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Brother Printer/Scanner software

Q: Brother Printer/Scanner software

I have a new laptop and I'm trying to install my brother printer/scanner and I can't istall it using the CD provided, it says this:
so I tried to look for its driver and I found this one: click here
and my problem is it doesn't have the installer for the scanner... The OS I'm using is Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit, I can't find the software which is the "paperport" that would allow me to scan documents/pictures...

Preferred Solution: Brother Printer/Scanner software

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Brother Printer/Scanner software

You downloaded and installed the "Full Driver & Software Package?"

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evidently, an update knocked out the twain for the scanner to work.  I've tried re loading the program 3 times to no avail and talked to Brother, they say that it is a Microsoft problem and bailed.  I tried restore point and they noted that C\programfiles (x86) control center4\Assocfilter.ini was damaged or deleted.
anyone have any knowledge on this?

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When I try to uninstall my brother MFC-240C, I get the message:


Error loading C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\INSTAL~1\PROFES~1\RunTime\11\00\Intel32\Ctor.dll

Invalid Access to Memory Location

Please advise me as to how I should go about completing the uninstall, I don't want to mess with my Registry w/o specific advice.

Thanks very much.

A:Can't uninstall brother MFC-240C Scanner/Printer

Try reinstalling it and uninstalling it again from "Add or Remove programs".

If no luck, try the free Revo Uninstaller.

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I have found that my Brother print scanner will not function in 8.1

I have a desktop running 8.1 and a laptop running 7. Both have the drivers loaded for the Brother printer.
The desktop is connected to a wireless router with a LAN cable, the laptop is connected wireless.
On the desktop I can PRINT to the printer but the scanner function returns a message that "cant find the printer"
On the laptop I can print to the printer and also scan without problems.

After several emails back and forth to Brother support the issue was not resolved.

I had a spare hard drive which I loaded windows 7 on in the desktop and loaded the printer driver also.
Under windows 7 the printer and scanner functions work perfectly on both machines leaving me with the impression that windows 8.1 printer/scanner drivers are not capable of running the scanning function.

Anyone else come across this problem?

A:Brother MFC-j870DW printer scanner will not work in 8.1

I show that there are 8.1 drivers available at Downloads | MFC-J870DW | United States | Brother Make sure you are using the proper ones for the OS install (x32 or x64).

If you do the Full software install. Then when you scan to the printer when it is connected to the Wifi network, it should work. Also keep in mind that the majority of wifi printers, will only work on a wireless-b/g wifi network.

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I have a Brother MFC-J825DW. I installed the software and it works fine.
Photoshop is also present on this machine (W7 Home, 64bit) and it was installed long time before the Brother.

When I scan a document from the device (pressing the SCAN button on the device, as oppose to from Windows), a window pops up in Windows asking me which software do I want to use for this scan: The Brother one, or Photoshop, hence defeats the purpose of a "one button scan" feature. There is no "remember this selection" option.

How do I set up the Brother to be the default scanning software?

Note that I have installed the same software in several other Windows (7 and XP) machines which also have Photoshop installed and never had this issue in any other PC.

Thank you.

A:Brother MFC Software - setting as Default Scanner Program

well you should be able to go into the printers section and set the brother printer as the default printer by right clicking on the printer you want as default and selecting set as default. That should take care of the issue. If not post back and we can go from there.

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Good Evening,

I am using Windows 7 and recently had to reinstall it. I also reinstalled my Brother printer software from the original CD that came with it including the scanner driver. Everything installed except the scanner driver. I uninstalled all the Brother software and then downloaded the drivers from the internet and still I got the same result, no scanner driver installed. I repeated this multiple times and the scanner driver just won't install. Does anyone know if this could be a glitch with Windows 7? Previously before I reformatted with Windows 7 the scanner driver installed.

A:Brother MFC-J825DW Scanner Software Won't Install on Windows 7

Are these the drivers you download Bossard Full Driver & Software Package I am assuming you have Windows 7 (32-bit).

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I decided to install my printer's software on my computer. During installation, there was an error. I looked a t the information that came with the cd and stated that it can only be used for versions of windows up to xp. I have windows vista. I decided to unistall the program from the add/remove options. It said that there was an error and decided to hide the brother icon in that folder. When i start the computer, the brother program tries to start and states an error.

