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Computer not recognizing my built in web cam

Q: Computer not recognizing my built in web cam

Hi my computer is not recognizing my built in web cam I have searched forums and even called the company and they said I should download a bison driver but I can't find one for windows 7 64bit. Can anyone help me please.


Preferred Solution: Computer not recognizing my built in web cam

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Computer not recognizing my built in web cam

First of all, what model number is the laptop, and second please explain in more detail the problem, is this after a new os install, or did you just buy it? Any other details would also help.

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Hello any and everyone?! I have a dell inspiron 1545 and i have use my built in webcam plenty of times and i went to use it today and now it doesnt work. It says that I need to reconnect it. And well I cant figure out what ive done or how to fix it. Can someone please help me!?

A:Help! Computer not recognizing built in webcam

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lap top is not recognizing the built in camera,windows 7 Home Premium
64 bit

A:lap top is not recognizing the built in camera

What is the make and model # of the laptop?
Go to the laptop manufacturers support/download drivers site, type in your make and model # or service tag# and download the Chipset and Web Cam driver for your model.

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Hey ppl, i have a problem.

I just newly made my PC. It has a Intel P35 Media series motherboard, and one of those new 45 nm core 2 duo processors at 2.53 GHz. ive got 2GB of 800 MHz RAM, and my SATA HDD and the IDE optical drives are all connected perfectly. the problem is that when i try to install the drivers that came with the motherboard, my USB ports just stop working, nothing that goes in gets detected. This happens after the 3rd or 4th restart needed by the computer to install the drivers. Specifically, its after the PC installs the audio drivers that this happens. After this happens, I can get into the BIOS and everything before Windows starts (XP) but afterwards, it doesnt detect anything. The biggest problem is that the p35 series has no PS/2 socket for the keyboard/mouse. Thus, i cant use either of them to try and uninstall the audio driver. Can anyone help me with this prob?? Id greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

A:Newly Built PC Not Recognizing the USB ports

You can either try to start Windows in Safe Mode and uninstall the sound drivers or you could try temporarily disable the onboard sound in the BIOS. If the sound is disabled, the driver shouldn't load and maybe you can uninstall it then.

If you can get past this problem, go to Intel's website and download the latest drivers available for your motherboard and try installing them.

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Hi. I recently installed 8 as a dual boot option. Everything looks to be working quite well, except that when i go to settings-wireless, it says no wireless devices and wont recognize any wifi networks. I try to go through troubleshooting but it does not help at all, and remains unable to find any networks. Im guessing it is a driver problem, but i couldn't find and drivers to fix this. I have a Toshiba satellite L775, everything works fine in Win 7. Thanks!

A:Win 8 CP not recognizing my built in wireless adapter HELP

Hi there.

Toshiba should have a Windows 7 driver to install.

If not, in device manager, right click then choose Properties. Details tab. Change dropdown to say hardware ids. Copy/paste the results here (no screenshots instead of copy/paste, please.)

32 or 64 bit?

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My fingerprint scanner has been working just fine but recently kept having trouble recognizing it. Now it won't work at all on any finger and it is clean...

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I am having some problems with a computer at work. I am not the main user of this computer, but need it to be working. Initial symptoms were that Adobe Audition would not play nor record audio. This user isn't the most computer literate person so when strange problems crop up we reboot and if it's good we typically ignore it. It worked after a reboot. About an hour later it happened again. It was closing time so he just shut down the computer and said it was fine for me to look at it in the morning. In the morning our outsourced IT people took a look at it and said it had 3 trojans and remnants of some viruses. I do not know which trojans or viruses they found.

Later that day the same problem happened. Adobe Audition 1.5 wouldn't play audio the play and record buttons were actually greyed out. I took a look at Adobe Audition 3.0 and it had the same problem. I went to YouTube and no audio, though it looked to be playing. I took a look at the control panel and the sound settings said "No device configured". I took a look at the Device manager and the card and on board showed up there. We were using both the onboard RealTek HD audio and a Audigy 2 ZS card. A while back (6months or more) the Audigy card was giving us problems so we bypassed it and just used the onboard.

The IT tech uninstalled the drivers and then reinstalled them. That got Audition 3.0 to work constantly. We have not had a problem with Audition 3.0 since Thursday. Still we had the problem... Read more

A:Computer is not recognizing sound card after computer starts up

UAA - Microsoft KB888111 post #4 link3 may help with your audio.

