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Computer doesn't detect CD drive

Q: Computer doesn't detect CD drive

Hey all,

When booting my computer, i seem to get stuck at "Detecting IDE Drives". It completes the cycle every once in a while, maybe once every 3-5 restarts. As well, my computer CANNOT boot off of my CD drive, only my disk drive. When I do boot from my HDD, my computer doesn't detect my CD Drive. Additionally, the drive doesn't even open nor does it have a light - although on occassion, it will work fine; it will open and light up as usual.

Can anybody explain how to fix this in lamens terms?

Thanks in advance!

Preferred Solution: Computer doesn't detect CD drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Computer doesn't detect CD drive

There are a few things you can try as in this guide: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic137666.html

However, because of the multiple problems you describe, in the end I think you will have to replace the drive with a new one.

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I'm quite "green" at computers so please excuse my ignorance...I am running windows xp...when I place a cd in my e drive it doesn't detect it at all...when I put it in my d drive..which is also my burner...it will detect it and run it once, only if I haven't done anything else on my computer after turning it on and going right to that function...but if I need a second thing done ... nothing...ie. I tried to download a two cd game for my son.
...I turned on my computer and the first disk installed then it said to take it out and
place the second disk in...when I do that it doesn't detect it. I don't have windows xp setup disk since I had it installed when I bought the computer by the company I bought it from....what should I do...? Thanks so much in advance for your help...please use "laymans" terms, if you are replying, so I can understand responses!

A:computer doesn't detect cd drive after using it once

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Hi everyone, this is my first time here. I apologize if this question has already been asked but a couple days ago I was trying to install a new piece of software for my daughter and my CD ROM drive didn't start up automatically like usual. I could hear it wind up but then it would stop so I went to 'my computer' and my D drive wasn't even listed there. I haven't used my D drive for a couple of months, so who knows how long this has been a problem. I had the klez virus back in July but then got rid of it. I don't think that caused the problem because after I got rid of the virus I reinstalled Norton and it worked just fine then. A couple people have mentioned that it coule be a lost driver but I don't want to waste time downloading programs that I don't need. Any thoughts?


A:Computer doesn't detect D drive

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I use 3 computers, in one that has Windows Seven and other Xp, the computer detects the external hard drive with no problem
But in another Windows Seven pc, it doesn't detect it at all, the hard drive makes a clicking sound and nothing else

So, what can it be?, I even connect it to a TV and can watch movies with no problem, but being detected in that computer, never

A:Computer doesn't detect external Hard Drive

Do other external drives work with that PC?

Does that external drive appear in Windows Disk Management? If it does, does it have a drive letter assigned? If not assign a drive letter.

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So i want to switch the HDD's of my 2 computers, i unplugged both drives, then i put one of the drives into the other computer attaching it exactly as it was (the master slave thingy) but the comp said it didn't detect and master or slave. So i took it out again and changed the master slave thingy so that it was the same as the HDD that i took out of the computer i was trying to get this HDD to work in.

Same thing happened, comp said it didn't detect any HDD at all.

Why can't it detect it?

Both drives are unformatted and have windows and stuff on them, i thought it'd be a simple switch a roo.

Does this mean that the HDD is not compatible in this other computer?

Or do i need to do something to make the computer detect the HDD?


A:Solved: Computer doesn't detect hard drive

I assume they are not being seen on the bios - correct

check the details on the HDD and make sure you have set to Master - what else is on the cable .....

are these identical machines ? because with windows you have installed all the motherboard drivers and even if you swap them around and get the bios to recognise them - windows may not work correctly

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my cd drive doesn't detect any cds
it shows the drive in my computer but it says no cd is in it
i tried to reformatt but can't sdince the cd drive doesn't work
if anyone who knows how to solve or have this problem plz help me
thanx alot

A:Help! My Cd drive doesn't detect cd

First, it could be lint or trash has gotten into and covered laser. Second, it could be the drive motor not coming up to speed or not at all! My sugestion would be try a couple of short burst of canned air to make sure you dislodge any dust. Then try a Cd, when drawer closes with a Cd on it, put a finger or two on the face plate you should feel the motor strat up or attempt to do so. If nothing happens then you need to replace Cd player!

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can u guys help me my cd drives doesn't detect any of my cd
the drive is located and windows says its properly connected but none of the cd works
the light turns on and everything
tried to reformatt but teh drive won't respond

A:my cd drive doesn't detect cd

If all the drivers are installed and the computer reconises it the the Cd-rom is bad.

