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Domain Questions, no problem just questions.

Q: Domain Questions, no problem just questions.

Hey guys, you might of seen a post or two about me not able to get our domain to use GPO's, but its all fixed now. YAY !
(It was the DNS, incase anyone was interested)

but now i got a few questions, i'll start with:

1. Is there anyway to configure a client by just having them log onto the domain? e.g. Disable Security Center, Windows Messanger, Add a Registry hack. etc.

2. Is there anyway to view a list of all websites visited on the network with information, eg. Who was looking at it(which user), at what time. etc

3. Is there a way to record a list of all objects printed from our print server with information? e.g. User that printed it, time it was printed, how many pages, how many copys. etc.

4. Is there a way to delete start menu files/folders with a logon script?

5. I'm going to put "Deep Freeze" on the computers that are accessed and used by the public, but i've never used it, nor have any experience with it.
Does it cause any problems with normal operation of the computer? if anyone could give me some feedback on this, i'd love to hear it.

Also, is it possible to get more then just 6 Virtual Drives on a computer?

i mean, isn't there 23 possible drives?

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Preferred Solution: Domain Questions, no problem just questions.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Okay, my apologies if these questions have been addressed previously. I couldn't find them.

I'm a relatively new network admin, thrust into the position. I have a lot of computer skills, but not so much networking experience. We run a NT4 server network of about 12 computers. Most run NT SP6a, but there are a couple on 98 and a couple of laptops that come in on 2000.

Here's where the questions begin. A lot of the computers were on 95 and 98 and I have been changing them over to NT. When I set them up I made the mistake of setting them up on to log in to the workgroup instead of the domain. (For some reason that I can't explain (I didn't set this up originally) the domain on the server is called "WORKGROUP".) As a consequence when a user on these computers tried to access files on someone else's computer they would have to enter passwords, which we don't want. It would appear (correct me if I'm wrong) that these computers were controlling security locally, when I wanted them to open themselves up when they accessed the network. So I've been correcting this on a few computers. It seems to be working as far as network access goes. However, when those computers are logged into the network domain they no longer have administrator rights locally! And even though they are logged in with the same password, they seem to be in a newly created profile. I have not been able to figure this out... Any insights?

Another (seemingly) u... Read more

A:nt domain questions

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I have a few questions related to active directories;

1. How can I prevent the computers from storing cached roaming profiles so if the server isn't avalible the person cannot login at all (not with a temporary profile)?

2. Is there a way to limit users to 1 workstation? So if somebody logs in on "Example-1" then tries to login with the same account on "Example-2", it would display a message such as "ERROR: You are already logged in on Example-1."

3. Is there a feature/role on Windows Server 2008 for domains where it can block certain sites from being visited by users of the domain? I've heard of a Proxy, but I have no idea how they work.

A:A few domain questions

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not sure if im in the correct forum or not but i will give this one a go.

I have a web server running at home and i want to put it onto the internet. Now this is where i do not have much experience.

I have been looking at purchasing a domain name and most seem to offer services such as email forwarding, website forwarding, advanced dns control etc. Now all i want to know really is how it works. When i purchase the name does that then get associated with an IP address that i would supply - presumably has to be a static IP? So when some types in 'mydomain.com' it routes ro my IP and hence my website.

Then regarding email forwarding which seems to come free with domain names - does this involve just getting email sent to the static ip where i can presumably have a mail server running.

Apart from that it the static ip is a router IP i presume it is just a case of forwarding on the appropriate ports to specific servers etc?

Hope someone can shed some light on the matter or at least point me in the direction of a site that can help.


A:domain questions

1] with regard to webhosting. If company hosts your DNS, all you need is an "A" record that points hostname+domain to static IP. [i.e. www.mycompany.com]

2] WRT mail. You need an MX record for the domain, that can point to same hostname. [i.e. MX www.mycompany.com 10]

3] WRT ports. Yeah, if you're going low-budget. Forward port 80 to your webserver, port 25 to your mailserver.

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Let's say I block an email from [email protected], if in the future I remove that Domain from my blocked list within Outlook. Will I ever get any of the past emails sent from there while it was blocked?

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I bought a domain for my band. (www.station141.info) Anyway, I used publisher 08 to create the site, which i then uploaded to a free hosting site(50gigs.net)..Wen you go to www.station141.50gigs.net the site displays, perfectly as it should. I set the name servers to ns1.50gigs.net and ns2.50gigs.net in my GoDaddy control panel,and I added on the domain in my 50gigs.net cpanel. But, if you go to www.station141.info, all that comes up is "Index of /" (going to www.station141.50gigs.net still works fine)...Does the domain just take time to process or should I investigate this further with GoDaddy(or 50gigs.net) Let Me Know!

A:Purchased a domain, and have some questions

Hi Johnny Boy,

DNS changes can take up to 72 hours but after that take it up with GoDaddy

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If I connect vista to a domain cntroller, is their any way that I can display the regular screen?
Not the CTRL ALT Delete login.
I want visual login.


A:Connect to Domain Controller questions

Ctrl-Alt-Del (SAS) logon has security benefits over the "pretty" (FUS) non-domain logon UI. That's why the act of joining a domain kicks the machine over to SAS logon... it's considered a corporate machine and that (presumably) means the need to emphasise security.

