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Dual monitors go black when Display Port is plugged in

Q: Dual monitors go black when Display Port is plugged in

I need to convert to dual monitors on a HP 6200 Pro MT PC with Display Port and VGA ports. The computer displays propertly with a single monitor connected to the VGA port. Both monitors go black when I plug in a second monitor via the Display Port. In reading Internet documentation it is not clear if dual monitors will function from the system Display Port and VGA ports. Forum articles address dual monitors with addition of a discrete video card (Big_Dave 2/4/2012). Will dual monitors work from the system Display Port and VGA ports? If yes, what procedures are required to make such configuration work? Any ideas on why the monitors go black? Is a discrete video card required? Any assistance would be much apprecited as I ususally prepare income taxes and do not deal with bytes and bits.

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Preferred Solution: Dual monitors go black when Display Port is plugged in

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I recently installed a second monitor for my PC. I have an AMD 7850 and one display is a DVI output (my primary and previously used display) and the new one uses an hdmi output. When I first tried this, it worked completely fine but now, when I boot to windows the computer doesn't output a display when both are connected.

The computer is booting to windows succesfully, though, as the num lock key works and I can shut down the computer with out hard killing the power. If I boot with only the DVI monitor everything is fine and, after I have booted to windows, I can then connect the hdmi and both displays work.

Any ideas as to why this might be happening? Is there some way to choose a primary display port on the video card? Thanks for the help.

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I have an up-to-date computer built to run games very well. I want to use two monitors. They're both TVs that support being used as a monitor. The first one is the one I've been using since I bought the computer, connected via HDMI converted to DVI(i believe. not VGA, but still gets fastened by one screw on each side). The other, new TV that I bought, I am trying to connect via HDMI converted to DisplayPort, and nothing is registering or being found/detected

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In my organization we have purchase a few Dell 3040 mini computers and now several of them are having technical issues.  We are supporting dual monitor on all our systems but the issues are:
1. The screen goes BLACK while the user is working but the system is still running for one user.
2.  Another user screen goes white while she is working and the system is still running.
Have installed the latest Video drivers from the Dell site and still the problem persist.  Can anyone provide any tech advice to resolve these issues.

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I am trying to connect two Sceptre U27 4k monitors via display port to the Thinkpad Ultra Dock 40A2 and i'm not having any luck. With a Thinkpad T470s) I can get 1 working but the other monitor just doesn't see a signal. The only setup i've gotten to work is one monitor at 4k @ 30hz on a Display Port and the other at 1920x1080 via DVI I have tried:both display port, 4k @ 30hz (<--- what i'd like to get working since both at 60hz isn't an option with this dock I don't believe)one display port, 4k @ 30hz, one hdmi 4k @ 30hz (via hdmi on the back of the dock)one display port, 4k @ 30hz, one hdmi via hdmi port on the side of the laptop Is anyone familiar with what magic combination of cables and ports would allow me to run both 4k monitors at 30hz, via the two display ports at the back of this dock? I would think updating the docks firmware may help ( https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/ThinkPad-Pro-Dock-ThinkPad-Ultra-Dock-or-Thin... ) but there inlies another issue.  Our corporate image on these laptops is RHEL 7.5 and I do not see an option to flash any firmware available from linux unfortunately. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

A:T470s and Ultra Dock 40a2 dual 4k display port monitors not functioning

I'm thinking my best bet may be to use a Display Port to USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 cable for one monitor and the docking stations display port for the other.

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I am trying to connect two Sceptre U27 4k monitors via display port to the Thinkpad Ultra Dock 40A2 and i'm not having any luck. With a Thinkpad x470s) I can get 1 working but the other monitor just doesn't see a signal. The only setup i've gotten to work is one monitor at 4k @ 30hz on a Display Port and the other at 1920x1080 via DVI I have tried:both display port, 4k @ 30hz (<--- what i'd like to get working since both at 60hz isn't an option with this dock I don't believe)one display port, 4k @ 30hz, one hdmi 4k @ 30hz (via hdmi on the back of the dock)one display port, 4k @ 30hz, one hdmi via hdmi port on the side of the laptop Is anyone familiar with what magic combination of cables and ports would allow me to run both 4k monitors at 30hz, via the two display ports at the back of this dock? I would think updating the docks firmware may help ( https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/ThinkPad-Pro-Dock-ThinkPad-Ultra-Dock-or-Thin... ) but there inlies another issue.  Our corporate image on these laptops is RHEL 7.5 and I do not see an option to flash any firmware available from linux unfortunately. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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I have a Dell Vostro with one monitor output port. I'd like to get an adapter(splitter?) to plug two monitors into that will then plug into that one graphics card. Doing office stuff - word processing, excel, etc., - nothing graphically challenging.

