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Install second hard drive need a sata data cable splitter???

Q: Install second hard drive need a sata data cable splitter???

were would I get a splitter canle for sata hard drive

Preferred Solution: Install second hard drive need a sata data cable splitter???

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Install second hard drive need a sata data cable splitter???

Hi, You can't split SATA data signals. SATA power yes, but data no.

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Hi there, im wondering if there is anything wrong with running three hard rives off the same power source. Basically coming form my power supply (antec 550 watt) im looking to split a single molex into three SATA power cables for the three hard drives b/c i have the molex to sata power splitter to do so. This way the case can stay a bit neater. But am not sure of the reprcussions of doing so if any.

I can see in the case of a power surge that there might be an issue...but i think there would be an issue either way if there was a power surge. But other than that i think i should all right...i think. But id rather ask first and she what ya all say before i go killing three drives with one stone.
Also, with the SATA II data cables that have the metal latch for keeping from coming dislodged....can those work on drives that are only sata I. Well im sure they would work...but would the latch actually make the data cable from coming off easier if the drive isnt meant for it??
Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

A:SATA / Molex Power and data cable hard drive question

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Hi i have a machine an acer aspire x3450 specs in the pic

now i have a 2tb external but i want to fit the drive inside my machine but i only have 2 sata sockets 1 has the dvd drive in it the other the main drive.

i took the dvd out and connected the external to it and it worked but that means no dvd drive.

so the question is

can i fit a sata splitter cable and connect both harddrives to it like you can if it was ide ?

i know you can buy the splitter cable but i seem to find alot of posts saying that you can only connect 1 sata item to a sata cable ?

any one tried this or have more than 1 item connected to a sata cable and works ?

A:sata splitter cable

I assume that you mean a splitter for the data cables, which I'm not aware of anything like that. Do you have a spare PCI slot to add a SATA controller?

EDIT: When I Googled for a SATA splitter, all that came up was a splitter for power, not data.

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I want to transfer data from my hard drive in my laptop (Lenovo Y480) to a hard drive in my desktop. the cables for the sata adapter do not fit the hard drive from the laptop. Is there a different form for a 2.5 hard drive and a 3.5 hard drive?

A:sata to usb adapter cable dosen't fit sata hard drive in laptop?

Does the drive have an adapter need to remove to expose the SATA conenctors? I don;t see anything about the Y480 not having a standard SATA drive and laptop and desktop SATA connectors are the same.

Maybe post pictures of both the drive and your SATA cables.

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I currently have an SSD with the OS on it.

I have a 500GB hard drive about to fail that has all my games and programs.

I have a new 2TB HD and a SATA cable.

My question is what is the best way for me to move all my programs and games over to this new hard drive?



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My old HP had a IDE drive that crashed. To put a SATA drive in, do I nedd to change the motherboard or the cables?

A:Can I install a SATA drive on and IDE cable

Both. If your board is not set up for SATA, you need to buy a PCI add-on card or new board.

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I just made a mistake and put a locking type SATA cable in my computer and now cannot get it out. The idea is good but the design leaves a lot to be desired. I am afraid of damaging the motherboard by just pulling this thing out of the socket.

I have another identical cable to look at and experiment on and pressing on the metal device on the sides of the head does not do anything that I can see.

Is there a secret to getting these out of the sockets? Once out, I will not be using these again.


A:How to unlock SATA hard drive cable?

Actually, pushing the metal release does depress the two small latches. Try this. Depress the metal release, and put the connector INTO the board first and wiggle it around gently. Then, gently pressing it away from the metal catch, try to remove it.

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hi guys,

I have just built a computer with the following spec
intel 2.6 E5300 dual core processor,
gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2 motherboard with graphics and audio,
hanns g 19 inch widescreen monitor via dvi,
sony SATA dvd rw,
western digital 500 gb sata hard drive (WD5000AKS)
4gb corsair ddr2 ram

In Bios my sata hard drive is assigned as IDE and if I assign it as RAID or AHCPI it gives an error and I cant boot to XP. No big issue there. The hard drive is connected via a sata cable and so is the DVDRW. What I want to know is if my hard drive is working as a SATA drive. WHat is the way to check this please ? Just wanna make sure that the pc is at optimal.

Also, my SATA DVDRW only has two connections, as far as I can see, sata and power. My motherboard has a CD in, how do I connect a CD in cable to the DVDRW or is this not necessary because it is connected via a sata cable ?

many thanks

A:sata hard drive and cd in cable for dvdrw

anyone ?

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hello! i recently got blackscreened on my old dell. it would boot up to the log in screen and allow me to pass but would not load from there. from what i read online, this SATA cable would allow me to access my hard drive on another computer to possibly save some files. when i plug it in to the new computer, it recognizes the drive but when I click on it i get "Access is denied." I tried to go to settings-security-allow user permissions to access. When I did that I could see some file names I recognized flash by on the screen but it still wont allow me access. any help is greatly appreciated!!