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1. Ran out of this space in my Q:Lenvovo - backup assigned partition.  14GB.  (My C: drive has 80GB free!) How can I fix this?  Is there a way to expand the partition without deleting it first?  Does Lenvovo or Microsoft or SSD manufacturer have a tool to do this where you just enter the amount you want to expand a partition to and it will adjust the other partition accordingly?  If not; I cannot delete the Q:Lenovo drive using file explorer or disk cleanup utility.  How do I remove at the original backup?  When I go to disk cleanup it shows blank the files; so it is a hidden file or subdirectory.  I even try signing on as System Administratin but forgot the password I created, it been so long ago and never use it.  LOL!   If I cannot do any of this:  There is an option to do a Windows 10 refresh but can you redirect it to a new SSD from the existing SSD? 2. Looking to get a new SSD but in NVMe configuration. a. Does my L450 support NVMe boot up? What type of NVMe does my Thinkpad support?  I thinking of getting the Samsung 860 Evo.b. Is connecting the new NVMe and running transfer SSD software the Windows 10 will recognize the drives and do the transfer?    Serial NumberF0ATPKGPart Number: 20D5503800 Thanks for any help you can give in this matter!

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I'm thinking about building my own PC, but I don't quite understand what anti-static precautions should be taken. Obviously, nothing will be plugged in, but is there anything I'm missing or not understanding?
Also, are anti-static wrist bands essential? Also, would carpet work as a good working area?


A:Questions About Precautions to Building a PC (Easy Questions)

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I have a
HP Pavilion dv7t-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC
64bit with Windows Vista Home premium
Recently I had a friend take it and wipe it to start fresh.
when I got it back it is still pointing to a bizarre path..?? (which is one of the reasons I wanted to start fresh. It points to:

%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\Power2Go;%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\


why would this be the case? When I got it back I see that some things like my extra monitor was already installed.. (Before I even hooked it up??) and some folders I had renamed example folder.OLD was still here. (and many other things that lead me to believe it did not get formatted correctly. (and could still have virus?)
He used my factory disks. (which I do have)
can anyone advise me on what is going on?
thanks so much!!

A:Environment Variables questions and format questions

I've had a bunch of HP machines. But I never used the restore. I'm not sure if it formats or just installs over what's there. It may leave files and folders that are in subfolders of programs that come bundled with the machine assuming it's data or something. The path looks fine to me. That %SystemRoot% stuff is just a way to use environment variables in case the system is not installed on C:\Windows.

If you really just want the OS and not the bundled software see the threads about ISO download for Vista. You can evaluate for 90 days perfectly legally. There are also tutorials how to extend the evaluation by 30 days.

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Hello Experts,

Question 1:

To initialize the 4 elements of integer array named numbers to the value of 0, is THIS

int number [4] = { 0 };

correct, and the exact same thing as saying this:

int number [4] = { 0, 0, 0, 0 }; // ?

Question 2:

double x [ 6 ], y [ 14 ];

What C++ statement could I write that would

copy array named x into the first part of array named y. // ?

Thanks again! ... RB

A:Beginner C++ Questions About Arrays (2 Questions)

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Brand new user.

a. The new PC came with McAfee anti virus.
Should I use it ?

Is it as good as AVG, e.g., which I used on my old W7 PC ? Use them both ?

b. And, how do I turn on the "Defender" anti virus which I understand is part of
the W10 package ?

Would it interfere with McAfee or AVG ? How good is it ?

c. How do I turn on the Firewall; I'm assuming there is one like in W7 ?

Much thanks,

A:New W10 User Questions (Basic Questions, Please)

McAfee, AVG and Defender are all anti-virus programs and you should only run one. In fact Defender will get turned off when another one is installed.

Right click the Start button and select Control Panel.

Then select Security and Maintenance and under Security it will show your the status of the Firewall, Virus and Spyware and which program is running what.

Control panel also has links to Defender and Firewall.

That McAfee is a trial version and at some point you will have to buy it.


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I have a Packard Bell P133, model D135. Eight megs of
RAM are on the motherboard. According to a search of
this model on a 'Memory' website, this model has FPM non-
parity memory. The machine had two 4-MB modules installed
when it was new in 1996, for a total of 16 MB at time of purchase.
Since then, I have added two 8MB modules to bring it up to
32MB. Two weeks ago, I replaced the two 4MB modules with
two 32MB FPM modules, which was supposed to bring it up to a total of 88MB. When I boot up, it only reads slightly over 81MB as passed....of course, on the System Properties 'General' tab, 80MB is listed. Can anyone tell me what might have happened to the other 8MB?

Another question: Would parity memory be compatible with
non-parity memory? I know from research, that most servers use parity memory...parity being described as a feature of
a module for error-checking. Would parity memory work OK with non-parity, but not the other way around? The reason I ask is, I have an opportunity to buy some used 72-pin, FMP parity modules at a good price, and I just wanted to know if the two (parity and non-parity) would mesh. I wanted to bring it up to the max for this model....136MB, providing the 8MB on-board memory is read. That was my own theory about the missing 8MB....that the on-board memory, for some reason isn't being read. Any thoughts on this?

Last questions: How critical is mixing speeds? Will 70ns
modules in one bank work with 60ns modules in another ... Read more

A:Memory: Questions.....questions....questions....

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Hey guys, just have a few questions in regards to Vista x32 vs x64 as well as Direct x10 issues when it comes to gaming.

First off - What benefits do I get by running Vista x64 as opposed to x32 when it comes to gaming. I bought Call of Duty 4 as well as Bioshock, and will be buying some of the new games coming out such as Assassin's Creed and Far Cry 2. Are any of these games 64 bit games?

Second off - Do I get any benefit playing a game made for DirectX 9 on a DirectX10 platform? Or are the graphic increases only visible in games actually made for DirectX 10? Again, are any of the games I listed above made to work with better graphics in DirectX 10?

Thanks guys!

A:32/64 bit questions & DirectX 9/10 questions :)

I discovered your inquiry while I was attempting to answer questions similar to yours.

This isn't much help but try reading about Epic Game's 'Unreal' game engine. I'm reading the article on wikipeadia about this game engine. This is the game engine used for Gears of War and Unreal Tournament.

Any way, it seems that if your running the game in a 64-bit environment like Windows Vista 64 the game will be in 64-bit mode.