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I am writing in because I think I've exhausted all means of trying to fix an issue with my drive.

As title states, I inserted a DVD into my LG GH24NS90 but Windows 7 is not detecting it.
Info about my computer :
GA-Z68XP-UD3 (rev. 1.0) - Gigabyte
1. Installed Windows 7 OS on IDE mode
2. Tried burning a DVD using ConvertXtoDVD but it burns very slowly (even though it was set at x16) and it freezes the computer when burning.

Hence, I tried to change it to AHCI mode as information on the internet says changing it to AHCI would solve the problem,

1. Update drive to latest firmware.
2. Changed to AHCI (in BIOS) and selected my SSD to boot with success!
3. Tried to insert DVD into drive but not detected!
What can I do!!!

A:[Help] LG Drive doesn't detect CD!!!

Bumping thread. Hoping for some help from fellow forumers here!

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I'm using a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R motherboard, and my hard drive is a seagate barracuda 500gb.

The system is brand new, built myself. No previous operating system on it.
I tried installing windows vista. I get past everything, until it asks me to select a drive to install to, and the list is empty. I tried every driver on the mobo's cd, and every driver on their website, none of them worked. I've tried different SATA modes, and ports on the mobo, and it doesn't work (I would dear say I've tried everything, except another OS because I don't have access to one).

However, when I select browse to search for drivers, when installing vista, I can select the local drive and search it for drivers. Does this mean it's there and it's something else, or is it just an option and what not? (there's a floppy there too, but I have none installed on the computer).

My bios sees the HD just fine. I'm out of ideas, and friggin fed up. I tried contacting Gigabyte but that was pointless.

A:Vista doesn't detect my hard drive

set the sata to be seen as ide in the bios

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I am running a Intel D845BG mobo and have a 6.5gb hd connected to IDE0. I launch my machine and I can see the harddrive in bios as well as my other devices. When I start Windows 2000 setup, it says that it can't find boot partition to check signature. It gets to the initial setup and gives me 3 choices. to repair, setup, or exit. I choose install fresh copy. Then I get the error message, "Setup cannot find any hard disks installed on your computer" Press F3 to restart.

I have tried all jumper combinations on the hard drive, I know the hard drive is good but can't get Windows 2K setup to recognize it. Please Help.. I have tried everything.

Thank you in advance.

A:Setup W2K Doesn't detect Hard drive

Have you tried using a different ide cable?
Also have you tried a bios flash?

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Here's my hard drive:
Seagate Constellation ES ST3500514NS

I haven't been able to get Windows 7 installation to detect this drive for about two months now. I'm running on a Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H mobo, revision 2.1.

I recently found a list of drivers for my motherboard on Gigabyte, but I'm not sure if any of these will help me.
I also found some downloads for my hard drive.

Oh, and I can use this drive if I'm running Windows 7 on a different hard drive, but I just can't install Windows 7 on it.

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Detect My Hard Drive

Check if the new HDD is being detected in BIOS. Also, the HDD may be formatted as a file system not supported for Windows. Make sure it is formatted as NTFS.

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3 computer network. Linksys router daisychained with a switch, which is chained to a wireless access point.

Everything works fine apart from the one computer. It is not getting an IP from the router. It does not get the internet connection. It cannot share files with the other two computers. Basically acts as though it's not even plugged into the network.

So I go for the obvious and assume it's a wire or bad plug, and try hooking the rogue's end up to my laptop. Laptop works fine, gets net and can share files. I check the NIC and it's detected and working properly.

Must be a software issue. Windows XP Pro is not happy. It's a fresh install after a format. I've run the wizard with the 'connects through a residential gateway' as opposed to the 'connects directly to the internet'. I tried the latter but it says cannot complete setup.

The two lights on the card are blinking. The lights on the router corresponding to the rogue computer light up just the the others. I've tried moving it to the switch; no dice.

What could be the problem?

A:Rogue computer does not detect network. Network doesn't detect it.

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I have Windows 7 ultimate and I was backing up my PC to a cloud service along with installing Opera mobile emulator. When my PC gave me the BSOD, I restarted my computer and it started up my secondary drive.. My primary drive is no longer detected in the BIOS.. Both drives appear to show up in the device manager. Just not under the BIOS and my computer Any help would be greatly appreciated!.

PC specs
Windows 7 ultimate
AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core
128 GB SSD (crucial)
128 GB SSD (Samsung)
Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
More about : windows

A:Windows 7 BSOD, restarted and doesn't detect drive..