I just don't know what the part that I want is called. And I'm making an assumption that this adapter would be less expensive than a dual port video card. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Any help available here please?

A:Dual Monitors - One Port

if i have read that correctly i think the item you are looking for is


which will split the external monitor port from your laptop into 2 ports.

there are also USB solutions to your problem. Google multi display adapters

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Here is my situation,
I own a Lattitude E7450, and needed to connected two displays to it. I went ahead and bought the Dell E-Port Plus Advanced Port Replicator with USB 3.0, since it has 2 DVI ports on the back. It shows it is compatible with my laptop.
I set up my dock, connected my laptop, as well as both external monitors. Only one monitor shows a duplicated desktop. When I go into the display settings, I cannot see any existence of another external display being connected.
All of my drivers are up to date, restarted laptop many times. Pretty bummed out.
Anyone have any solution/knowledge to this?

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This happens as soon as the VGA adapter is plugged in. Unplugging it does not turn the laptop screen back on. Toggling with the function keys does nothing. Since I cannot see anything I cannot try to adjust/correct display settings (or do anything for that matter, other than turn the laptop off by holding power key down).

The second display works (tested with a different laptop).

History: The external display worked fine with this laptop. We had a power failure yesterday which turned it off. The screen toggled to the laptop successfully (or I did, with the function keys--I don't remember) and I continued working. When power returned I started running into this issue. I reinstalled the display drivers from the original manufacturer disc but the problem persists.

msi A4000, Celeron dual Core T3100, Windows 7 Ultimate x64
NVIDIA? MCP79MVL, GeForce? 8200M G, Shared
External display: Acer LCD, AL 1916C

A:Laptop black when external display plugged in, #2 display also dark.

To shut down properly hit the Winkey, then the right arrow, then Enter.

This may be as simple as capacitors overcharged. Shut down, unplug, remove battery. Hold power button down for 20 secs.
Do same for monitor.
Then try.

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So this is the first time this sort of thing has ever happened. When I turned on my PC today only one monitor was picking up signal. In attempt to fix this I switched the display ports from the working monitor to the non working monitor. Nothing happened so I moved the cables back, when I did that the other monitor no longer received signal. I then plugged in a hdmi cable to my monitor and still no signal. I then unplugged the power to the PC and held the on/off button for 60 seconds and re plugged the power. The monitor began receiving signal but only through hdmi and the other monitor still does not work.
I have no idea how to fix this. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have a newly imaged Elitedesk 800 Mini 35W G3 desktop with 3 HP Brand display port to DVI adapters attached to 3 viewsonic LCD's and after getting everything hooked up, I was only getting video on 2 of the three displays. I went into the Intel Graphics Properties,  then Display, then Multiple displays, then toggled it to Collage, all 3 screens went blank, then it popped back up with Extended Desktop selected, but then a picture on all 3 screens! I thought my problem was solved however after I reboot, the setting reverts and even though it shows its under "Extended Desktop" still, only 2 of the 3 displays are showing a picture until I toggle back to Collage, then have it refresh and jump back to Extended Desktop. I am using a fully updated copy of Windows 7 Enterprise and have installed the latest version of the Intel 530 video chipset driver from HP for this specific model of computer. Please let me know if anyone knows how to solve this issue permanently. Thanks!

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Good day I am using the ThinkCentre M910s and would like to use a projector from VGA and the local screen on display port. However, both display ports are not giving any signal to the monitor. I have tried another monitor and a different cable with no luck. The computer does not Auto detect the monitor as well. Plaease assist with any solutions or ideas you might have to resolve this. Much appreciated.  

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 Can I use 2 external monitors on X1 Carbon Gen2 using onelink rtl8153-2 (Pwr,VGA,Ether) and Display port. Want to turn off lcd and use just 2 ext monitors without getting A usb C adapter. My plan is to use a DP-> VGA adapter. 1080P resThanks

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 Can I use 2 external monitors on X1 Carbon Gen2 using onelink rtl8153-2 (Pwr,VGA,Ether) and Display port. Want to turn off lcd and use just 2 ext monitors without getting A usb C adapter. My plan is to use a DP-> VGA adapter. 1080P resThanks

A:2 external monitors using onelink & Display port

Hi 944V8! Welcoem to our forums community. Base on the product reference: http://psref.lenovo.com/Product/ThinkPad_X1_Carbon_2nd_Gen, you can connect a maximum of two external displays. The maximum resolution is : 3840 x 2160 at 30 Hz through the mini display port and 2880 x 1620 max resolution at 60Hz through the HDMI port. We highly suggest you to connect it directly to the external monitor because passing it to a VGA port would degrade the display quality.