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My computer is not recognizing my copy of Halo. I was wondering if anyone could tell me why or how to fix this problem.

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I have a DeLL Demension 8100 that I purchased back in 2001. I upgraded it from windows ME to XP Home. I also installed a Phillips CDR-RW a few years back as well.
The problem is that my computer just stopped recognizing the cd rom drives about a month ago. When I start up the computer, I get a message that says:
Diskette Drive 1 failure
Secondary drive 0 seek failure
Secondary drive 1 seek failure

I have gone to the system BIOS and it says the device on these two drives are unknown. I have no idea how these two are supposed to be set up?
Next, I exit out and skip system bios and start windows back up and everything comes up fine. The problem is that I cannot access the cd rom drives. There is nothing even suggesting I have a cd rom in the device manager or my computer. When the computer starts up, the lights come both cd rom drives. I have opened up the case and there are no loose wires. Last month I was so frustrated that I but in xp boot disks into the a: drive and reformatted the computer. By doing this, I lost all my data, but the drives came back. Now I am back to square one!

I have heard that using a USB memory device can cause conflict, but that is all I know about that subject.

Would appreciate any help.

A:Computer not recognizing CD Rom

If the BIOS can't find it then Windows won't either.

Check the CDROM drive cable, unplug and replug all the connectors. Swap the cables with the hard drive.

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I have a Dell P4 computer with XP on it and for some time I have had problems reading any CD I stick into my CD ROM drive. New Programs book up great, but when I try to have it read picture CDs I use for backing up digital pictures, it won't work. Any solutions for me?



A:Computer not recognizing CD ROM/DVD ROM

"I have had problems reading any CD I stick into my CD ROM drive."
" New Programs book up great, but when I try to have it read picture CDs I use for backing up digital pictures, it won't work."

So what does it read and not read??

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I purchased two 4gb sticks of ram from Komputerbay on Ebay. They were cheap (36 for both) so I admit, they might just be crap (fortunantly they have a return policy).
Before I purchased the ram, I researched my computer specs, to see if it would even allow up to 8gbs upgrade and according to Crucial.com, it will.
The ram arrived in the mail today and I installed it. The first time, it wasn't connected properly and made a beeping noise. I took them out and made sure they were in all the way and secured them. This time it did not beep, it started up (I could hear the fan) but it didn't do anything else. It was a lit up black screen. So I took them out and installed one of my 1gb sticks and one of the 4gb sticks. Windows booted up and when I went into My Computer, it said Memory: 5.00 GB but when I went into task manager it said that I only had 725 MB available. So its recognizing the ram, but not using it. Its the right pin number and right type so its not as though I got the wrong kind.

I have a Compaq Presario CQ56-115DX laptop. This is the ram I purchased. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

A:Computer not recognizing ram.

Check on laptop Manufactures website for any update drivers and bios updates.....

Ebay is not the best place to get Ram from....if after updating and still having problems then I would send the memory back and use a better place to get memory from. It may cost a bit more but it will work.

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Hi All, I have an HP Pavilion Slimline s5704y PC. I recently installed an AMD Phenom II x6 1090 T Processor in it. I am running windows 10 Pro on the computer as well. The computer is running but it doesn't seem to recognize the new processor in the system information (msinfo32). It still shows processor AMD Athlon II 260 Dual Core. I tried to search on the HP site for Bios Flash upgrade, but I had not luck. The bios version is American Megatrends Inc, 6.07 01/18/2011 Can anybody help with how to get this pc to recognize the new AMD Phenom processor? The system specification page show that is supports this processor -https://support.hp.com/hk-en/document/c02629622and the pc is currently running since I'm on it submitting this question. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Chris

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When I plug my usb drive into the computer, the light in the usb flashed a couple times and stopped flashing, and the computer is not reading the usb at all, I tried all the usb ports and different computers, all with the same problem, is the usb drive corrupted? How can I save back all the data in the usb drive?


A:My computer is not recognizing the USB

plug it in and the use the diskmgmt.msc to see what windows thinks it looks like

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I have an Aspire TC-705 and when I put in my SSD HDD. (Which has a bootable Windows 10 partition on it) my ACER still says no boot device found.  When I check bios, although it reconizes the HDD in ACHI (I think that was the appreviation.) it does not recognize it as a boot HDD. My current HDD has Windows Boot Manager listed as the boot device instead of the HDD type when I have that connected instead. Any suggestions?