Hello Elliot mate some system specs would be helpful I know you have put a few there but it really helps to know what the motherboard is for example.
System Info - See Your System Specs

In the meantime can you send the dump files by any chance?
Dump Files - Upload to SevenForums

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I have a Thinkpad T470 (20JN) with a 512 Gb NVMe drive  lense20512gmsp34meat2ta. Linux was installed & works well with no problems. But I'm struggling with Windows 10  setup.I could not make its installer recognize NVMe disk. At the same time Hiren's BootCD 15.2 based on Win10 recognizes my disk successfully.I tried to extract drivers from boot.wim using DISM and to add them back to original boot.wim (index:2), but it gave noany positive change.Can you please give me a hint how to make NVMe work ?  

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Hi all,

I've looked all over the internet, contacted HP, and updated my Mobo BIOS, but to no avail. I have an HP Lightscribe DVD1070i optical drive that has one Serial ATA data connection, and one Serial ATA power connection. There are no jumpers for Master or Slave. I have an MSI K9N2G Neo Mobo with BIOS version 1.20. It is not detecting my SATA optical drive, but it is detecting my SATA HDD. The optical drive i have right now is an IDE drive which I would like to move to my secondary Desktop, but can't because it would leave my Main without a working Optical Drive. I was told by HP to install SATA controllers but I can't find anything like that for my Mobo on the internet. The MSI Live Update program doesn't even find anything for me. So, is there anyone who can help me with my dilemma?


A:MSI Mobo doesn't detect HP SATA optical drive

If it helps, HP has told me to connect my SATA drive to another computer, but I can't because there are all too old and don't use SATA.

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Since upgrading to Windows 10, my PC does not "see" the CD/DVD reader/writer. CD/DVD is a SuperMulti DVD Burner with LightScribe Technology

View Solution.

A:System doesn't detect CD/DVD drive after Windows 10 install

Hi: See if performing the procedure listed in Resolution Step 5 at the link below resolves the issue. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/314060

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Install everything, the bios detect the hard drive (it's a new hard drive, never been use) but when installing the Win7 64, the hard drive list is empty.

Here my spec

Phenom II 940BE | Gigabyte 790X-UD4P | Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB | XFX HD4770 512MB | OCZ StealthXStream 600W | NZXT Tempest


A:Windows 7 installation doesn't detect hard drive

You need to format new hard drives. no?

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I have a Thinkpad T470 (20JN) with a 512 Gb NVMe drive  lense20512gmsp34meat2ta. Linux was installed & works well with no problems. But I'm struggling with Windows 10  setup.I could not make its installer recognize NVMe disk. At the same time Hiren's BootCD 15.2 based on Win10 recognizes my disk successfully.I tried to extract drivers from boot.wim using DISM and to add them back to original boot.wim (index:2), but it gave noany positive change.Can you please give me a hint how to make NVMe work ?  

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So I've already uninstalled the driver, restarted my computer, reinstalled the driver, and restarted the computer. MSN has been set to show others that I do have an available webcam. Skype is set to enable the webcam.

I can use my webcam via the installed Logitech program, but neither Skype nor MSN detects I have a webcam. I've tried plugging the webcam USB into three different USB ports to no avail. The programs do not detect my webcam for some reason; it's a bit odd, because it'll work, but it'll suddenly stop working. This has happened three times before on different occasions where I've reformatted my computer inbetween each incident.

My webcam is the following model:

QuickCam? Communicate STX
M/N: V-UBK45, V-UBK45

Can someone please tell me why I can use my webcam using the actual program that comes with the driver, but not on MSN, Skype, etc.?


A:MSN Doesn't Detect Webcam (but computer does)

Try having the Logitech program running and THEN open up MSN or Skype

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Hello everyone. The problem is with my CPU fan/motherboard. For some reason my computer doesn't detect my CPU fan. The CPU fan runs but when I start up my computer I have to press F1 everytime to bypass the system error. I hope nothing serious is wrong and it's just a mis-communication with my CPU fan and motherboard bios. I recently just installed a new CPU fan from Zalman CPNS9500A. What should I try to do to correct this issue?

A:Solved: My computer doesn't detect my CPU Fan

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Hey Y'all

The computer was hooked up to high speed for a while, via an external modem, but now I have to use dial-up again. Problem is Windows 98 doesnt recognize the internal modem (conexant HPC) that was working before. I've deleted all traces of the modem from computer as best as I can and reinstalled it with a new driver I downloaded (I dont have the disc). The modem shows up in the device manager and under the modem option in the control panel but when I try to dial my ISP it get a message telling me to make sure my modem is plugged in or it asks me if I want to install a new modem. I've physically taken the modem out of the computer, shut down, rebooted, shut down, reinstalled it and still no luck. Is the modem kaput? Is there maybe a BIOS issue? A port settings issue? Help!