A:trouble accessing hard drive via SATA cable


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I finally loaded my window xp media center on my brand new Seagate 320gb SATA 3.0g/s transfer rate hard drive 7200.10 series and the next day the computer wont turn on at all dead. My thoughts were first the power supply went bad or bad power cable to power supply but after checking all connections and possible options i found out that it was hard drive related. I thought it was my hard drive at first because only when the power cable was connected was when the computer wouldnt power up at all and it would shut off if i tried to connect it while computer was running. The hard drive also smelled like an electrical fire so i thought i fried the mother board on the hard drive or it froze on me. I sent it back in the Seagate warranty and they gave me a factory repaired unit. I used a temporary hard drive (WD 60gb IDE not SATA)for the time being with windows xp proffesional on it and worked completely fine no problems at all. As soon as i got the new hard drive i found out that the new hard drive didnt fix the problem i had before and in fact it got worse. The computer will run but somewhere where the red cable connector meets the hard drive power connector is where it starts smoking and burning up. So im thinking it could be the power cable itself because i was using the same SATA power cable as before but im not totally sure yet? any suggestions

A:SATA hard drive power cable shorting?

You can have a defective connector. As a test, use a molex>sata power adapter to connect the sata drive to a standard molex connector ie the same one you used for the ide drive.

Next have you given the sata connector a VERY close inspection with a bright light?

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i have 2 old hard drive's with some data in them and im trying to retrive it back to my current computer.
one of the drive's works perfectly, but when i connect the second drive it kills the cable totally.
i cant use the cable anymore.. even for the first drive.
it happend for the second time already so i figured out the hard drive is the problem..
any ideas how to fix the problem? what should i do?

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Hi, I'm looking for a reliable power cable for a SATA hard drive, which one(s) would you recommend?

A:reliable SATA hard drive power cable recommendation

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I just bought a couple Barracuda drives on eBay and want to install in my desk top LeNovo computer.
There is a couple cables free but only one fits the drive. The other 4-pin ones don't. There must be some sort of adapter for this.
Appreciate some help.

A:Cable(s) for SATA hard drive - Seagate Barracuda, in LeNovo

We would need to know which exact Barracuda drives you bought and your exact motherboard or atleast the model of the Lenovo in order to provide any useful guidance.

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Tried yesterday with an SATA adapter (unpowered) and my Yoga 920 would ding that something was plugged in, but wouldn't show it in File Explorer.Traded the unpowered drive for a powered one and the same result, a ding but nothing shows up. Is there something else that I can do? Thanks in advance

A:Can I remove the hard drive from my Yoga 2 Pro and plug it into an SATA drive and transfer the data?

I am confused.  You are talking about an mSATA -> USB adapter?  mSATA-> 2280 SSD?  What is a powered mSATA adapter?

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Hey my ps3 recently buggered itself and before sending it in to get fixed / formatted i want to retrieve the data on the sata hard drive. When i connected it to computer and activated through computer management, it asks me to format that hard drive ... erasing the information is there a way to access it without purchasing a plug n play external HD case?

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Hi there

I have been trying to help some friends who had problems with their old hard drive (running Windows XP pro). They could not boot from their hard drive - the system was stuck in some kind of loop. I managed to get it to stop on a blue screen which indicated that some files may be damaged/corrupted. I tried to repair/restore but to no avail.

They have agreed that their system needs to be upgraded, but they would like to recover the data on the old disk if possible. I have purchased an enclosure - plugged in the disk drive. I have connected to a PC running Windows 7 Home Premium. Although the drive is recognised, the system cannot read it. It wants to format the drive (which I have not done!)

The hard drive is Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 (part # 9EU142-310). I do not have any jumper - do I need one to set the drive as a slave? Also is it an issue that I am using a Windows 7 OS rather than the same as the original OS.

The enclosure is IT-CEO IT735 USB 2.0 external hard drive enclosure.

I have gone beyond the limit of my expertise - I would be very grateful for any help.

Many thanks


A:Recovering data from a SATA hard drive

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This is my first post on here, so please be gentle!

I am using Win XP Pro and have a couple of 2.5" SATA laptop hard drives that I need to get the data off. I am connecting the drives via an external USB adapter and can see the hard drives (connecting them one at a time) in the device manager and in disk management. However, wheras I can access my "C" drive from disk management, I cannot access the new drive - all the icons are blank.

I'm really stumped as I've never had this problem on an IDE hard drive

Any help would really, really be appreciated - I have looked for answers on this forum for Viruses, etc. and its always been 100% accurate and helpful


(one confused computer user)!