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I just reformatted my hard drive so I'm sure that has to be the cause for this. I have an M17x alienware laptop with hybrid graphics and a Nvidia GeForce 9400M G and 2 GeForce GTX 280Ms. I have the hybrid graphics enabled but when I plug in my second monitor both screens go blank. I know the monitor isn't the issue because the whole setup worked fine prior to the reformatting. The drivers for all the cards are up to date as well. I know the monitor is recieving some kind of signal because the screen goes from "No VGA Cable" to "Auto Adjusting" before the screen turns black. I also know the problem isn't with the monitor because I looked into all the settings and stuff and none of it would've changed since my reformatting. Thank you for your time.

A:Dual monitors going black

I'd post over in the video card forums for some more expert advice: http://www.techsupportforum.com/f24/

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I am trying to use an extra monitor with my notebook with a separate monitor attached to it in order to have 2 displays. I am also setting the display settings as Extended Display.

I wish to run a game on the attached monitor and on the other hand browse the internet and chat on the notebook's display. For some reason I cant succeed in doing it.

Can someone give me some advise on how to do it please?


A:Dual display monitors

you can not do this. I have tried and found out it is not possible. You can try alt tabbing while in game but in the end it does not work well.

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Hello everyone, My client purchased a new ProDesk 400 G3 to replace a defected one that they got. Everything was going fine with the replacement until I noticed that everytime you reboot the PC. The 2nd monitor turns off and when you login as a domain user. You have to manually detect the monitor in the Intel management concole. For somereason either Windows or the driver forgets when you reboot but I'm thinking it's drivers. I installed 7 other same model ProDesk's and right out of the box with the drivers and image already installed. When you plugin a scond monitor Windows won't recognize the 2nd display. I figured it out though, you have reinstalling the intel display driver and then both displays will work. But this isn't working for the PC that I'm talking about because it resets after you reboot. I tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it a bunch of times. I'm almost certain that it's a driver issue because the other PC's had issues with their displays as well. Intel doesn't seem to have a updated driver out yet either so I hope that this PC isn't not deffected like the last because it's going to look bad on me when it's HP's fault. If anyone has any intelligant ideas and not repeating steps that I have already tried. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks,Scott K

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I have two U2715H monitors connected via one mDP->DP cable each to an E-Port Plus docking station (actually a EURO2 Advanced Port Replicator) in which is seated a Latitude E7450 laptop. All items are brand new. The E7450 is equipped with 16 GB RAM and two graphics cards: Intel HD Graphics 5500 and NVIDIA GeForce 840M; selection is automatic, which usually means the 5500 is in operation. It runs Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 (64 bit). The docking station apparently has DP 1.2a capabilities (for daisy chaining) but DP 1.2 is disabled in both monitors.
I have successfully set up the system to have the Windows desktop span both monitors at 2560x1440 resolution, even with the Latitude's internal screen as a third extension at its full resolution (1920x1080). The Main display may be set to either of the two (or three) and I can successfully move the sequence of the monitors around (left, middle, right).
So there is no doubt about the system's capability to support the intended configuration. However, when I dock the Latitude (mostly with the lid shut) and boot it, most of the time it cannot reestablish the configuration of the two external monitors. Some of the symptoms are: One or both monitors go black, indicating cable connected but no signal arriving from the docking station. If there is a picture on one of the monitors at startup, it may or may not contain the login screen. (I can still log in because I know what keystrokes to send.) If the login screen is visible, ... Read more

A:Latitude E7450, E-port 2, U2715H - dual monitors - unstable configuration

No responses, so I will add my own, on the way towards a solution, which I believe requires driver enhancements. Are you listening, Dell?
Together with a colleague who knows better than me what to look for, we discovered:- The Intel HD graphics control panel -> Display port topology only discovers one, not two display ports. This could be a problem with the panel or with the graphics driver.- Both Intel and Nvidia have more recent driver releases for their respective hardware components in the Latitude E7450 than those available from Dell but they cannot be installed directly. (NVidia 353.06 vs 341.27; Intel vs - I suspect digits 5 and 6 reflect an OEM numbering scheme). Intel says their driver update includes critical fixes for display support.- When we attempted to install the latest Nvidia driver, the display flashed in what seemed to be a non-trivial manner (before the update was automatically aborted). This could be related to a conflict between the two drivers.
I also discovered that even when only one of the Dell U2715H monitors is connected, it frequently goes black when it shouldn't. So it is not a question of a dual monitor configuration as I originally thought. I have also swapped docking stations to eliminate random hardware error in this component. The Intel driver's handling of display port(s) seems to be the most likely culprit.
Guessing from seeing repeated patterns of monitor behavior, a more precise diagnosis could be t... Read more

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Connected an IOGear compact dock to the laptop's USB C. Connected monitor #1 to the dock's HDMI port.Connected an HDMI cable to monitor #2 and used an HDMI to mini display port adapter to connect to the docks mini diplay port.I used the "Extend Display" setting on the laptop.I can only get display on the laptop monitor and one of the external monitors.  I can't get the display to work on both external monitors.  Second external monitor is not detected.  Help please. I am told that a plugable usb type c docking station would work, it has two "Disply ++ Ports".  Suggestion is to use an HDMI to DP++ cable to connect to the dual external monitors. Haven't tried it yet, does anyone know whether that'll work?