A:Computer doesn't detect modem

Go thru Control Panel/Phones and Modems. Run the Diagnostic "Query Modem" and see if the system can communicate with it.

If not then there is a physical OR setup problem with the card. You might also try moving the card to different slots.

Dial Modems are generally a PITA!!!

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Hi there,We just received  a shipment of Elitebook 840 G3s.  I wanted to clone my current Folio over to the new laptop but was surprised that when I booted into clonezilla from a 4GB USB Kingston Data traveller that it didn't see the source 256 GB USB SSD Drive.  When I went into the BIOS, it doesn't see the USB Drive, but it does see the thumbdrive and internal SSD. I have tried USB 2 & 3 devices with different drives attached.  The drive is detected when booted into windows and I can browse it. Is anyone aware of an issue with the current 1.05 BIOS and eithe drive size etc... recognized by the BIOS for USB?

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I recently moved into the dorms of my college and tried connecting my laptop to the internet using an ethernet cable. It worked, so I decided to try and play Xbox Live through the use of the ethernet cable and it did not work. After messing around with it and failing to get it to work for my Xbox 360, the ethernet decided to quit working for my computer as well. The "Local Area Connection" isn't there when the cable is unplugged and only shows up for a second when it it plugged in and disappears. If I click on it fast enough, it shows up with an Error Code 45 after looking at the properties. I have tried typing in ipconnfig /all and the ethernet connection doesn't show up there either. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. If you need any more details, just ask.

A:Computer Doesn't Detect Ethernet Cable

Interesting note; I tried connecting with a new ethernet cable again (with no success), however, if I click on the local area connection that the ethernet cable creates before it disappears and create a MAC bridge connection with it and my wireless connection, I can get online, with very unstable connectivity. So this method does not work, but I found that doing so actually allows the local area connection to stay shown with the ethernet cable plugged into both my laptop and Xbox 360 with a bridged connection. If I remove the cable, the connection goes away.

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Im trying to get my mouse and keyboard to work on my USB ports but windows isn't detecting my mouse or keyboard. The keyboard works duing DOS I can go into the BIOS and move around int here but after windows loads it doesn't work. And the mouse if I use it as USB doesn't work. Do you guys know what I need to do? I tried going 2 microsofts site but I'm not understanding it.

Here are my specs:
SiS k7s5a mobo w/ amd athlon 4 1.3ghz
logitech internet navigator keyboard, microsoft Wheel mouse optical
thanks for any help.

A:MY computer doesn't detect my USB mouse or keyboard

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So yeah, when I wake my computer up out of sleep mode, sometimes the monitor will detect that it needs to wake up
However, most of the time, I have to unplug the DVI cable and plug it back in. When I do so, I can hear the Windows
noise indicator that lets me know that something was disconnected and something was connected.
Anyone experience this issue before? Any suggestions?
ASRock Z77 Extreme4
Sapphire Radeon 7870
Running on 64-bit
I have updated drivers for my video card, this problem seemed to only happen in Win8/8.1 I didn't have the problem in Win7

I had the company replace my video card, but I still seem to have this problem.
I tried using another PCI-E port on the motherboard and the problem was not resolved.
When I plug my monitor into the integraded DVI port of the motherboard, I don't seem to have this problem.

I just can't figure out what is actually wrong with it.

A:Monitor doesn't detect that computer woke up.

Most of the time, it is the Video driver causing the issue. Uninstall the driver for the Video Display, and then reboot and let windows install the default driver. Also check the Bios to make sure that it is up to date. Windows 8.x has had a lot of random issues, with most being Video Display issues.

I would suggest not allowing the display to be placed into sleep, just set to blank the screen. If you are leaving the machine on for long periods, just turn off the monitor. When you get back to the computer, power it back on with the power button.

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Hey guys~~~ Yeah I probably know you guys deal with this problem a lot...
And I searched the forums about the mic prob except none of them really fixed my problem.

Alright well I'll first start off with the details.
OS: Win XP Pro SP2
SOUND: Integrated Soundmax HD audio.
MIC: Logitech headset.

I have a SoundMAX HD audio (integrated) and I wanted to test out the mic...and I tried using M$ sound recorder and no sound came through the mic. I put it in the pink socket, turned on the headset's mic option on. Turned on the Mic on volume controls, with the mic boost.

