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Computer freezes up randomly, mostly when using firefox, some boots, computer refuses to open up programs

Q: Computer freezes up randomly, mostly when using firefox, some boots, computer refuses to open up programs

My computer, early in boot-up, freezes up randomly, mostly when firefox is used for more than 5 minutes (sometimes even before firefox shows up), and in some boots, Vista won't even open anything, then later freezes,Theres pretty much a 1/50 of a working boot up, but I've been trying since about 3:00 AM EST (posted this at 1:28 PM EST) today after it eventually froze up from printing from Acrobat Reader, with no luck (and even one boot, didn't even show the Compaq splash screen), previously, on working boots, I've done virus scans with Malware Bytes' Pro, with no results, never (this computer only got a virus once).I'm forced to boot in safe mode for the computer to work, im afraid its some sort of virus thats unknown by Malware Bytes', so im posting a HiJack This log (later, when i try to run normal mode again) with my DxDiag (please note, my brother installed a facemoods.com thing on this computer, since i think its spyware, i deleted all the traces of it i spotted). I'm using a unmodified Presario CQ50 209WM on the lastest version of Vista, which had already had one reinstall after getting hacked while a relative was using it.Please hurry i just rented a 3 Day Elite weapon in Battlefield Play4Free yesterday which set me back over 100 games worth of getting credits for.

Preferred Solution: Computer freezes up randomly, mostly when using firefox, some boots, computer refuses to open up programs

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Computer freezes up randomly, mostly when using firefox, some boots, computer refuses to open up programs

First of all, MalwareBytes is not an anti virus app. Do you have an av installed? If so, have you run a full scan with that? If not, and since you think it's malware related, you should probably post in the Am I Infected forum.

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Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 3:07:55 PM, on 10/24/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16735)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\LimeWire\LimeWire.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

O2 - BHO: Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - {06849E9F-C8D7-4D59-B87D-784B7D6BE0B3} - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\ActiveX\AcroIEHelper.dll (file missing)
O2 - BHO: DriveLetterAccess - {5CA3D70E-1895-11CF-8E15-001234567890} - C:\WINDOWS\System32\DLA\DLASHX_W.DLL
O2 - BHO: SSVHelper Class - {761497BB-D6F0-462C-B6EB-D4DAF1D92D43} - C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\bin\ssv.dll
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [SigmatelSysTrayApp] stsystra.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [KernelFaultCheck] %systemroot%\system32\dumprep 0 -k
O4 - HKLM\..\Ru... Read more

A:Computer freezes, refuses to install programs, and sometimes won't connect to web.

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For about two months now, when I do certain things on Firefox, it freezes. I catually don't know/can't tell what causes it to happen as in its not on certain sites each time. I could be on anything. And even if I have it minimised while i'm using another program it will still freeze my computer

When my computer freezes though. The only way I can get my computer back to normal is to physically restart by pressing the button on my computer. ctrl alt del do not work. I can't move the mouse so i cant go to start and then shut down.

Like I said I have no idea why this is happening.

I had my computer restored about a month ago, but I had the problem even before that. I completely uninstalled firefox following the instructions on the firefox site to completely uninstall. Then I reinstalled, and I still have the problem. But I never know when my computer is going to freeze so it's really furstrating because I have to use IE which is amazingly slow especially with tabs in comparison to firefox. I've updated microsoft, i've updated flash and all that stuff.

So could anyone help me out here please because I have tried everything.

A:Firefox freezes whole computer randomly

I am not a techie, so please take what I say with a handful of salt.

Both google and firefox have been making many changes in the past two months, sometimes downloading beta apps without telling the users. I usually avoid beta when I can.

Sometimes I go into the toolbar and adjust the options settings for both firefox and for google, but I have found that the problems generally follow "upgrades" or downloads and resolve themselves after a difficult day or two. I have had occasional problems with freezing or not being able to access some apps easily. Also, I have found that some security patches from Microsoft Windows will interfere with firefox functioning for a while. I don't know whether these different software designer camps regard each other as hostile or not, but it seems to be a similar problem to having more than one security program on the same computer. Maybe unintentional programming conflicts?

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Notebook HP Compaq NC 6320
Core2Duo [email protected]
Windows Professional SP3

I've noticed some unfamiliar processes and services but not sure if they could be a virus, trojan, spyware, malware. Something is running in the background and really working my cpu. It would be great if someone with more knowledge than myself could take a quick look at my logs. Thanks.
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 1:22:05 PM, on 3/9/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16791)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Tall Emu\Online Armor\oasrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\sched.exe
C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\avguard.exe
C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs... Read more

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i just fixed a sound card problem that i've had for a long time..i installed a new card and reinstalled windows but now when i try to open 2 programs my computer freezes and there is noway to close the programs. I cant even sign on to aim if its the only program running. anyone one have any ideas what could be wrong?

A:computer freezes when i open programs

Welcome to TechSpot it would help if you posted your system spec's

was your previous sound onboard sound or a sound card? and was this a clean install after formatting or just reinstalling windows over an existing install?

do any devices in device manager have yellow question marks or yellow triangles beside them?

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When I first boot up and try to open programs they do not open right away. After 1 to 2 minutes anything I attempted to run opens. Some time I can get the Task Manager to open
right away and I notice that the CPU usage is up around 85 to 100% (I use Process
Manager). Sometime, but not always once they open I no longer have any problem opening programs. Can something be taking up the resources during that time? I also noticed just now that Process Manager says two programs I tried to run are running but they are not visible on the screen until they all of a sudden open. I hope I am making myself clear - this is a fluky problem.

