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Is there any Realistic Benefit Using Vista 64 vs 32?

Q: Is there any Realistic Benefit Using Vista 64 vs 32?

I don't see any.

It does not seem faster.

Vista never uses more than 2 GB on my System, for all the 4 GB+ talk.
The virtual memory/page file is as big as ever.

Drivers take for ever to come out, and are usually last.

You'd need an electron microscope to notice the additional features in 64 bit editions of games versus their 32 bit counter parts.

Am I completely missing the point of 64-bit Vista?

What percentage of Vista installed today is the 64-bit edition? Is it increasing?


Preferred Solution: Is there any Realistic Benefit Using Vista 64 vs 32?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Is there any Realistic Benefit Using Vista 64 vs 32?

For me,the 64-bit version just Felt that little faster than the 32-bit Version.

If you are using 4GB RAM then u have to use X64 to make sure Vista uses all 4GB (Even if its not using it currently,with newer apps taking lots and lots of RAM,4GB will become a standard sooner rather than later).

Driver problems are more Vista Related (i.e both 32 and 64 bit) ,than only X64.
Yes the percentage of people using Vista X64 is increasing,In fact most people jumping onto Vista are getting the X64 version.

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I have seen many screenshots where the icons in Devices and Printers very realistically represent the device it represents, but mine dont.

Here is a screenshot:

I'd like to change the iPod to represent my Nano, make the display look like my Samsung, make the Printer look like my printer...

How can I accomplish this?

A:Make Realistic Icons More Realistic?

Right click on Icon>properties>change icon
Some cannot be changed
Others you must look under the last tab

EDIT: Sorry just checked the icons you want to change and it cannot be done the way I said

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Ok, so I'm thinking of upgrading my workstations to vista, but my question is, what's the benefit? I've worked in IT for awhile now and seen some great improvements in operating systems over the years. Upgrading from 2000 to XP, there was a clear benefit, but I can't see one from XP to vista. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with vista, but I don't want to have to go through the hassle of imaging about 2,500 workstations if i don't have to. Eventually, I will, but can i wait?

Any tips or suggestions would be great.

A:XP to Vista = Benefit???

I thought long and hard about upgrading all my workstations to Vista, I eventually came to the conclusion that it just wasn't worth it, most of my users have just about got the hang of XP so Vista would lead to more support calls, some of the workstations would need upgrade, also there is the effort involved in imaging the systems.

If XP works fine for your users.....leave it alone, and spend the time you would be using to do the upgrade drinking coffee and surfing the net.

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Which war game for Playstation 2 is considered the most realistic, not just in graphics but in game-play and everything?

A:Most realistic war game?

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I am thinking about giving an old Fujitsu lifebook B110 a new lease of life, I have it since new and although it's old I am quite attached to it.

It has a Pentium 233MMX processor, and 160MB ram.It currently runs Win98.

The hardware meets the minimum specs for XP, but seriously, would it be usable? Or would it be like watching paint dry? The most it would do is a little light web browsing and maybe some email.

Also, I wonder if XP home would be any less demanding than say, Pro?

I know I should just go ahead and give it a try but I can't do anything at the moment until I get an external CD drive, so I am just thinking ahead.

if it's not up to running XP; I might give Puppy Linux a try.

A:XP minimum specs realistic?

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Hi , can anyone recommend any modern warfare type first person shooters please.

Ive completed Cod4 already on veteran , ive also played BF2 , delta force and expansions and Americas army.

Im more interested in single rather than online multiplayer games , so games with a good story/background intros would be cool. Also games with reasonable graphics , I know theres not gonna be much that compares to Cod4 on that front at the moment but something closeish will do

A:Recommend realistic fps games please

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Can anyone recommend a good Photo Realistic Printer?
Enlight 7237 ATX 300W PS|Gigabyte GA7DX DDR w/ Sound|AMD T-Bird 1.4 GHz & 266 FSB|Thermaltake DUO462-7 Socket A CPU fan|256MB DDR|40 Gig WD 7200 RPM|Hitachi GD-2500 DVD-ROM|TDK veloCD 24x10x40 CD-RW|GeForce2
mx400|SupraMax 56i Voice PCI Modem|Windows ME

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How do I get realistic distance representation using GIMP?