So what I've noticed while trying to work with the Sounds + Audio Controls is that, there are two different devices for Playback and Recording. SoundMAX HD audio O is used for Playback (and will not record). And SoundMAX HD audio I is only used for recording, and no playback. And I have chosen the right device for recording + playback.

I'm just adding a link to an uploaded image for my volume controls. http://img240.imageshack.us/img240/9818/volumecontrol3ng.jpg I noticed that on the playback device, when I'm listening to music the green lights go up and down, but for the mic its stationary and stays at the bottom blinking.

So I hope to find some suggestions~ Please help me out? Thanks in advance guys.

A:computer doesn't detect MIC's input of sound

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I have a nice Logitech 120 headset that has great microphone quality, but it and any other microphone I plug in to my computer are not detected at all. The speakers in the headset work fine, but the microphone doesn't work. It has separate jacks for the headphone part and the microphone part.

My computer dual-boots with Windows XP 32-bit as well as Windows 7 64-bit, and everything works fine under Windows XP, so it's not the microphones or the hardware.

I tried updating my audio driver, but it appears to be up to date, and I tried using XP's audio driver under Windows 7, which didn't work at all.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Detect Microphones, but XP on same Computer Does

Windows XP handles some audio functions differently than Vista/Win7/Win 8. Thus the reason the XP drivers do not work.

First thought on the Win 7 drivers, use the Intel provided drivers for your motherboard, as a first choice. I had an older Win 7 PC with an Intel motherboard and only the Intel provided drivers worked correctly.

Please post a screen shot of the Sound Panel/Recording Section.

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I tried to install Ubuntu and failed. i removed it using the ubuntu boot-repair so i will at least have my windows 7 back. now i get the message "Bootmgr is missing", and the windows repair (the one from the installation disc) doesn't even recognize my hard drive. when i'm loading the ubuntu installation or boot-repair it does recognize my hard drive.

i backed up all my files in case i need to format and install windows 7 again, but right now i can't do that because the installation disc doesn't detect my hard drive.

any suggestions?

A:Bootmgr is missing, startup repair doesn't detect hard drive

Quote: Originally Posted by orivolfo

I tried to install Ubuntu and failed. i removed it using the ubuntu boot-repair so i will at least have my windows 7 back. now i get the message "Bootmgr is missing", and the windows repair (the one from the installation disc) doesn't even recognize my hard drive. when i'm loading the ubuntu installation or boot-repair it does recognize my hard drive.

i backed up all my files in case i need to format and install windows 7 again, but right now i can't do that because the installation disc doesn't detect my hard drive.

any suggestions?

Just curious, why are you still running ubuntu's installation or boot repair? I appreciate the fact you may just be testing things, but I would suggest leaving well enough alone.

You may want to check the following link for some help;

Bootmgr is missing - Fix


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Hi guys. I have a problem with ez cd creator. i did check for viruses, so don't worry about that. i unistalled adaptec easy cd creator 4 because it wasn't working correctly, and just installed roxio ez cd creator 5. it works fine, turns on, etc. i mean, but in the system tray it says "Direct CD, No supported Drive!". How do i get it to detect my CDRW, an HP CD Writer Plus 7200? Device Manager is fine, shows no errors, and the HP CD Writer does show up in device manager. Thanks.

A:[SOLVED] Roxio Easy CD Creator doesn't detect CDRW drive

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I want to do a complete reformat. I have a Windows XP Setup CD, and I backed up all my desired files onto an external hard drive, but after starting the Windows XP Setup (Full Install, not Upgrade) in Safe Mode (regular doesn't work) and having it reboot and continue trying to install, I get a blue screen with a 0x00 type code. Is there any way to tell the computer to completely reformat the hard drive so that I can install Windows XP all over again, with none of the problems that I'm trying to get rid of? If I insert the Windows XP CD and select to boot from CD, it claims I have no hard drives installed and can't continue. http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc273/A...AA/100_5792.jpg The hard drives are in there, but after getting rid of malwares recently, my computer has gone through several stages of problems, and all I want to do now is reformat and start fresh and free. How do I get my computer to recognize the drives in its pre-OS state, so I can install Windows XP on it?

A:Computer doesn't detect hard drives. Trying to reformat.

First what is the make and model of the PC? Also, just to be sure, does the hard drive show up in the BIOS?

