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Recently used file list unavailable in Word and Excel 2002 (Win/XP)

Q: Recently used file list unavailable in Word and Excel 2002 (Win/XP)

Recently used file list has become unavailable in Word 2002 and XL 2002.

I'm using Win XP Professional
and Office XP Small Business

Tools/Options/GeneralTab/Recently Used Files

is greyed out.

Don't know what caused it. Perhaps something in Power Toys For XP TweakUI.

Would like to get it back

Preferred Solution: Recently used file list unavailable in Word and Excel 2002 (Win/XP)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Recently used file list unavailable in Word and Excel 2002 (Win/XP)


You both asked and answerd you own question .

>>>>Don't know what caused it. Perhaps something in Power Toys For XP TweakUI.<<<<

In weak ui under the parnoia tab is an option to clear the recently open'd or used files.

I did'nt know tweak could extend this function to app's other than windows .

did i help or just confuse you futher

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I always uncheck the recently used file list box in ms word, but after a couple of weeks the list appears again. When i go into options the recently used file list box is checked.
I`m using ms office 2000 and running wxp.
Anyone know why this is happening?

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I specify "9 entries" in the Excel Options --> General --> Recently used file list. It keeps only a few files in the File dropdown, sometimes only one file. This is on W7 but on my XP machine it keeps the nine recent files. Has anyone come across this problem? Could running CCleaner be affecting this?

Excel 2003 on both machines
W7 Home 64 Vers 6.1

Thank you

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In my Word 2003 program, when I click on File/New, on the right hand side of the window it lists four "Recently Used" templates. Three of these four refer to layouts of my letterheads of my previous home address, so are no longer of use. If I click on any of them, I get the error message "Word is unable to read this document, it may be corrupt". As I obviously have no further use for these three, (they having been deleted) I wonder if there is a way that I can remove them from that list of "Recently Use Templates", therefore only showing my current one. Thanks for any help.

A:Remove list of recently used templates in Word 2003

Been a while since I used the 2003 version of Word. Can't you simply right-click on those items and select Delete?

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Just been called in to look at a problem with Word 2002 (XP).

The secretary came in this morning and discovered her autotext list had vanished. If I go to Tools - AutoCorrect Options... and hit the Autotext tab, I can see that it just contains the default entries only.

How does one recover this?

Hugely grateful for any help.

A:Solved: Word 2002 - Autotext list has vanished! Help

Word by default stores Autotext in Normal.dot, although you can have it stored elsewhere. I have 2003, but one thing that might help is to try this. Go to Format, Styles and Formatting, and at the bottom of the column on the right, select Custom,, then click on organizer on the bottom left of the pop-up. Select the Autotext tab. See if there are any other lists available. If not, the only other thing is, if someone else has the same wanted Autotext on their PC, find Normal.dot on that machine and copy it, when Word is closed, to the one without the words, overwriting the current Normal.dot

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How can I enable the 'Recently used file list' in Word XP?

I have Office XP Corporate edition. And When I click on 'File' in and of the appz, the 'Recent Files...' option is never in black, so I can't click on it.

In Word, when I click on 'Tools' -> 'Options', and click on the 'General' tab, the 'Recently used file list' check box is always gray so I can't enable it.

Is there anyway to enable it?

A:Recently used file list in Office XP

Do you have TweakUI installed? If so, <a href="http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q284/8/96.ASP">see here</a> for Microsoft article regarding this.

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In MS Word 2003 (I have Win XP Home), I have never been able to get a recently-used file list to appear under the File menu. When I go to Tools/Options/General, the box where I would normally list how many entries I wish for that function is completely greyed-out. Any ideas? Thanks!

A:MS Word2003 Recently used file list not operable

If logged in as an Administrator then that option should be enabled and working.

However, if logged in as a limited account then the option may be disabled.

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Learn about COM interoperability between Microsoft C# and large, complex COM servers. This article shows how to prepare the Office XP COM objects and how to use them in a C# program, and offers some tips on understanding why things have to be done in certain ways.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP

To run the sample, you will need the following software installed on your computer:

Microsoft Windows® XP or Microsoft Windows 2000 and related service packs (SPs)
Microsoft Office XP and related SPs
Microsoft .NET Framework and related SPs
Microsoft Office XP Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs)
Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET



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Somebody help me. Every time I exit out of Word 2000 or Excel 2000 I get an "Illegal Operation" message. If I launch the program and close it again right away without opening a document or spreadsheet, it's fine. If I open a document (Word) or a spreadsheet (Excel), as soon as I close it, even if I make no changes, I get an illegal operation. It's not as much a problem as an irritation because nothing else happens. It just crashes. I'd appreciate any suggestions.