A:Data Recovery From A Sata Hard Drive

Try assigning a letter to the drive.Right-click the drive and then click Change Drive Letter and Paths. Click Add. Click Assign the following drive letter if it is not already selected, and then either accept the default drive letter or click the drive letter that you want to use. Click OK.How to change drive letter assignments in Windows XP

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I'm not too familiar with SATA HDD's and I don't have this problem (a friend of mine does). He has this SATA HDD that he has used from his previous PC for awhile. He built a brand new one. So he figured he could use the same HDD from his previous PC with the new PC that he built.

The problem is, he realized that he can't use the HDD from his previous PC. Now he wants to know how he can extract the data from the hard drive? He has a brand new SATA HDD with Windows XP on it (I believe its XP), is it the same concept as an IDE hard drive? Make the Primary hard drive "master" and the secondary hard drive as "slave" by placing the jumpers in the correct pins? Since SATA don't have the pins, is it configured through the BIOS?

That way he can transfer whatever he has from the old hard drive to the new.

A:SATA Hard Drive: How to extract data from it?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. I recently developed hard drive trouble and have had to order a replacement.

Instead of installing Windows 7 all over again, with all the drivers, etc., I want to clone my existing hard drive to the new one.

I intend to connect one of the hard drives to my system via a USB SATA cable with the other drive connected inside my system.

To test this, I removed my hard drive and connected it using the USB SATA cable that comes with Seagate Hard drives (Amazon.com: Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Cable - USB 2.0 STAE100: Electronics)

I tried booting up my laptop using this setup.

The BIOS does detect the OS on the hard drive and attempts to boot from it, but flashes the BSOD when the Windows logo appears on the screen and reboots to a message that says that I should reseat the hard drive.
It then goes to a menu that asks me if I want to run startup repair or boot normally. Selecting "boot normally" repeats the process.

Any help? What can I do to rectify this problem? And more importantly, how can I make sure that my cloning process will go off without any trouble? I intend to use DriveImage XML for the cloning.

A:Unable to boot from Laptop Hard drive connected through USB SATA cable

Windows 7 will not boot and run from a USB drive.
However, that should not interfere with your ability to clone the drive using a USB connection.

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Hello, I have some issues with my c540 all in one touch. A couple weeks ago, I noticed a burning smell coming from inside the pc, and then a little smoke. There was also a clicking sound from the speakers after I turned it on. Of course I turned it off, and unplugged it all. I did some research then on my other pc, and found that this was/is an ongoing issue within this particular pc. Isn't anything being done about this, to ensure people don't end up being killed? Luckily, I caught it in time, and was able to purchase another sata cable on ebay, but I shouldn't have had to do that. What if I wasn't home? The whole house could have burned down, and our pets would have been here!! Again, I bought another sata cable, but I'm really on edge, fearing it will happen again.  I also have another question - where can I find a list of parts that are compatible with this all in one? I want to replace the ethernet card, if possible, as it's not very good, neither is the wifi. I would like to have someone within lenovo comment on the burned cable issue, and please don't say you don't know anything about it, it is apparently a huge and widespread issue.You can see the melted bit. This all happened after only being on for about 1-2 minutes.?This is the burned part on the internal metal casing near the MB. I scraped it, to see how bad it was.?

20... Read more

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Trying to recover some files from bad hard drive using usb to sata hard drive enclosure
submitted 2 minutes ago by mdwilson82
I have an Asus K55a. I had a Hitachi 750gb hard drive that failed on me. I went out and bought a new samsung ssd 250gb hard drive and replace. Computer is up and running on Windows 7. My computer has 8gb of ram. I have an 1TB external hard drive. I had most files back up with the exception of a very important pro tools session i was working on right before the crash. I need to recover it.
Before buying a new drive i downloaded ubuntu live cd on a different computer and used it to boot up computer. I recognized my hard drive but wouldn't let me "mount" to it. It also said my hard drive health as : "will fail soon" or something like that. Also, showed that I had tons of bad blocks or sectors, somewhere near 20,000.
I went out and bought a usb to sata hard drive enclosure. I put old drive in and plugged it into computer with my new drive in it. In "my computer" it shows the old drive as drive "e". And in bios, the hitachi is recognized. The problem is when I click on the drive it tries opening or loading for several minutes and then eventually says "E: is not accessible, parameter is incorrect". It then also freezes my computer and makes me hard shutdown.
I downloaded ontrack easy recovery but it says I need a drive large enough to fit all the data on old drive. I can use my external but I have import... Read more

A:Trying to recover some data from bad hard drive using usb to sata enclosure

With that amount of problems
Also, showed that I had tons of bad blocks or sectors, somewhere near 20,000.Click to expand...

recovery of anything is unlikely
see if you can access it from a cmd prompt with admin rights, change the prompt to E:
then if that does show type
see if it will show the data

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One of my computers is configured with four SATA (non-RAID) drives. (I've used this setup for about a year). The other day, I noticed that one of the drives (main backup) was missing all of its data. The drive still shows up in Disk Management as (D:"healthy') as well as in Windows Explorer. However, a right-click "Properties\Local Disk PropertIes" check, shows the drive as having zero bytes; an indication that there is no data on it. Additionally, a direct click on the drive letter initiates "The disk in drive D: is not formatted", etc. This has caught me completely by surprise, as the drive showed no early warning signs of impending failure at all. (BTW, the drive is a WD 640MB). Could it be that the data on the drive is now kaput?

