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[SOLVED] No Password Prompt When Vista Awakes Though Password Enabled

Q: [SOLVED] No Password Prompt When Vista Awakes Though Password Enabled

I have Vista. I am trying to set it so that when I put my laptop to sleep it will ask for a password to log back in when I wake it up. Under "PowerOptions > SystemSettings> Power Protection On Wakeup" I have it set to "Require a password."

However, when I wake up my laptop it does not ask for a password but instead loads right back up to the desktop. When I leave the computer idle for a long period of time and it locks itself/hybernates/whatever it does ask for a password, and I do have a password saved on the computer.

Is there something I am missing here? I'd like for the password prompt to start working.


Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] No Password Prompt When Vista Awakes Though Password Enabled

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] No Password Prompt When Vista Awakes Though Password Enabled

Hi -

Try resetting the power options to default settings.

Are all Windows Updates in, including Vista SP1 & SP2?


Regards. . .



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Hi there so I am trying to enable file sharing from my PC with my home network and I would prefer to have protected file sharing enabled so if you want to access the files on my computer you are prompted to login with a username and password. The issue I am having is this prompt never is presented because I have the same username and password on both PC's. Is there anyway to change it so it still has the prompt or am I requred then to have different passwords on both PC's if I don't want this to happen?

A:File protected sharing enabled but no password prompt is required?

By default windows passes the username and password your logged in with if that is correct it wont prompt so someone would have to be logged in with that username etc to access the file. changing user or password would prompt it

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I have Vista Ultimate installed on my newish computer. I also have Outlook as part of Office Pro and use it for e-mail. Every time I attempt to download e-mail a dialogue box pops us prompting me for my password. I have clicked ?save my password?, entered the password under ?E-Mail Accounts User Information?, signed on using the password and nothing seems to stop this popup from appearing. Each time it appears the server stops downloading the e-mail and I must restart. What am I missing here? I?m the only one using this system, so the use of a password is somewhat overkill, but I can?t seem to eliminate this step and cannot seem to get the password to automatically send.

The other issue, also related to security is that whenever I attempt to alter a file, a setting, or any other object, the system prompts that I do not have permission to complete that action. I am logged in as ?administrator? and, as above, I am the only one who has access to this system. I?ve reentered the admin setup info multiple times but this does not resolve the problem. At the moment I cannot delete files, cannot change file names, cannot move files from the HD to an external, cannot update ap files such as Photoshop and cannot open OS files.

If anyone can explain what I am doing wrong and how to resolve these irritating issues, I?ll be very grateful! Thank you

System Specs:
Dell XPS 6301
Pentium ? Core 2 Duo
Vista Premium
Office Pro

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Hello there again! I have been asked to fix a netbook that I believe had Windows 7 installed on it.

When I boot it up it asks for a password straight away no splash screen or anything.

Is there a way around this? I have read to take the CMOS off. I looked inside it and if it were to be cut out any CMOS would be unusable because it is wired in.

Please halp!

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I have a Windows XP computer and a Windows 2000 Server. When the XP computer is turned on, I want it to automatically be logged into the server.

Currently, when you want to view the server's files from the XP computer, a username and password prompt is required. There are many other computers on the network that do not require this prompt.

How can I make it so no password prompt is required or so the computer logs in automatically?

Thank you,

John Sullivan

A:Solved: How to get rid of password prompt

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Hi all. A couple of questions.

I mapped a network drive from another win2k pro to my win2k pro machine. When I boot or login, It wants to login to the network drive and it prompts me for an account password every time. I can put the password in and it will connect the drive, but I want it to connect the drive without prompting for a password. How can I do this?

Also, I have a printer shared on a networked machine running win2k pro. When I want to print to this locally shared printer, it prompts me for a password also. How can I get rid of this?


A:Solved: Getting rid of password prompt

Put the same username and password on the other W2k pro machine that you have on the one your logging on to then make sure these 2 things are shared to it correctly (the printer and the files).

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I'm looking for a solution to disable the annoying boot-up prompt for a password for WinXP Pro. In Win98/ME all it took was removing the "Client for Microsoft Network" from the network control panel...this doesn't work in XP. I'm not worried about security, I just want the machine to boot directly to windows on start-up without pausing for my non-existant password.

A:[Solved] Disable XP password prompt

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My OS is XP and my browser is IE 8. This is a home setup....not part of a network.