Go to Solution.

A:computer not recognizing new bootable HDS

you must be sure that your SSD has also the EFI partition to be able to boot as windows bootable manager on UEFI  BIOS.

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Im just trying to change my stupid User pic and it tells me that an adminstrator has to do it...I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR!!!! Help please muchly appreciated.

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Lenovo Users, My laptop is not recognizing or playing a CD/DVD placed in the CD drive. When I go to "My Computer the drive does not appear. Perhaps I have accidentally deleted or disabled the driver. Can you please help? Thank you. Lawrence

A:Computer not recognizing CD/DVD drive

try removing and reseating the drive

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alright so im tryin to install windows xp home. on my new computer. it recognizes the keyboard in the beginnen of start up. but once the menu to repair install or quit comes up. it doesnt recognize my keyboard anymore so i can't click enter to start installation.. is there any way to fix this. the keyboard is a usb keyboard.... i dont know. ive heard if i use the regular keyboard plug in, it will work. but i ono.... ive also enabled usb keyboard in bios.... thats all i could find that might have something to do with it.

A:computer not recognizing keyboard

I think if you did plug in a regular keyboard, it should work and then once you have to OS up and running it will recognize it automatically, my Emachine does the same thing.


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At first I thought there was a problem with my ipod when the itunes or the updater would not recognize it even though it showed up on My Computer, but now I think there is a problem with my computer.

I tried plugging in my USB jump drive and it would not read either, even though it appeared on My Computer.

It does the same thing with CD's as well. I tried inserting an empty CD in the drive to burn songs but even though it appeared on My Computer, it would keep asking to insert a blank CD.

How do I fix this problem?

A:Computer not recognizing drives

thanks for the help.

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hi, im having problems on one of my computers as it does not recognize the router at all , and consequently cannot connect to the internet. Two other computers work on the network perfectly fine, and the PC in question did too until today where it suddenly stopped working.

Ive tried connecting to the 192. but it does not show up at all. Ive tried unplugging the ethernet, restarting the momdem / router / pc, renewing the IP, winsocket etc...

Im not sure what the problem is, since whenever I try to run ipconfig /all , it doesnt show the usual information - only says
'Windows IP configuration' . It does not show up on the dhcp client list either on the 192. so i believe there is a connection problem? :s

The ipconfig for this computer I am using now is the following

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\LamNetbook>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : LamNetbook-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcast
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : Belkin

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Belkin
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom 4313 802.11b/g/n
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-26-82-7A-13-87
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes... Read more

A:Computer not recognizing router

oh yes, it is a belkin router

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Thank you all for reading my post, I just got back from the hospital, yay! Anyway the problem is that I have 3 GB of RAM in my computer, but the video card allocates (hogs) 128 MB of my RAM which is fine with me, because I need the good performance. I've been running Ubuntu Linux for a while and recently got windows xp for my computer and installed windows xp on my internal disk drive and I checked the system info and checked the RAM and it reported 2.87 GB of RAM, and I totally freaked out(cause in Linux it reported 2.872 GB of RAM and that's totally normal and I understand that) now I'm so confused as to why it says "2.87 GB of RAM" It should say "2.872 GB of RAM" but it doesn't. Is there a reason why it doesn't recognize that part of the RAM or does it recognize it but just drop the "2" in "2.872 GB of RAM"??? It's either it's missing the 2, or it seriously only recognizes 2.87 GB of RAM but im not sure what the heck is going on! Somebody please hold me, I'm seriously getting upset over this. Maybe somebody could help me with this? I'm not sure if it's a Windows thing or what.. but I'd apreciate some help with this .

A:Solved: Computer not recognizing RAM

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Hey guy's sorry if this is in the wrong place. I am new here and was curious if I could get someones opinion. I am running an Hp with win. 7. The computer was acting fine. Then all of a sudden It froze and rebooted to a black screen that says " Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in proper boot device then press any key". So I went to my Bios screen thinking my boot order may be out of whack.It wasn't. Then I noticed it didn't list my HDD OR My dvd burner. So I was thinking the hdd may have failed, but if it isn't listing the burner either could it be the sata controllers on the mother board?

A:Computer not recognizing my hdd or dvd burner

Have you been inside the PC lately? Check for loose connections at both ends of the cables. While you're in there, check for dust build up and clean. (Not related to your problem.) Do you get any beep sounds when you try to boot? If so, count the beeps and report.