I hesitate to deploy some of the many software data-recovery methods I currently have, because of creating irreversible data-lost condition. (Experience tells me that I may be screwed already). [choke]

If anyone has experienced this problem or know of a possible solution, please feel free to chime in. Thanks.

A:Solved: Internal SATA Hard Drive Data Has Vanished!

Sudden death of a drive is not an impossible thought, and would be my first bet. Sounds like the file system got the first bit of damage, as it's not a case of slowly deteriorating to a corrupted, useless state... In other words, it's not completely dead, but what's dead in it makes all the other healthy parts useless.
Just my thoughts, can't know for sure...

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I am wondering if I can access files on a SATA or IDE hard drive installed in a desktop computer with no other hard drive installed. Meaning, the drive I am trying to access isn't configured with drivers for the desktop's other hardware or motherboard. There is no other drive installed in the desktop. I was wanting to know if I could use a boot CD (Hiren's or Linux) to use as way to access files, pics, etc. and transfer it to a usb flash drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Can I access data from a SATA or IDE hard drive on a system it's not configur

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HI,  have a Dell OptiPlex 745, would like to install a second 500GB SATA; removed the cover and discovered there is only one data connector on the cable.  Can I buy a cable for t6his desktop computer that will connect two SATA drives?  Can someone help me figure out what cable to buy?  I have remove the cover. 

A:Like to install a second 500 GB SATA hard drive

HI,  have a Dell OptiPlex 745, would like to install a second 500GB SATA; removed the cover and discovered there is only one data connector on the cable.  Can I buy a cable for t6his desktop computer that will connect two SATA drives?  Can someone help me figure out what cable to buy?  I have remove the cover. 
Which version of the OptiPlex 745, do you have, the Mini Tower, Desktop, Small Form Factor, or the Ultra Small Form Factor?
No, a SATA cable only supports one SATA device, unlike the obsolete IDE/EIDE cables that can support two IDE devices.

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hi guy's nice place ya got here and happy to be here

I got an asus k8v-x MB it has 2 Sata outputs and IDE connections on the board and I just bought a 1TB hard drive that is Sata . (Hitachi)

So my question is ,,with the new hard drive (sata) installed in to the board as the only hard drive I go to install windows and it won't install I get no hard drive not found in your computer ????.

So I go do some reading and found out that win xp w/sp1 will not install not without loading the sata raid drive to a floppy and push f6 in the early part of the winxp install . So i try it and still no go !!!!!. So i found out that the Sata has got to be turned on in the bios so i go through the setup find it and turn it on to enable.

So i go to try and install xp again using the f6 to load the sata driver and i still get no hard drive found on computer.

I go back into the bios to make sure sata in enable and it is But!!!!!! i8 notice that it not recognizing the drive it is showing no drives installed.So i thought ok it has got to be the drive in shot So took it back and they tested it and it turn up it is good working find they said it just was not initialize so they did it there and said it was fine .So took it back k home installed it back into PC and it is doing the same thing No matter what i do I can not get it to be installed into the bios .

Man this is very frustrating any help wound be greatly appreciated


A:sata hard drive will not install on pc

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Hi There!

I have two 200 gig Sata Hard drives set up on my system and working perfectly.
There are 4 sata ports on my mobo. 2 are in use.
I want to add a third 200 gig hard drive to my current 400 gig.

The new 3rd drive has been formatted. I plug it into the next available sata port on my motherboard.

boot up. and I get NTDRL is missing.

HOW do I get my 3rd 200 gig sata hard drive working with the other two drives!?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:HELP me install my third 200 gig SATA Hard drive :(

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I have a problem when install the second sata hard disk
I bought a new one 500 GB and I installed windows xp sp3 on it
and it works proberly I connected it in the SATA 0 port
when i want to install second sata hard disk 320 GB on sata 1
and it has an important data, windows reboot itself and make
blue screen sometimes "NTFS.sys" Or "SCSIPORT.sys"
so someone help me what should i do or there are HOTFIX for this problem.