Recently I had a printer problem I couldn't solve so I took my tower to a shop.

The got the printer working but in the process must have reinstalled Win xp with service pack 3.

Now everytime I start my computer I get two prompts for a password instead of it going straight to my desktop. No one else uses my computer and I don't want a password.

How do I get rid of the prompts and go straight to the desktop?

A:Solved: Irritating Password prompt

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I have a macro that uses a password to unlock a column in an xlsm macro enabled workbook that is being used as a template to be copied many times. What I would like is the password phrase to be able to be updated in the future if I would like to change it, so I would like the password phrase to be pulled from an outside source be it another excel sheet a text file whatever isn't important to me. Here is the Macro as it currently exists, any suggestions welcome thanks much in advance! (scan is the current password)

Sub UnlockColumn()
Dim MyPassword
MyPassword = InputBox("Please enter password", "Password Prompt", "********")

'hardcode password
If MyPassword = "scan" Then
ActiveCell.Offset(-6, 0).Range("A1:A6,A8:A98").Select
Selection.Locked = False
Selection.FormulaHidden = False
ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True
MsgBox "Access denied", vbCritical, "Error"
Exit Sub
End If
End Sub

A:Solved: Prompt Password from external source in VBA

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I have three different MS Access 2003 applications that run on a SQL backend. For the Access front ends, I am utilizing Jet (.mdw file) for User level security. Scope of the applications has increased to where we are using eForms across multiple business sites. What I would like to do is enhance user security by tapping into Jet through vba before an activity is recorded under that user's name and date stamped, which is something as close to an electronic signature that Access could get I think. This would be a separate step from initial application log on, which I already have users do.
Ideally, the user would press a button to 'sign' a form, the vba subroutine would prompt the user to enter his application password, then verify the password against the users mdw file and then stamp the record with user name and date.
I know how to do everything except the password verification part. I am familiar with DAO, ADO and ADOX protocols within vba but all I can find is code to set up a new user and assign a password, but not verify a self-prescribed password of a user.
Does anybody have any comments, suggestions?
Many thanks.

A:Solved: Prompt for user password in MS Access vba

ctwest, sorry for the delay in responding, but Access questions are best posted on the Business Applications forum, even though yours is a programming question.
If you haven't found an answer to this question yet, you do not need to prompt users for their password to identify them.
Access knows who they are when they have logged on, you can identify them using the CurrentUser or Application CurrentUser.

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I know there's been a few queries by people regarding this prompt, but all the ones I've read seem to be connected with Outlook or operating a laptop via wireless - neither of which I use/do.

The pop-up has just started appearing today and I have no idea why. I don't even know if I should have a username and password for this? No idea what it is.

Can anyone advise please?

Screenshot attached.

A:Solved: Enter Network Password prompt

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I am a Vista Home Premium user. It all started when I kept getting a User Name and Initials prompt upon opening any Office document (WORD or EXCEL). I troubleshooted the issue, uninstalled and reinstalled Office, and still the nagging prompt panel. Upon Googling the issue, I discovered that I was unable to open or change permissions in the registry User Info file in the registry.

Still researching this issue, just today, I am now, when the UAC kicks in, getting a prompt to enter my OS log-on password! When I put in the password, it doesn't take it and the prompt for password screen returns!! I believe that the registry has locked this feature, and I am thus unable to get the password to register!

This is alarming! Is this an indication of malware or virus? I am presently running Trend Micro, but have no idea how to proceed. I went to try and turn off UAC, but when I click to do this, it prompts for my password, doesn't take the password, so I am not able to access this feature.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am sorry if I am being unclear, but basically I am getting the OS password now--when, for example, I right click on a program and go to RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR, the password prompt comes up!


A:Solved: Can't Turn Off Prompt for Password in User Account and Log-On

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I've had an intermittent Outlook 2003 problem for the mast 6 mo that ATT/Yahoo can't fix and claim to be an incompatibility between Outlook 2003 and Win7. Every 2-3-4 min I get a pop-up box (see attachment) prompting me to re-enter my network email password. It doesn't matter if I re-enter the password, click OK or cancel, the box goes away and I can still read/send email just fine. That is Outlook works fine and it's not a fatal error. After rebooting to XP (dual boot system) and finding the same problem, installing Firefox and finding the same problem, I got to thinking what if it's Norton antivirus? Rather than uninstall it, I just unchecked all the boxes AND THE PROBLEM APPEARS GONE (it's only been 1 hour, but that's probably long enough).