Thanks for your input to my postings. I am using GIMP 2.8. I am not an expert.

I have two images (image1 & image 2). I have same object in image 1 & image 2, but the object is displaced between images. I used GIMP to overlay both the images to figure out the displaced distance. Here is what I did.

I created the 1st image from clipboard, I open a new layer and placed the 2nd object. I adjusted the opacity to provide transparency between image 1 & image 2 . I find image 2 is layered on top of image 1, but the displaced distance is not representing realistically on layered image. I tried with zoom. Images look odd.

How do I make the images to be sync to displaced distance?

I am attaching the layered image for review.

Thanks for sharing.

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Ok I see

this picture and all and i don't remember that hurricane which led me to beleive it was computer generated as a prank or something.

Regardless of whether it is real or not is it possible to computer generate an image like this using a program like photoshop? i could have a little fun *evil horns*

A:Creating Realistic Hurricane Images

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Hello everyone!

I am about to buy a 21 inch monitor. A secondhand one from yahoo auctions in japan.
There are many options, but as a foreigner here in tokyo I prefer to go safe and get an old usual hp.

I intend to use it for spreadsheets and every pixel space counts for me.

The question is,
My first option, Hp p1100 model does not support 2048x1536 at flicker free refresh rates. Is around 100$.

hp p1110 or later support 2048x1536 at 72hz or more. around 150$.

Can one use 2048x1536 with a 21 inch monitor for spreadsheets or general use? I mean realistically. If it is an unrealistic resolution then I will not bother about it and get the cheaper one.

Your experiences would be appreciated.

A:21inch monitor 2048x1536 realistic?

If $50 critical for you go ahead and get the 1100 .You can run the CRT at a lower resolution and still have the extra territory.
But get the 1110 if you can. Remember, at the higher resolution ,spreadsheets may be too small so you might have to increase font size.but the letters will be nice and crisp.

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I've gotten the OK from the CFO (wife) for my new computer. The funds will be in place next week. Does anyone have an idea of a realistic timeframe for the P51 release date? In my estimate, I figure it will be at least a few months before I can spec one out and order. Perhaps another month for delivery. Does this sound about right?

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Hi all. I need a little help making photo look more realistic. I have been asked if it is possible to remove the door, gorilla and extra kids from this photo so only the boy playing the marimba is left.

Using Corel PhotoPaint 11 I have managed to do the following:

Basically I cut out the kid and his marimbas. Then I created a wall using a portion of the original wall as the "paint" and the same with the carpet. It all looked too "smooth" so I fiddled around and eventually settled on adding noise which seems to make it look better. The kid had very straight edges so I used a thing called feather to blend him in a little better.

I am still not happy though. It still looks a little cut and paste to my liking. Particular areas of annoyance is the "halo" above his head and the flat look of the front marimba.

Is there anything I can do to make this look a little more realistic?

I have only ever cut out logo's before and worked with text. I do a lot of work with vector graphics, but this is a bit new for me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: help making photo look realistic

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Here's Mine-

Koolance PC2-601BW Full tower Liquid Cooling case $300

INTEL Pentium 4 XEON 2.8GHz 512K 2 of them. $1,000


6 of them- Crucial 512MB DDR PC2100 CL=2.5 Registered ECC 7.5ns 2.5V 64Meg x 72 $1,200