With this software comes paperport 8.0 SE, which i tried to uninstall separately. An error occurs and the process is stopped. All the programs which came from this software are corrupted.

Any advice on this annoying matter would be much appreciated.


A:Scansoft software for brother printer

Try System Restore and restore from a date/time before you installed the software. From the Start button, type in System Restore and run it. If that didn't fix the problem, go back to system restore and "Undo" the restore.


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The software for the DYMO LabelWriter 330 and Brother QL-570 label printer get an F.

I recently tried a DYMO LabelWriter 330 Turbo USB and a Brother QL-570 label printer with dismal results. The printer worked very nicely and is capable of doing a great job of printing single, individually-created labels; but, because of the deficient software, the printers were both useless in managing and printing from a database.

Does anyone know of any software that will manage a database of hundreds of records and work with either of these printers?

In case it will help for you to understand, here is an incomplete list of the problems I saw in the Brother software and the DYMO wasn't much better.
No way I can see to print postal barcodes when printing an imported database of 250 contacts without going through and manually adding the postal zip barcode individually for each of the 250 records I have.
When starting address book application, it opens with the last database worked with and there is no way I can see to close that database and start a new one.
Address book software freezes about 8 seconds each time a different label size is selected.
-sizes- aren't displayed in label selection list (IE "Standard Address Label 02" is not a -size-)
I accidentally imported a database twice and there is no way I can see to delete 250 records without leaving 250 blank lines (blank records).
When I attempted to change the size of the label I was printing to, it changed f... Read more

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I have a HP Laserjet 3050 PCL 5. The scanner software worked great with XP but won't install with W7. Has anyone found an alternate software? The printer is an all in one and it doesn't make sense to have to replace it because of the software. HP has been no help.

A:HP XP software for printer/scanner won't install on W7.

Quote: Originally Posted by AU Seeker

I have a HP Laserjet 3050 PCL 5. The scanner software worked great with XP but won't install with W7. Has anyone found an alternate software? The printer is an all in one and it doesn't make sense to have to replace it because of the software. HP has been no help.

Hi AU Seeker , welcome to the forums ,have you tried here HP LaserJet 3050 All-in-One Printer*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center
these are the Win 7 drivers you could also try the vista drivers in compatibility mode Compatibility Mode

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Hope this is the correct Forum for Printer questions.
Is it ?

Have a 5 yr old Brother printer (HL-2140) which uses a TN-360 ink Cartridge.

A Brother branded "high yield" TN-360 goes for about $ 50. Wow.

I see that Amazon carries several other non Brother, but supposedly compatible
TN-360 cartridges by mfg. names I've never heard of.

Much, much cheaper.
Am willing to try one, but am very uncertain which of the brands to go with.

Anyone have any experience with non Brother labeled "compatible" cartridges ?
Any good ?
Which Brand should I try, perhaps ?

Note: It's almost worth buying a brand new Brother printer instead !

Thought on ?


A:Brother Printer and Non-Brother Branded Ink Cartridges ?

Hi, again:

You will likely find that the answer to this question falls into 2 major camps:
Only use OEM, branded ink from the printer manufacturer (or a trusted, high-volume, reputable seller), OR
It's perfectly fine to use knockoff, refurb, non-branded
I don't know anything about Brother, as I have been using HP printers/all-in-ones since the days of the printing press.

No matter which brand, in the printer industry, the ink/toner is how the manufacturer makes its money, not on the hardware.

There are many factors in the risk:benefit calculation, such as budget, volume of printing needs, need for optimal performance, etc.

My own personal experience for relatively heavy home/home office use is that it is not worth skimping on the cost of discounted ink/toner.
There can be serious quality issues with the cheap stuff (even branded, refurbished ones).
And there can be quality issues even when buying "new" OEM ink/toner from 3rd-party sites or even brick and mortar big box stores (the items may be legit, but they are stale).
If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.
HP has a terrific ink/toner program -- 2 or 3 mouse clicks and I have the products on my doorstep 1 or 2 business days later, with free shipping. The price is highly competitive, and the ink/toner is always fresh and high-quality. This works very well for me.