I have also experienced freezes. After doing something like opening System Information in Process Explorer or opening the quick launch menu it freezes. The mouse pointer either shows the hour glass or it remains the pointer but the mouse or keyboard is useless. I have to reset to reboot.

The slow start up of programs has been with me for about a week or so. The freezing problem started today.

Any ideas on what is happening?

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:30:36 PM, on 4/28/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16414)

Running processes:
C:\_Tools\MS Defender\MsMpEng.... Read more

A:Programs slow to open and computer freezes - sometime

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oy vey!

i have a dell vostro 220, running xp, and firefox has recently updated itself.
since then, i am dealing with constant freezes (can move mouse, but nothing is clickable, task manager will not show up, even freezes in safe mode), especially when i attempt to open firefox. i have uninstalled it, reinstalled it, deleted it again, did system restores (unsuccessful), nothing is helping. i am able to get on the internet minimally with ie, but often the same thing happens, only a little later.

is this a firefox issue?
a virus?
i have been madly googling what's happening and am getting a lot of confusing information. some say that there might be an issue with my video driver (and i can't figure out how to update that btw), some elude to a virus, some advise to disable add-ons. someone mentioned that it might be an issue with all the google applications on my system (i have uninstalled chrome, and am trying to uninstall the google screensaver and toolbar applications, and avast is sending me danger-messages when i do that)
malwarebytes is not finding anything.
avast! is rebelling.

please help!

A:computer freezes everytime i try to open firefox

I probably supplied all the wrong information in my initial post - I was hoping someone might have experience with what is happening to my computer. If this does really ring a bell, I would adore it if I could know that, fix or no fix.

Since the first post, I have done a number of things, most of these probably none to wise.
I have looked through this site to find some online scanners to use (BitDefender and Symantec), both of which did not complete their work before the computer froze again near the end of the scan. I have uninstalled Avast! and am trying Microsoft Security Essentials - which also couldn't finish the initial quick scan. I am able to do all of this in safe mode, but that will freeze up too.

The weird thing is that Firefox seems to instantly freeze it - mind you that I have uninstalled FF, but the icon still remains. Even trying to pull the shortcut to the recycle bin brings on an immediate freeze.

My present assessment is that I should probably start over on that computer and reinstall Windows.
I have never done this before and am a little scared...

I also wonder if something is going on with the actual physical computer..

Thank you in advance for your input, even if it's just saying woo-woo-there-there.


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My computer has recently developed a problem. It boots normally and acts normally at first but after ~5 minutes it freezes. The image on the screen is fixed and the computer is non responsive. The HDD light usually flashes as well.
The first few times this happened, I restarted the computer and it refused to boot, stopping at the 'detecting IDE drives' section. However, if I turned it off with the power button and turned it back on it would work (until it froze again of course).
Now, even that doesn't work and I have to wait quite a while till I can turn it back on.

At first I thought this was a hard drive problem as I have been hearing the clicking sound they give towards the end of their life. I replaced my existing hard drive (the one I boot from) and started to install vista onto it but that too froze. I tried unplugging the other hard drive and restored the BIOS to its factory settings but that didn't have any effect. I've dusted my computer so overheating shouldn't be causing it (although I haven't ruled it out).

So does anyone have any ideas?

Sorry thought they were in a sig or something:
Q6600 @ 2.7Ghz
2GB cheap ram
8800 GT
500GB Hard drive with Vista installed
500GB for media and stuff
mobo is nvidia 680i
700W PSU
I can find out the brands if you need

A:Computer freezes then refuses to boot

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After I shut down my system - Start - Turn Off Computer - Turn Off, my computer has booted up "by it self" twice now. I turned it off last night before I went to bed and wake up and its at the log in screen. Before I went to church this morning, I turned it off and made sure it was off. Then, I come home, and its back at the log in screen. Nobody has touched it - nobody's been here. I have a computer ghost :x

A:Computer Boots Up Randomly

Scary :P Pull out the power plug is the easy way of doing it ;) then if you come back one day and its plugged back in then you need to worry ;P

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Hello There,

Machine Info: AmdK6 2400+, Phoenix BIOS, Radeon9800Pro Videocard, 1 GB RAM. 80GB harddrive. Virus Free.

My problem is as follows. When I start it up I sometimes gets the black screen and nothing more, and sometimes it starts perfectly. Today it has been almost a week since I managed to start it up. It started out with a black screen two weeks ago and has graduaaly moved down to complete darkness as of today.

What I have done so far, one step at a time: I replaced the CMOS battery with a fresh one to make sure the BIOS had enough power. I replaced the power supply with a new 450w to make sure the whole system had enough power. I replaced the the Radeon card with a GForce2 card to test if the video card was ok, which it was. I have disconnected my DVDplayer/writer. I have tried to disconnect my harddrives, one at a time, nothing happens. I also took the memory sticks and checked the connectors but nothing strange there.

I am pretty much going nuts over this machine. To say the least.

I deeply appreciate all assistance to solve this problem.

A:Computer Randomly Boots Up

Ive had similar problems on computers Ive worked on and it was always a bad capacitor on the motherboard.

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Basically, on JUST my user account on my home computer, Itunes, Skype, Mozilla Firefox, and Spotify refuse to open. Itunes, and Skype say that the application cannot be found, Mozilla just plain refuses to do anything, and Spotify says Internal error.

Please can someone help me; tell me what steps to take to sort out the problem. Cheers.

PS. I am the administrator on my computer.