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I've been having internet connection problems for the last couple weeks, i moved my entire setup closer to my router, and i still had bad internet. I searched around my house a little bit and found ethernet cables, i connected them and everything but, windows doesn't seem to detect them (well it does but it doesn't use it as the connection)

I've tried resetting tcp/ip and winsows or w/e it's called and reseting internet and router, but it doesn't work.

A:Computer doesn't detect wired ethernet connection


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Hi, I have a small problem but a big problem for me.. So I bought the LED Samsunng SycnmasterEX1920X yesterday and I my video card is MSI n430gt... Is there anyway to reset my setting on the DVI-i port of my video card because when I plug my VGA to the Monitor and start up my PC it detects my monitor and in Nvidia Control Panel But If I plug my DVI-i and start up my PC... It doesn't detect my monitor even at the Nvidia Control Panel... Does anyone know what is my problem? Please.... Help me...Because I need to use the DVI-i to use Nvdia Scaling Aspect Ratio....
OS: Windows 7 64bit
Motherboard: Asus p7p55d-e pro
8gb ram
video card: MSI n430 Gt
Monitor: Samsung LED SyncMaster EX1920X
I use DVI-I to DVI-i Cable... Thanks.....

A:DVI-I doesn't detect my monitor, can I detect it in settings?

You already have a thread started for this problem here: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic162995.html

Please do not post the same problem more than once. Thank you.

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Hi All,

I am new to this community and this is the first time i am posting.

My computer doesn't show volume control in system tray and Audio is completely gone. When I tried to get that from accessories it gives me a message that there are no active mixer devices available and tells me to go to control panel and add hardware.

Let me tell you what I have done so far. I ran msconfig and found "Windows Audio" and it was okay since there was check mark besides it. Alternately I ran %SystemRoot%\system32\services.msc which takes me to the same place and everything seems okay.

Then in control panel - sounds and audio devices - volume tab completely grayed out, on audio and voice tab it says the default device is modem#0 line play back ( I don't know why..!) and same thing for sound recording.

I have been working on this for 2 days but can't figure out. Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.

And also, none of my USB seems working and doesn't detect any connections like my external hard drive.

Hoping to hear some solution...!!


A:"There are no active mixer devices available" and USB doesn't detect ext. hard drive

Sometimes, it takes a reformat and reinstall to get things working. Others here will have solutions that will sometimes work temporarily. But the complete reformat and reinstall is the most reliable, we have found.
Do you use a USB printer - scan - fax - copier? We find that there is some sort of relationship with this problem you describe, and certain Epson, HP, and Lexmark multifunction printers and USB failures. In those cases, a total uninstall and removal from the registry, then reinstall from downloads seems to be a good fix. In others, the multi-function printer never works right again.

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Hi Everyone, I'm sorry if a similar question has already been posted here, but I couldn't find it myself. I'm having really weird problems with my brand new Y580. It doesn't detect the charger, and because of this - won't charge. I managed to figure out how to temporarily fix the problem, but it keeps on happening. Long story short: What's wrong: (after applying a temporary fix and the laptop IS charging) when I unplug the charger and plug it back in again, the laptop doesn't detect it (it keeps on draining the battery and does't prompt that a charger is connected). The same happens when I close the lid and open it again - the charger magically disconnects itself. My temporary fix: I somehow managed to get the laptop working when connected to the charger after applying these steps: OS shut downbattery removedcharger unpluggedpressed power button once (just for a second)charger plugged to a different wall socketcharger plugged to the laptoppower button pressed once (laptop boots up)when the OS loads up, battery inserted again As I mentioned, this fixes my problem only temporarily as I can't close the lid or unplug the charger without repeating the same procedure. I'm pretty sure the same thing happens when I simply switch the laptop off from the OS level. I'm using Windows 8 now but the same thing happended when I was on Windows 7. Has anybody had a similar experience? I appreciate your help and advice. Piotr 

A:Y580 doesn't charge and doesn't detect the charger

Hi again, I checked the charger again and it seems that it's not working when I unplug it a plug it back in. If I get the charger working and close/open the lid or restart the machine, it is still working fine. Any ideas why unplugging and re-plugging the charger makes it unavailable for the laptop? Piotr

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Hi i replaced my CD drive with a DVD Drive on an old computer, but the BIOS will not recognize it. I wanna install ubuntu which is on a DVD and i have a DVD drive, but the computer wont recognize it. Its a very old computer and i dont even think the bios supports DVD(they were not out then). Is there any way i can upgrade my bios to support DVD drives. The model of the computer is Bki810. Thanks

A:Solved: Old computer does not detect DVD drive

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Ok so my DVD drive in my computer turns on fine, I can open it and put in CD's/DVD ok, but when I go to 'My Computer' it doesn't show up. In addition, CD's that normally autoplay won't automatically play on my screen. Everything has been fine for like up until today - i tried reboot and the registry thing does not work.