Your mileage may vary, of course....
Cheers, MM
P.S. Did you resolve the other issue reported HERE??? If so, it helps us (a... Read more

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I have just hooked up a Canon MX320 printer. Everything seems to be working fine. Is it a good idea to uninstall the old Canon printer/scanner software? Should I use any special precautions? How do I remove all evidence of the old printer and scanner? Thanks.

A:Solved: Uninstalling old printer/scanner software.

You can leave the old program if you want to be able to use your old printer. If you want to remove it go to control panel, add/remove programs and select the program to remove it. IF you want to make sure there is no evidence of it - go to My computer, local drive, programs, there may be two Canon folders or one with both programs in it. If there is two the old one might be empty or there may be no evidence of it at all. select and del. what you don't want.

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I just bought a new HP psc printer/scanner/photocard reader. The printer works fine and the scanner, however the software needed to use the reader doesn't work. When I click on the desktop icons I get this message - at the top it says hpqthb08.exe-common language runtime debugging services. Then it says Application has generated and exception that could not be handled. Process id-0x244 (580), Thread id-0x624(1572) Click ok to terminate the application Click Cancel to debug the application. When I click on the cancel it says Registered JIT debugger is not avaulable. An attempt to lauch a JIT debugger witht he following command resulted in an error code of 0x2 (2) cordbg.exe !a0x244 Then it says click on retry to attach a debugger manually, which does absolutely nothing. I get these messages when I click on both the HP Director and the Image Zone. Neither HP tech help nor Microsoft tech help have come up with a solution so far. I've downloaded loads of files they have suggested and installed and reinstalled so many times I've lost count.
Last night I decided to try installing the program into my laptop which has been reformatted and has NO programs on at all. It worked fine and I could click on both icons and open them with no trouble, so I am assuming that something on my pc is causing the problem and not the software. I do have plenty of memory and disc space etc. I did have this problem with the music creation program Acid too just on the Media Manager. Never ... Read more

A:Runtime error message on new software for all in one printer/scanner/reader

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I bought my daughter a Brother multi function - model 210C . She is able to use the fax, printer and copier with no problem but she can't get the scanner to work. It says it's not communicating with the computer. We've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and also disconnecting the cable and reconnecting it. Nothing works. She has Win 98.
Is there a driver she's supposed to download or is there special cable she needs?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

A:Need help with Brother scanner

There is no special cable needed if you already have it connected to the computer. The unit should have came with a CD that contains the drivers for Windows98. Do you still have the disk? If not I'd go to Brother's website and search for the drivers/software there. You may need special software to scan, which should have been supplied by Brother.

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My SCANNER isn't working!! Please HELP!!!
I have a Brother Scanner MODEL # - MFC-495CW - My printer is working and connected but unfortuntely my scanner will not scan my documents. When I try to scan the document to my computer all I get is it's trying to connect to my PC and then it stops. My printer/scanner is wireless.

Could someone please help me in trying to get my scanner working. Thank you.

A:Problems with brother scanner

As this is a multifunction unit - does it photocopy with the scanner OK

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I have a Brother MFC 3100C. The printer works OK but the software (PaperPort) is less than desirable. It has given me several problems. Does any one know if there is a free software program that can be used on a MFC 3100C. (WIN XP Home 80/512)

A:Scanner Programme for Brother

I agree with you totally re the paperport program, the thing will not even uninstall!

I have given up on my MFC 3820, the line is a shockingly poor printer.

However, if it has installed the TWAIN driver, any image editor that has an "acquire" option should be able to access the scanner OK. I have literally thrown mine out so cannot prove it, but it works OK on HP multi-functions.

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I have a used Brother MFC 3100C multifunction unit. I do not know how to scan with it, as the users' manual does not give any info. (I do know that it does have the capability.) Anybody have a clue that would help?

A:Brother MFC 3100C/ scanner

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I've had this scanner for several years with no problems, but recently (with the help of an off-site tech) changed the "print" function to tif from jpg.

Now, whenever I attempt to scan several documents at once into a single file, it picks up tif files that I've scanned in that same file previously and includes them in the current scan! And many of the pages intended for the current scan are missing!