A:My computer refuses to open various appliations

hi and welcome to the forum have you tried system restore to a time when they where all working

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I am posting from safe mode as full boot to windows desktop immediately causes system to freeze (mouse pointer becomes ring and cont alt delete does not work) . The information for my system follows with the recommended attachment for BSOD. Trying perfmon /report gives an error message, "the system cannot find the path specified.
Any help would be appreciated. I'm hoping not to have to format my hard drive.

Is Vista . . . Home Premium
- x86 (32-bit) or x64 ? x64
- the original installed OS on the system? Original Vista Home Premium
- an OEM or full retail version? OEM
- What is the age of system (hardware)? 2-years
- What is the age of OS installation (have you re-installed the OS?) 2-years

A:Computer Boots, then freezes

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

Please follow procedure when uploading. Your upload gives a warning that it is from an unknown, I nor any other computer knowledgeable person will open such an upload.

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My computer is old...I know that but still, I wish to know why this happens. Think of it as a sick child or pet. My machine is a Cybermax by Microsoft. It was loaded with 98 but was reloaded with XPSP2 Pro. The original owner gave it to me but without any of the paperwork or applications (CD's). It has 400 MHz, 320 RAMS (120 recently added), AMD, Dial-up Modem, 12.11 GB and 8.17 GB Free Space. It was recently validated with WXP, thought to have had a virus so reformatted then reformatted again. After the validation it started booting me to the Bios page or freezing and going to a black screen where I had to turn off the CPU by holding it for five seconds. It has been in repairs and the repairman declares the problem is not Hardware. It has had Line Tests that are clean. I was getting AOLErrors (AC3000, 1502, 1200) messages with the disconnects with helped lead to the second reformatting. I cannot play games in game site or on emulators. And i have been booted when on IM and while just posting or having more than one page open. Anyone able to relate or able to suggest help, other than throwing it out the window. That will probably happen but not before I beat this issue to death. I'm middle aged and we don't give up that easily.

Thanks for all the help.

A:Old Computer Freezes & Boots Me

The first thing that I'd suggest would be to get the Windows Product Key if it's not marked on the outside of the case - without the key you'll have to buy another copy of XP if the system crashes. There are several free programs that will let you know the key so that you can save it ( here's one: http://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder.shtml Once that's done, the next most important thing to do is to backup everything that you can't stand to lose (in case the system crashes and can't be recovered.Finally, how did you reformat it if you don't have the disks?

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Computer Specs
-Manufacturer, Cyberpower
-Windows 7 Home 64bit, Service Pack 1 (Legal copy)
-Gigabyte socket 1156 motherboard (unknown model)
-Intel Core i7 870 @ 2.93ghz (water cooled by Corsair H50)
-EVGA Nvidia GTX 295 4gb
-8gb Kingston ram (specifications and speed unknown)
-800 watt Corsair power supply (I don't know the other specs but it's brand new and definitely meets the requirements for all of my components)
-4 case fans in push pull setup (all 120mm and 60cfm)

My Problem
I have 2 problems with my computer, both of which require me to hold the power button down for 5 seconds to hard reboot (and I wait 30 seconds before turning it back on because I heard that was good somewhere...). My computer either:

A) randomly loses signal to the monitor, resulting in the monitor going to sleep while my computer is still on. When this happens, audio from iTunes continues to play normally, but I cannot pause it or control the volume which I can usually do from my keyboard. This leads me to believe that I have absolutely no control over my computer when my computer loses signal with the monitor. This can happen at any time... when I'm playing a videogame, browsing the internet, or when the computer is locked and I'm not using it at all.

B) randomly freezes. This locks up the computer completely and I am unable to move my mouse or control anything. I don't know if audio continues to play because this hasn't occurred while I've been listening to something on iTun... Read more

A:Computer randomly freezes AND randomly loses signal (Hardware issue)

This is my motherboard
GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1156 - GA-P55M-UD2 (rev. 1.0)
though I'm not sure if mine is rev 1.0 or rev 1.1

I'm hoping that the issue isn't the CPU, Graphics Card, or Hard Drive, as those would cost me the most trouble / money.

Could it be an issue with the BIOS? I don't really know what that is or how it works.

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Any advice would be appreciated!

I've recently built a new computer and for the first two weeks it has been working fine. However, this morning I pressed the power button and the computer booted, but after a few 'boot up noises' the computer rebooted but, once again, with no signal sent to the monitor so I could see no bios info.

This is a bit short-on for information, so please ask me any details that would be of use to you in order to give me advice.


Gigabtyte GA-8I915P-D Pro
Intel pentium 4 3.2 Ghz LGA775
2 X 512mb RAM
430W PSU
Albatron 6600GT graphics card

A:Computer boots, reboots, and freezes

1 day bump...

I'll add some more information, if that helps.

After the second boot, all the fans on the mother board case etc are running including the fan on the graphics card.

My concern is with the graphics card or the PSU. When the computer was booting up correctly in its first two weeks of existence, I'd often get a message from the graphics card program telling me that the card was not receiving enough power and that it would be set to a lower performamce level. If I had to reboot during a session on the computer I'd find that this message would not reappear.

I hope this helps...

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Dell Vostro 200, Windows XP.

No problem until today, when it started and loaded, I can see everything, but I tried to load Firefox and it wouldn't load. Then I tried doing ANYTHING and it's frozen.

I held the power button to reboot, same thing. I rebooted that way again and tried to press F8 to go into safe mode. It won't go. I can choose F2 or F12, though. I cannot use msconfig to get info safe mode either because it's all frozen.