A:Need help connecting Yoga 910 13IKB with 1 USB C & 1 USB 3.0 port to dual external HDMI monitors

Easier still is to just use an HDMI splitter.

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Currently trying to hook up 3 monitors to the mini display port. I am using the StarTech product MSTMDP123HD, it is a mini display port to HDMI Hub. Once I plug in the monitors and the display port hub, everything just continuously flickers sometimes.  Other times the monitors show up but I am unable to set resolution, extend the displays or do anything with them. I can get one monitor extended by VGA cable but that is it. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi All, I have a brand new Elitebook 850g3 (T9X36EA), a HP Slimline dock (D9Y32ET)  and two Dell P2415Qb 24" monitors. My aim is to extend my desktop to the two external Dell monitors  whiclst still viewing the display on the EliteBook. The monitors are DP monitors with MST technology so am able to set one as a primary and one as a secondary. I can achieve my goal simply when the laptop is off the dock (See image)But on the dock I get nowhere with it. I noticed the dock had a firmware update on the drivers page which specifically talks about the DP functionality, but on running the update it tells me I am already running at the latest FW version on the dock. At best, I can extend my desktop to one Dell monitor which duplicates to the other. I know my cabling is setup correctly and that the equipment is ok as it works off the dock, I have been banging my head for a while now, so any help would be really appreciated. ThanksPaul 

A:Chaining Display port monitors through a HP Docking station

Quick update..... I have a Displayport to MiniDisplayport cable going from EliteBook to Monitor 1 which is set to MST Primary, and then a Displayort from the out channel on monitor 1 to minidisplayport to monitor 2 which is set to MST Secondary. Cheers!

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I have a user who ever since we added a second monitor to her setup has had an issue where they will both go black for a second before coming back on. She says this happens about every hour.

Laptop - Lenovo T450s on Thinkpad Ultradock
OS - Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit
CPU - Intel i7 2.6ghz
Memory - 8gb
Monitors - ViewSonic VG2228WM-led

So far I have replaced the dock and power supply for the dock. Replaced the monitors, video cables (even replaced the 2nd VGA with a DVI-HDMI), and power cables. I have completely removed and reinstalled the video drivers for the laptop with reboots in between removal and reinstall.

Some new information today was that when the screens go black the power light stays blue (turns amber when no signal).

I am not sure if this is a profile issue or if the laptops motherboard is having issues because she never had the issue until the 2nd monitor was installed.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am just about to the point of a rebuild.

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Hi guys ok so I have two screens set up one of them is my usual display.
A acer x223HQ PC monitor the other is a Samsung TV

There are both connected into the graphics card and not the motherboard. but yet screen two is black.

The rez for both screens are set too 1440x900 the monitor can go to 1920 but as the TV can not I lower them both to what the TV can.

The one thing that is bugging me is that the TV refresh rate is set to 75hz while the monitor is set to 60, when ever I try and lower the TV hz too 60 to match the monitor is flicks then sets itself back to 75hz. (doing this in nvidia;s control panel.

I will fill out my full specs in a few min, then i will go get my laptop to see if it is the TV that is messing with the rig

I have just noticed that the 2nd monitor has now changed from its amber light to a blue one. but is still black.

Thanks for any help!

A:Dual Monitors, Monitor two black

Try changing the montiors refresh rate to 75htz and see what you get.

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I have been having problems with my dual monitors. For some reason they flash black for a few seconds randomly whenever I have them both on. The problem stops happening when I unplug my second monitor. I am going to attach a small video showing it happen. Thank you for the help.

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I have a computer with vista basic and have dual monitors with a generic video card and it has works fine. I recently upgraded to Vista ultimate and now when I go into display,it is showing only one monitor. Both monitors on on but with the same screen. Since it is a generic video card I cannot find where to set up the monitor to view seperate utilities/programs. Any suggestions?

A:dual monitors not showing up in display

exactly what video card? sounds like you need to install vista drivers for it. If t came with the system, you should be able to go to the computer manufacturers and get the proper drivers. If you purchased it separately, go to the video cards manufacturers website and get the driver there.

Normally for dual monitors all you have to do is to right click desktop, click on properties, and click on settings.

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I have two monitors connected. They both display the same thing. How do I make it so they display different things? I right clicked and chose screen resolution. It doesn't give me the option for two monitors. They both show that they are the 1 monitor.