RAID Contoller:
Promise Fasttrack 100 $70

Hard Drives:
8 of them: Western Digital 200GB Special Edition. $2,800

Zip Drive:
100 MB and 250 MB. $150

DVD/CDRW Drives:
Memorex DVD+RW and Pioneer DVD-R. $550

Thermal Paste:
Artic Silver 3. $10

Floppy Drive:
Mitsumi $9

3 of them: Apple 23 inch HDTV widescreen LCD Flat Panel. $10,500

Sound Card:
Sound Blaster Audigy2 Platinum $150

Video Card:
Matrox Parehelia $250

It may cost a year's salary, but it'd be sweet wouldn't it

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Hey, I have been using Tux Guitar to compose music, mostly kinda Alternative Rock/Punk Rock sounds. I have a friend who i can send my .midi files to, who runs them through 'Logic' mac software and makes them sound alot less like some crap ringtone, It's still not entirely realistic but it sounds a heck of alot better, and from that point it's alot easier to show my friends and say "play this" when we're jamming


I was wondering what kind of Windows PC software i can achieve the same results with - close to, if not better. Just something i can run my programmed midi's through, and substitute the polyphonic sounding beeps for more effective digital instruments. any improvement is good... so it doesn't have to be ULTRA SOFTWARE 80000!!!!111one!!one!! that does a whole bunch of other things too, but it would be great if i could achieve something similar to what Logic does to my music. And if it's all expensive, is there something atleast free to use that I could improve them with even a little in the meantime?


A:Midi Files: Improving the Realistic-ness?

Give this link a look, and see if it may be something that could help

FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec

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Hi all,

Just a quick question here, does anyone know of any software that can render and animate creatures with flesh and skin that move realistically? Not just with a shape following a bone but where the flesh squeezes out around bending joints and is effected by gravity etc. They use it all the time in films e.g. to create dinosaurs. Is there any software like this generally available that wont break the bank? Or is it only available to film companies etc.


A:Looking for animation application that handles realistic flesh and skin movement.

Oh yes, and being able to handle clothes would be useful. But that is less important.

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I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could refer me to where I could find a high quality falling snow simulation. It can either be independent (transparent and active on all screens), or associated with any background. It will most likely be found as part of a holiday screensaver or animated wallpaper, but I'll take it any way I can find it. I've searched extensively and can not find any very realistic simulations. Most use conspicuous and common symbols as snowflakes, seriously lack assorted effects, and just look too artificial and unrealistic.

At one time I had installed and used a screensaver associated with the attached desktop picuture (and this one has even been modified from the original picture with a superimposed Santa, snowman and snow puffs), but I somehow have lost it thru many computer changes. I have been unable to relocate it since, although the desktop picture alone was recently found on some sights. That screensaver had the best falling snow simualtion I've ever found, with shifting winds and speeds, and also a realistic snow concetration and depth perception. If you know where the that original screensaver can be found, I'd truly appreciate it.

Thanks for your interest......

A:Seeking most realistic falling snow simulation for desktop/screesaver

Are you looking for something free? If so, do be careful. I do not recommend free screensavers on the Web 'cause they come bundled up with adware and spyware.

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Can my system benefit from running two graphics cards in SLI?
My main limitation , I guess, is my monitor. it is a 19" Dell LCD ( FP1908).
It has max resolution of 1280x1024 and a 5ms response time.

My CPU is fine. It is a Core2Duo OC'd to 2.8 GHZ. I get decent frame rates in most games.

So would I see much benefit of 2 GPU's with this monitor ?


A:Could I benefit from 2 GPU's in SLI ?

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to trust or not to trust?
btw when i record a TV show the sound is not in sync with the video
i've tried seperating them both and then putting them together yet it doesnt work
when im doing the recording its has a memory use of around 800mb
its either my sound card that is too slow with the via chipset or the use of paging file slows down the recordingto trust or not to trust?

A:New RAM benefit PC?

I don't see why this would be a RAM issue (on another notice, Patriot is a trustworthy brand), though the page file might have something to do with it, but it's highly doubtful.
My money is on a software or a tuner-related problem. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your TV tuner, video card, and sound card. Try using another recording software, see if it helps.