A:OFFICE 2002 (Word & Excel)

Try my Troubleshooting Word, jack. If that works, I'll give you the instructions on Excel:


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Is there a way to erase the list of recently viewed file-list in windows media player in Windows XP Pro? i knew there was one way for the same in Win98 using Regedit.....i've forgotten that too
Would appreciate if someone tells the trick for both XP and 98.
With Regards,

A:Erasing the recently viewed file-list in windows media player.

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How do I take a list of names and addresses created in Excel, and transfer it into word in the label making format? (running Office 98) I'm trying to make address labels to mail a bunch of stuff out. The addresses are in list format from excel.

A:creating labels in Word from Excel list

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Why does the Open file window (and Save file, Save As, etc.) always open in a full screen with no option available in the right upper corner to make the window smaller? Even if Word is running in a window which is not taking up the whole screen, the Open file, etc., command opens up into the whole screen. I have searched and searched but cannot find a way to make this screen smaller. Also, no double arrow is available to make the screen smaller. What have I missed?
Many thanks.

A:Word 2002 open file question

If one was to click the lower right corner of the pane and drag it to the wanted or minimum size, it should be sticky.

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i have a word doc. that has an embedded .tif file . when i try to open it i get this error

"the server application, source file, or item cannot be found. make sure the application is properly installed, and that it has not been deleted, moved, or renamed."

i have tried it on another system running the same version of word and get the same results .. when i try to open it on an earlier version of word on a different system it opens it ... where is the setting that is not allowing me to open it on my system .. btw i am running win xp and word is sp1



A:can't view embedded .tif file in word 2002

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I have been working on a word document at home in Word 2002. Sometimes I work on it on campus using one of their laptops which has Word 2007. The file size at home is 1.7 MB (it's 217 pages and their are a couple jpg figures and macros for table of contents, list of figure, and list of tables). When I saved it last on my flash drive in Word 2007, the size was around 1.5 MB. There doesn't seem to be anything missing but instead of copying the flash drive version to my harddrive (and other location), I copied and pasted the changed portions instead just to be safe.

The file is in the .doc format, not docx (although I have the docx converter on my home computer). Does Word 2007 save files differently (more efficiently?) than Word 2002? Is it safe to work between the two versions and copy over the file using "send to" when saving the home version to my flash drive and selecting/copying/pasting (the file icon in the drive's explorer window to the harddrive explorer window) when saving the changes from the flash drive version back to the hard drive? Is there a chance working on the file with different versions of Word might mess it up somehow?

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I've got Excel XP (2002) and Excel 2003 installed on my work PC.
Both work absolutely fine.

The problem I have is that when I open an Excel file via windows explorer, it opens in the Excel XP version; but I want it to open with the more recent Excel 2003.

Solutions attempted so far:

In Windows Explorer I have gone to Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types and browsed to the excel.exe file under the office 11.0 folder (and checked the 'always open with this file')
Similarly, I have - in Explorer - right-clicked a file and selected Open With and did the same as above

Are there any other things I can try?

Many thanks.

A:File Association - Excel 2002 / 2003

Interesting usually it associates the file with the last version that you installed on the PC. I did not think you could install Office XP after you have already installed Office 2003. What order did you install the applications in?

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Is it possible to link an Excel and a Word file so that a change in Excel would automatically occur in Word?

I have a membership roster in Excel and I'd like to have a mailing label file that would automatically be changed when I add or delete names in the Excel roster. (Going through the whole mail merge process is cumbersome.)

I've tried searching the Help files, but it refers to embedded objects and such and I don't think that's the way to go with this.

Thanks for any help!!!

A:Solved. Linking Excel list to automatically update Word

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Hi everyone. I am having a problem opening a file that I was previously able to open and edit with no problem. I am getting two errors. One basically says that the file cannot be accessed and the other basically says that it cannot access the file and that the file may be encrypted. Well, the file is encrypted. I tried to unencrypt the file but I was unsuccessful. I originally encrypted the file using Windows XP which is the operating system that I use on my computer. I fear that the file has become corrupted and cannot be recovered. I can only hope that you all can help me to recover my file. I do not have a backup of the file but I do have a printout of it so I can make it up again if I have to. Unfortunately, I'll have to readd some stuff on it that I have added to the file since the file was printed. Luckily, it is a recent printout. So, can I recover my file? If so, how? I have included screen shots of the two errors but I blacked out the file name for privacy reasons. Thanks in advance!