in the BIOS I regcognized the two hard drivers :
IDE pri master 500 GB
IDE pri slave 320 GB
IDE second master ----
IDE second slave ----
SATA PORT 0 ------
SATA PORT 1 ------

i plugged the cd-rom in the IDE 2

Device spesification:
windows xp sp3
motherboard gigabyte 848P
intel ICH5
intel 8I848p775-g
celeron D Socket 775

A:please help i cant install the second sata hard drive

NOTE: Please provide the following information for a more detailed response: http://www.techsupportforum.com/foru...ta-452654.html

While waiting for a reply:

I suggest starting all troubleshooting with the following diagnostic tests (located at this link: Hardware Diagnostics ). They'll save you a lot of time and heartache if there is a hardware failure, and you'll have the disks on hand in case you need them in the future:


H/W Diagnostics:
Please start by running these bootable hardware diagnostics:
Memory Diagnostics (read the details at the link)
Hard Drive Diagnostics (read the details at the link) - Test ALL of the hard drives.

Also, please run one of these free, independent online malware scans to ensure that your current protection hasn't been compromised: Free Online AntiMalware Resources (read the details at the link)
There are also free, bootable antivirus disks at this link: Free Online AntiMalware Resources - Bootable Disks

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I installed a new sata 320gig hard drive
i start windows up
and format the hard drive
it gets all the way and i get this message

"Setup was unable to format the partition. The disk may be damaged.

Make sure the drive is switched on and properly connected to your computer. If the disk is a SCSI disk, make sure your SCSI devices are properly terminated. Consult your computer manual or SCSI adapter documentation for more information.

You must select a different partition for Windows XP.
To continue, press ENTER."

fter clicking enter I see that it has created a new partition.
C: Partition 1 [New (Raw) ] 78521MB
Unpartitioned space 8MB

If I try to install on Partition 1 I get an error.

"An error occurred while Setup was updating partition information on:

78529 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR]"

I have no idea what to do

i have only installed xp on IDE hard drives before

A:Can't install XP sata hard drive

Hello & Welcome to Tech Guy Forum.

Presumably your computer is a desktop & not a laptop. Correct or incorrect?

Which brand & model, if white box?

If custom, which motherboard, brand & model?

Is your SATA drive connected directly to the motherboard, or an SATA controller card? If a controller card, you may need to install the drivers for that card, during Windows setup.

Your motherboard probably can't recognize HDDs of that size. A fix might be available, by flashing the BiOS. Note: flashing the BiOS, if done incorrectly, or if bad luck is in the area, can render your computer unusable.

Best of success.


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Hi, Is this possible? I have tried numerous times on my PC to install Windows 7 onto my Sata Drive to no avail. Yet as soon as I plug in my IDE HD it installs fine.

I have unplugged all external peripherals USB and internal Card Reader. Set my Bios ok as it sees both the Hard Drive and DVD fine (Both in the bios and during selection of hard drive during windows 7 installation). Yet when I come to install it, it craps out at a random percentage saying cannot read from source or worse yet it crawls so slow through the percentages (I really don't think Windows 7 should take 6 hours to get to 15%!!) Yet both the hard drive and dvd are fine and the disc works great on my other PC without the sata drive in. I'm pulling my hair out here!!!

My motherboard is a Biostar G31-M7 TE with latest bios now what is odd is that I recently updated the BIOS to the latest one so does my problem come from here or was it always going to be a problem on this board? Also when I do have win7 installed on the IDE drive when I plug in ther sata drive inside the whole system goes belly up (from freezes when transferring large files to just not seeing the drive)


A:Install Windows 7 with Sata Hard Drive and IDE DVD ROM Drive

Have you checked out all of our Questions list ?

Questions to use for help with Installation Issues

One of my favorite tips is to pre-format the HD on another computer to the partitions that you want for the new install on the new computer. Sometimes SATA drivers are required during install either from Disc or USB flash drive containing the correct Sata drivers needed.
Also check your Bios setting for AHCI, SATA, IDE.

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Hi, I've just built my PC from components and am having trouble installing Vista. I can get as far into the installation as selecting where to install it to, but no hard drive is found! However, the hard drive (SATA) is found in the BIOS settings as the 'IDE MASTER 0' or something like that.

After a little googling, I found somebody with a similar problem and it seems that the vista install does not detect certain SATA drives. The CD that came with the motherboard says it contains some SATA drivers among other things, but even these arent found when I replace the windows DVD with it during installation.

Can anyone help me sort this out? Thanks.

A:Trying to install, SATA hard drive not found

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I want to do a reformat of my hard drive but its a WD Caviar Blue / SE / SE16 (SATA II) and windows xp Media Center Edition won't recognize the hard drive during install, because its a sata unless I install the drivers from a floppy disk. I looked on the Western Digital sight but not sure which file I need. Can anybody point me to which driver I need so that windows will be able to find my hard drive during the install.

A:Sata Hard Drive and Windows Re-Install

Western Digital wont have the drivers that you need.
Whats the make/model of the system?