Has anyone else seen this? I'm running Norton 360 Premier. Any suggestions on how to fix it without abandoning Norton AV?


Whoops, jumped the gun. NOT Norton 360. Did full uninstall and still get p/w prompt. Anyone else seeing this with ATT/Yahoo and Outlook2003? Installed Thunderbird and not seeing it yet.

A:Solved: repeated Outlook 2003/Yahooo password prompt

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We have password complexity enabled on our AD, however users can change their password without meeting the complexity requirements, and still logon or password change accepted

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Hello All,

I'm trying to use the wireless network in my home, but due to some houseguests who security enabled the network with a secret password, i can't use the wireless...I've reset the router, but the network i'm trying to get onto still asks for the passkey netowrk key before it will let me use the network. I put in the Linksys default password admin, but the network won't accept it.
Thanks for any help..

A:Resetting Security Enabled Password

Sorry. We can't help with any password issues. You better contact the "house guests".

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Today when i went to restart my computer after installing a wireless card i clicked on Start/Shutdown as usual but a different style box came up with the options in a drop down menu instead of the usual 3 options in front of you. Also when it restarted it went to the log on page and asked for a password which it has never done so before. I purposefully left the password blank when i first set it up so as not to forget it (no one else logs on to it but me). I just clicked enter and it started as usual but how do i stop it asking for the password at all? What could have caused it to change to this setup as nothing for windows has been changed?

A:New password prompt?

(If this is a NETGEAR card)1. Go to Start->Run2. Type in msconfig3. Navigate to the "Startup" tab4. Uncheck NrvGina.dll (or something like that)5. Apply and Close 6. Restart

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How can I stop XP from asking me for a password when I start up the computer? I never had it that way before, but now it asks me for a password. I just hit enter and it logs me in normally. I want to get rid of that and don't know how or where it came from.


A:Can I get rid of XP password prompt?

If your logged in as administrator, go to users account and see how it's handling logins.

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i'm running windows 2000 professional and wanted to know how to delete the password prompt when i first start up my computer.

also i need some help with irq. what is irq and how do i access it on my computer?

as always any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

thank you!

A:w2k password prompt

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Hi all,

I have a user account on my laptop, running Windows 7, named 'RDPLIVE'.

FYI: It is an admin account, but it is NOT the in-built Administrator account.

What I want to do is either:

1) When the password prompt appears at first boot-up, I would like my 'startup apps' to load in the background, so that once i have entered my password and 'logged-in', my startup apps are 'nearly loaded'...if you know what I mean.


2) Disable the requirement for the password at first boot-up, but then still be required to be entered should I lock my PC at any later point in time.

If only Option 2 is available, then I would go for that one and then part of my startup 'commands', apart form opening apps such as anti-virus and torrent clients, etc... I would also add a 'Lock PC' command, so it 'mimics' what I want to get out of Option 1.

Sounds like a good thing to have on my laptop as I am the only one who uses it, and will ever use it. There will always only be this ONE account on the laptop and I use it as a desk PC (w/docking station), so in terms of 'how secure' this idea is...that is not my main concern.

I wold just like to know if what I want to happen is at all possible!

Thanks for reading and any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

A:Password prompt!

Click your Start Orb/Button (whatever you want to call it), type netplwiz into the Search box, press enter. From there Option 2 is available.

Log On Automatically at Startup

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Hi, I am using windows 2000 professional an everytime I use the send and receive option using outlook it asks me for my password. What is going on?

A:Password prompt

In Outlook go to Tools, Options, Connection...Uncheck the box for Hang up after sending and receiving.

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Hello, I would like to make it so that when I access computer a from any other computer in the house, it prompts for a password to any other computer trying to access the computer's files. Again, only the computer's files, because I do not want printers and such to be password protected ( i do not have a print server).

Or, if that is not possible, how would I make it so that a specific computer cannot have access to computer a's files? i tried changing the workgroup to two seperate workgroups, but that specific computer is still able to access my files even though the account is password protected, and the accounts names are different, without a password prompt of any sort.


A:password prompt

you may disable guest account.