A:Microsoft Office 2002: Excel cannot open a file

Well everyone, the problem is solved. Turns out that my entire Microsoft Office 2002 suite had become corrupted somehow. I haven't scanned for viruses yet but I plan to soon so as to avoid this problem in the future. I am also making sure to do a weekly backup of all my documents from now on. Later!

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I have a spreadsheet that has hyperlinks to pics in a different folder. I click on the link and the wrong pic opens....all the links open the same wrong pic. It worked correctly before and the actual text in the link is correct. Anyone know what is going on and what is the fix?

System - XP Pro

A:Excel 2002 - hyperlinks open wrong file

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I hope the title isn't too long, this is my first time posting ...

My auction site is really starting to take off, and my handwritten inventory list isn't cutting it anymore. I have created an Excel doc with all of the relevant subject columns, and have started filling in the info.

I would LOVE to be able to export, or populate, a whole row of info (the product) into a Word Template. I have seen some examples (macros) online that seem to be what I need, but they fall short or just don't run correctly. I suspect that my mac might be running macros differently than a windows machine? Also, some of the macros I've come across are from 4 years ago, and I am running the latest version of Office (2011 = Word and Excel 14) and the latest Mac operating system (snow leopard 10.6) ...

Ideally I would like the Word doc to read in plain english, not be a an excel row regurgitated into another data sheet. For instance, if I have entered in "excellent" (regarding the items condition) into a cell in my in my "inventory" spreadsheet, I would like the export to read: This item is in excellent condition. I assume I can type a "form" sentence into a Word doc &#8211; this item is in BLANK condition &#8211; and have the BLANK be autofilled.

However, this might be too advanced, and I might want to start with just regurgitating the spreadsheet row data into a "product spec" sheet.

Here is one example that partly worked, howe... Read more

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Hello all,

I have been presented with a project that involves Forms that I am not able
to resolve.

Basically I have been asked to create a document template where other team
members can fill out a form that asks a series of questions, then to have
only the completed form results export to a new file.

I am aware that Word can export the form results to a text file, but when I
do this all of the questions that were on the original form are exported to
the new file.

What we are looking to achieve in the end:
If the end user is faced with 20 questions, but only 12 of the questions
pertain to the end users project, only the 12 completed form fields will
export to a new file.

I know that this should be possible with using a macro button to export the data, but that is where I need the help.

I tried searching for this exact situation, but I did not find any matches, hence the new thread.

Thank you in advance,


A:Macro help needed to export Word form results to a new file... Word/Excel

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I have an Excel Workbook where I try to embed a Word and Excel file (icon). But, I cannot open the file afterwards. However, my colleagues can open it when I sent it to them by email. What could be the problem with my application.

I tried disabling my spyware software and reloading Microsoft Office XP but the problem is still there,

What could be the problem?
Thanks a lot

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Hello, I have problems with autofilter in Excel 2002. It wont work after saving the document. I can see the arrows, but when i click on them nothing happens. Normally i can work with autofilter(filtering menu appears), but till i will save it.
Any suggestions?

A:autofilter doesnt work after saving file in excel 2002

Welcome to TSG Almostlost. Well you did alright, you found us

Can you upload an example without any sensitive data, then people can try it on their machines and see if they get the same problem.

To do that, click on the Go Advanced button below the posts
Then scroll down below the Submit Reply & Preview Post buttons, until you come to the Manage Attachments button and click on that.
In the new dialogue box click on the Browse button, just under and to the right of Upload File from your Computer
You can then find the file on your PC and when you have found that, click on Upload and when it has loaded, close the dialogue box and then click on Submit Reply

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With the Design Databases with Normal Forms and Excel sample file, you can learn how to use Excel to create prototypes of your Microsoft Access databases. Use this file in conjunction with the article Design Access Databases with Normal Forms and Excel





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When I used to enter a file name in windows 2007 open I would get a list of all files by that name and be able to select the one I wanted. Now I no longer get that list. I don?t know how to be more specific! If you never saw this you would probably not know that this exists!