It uses Directx 10 and Directx 10 also seems to be in 64-bit mode depending on weather Windows is in 64-bit mode.

In related news, it seems that the 'Unreal' game engine and the 'Source' game engine (Used for Half life 2, etc) are optimized to take advantage of multi-threading or in other words optimized for multi-core processors.

Anyway, see what conclusions you come to...I'll post an update as I learn more.

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Hi all, been a while since I've posted here, but I have a problem and some questions.

The problem is this: I took apart my computer last night to clean everything out. I bought compressed air cans to blow all the dust out and took every little part out of it's place and put it on the floor. I take pictures when I do this before I take everything out, so I can compare before and after. Well, I put it all back together and after a few quick fixes (like forgetting to plug in the CPU fan, and forgetting to plug in the data cables for my 2 SATA HDD's), I got it back up and running. Now, for some reason, my computer will stay on for about 15-20 minutes before going to a blue screen, doing a memory dump, and then restarting. I did a memory check and that's working all right. Nothing else is improperly placed (I compared with the pictures, to be 100% sure). All I added was a new fan in the front, for a total of 5. I know I have enough power to run them all, I have a 500 W PSU. Can anyone think of a reason why this would happen?

Ok, now for the questions. My CPU is the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+, is supposed to run at 3.0 GHz, dual core. When I open CPUz, a hardware monitoring program, it only lets me look at one core and says that it's running at 1000MHz with a 5x multiplier (bus speed is 200MHz). Sometimes the multiplier jumps to 15x, bringing the total core clock speed up to 3000MHz, but most times it's at 5x. Now I know very little abou... Read more

A:Got a bit of a problem, and a few questions

Did you actually remove the cpu and put it 'on the floor' ?

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okayy i recently added webroots window washer and spy sweeper
when i ran the spy sweeper is said my sdbot was a trojan horse...and i was wandering if it was talkin about my search and destroy spyware program or an actual virus.......help is greatly appreciated

A:Not a big problem just questions xD

No, it wouldn't be referring to Spybot S&D.
Click here and then scroll down to and click on hijackthis self installer to download HJTsetup.exe

Save HJTsetup.exe to your desktop.
Double click on the HJTsetup.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\Hijack This.
Continue to click Next in the setup dialogue boxes until you get to the Select Addition Tasks dialogue.
Put a check by Create a desktop icon then click Next again.
Continue to follow the rest of the prompts from there.
At the final dialogue box click Finish and it will launch Hijack This.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a log file button. It will scan and then ask you to save the log.
Click Save to save the log file and then the log will open in notepad.
Click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" to copy the entire contents of the log.
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply.
DO NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.


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Hi Folks,
I have an Inspiron i5, Windows 7x64. A couple weeks back I caught a very bad virus that completely shut down my Laptop and I could not remove it or use my LP. I took it to a well known establishment for repairs.
I was told that they had replaced Win7x64, but it was not a Dell issue for my machine.
They also told me that I no longer had a partition that they could get to. They could "see" it but they could not repair it to reinstall the backup partition. So, I contacted Dell support and after hours of trying the Tech suggested that he send a copy of the Dell issue and try to see if that will repair the problem. But, before I do this I would like another opinion, if you will. I have the Win7 CD ans am ready to try, but I would like to hear from some of you on this question. Would it be better to remove the partition before reinstalling windows and hope it works?
Can you help me with this issue??
I do hope I am not asking a legal question, if not please let me know,
Thanks in advance,

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In windows xp pro i often run into a problem where i cant copy or delete a file due to its length. I have learned that if the sum of all the folders that are used to get down to that particular file is more than 255 characters that is when i will have this problem.
So what i would like to know is if there is a program that will check this out for me beforehand and advise me of any potential issue BEFORE i try to copy or delete a file? In other words, is there a program out there that will check the total file\folder sizes for me so that i dont have any combination of folders that will be longer than 255 characters so that i can repair these folders so that i wont have any problems when copying or deleting them?

Questions within a question: I suspect that win 7 will still have the same limitations? And what kernel(s) is the new win 7 built on. Seems to me that i read that win xp was built on the NT kernel from win 2k? Im not certain that is even correct as my memory isnt the greatest. Can someone set me straight on these 2 questions and\or my original question?

thank you

A:file name problem and other questions

Here you can read up on the kernelhttp://www.computerworld.com/s/artic..._for_Windows_7 and check out this tool I found by performing a quick Google searchhttp://www.filebuzz.com/fileinfo/555...g_Utility.html

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I've just run into an out-of-space backup problem that I've never seen before, even though for other reasons I recently switched around backup HDDS and enlarged the backup partition from 120gb to 180gb. Looking at the backup partition for my main drive (Win 8x64, 120gb SSD), I find two relevant folders: 1) a WindowsImageBackup folder with the last backup of yesterday (55gb), and 2) a folder with my Administrator name and a set of a dozen or more folders labeled "Backup Set," going back every 10 days for several months. What are the latter and how do these fit together with the system image, if they do? While I don't look very often, I haven't run into this out-of-space issue before, although my main drive has grown less than 1 GB since the changeover. For the moment, I've deleted all but a couple of the Backup Sets, because the out of space problem was effectively locking up the entire computer. Thanks,

A:Backup Problem/Questions

Hello highstream,

The drive letter:\WindowsImageBackup\computer name\Backup YYYY-MM-DD HHMMSS folder is where your system images are saved.
The drive letter:\computer name\Backup Set YYYY-MM-DD HHMMSS folder is where your Windows Backups are saved to.
Do you happen to have Windows Backup set to run automatically on a schedule with a system image set to be included?
You could delete any old Windows Backups that you do not want.
Backups - View and Manage Space in Windows 8
Older System Images will automatically be deleted as needed to make room for new ones, but you can delete any Backup YYYY-MM-DD HHMMSS folder that you do not want the system image from.