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Hi there,

I am trying to install a Seagate 500GB SATA hard drive to my old DELL Dimension 4500.

I have previously installed PCI Controller Card from Masscool. I also installed and updated the driver on my old IDE hard drive.

I am not seeing an option in my BIOS to detect the hard drive.

When I get to Windows and open up My Computer it does not detect the drive but it does detect the SATA DVD drive I have installed to the controller. When I open the device manager it sees a hard drive connected but sees a SCSI drive.

Lastly when I open the program that I installed as a raid controller it does detect a SATA hard drive but it isn't allowing me to do anything with it.

Ultimately I would like to install this new hard drive and no longer use the old IDE one. I believe the next step is to access the RAID BIOS but I have no idea how. I would appreciate any help anyone could give me.

Thanks in advance,

A:Trying to install a SATA hard drive on an old system.

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This drive is to replace the other that totally crashed. The drive is a maxtor 500 gb sata drive. My motherboard doesn't have a sata connection on it so I put a pci card in for the sata connection. Well I attempted to install windows xp-pro but the problem is its not reading the drive as a drive at all. Any ideas on what I need to do to correct this problem.

A:Trying to Install a sata 500 gb empty hard drive

wrong forum - storage and networking.

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Tower Case (my computer build)
AX450-PN FSP Group Power Supply
WD800JB PATA hard drive (Primary Master w/WinXP Pro installed)
WD800JB PATA hard drive (Secondary Slave)
DVD-ROM (LiteOn)
DVD-Burner (Philips)
Jetway KT-400A motherboard w/Phoenix Tech BIOS ver. 6.00PG (08-23-2004)
AMD XP 2700+ (2.166)
2.5 GB PC 3200 memory
nVidia GeForce 6600 video card

I have installed the SATA drive and connected it to the PS and plugged into the motherboard with appropriate connectors. Easy stuff! What is failing to occur is the drive being addressed in the device manager or anywhere else it should be apparent.

Several questions arise, but the prime one is .......... why isn't it being addressed.
At boot up the drive is there (recognized in the boot sequence), but not in the setup configuration.
What am I missing here?
Will a SATA PCI Controller Card be required to make the drive accessible?
With 2 PATA hard drives and 2 Media drives, I wonder if the motherboard system is capable of handling the additional SATA drive.

Thanks for any advice here.

A:SATA 150 hard drive install needs GURU help

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I woukd like to install a SATA hard drive using an external drive housing. They make a connector for the data cabe that attaches into a slot on the backside of the computer and to the motherboard via a short cable. Where can I find something for the power cable? My wish is not to use USB for it. Make it a stand alone external drive that will show up like any other attached drive. Does someone make a kit to accomplish this action? Thanks DonS

A:How to install an external SATA hard drive.

I believe you're referring to an eSATA port on the back of your computer. Generally speaking, external 3.5" drives have an external power supply that gets plugged into the wall while 2.5" drive enclosures are usually USB powered. I can't recall seeing a 2.5" drive with eSATA for the data connection and USB for power but they might exist.

Here are some examples of 3.5" disk enclosures with eSATA that have external AC power supplies: Computer Hardware, Hard Drives, Hard Drive Enclosures, Yes, 3.5", USB & eSATA - Newegg.com

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My old IDE system drive failed so I bought a new Seagate SATA drive and windows wont install. During the installation process I get the dreaded 'setup was unable to create a new system partition...' message and I cant escape it. I currently have no windows installed so I only have the CMD to work with...please assist me.

A:New SATA hard drive, cant install Windows.

And when you get to the partition page it shows the hard drive as unallocated space, correct ?

Follow this tutorial.

Clean Install Windows 7

and look over Greg`s

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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here is my story. abot 3 weeks ago i've bought a new SATA hard drive. i have old P4C800-E mb and IDE harddrive with XP running. so i unplugged IDE disc and was able to install windows xp on sata drive,-later got all the updates including service pack 3. few days later - the blue screen of death appeared on my new hard drive. i formatted and tried to reinstall for nada. most of the the time - it didn't show the hard drive in the bios at all. than i read on this forum that i can't install XP on SATA drives because of no drivers there for SATA (somehow i did though). i got desperate and have bought brind new windows 7 ultimate - now - first time it went up to "completing installation" - then rebooted,-then again everything from beginning... after the second time - it gave me a message - no hard drive:(( so my question is - is it possible that the SATA hard drive is defect?it's pretty warm when i touch it? or - my bios is outdated? o shuld i just buy another IDE hard drive and get rid of SATA? thank you!

A:can't install windows 7 on new SATA hard drive

another thing is - could it be that my psu has not enough watt to power that SATA 500mb

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Hi, im trying to install Windows xp Pro with sp2 on a maxtor sata 2 300Gb HD.