A:file name list in word open

could possibly be to do with file extensions ie .doc/docx, may have changed file save type etc, just a thought

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I have installed MS Office Professional 2003 on Windows 7. I cannot get Word to associate with .doc files to open files from Windows. Word is not there as an option to choose as a default program in "Open with" or via "Associate a file type...". I can browse to find WINWORD.EXE within Office11, but when I click "Open" nothing happens! I can open Word, and then open .doc files from within Word but not from Windows. Any advice welcome....

A:MS Word not in default file associations list

Try repairing or reinstalling office 2003.

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Is there any way of increasing the number of MRU files shown in Word, above the 9 maximum in Tools - Options?

I am aware of the involved coding method on http://hacks.oreilly.com/pub/h/2555
But is there no simpler registry based change for this, or is it hard coded into Word?

A simple solution for Word 2000 (under Windows 2000) and Word 2003 (under XP) is sought. If such a thing exists!


A:Microsoft Word - MRU file list expansion


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I'm currently looking for a new job and have set up some criteria on a job web site called jobserve.
the jobs they have a very good, however, in order to obtain all the jobs the search criteria is very small and so i get about 1100 jobs per email and i have 6 emails with different criteria.
So my problem is I would like to put a text file which is formated as below into a Db or Excel List

the Skills section does have varible lines but seems to be to a maimumn 8 lines - if there is less text then less lines

I once managed to get a text file like this into a Db but that was using DCL on a VMS system.

I would thne be able to quickly - sort by RATE: and eliminate a few, sort by location: and eliminate some more - sort by Position: and eliminate more

then scroll through what I suspect will be a quarter of the results.

as i say I get 6 emails each with between 700 and 1500 jobs per day, and it takes all day - out of which I gues i find between 3 and 12 jobs to apply for.

I know Access and Excel to some extent

anyone able to provide some code to convet text to a DB or excel list and can help thanks

I have removed, names and numbers i the text

Industry: IT
Type: Permanent
Position: Information And Systems Architect Consultant
Skills: We are looking for Information & Systems Architect Consultants
(preferably with SC Security Clearance) to provide system engineering,
technical project management advice in the specification & procurement
of major ... Read more

A:extract from TEXT file into a DB or Excel List

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I have a contact list in excel file.
Would like to know a better way to transfer ythe entire list to Windows Mail contact list.
For now, I am using copy/paste method on each address. Too time consuming.

Thank you. t-4-2

A:excel file - contact list transfer

I think that the best way would be to use the mail import feature
In Windows Mail, go to Fle, Import, Windows Contacts....make sure the file
is saved in a CSV file within EXCEL and you should be able to import.

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Using Office Professional 2003.

Everyday I change to The Recent File List Default from 4 to 9 in Word 2003 . I shut down my computer every night and every am I notice the Word has reverted back to the Default.
I have also tried to remove User Option by going to Tools Options etc and no way will it accept my change.

I am using XP Home and I formatted my Hard Drive in December so this is a fairly new install of my Office Professional.

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Hi Tech Guys,

I needed support for corrupted and excel files, do you know any best word and excel corrupted recovery software? i recovered a deleted word and excel file, but when i opened it some are okay and some are corrupted.

Please i really need help.. thanks in advance

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I require help on macro , couldnt find this issue anywhere else in this forum.

I have a list of names(around 500 mech parts) in excel 2003.Eg: "5922 X0E". These names can be converted to filenames if the spaces in between are removed. I have pooled all the files with these filenames in server directory(\\Server\ABC).

I need a macro which automatically hyperlinks the excel list to original files (which is .dwg). If i could assign a software with which the files would open, it would be added advantage.

have been searchin for solution since 1 week Pl give me some magic script.

A:Solved: Excel Macro for hyperlinking file list.

Please help me!

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I want to export the file list of a folder (especially in details view where I can see file size, modification date...) to an Excel worksheet so, I'll be able to manage it.

Does someone know any utlity to do so?

Thanks in advance

A:How to export a folder file list to an Excel worksheet?

Maybe this: http://www.vista-files.org/programs/infona...list-print.html Near as I can tell, it doesn't recurse into sub-directories, though.

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I have a pronlem with a PC at the office - in Outlook the favrites menu appears however when ever I try and open the menu nothing happens. I have recreated teh profile and logged in as other users so it appears to be amchine specific. I've run a detec and repair and still no joy!!

