Media Player as my transferring/burning thingy, and whether I drag and drop or highlight the folders, when they get into the media player, they just turn into a huge list of individual songs. Normally this woudn't be a huge deal, but trying to get one song out of a list of 140, while driving and pushing 'next, next, next' is just an accident waiting to happen. I'd love input on how to burn an MP3 CD using Windows Media Player, while still keeping seperate folders for ease of navigation.
Eagerly awaiting a reply, my computer gurus!


A:Please help with mp3 burning-data CD-keeping folders..r/o

not sure if that's possible, i'll have to look into it.

I usually just use Roxio or some other third party software for this...

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