Next problem - I deleted tif as an option because of the problems above and am now only doing jpg scanning. However, the jpg scanning only allows one page per scan, so a three-page document ends up as three separate jpg files.

Please help - this is driving me nuts! And the manual is useless.


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Am running a multifunction Brother MFC-885CW LAN and all is working well except for the scanner. All features, including the scanner were working well until some problems arose with my system possibly originating from a faulty webcam. The Brother diagnostics continually reports "Scanner (Driver) Installation condition: Failed". It says "Scanner (Driver) --- Installation is not completed".

The Brother instruction given to fix this is to uninstall the software, reboot, insert the original CD-ROM and "Install MFL-Pro Suite". I have done this several times, including attempting a 'clean' install. No joy. I have also used the latest MFL-Pro Suite updated files and Brother Uninstall files and cleaned my registry after each uninstall.

Note that the scanner does not show up as a device in the Control Panel Scanners and Cameras section.

Incidentally, the MFL Pro Suite installed successfully with all functions working on my laptop. This laptop is part of the same secure Local Area Network.

Am running Windows XP Pro SP3 with all updates. Ports and firewall appear to be configured correctly.

Please advise if you need more info. Suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Brother MFC Scanner Install Fail

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I installed driver disk and only the scanner works. It says Windows cannot locate a suitable printer driver.

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I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit version and the install of the Brother DCP 7065DN is causing me grief.

The copy and scan functions are operable, but not the printer function.

I am logged in as Administrator in Vista.

Printing a test page returns an "access is denied" message.

So I try to open as administrator and trying the Print test page, returns message "Printer not installed"

I have tried the XP compatibility mode as well as XP and Win7 printer drivers but no success.

I have had no problem installed the printer on another hard drive with Win 7

Brother says my Vista is corrupted and contact support.microsoft.com . How nice, Doing a web search, it seems that Brother definitely has compatibility issues with Vista judging on all the posts. Unfortunately I see few solutions.

Any takers out there?

A:Brother Printer DCP 7065DN printer driver won't install

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I have an MFC-8860DN from Brother. It has an auto document feeder. Whenever I scan multiple pages, the process completely automatic. When I first purchased the printer/scanner, I was still using XP.

With XP, every time the next page was sucked in, the twain driver would pop up a progress bar showing the scan progress - with a huge "CANCEL" button in the middle. Of course, as you're typing in another application, and the focus jumps to that dialog box, if you hit the space bar, the entire scan job is gone - POOF!

With XP, the TweakUI tool had the capability to "prevent applications from stealing focus" option - and it worked great. Fast forward to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 - same printer/scanner, latest Brother drivers - and the same issue.

I've searched everywhere on how to hack the registry, or install a TweakUI equivalent application (since it no longer works with W7) - but I can't find ANYTHING useful. Supposedly Microsoft has eliminated the registry entry that controlled this issue - and putting it back in does nothing.

I'm so frustrated because this nice, super-fast, multi-tasking OS forces me to sit idly by as I wait for my scans complete.

Does anyone know how to get Windows 7 to respect the focus stealing issue?

I've written to Brother (back when this issue initially happened on XP - it was their suggestion to use TweakUI)...

A:Brother scanner steals focus with every page

The "standard" way to prevent programs stealing focus is
Use regedit to go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.
Double-click on ForegroundLockTimeout and set its value in hexadecimal to 30d40.
Press OK and exit regedit.
Reboot your PC for the changes to take effect.
This does not always work. Microsoft maintains that is the fault of badly written applications. I have a couple of other tweaks somewhere on another machine. Will try and find them and get back to you.

Regards....Mike Connor

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After lots of hiding behind bombastic sales-blurbs, Brother admits that my trusted 9-year old printer won't be able to scan over the network into Windows 10 (they only support USB connection for W10).

But one of the computers in my home knows better. It happily scans from my networked Brother printer-scanner, over WiFi. This computer started life as Windows 7, and I upgraded it to Windows 10 in December 2015. By now I got two other machines running Windows 10, and they can't scan. Actually, the scanner is recognised in both PaperPort 9 and the Windows Scan program. But they are unable to receive any data from the scanner.