Any ideas would be appreciated as this is doing my head in!!

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1. Manage to calculate total value inside my list box by using excel vba script,
TextBox16.Value = ListBox1.ListCount and it shown actual text enter per each row.
Can anybody assist what is suitable list count script to used if we need to count total number
of specific text enter at column or row [Example: Apple]

2. Based on script below I can make my excel worksheet cells flash with vba;

Sub makeCellsFlash()
Dim mydate1 As Date
Dim mydate2 As Long
Dim datetoday1 As Date
Dim datetoday2 As Long
Dim x As Long
lastrow = Sheets(?sheet1?).Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
For x = 2 To lastrow
mydate1 = Cells(x, 2).Value
mydate2 = mydate1
datetoday1 = Date
datetoday2 = datetoday1
If mydate2 ? datetoday2 = 3 Then
Cells(x, 3) = ?Yes?
Cells(x, 3).Interior.ColorIndex = 3
Cells(x, 3).Font.ColorIndex = 2
Cells(x, 3).Font.Bold = True
End If
End Sub
Module 2 contains the VBA code for the timer:
Sub startTimer()
Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue(?00:00:01?), ?color_cells?
End Sub
Sub color_cells()
With ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(?sheet1?).Range(?C2:C6?).Font
If .ColorIndex = 3 Then
.ColorIndex = 2
.ColorIndex = 3
End If
End With
End Sub
Sub endTimer()
Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue(?00:00:01?), ?color_cells?, schedule:=False
End Sub

Can anybody assist same script above to be used inside list box


A:Excel List Count & Excel Flash Inside List Box

this may not be the best solution but seeing as you have had no other suggestions you can try this. This works with forms and with control on a sheet.

obviously you will need to code in a way to terminate the loop, in this case iv used an infinite loop which clearly would not be worth using! you will need to set a Boolean to pause or stop the loop when a button is pressed or an event is triggered.
Private Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)

Sub SelectUnselect()

Do While True
For i = 0 To UserForm1.ListBox1.ListCount - 1
If UserForm1.ListBox1.Selected(i) = True Then
UserForm1.ListBox1.Selected(i) = False
Sleep 1000
If UserForm1.ListBox1.Selected(3) = False Then
UserForm1.ListBox1.Selected(3) = True
Sleep 1000
End If
End If
Next i

End Sub


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I would like to print the contents of specific file folders included in the listings on the C- drive under "My documents". Is this possible? If so, can you send step-by-step instructions?

Many thanks

A:Solved: Windows XP WORD -- Printing File Folder List of Contents

Try this program
I think it will do all you want.

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Hey all,

I have come to you in a fit of desperation. My USB drive was stolen recently and my master Excel data file was lost, which contained all my compiled data from my most recent lab experiment.

Anyway, I have charts of all the important stuff in a word document. The data is there, I can hover on each data point and see the values, and the axes and chart are all accessible for editing.

My question is, how the heck do I extract that data back out of the chart into a table or Excel spreadsheet? There MUST be a way that is better than copying down each data point one at a time

Your help is greatly appreciated.

A:Excel chart in Word 2010: extract chart values? Lost Excel data file!!!! Help.

Hi welcome to the fourm.
I don't know it reverse engineering is possible.
Something like convert chart to table?

One thing you could try is copy the chart back to a new Excel file and see if more is possible there than in Word?

Like I said never needed this. Have you googled for something like Excel data reverse enginieering?
Maybe something come up.

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I have a list of terms like:

Phrase Frequency
Hello Mother 5
Hello Brother 2
Hello Jackal 1

Is there a way I can get the cumulative frequency of each word in the list?

From the above example, the answer would be:
Hello 8
Mother 5
Brother 2
Jackal 1

Any help would be most appreciated.



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I have a number of standard letters which require a dropdown box to be populated with a list of over 25 names.

When thinking this through, I figured that it would be best (due to restrictions on the network so I'm unable to use an access database) to produce this list in Excel 2003. Along with corresponding lists of email and telephone numbers.

Unfortunately I'm finding it very difficult to get the information onto the dropdown.