I did a repair of Windows XP. No change.

I opened the back, dusted with air, took out memory sticks and replaced them in the same spots. No change.

So to recap, it boots and loads. I can use the mouse to select things for about 1 minute, but by the time anything has a chance to load everything freezes up. It doesn't connect to the network so I can't get in to retrieve any files. Please help. If it's dead I just want to get my files :-(

A:Computer boots, loads, but then freezes

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Myself, along with a couple of other people on this forum have been experiencing the exact same problem. I also found some other people on other virus help forums who have the same problem as well. This new ?virus? seems to be spreading, and no one seems to know what to do about it. It just started during the beginning of April.

The main problem is that my computer just keeps randomly freezing. It can happen every 10 - 15 minutes or even up to an hour. The computer just freezes and you can?t do anything except for seeing your mouse move around. Ctrl alt delete does nothing at all either. It just locks up and you are forced to manually turn off the computer and restart it. It is extremely frustrating. It all started during the beginning of April where my computer restarted on its own, then it just started freezing up.

I ran several anti virus programs, spy ware removal programs, and an AVG scan and could find nothing of any relevance. I even had a technician come to my house and he couldn?t find anything. He thinks that it?s the memory or ram, but I highly doubt that, my laptop is only like 2 years old.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a new virus I believe and it is driving me insane, thank you!

I have ran a Malware Antimalware Bites scan, AVG, Ad Aware, Spybot, and SUPERAntiSpyware scans, all found nothing.

Here is my Hijackthis log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:31:35 PM, on 4/5/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (Win... Read more

A:Computer keeps freezing randomly, Freezes randomly and forced to restart

Hello and welcome to TSF.

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Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

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After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

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Hello friends,

Today my computer started crashing. Whenever the crash occurred my computer sounded incredibly loud, ostensibly with fans blazing. Additionally, I noticed the crashing was occurring during gaming (but it hadn't ever before), so I put a temperature monitor on my second screen. I observed that it was crashing at only about 80-83 degrees, which had never led to a crash before. My card is a GTX 760 and should, from what I have read, be able to survive 83 degrees without my computer crashing. Later in the day, my computer started crashing randomly. Then, whenever I booted normally I would only get a black screen with a white cursor after logging in. Then I reinstalled graphics drivers and the computer worked fine for half an hour and started crashing again. An hour later and it will only boot to the black screen with a white cursor (although safe mode working is absolutely fine albeit running on my secondary screen for some reason). Some of the crashes have recorded as bsods by my computer and I have done what the sticky says with them. I believe the issue is my card going bad but I would love a more knowledgeable opinion from the wonderful people here. The log files are attached.

Thanks in advance!

A:Computer crashing randomly, boots with black screen and cursor


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Greetings and salutations...

just like the title says, I'm having major issues with my computer when I boot up. After I hit the power button, it takes a good 5 minutes before I can actually run any program. When I start a program, (regardless of what it is) there seems to be a lot of 'drag'...things are churning but not much happens - I do eventually get to use the program once things get 'warmed up' but it the getting to that point that's most frustrating.

A prime example would be when I long onto the web, (using Firefox) it takes on average 18 seconds (yes, I timed it...) between the time I double-click the icon and being able to surf the net. (If I have a web browser window open already, I'm able to open an additional one without waiting 18 seconds).

Thanks in advance for any input/advice/assistance you have to offer.

Logfile of random's system information tool 1.04 (written by random/random)
Run by Gretchen at 2008-11-05 13:07:15
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3
System drive C: has 29 GB (76%) free of 38 GB
Total RAM: 239 MB (15% free)

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 1:07:47 PM, on 11/5/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16735)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe... Read more

A:Computer boots up v e r y s l o w l y - programs run slow

b u m p

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My problems started about 1-2months ago.
I started to get BSOD like
page_faulth_in_nonpaged_area or Bad_pool_header

Then it started to randomly shut down almoust like it went to sleep mode the fans were on and so was the motherboard lamp, but the screen was of and keyboard wasnt reakting to "caps lock" or "Num lock".

And when i restarted my computer it would not boot up, it would be in the same state as it crashed or it would turn on and then freeze when windows pops up or earlier.

Now im getting Multi colour BSOD, and then it just go in to sleep mode state as i told before.

so what i have tried to fix this is i have reinstalled Windows 7
As i suspected my graphic card i bought a new one, but still got the same problems. I changed Ram memories with the same i had before but new ones.

when this problem occured i did not Fix or do anything with my hard drives.
i tried diskkontrol with the repair, did not help.
I got a Windows 7,
Mothercard is an Asus.
Graphic card is an XFX radeon hd 6870 double fan
I have updated all drivers i know about
I use CCC with default setings and my temp are usaly 30-40C
My computer is mainly For gaming..

I really need some help with what kind of hardware or what is wrong with my computer

A:BSOD,randomly restarts, refuses to restart.. and freezes.


Can you take a look at the below link and attach the requested reports.