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Good Grief I am soooo DEPRESSED and ANGRY!!! I must have tried half a dozen ways to get this ^%$#% computer to read the drives... One of the suggestions actually worked for about 30 seconds, then *poof*... back to the ol' I CAN'T SEE IT routine... Would someone PLEASE HELP??? My sanity (or what's left of it) hangs by a thread (no pun intended, but hey, that was pretty good

A:Computer not recognizing CD/DVD drives

What was the fix that worked for a short time?

Is the drive recognized in the BIOS?
Is the drive recognized in Windows?
What is the drive status in Device Manager (If Windows recognizes the drive)?

Uninstall the drive in Device Manager and reboot (if Windows recognizes the drive).

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So it appears that my HP Pavillion laptop no longer recognizes my cd rom drive. I first noticed it when I put a blank DVD in to burn and the autoplay feature did not come up. So I checked my computer and I don't see the cd rom icon there either. So it appears that it is no longer reading my drive and I'm not really sure what I did to cause this. Nothing seems to be wrong with the drive itself but I tried puting in a normal cd and nothing happened either. So I can't play a cd, burn anything and the computer desn't seem t recognize the drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Computer not recognizing cd rom drive

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I have a Sony VIAO laptop computer and it is not recognizing any extra hardware. I tried my camera, which is my biggest problem, and then I tried a memory stick which also could not be found. I had recieved a Kodak for christmas from my parents and had returned it because it was not showing up on my computer, but it showed up on every other computer in the house. I thought it was weird, so I returned it and got an Olympus, and it once again is not working on my laptop and everyone elses. My laptop is running on Windows XP, I worked for hours the other day on this and my dad worked for hours yesterday to no avail. We just cannot figure out. We tried restoring the system (twice), installing 4 or 5 drivers, etc. I just don't know, it may be the USB ports, but I can't imagine all three of them being broken?

I was wondering if I bought a multi-media reader, would it solve this problem? My older camera appears in MY COMPUTER when I plug them in, and I know it's not he camera.

I appreciate any help I can get.

A:Computer not recognizing camera

Just a thought, you might want to disable your old cameras drivers in device manager

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I previously was able to transfer audiobooks from my computer to my phone via usb cable.

Recently, the computer stopped recognizing the phone.

The computer is a Lenovo Ideapad 100 with Windows 10. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5.

I keep getting notices for Windows 10 updates and dutifully [?] install these; don't know if this has caused the problem.

Now when I go to Printers and Devices, I see the phone listed under devices, but it is "greyed out" and I can not open it.

I did install a shortcut on the desktop, but the phone also will not open from the shortcut.

Can you please tell remedy this?

It is truly a hardship to not have new audiobooks on the phone!

Thanks so much,


Screenshots attached

A:Computer not recognizing phone

Depends on how you were doing it before ? using Samsung's phone manager or by copying files from one drive to another.

If it's file copying, the next time you connect your phone, swipe the notification bar and see if there is an option to choose MTP/Media or Mass storage option and you would get a couple of beeps and see if you're able to see your device.

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My PL 121 Samsung Smart Camera 5X.
When I hook o my Usb port on my computer I get a message saying
USB device not recognized one of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it.
My Samsung Notebook
When I hook it to the computer, I get a message saying
Device driver software was not successfully installed.
Please consult with your manufacturer for assistance getting this device installed.
MTP USB Device      X Failed
Now for this part I'm not sure if it matters but, the original USB cables I got with the Samsung Notebook and Samsung Cam,one got chewed up by the dog and the other one I lost.
I know that with the original USB cables they were both working. What I did was buy one for my cam from Amazon and the Notebook we had one that would work for it but the Usb cable we are using is not one for a note book.
The other thing is that they will both charge when I connect them to my computer.
Is there anything  can do to fix this?

A:Computer Not Recognizing My USB Devices

Hi,Quick question, are you connecting before or after you are starting your computer?Thanks

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I have a CanoScan N670U scanner which my computer is not recognizing regardless of what I do. I have tried all the regular stuff (uninstalling and reinstalling the driver etc.), but with no success. Can anyone help? The scanner is plugged into the computer through a PCMCI USB2 card.

Many thanks!

A:My computer is not recognizing a scanner! Please help!!!

Probably needs to be plugged in directly into a motherboard USB port.
Update the USB2 crad drivers if you can.
Check in Device Manager if USB is properly installed.