So far the code I have is:
Private Sub UserForm_Click()

'Define Variables
Dim xlNames As Excel.Workbook
Dim rsNames As Recordset
Dim cmbNames As ComboBox
Dim i As Integer
Dim SocServs As Worksheet

'open the spreadsheet to access the information
Set xlNames = Excel.Workbooks.Open("C:\Documents and Settings\00772367\My Documents\SocServs.xls")
'set up and activate the appropriate worksheet
Set SocServs = xlNames.Application.Sheets("SocServs")

'retrieve the information from the named column in the spreadsheet
Set rsNames = SocServs.Columns(1, 1)
i = 0

With rsNames
' This code populates the combo box with the values
' in the Names column of that there spreadsheet (I fervently hope).

Do Until .EOF
cmbNames.AddItem (i)
cmbNames.Column(0, i) = .Fields("Names")
i = i + 1

End With
End Sub
There's a few errors in there, which I can't seem to surmount. The coding doesn't seem to recognise the fact that I've got a named range in t... Read more

A:Populate a dropdown box in Word 2003 from a list in Excel 2003

Is there any particular reason why you are needing to do this using VBA? You can populate a cell with your multiple choice options using Excel's built in Data Validation feature. Simply select the cell you want the options to appear in and click DATA --> VALIDATION and then select "ALLOW LIST" from the options. Then select the range of cells that contains your list of names.


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I'm trying to insert from Word into Excel using Insert-Object-Create From File.

The tab I'm inserting it into is set up correctly (in this case Landscape Legal). But when I view, it only has the first page (of two) from the Word document. I've given it enough space page break wise.

Is there a better way to do this than my first idea (insert one document for the first page, and another for the second)?

Thanks in advance.

A:Insert File From Word into Excel

I know it seems it should work, but it doesn't. I'd just copy and paste special between Word and Excel. In Excel, use Edit | Paste Special | Text.

Select All in the Word doc. In Excel, widen column A, format to wrap text, and do the paste special | text.

Not as quick as Insert | Object, but it works.

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Whenever i click on a recent excel or word doc, the program opens and gives me a warning saying i already have a file of that name open, but i dont..... Im running windows XP.

A:file already open excel word

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I am still running Windows XP with Office 2007. Suddenly neither Excel or Word will automatically open existing files when I click on them from windows explorer. I can go to the Open option in the menu bar for Excel or Word, select the file to open and it will then open properly. Are there any option settings that allow for the files to open when click on them? I do not receive any error messages nor does the event viewer provide any error messages.

A:Excel / Word File Opening

does it give any error messages

in the file manager
do you have the word/excel icon next to the file ?

if you right click on the file - do you get an "open with" option

have a read here - see if the file is associated with the program

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Excel cannot open the file " " because the  file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches.
Files got corrupted at time of virus removal. also have and use Carbonite backup if that helps.
Already tried:
Open MS Excel in your system.
Click on File tab > Open. Or press Ctrl+O.
Locate the corrupted XLSX file and select it.
Click on the arrow shown beside the Open button.
Click on Open and Repair in the list.
Still wont open files, any help would be appreciated 

A:Excel and MS Word "cannot open file"

Uninstall/reinstall MS Office...update for all SPs...update for all critical updates.
Then try.

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`I have run into the problem outlined in the title. I need to access that file, which came to me as an e-mail attachment. Suggestions will be appreciated.


A:Solved: WORD 2002 will not open a file crearted with "2003"

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With the Lookup Function Sample Data spreadsheet, you can learn how to use Microsoft Excel to use the VLOOKUP function to search through columns of data. This file is intended to be used in conjunction with the article

Two tips for finding records in large spreadsheets.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP
This download works with the following Office applications:
Excel 2002
Excel 2000



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Recently, when I open either my MS Word or Excel programs, and click on the yellow "Open" folder, whereas previously a list of my saved documents came up, now sometimes the page is blank! If I leave it for, say, ten minutes, they appear and I can open and work on them, but I wondered whether anyone had an idea as to why this is happening? I am running Windows 7 (64 bit). Many thanks.

A:Word and Excel File lists not appearing

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I have tried an easier way to copy contents of an excel spreasheet into Word .doc.

Using this site I have found that in Excel copy one large range and Edit-> Paste Special ->
Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object, and this will copy text and tables to Word.

One problem is that the backgound cell lines in Excel also get copied. How can you remove those, in Excel I presume before the copy.

Here is an example.

A:Copy Excel file info into Word

See Tools > Options > View > Window Options.

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