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My PC was given to me as a gift, but I was given it used from the previous owner and later found out it was refurbished. It is a Gateway NV53A. I have always had issues with BSOD's and Windows errors, and most of them either driver or memory related. I fixed and updated all drivers, but never did anything about memory except maybe some tests and they all came out fine. 3 days ago, I was using my PC just browsing a Web page and suddenly the screen went black. I thought it was the lcd, but I closed the lid to see if it would go into standby mode and it just stood there powered on and frozen... The only way it would react was if I manually turned it off holding power button. Sometimes it does boot up, sometimes it gets farther than others. What I mean is, sometimes it gets past the Gateway logo and crashes there, sometimes it boots up to to the home screen, and sometimes it doesn't even boot... How far it gets depends on how long the PC has been turned off. Odd I know... Anyways, I found out my motherboard requires ram with 1066mhz fsb whereas the current ram sticks it has installed are 800mhz.... I was told new ram with 1066mhz would fix my issues and allow my PC tu boot and run fine as it always did, but I just wanted to be sure that's my Issue, and I also wanted to know how come the computer ran fine (with the exception of BSOD's and some errors occurring every now and then) before and now suddenly I'm screwed. I'm currently using two 2GB DDR3 Ram memory sticks. The brand an... Read more

A:Computer starts, boots up and freezes at black screen

There is no issue in running slower (800mhz) RAM in a system that can run the faster (1066mhz) RAM. This, alone, will not cause this kind of problem. You got bad advice.

Do you know if this was the original RAM that came with the laptop? (Not very important but good info if you know)

It is possible that the RAM is defective, or the wrong specs for that laptop, or the two sticks have mis-matched specs, but if you ran a memory tester like Memtest86+ then any problems would have shown up there.

Your symptoms sound more like a power problem. At least that is where I would start. One thing you could try as a test is to remove the battery and run the laptop on just the power supply. Let's see if that changes anything.

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Running Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit on a Lenovo Ideapad Laptop

Note: I'm not particularly tech-savvy, so I apologize if this seems incoherent to you.

Two days ago, I was trying to make my monitor display just a little less contrast, so I opened a utility called Intel HD Graphics that I found on the bottom right toolbar, and it had sliders with which I fixed the problem. But then I noticed a slider called "Hue", and by moving that quickly from side to side, my monitor went from blue to green to pink to yellow and back again, what can I say, I'm easily entertained.

Anyway, the computer froze up, and I had to rude boot it. From then on, I would start the computer, and it would look good, like it would start for real, and I would even see some icons on the desktop, but then it would freeze up and I'd have to rude boot it again. It still works in Safe Mode.

Any help?

A:Computer boots to desktop, then freezes. Maybe a Graphics problem?

In Safe Mode, open a Command Prompt, type chkdsk /r and press Enter.
You will see a message like this:

>chkdsk /r
The type of the file system is NTFS.
Cannot lock current drive.

Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another
process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be
checked the next time the system restarts? (Y/N)

Enter Y then reboot normally. Let chkdsk run to completion. This can take and hour or more.

See if that fixes the problem.

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For some time now, my BIOS has stopped working. When i press delete to start the BIOS when i boot, it shows a static white line (no blinking). See this image: Imgur

However, if I do not try to get to the BIOS, the computer will boot and work fine, and has worked for over a year without problems.

I still feels it is a problem, and as I want to upgrade my Hard drive and OS soon, I'd like to fix this strange bug.

The bug first appeared after I installed two SSDs, wich worked fine at first, as i successfully configured the SSD, but while reinstalling windows it bugged at some point.

Things I tried:
Unplugging all HDD -> same problem
upgrading BIOS -> Cant since the update I got from MSI requires to go into the BIOS to update

System information:
MSI Dominator laptop
Driver page: Notebook - The best gaming notebook provider 64

Possible solutions:
Repair BIOS in some way? the functionality seems fine, I think only the displaying part has a problem.
Upgrading BIOS whithout actually going into the BIOS?

Thank you for your time, and if I didn't provide enough info please say so i'll try to fix it.

A:BIOS freezes on load, but computer boots fine

Repair BIOS in some way? the functionality seems fine, I think only the displaying part has a problem.
Upgrading BIOS whithout actually going into the BIOS?

Shut down and pull the power cord out of the Notebook/Laptop then remove the battery and wait a few minutes before trying again.
Remove the SSD and try to boot into the BIOS, see what happens. Worst thing would be a notice of no boot device.
Flashing the BIOS with the same or newer file will depend upon how it is done for your computer, whether it needs the software on a floppy disk, a CD, a USB Thumb/Flash drive or can be done from within Windows.

One way to reset the BIOS on a Desktop is to pull all the power, wait a minute then remove the CMOS battery, about the size of a quarter, put it all back and try again. A similar procedure can be used with a Notebook but much more difficult to get at it and requires some experience and patience.

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Client does not like having 3 windows open when the computer boots up.
Would like to have one window with his icons on it.

What's up with this.

A:3 windows open when the computer boots up

Can you give a little more details? When the computer starts up, it normally starts all the services and applications that are marked to start up.

You can change this by typing "msconfig" in the Start menu or the Start > run box, and go to the Startup tab.

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my HP laptop has stopped working, freezing whenever i try to open any program.
It however works fine in SAFE mode, but with limited functionality.
what do i do.
can it be fixed without disk?

A:Computer boots in SAFE mode, but freezes on home if boot normally

Hello and welcome eklassie mate just run these in safe mode



A few more system specs would be good too my friend

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Okay I'm running XP on Dell Dimension E520, I can login into the computer with no problem, but then when i go to launch a program, the egg-timer mouse just stays up, my program doesn't launch, computer freezes up completely, but funnily enough I can still move the mouse. Now when I'm in safe mode, I've done virus scans using avast, malwarebytes, no threats found! I've also run CC Cleaner and cleaned my registry with it but it doesn't help. What more can I do to try and fix this please? I'm willing to use safe mode but no iTunes services work in it, and that's a pretty big problem for me!