Is there any way to somehow clone the scanner-related files from the computer which works to the one(s) which doesn't work ? One of the targets is a new creation, freshly upgraded from 7 to 10 on an otherwise empty disk. So, it's a low-risk exercise, there is nothing to lose if I stuff up the destination. But I'm hanging on to the "source" which works.

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I have had a MFC4800 for over a year, and it has worked fine scanning and printing until now. I'm trying to scan a bunch of old IRA statements and other papers to burn to a CD so I can purge and shred the papers. I've had a problem with it for a couple of days now, which seems now to be a problem in the printer/scanner unit itself.

When I click Scan, I get this message, "Unable to communicate with Twain device."

Or it says "1 page scanned" without doing anything at all.

I'm running WinXP and a USB connector. I've powered it off and on numerous times. I've uninstalled and reinstalled both the printer and Paperport (Ver. 9.0) a couple of times, including using Brother's uninstall utility for this device, and Scansoft's uninstall utility for PaperPort.

I scoured the registry for and deleted every entry relating to the device and to PaperPort.

I thought maybe someone had pinched the USB cable just one too many times (long story), so I replaced it, to no avail. I've tried three different (new) cables with no change in behavior.

I do have one question about cables--is there any type of special USB cable for these devices as there are parallel cables for printers?

I tried connecting the USB cable to a case rear USB port instead of the front port. Same thing.

I tried connecting it to my work laptop (also running WinXP and Paperport 9.0), instead of the desktop PC. Same thing.

I'm at a loss and would appreciate ... Read more

A:Brother MFC4800 Scanner kicking my tail

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Hi all - I was able to set the Brother MFC up just fine for network printing but Windows 7 refuses to recognize it as a scanner. I talked to Brother and they said that Windows 7 certainly should have that driver and to call my hardware manufacturer for my laptop (Dell). Dell wants to charge me money for service so I'm here. Any ides on how to get the right driver installed so that Windows 7 will recognize my all-in-one's scanner?

Let me know if you need any additional information from me.

A:[SOLVED] Brother MFC-8640D can't set up as scanner in Windows 7?

Gozags, go to this link on the Brother website and go through the links listed under Information. You can choose the appropriate 32 or 64 bit drivers and there are some details to read as well.

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I have a brother dcp540cn multifunction centre connected by ethernet cable to my network. It works fine with all 3 windows xp machines. I recently purchased an Acer Aspire 7552G-6851 with Windows 7 home premium. I downloaded the Windows 7 software from the Brother website and installed the suite successfully. It even showed the scanner on the network for me to chose to connect to. Unfortunately when I attempt to scan in Control Centre I get the following message:

Failed to connect to the device.
-If the device is OFF, turn ON the device.
-Check the I/F cable connection between the device and your computer.
-If the device is working with another job, wait until the job finishes and try again.

Then when I click OK it displays the following error:

Scanning Failed.
Please try to scan the image again, if the error happens again please restart your computer, and then try to scan again.

Of course this does not help as none of the above issues is the case. The status (ink level) monitor shows the device as being offline. Printing to the device works fine, however, I had to search for network printers to connect to it the first time. Furthermore BRAdmin pro 3 has no problem finding the device on the network and tells me my ink levels.

I have tried using both wired and wireless network connections, neither made a difference.

I have also tried turning off the firewall, this does not help

I suspect this may be an issue in the tcp/ip setup but I am not su... Read more

A:Brother dcp540cn Windows 7 can't find LAN scanner

Update - now the Status moniter even works and correctly shows the ink levels. Still prints fine, BRAdmin still sees the multifunction printer/scanner on the network. Still displays the same error when i attempt to scan from the Windows 7 computer. Works fine on computers with XP.

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I have a Brother Multifunction device that I need to configure the scanning part. I have looked and can't find how to be able to add computer accounts or email addresses to the machine for people to use. Any one have any suggestions?

A:Solved: Brother MFC 8480 DN Scanner Setup

You don't add Windows user accounts or email addresses to a printer or scanner. You connect it to a wireless router (either wired or wirelessly) so that all computers connected to that same router via wireless connection can share it.