Here's an article on the subject

Bear in mind that it might be a playback problem. Have you tried playing the recordings on another computer or video player?

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I'm running a ThinkPad T41p with 1GB of RAM. It's quick enough for most tasks, but I'm thinking of going to 2GB of RAM.

I almost always run many programs at once (Word, iTunes, Eudora, Firefox, IE, and more) with many, many browser windows and/or tabs open at once.

Will I see any noticeable benefit?

A:Any benefit to going to 2GB of RAM

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I'm running a Dell Dimension 2400 with 256MB of ram, windows xp pro sp2, and all the other stuff shown in my profile below. Between me and my wife, about the only software we use is Microsoft Office 2003, MSIE for normal web browsing (but never for sound or games), hotmail (I use outlook express; my wife goes directly to hotmail via MSIE), MS Streets and Trips, Quicken, mIRC occasionally, Adobe, Taxcut, Fund Manager (a marvelous mutual fund tracking program!), and the usual set of protective software shown below.

In practical terms, would I REALLY benefit from doubling the amount of RAM? Or would that be overkill in my case?

A:Would I REALLY benefit from more ram?

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I just got my first LCD, a 23" Asus. It has VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs and my Radeon 4890 has a DVI to HDMI adapter. I'm using DVI now.Will the HDMI give a better image for normal use and gaming or is it just good for HDTV and BluRay?

A:Any benefit to using HDMI?

DVI & HDMI are interchangable. The sole difference is HDMI carries the sound with it.

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Before I installed the ssd, I had a 500GB Seagate running my OS and was using a Samsung 320GB hd to store a system backup image / paging file and temp files on. I have an external usb drive which I keep my backup images on now. Would it be of benefit to hook the Samsung drive back up and use it for paging and temp files again? If so, do I need to format the Samsung drive first? Thanks!

A:Any benefit in using my standard hd along with my ssd?

Hello p5200,

Since SSDs are faster than a HDD, it would actually hurt your performance to move the page and temp file to a HDD instead of leaving them on the SSD.

A HDD good be good for backups and extra storage to save space on the SSD though.

Hope this helps,

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am i going to see any signicant benefit in upping my RAM from 2GB to 4GB?

NOW = intel Core2Duo 65nm, 2200MHz, 2GB RAM, ADSL2. XP pro SP3.

A:Is there benefit in adding more RAM to x32?

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I have a technet subscription and I'm considering putting Windows 8 on a Dell Optiplex GX280 I have.

Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz (with HT)
nVidia Quadro FX 1400 128 MB graphics card

Would this machine be any faster on Windows 7 than it is on XP? I've heard that Win7 is faster.

A:Would this PC benefit from Win7?

It's about the minimum spec, I say anything with 2gb ram is good for 7. although in this case the HDD space would be a factor since win7 uses around 20gb or more, where as XP can vary from 500mb - 4gb it's still significantly smaller even with all features installed.

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I ordered a P50 with 64G non-ECC RAM. Simply because I was out of enough budget for ECC RAM. Time to time I ask myself why ECC RAM is so expensive and how it can change my Thinkpad P50 experience and why there is such option for P50I might not have a need for ECC RAM now Or maybe I am not aware of such need. I appreciate if someone explain what is actual need of ECC RAM and when I need that.I plan to use P50 for web development using several VMs that may fill whole 64G memory. Do you think my system could be more stable with ECC RAM? Can none-ECC RAM cause blue screen or losing my VM data because of not correcting the memory? I never had any corrupted VM or file due to not having ECC RAM but I also never had a system with such huge memory. How I should know  corruption is happened and it is because of having none ECC RAM? It appear ECC ram is useful for servers if that is true what is benefit of having ECC ram at a desktop computer? Can you show me a real usage of ECC ram that I can not do it with none-ECC RAM? Do you know any software that dont work with none-ECC RAM?Happy ThinkPading!

Go to Solution.

A:What is real benefit of ECC RAM over non-ECC RAM?