So please any help you can give me is valued! Thanks

A:Computer boots okay, but then can't launch programs and icons display like a program

You may have a failing hard drive or memory module...

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I was not sure just where my question fit; since I have Windows 7, here it is.

Just a few hours ago, I created an edited jpeg in Photoshop Elements 7 and saved it to one of my external hard-drives, something I do hundreds of times each day.

A half hour or so later, my Synchredible file synchronization program ran it's scheduled task and flagged this jpeg with a warning that it was not able to copy it to the back-up drive.

I have had these situations before, and, while annoying and never easy, I have always been able to somehow manage to get rid of the problem file.

Not so this time.....

After several Explorer-crashing attempts to delete or move or refolder the problem file, I created a new folder and, although response was terribly slow and it took nearly forever, I finally managed to move all the other files to the new folder, leaving the problem file alone in the original folder.
At this point, usually I can then delete the folder, file and all; not so this time.
I have tried every trick I can think of and that jpeg remains; I cannot copy it, move it, open it, write over it, nor delete it.

Any program I have tried to open, move, or delete it just quits responding and eventually crashes.

I will repeat, this is a jpeg that I created myself just a couple hours before, not some malware mess that came from some unsavory source.

How do I get rid of this jpeg ?

Thanks for reading.

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any ideas? "open new window in a new tab" is selected, it makes no difference they always open in new windows

A:Firefox refuses to open new windows in a new tab

is this the same issue I have????? I have a firefox screen up, i want to load up another, and have a second icon on my quick launch bar, i click it, it just re-opens the current firefox screen, not a new one.... on firefox 3.6

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As the title says, my computer freezes randomly. Its gets pretty frustrating after a while.

Here is the system info:

2.8 ghz, pentium IV 512 mb

videocard: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X

Powersupply: 430 Watt thermaltake

harddrive: SAMSUNG SP1203N 120 gb

A:Computer freezes randomly

I've run across 2 culprits that give this behavior:

-memory. If you have all the right timing/voltages, run memtestx86 (google it) to see if you don't have memory problems. This is a very likely culprit, since memory is very delicate.

-motherboard. I had a bad motherboard northbridge or southbridge that would heat up more than the heatsink would dissipate, and cause machine lockups.

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ill be using my computer and all of a sudden the mouse will stop moving, but music will still play. sometimes when i hit the reset button it tells me it cant find either of my hard drives, but if i reset it a couple more time it wil boot up sithout a problem, anyone have any ideas?

A:my computer freezes randomly

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i originally posted under motherboards and what not but i probably should have posted it here. so here is the link to my problem. if you can help it will be much appreciated!!!
Unkown device and computer randomly freezes

A:computer randomly freezes.

For freezing problems, first thing I always wonder about is the Power Supply. What is the manufacture and exact model number of the power supply? What are the voltages as reported in BIOS?

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I don't particularly if this is a hardware issue but it seems pretty close. My computer freezes randomly, the screen that was on my computer at that moment stays that way till I force my computer off and on. Does anyone have any idea what it might be?

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I created this account and posted this thread because I've encountered a disturbing problem on my expensive gaming/school laptop that drastically affects my life. I am currently unable to work on assignments on my own computer or enjoy games because it freezes completely sporadically requiring a hard boot. I am very upset because I paid alot for the computer and I regularly scan it, and yet there are still problems.

Essentially the computer freezes on me and the keyboard becomes disabled and unresponsive. The mouse cursor on the screen slows down, like the sensitivity was turned down 95%, and moves sluggishly, and then I know the freeze is coming. The computer desktop freezes completely, the keyboard becomes disabled and sometimes the screen turns a faint transparent white depending on what application I am running. The cursor then turns into an animated hour glass that I can move around the screen totally normally, with no lag, but everything is unresponsive. I then need to do a hard boot and end up frusturated, tempted to through my computer at the wall.

I will be very grateful to however can diagnose the problem.

I've scanned the computer with at least 10 different reputable antivirus programs and I have repaired all the registry errors. I've uninstalled programs I no longer need and searched all over solutions, to no avail.

My specs and some info:

Windows 7 Home Premium, Service pack 1
Acer Aspire 5750G-6480
Intel Core i3
6 cell ion ... Read more

A:Computer freezes randomly

Welcome to the forum, Lord Torvas.

First I would install WhoCrashed: Resplendence Software - WhoCrashed, automatic crash dump analyzer
Then I would run driver verifier to force a crash: Using Driver Verifier to identify issues with Drivers

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I am running a Dell desktop that is about a year old.  For about the last two or three days, it will lock up randomly in various applicayions or just on the desktop.  System Recovery did not fix the problem.  I am using Norton Security Suite from Comcast and it has not shown any problems.  I am kinda inexperienced at this so any direction you can give me would be appreciated.

A:Computer randomly freezes

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
  List last 10 Event Viewer log
  List Installed Programs
  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic323892.html/page__p__1797792#entry1797792 , taking care to post the link.

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When I am on my computer it will randomly freeze up. I notice that it does it more often when I'm on the internet but it also does it when I am not on the internet and I'm just using various programs, what is the deal? Is there some kind of software that you can download that does an actual analysis of the computer and tells u where and what needs to be fixed and how to fix it?

A:Computer freezes randomly? Why

Hi and welcome to TSF,
You could start with this program to check the temperatures inside the computer.


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I really dont know what is wrong with my computer.
Its been through some hell.
One hard drive was destroyed last year due to viruses but since then.
Been trying to keep it as clean as possible.