The harddrive has two 150gb partitions on it and has been formatted (I used maxblast 4 in windows to do this), the first is blank and the second contans data.

Im currently running a maxtor IDE 80gb HD with windows xp installed.

I remove the IDE harddrive and begin the windows installation by booting from the cd,
I select the option to install windows then when it checks the harddrive it freezes.

Any Ideas.

Full PC specs:

Athlon 64x2 4600+ AM2
M2N32 SLI Deluxe
BFG Geforce 7900 GTX OC
2x 1GB OCZ PC6400 (dual channel)
80GB maxtor IDE
300GB Maxtor Sata 2
Antec NeoPower 480 Watt PSU


A:PC freezes during win xp install with Sata 2 Hard drive

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I am baffled at the fact that I can not, for the life of me, find anyone who sells or even produces a Y data cable for SATA HDs. I recently bought a new computer and I want to create a Master and Slave scenario with two different HDs so that I can throw Vista on one and XP on the other... just to keep the children from fighting in the back seat Does anyone know where I could find one? I've looked at all of my local retailers as well as just googled it... nothing. Everyone has the Y power cable, but no Y data cable... I would kind of expect this cable to be in existance like it does for IDE hard drives... meh.

A:Two SATA HDs - Y Data Cable

Uh, I've personally never seen one - why would you need it? Most motherboards come with plenty of SATA ports.

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I'm about to add a new sata hard drive to my pc, and I intend to clone the old IDE hard drive to the new one. From what I have read, it appears that Windows XP will not recognize a sata drive unless you have sata drivers installed. So here's my queston:

I think I have located the drivers on my mobo driver cd, are the Promise SATA378 that I see on the cd the correct drivers that I need to put onto a floppy (there are also VIARAID drivers on the cd as well)? Also, it's version number is v1.00.0.26, are these the latest drivers?

Oh yeah, my mobo is an ASUS P4P8X SE with an intel p4 3 ghz.

Thanks for your help.

A:About to install new hard drive, question about sata drivers

Rick said:

Just download the latest from either from http://www.promise.com/support/download/download_eng.asp or http://support.asus.com/download/download.aspx?SLanguage=en-usClick to expand...

I cannot find SATA drivers for my mobo on ASUS's website, it's like it doesn't exist. Now are promise drivers compatible with my mobo? I do see different drivers listed on promise's website, though I do not see the specific ones I have which is SATA378.

Rick said:

Your manufacturer usually has instructions on how to create an F6 diskette, but the basic principle is txtsetup.oem, *.cat and other driver files should be in the ROOT of the floppy diskette.Click to expand...

Sorry, but can you elaborate on this (my mobo manual has no instructions for this step)?

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I have a dell from 2 years ago and the thing died so i'm rebuilding it... new everything. I got a nice setup and it all works fine.

Motherboard: Intel Intel D925XBC Socket 775 mATX MBB
I have 1 GB RAM
Hard drive: Seagate ST3200827AS 200GB 7200RPM 8MB SATA/300 HDD
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 516 2.93GHz 533MHz 1MB Socket 775 CPU
ROM: Lite-On LH-18A1P 18x Double Layer DVD?RW IDE Drive

Anyways I put it all together and everything works! BIOS start up nicely and everything.

1st off I want to put windows XP home edition on the hard drive since the last died. So I setup BIOS to load CD drive 1st then my hard drive, I boot from the CD and the normal blue screen comes up, I press F6 and I load my RIAD boot floppy disc so SATA hard drive can load. I load up all the drivers though on the floppy b/c otherwise the thing acts like i didn't do everything.

Once windows setup loads I agree and I take only 10GB partitian to load the windows OS on to so I have easy cleaning for later on down the road. It installs and restarts the system... i skip the CD boot and go to hard drive where the windows thing does its thing... it gives me the dumb error that it can't find a file...looked it up and found out that windows XP isn't made to know what a DVD burner drive is so i switch my ROMS out for a standard old fashion CD Drive that does nothing but read. I went ahead and uploaded the OS again just to make sure....pc restarts i get to the screen again and it goes through the 23min thi... Read more

A:Help with XP install, SATA hard drive, blue screens and more

what does the bsod tell you

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I just built a new PC and I am unable to install windows on the computer. I have tried installing Windows XP and Windows 7 but none of them work. When I tried to install Windows XP, I got the error unable to read hard drive. When I tried to install Windows 7, it gets to the point where it loads all the files and brings up the screen Starting windows but after that the screen just goes blank and the monitor cannot find a video source even though the computer is still on.

I tried plugging in another hard drive which already had windows xp installed on it. The computer booted fine but it could not find the 500GB WD hard drive.

I looked in the BIOS and it seems that the MB recognizes that there is a hard drive but it is having a hard drive reading it. If i go into the onboard device config it doesnt show the SATA controller.