Prompt for the guest password The Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
Information Might Be Corrupted. Prompt for the guest password ...

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I know this has been covered probably somewhere, but I can't find out how to add a password box to the UAC prompts so it asks for my password (or whoever's the account it is using privileges with). It did this sometimes in Vista, but I have Windows 7 (it came with this computer). unfortunately I found a tutorial on the forums, but it uses GPedit which Windows 7 Home Premium does not have. I would like to have the extra security by having to enter my password with UAC (I believe it does this in OS X too).

Here is a picture of the one on Mac OS X (Although I don't need it where you have to type the username)


A:Add a password prompt to UAC?

Read this (post #6) and do system restore point before trying it


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Hi there people,

I was trying to share some folders over a wireless network between my desktop and laptop but having the password option enabled on my desktop it still does not ask for a password prompt when accessing the folder from another computer??

Any help would be appreciated


I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium on both machines via a Netgear wireless Router.

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How can I disable the username and password request prompt during startup in xp pro?


A:getting rid of password prompt

You can get TweakUI for XP. It has the option to log on automatically.

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This computer is admin ; and to protect elected to use text screen saver with expectation to have it password protected. To do so I went into Gpedit.msc and firstly enabled password protect the screen saver. The screen saver did not offer a password when I access the machine. I then enabled screen saver timeout.
After a few minutes the screen saver kicked in. I again could access the machine without being challenged for a password. Last I enable 'screen saver' and that did not work. I am unable using the obvious tools - to password protect the computer using the password screen saver.

And after all this effort I thought I'd change the screen saver from text to photos to see if that would help and 'wait and on resume' are now greyed out?

If there is another obvious method to enable a screen saver with a password protect let me know.

A:Screen Saver Password Enabled after Enabling in GPEDIT

Why not use the simple method of right clicking the desktop, choose personalize, screensaver and then check "on resume display login screen"? Although I am not sure why its not working after using gpedit. Did you restart the pc? Did you try gpupdate /force in command prompt?

Also make sure there is a password on the user account.

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Parameters: Vista. Outlook 2003. Yahoo pop3.

I know. This problem is not new. I did search through the web and trying to find a solution but was in vain. I uninstalled my Outlook; deleted all .pst records and reinstalled Outlook. The problem kept coming back.

I do not have a problem with another account running in the same Outlook. There is also no problem logging in directly from the yahoo mail website.

I would appreciate it if anyone could share his/her experience in succesfully solving this problem.


A:Solved: "Enter Network Password" prompt

you can not access yahoo through pop3 or mail client unless you are a premium yahoo user (only pay yahoo accounts can have access to their email through pop3 or imap)

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Is it possible in Windows XP to have a password prompt if your monitor shuts off after a certain period of time being away from your desk? Thanks.

A:windows XP password prompt

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I am attempting to connect to my new roommate's network, which is password-protected, but it does not prompt me for the password and therefore won't allow me to connect to the internet.

It will begin the connection process, and declare that it has connected, but it really is not connected. Also, when trying to connect, Windows informs me that I am missing a "certificate."

No one else has an issue connecting.

This is on an HP Mini, with a "broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN", with Windows XP.

Thank you.

A:No network password-prompt

What's the exact version of Windows on each machine? XP-Home or XP-Pro on yours? How about his?
Turn off any firewalls for debugging. If the firewall is the problem, you'll have to configure it to allow access to "trusted zone" addresses. Note that some firewalls must be completely uninstalled to stop them from affecting your networking.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt.

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands:

PING each remote computer by IP address, and if successful, PING by name. Open a command prompt as described above and type.

PING <ip address>
PING <computer name>

<ip address> - is the x.x.x.x IP address
<computer name> - is the computer name

A failure to PING is almost always a firewall configuration issue. Any failure to PING needs to be corrected before you go any farther.

Note: You can obtain the IP address and computer name of a computer by opening a command prompt (DOS window) and typing IPCONFIG /ALL. This should work for any Windows version. The IPCONFIG /ALL display will provide a wealth of useful information for debugging your network connection.

Check your Services are Started on all PCs:

COM+ Event System (for WZC issues)
Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper
Wireless Zero Configuration (XP wireless configuration... Read more

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One of scores and scores of people having home network connection issues...when prompted for the password, etc, when trying to access a network share (another desktop in the house)...This may sound stupid...but what is the attached jpg network password asking for ?