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I have a Dell Latitude E7450 laptop with a E-Port Plus II port replicator connected to two external monitors using DisplayPort which will not output to multiple monitors.
I have another Dell model and when placed on the port replicator with two external monitors connected, booting into BIOS/UEFI the screen is cloned onto each monitor. However, when doing the same with a brand new Dell Latitude E7450 only one screen is active - the other is off. Within Windows itself, I can only have 1 monitor connected to the port replicator. If I undock, I can run 3 monitors independently indicating an issue with the dock rather than a hardware limitation with the laptop itself.
I believe the above tests eliminates the OS or driver issue and highlights a compatibility issue between the new Dell Latitude E7450 laptop and E-Port Plus II port replicator. I have tried this on 2 separate machines with the same results. I have also updated both the graphics drivers (Version, A16) and the BIOS (Version A04) to the latest releases. I have also tried using DVI cables as well as swapping out the port replicators. Nothing works. In Windows 8.1 itself, it actually shows as two monitors active, but one is not on. If I swap out the monitors to a different brand, I get the same result.
Is there a BIOS/UEFI setting I need to change? Is there a newer port replicator or update I need?

A:Dell Latitude E7450 compatibility with E-Port Plus II with external Dual DisplayPort monitors

Did you resolve this issue and, if so, how? I have the same laptop (but running Windows 10) and the same docking station with the same results.

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I've read that using a T470s with the USB-C (40A9) 40A90090 Dock connected to 2 Display Port Monitors has problems charging via the USB-C cable and that you also need to connect an external PSU to the laptop for power. I'm in an office setup, so the monitors would be 1080p. Can this be confirmed before I purchase?

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Dual moitors on a docking station go on and off randomly and I have to undock it to stop it. I have upgraded all the firmware and drivers including video. Any ideas

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Hello all! Im trying to set up dual monitors, one with 1440x900 of resolution and the other with 1024x768.. The main monitor works just fine but the secondary it goes black for some reason! Also the secondary monitor it's connected through something VGA settings or something. I tryed expanding, duplicating, turn off comp and cables and replug them. Does any1 know what to do so I can have dual monitors?

A:Dual Monitors (2) Black Screen ! Urgent !

Does the second [black] monitor say anything like "no signal" or "signal out of range" when you go into dual monitor mode?

By default, Windows 7 is supposed to automatically adjust each to a happy medium to get them to work and from there you can do some tinkering for your liking.

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Hello, I recently purchased a Think Centre m91P seen here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883266694.
I have purchased a display port to VGA adaptor and have two external monitors up and running, that is one hooked to the display port and the other to the VGA input. 
Unfortunatley they are both running duplicate screens and when I go to display settings I don't have the option to ID or detect the 2nd monitor. I also don't have the option to extend the display and when I click on the drop down box for the display it only shows one input. 
Can anyone assist how I can get this up and running so I can function wit two monitors?
Thanks in advance for any help. 
Moderator note: fixed broken link.


Go to Solution.

A:Setting up dual monitors for extended display - ne...

That's not really how you run two monitors in "extended desktop" mode.  You are using a setup that is intended to provide identical output onto two monitors out of a single video card port.  This is actually equivalent to running "clone mode" from a video card that contains two ports to feed two monitors individually.
What you really want is simply a multi-port graphics card installed in your M91p, which provides connectivity to two monitors simultaneously from its two ports.  Then you can use the video card's drivers and/or Windows to configure your two connected monitors to run either in (a) clone mode, with identical output to both monitors, or (b) extended desktop mode, which spreads the Windows desktop "double-wide" to use the full horizontal expanse of both monitors so that you can drag windows back and forth across both.
I would suggest a very modesly priced ASUS Silence (fanless) HD6450 card, which includes both full-size and low-profile brackets in the retail box. So you can use it in either a tower or small-form-factor case.  Note that the VGA connector is available on the full-size bracket, so if you use the low-profile bracket in a SFF case you will only have the remaining two DVI and HDMI connectors.  If you have to connect to a monitor that only supports VGA, you'll have to use an adapter.  But if you have the option of a digital connection on both your monitors, then both the low-profile and full-size brackets will al... Read more

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Hey everyone, I've been having a recent issue with my monitors and it's really been stumping me lately. I recently acquired a 2nd Yamakasi 2560x1440 monitor from South Korea (I love these things!) and while the monitors themselves are working quite well, I've been having an issue since I connected the 2nd one.

Occasionally (maybe 25-50% of the time) when the PC has been idle for long enough that the monitors have turned off, when I come back to the PC and move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard, the monitors turn back on and I am promptly greeted with a black screen on both, however it appears that there IS a signal as the monitors turn on and remain on, however that signal is just a blank black screen. I've got both monitors beside each other, and the one on the left side is plugged directly into the dual link DVI port on the back of my master 7950 in my crossfire configuration. The right-side monitor is plugged into an active displayport to dual link DVI adapter, which also requires a USB port for power.