There is nothing I can think of or can imagine that will not work with non-ECC RAM.  If you had a server or computer that needed 7-24 availability or where you would suffer serious losses if there were a system crash, then ECC might make sense.  I have used a lot of computers and I have had very few memory chips go bad, and on the rare occasions where it happened, I diagnose and repair just as I would diagnose any other error.  I would not consider the benefits to be worth the cost, for my use.  I also do not use something like RAID-6 to handle 2 drives failing at the same time on my desktop.  I simply keep good backups and deal with any errors when they occur.  For me, using redundant drives would just mean I would have more too-small drives to throw away when data growth renders them obsolete. 
Wikipedia has a decent description of ECC.

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I "upgraded" to 7 about a month ago after using XP for several years, and am still wondering what's better about windows 7? It's slightly faster to boot, but most of the other changes are annoying at best, and it seems like this is just another excuse for Microsoft to extract more money from the public.

A:What's the benefit to Windows 7?

Been using it for a year almost. I would say it's just awesome . A little patience with a new OS will get you used to it & make you aware of the lovely UI+features. If you remain annoyed, guess you have the option Clean install of back to XP.

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Hello guys, it's been a long time! I hope you're all well?

This might sound like a silly question, but I'll be upgrading my home broadband soon from A-DSL to fiber-optic (BT Infinity).

Will I notice any difference at all with my wireless devices? I have one 802.11b/g device, and the rest (including the router) are 802.11n.

My current plan is 17 Mb/s down / 1.09 Mb/s up, although in practice I get around 8 Mb/s down. Ping time is 30-35 ms. I'm paying ?36 per month, although because I go over the bandwidth cap a lot, I end up paying ~?130 per month instead. Ouch!

The BT guys have been working over the past two years to get BT Infinity fiber-optic broadband available where I am, in the middle of the country, 7 miles from the nearest city (I'm nowhere near London). There's a BT exchange up the road from me where there's some sort of BT HQ, as well as a fiber cabinet. There are also other cabinets situated around the village.

The fiber plan I'm going for is 38 Mb/s down / 9 Mb/s up. The cost will be ?43 per month with unlimited bandwidth. I expect ping times to decrease, but how will this affect download/upload speeds, exactly?

I was under the impression that fiber-optic was all about the cable, which would require Ethernet, would it not?

As far as devices, I have a PS3 (I play GTA Online during the weekends, so I assume fiber will help here), two desktops connected via Ethernet, two laptops, four phones and a tablet in the house, although they're usually not all being us... Read more

A:From A-DSL to Fiber. Will Wi-Fi Benefit?

For a start you have to be mad to pay that price when with plusnet you can get 70 meg down 20 meg up for ?26 for 6 months then only ?35 the strange thing being they are part of BT https://www.plus.net/home-broadband/ the best of plusnet if you recomend someone they knock you money off each month
if you are using a router set to g type it will max out on wifi but with a n or ac type it will improve a lot I am with plusnet and I can download a dvd in under 10 mins

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Hi all - thinking of a new graphics card ( Nvidia GTX 285 ) but I'm not sure if I'll see much improvement with my system. My specs are

Core2 duo E8400
Gigabyte P35DS3P
4gb DDR2 800

I really like playing GTA4 and would like to crank up the graphics a bit more.

I only built this system a year ago si I'm looking at this as a sort of a mid life upgrade and will probably build an i7 based system next year some time.

Thanks for any input.

A:Solved: GTX 285 any benefit to me

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Greetings. I have the Logitech g930 wireless headset and a Sabertooth x79 motherboard.

G930: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826104399
Sabertooth: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131801&Tpk=sabertooth%20x79

The only question is, would I benefit from a soundcard, or is my on-board audio good enough to handle 7.1 surround? I play Battlefield 3 and watch a lot of movies and would like to take full advantage of the 7.1.

Thanks in advance.

A:Would I benefit from a soundcard?