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I recently had a cd burner (Lite-On, Nero) installed as did a friend. We have the same system and use Windows98SE. Mine works perfectly but now her computer is refusing to play her ordinary cd's and Nero won't work either.

When she puts in a cd (in the usual cd-rom drive) a message box appears which indicates it doesn't know there is cd in the drive.

I tried out Nero for her but at the stage when it should 'write' the icon is greyed out and the box with the word 'write' on it doesn't appear which seems to me to indicate it doesn't realise there is a disc in the new drive waiting to be written.

She took it back and they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it but she still can't play cd's.

I will be trying Nero for her again next week but I thought before I did that, does anyone know what sort of things I could check to ascertain if her normal dc-rom drive is OK and correctly set-up. I know she didn't have it set for autoplay because she used to open the cd-player (Start/Acc/Ent etc) each time she wanted to play a cd.

She had no problems at all before the installation of the new drive for the burner.



A:computer not recognizing cd in drive

When you check out her computer, first look in the device manager to see if her driver for the CD-Write is working. In Device manager look for "DVD/CD-ROm" and click on it for the statistics.

For more info before you look at her computer, go to "Help & Info", and in the search box type "Troubleshooting Drivers".

There is also a troubleshoot button when you click on DVD/CD-ROM in device manager that can help you out.

You may first want to check for driver updates at Nero's site for the system she is running and download them to a floppy or CD. Also, look for patches at Nero's site for the version of Windows she is running! This way they will be handy when you check out the statistics in her computer's device manager.

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I just replaced my old processor ( AMD Athlon 1.2 Ghz) with a AMD Athlon XP HD 2800 (2.083 Ghz) but in the Bios it is still showing as the old processor, it also shows as the old one on boot up.

Did I maybe install it wrong or do I ned to contact the provider of the processor about them sending me the wrong processor?

A:Computer not recognizing new processor

Did you make sure that the motherboard was compatible with the new CPU? You may need to update the bios in order for the new CPU to be seen. Did you try resetting the bios to it's defaults?

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I have a computer that does not recognize the USB drives that I put into the USB ports.

There is only one data stick that it recognizes but does not recognize the data stick that transfers pictures from my phone to the computer or my WD My Book External HD. When I plug either into the USB port, the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon appears in the system tray but when I double click it to bring up the list of removable hardware, it only describes the connected drive as a "USB Mass Storage Device" whereas other computers would recognize it as "My Book External HD" or "Geek Squad G3 drive" for instance.

Does anyone know why my computer chooses not to recognize these drives and how to fix it?

A:computer not recognizing USB drives

OK, so I looked in my device manager and the computer apparently is recognizing the drive but it's not appearing in "My Computer" so I don't know how to access it...

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I had to reinstall Windows yesterday to correct some issue I was having, thus deleting the old Windows directory. When I reloaded Windows, I reinstalled all my drivers and whatnot, but now I'm unable to play any games. Whenever I try to launch a game, the screen flickers a few times (as if it's changing the resolution a bunch of times), then the game closes. With World of Warcraft, I get an error saying "World of Warcraft was unable to start up 3D acceleration. Please make sure DirectX 9.0c is installed and your video drivers are up-to-date." (no game works, but thus far WoW is the only game to actually give me that specific error message, other games just close).

As I said I DID definitely download the latest drivers for my video card (ATI Radeon X1650) and I also downloaded DirectX 9.0c from Microsoft's website. I tried uninstalling my video driver entirely and reinstalling it and that didn't work either. Anyone have any ideas?

A:Computer not recognizing DirectX?

Lets double check your version of DirectX

Click Start>Run and type "dxdiag" and press enter to get full information about your system, DirectX, and other related helpful information. DirectX will be listed near the bottom.

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I recently replaced the CD/DVD optical drive in my Inspiron i14-3437-a40 with a new 240GB Kingston UV400 ssd drive in a caddy, but it's not being recognized at all by the computer. It does not appear neither in the BIOS nor in Device Manager/Disk Manager tools in Windows. The CD/DVD drive worked fine though, so I doubt it's an issue with the connector.  I have updated the SATA drivers and the BIOS using Dell's tool in the website, but apparently it was not a driver issue. What could be the reasons for this problem?

A:Computer not recognizing SSD in caddy

These devices are hit and miss -- you will need to check with the manufacturer of the caddy to see what they have to say.
In many cases, even if you can see the drive, you won't be able to use it as a boot device when it's mounted in the caddy.