When I notice this black screen effect, I also notice a small, thin blueish bar spanning the height of the right monitor, at the far right side of the screen; this bar looks about the same thickness as the side edge of an open window in Windows 8, but I've never been able to tell if that's what it is or not.
UPDATE: Upon closer inspection of the "blue bar", I can now tell that it doesn't look quite the same as the Windo... Read more

A:Dual monitors occasionally won't display anything after PC is idle

Update: I've discovered that usually the problem can be solved by unplugging and replugging the displayport adapter while the PC is on, but only if the aforementioned "blue line" is present on the right-hand screen when I move the mouse. Yesterday, I had a similar issue except that instead of turning back on and detecting the PC's video signal which is just a black screen for both of them (with blue bar on the right one), the monitors (both of them) refused to even acknowledge that there was a signal coming to them at all and wouldn't even turn their backlights on or wake from sleep mode. Even when I hooked up 2 different monitors using standard DVI-D single link or dual link cables, I still could not get any video signal to output at all, to ANY monitor.

Turning my speakers on, I found that I could hear the Windows 8 "device connect" and "device disconnect" sounds when I unplugged or replugged either of my 27" monitors, but nothing at all was heard when attempting to switch to other monitors. This tells me that Windows IS detecting and seeing the monitors, but somehow the video signal is just not reinitializing properly after the computer turns the monitors off after idle time.

The only solutions I've got at the moment are to set Windows to NEVER turn my monitors off, or to shut down the PC every single time I'm done with it; neither of these solutions are particularly pleasing to me. Please let me know if anyon... Read more

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I just bought a Samsung 4K monitor and would like to up scale the display so I can see it. I also have an HP 1920x1200 monitor. The problem is that when I scale the dpi it affects both monitors, which is not at all satisfactory on the HP. So far the best solution I've found is to set the 4K to 2560x1440, but that seems like a waste to me. Is there anyway to set different dpi for each monitor.

Another solution I thought of was to use the HP as my primary monitor. The problem with this is that the steam games I play don't seem to allow running on monitor 2.

Thanks for any thoughts.

A:Scaling monitor display with dual monitors

You get use to it. Scaling the DPI can also effect some applications that use Windows DPI settings so be careful. When you push it beyond 120% some application menus will be offset. (The actual menu will remain in the same place but the area in which you click would of shifted). This will also happen in some games that use Windows DPI settings and not their own. The game itself looks fine until you attempt to use the menu system. I know of two games that are affected by Windows DPI, EVE Online and Mass Effect.

Firefox has a scale feature that you can use by pressing and holding Ctrl + MouseScroll.

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I have 2 27" Samsung Syncmaster s27b550 monitors which are connected to my Nvidia Geforce GTX650 TI via HDMI and VGA. both screens have speakers. i also have an inbuilt sound card on my Motherboard.

Sound comes out of my Graphics accelerator through the HDMI Cable to the monitor on my left and if i plug a 3.5mm stereo cable from my on board sound card to the audio in jack on my 2nd monitor i don't get anything.

what i am trying to achieve is to setup up the monitor on my left as the left channel and the monitor on my right as the right channel so it balances the sound between the two monitors. Can i blend the two sound outputs like they are 1 and use each output as a single channel.

A:i have a dual monitor display and want sound from both monitors

I don't think you can do what you want, with the setup you have. First, Windows only allows one "default" audio playback device and with HDMI it defaults to the HDMI audio. Thus the PC audio (speakers) do not work.

I don't know if an external device would split the HDMI audio so you could do what you want. That looks like the option if something like that is available.

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Hello, everyone.
I am using a Latitude 3540 laptop with switchable graphics (Intel HD Graphics, AMD Radeon HD 8850M). As soon as I got the laptop, I upgraded to 8.1 (probably a mistake!).
All of my drivers are up to date according to Device Manager, and I've updated the chipset and BIOS and everything according to the Dell website. But for as long as I've had this laptop, the VGA port will not work! I'm using a VGA cord that has worked with other laptops before without issue. The laptop will not output to projector, external monitor, or a TV. Pressing the win-P combination brings up the ability to extend and duplicate my screen. When I change those settings, my screen resolution will change, but the external monitor/projector doesn't display anything. When I try to detect displays in my graphics properties, it just doesn't detect anything that's connected.
Is my VGA port faulty? Or does anyone have any suggestions on what else to try at this point? My laptop is still under warranty, so I suppose I could always send it in to be fixed.
Thanks for the help!

A:Latitude 3540, Win 8.1: VGA port faulty? Will not display to external monitors or projectors

did you get response on your question?