Hope his helps,

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I have a problem. I have Conexant Smart Audio HD and Dolby Digital Home. Problem is that Dolby works with only one application at time, often getting stuck to one.  I heard tat Dolby Home Theater v4 works better, however I cannot find it for Conexant audio.  Besides I wanted to ask. 1. I wanted to upgrade my Z50 to 16GB of RAM. Question is, what kind of RAM you guys would put into it? I am upgrading only because I want to play more applications at the same time (and Forza 6 Apex is kinda memory hungry too )2. Is 70 degrees celsius during heavy gaming actually normal? I want to know since Laptop feels a bit hot when gaming, but I got used to it, just don't know if it's safe. 

My rig: Lenovo Z50-70, Intel Core i5-4210U @ 1.7GHz, 8GB RAM, GeForce GT840m 4GB, 1TB HDD.

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I've been using Super Converter for awhile now and it's been very reliable in converting all my vids into a format that my mp3 can play and it's free. But a few days ago, it wouldn't convert anymore. It would just freeze up and then when I try to forcibly close Super through the task manager, it wouldn't close so I have to restart my computer to get the program to close. I thought it just needed an update but that still didn't solve the problem. Anyone know what's wrong with it?

My mp3 is a Creative Zen Vision M 30gb.


That's where I got the exact Super setting for my mp3.

I also tried switching from ffpmeg to mencoder and turning on and off directshow as someone had suggested but that failed:

- ffmpeg = This is what it was original and Super kept freezing up
- ffmpeg+directshow = It converts but the converted vid is just like an error vid. There's some red words that I can't really read on a black bg
- mencoder = Freezes up Super so had to restart computer
- mencoder+directshow = Gets an error

So I was wondering why Super is freezing up all of a sudden.

Also, I was wondering if anyone knew the best Super setting for converting vids to an iPod video nano. I know there's other converters like Videora but I hate that one since it's so slow and inreliable compared to Super.

Back-Up Plan
If no one knows what's wrong with Super (T_T <--me), then can anyone suggest another... Read more

A:Super Converter Problem and Questions


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Hi. Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this, I searched and read the other threads before posting and didn't see anyhting in the other topics either, although being new, I'm still finding my way around. I am new to Vista, I must say I really like it, if I could get myt problem resolved, I'll be VERY happy. I am a Graphic Design major, so my computer is my lifeline so-to-speak. When my son did this build for me we did it in stages and I'm pretty proud of where we are. However, huge issue for me- Vista will boot just fine IF I leave the original installation disc in the drive, if I remove it and try to boot it, I get the message in DOS "BOOTMGR is missing press CTRL+Alt+Del to Restart" this is very annoying. Anyone know how to 'fix' this problem or do I just shell out $60.00 to the computer techs that said they could fix it? My son told me to check here first.
My system is:
Built by my son "Mr.B"
Windows Vista Home Premium x64
Core2 Duo E6300
4Gb XMS2 800
(2 150Gb RAPTORX in RAID 0)
250Gb SATA2
(2 eVGA 8800GT in SLI)
Antec SmartPower 500watt
Acer X191W widescreen monitor

A:2 questions: BOOTMGR is missing problem...

Originally Posted by Nodijo

Hi. Please forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this, I searched and read the other threads before posting and didn't see anyhting in the other topics either, although being new, I'm still finding my way around. I am new to Vista, I must say I really like it, if I could get myt problem resolved, I'll be VERY happy. I am a Graphic Design major, so my computer is my lifeline so-to-speak. When my son did this build for me we did it in stages and I'm pretty proud of where we are. However, huge issue for me- Vista will boot just fine IF I leave the original installation disc in the drive, if I remove it and try to boot it, I get the message in DOS "BOOTMGR is missing press CTRL+Alt+Del to Restart" this is very annoying. Anyone know how to 'fix' this problem or do I just shell out $60.00 to the computer techs that said they could fix it? My son told me to check here first.
My system is:
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium x64
Intel Core 2 CPU [email protected] 1.87GHz
NVIDIA STRIPE 279.47G (2 150G RAPTOR drives)
250G Storage Drive
Acer X191W widescreen monitor

Welcome to the Vista Forums

I found one solution related to the bootmgr issue from a Microsoft source. The error message is different, but it might be related to your situation. Take a look at Microsoft's solutions for bootmgr problems and see if they work for you. The link to the Microsoft solution is: Error message when ... Read more

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I have a windows 7 dual monitor machine and one monitor suddenly dumped out for some reason. In control panel, Appearance and Display, I check to see that Extend These Displays was the selection and for whatever reason, it's not even on the drop down menu as an option. I might think the display adapter took a dump but when the machine boots, I do get a message related to 'this monitor entering sleep mode' and then it's BLACK. Any thoughts on what might be causing this? TIA

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I am trying to make a backup data from my hard disk that has "Bad Block" problem by copying them to another hard disk.
But aside form Event ID: 7 Error: "The device \Device\Harddisk1\D has a bad block" (I know Harddisk1 refers to my hard disk that has "Bad Block") some other events appears (when I'm copying my file and/or (when) my computers became really laggy too, they also appearing):

1.Event ID: 26 Warning:"The driver has detected that device \Device\Ide\IdePort0 has old or out-of-date firmware" Reduced performance may result" I wonder why this event appears, I used my hard disk before get a bad block and never get this event.

2.Event ID: 51 Warning:"An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation"
3.Event ID: 9 Error:"The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort0, did not respond within timeout period"
4.Event ID: 11 Error:"The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort0" This event only appears 1 time,though.

I wonder what the cause of these events appearing (it is just because my hard disk that has "bad block" or there is another cause aside from it).