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I have a Brother all in on MFC-J615W and it has been BEAUTIFUL for me. One of the main things I've been doing with it is scanning old pictures for genealogy purposes. I LOVE the fact that I can use the option FROM the scanner that allows you to scan INTO a graphics/photo program all wirelessly (on the scanner, I select SCAN and then "into a graphics program"). It has always shown the "connecting" message in the printer display and then it proceeds to open the scan in Paint (as default). No problems. LOVE IT.

Tonight, I just can't get it to go. It acts like it is trying to connect, but then just goes back out to it's default display (the time) and I have no scan.

HOWEVER....if I were to open up the photo software and IMPORT from the scanner, I have no issues.....and yes, this is wireless, as well.

SO..because I can do one wirelessly and not the other, I wouldn't think it's the network...or am I wrong? It's just bizarre that it would connect one way and not the other. Hmmmmm......

It just takes longer to import than to just scan into a graphics program, I think, so I like to scan INTO the software from the scanner..

Thanks in advance for any insight!

A:Wireless Scanner. Can IMPORT from software...can't go from scanner INTO software.:(

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I have a Cannon PIXMA MP760 printer/scanner, the Windows Fax & Scan does not recognise this as a scanner
There is no help or support from the application
Is this a driver problem, if so how and where can you get the correct drivers to fix
Can anyone help

A:Cannon PIXMA MP760 printer/scanner not recognised as a scanner

If there is no Windows 8 driver, try with the one for Windows 7 http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/support/consumer/printers_multifunction/pixma_mp_series/pixma_mp760#DriversAndSoftware

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Today i found my brother HL - 1210 printer no respond, any suggestion?


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hey guys,

i just recently bought a brother all-in-one printer (model # MFC-495CW) and was wondering how to use the feeder on the top of the machine to do couble sided copies/scans?

if you could help that would be awesome

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i just got a Brother MFC-4420C multifunction printer, i went onto the Brother site, downloaded the drivers, etc. and tryed 2 run the driver, and got this messgae, any1 know why? thanks :

A:Brother printer

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My brother printer won't print double sided ever since my hard drive crashed. I have a new hard drive now. I completely uninstalled printer and started over from scratch. Updated software and driver. My iPad will print to the printer and do double sided printer but not my laptop. What else can I do?

A:Brother printer

Please post only one thread relating to your problem. Posting multiple threads for the same problem makes it difficult to help when suggestions are spread across multiple threads, and it is against forum rules.

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Hi everyone, please guide me in solving this problem..!
Before, I can automatically scan files directly to email as an attachment by just going to scan button and go to "scan to email" and it will just appear directly but now i can't do it automatically. I can scan now but by just manually clicking "scan and camera wizard" this thing works but it just appear to be save as a file not directly to email as attachment. it takes me too long to scan many files. hope you could help me.

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When printing, the printer box opens and says "printer off line" when it isn't off line. This happens about every 3rd print job. Any ideas? Regards

A:brother hl630 printer


Have you made sure that the Plug that goes into the printer and PC is secure? It may be loose.

Also, what version of Windows are you running? Now, go to Control panel | System. Device Manager. Under Printers, is there a yellow !



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I had a paper jam in my Brother MFC 5440-CN. Cleared the jam, but printer still wouldn't print. It was balking because it thought that three of the ink cartridges, which were all at least 1/3 full, were empty.

Usually I've been able to get it to print anyway, but this time I gave up, finally, and replaced the cartridges with new ones; also I unplugged and plugged it, made sure the paper tray was just right, and then - ta-da! - got it to print a page.

Foolishly allowing this success to go to my head, I decided to run the printer through a cleaning cycle, after I printed out a test pattern that was a little bit off. At that point, the printer beeped several times in its charming shrill, high-pitched way, and ever since has been displaying "Unable to print - see troubleshooting and routine maintenance chapter in user's guide". Also, it won't shut down unless unplugged.

There wasn't much that was relevant in the guide, other than things I'd already tried. When I plug it back in and try to print something, it makes a ratcheting sound that is not part of its normal printing sounds, so I turned it over and put some oil on a horizontal metal rod that must be part of the paper feeding mechanism. This did nothing except guarantee greasy print-outs if I ever get this thing going again.

I attempted to reinstall the drivers. The Brother Solution Site says to download them and choose "desktop" for their destination, after which you ca... Read more

A:Brother printer on strike

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My computer won't work with my Brother (MFC- L2740DW) printer. It keeps throwing up an error box:

Printer not activated error 30

So the question is...How do I activate my printer?