Well I really dont know how to explain this..
Its like it will randomly lock up when ever it wants to and I have to turn it off and then turn it back on.
And sometimes *Rarely* I will get an error saying "Disk boot failure. Insert system disk and press enter key."
But restarting it solves that problem.
Sometimes it will stay up for hours.
Othertimes I'll walk off for five minutes after having it on for like 10 minutes and it does this.

I just hope someone can help me because this is seriously driving me nuts.
I dont know if my hard drive is just close to dieing.
Like I said, I have no idea whats wrong.
*Have had to format a couple times trying to solve this*

Sorry if this is the wrong spot.
I wasnt sure where to post something like this.
Seeing as how I have no idea whats causing this and was hoping someone could help me figure that out.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me.
And if you need my specs let me know.
I'll put 'em up.

A:Computer randomly freezes up.. Really need some help..

It sounds like your hard drive is going bad.

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this is my last out cry for help

i have a dell demension E310 computer,SP3, everything stock except for the ram

i recently have been having these freezing problems
it seems to be completly random and out of nowhere.
i could be doing anything and the computer would just freeze
the mouse and keyboard would still be operational
numlock would switch on and off but nothing would respond
my only choice would be to reboot the comp by holding the button down
if playing a game everything freezes and the sound skips
any clue whats going on?

A:computer freezes randomly

Have you done anything prior to the freezing? Anything you can remember that might be causing this?

When did you upgrade the RAM? Have you tested the RAM lately?

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I have been working on this computer for a couple of months. It started out just freezing up here and there & now it freezes so often I can hardly use the computer. It freezes when on internet, when using any software or when doing noting or just clicking on my programs will cause it to freeze. It freezes anywhere between a few minutes of use to an hour of use. It does not show any messages it just stops and will not even react to CTRL & Alt & DEL. I can not directly relate the freezing to any particular cause (software, etc..) Because of this I believe it may be a hardware problem. Here is the information about my computer.

-Intel Pentinum 4 CPU 1.79 GHZ / 1800 mghz
-512 Ram ( 2 - 256 each) same kind
-2 Hard Drives ( 160 & 232 divided 3 partitions)
-ACPI uniprocessor
-AOPEN ATX 300gt power supply
-sony cd rw drv 710 a
-I think rage fury video card
-Cable Modem with latest version of Internet Explorer
-Windows XP Pro ver 2002 with serviec pack 2

I also have 2 external drives that I disconnected since problems began
I also have a usb hub that I have disconnected since problems began
Printer / Scanner & Firewire card have also been removed since problems began

I currently have:
Ad Aware updated and try to use regularly
Spy Bot updated and try to use regularly
K Anti Virus and try to use regularly

I have also run hijak this searching for possible problems with programs that run at startup but all items are legitmate
Since beginning my troubleshooting a ... Read more

A:Computer Freezes Randomly ** Tried Everything **

The usual suspects:

- Heat
- Memory failure
- Video Card Failure ( or loose )
- Power Supply Failure
- HDD failure
- MotherBoard failure - particularly if cd's quit working

First thing I would do is run a memory test ( Google memtest86 )
then run hard drive diagnostics ( available from the manufacturer)
Reinstall the OS to rule out software problems
change out the Power Supply


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My computer has ran fine but lately freezes for no apparent reason. It is becoming more frequent. Hangs atleast once every time I use it. It doesn't seem to be related to anything I'm running. When it freezes the mouse will move but can't do anything else including cntrl-alt-del. I get no error messages or noticeable warnings. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Computer freezes randomly

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I am using my computer normally, when all of a sudden it will either:
a) Shut Down
b )Freeze Up Indefinitely
    1) Usually forever when I'm gaming, and for a few minutes otherwise.
a) Only happened once...
Intel Core i7
16GB Ram (Not sure what brand/model but I will find out if necessary)
Motherboard probably not important, tried three different kinds, all different manufacturer.
Currently using ASUS P8Z77-V Pro
Nvidia Geforce 650 Video Card
I probably should run some kind of tool for a log... but I have no idea what it's called.

A:Computer Randomly Freezes

This can be caused by a number of things. The fact that it happens after heavy gaming use means it could be the CPU overheating. It could also be a system memory issue, but with 16 GB of RAM, that's unlikely -- unless some of that system memory has gone bad.
Do you get any sort of error code, or does it just totally freeze up? Same with the shutting down, do you get an error code or blue screen first?
If you go to the search bar and type in Reliability Monitor, click "View reliability history", do you see any red Xs (critical events)? If you do, click on them -- what do they pertain to?

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(Wasn't sure what to put this under but chose Windows 7 because that's what i'm using)
Hi all, I have a problem with my PC that has been bugging me for sometime now, it seems I've tried everything I can think of but nothing helps. Before I get started I'd like to point out I'm quite computer savvy, I made my own, others for friends, and done numerous upgrades. So it's fair to say I know my way around a PC.

So, basically what is happening is that sometimes my computer just locks up and freezes, nothing responds, all audio cuts out, and the screen just stays on whatever it was just on and everything is in a standstill. No keyboard commands or anything works so I have to restart my PC using the on/off button. These freezes are completely random, sometimes it will happen 5 minutes into logging in, others it may go a couple of days without happening. But usually I'm getting one or two per day, sometimes even three. I thought I had fixed the problem last night, but alas, it froze on me 30 minutes ago.

So what I've done, firstly I was certain it was a RAM issue, as apparently having two sticks with different timings can cause this. So I manually put in the timings, voltage, and frequency to their correct numbers and took them of 'Automatic'. Still that didn't work, so I removed one stick and ran on one, it froze so I swapped, and it froze again (I've been trying to fix it for a month or so now). I've installed a hotfix that... Read more

A:Computer randomly freezes, tried everything!