The onboard sound should be good enough for 7.1 speaker systems, I haven't tried the Circumaural head phones yet but I would think the onboard sound should handle that well also.

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I've searched and searched and for the life of me i cant find any benefit of a 64bit os over a 32bit.

Ive checked up on all of my hardware, it all has 64 driver support, ive checked the software i most commonly use, it also supports 64 bit but even so i cant find any reason to get 64 bit. I mean, in theory it should preform significantly better but it seems that in reality it actually does worse of not identical.

So can anyone justify to me the purpose of 64 bit os?

im buying a new OS regardless im just trying to understand why 64-bit sucks and what are (if any) the benefits to using it over tried-and-true 32.

I do a lot of video editing
I do a lot of photoshop
I do a lot of Gaming

And from what i've read there's simply no performance increase in any of these (or anything else for that matter) with going the 64bit road. Im in the process of building a new computer and im trying to go state-of-the-art but it sure is hard when the latest and greatest isnt all that great.

A:Absolutelly no benefit of 64-bit???

64 Bit are usually for users who are into a lot of programming and coding stuff. Going 64 bit doesnt increase performance at all. It will increase the "handling" power of instructions to the core.

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I am a fanatic for keeping a clean registry, especially after I uninstall a program and find leftover remnants. But I do the best I can using the tools I have, so it stays fairly clean. Usually my procedure for uninstalling a program goes like this: I run Your Uninstaller Pro, which, when set on moderate cleaning will get rid of quite a few leftover registry entries and some system files. It usually will not get program file folders and such, but they're easy to delete.

After that I go into to regedit in Vista and do a text search for remnants of the program I just uninstalled. I usually find plenty that I can delete. I do not touch the binary information that comes up after I do a search because I don't know what all the numbers mean or if I should delete them or not.

Also I have two other registry edit utilities that I run, that scan a little deeper than regedit. I delete what I can from them also. So after all of that I am usually content that I got rid of most of the leftovers from any given program that was uninstalled, however deep inside, I still wish there was a better way to go about it all.

Enter the program Total Uninstaller. I bumped into it on the web and immediately bought it. I liked the way it described the method it used to get as clean an uninstall as possible. The way it works is, when you want to install a program, you install it under "monitored installations. It first takes a snapshot of your registry and system files, then you install ... Read more

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New Desktop (HP Pavilion 500-075). Is there any significant benefit to keeping HPDetect on the system? When it runs it seems to require an unusual amount of CPU resources and it seems to run every several days and I can't find a way to set a schedule for it to run. Would there be any adverse effects if uninstalled?

Just Wondering


A:What's The Benefit To Having HPDetect On Desktop PC

It is usually used for the automatic detection of installed HP products for support purposes.
If you don't plan on using HP support, you can uninstall it, or disable it from the Task Manager/Startup.

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I am wondering if a HDD upgrade for my laptop be worth it? I currently have a

Acer Aspire 5920G
Core2Duo T9300
GeForce 8600M GT
320GB HDD (5400rpm)
will a upgrade to 7200rpm HDD benefit/be worth it? I need more storage so i am considering a 500GB 7200rpm. Or will I be better off with a 5400rpm 1?

A:Will a HDD Upgrade for Laptop benefit

I do know that if you upgrade to a SSD, you will definitely notice an improvement. I have one in my Toshiba laptop and the improvement is remarkable.

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Hi guys, I've got a Toshiba laptop (check my specs) and it has 4gb of ram with a quad core processor. My Toshiba manual tells me that I can upgrade my ram to 8 gigabytes. Would adding 4gb more to my system (4x2 memory modules) help my system? Thanks!

A:Would laptop benefit with an 8gb ram upgrade?

It really depends on what you do with the computer.

RAM is so cheap right now that I did mine exactly like you are contemplating. (Went from 4GB to 8GB.) The trouble is that I also upgraded to an SSD at the same time, which I knew would really pep things up. This made it harder to see how much effect the RAM alone may have had.