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I have got a problem with a brother 1660e printer. When you print a page only the top 1/4 of the page prints off. I have replace the drivers, and check versions can seem to find anythin wrong with it!

Any help appreciated.

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I am not able to send faxes with my Brother MFC-3360C printer now. I dial; it stops; screen read "RECEIVING" and that's it. Any suggestions? TU

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after clearing paper jam my Brother DCP-130C the printer doesn't work and on the LCD panel i read "print unable 50, see user guide, etc.."
I couldnt find the meaning of the 50 code and Brother do not recognize it.
Where can I find the explanation in order to repair the problem if possible?

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I tried printing a PDF document from Windows 8 PDF reader but continually got the following message. The printer drivers are installed and I can print from both notepad and Microsoft Word making it strange that I cannot do the same from the PDF reader (built into Win8). Any suggestions will be welcome.

A:Brother HL-2170W Printer

Anyone else having problems printing from the Win8 PDF reader?

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My brother DCP 7020 printer will no longer print the printer just keeps restarting over and over. I am running win7 Home Premium 64 bit

A:Brother DCP 7020 Printer

will no longer print the printer just keeps restarting over and overClick to expand...

is this when you first switch on ?
or when you send something to print

does it photocopy ?

user manual
http://www.brother-usa.com/ModelDocuments/Consumer/Users Manual/UM_DCP_7020_EN_1154.PDF

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Hi, I'm new so hopefully I give you enough info to help me.

I bought a new Brother printer (MFC-7480DN) and connected it first to a Mac and then to my PC. I can't get the wireless to work and it's too late to return it but it is under a year if I need to use the warranty.

I do not have an IP address! I have been through ALL of the troubleshooting on their site. I have reset the Network settings a million times and printed the Network Config page a million times as well. (Dramatized) My printer works flawlessly when connected and I have the correct drivers. I can access the printer settings from their software while connected without a problem.

Here is what the Network Config page says:
Node type: Brother NC-8200h. Ethernet 10/100BASE-TX
Node Firmware Version: Firmware Ver.1.00 (10.10.22)

IP Address:
Subnet mask:
IP Gateway:
Boot method: Auto
Boot Tries: 3
IP Filter: Disabled

Under Protocols:
They all say Enabled except IPv6 and LLTD, Those are both disabled.

Also, when I go through the settings on the printer itself Network->Status->Inactive.

There is more but it's a lot to type so please let me know if you need anything else off that page.

I have also tried to set the IP address myself. I put in because I read that was the default for Brother printers, that did not work. I also set the Subnet mask to while I tried that.

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A:Brother Printer does not have an IP address

One more thing I tried

I just went into the Printer control menu on my computer and went to "Properties" as the Administrator. Under the heading Port. I picked a port that was not being used. It is called a "Standard TCP/IP Port" and it's IP is
I thought this would be ok because another Brother printer I don't have trouble connecting to is using one of the other similar ports.

So then I changed the IP address of my Brother printer to this.. Still isn't working but now when I go back to that spot, my printer's model number is showing up and I feel like I might be getting somewhere, just need a little more info.

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Hi again...

I have a Brother All In One which was working fine in Windows 7 but is now contstantly showing up as "offline" in the print queue. I have a home network with my "main" machine my desktop running Win 7. I have 2 other laptops - one is a HP with Vista, and the other is a Macbook Pro. I have been able to print today from the laptops, but the desktop (Win 7) tells me that the machine is offline. To be clear, the machine is on, and is connected to my network.

Windows 7 is being stubborn and is not recognizing that it's online. I've printed to it in the past and now it's not cooperating (when I need it to, of course).


A:Brother Printer Offline

Did you try uninstalling/reinstalling the print driver?

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I am unable to print envelopes using Word 2010 on my Brother MFC7840W printer. Envelope info is sent from computer and received by printer, but envelope exits printer without any print.

Printer seems to work for all other printing functions.

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anyone got any experience with this machine? I called the tech support line - and it was a total waste of time. Ready to return the product if I can't get some answers to envelope printing problems

A:Brother MFC9420 printer

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