Microsoft Wndows XP
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

Mobile intel Petium(R) 4-M CPU 1.80GHz
1.18GHz. 496 MB of RAM

A:computer wont detect cd/dvd drive

Do they appear in Device Manager?

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I was using the pen drive (a monster 16GB one) in a Net Cafe when suddenly I got a message and it went bonk. I had 16 GB data in it.

Now I brought it to office. Now.

It won't get detected.
Even disk mgt. does not recognize it.
This happens in every computer.
Can't format also. Says No drive.. insert a disk.

It has to be a virus I think since our local Net Cafes are full of viruses. I tried various tools I downloaded but none of them even detect the disk. Other USB Pen drives work in my machine.

It shows the PEN drive with a drive letter (I) in the Windows Explorer but when I double click it, it says Please insert a disk into drive I:.

My OS Is XP Pro V 2002 SP 3.

Is my USB drive kaput??

A:Won't detect pen drive in any computer. Can't format as well

"Is my USB drive kaput??"...

In a word... YES

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i just bought a SONY cd-rw. i hooked up all the cables, and i was trying to install the software that came with the cd. the computer doesn't detect the cd-rw drive and when i tried to use the diagnostic tool, there is no power and i cannot open the drive to insert the disk. However, the power source IS connected to the drive. i don't know what is wrong.

here is my computer information:
microsoft windows xp professional version 2002 service pack 1
intel pentium 3 996 MHz 384 MB of RAM

here is the sony cd-rw info:
model number :CRX230A

please help.

the drive is not detected in device manager and doesn't list the new cd-rw drive in my computer as well.

A:[SOLVED] Computer cannot detect CD-RW drive

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Hello,I have a big problem with my 5400, after changing the hard disk for a bigger one and realizing it wasn't detected by the bios, I decided to reinstall the previous one. Now the computer doesn't start windows and it doesn't load the windows dvd from the dvd reader. I've tried to boot from a usb drive but it seems the usb ports aren't detected by the bios.I've noticed that the dvd driver and the hdd is not detected for the bios if the sata mode is set to AHCI but they are detected when  "compatibilty" mode is set.I've also tried to get into the diagnosis utility but I'm getting this weird message:BPF Version Check ErrorWhat's this?After showing the message, the computer restarts and I can't access the utility.If anyone has some info regarding this, I'd appreciate it.Thanks.

A:M5400 doesn't boot and doesn't detect anything

it also happened to me. You solved?

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Hello there, I am needing some help with a problem and was hoping that some-one may be able to help.

Start at the beginning.....

A friend brought me his computer to have a look at as it had stopped working, ie: it no longer booted or ran at all, I built this system for him 8 months ago and it has ran flawlessly until this week.
So on getting it back I tried to boot from a floppy emergency disk but the computer would not even put up a boot screen or show any sign of life on screen.

Next I took out the hard drive and tried it in my own computer, this time I was getting a starting bios screen but it would not detect the hard drive, kept hanging at the "detecting master hard drive" screen, but hard drive is spinning up ok so it's not dead, just not being recognized.
Took out his processor, (to see why I wasn't getting a startup screen on his computer), and put it in my system only for it to wreck my system, eg: it will no longer boot, screen is dead, or recognize the hard disk and am getting a constant beeping noise from the speaker. Can't even see the POST and bios screen on monitor. Same as the culprit machine.

As it's an Asus motherboard on mine and I have the I panel I am getting a "C1" error indicating "auto detect on-board DRAM & cache" whatever that means.

So I now have 2 systems sitting that I cannot boot or get to recognize hard drives or even show any startup screens.

I am scared of it being a virus that I have... Read more

A:Computer has died and won't detect hard drive

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I've suddenly been having this problem for the past week or so. Sometimes when I boot up my computer, my other internal hard drives (B and E) are not detected; only the C drive is. The disks don't appear in my computer, and the space doesn't appear to be available in disk partition (all of the files saved on those disks also cannot be accessed obviously).

Usually the problem fixes itself after a few reboots, but it becomes really inconvenient to reboot like 3-5 times every time I want to restart my computer. Does anyone have a possible solution? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A:Computer does not detect hard drive on startup

Completing this tutorial by Golden might tell other members some needed information.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Hi everyone!