Right now only a 2 PC network (not Homegroup) Sharing is enabled and in Private mode all network settings have been checked and double checked

Is it the password for the current system...ie this PC's password when trying to connect to Network share ?
Is it the particular user that's logged on password ?
Is it the password for the network share I'm trying to reach ?
Is it separate or different from the Windows On-line account password ?

Same for user...is it the current users name...is it the current PC's name....or is it the name the MS account is using

A:What is this network password prompt asking for ?

The user name is the current user name of the comp you want to access. BUT, you must prefix it with the comp name.
e.g. MARYANNES-WIN10\username

Naturally, the password is for the 'username' account.

These credentials should be stored in ctrl-panel\Credential Manager\Windows Credentials.

Hope this helps.

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So, I was working on my mother's laptop computer earlier, and she was interested in getting rid of the Welcome Screen and the Password Prompt at the startup of windows and also getting rid of unused users.

I found the process for these things on the internet, and disabled the welcome screen through "User accounts" in the control pannel and eliminated all but the administrator (my mother "Jane").

I then put "control password2" into run and deselected "Users must enter user name and password". Again, I removed all the unused users except for Jane who had administrator priviliages.

I then restarted

Upon restart it hit the login screen and beeped, saying that the user name and password were incorrect. Regardless of what I do it will not allow me to login. I have tried accessing in safe mode, I have tried ctrl + alt + del, I have tried using the names "administrator" and "computer administrator" and nothing will work.

It almost seems like I have removed the ability to log in somehow???? My thoughs are that I may have messed something up in removing the users under "control password2" and if so, what can i do to fix this?

A:Locked out at the password prompt

Sounds like you set it to AutoLogin with the account named Administrator. On XP home you will have to get in using safe mode to fix this issue. Did you ever set a password on the Administrator account or your mother's account.

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I recently installed some applications onto my XP VM and now I'm getting a prompt for an XPMUser password.  How do I get rid of this or is there a standard password that I can input here?  I would hate to loose a days worth of work and have to restart theis VPC.  Pelase help!

A:Prompt for XPMUser password

Allright, so if you are sure that your password is blank, try this. 1. Turn off/shutdown the vm. 2. Open its settings, in Integration Features section, uncheck the checkbox that says automatically enable at start up(similar to that). click ok 3. Now boot the vm. At the login prompt, enter user name as (the xpmuser as displayed in the setup wizard), and hit enter (password blank), this should log you in. 4. Now, open command prompt, and execute "net user (username) (password)", if successfuly, your new xpm user password is reset to  (password), if you wish to change the whole profile, you can just add a new user account and make it a member of Administrators group. 5. Now, open settings, go to "Credentials" page, and delete credentials. ALso, now go to integration features page, and enable "integration features at startup" checkbox. 6. Shutdown vm. (if you like it quick, just kill "vmwindow.exe" process in taskmanager) 7. Start the vm again, it should prompt for credentials, and you can enter the newly set credentials, and do remember to check the "Remember Credentials"; Do reply if it helped.Thanks,
Rashmi U.R

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A:trying to log into HP mini and getting password prompt

@cknight123 Enter   e9luvf1idq 3rd letter lowercase L  Use that code to go into the BIOS.Disable all passwords that are enabled.If asked for the CURRENT password use that code.If asked for NEW password just hit enter.If asked to VERIFY password just hit enter.Save and exit. REO

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i can't access my email accounts from my computer. outlook (2003) won't save my passwords and continues to prompt me everytime i log in. *ANNOYING* before this post, i've tried deleting the sub key in the registry under "protected storage system provider" as instructed on microsoft.com. i had to go to 'RUN' and type REGEDIT & REGEDT32 to access the registry. after all this, outlook still can't find my email account infos. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. i don't think it's necessary to reformat my computer just because of this. i tried restoring but for some reason my computer won't let me. what else should i try to restore my 'PROTECTED STORAGE SYSTEM PROVIDER?"