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Hello everyone !! Over the weekend while doing some electrical work, I shut off the power to the room containing my computer. I had a hard time getting it to Start Up, but all seemed fine accept I had to re-set the clock. Then I shortly discovered that it would not recognize either D: or E: drive, I finally did get them both to recognize an audio cd but only after opening them through WMP. Usually they start when placed in the drive, and it will use my default player (Nero). When I looked in "My Computer" it prompts me to insert a disk ?? I am running Windows 2000 NT Pro and the C: drive seems to be operating fine. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated on how I may resolve this. Thanks to all !!!

A:Computer not recognizing D: & E: Drives

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my keyboard and mouse cut out and yes they are both plugged in. they are stock so i believe they are p/s 2 . uhm a the moment my keyboard is working but my mouse is not. sometimes my keyboard will also cut out but by restarting i can get it working again. can anyone please help me???

A:Computer not recognizing mouse

have you tried another k/b and or mouse

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hi there,

my computer seems to have stopped recognizing my cd drives, including the cd burner. the icons are gone in the My Computer folder and Nero won't find them either.

anyone have any idea why this could be happening? or how to re-install either one? i don't have installation disks of any sort.



A:Computer not recognizing CD drives

Right-click on My Computer, go to properties -> hardware -> device manager. If there are any icons with 'X's through them right-click on them and click enable. If there are icons with '?'s through them right-click on them and click uninstall. Then try using the Add Hardware utility in your Control Panel.

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Two days ago, out of nowhere, my cd/dvd-roms stopped being recognized by my computer. They are listed in the device manager but have the yellow exclamation point beside them. When I attempt to pull them up it says "Windows cannot initialize the device driver" Code 37. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but no help. Also, the headphone outs on my soundcard have also stopped functioning. I am computer savvy and have tried everything I know. It seems to be a driver issue...Microsoft 5.1.2535.0, but I can't find a replacement and do not have my OS CD. My business depends on my computers running smoothly. Please help.

A:Computer not recognizing my cd/dvd-roms

If you are using XP try this link about removing the upper and lower filters, even if you don't have EasyCD.


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My girlfriends computer recently crashed and now will not boot up. The boot.ini file is corrupt or missing. The other day she brought it to my house so I could fix it for her but now the computer does not recognize a monitor. The computer still turns on but the monitor just stays black. I installed this video card about 2 years ago and never had a problem with it. I've tried 3 different monitors. I've tried hooking a monitor up with the VGA port, DVI port as well as with the S video with no luck. I read in the forums that the video card could have come unseated so I checked and it is securely in place. Could the video card possibly have failed? Also can I hook up the monitor to the original built in video card even though I disabled it when I installed the new one?

A:Computer not recognizing monitor

Hello bigggj,

Could you post some specs for this computer? When you say the computer recently crashed, what exactly happened?

It sounds like the motherboard has on-board graphics. To fix the issue of that being disabled, you can reset CMOS. There should be a little jumper on the motherboard that you can use to do so. Generally it should be three small pins with a small plastic piece over the two leftmost pins. You reset the CMOS by moving that plastic piece to the rightmost two pins for about 10 seconds (first make sure to turn the PC off and disconnect the power cable!), then move the piece back to the two leftmost pins.

Once you've done that the BIOS settings will be back to their defaults, which includes the onboard graphics being enabled. So then you can connect the monitor to the onboard graphics and give it a spin.

Let us know if that works or if you need more help.

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Bought a new Epson Pro WF 3720. Loaded on my wife's network computer with no problems. I have the same exact Dell computer but will not recognize the printer. I can print from the computer but cannot scan. Have tried Wi-Fi, wireless, USB and Ethernet. I can scan to thumb drive. Computer says it is scanning but then nothing. Help

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I installed the maximum 4GB of RAM into my Dimension months ago, been working fine, now I turn on the computer and it says system memory has changed, press f2 to run setup. I did so but the memory section says fields can't be changed, and when I run the computer now it says it has only 3GB of RAM.

A:Computer stopped recognizing RAM??

Your board probably only supports 3gb of RAM. Thats the issue.

Go to crucial.com, run a system scan and post the results here.

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I am having so many computer problems today. Earlier someone helped me fix a malware problem and now I am hoping to get some help with my camera.

When I plug my camera (Canon PowerShot A85) into the USB port I get a message stating that the USB Device is not recognized. I tried reinstalling the software that came with the camera but that did not help. My ipod works fine...the computer recognizes it as what it is. Please help! Thank you so much!!!!!

