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310-15IKB 80TV System Recovery & USB Boot BROKEN

Q: 310-15IKB 80TV System Recovery & USB Boot BROKEN

These are my issues:The System Recovery option found in the Novo Button Menu just opens GRUB to attempt to launch Kali Linux 2016.2.The Boot Menu doesn't show there are any Bootable USBs I have in its list. Even one with Kali Linux 2016.2 on it. It is not just not recognizing the USB as bootable, it doesn't represent anything is plugged in at all.Somehow, Kali Linux is now broken as well. So any help from within an OS on the system is not an option.My Comedy of Errors When I installed Linux, I:Booted from a Bootable Kali USB, ran the LIVE option, and started the app gParted, a Linux option for a disk partitioner.Shrunk the partition holding my saved data created with windows 10 to accomodate the size and to make room for Kali.Deleted the other partitions. ---- I have done this many times, no, there is no way the hidden system recovery partition was present and deleted.Installed Kali As the only OS on my system.Broke Kali. Easy to do. It doesn't boot.I still have the lenovo BIOS, but linux boots from GRUB. My Bios is photographed and attached. But here are a few options that are modified. USB Legacy [Enabled] Boot Mode [Legacy Support] Boot Priority [Legacy First] USB Boot [Enabled] How do I re-install/repair ANYTHING!??

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Preferred Solution: 310-15IKB 80TV System Recovery & USB Boot BROKEN

I recommend downloading and trying SP Photo Recovery. It will help find and retrieve your lost files.

I've used it in the past to recover photos, music, videos, and other multimedia files, regardless if the file has been deleted, lost, damaged or corrupted.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/UDbKNE. (This link will open the download page so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hello,I have an Ideapad 310-15IKB 80TV bought on 31th December 2017 (Italy). Yesterday I reduced the partition of system volume "C" and extended the partition of the native volume "D" (which contains an additional drivers' folder by Lenovo). I used a specific software to make this operation since windows 10 doesn't allow the partition extension. The work has been completed correctly, but I noted that an OEM partition (without name) was changed and now results as "non allocated" (1001 mb), so now there are the following OEM partitions only: "WINRE_DRV" (1000 MB) and "LENOVO_PART" (13,83 GB). To verify, I tryed to run OneKey Recovery for rebooting the laptop in the "system restore" mode, but windows 10 starts normally. So, I figure the partition changed from "OEM partition-integer" to non-allocated" by that software, doesn't work and the others OEM partitions it appears are not usable.How can I fix the problem?I could need in the future to restore the laptop with its initial and original settings..Could you please suggest me on how to fix the problem?Does Lenovo provides a software to restore the specific oem partitions containing the original settings and system for my laptop model? Thank you very much in advance for your kind help Roberto

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Help!!!!!! I'm a college student and have an assigment due in 4 days. I was using my laptop to do the assignment, walked a way and when i got back, it somehow restarted and cant boot. I really need a solution to fix it. Im really worried that my hdd is faulty, meaning that i have to redo the assignment again and lose all my files. Im also worried that the service/repair will take forever as there are many people complaining about it.

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I got this issue for a long time. Don't know if this is a factory defect, or perhaps a design flaw on Lenovo. The battery was good to ok when I first got it, then came all the Windows 10 updates which made it worse. I would just normally use it and most of the time I only got around 1.5-2 hours. I tried everything, control start-up items, control background apps, disabled Fast Boot even reduced the screen brightness but to no avail. All my drivers are updated, even the BIOS.Does anyone have this issue? If you do, did you try any other tricks that might have even temporarily solved this issue?I wish some of the moderators can report this to Lenovo Engineers, so they can find a solution.