A:Outlook And Password Prompt

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Hi guys, Im facing some problem over here. i need help your professional skill to solve my problem =( . ok now, my case is i have client pc join to a domain, and the client login with domain user id, and the strange thing is, when i just login few minutes , i still can access to any computer in the network ( client that join DC ) without typing any user name and password . but after awhile like about 10 to 15mins later , whenever i try to access any pc in my network, it prompt me username and password in order to access that particular pc.
Things that i'd done which with no joy :
1. i try to relog, and yes it works for few minutes but the problem still arise after 10mins or more.
2.scan viruses, no infection detected.
3.use hijacklog , nothing looks suspicious file.
4. reinstall network card, problem still there.

Please guide and assist me in this matter other than formatting the pc. Thank You.

A:Prompt User and Password

hmmm - is it a Power Save problem? Go to Screensaver options screen and look for Power Options. See if "Require Password on Wakeup" or similar is ticked

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I've set all the Advanced Sharing settings as I always do, with no password for sharing, Network discovery, sharing allowed, but one PC on this network insists on prompting for a Network password when trying to connect to the other. It stopped for awhile but is back to doing it again now, also apparently blocking sync via Skydrive Skyshell. Is there another setting I need to check which I'm missing?

A:What causes prompt for Network password?

Hey Greg,

I'm sure you are aware of this but the time/date settings between those machines needs to be in sync or there will be problems.

Sometimes if the bios clock or the routers clock is off it can also cause problems.

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I have an external HD on my desktop, which I wanted to share with my son's laptop. No problems, I ran the wizard in xp, it seems to be working. However, I have to enter a password to access the drive, as well as username, which happens to be mine. I don't want to do this, I would like to not require the username and password. I have simple file sharing enabled on desktop, but it is missing as an option on the laptop. Can someone advise me on how to do this? Thanks.

A:Disable password prompt?

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I am getting Password Prompt boxes on many web pages. This happens in all browsers and the location my broswer wants to connect to is different for each website.I had a post here (which includes a screen shot and also logs carried out over the last few days) - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/292743/yieldmanagercom-password-boxes/Can anyone help, when I clicked the link in the most recent post pointing to this thread I was asked to connect to:pagead2.googlesyndication.comad1.netshelter.nettrack.netshelter.netwww.google-analytics.com

A:Password Prompt Boxes

Try exiting all security programs except the Windows firewall. I would suggest youuninstall 2 of them---Spybot and AdAware. After exiting/ shutting down all security programs,try going to a site and see if you still get the request for password to allow connection to thevarious ad purveyors and trackers. You can block the installation of ad/ tracking cookies (third party cookies) in IE and Firefox. After changing your settings to block, simply remove the existing ones by running a scan with Super Antispyware or delete them manually. Install NoScript and AdBlock Plus on your Firefox Browser. NoScript will keep malware from installing by just visiting a site plus many other types of malware threats and Adblock Plus blocks ads from installing. I noticed you were asking about a firewall. I have used the ZA firewall for many years with noproblems. Just be sure to ONLY accept the installation of the free firewall and NOT any other toolbar, addon, browser helper or Ask Toolbar. Be sure to uncheck any of those. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/722 (NoScript)https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1865 (AdBlock Plus)http://www.zonealarm.com/security/en-us/zo...ee-firewall.htm

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Hi all,
I am having a few problems with my computer. I run XP Professional.

At work we have a network setup, and I can log onto it correctly - access other computers, internet and printers.

I am sharing a few folders myself and others have access to these. However, I know want to password protect access to my computer. I have tried disbling the guest account, and allowing only my admin account but this does not solve the issue.

How do I do this? (ie, if someone searches "\\myComputer" a password promt should appear on their screen. Others run winXP, win2000, winNT ...

Thanks to those who do answer, I appreciate the help.

"El Mafias"

A:XP password prompt across network!

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Both on my PC at work and at home, both using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8, I do not get the prompt that asks me if I would like to save my password.
I have the Ask me before saving passwords option checked in Tools/Internet Options/Content/ Settings, and, as far as I can recall, I have never seen this prompt since switching to IE8, so have not indicated a No to the prompt, which I understand deactivates its appearance thereafter.
Is there some other setting in Internet Options or some Registry setting I can tweak to activate the prompt?

A:IE8 No Save Password prompt


Open IE 8, then go to IE Tools - > Options - > click Tab "Privacy" - > click PREDETERMINED (Defaul) - > put ur options to Mid or Mid High!! (If you click in "Advanced" in this same window, u must UNCHECK all here! and done!!!!!!!!! really, it's the final solution! (u can changed ur IE config from Keyboard but dunno how XD my childs make my IE 8 dont remembered my los and passwrds, but this is the solution! bye!