You changed key components.

If you did not clean install...then the problem is the hard drive (with drivers/settings which no longer apply).


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I'm new to the forum and hope I am posting in the right section.

I have an issue where my computer freezes randomly. I've done a lot of searches and it seems like problem can be anything from softwares to hardwares.

My problem does not have frequently. Once it happened right after I started windows and just browsing through files (in first 5 min since boot). Other times it happened after 6+ hours of using computer and gaming. More often, it freezes every once in a long time.

What happens is screen freezes and I can't move anything. My computer doesn't make any louder noises and just stops being active.

I have reinstalled the windows, tried using it without any drivers except video card but still happened after hours of gaming.

This is a newly assembled computer and is stressing me out very much.

Here are my computer specs:

CPU: AMD 64 x2 Toledo 4800+
RAM: 4 sticks of Corsair valueselect 3200 1Gig (512mb a stick) two dual chan
Graphic Card: Leadtek Winfast 7900GT 256mb
PSU: Antec Truepower 2.0 500 Watts

All parts are brand new.

I used to have BSOD problem with this comp (right after assemly) but went after I uninstalled the NFROCE firewall.

I no longer have BSOD problem but comp still freezes once in a while.

Any ideas? I would like to get this solved before my school starts next week.

A:Computer freezes randomly, help!

Is the inside of your computer hot? Download speedfan and check. Computers can get jittery when they are extremely hot.

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Edit: I just happen to see some of the similar problems in the forums. Sorry for this useless one.

A:Computer Freezes randomly.

no problem, please mark it solved then..?

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Hi. I have visited this forum many times in the past while trying to solve my pc problems, but now Im making an account because theres a problem I have been trying to get answers for long time.

As the title says, my computer freezes. It doesnt really matter what Im doing, it just freezes. I have sought help from similar threads made here before, but those threads havent helped my situation so Id like to have my case as individual one. About the problem, my computer is custom build, I ordered it from internet 2 years ago. I didnt build it, but I chose the parts for it. At home I installed the OS myself, the guys at the store didnt touch the bios, they simply built it. When I first tried a game on my pc, after a while it crashed. Screen froze and the speakers let out steady loud broken noise, then I was at the desktop again. Ok so this happened sometimes only while playing. After a while it didnt get back to desktop after a crash, the whole computer froze, I couldnt do anything but to shut it down manually. It was like this for the longest time, and I tried to "fix" it by trying to mess with the ram voltages and cpu ratios in AsRock extreme tuner. Didnt help obviously, but I kept doing it for a long time because I noticed if the settings are in certain values the computer lasts longer without crashing. The freezes started to annoy me so I didnt play that much anymore, but then I discovered my pc can freeze even while browsing internet. Thats when I started to look ... Read more

A:Computer freezes randomly

Hi fimbull, welcome to the windows 7 forums.

can you please check under device manager to see if you have any issues

Control Panel\System and Security\System\device manager

also if you boot in safe mode does the computer crash out?

please report back.

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I have never seen this happen before. This computer freezes every minute or so, for about 20 or 30 seconds. The entire system will be locked up, accepting no input and apparently processing nothing. When the system returns everything proceeds as normal. I ran spybot S&D and spyware blaster, which have always been an effective combination for me before, and hijack this displays nothing abnormal. this computer hasn't been used much and there aren't a lot of programs installed that could be causing incompatibilities. any suggestions?edit: hijackthis logLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)Scan saved at 11:45:11 AM, on 5/20/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\netdde.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\cisvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\dllhost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\tcpsvcs.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem\wmiapsrv.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\dmadmin.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\Program Files\Support.com\bin\tgcmd.exeC:\Program Files\... Read more

A:Computer Freezes Randomly

Welcome to the BleepingComputer HijackThis Logs and Analysis forum spacecadet First please delete:C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\Firefox downloads\HiJackThis_v2.exeNow download and install Hijackthis.This is a self-extracting version which will automatically install HJT to C:\Program Files\Hijackthis by default.A desktop shortcut can be created during install under 'Select Additional Tasks'.***************************Viewpoint Manager is considered as foistware instead of malware since it is installed without users approval but doesn't spy or do anything "bad". This will change from what we know in 2006 read this article: http://www.clickz.com/news/article.php/3561546You are well advised to remove the program now. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and remove the following programs if present:ViewpointViewpoint ManagerViewpoint Media PlayerThen restart your pc.***************************You seem to have problems with Mcafee,it does'nt appear to be running as it should.As a result of that you've no virus protection installed.Download\install one of the following freeware options from the choice below.Once installed update its definitions and then run a full system virus scan.AVG7 Free Edition Antivirus:http://free.grisoft.com/softw/70free/setup...ree_446a965.exeAvast! 4 Home Edition: http://files.avast.com/iavs4pro/setupeng.exeActive Virus Shield There's a nice setup tutorial Her... Read more

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well, my computer freezes randomly, usually when im playing a game, it will freez so i have no mouse movement or keyboard function and i havto manually restart my computer pressing the restart button.
it all started when i downloaded a driver for my Geforce 7300 GS and now it has been going on for almost a month and i dont know what to do. i tired rolling back my driver to the version it was before, and thats what im running now but it didnt work.

A:My computer freezes randomly

Brand and model of computer or motherboard; amount of memory installed

Could be anything at this point, so perhaps we can begin to rule out some possibilities.

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