I have a problem with regards to a USB thumbdrive which I would like to consult the community.

Recently, about a week ago, I used my thumbdrive on a MacBook, upon which I am done with using the thumbdrive on the system, I ejected the disk, and removed it from the port. However, to my dismay, when I tried to plug it into my Windows laptop running Windows 7, the device (i.e. USB thumbdrive) failed to show up in My Computer.

My thumbdrive have been working perfectly fine thus far, till I plugged it in and out of my MacBook.

At first, when I plugged the thumdrive into my Windows laptop, Windows attempted to install the driver automatically, but after a while, the installation failed. As my thumbdrive was brand-less, as I got it from a fair, the system read the drive as UDisk.

I tried to troubleshoot the device, going to Device Manager, and trying to update the device driver, but to no avail. I have tried to go to Disk Management in Windows to see if the volume happened to be unmounted/not assigned a drive letter, however, Disk Management did not show up anything related to the thumdrive.

I suspect that my thumbdrive may be spoilt because it suddenly failed to work, and when I tried plug in my other thumbdriver (a SanDisk), Windows was able to detect and enumerate the drive.

Hence, just wondering, is there a safe to 'force mount' a volume? This is because I have data in my thumdrive which I hope to be able to retrieve.

May I also have some ad... Read more

A:Computer Unable to Detect USB Flash Drive

The first thing I would like to say is that you should never buy an unbranded cheap flash drive. That would be inviting trouble. And now you are in trouble - invited trouble.

Most branded flash drive manufacturers carry a warranty plus an online recovery tool to repair a thumb drive with which you can most of the time repair your drive and make it usable again - though data in it will be lost. You have no such means now. If the drive cannot be set right, you just have to throw it in the dust bin that will carry your sin.

Anyway just answer these questions and wait if somebody familiar with both Mac and Windows can help.

1. Was the drive used on the Macbook as a new flash drive - that is even before it was used on Windows or was it used on Windows before you plugged it into the MacBook?

2. You say you have data on it. From where was it copied? From a Windows Machine or a MacBook?

3. Do you know the file system with which your thumbdrive was formatted? Fat32, NTFS, HFS,ExFat or whatever? Did you format the flash drive anytime?

4. Can you plug it back into the MacBook and read the drive? Answer to this question is very crucial. That will most probably save our heads and time. ( As a matter of fact you should have done that before putting it up here.)

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my hp pen drive 16gb not detected in any computer and also not formating

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My old 320gb SATA hard drive recently died, so I took it out and replaced it with a 1tb SATA hard drive. Now the hard drive is not recognized in the BIOS. Also, the motherboard logo screen hangs. After the logo screen, I recieve a "disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter".

I've already checked that all the wires connected properly and tried changing the connectors for the hard drive. I've also tried resetting my BIOS.

If I try booting without a hard drive, the motherboard logo screen doesn't hang anymore.

Please help me

A:Solved: Computer Does Not Detect Hard Drive

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Hi guys,

I've had this 3TB hard drive for about 6 months with no problems.

However, for some reason my computer cannot recognise it any more.

It doesn't come up in My Computer, but it comes up in device manager ( see pic 1) and in disk management (see pic 2)

Alarmingly, I can't even assign a letter or do anything but delete the volume (see pic 3)

I can't find the driver cd to install it but I didn't think this would be a problem as I installed it anyway through the computer. I've searched for about 2 days on this forums and others and still can't find a solution. I hope I can find one here

oh and i forgot to mention, i tried the hard drive on two different computers and it had the same problem there as well.

pic 1
By piraxtiri at 2012-02-24
pic 2

By piraxtiri at 2012-02-24
By piraxtiri at 2012-02-24

A:My Computer cannot detect my Seagate external hard drive 3TB


Your images still dont show - can you repost them using the little paperclip icon?


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Ive got a DELL P4 PC that I have just formatted and installed Windows XP Pro and now when i start up the PC it doesnt detect my 2nd HHD 80GB. It use to be labeled D: but now the DVD Rom is labelled D:
The drive does show in Device manager and it shows there are 2 disk drives, but it says that the drive that isnt showing that the location is 1. Also it says the device is working properly and that status is online and when I click on Computer Management it says that there is 2 HHD, Volume (C and another volume with no name.



I've tried to name the volume but it wont let me.

Can anyone help me out?

Thankyou in advance )

A:Computer doesnt detect my Slave Hard Drive

Hi and welcome. This wouldn't be the same PC, would it?


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