I am wondering if there is a solution to this, any way I can install the drivers or is it just a faulty hard drive. My system specs are given below.

MB: Asus P7H55-M PRO
Chip: Intel i5 650 3.2 GHz
RAM: 4GB DDR3 (2x2GB) Kingston
HD: WD Caviar Blue SATA, 500 GB

Thanks in advance,

A:Cannot install Windows on WD 500GB SATA hard drive!

You can try to change the SATA controller mode (in the BIOS) to IDE mode. Windows XP setup should continue without a problem. You could keep the mode set to SATA or AHCI but you then need to install the appropriate SATA/RAID drivers at the F6 prompt at the beginning of Windows Setup. However, you will need a floppy drive for that. If you don't have a floppy drive, you can try making a slipstream CD which is a Windows CD with the SATA/RAID drivers included. Google, Bing or whatever to find several guides on how to create a slipstream CD.

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I have bought a new Maxtor SATA 120 Gig hard drive. I am having a problem getting the system to see it.
I am using a ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard which has 2 SATA connections. When I try to install windows XP I get a message saying hard drive cannot be found.
Using the auto detect in CMOS does nothing and I have set all configurations to default, nothing happens.
adding RAID drivers on install has no effect either.
I cannot get the motherboard CD to boot, although the CD is set as 1st boot.
Power is going to the HD, which I have had inspected by PC World to check it's ok, which they confirm.
The only time I can see the name of the HD is in the SATA configuration window.
I only want to use one hard drive so I have not used any of the RAID configurations.
Any advice please? Thanks

A:Solved: Sata Hard Drive Install Problem

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I'm trying to install WinXP SP3 onto a new 500Gb SATA2 drives using a MSI P6N SLI motherboard and when the PC boots, the BIOS sees two SATA hard drives (including the correct size), but when I run the WinXP install CD, I get stuck when the install CD claims it can find no hard drives to install WinXP on.

I have the install CD from MSI which has the ide SATA drivers on it and I've tried to use nlite to integrate the SATA drivers into the install CD, but the resulting iso file still cannot get past the "cannot find any hard drives" point. The MSI driver CD includes 7 ide_SATA files including an inf file which nlite adds to the i386\NLDRV\001 folder and strips all the last characters off each file, e.g. NVATA.INF becomes NVATA.IN_.

The only files on the MSI disk that contain a txtsetup.oem file are the RAID drivers, so I cannot make a floppy disk to insert via the F6 route, and as stated above, cannot get the nlite iso SATA drivers to be seen by the install CD.
I've been going around in circles with MSI tech support trying to have them provide a txtsetup.oem file for the non-RAID SATA drives, but either they don't understand or they are just avoiding the solution because they have no solution. They tell me to download the install driver file (same as on the MSI CD) from their website and load it - but I can't do that until Windows is installed, which I can't do. I can't seem to get through to them that to run the MSI driver CD, WinXP has to be ALREADY install... Read more

A:Can't get clean WinXP install on SATA Hard Drive

Hello jpegman

If you can`t slipstream the drivers all you can do is to go into the BIOS and change the SATA operation mode to RAID Auto/ATA.


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Hi -
I'm having a problem installing XP Pro SP2 on my new WD hard drive. The new HD is a SATA 6 Gps jumpered for 3 Gps. My problem is almost exactly like the one described here:

[SOLVED] Unable to install XP...Harddrive Error...

The solution provided there is exactly what i've found in other forums and blogs. Once I got past a floppy drive problem that prevented me from loading the SATA drivers using the F6 key solution, I finally was able to load the drivers from the floppy that came with my m/b.

However, after Windows setup started, it got to the point after loading some drivers where it showed me the blue screen giving me 3 choices - I chose to begin installing Windows XP. So I clicked Enter, and the next blue screen gave me the message "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer."

I've tried several different configurations in the BIOS, but none worked. Right now, its at the default settings. SATA is configured for RAID since my m/b floppy contains RAID Drivers.

Man, I am at a loss. I have no idea why I can't get XP installed. Thank you for any help.

A:[SOLVED] SATA hard drive not recognized after F6 during XP Pro install

You want to set the SATA to work as IDE . . not RAID, unless you have a RAID array. . . and you want the SATA drivers, not RAID drivers.

If you set the SATA controller to work as IDE you do not need the drivers on the floppy

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I just got some new SATA data cables. They have the lock on them which my old ones didn't.
I put them on and I could still grab the sides of the cable and pull them off the drive. Should they lock and not come off unless I loosen the lock? Thanks,
Coboc Model SC-SATA3-10-LL-BL-90 - Newegg.com

A:SATA Data Cable Question

Hi there .. They are just Locking latches which means you can open them to use straight ..

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