I've heard rumors that the price for memory is heading back up. If you're on the fence and have the dough I'd be tempted to go for it. (I'm also assuming that RAM is as cheap where you are as it is here.)

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Accidentally I came across prices for graphic cards today. Turns out, for relatively small money, I can significantly upgrade my graphic card. At the moment, I am running ATI HD 2600 XT. The question is, what happens if I replace it by, say ATI Radeon HD 4650? Not top of the line (hence small money), but clearly newer than mine. Will I actually benefit from such upgrade? For background, I don't play games and I watch my videos on my TV, so if I watch anything on the PC, it's only to make sure I understand what is actually in the file.

A:Will I benefit from a new graphic card?

chances are you would not benefit much from this upgrade.

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hi guys, i have a copy of windows 7
64 bit at the moment i am running
windows XP, will i benefit from
installing window 7 my system as follows
Intel e6600 processor
gigabyte ga31 mother board
2Gig of corsair ram
Gt250 graphics card
2Hard drives 500 gig of space
cooler master CPU cooler and case

Will i be able to do the upgrade install
or do i have to do a clean install
will window 7 make my games run slower i run black ops and battle field veitnam
any help will be appreciated

A:Solved: will i benefit from windows 7

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I thought I would create a drive L, and use it exclusively for log files.

Because log files are small files, I would reduce the cluster size by formatting the drive using FAT16. T

I could restrict access, and I would not share the drive.

I would place all my log files there, and when the drive were 75% full, have it tell me. Then I would archive 100% of its contents.

If I go through with this it seems I would conserve disk space, keep the information private, and have a comprehensive record of what happen on my system in one place. Does anyone know of a reason I shouldn't do this?

A:The Benefit From A Dedicated Log Drive

I would go with fat32 instead of fat16 if you are trying to minimize wasted space (or even NTFS depending on the size of the partition anyway) as fat16 would INCREASE the cluster size.

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Ok, my computer is:

AMD Duron 800
300 watt power supply
dvd rom/ cd r-rw / 3.5 floppy
256 ram pc133(two 128 cards)
27 gig hard drive (partitioned into main(c, backup(d, chris(e
Soundblaster Live 5.1 X-Gamer
GeForce MX 420
Windows XP Pro(upgraded recently from Win98se)

I mainly use my computer for Graphic/Web Design(photoshop, dreamweaver, premier, after effects, illustrator, freehand, in design, etc....), gaming(simple 2-D games to hardware crashing like Morrowind), and music(hard disk record, MIDI, software synths, etc..)

Anyway, I have already upgraded my computers RAM from 128 to 256, sound card from onboard to Soundblaster 5.1 gamer, and videocard from SiS onboard to GeForce MX420. Which upgrade do you guys think would benefit me most in terms of making my computer more powerful and faster, less errors, etc...?

A:What upgrade will benefit this(my) computer most?

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we know many of programs or softwares , like Messenger , Explorer , Yahoo , Whatsup , Photoshop , Realplayer , antiviruses ... etc the list goes on .

as users we download them freely and use .. leave aside the paid softwares , there the matter is clear that the money you pay to get the software goes to the company .. but what about the very much number of free softwares ? what is the benefit ?

another question , who owns the internet over the world and who takes my monthly cost of connection ?

A:what do software developers benefit ?

No one really owns the world wide Internet. This is much like the telephone system. There are international standards that govern it's use. Your monthly fee goes to your ISP and they use it to cover operating costs and the bandwidth used by subscribers.

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I have Emisisoft Internet Security, ESET, Sandboxie and HitmanPro Alert...so what would the benefit of adding AppGuard and would it actually work or make any difference in the security?

I play lot of online games (Star Wars Online, Battlefield 4, Guild wars 2 etc) so I don't want this to interefere with it.

A:So what is the benefit of AppGuard if using Sandboxie?