And what should I do with the hard disk that reported has a bad block? (Does formatting it resolved this problem or should I get a new hard disk)

If I choose get a new hard disk, will the Bad Blocks appears as soon as possible in my new hard disk if I copying my backup data (the data that was copi... Read more

A:Hard disk Problem and Questions

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I just installed Windows 2000 pro on my laptop and it is great! it is way better than 95 or 98 or even NT 4.0! it has cool accessories, the updates to windows explorer are SO COOL, and the pinball game rules! the desktop wallpaper is also cool! i also love the way the start menu and other menus just "appear" out of thin air! I installed it with no problems, all my hardware was compatible, it had drivers for it all. but i have one problem. When i try to restart my computer from win 2k, it goes thru the things and then the screen goes black and it just sits there forever untill you physically hit the reset button. anyone know why?

also, what is the equivalent of msconfig (windows 98) in windows 2000? i need a way to see everything starting up at boot time.

And one more thing, my friend has windows 2000 pro on his computer and he got it before it came out. he wants to know how to found out if he has a version of the beta (a release canidate) or the final version.

A:{Advice Given} - Windows 2k Pro Problem, Questions

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My English not perfect but i think you gonna understand what i try to say.

I just would like to know one thing about memory. I just got new 2X 4GB 1600 mhz Corsair vengeance (DDR3, CL9) memory sticks. I tried to put them on my computer where i have 2X 2 GB OCZ 1600 mhz (DDR3 CL8). When i put every stick on use my computer shows that installed memory is 12 GB and usable is 6 GB (on windows 7 64 bit). My bios shows that i have 6 GB memory. And Cpu-Z shows that all memories are installed but only 6 is on use and that channel is single.

My motherboard is Asus Maximus III formula. Max installed ram should be 24 GB. I also tried a few different settings with my memories. Like you should know i have A1, A2 and B1, B2 places on my motherboard (for those memories). I tried this kind of settings:

A1 and B1 Corsair 2 X 4GB --> Bios shows 8 GB installed like windows (and all 8 GB usable). These settings are only where Cpu-Z shows that memory channels are dual.
A1 and B1 Corsair 2X 4GB, A2 OCZ 2GB --> bios shows 4 GB and windows that 10 GB installed and 4 GB usable.
A1 and B1 Corsair 2X 4GB, A2 and B2 OCZ 2x 2GB --> bios shows 6 GB and windows that 12 installed and 6 GB usable.

So i would like to know that is my problem caused by those memories, cause they aren't same CL (8 and other 9). I stop fighting with those memories if that problem is so simple. I tried so find answer for this question but couldn't find it anywhere. I just thought that it's pretty wei... Read more

A:Problem with memory. Would someone want to answer few questions.

I got that problem solved.

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Alright, this message most likely is going to be long!

So, I was bored one day, my computer was working perfactally, then I said.. mm.. I need a new skin.. So i downloaded this thing.. lspatch, and it patched explorer.exe. so now I'm screwed, I turn the computer on, nothing shows up but the background. i then download a explorer.exe off the internet, save it to the desktop, now to task panel run explorer.exe, and the interface shows up. But when i turn the computer on, i have to run the program manualy every time.

Next: Today I was cleaning out programs, and i deleted kbg archiver, It goes well, but now i cannot open folders! My suspected problem lies with HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\open\command
(Default) "c:\windows\Explorer.exe /idlist,%I,%L" Because when I looked at that It talked about the kbd archiver that i was talking about..

Please help

A:Weird, big problem. Lots of questions

Please try this workaround (you will need your Windows? XP SP2 CD or an integrated SP3 CD if SP3 is installed).

(In the event that you do not have a Windows? XP CD with SP2,(or SP3) you will need to 'borrow' one from a friend or colleague, as the manufacturer's "Recovery Discs" will not work in this instance.)

Insert the Windows? XP CD in your drive. (Hold down the Shift Key to prevent it from starting.)

Go start > Run ...in the box type in sfc /scannow …please take note of the space between the sfc and the /.

This is the System File Checker...it will scan all the Windows? core system files to ensure that they are in their respective correct places, and if not replace them from the CD.

During the scan you may be asked to Insert the CD, if this happens just go retry and let it do its thing.

One important point: While sfc is running, it is not advisable to do any other work, or have any browsers/programs running on the computer, until the scan is complete. (This process will generally take around 45-65 minutes to complete).

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Having a curious problem trying to get T-61 [8897CTO] to WOL in windows 7 32 bit OS. Same machine using XP has no problems and I suspect the NIC Pro1000 drivers.  Using version dated 3/26/2009 and can't find any newer drivers on support site. Bios settings ruled out because wol works perfectly in XP OS (merely swapping hdds). Some are recommending to use intel drivers and have had success with that. Before going that route I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone here can help with: 1. The only thing we see for download relating to ethernet lan is something about a patch for energy star 4.0. Don't see anything in the readme about my specific problem (not waking up) but curiously it's about wol. Do I need to install this?   The only problem it seems to address is 'unwanted wakeup events'.  Set the pwr mgt settings to allow wakeup and only magic packet to wake up, but nothing works.  Perhaps this patch will help? 2. I remember to get wol working in xp I needed to enabled PME in NIC adv  properties. No such entry in Win7.Could that be driver age problem?  Newer drivers may fix?  3. Trying to wake up with laptop in Adv Docking Station. Could this be a problem for Win7? Using XP was fine in docking station.  I'm confused how the ethernet works for docking station. Does it simply pass the existing NIC through to the interface thereby using same MAC?  Utilities seems to indicate this is the case. That w... Read more

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My computer (Pentium III 666MHz, OS Windows XP Home SP2) has a Canon BJC-250 installed in a parallel port. It worked normally until it went crazy: I turn it on, and it starts eating paper, never stopping. It doesn't print anything. I thought it was the driver, so I tried to delete it. I went to the Printers folder and clicked "Delete this printer." I clicked Yes, and the computer acted like the driver were correctly deleted, but the printer icon was still there, and it said "Deleting" under the printer name. That never changed. I ignored it, and tried to reinstall the printer. It appeared to be correctly installed, but when I turned it on it kept eating paper. Again, I couldn't delete it.