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I am running Windows 7 RC Build 7100 in VMWare 6.5. The host OS is Vista x64 Home Premium running on a Dell Studio 1535. I have a Dell monitor attached as a secondary monitor, and I am attempting to share the desktop across both monitors. While I can do that, Windows 7 insists on using the external monitor as the primary monitor, and if I attempt to change the main display to the laptop monitor I am greeted with 'Unable to save display settings.' when I attempt to save. This dialog is shown twice. Has anyone else experienced this or know of a workaround?

A:Unable to change primary display when using dual monitors

Same here! Any solution? Works fine, btw my monitor is the secundary and my tv is the primary. Microsoft can't make a feature to change the ID's of the monitors? so simple!

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Hi, my explorer.exe crash when I change my display to dual monitors, both screens appears well, but my mouse cursor changes to the loading one (blue circle turns in row) and when I click anywhere in my desktop (both on screen one and two), explorer says a problem occured and I must close it...

Is this a well known problem ?

I installed my latest graphic card drivers for my Radeon HD5850, don't know what to do...

Thanks !

-edit- when this problem happens, I can view the details, the event problem is named "AppHangB1" and the problematic application is explorer.exe of course

A:explorer.exe crash when I switch to dual monitors display

Quote: Originally Posted by solventAbuse

Hi, my explorer.exe crash when I change my display to dual monitors, both screens appears well, but my mouse cursor changes to the loading one (blue circle turns in row) and when I click anywhere in my desktop (both on screen one and two), explorer says a problem occured and I must close it...

Is this a well known problem ?

I installed my latest graphic card drivers for my Radeon HD5850, don't know what to do...

Thanks !

-edit- when this problem happens, I can view the details, the event problem is named "AppHangB1" and the problematic application is explorer.exe of course

Can you take a look in event viewer for errors that apply?

There are several ways to find what the problem is. The best is to go into event viewer (type eventvwr in search). Go to the windows log>application tab.

You want to look for critical errors (they have red in the left column ).

When you find them you want to look for critical errors that say app hang, app crash, or anything that relates to the problem.

When you find them please note the event ID, and the source codes and tell us what they are.

Let us know if you need help with any of this.


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So I recently got a second monitor so I can work with two screens at once. As I kind of expected, I had to calibrate the monitors so their colors, brightness and all everything else match each other. But how much I may try, I can't manage to calibrate them properly. Worse, both monitors seem to be calibrated from tests, yet they still don't match.

It's hard to explain what the differences are, so I included pictures of them in the attachments. Take in mind that they're photo's from my phone, since screenshots obviously wouldn't work.

The first one, monitorDifference_blackgrayOnSteam.jpg, is made by placing the steam client over the two screens. The left side is from the new monitor, which seems to be more dark green, and the right side is the old monitor, which seems to be more light grey.

The second one are monitorDifference_foxOld.jpg (old screen) and monitorDifference_foxNew.jpg (new screen), which are from with a wallpaper. The old one seems to be more dull and brighter while the new one seems to be more colorful/warmer (?) and darker.

Just for the sake of having enough information, the old monitor is an Asus VH222H which I have for almost two years, and the new one is a LG Flatron IPS224, which is just a few days old.

These differences aren't everywhere or not as noticeable, but there are plenty things like the above two examples where the differences are big and annoying. So the question is, how can I fix this difference problem and make the monitors match properly... Read more

A:Dual monitors aren't showing the same colors/display

Are you using the sRGB colour profiles on both monitors?

It could be simply down to the age of the monitors - you probably didn't notice the changes with your old one until you hooked up your new one along side it. You might need to set the colour/brightness/contrast/temperature settings individually on one or both monitors to compensate for this.

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3 months ago I bought a second hand GPU from a company that works only with 3D modeling and stuff like that. They decided to sold the GPUs for really cheap so I tried my chance as I was very low at budget and I wanted to play games on normal. The problem is that the GPU needs a minimum of 600W (indicated on the manufactuer's page) and my PSU is only 500Watt. My monitors are going black sometimes, rarely freeze, but I'd like to know, is the GPU not having enough power or is the GPU broken? I have to precise that everytime I was playing only one fan of the GPU would spin (temp: 80C). I verified both of them if they work with MSI Afterburner, they do work but one shuts off after 5/10 seconds, I guess that's lack of power?


CPU: Intel i5 4670k 3.8GHz (oc'ed + 0.40GHz)
GPU: Gainward GTX 770 4GB Phantom
PSU: Seasonic 500W
RAM: 2x4GB 1600MHz
MOBO: Gigabyte UD3H-Z87X
HDDs: 3x 7200 RPM
SSD: 1x SanDisk
FANS: 6x 120mm LED fan (including CPU cooler fans)

Please clear my mind and tell me if it's the GPU which may be broken or the PSU.