A:Computer not recognizing camera

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I recently reformatted my computer and now the computer doesnt recognize that I'm the computer administrator. I cannot install some programs because it says I do not have access to drives. I also changed a booting setting in mscofig and now I cant change it becasue it says I'm not the admin. I am the only one with an account and if I go into user accounts it says that Im the computer administrator. Please help me.

Windows XP Home SP2
Dell Dimension 4600 Pentium 4

A:Computer Not Recognizing Admin

have you tried setting this in safemode or restoring to a point ?

press f8 when booting then boot into safemode
in safe mode you can either 1. try to make a new acount with admin settings or 2. restore windows a a system restore point

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My problem is specifically with connecting my mp3 player to my computer so I can trasnfer files to it. I know the problem is not with my specific mp3 player, because my sister's doesn't work on the computer either, but mine works on her labtop.

When I plug it in, I do hear the "bloop" sound. Then the "new hardware detected" thing pops up, even though I've installed the software for it. I've tried reinstalling the software, but it still refuses to recognize it.

My printer and some other USB devices I have connected still work fine, the problem seems to be with mp3 players so far. It might just be with all removable storage, but I don't really have a flash drive on hand to test that out.

Everything worked fine for several months before this, when one day it suddenly stopped working.

Any suggestions?

A:Computer Not Recognizing Some USB Devices

try another usb port, check in bios if usb legacy support is enabled or disabled.

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I have an Olympus Stylus 840 camera, and an Olympus xD 2GB picture card. I never had a problem with the card before, but I took some pictures the other day, and tried to upload them with a USB on the computer. Before I attempted to upload them, they were normal sized on my camera. Once I tried to upload them, my computer would only recognize some older pictures but none of my new ones. Then, when I put the card back in my camera and view the pictures, they showed up very small and wouldn't let me edit them or do anything with them! Let me know if you can help! Thank you so much!

A:Computer not recognizing pictures

Try a different app, like Window Pic and Fax, or Picasa.
Find this drive in My Computer and upload from there.

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i recently updated my computer and installed win xp. i have 4 usb ports total on my computer, 2 in the back and 2 on the side. the 2 usb ports on the back of the pc work fine however my computer isn't recognizing and reading the 2 on the side. they used to work fine but now they don't.

any suggestions?

thanks greg

A:computer not recognizing usb ports

Have you checked the internal cabling to it. Could just have dropped off / got snagged round something while doing an upgrade. Alternatively, check in your Device list, to see if there's anything shown up as baing unknown or disabled.


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My computer isnt recognizing the network in my home, or any network. Absolutely no networks show up. Yes, the LAN switch is on. Tried to enable boot options from the boot up menu and that didnt work. Tried to see if it was the network adapter drivers. That's also not it. PLEASE HELP! Acer MS2220 with vista home basic on it. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

A:Computer not recognizing network

Microsoft has a good troubleshooting guide
Troubleshoot problems finding wireless networks
If all else fails try with another computer. Is it the computer or router or ISP?

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Hey, I am having a few computer problems. I know my way around my computer a bit, but this problem has me completely confused!

I turned my computer on today, and I didn't get any audio and no internet connectivity. It appears as if my display drivers are working just fine, as I loaded up and the resolution was just fine, and if I try to hop into a game, it doesn't give me any errors other then no sound drivers. I know for a fact I have sound drivers installed, but just to be safe, I tried reinstalling them. After reinstalling my mobo and sound card drivers, still no luck. I go into control panel and then "Sound and Audio Devices" and there is no device listed. Everything is grayed out, also when I go to Network Connections, there are no ports available. I also tried to plug in an external ethernet card that works on another computer, and it wouldn't even pick that up. Its also not recognizing my USB thumb drive, I had to download the drivers from my laptop and put them on my Ipod to transfer them to my desktop, but it didn't do anything. Also, I checked BIOS, and it appears to recognize my hardware. I saw HD Audio device at the least.

I am on...

Windows XP SP3
EVGA E6600
Creative SB X-Fi
4 gigs of Ram

Any help would be really appreciated...THANKS!

A:Computer Not Recognizing Drivers

Hello forgottenlove36565
have you tried running a virus scan?
if so what antivirus did you use?
Can you locate and post a log of the scan back to this topic as we may be able to better assist you with your problem


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