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I am setting up a NAS on my home network. The unit is a Seagate STCR4000101. The primary purpose of this unit is to store backups from the 4 computers on the network.
During the installation/setup, I was asked if I wanted to have a private folder. It was highly recommended that backups be placed in a private folder for security purposes. So, I initially set up one.
This unit is recognized on my network and I have access to all the public folders through Windows file explorer. However when trying to view contents of the private folder, I get a dialog box titled "Windows Security", prompting for a user name and password. I've tried just about every user name and password that I know that might be associated with windows or windows networking - none have worked. The only thing that I haven't tried is a user name and password for signing into windows. I don't have one because I don't use one. Is it necessary to have a user account that has a password and that password is the one that is being prompted for?
If that might not be the reason, what password/username is it requesting, and where can I find it if I have created one and I forgot.
I understand there is a way to get rid of the password prompt, but will that give me access to the private folder?
My network is through an ASUS RT-N66R router using wired connections. The network is comprised of 4 Win 7 computers. The computer I'm using to set things up has a Win 7 Professional O/S; several of ... Read more

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all of a sudden my HP 9200 notebook w/windows 8 went into an 'automatic repair' that failed.... can't use 'refresh' because I don't have password to use with my log in name..... can't use command prompt for that same reason.....i am a 63yr old 'amateur' pc person..... am communicating now by windows 8'source' tablet..... used a spare 'flashdrive' to download windows password recovery tool pro .....15 day trial..... but don't know what I am actually doing.....I am completely disabled and on SSI, so a PC 'repair shop' visit would not take place until after the end of the month....I did go into the 'bios' and reset to default settings...... any help to get me and this PC on its 'feet' would be a 'godsend'...... thank you in advance.....bigpolishdog

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The only suggestion I've seen to avoid this issue is to turn off password expiration entirely, which I can't do. However, the endless prompts to change my password are driving me nuts. Here's the message:

Your password is going to expire in 'n' days. Would you like to change it now?

Generally this defaults to 14 days, and a Windows computer will ask me if I want to change my password - every single time the computer is restarted over the next 14 days. Here's the crazy thing... if I set my password to expire in 90 days, I want to change my password in 90 days, not 76, 77, 78 days... 90 days. At the very least I would appreciate one of those handy "do not ask me again" options, so that I'm not prompted again until the 90 days has passed. This is one of the most-annoying features of Windows, close behind the User Account Control, which asks me if I'm really sure I want to run some program. I mean, after clicking a link, choosing to download the file when prompted, and clicking "Run" in that dialog window (if using IE), I might not be 100% certain I wanted to run the executable, right?

A:Change password prompt

Hello Ironwil, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You could use the options in the tutorial below to change the warning time to 0 days, or what you like.

Password Expiration Warning - Change Time

Hope this helps,

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Hi. One of my office website is not prompting me for saving the user name and the password. I have also downloaded the 'saved password editor' add on from firefox. It gives an option to manually add the url, user name and the pasword, however it is not showing the user name and the password when i open the link.

A:Firefox Password Prompt

The web site could be designed to block the saving of user names and passwords. My bank does that, for example. Nothing you can do about it if this is the case, and I highly suspect it is since this is the only site where this happens for you.

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Please help! Can't get this network password prompt despite of my email acct password being saved. Everytime I press ok , it keeps on displaying this box with my server , usenname and password supplied.I tried all the possible solutions online but none of them resolved this issue.Hope you'd share some info.Thanks.

A:Can Get Rid Of Network Password Prompt

Veth -

Can you be more specific? Which email client are using? Is it web based? What solutions have you tried?

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After securing my Netgear Router and configuring my wireless settings, everytime I go online via AOL or IE, the window with the "keys" comes up asking for user name & password. I put in default admin & password (twice) and it all works. But how can I go online without this window coming up each time?
Thanks in advance for you help.

A:Constant Password Prompt

in ie, go to tools, internet options, and on the general tab, is the hompage box showing by any chance? This really shouldnt affect the aol program, but it is still the right place to start.

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As soon as I start up my Windows XP computer it asks me for a password on a black screen that I do not know.

A:Password Prompt On Startup

System manufacturer and model?
Do you have any CDs which came with the system?

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