So I plugged another printer (Canon BJC-4300), and Plug & Play installed it automatically. I proceeded to print the test page, but the printer just does nothing (the LED on the printer was blinking). I still couldn't delete it.

The printers are OK: They work in every other computer.
Adware problem: My "obsolete" 30-year old brother insists on using IE... (Note: Technology ate him... Even my dad understands more) And we got ADWARE'D thanks to him. I used Ad-Aware SE Pro, reducing a little the problem (They don't appear as often as before). Is there another way to get rid of these hypocritical ads? (They "alert" me of spyware/adware danger" - CLICK HERE CLICK HERE, Your computer may be affected!) I hate tampering w... Read more

A:2 Questions: My printers do not work/Adware problem.

Can you check on the canon site for the procedure for the full removal of the printer software, often this is contained on the installation disk. I recently had a nightmare with a lexmark printer which was only solved by using the disk uninstall and also resetting some of the services in winXP which seemed to have been stopped by previous faulty printer installations.

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Re-installed a new HD after original one conked out.
Most things work after re-install.

Running the 64 bit version of W7.

a. Thought I would go to Windows Update, and see if there was anything to update now that I did the re-install.
Windows Update will not function, for some reason.

Msg. says; "Windows Update cannot currently check for updates because the Service is not running. You may need to restart your computer"

I looked in Services, and for the line that says Windows Update, it shows "Started"

What's the problem, do you think ?

b. Thought also that it would be a good idea to re-install the Service Pack update for W7, called SP1, I think.

From their site, it shows about a dozen download options.
Have no idea which is the one to use (I have the 64 bit version of Windows)

Which download on their site should I use, please ?

Looks like a formidable task to update with SP1. How necessary is it really ?

c. Is there a simple way to check if all the Windows Drivers that are required are really installed ? If not, what should I do ?

Thanks for help,

A:Windows Update Problem. And, Questions Re SP1 & Drivers

Hi Bob
Win 7-SP1 (kb976932)is a huge download, it's about 7400 GB, the best is to install it via windows updates.
And to learn more about SP1 and how to install it visit this site:

Learn how to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 &#40;SP1&#41;

The simple way to check for drivers is via control panel then device manager.

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My wife is a member of Facebook and this afternoon it seems that she "sent" a bogus message with clickable URL's (some kind of ad) to everyone on her list. (Hope no one clicked into them!) So it appears, I guess, that her account was phished.

She has changed her password and made it more secure and I ran a Norton "Quick Erase" scan to check for viruses/etc. It didn't find anything.

I don't understand why any of this happened because I have been using Norton for years and currently have 360 v. 4 on this machine (XP Pro, Service Pack 4). I looked back at "recent activity" and it doesn't indicate that anything was planted into this machine. This has never happened to us and it bothers me a lot.

What else should we do? I certainly don't want any more problems on this end!

Thanks in advance for your help!

Dave Kirsch

A:Solved: Phishing questions -- Facebook problem

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1st question of mine is about XP networking...ok I got 2 computers that both have XP Pro and I'm trying to network them using a Crossover cable *no router/hub...that will change soon* and I'm using the software that came with the XP O/S but I can never get the file sharing to work..and now my internet sharing isn't working...! I am doing everything right.
I get on my host comp do the gay little wizard to set it as the gateway comp yada yada yada...do the client comp making it with the right settings a client comp should have and yada yada yada.
So right now my client comp see's the gateway and shows it in the network connections...and it shows the little connection screen in the bottom and sais its sending/receiving bites...but I cant' search the web...or connect to anything.

BTW I had internet sharing working it just stoped out of the blue..and I have no firewalls one either no zonealarm and none of the built in ones that come with the microblows O/S.and I did get filesharing to work ONE TIME...so I know its possable but its just not working...and I don't think my computers can see each other on the network...anway its a networking mess just tell me how to get file sharing/internet sharing to work and I"ll be good.

OK NOW MY 2ND and even harder to answer problem. My computer I am calling my Client computer is home built and runs all good except one annoying little thing...when I try to turn it on for the first time each morning....it 95... Read more

A:2 Questions...1st XP networking Q, 2nd...no category just a wierd Problem.

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Hello, I'm brand new here and I'm hoping I could get some help with this problem I've been having.

Recently, I've upgraded my HP a1230n's RAM to 2 gigs, which I am told should be more than enough to handle nearly every task without slowdown, and after chatting with an HP consultant, they told me how to make sure the 4x512mb sticks are running in dual channel, by alternating between the new and old sticks.
I haven't noticed any difference, my computer still slows drastically when I'm doing video encoding or other types of multitasking, like scanning.

The second problem is mildly related to the first.
My DVD burner doesn't exactly work correctly anymore, as everytime I put a DVD to play, it really stutters. My computer begins chugging (computer useage says 100%) and the movie is basically unwatchable. I've tried all my DVDs, even brand new ones, and it stil does not work.
Burning a DVD with it also causes my computer to chug, and the burning process is extremely slow as well. I'm unable to do anything but to watch it take nearly an hour to burn something that originally took 15 minutes, tops.

I've contacted HP and did all their standard scanning and uninstalling/rebooting but to no avail.
Could this somehow be related to the installation of a new graphics card?

Thanks for taking your time to read this message!

A:Sudden onset of big problem with DVD Burner + RAM questions

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I'm going to ask these questions both here. Please move if I have posted in an inappropriate place. These 2 issues may not be related to each other, but are the 2 problems I'm having with my computer right now and I hoped someone here could point me in a direction. Apologize up front for being a computer dummy, so remember that if you decide to help me.