Thanks in advance

A:Monitors going black/display freezes sometimes (my PSU is 50

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Purchased a new M715Q mini and upon connecting using the display port and HDMI for video was not being recognized. I then looked at the the USB mouse and found that it was not being recognized either. Tried all USB ports and none of them recognized the mouse. I have a 3 other lenovo products M900 series and 2 laptops and they all work with monitors and mice. I also found the unit getting extremely hot where the fan kicked on 3 times and turned off. Has anyone else had this issue?

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Hallo Community, I am using my X1 Carbon gen 4th with an external Monitor via HDMI cable. Now i would like to try to add another external Monitor on it. Without any docking station would be perfect. I notice that there is also a mini display port on my device. I suppose I can connect one monitor via HDMI and the other with mini Displayport? Will these two monitors work together at the same time? I would like to ask, if anyone has experience about that?   Thanks for the  inputs in advance! 

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We're having difficulty with P2414H and P2314H monitors not entering sleep mode when plugged in via Display Port. As soon as I unplug the Display Port connection, the monitor says that it doesn't see a connection and is entering sleep mode (Windows 7 Pro, desktop or laptop). But plug the Display Port cable back in, and the monitor will go blank, but not enter sleep mode.
During sleep mode the power drops to the backlight and the power button pulses. What's happening in this case is that the power button stays lit as does the backlight.
We tried the test with a VGA cable on the 23" monitor and it properly went to sleep mode. We tried a DVI cable on a 20" Dell monitor and it also goes to sleep mode properly. The issue only seems to occur when using the Display Port.

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Both of my monitors are working fine, but it is just the same picture being duplicated. The point of this setup is obviously to get an extended picture rather than having two monitors showing the same thing. The problem is, when I go to display settings, only one monitor is detected (which is not even technically true since both are lit up). The computer is an HP Pavilion 550-152I, and the monitors are running off of HDMI cables (the computer has two HDMI outputs).I have checked the display settings both by right clicking on the desktop and by going through the Control Panel, but neither is detecting a second monitor.I have tried updating display adapter drivers via the device manager, but it made no difference.Any suggestions?

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My old monitor has problems turning on, I can leave it on for 30hrs before it decides to display a picture, or I can manipulate it by unplugging the DVI cable from the back, but sometimes even that takes a few tries. It's off warranty and for reference it's a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW.

So I bought a new monitor and I have it plugged in using HDMI, but a problem I get is that when both monitors are plugged in the HDMI has no display until it gets to Windows, so I cannot see the boot process of my PC, because my old monitor as explained above has problems turning on.

Was a hindrance today when I was tinkering with my SSD and had to go to BIOS, and frankly I'd like to be able to see in case anything goes wrong, like a BSOD or Windows update etc.

So how do I get my HDMI monitor to give me a picture when the other monitor is plugged in. My new monitor is another Samsung, SyncMaster SA350.

A:Dual Monitors, HDMI monitor doesn't display BIOS

Short of something like this,

Newegg.com - BYTECC DVI-HM DVI Male to HDMI Female Cable Adaptor

not much as that is a function of the video card and nothing to do with Windows. The only way would be to try and edit the video card's bios so that the HDMI port is made to be the primary port when powering on.

Failing that if the old monitor is that bad, why use it? If the new is the only thing connected then it should display the bios screen when booting up.

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Win 7 x64, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti I seem to have gotten myself into a 'pickle'. To start with, several years ago I had set up the desktop with two monitors and had it so that the desktop stretched across both monitors. That way the mouse could traverse both, back and forth. I was looking at the settings this morning and realized that the 32" LG monitor on the right now indicated a resolution of 1920x1080 which was all wrong. That was the resolution of the left 32" Samsung. But in fact the resolutions were both at the maximum for their ability. The left samsung was, in fact, displaying at 1920x1080 and the right LG was at 1360x768, it's maximum. (why the disparity between the the two? I was given the LG; what can I say?) So here is the problem: Now, not only are the monitors correct in possible resolution but are indicating incorrectly; and, I can no longer run the mouse from the left to right. It is stuck on the left. The display adapter is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti. I have two possible ways of manipulating this. One with the Nvidia control in the tray and the other in Control Panel > Display > Screen Resolution. First I tried selecting "Extend desktop to this display" but the mouse is still stuck on the left. So how do I correct the wrong info on each display and how to get it to allow the mouse access to the other display? Maybe the way is to somehow go back to basics then redo but I am not sure how. http://www.sevenfo... Read more

A:dual monitors, display reversed resolution information and mouse probs

What happens when you move the mouse over the left edge of the left display? Does it appear from the right of the right display? If yes, please read this post, it could explain your situation: Dual monitor set up help.


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