Tempnexus said:

I have Emisisoft Internet Security, ESET, Sandboxie and HitmanPro Alert...so what would the benefit of adding AppGuard and would it actually work or make any difference in the security?

I play lot of online games (Star Wars Online, Battlefield 4, Guild wars 2 etc) so I don't want this to interefere with it.Click to expand...

ESET Smart Security or NOD32 ?

If ESS on 2 different systems or combined with EIS on 1 system ?


AppGuard protects the physical system should anything "break-out" of the Sandboxie sandbox or - more likely - you make a mistake.

AppGuard in Lock-Down mode is probably as good as can be had from a software restriction policy security soft - unless you use Excubits Bouncer or NoVirusThanks Smart Object Blocker and write all the rules. Writing all the rules is a horrendous task if you don't know what rules you need.

AppGuard is the most user-friendly of the SRP softs, Lock-Down mode SRP is very tight, and at only about 5 MB RAM usage it is difficult to do any better.

Yes. By adding AppGuard your security would be "maxed-out."

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What is " Dual channel benefit " of RAM ?How it makes pc performance better ?

A:Dual channel benefit of RAM

This explains it in an easy to understand manner. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual-channel_architecture

It does make a big difference. My daughter’s computer had a matched set of PC2700 modules. She removed them and added a single stick of super fast gamer RAM with a heat sink. Her computer slowed significantly.

I tried to get her to overclock the gamer RAM to get the performance back up, but she elected to put her old RAM back in the computer and sell the gamer module on Ebay. What she really needed was a second stick of gamer RAM with overclocking, but the heat sink in the second slot prevents her from closing the drive bay.

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Hi Everyone,

I have migrated several mechanical drives across to Solid Solid State Drives. Typically I have cloned the contents of the mechanical drive to the SSD to minimize the work involved in upgrading.

I am wondering if there is any benefit in first defragmenting a mechanical drive before migrating the data on it to an SSD?

Assuming that I was using a Samsung EVO 840 drive and the Samsung Data Migration software would there be a benefit from first defragmenting the mechanical drive before copying over to the SSD?

I am going to guess that theoretically it should make no difference, but on the off chance that it may I am considering defragmenting before migrating in future.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


A:Is there any benefit to defragmenting before migrating to an SSD?

I've never heard anyone say it made any difference, but I can't prove it doesn't and have never tried to prove it one way or another.

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Please give me a clear ideas.

A:How can I benefit from social bookmarking?

Is this for a homework project or something specific?

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If the same settings are kept in both Balanced and Power Saver, are there any differences if I change the plan ?

A:Any hidden benefit in power plans ?

Your system will run cooler with Power Saver plan than Balanced plan and may result in few minutes extra battery life.

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Hello I was wondering what the benefits are of using email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird as opposed to direct online access (in other words, opening my yahoo mail in Firefox opposed to opening it in Thunderbird).

A:Benefit Of Using Programs Such As Outlook Or Thunderbird?

This link has it covered pretty well: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/82884/online-email-vs-outlook/

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I'm running a 32 bit windows point of sale application in one of the family run business stores. The PC has a athlon xp 2000+ and 128MB RAM and has WinXP as the OS. The program developer in his latest requirements says a pentium class 1.5ghz processor is a minimum with 1.5GB RAM. I want to know if it is worth the upgrade to an i3 with 4 or 8 GB of memory and Win 7. Is there a way I can measure the increase? The program has a foxpro database as the backend.


A:Will my 32 bit legacy program benefit from a cpu upgrade?

As far as I'm aware you may have difficulties in running Foxpro on Win7 but I stand to be corrected by those more experienced on the issue.

You're already running a fairly low spec PC so the suggestions being made by your developer are sound. Be aware though that 32bit OS can only see 3.2GB of RAM. You need to go to a 64bit OS to be able to access more than that. Whilst memory (DDR3) is fairly cheap atm, unless you are running memory intensive programs (Photoshop, etc) then the benefits of going above 4GB of memory are marginal in my experience

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