I have about a 7 year old Gateway computer with Windows 98(I have 2 children in college with new computers and am poor myself as a result, lol).

First problem. Have a Mirascan scanner which was working fine. Then went to use it and got this error:

scanner is not found. be sure
1. scanner power is on
2. cable is firmly connected

error in getting TWAIN data source
Please check if it is connected properly to your computer or confirm if you selected a correct device(T009)(T021)(T039)

I did have this problem a couple of years ago and at first thought my scanner had gone bad. But someone told me to try reloading software and that fixed the problem then if I am remembering correctly. I have tried unplugging, replugging all associated cords and uninstalling and reinstalling the software several times. I have also been searching on here for previous advice to others before I bothered you all with a question. I found where someone said to look for TWAIN files where they had been duplicated and discovered 3 and deleted and reinstalled software then. Still no luck and still same errors.

Other problem. I wanted to ... Read more

A:Couple questions-scanner problem and floppy disk

not sure about 1st problem, but second is probably a bad floppy drive. I would try compressed air first (make sure comp is off) It may just be dirty

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I tried to change my DLink WBR 1310 security from unsecure to WPA. In the process, I must have messed something up. I've done a reset on my router a couple of times and tried to set up new connections, but I don't appear to have been totally successful reconfiguring the router. Also, in the process, I messed up winsock (reset it ok) and found a sticky problem where my router ISP got stuck in my LAN ISP definition. Somehow "Automatically obtain the ISP and DNS settings" checkbox got filled.
Here is where I'm at:

LAN (Ethernet) works.

In "Network Connections" I see

WAN Miniport PPPOE
Home Network -Atheros Adapter
Loc Area Net - Ethernet Connection

In "Manage Wireless Networks" I see two different profiles from settings that apparently got setup when I did the router resets and reconfigs.

I'm going to do another reset and reconfig of the router, but before I do, I want to know what to do with the settings above.

It looks I don't want to delete my Home Network in "Network Connections" - there is no delete option.

I'm thinking I should delete the two configuration settings I find in "Manage Wireless Networks."

I seem to be able to reset and reconfig the router OK from the DLInk disk, but after I get that done, I get confused about how to have my Home Network attach to that config and also how to do the "secure" WPA settings.

If one of you experts could kind of give me the steps 1,... Read more

A:Solved: Router - Home Network Problem/Questions

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dear all

i have a problem in adding addtional domain controller in my forest domain.

when i try to add additional; domain controller after working few miniutes it gives meessage THE ACTIVE DIRECTORY WIZARD IS UNABLE TO CONVERT THE COMPUTER TO DOMAIN CONTROLLER ACESSES DENIED


But the user name has full permission he is administrator

please help me

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1. In Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, there are loooooads of things that I can't un-install, and I have no idea what they are. Theres one called Director, one called Unload, Update, WebFldrs XP, WebReg, the list just goes on. I've used advanced unistaller pro, and it hasn't got them in there, but my pc's been goin really slow so I think these have something to do with it. Could somebody please help me???? Thanks

2. In task manager, theres a process called sdxztjw.exe, being run by Simon (me) and uses between 100 - 500 k memory. If i close it, then another comes, if i close that, another comes etc. I've gone in to Windows\System32, and deleted it from there, and another one comes etc. And I've deleted it from the registry, under run, and another comes. Could someone please help me???!!!

A:Got 2 questions - please help!

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I was just told that in order for me to burn DVD's I would need to install the windows service packs.
(i dont like them & dont use them)
I was told that I need these service packs to get the USB 2.0
I was trying to get info on this USB 2.0( didnt even know it excisred till I plugged in my external Sony DRX-710UL into my USB port & it said I my computer didnt support HIGH SPEED. I could still use the product, but it would be at slower speed.
Anyway, I though I understood it to be that I also needed a new HIGH SPEED PCI card and the USB 2.0 that microsoft had only supported the USB port if the updated hardware was installed.
I dont know if I said that right.
I guess, the bottom line is, do I need to install those service packs to get the USB 2.0 support to use my dvd writer?

A:USB 2.0 Questions?

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My questions are the following;

1) I'm now working with Windows XP Home Edition as my OS, how can I clean up my autoexec file?

2) I was working with Windows 98 and have an Epson scanner that was working before. I know that I need to download a new driver and have tried to do that. All I get when I try to download the new driver is "A Runtime Error has Occurered. Do you wish to debut?" Line:25 Error:'document.dls.elements' is null or not an object. Any ideas ?



A:Several questions

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These are probably simple questions...

When I right click on a picture and 'set to background' for example, the page will move right back up the top rather than staying on the highlighted image. This is a pain when you have a fair amount of pictures to scroll through.

Also, once I have downloaded a file from the internet, how do I get the download bar to automatically disappear once the download is complete?

Hope this makes sense.


A:Two Questions

Could you explain more on your first question?


Also, once I have downloaded a file from the internet, how do I get the download bar to automatically disappear once the download is complete?

In IE9 you can't. It stays open until a new page is opened or you press the little X.

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i have few question about windows 7
1- my laptop work on orginal windows 7 home basic , can i use it on other laptop ?
2- why home basic not found to download on internet ? just coming with some laptop model ?
3- can i install xp mode on windows 7 home basic ? and if yes . it?s safe ? becouse we know xp stop get support ..
4- when windows 7 support stop ? like xp and other versions ?

A:Few questions

Raied mate
1. No the operating system version is tied to the motherboard of the machine it is installed on, for the other machine you need another licence..
2. You can reinstall using this tutorial as long as you pick the correct version of Windows and use the original activation code.
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 or if you buy a new OEM or retail disk.
3. Yes you can do a what is called a dual boot but why would you want to??
Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP
4. It will last for some time yet it is just getting harder to find versions of 7

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Can you tell me what is safe to delete from the hijack log!

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 11:13:11 PM, on 11/23/2003
Platform: Unknown Windows (WinNT 5.02.3790)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 (6.00.3790.0000)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_01\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Stealther\stealth27.exe
C:\Program Files\AIM\aim.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\AIMrv20\AIMrv20.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\AIMrv20\AIMrv20.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\trILLian\server.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Directory 1 for hijackthis.zip\HijackThis.exe

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://www.astalavista.com/
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = res://shdoclc.dll/hardAdmin.htm
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Window Title = Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Serena Loves DeParis
O3 - Toolbar: @msdxmLC.dll,[email prot... Read more

A:Me again with some questions

G'day journee,

May I suggest you have a read of this thread

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In another thread I believe someone brought this question up.

Question #1: Say I have a Athlon XP 2800 processor with a 333MHz FSB. The RAM that I buy is 400mhz PC3200. Would I have a problem with this setup and would I be running some sort of bottleneck?

In the near future I plan on building a new PC and this is a question I want to address before I do so, because I don't want to spend $400+ on a Athlon XP 3200 with a 400mhz FSB when I can get the Athlon XP 2800 with a 333mhz for only $168.00.

I think the Asus A7N8X only supports up to a 333mhz FSB (166x2). Can someone confirm this?

Edit: Nevermind. A7N8X indeed only supports 333MHz processor FSB.

Parts "in question"
AMD Athlon XP 2800 "Barton" 333 FSB

Corsair XMS Extreme Memory Speed Series 256MB PC3200 400mhz w/Heat spreader (will be running 2 of these for dual channel)

Question #2: Which Athlon XP is the best overclocker? I *think* I heard someone say the 3000+ would overclock to 3.6GHz? (or something like that). Sounds pretty crazy but I'm not 100% sure what I heard.

A:FSB Questions

Asus A7N8X v2.0 supports 400 fsb.

Answer #1. No bottleneck. You could overclock your cpu by decreasing the multiplier settings (to avoid too much overclock) and increasing the fsb settings to 400 fsb. That will eliminate any bottleneck and give you a fast system at low cost.

Answer #2. Athlon XP 1700+ (soon to be discontinued).

AMD XP1700 JIUHB - Hexus

Not as fast as Athlon XP 3000+ when overclocked, but a damn sight cheaper.

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Alright, so long story short my home built desktop has 3 hard drives.

One of which is a far newer Western Digital Caviar Black 750gb drive.

The next oldest drive is approximately 4 years old 250GB seagate hard drive that was I originally got as a replacement drive for an older computer.

The third, and oldest drive at nearly 6 years old, was the drive that was the one replaced by the drive mentioned above. I was able to repair the drive and has worked quite well for quite a while. It is 250GB Western Digital drive, some OEM model put in an old HP circa 2005.

Since my desktop was the product of a long series of drawn out upgrades (unemployed high school students tend to have small computer budgets ) and at least 3 seperate installations of OS's (one vista, one windows 7 RC and one full windows 7 pro 64-bit) the later two were done on the Caviar Black.

However, the Master Boot Record, it appears, is on the oldest of the drives.

It also appears that the disk is failing (or at least that is my guess).

This is because occasionally when I start my computer it will tell me I have No OS installed. The instances in which this happened has increased over the past week or so.

Other times it will boot properly to the screen where I can choose which OS I would like to boo, even though Win 7 pro 64-bit is the only one still actually installed.

My question is how can I move the MBR from that older failing drive to my primary drive, the Caviar Black?

Als... Read more

A:Questions about the MBR

The MBR issue would probably be resolved via a "System Repair Disk" Repair function or a Bootrec /fixmbr but
A disk management screenshot would help.

Disk diagnostics:
Try the WD Lifeguard diagnostics
and the Windows chkdsk (can be carried out via command prompt or Windows "Computer" screen.

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Hey can someone give me some advice on an ssd? as am thinking of buying a Kingston 64GB. and currently own one western digital green 1Tb and a Samsung 7200rpm hdd. here is my question:
If I install my OS on a 64GB ssd do I have to have to install all my programmes and stuff on the ssd or can I have it all on one of my larger hardrives? as I don't think a 64GB SSD will hold all my programmes and docs.

So the question is can I use the ssd as just an OS Boot drive?

And what would you say would be the best ssd out of crucial and kingston? I have noticed crucial ssd's go for a little more on ebay.
thanks in advance

A:SSD Questions


Yes, you can just have your OS on the SSD if you like, and keep your installed programmes on the 1TB - that is perfectly acceptable.

You can go about this in two ways:

1. Transfer your existing OS installation from the HDD to the SSD:
SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System


2. Do a fresh/clean install:
Clean Install Windows 7

When you do a clean install to the SSD, be sure to physically unplug your 1TB Samsung until the installation is complete, to prevent some of the system files being installed to the HDD.

My own personal preference is Option 2.

I think the Crucial has a better performance and reputation than Kingston, hence the price.


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Im a newbee so if i ask a stupid question im sorry lol
I got a brand new graphics card and got it set up. It was the GeForce 8800 gts. It was suppost to come with 3d stuff.

Well it did but i heard it is a new kind of 3d. Not the red and cyan i am used to.

Anyway i went and found that i would need a new tv for the cheap cheap price of $4999 and some special glasses for an additioal $200 Um since im not exactly swimming in mony at the moment i was wondering. Is there any (-FREE-) program / mediaplayer that will get a regular evryday dvd and make it play in the red cyan 3D format?

Thanks Signed Computergeekguy

AKA a person that thinks he knows evrything about computers but really dossent

A:3D questions

Unfortunately you need a 3D monitor to go with it.

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