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I have a problem in the touchpad, it doesn't work at all, (doesn't appear in device manager and the pointer disappears when i unplug the USB mouse) I tried all methods, the fn +f6, updated Bios, updated Drivers, re-installed Windows, even I made a test with a Linux live CD and everything worked except the touchpad. In BIOS there isn't any options regarding the touchpad as wellI was wondering if there is something needed to be enabled in firmware? I wonder. what can I do at this point, I am using an external USB mouse, but I need the touchpad to be working as well.* the laptop is new, there is no physical damage at all  

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Hi,I definately can't find a driver for USB 3.0 for my lenovo Ideapad 310 - 15ikb -80TV (windows 10). The USB 3.0 port is working only on USB 2.0 mode and don't recognize my 3.0 flash disc and my USB 3.0 external hard disc runs only on 2.0 mode (the red light is for 2.0 and the blue light for 3.0)Thanks, for help

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i searched a lot for drivers but at support only given drivers for windows 10 x64 bit. https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/300-series/310-15ikb/80tv/downloads...i installed all drivers one by one but some gave success and mostly failed. i need drivers for windows 8.1 pro x64 bit. please lenovo team help to solve brand new machine lenovo 310 ideapad 15ikb 80tv. https://photos.app.goo.gl/r6tr8qreAAESqjnJ2https://photos.app.goo.gl/VEd9ErmF1zROrVJO2https://photos.app.goo.gl/K7lFW3TsFiVT2a4q2https://photos.app.goo.gl/1bFKyFt4993NgNRD2 wifi is not working also.......i need all factory drivers. audio, graphics, networking lan, wireless wifi, etc....please

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I recently bought a Lenovo Ideapad 310 about a month ago, shortly after installing all reccomended updates on the Lenovo companion app, including reccomended BIOS and Windows 10 updates my laptop has started getting semi random freezes. When a freeze occurs the entire system locks up, the sound makes a very short interval constant loop, and I have to preform a full reboot. It seems to happen more frequently when playing certain games (CSGO, Left 4 Dead 2) Less frequently when playing less demanding games (Starbound, Minecraft) however sometimes it feels like it can happen at any time as it has happened a few times just browsing the internet or once while idle and downloading something in the background.Sometimes I can tell when it's about to happen. In the case where the computer is about to freeze while playing CSGO I lose connection to the server, the game tell's me it's attempting to reconnect, every time I see this the computer goes into the freeze 5-10 seconds later, This morning I was fast enough to alt tab before the freeze and noticed that my laptop said it was still connected to the internet just before it then froze and I had to reboot I have no idea what could possibly be causing this but wanted to know what my options are or wether anybody else was experiencing similar constant and seemingly random freezes

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I got my Ideapad and I want to know if I can upgrade my laptop's graphics card......The laptop got 2 graphics cards1) Intel's graphics card2) Nvidia dedicated graphics card Geforce GTX 920MX (2GB)upon that, I wanted to upgrade my Nvidia dedicated Graphics Card into Nvidia Geforce GTX 940 (4GB)....and so I am asking if this was possible or not for my case?

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Can anyone please tell me if the above bios update is compatible with the 'non-touch' version of this laptop. The text suggests that it is included but when it goes to install it it pauses and tells me it is only for touch versions. I am now confused and understandably reluctant to go ahead. ThanksTF.

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HelloI wonder if you can help me to know how to have advanced tabs in the insyde H2o in the latest bios version,I just need it desperately as some setting there closed the internal touchpad.Thanks 

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Just noticed this whenever I plug or unplug the charger. The laptop lags for 1-2 seconds before returning to normal. This is noticeable when playing games or watching videos. Haven't seen any abnormal drops or spikes with the temperature of the CPU, GPU and HDD which would suggest a hardware issue. Tried doing this while running 3DBenchmark, and there is a huge drop in FPS, from 130-200fps down to almost 16fps esp. when unplugging the charger.Is this normal?

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Hey,To begi, I have 2 problems since I bought this notebook about 2 weeks ago1- The performance is so poor    I am running Windows 10 and what I can notice is the bad performance from such an i7 processor @2.7 to 2.9 Ghz with 8 GB RAM(DDR4) and Nvidia Geforce 920MX(2GB)once I remove the AC Adapter and run it on the battery it tends to be slower and even when plugged in it's still giving me like the minimal performance, I have another laptop which is processor i5 @2.3 Ghz , 4 GB of RAM(DDR3), Intel Graphics Card(1GB) and it is running at much higher speed and I have tested this on some game and the i5 PC gave me a Higher FPS(90+) while the Ideapad gave me something around 60So, is it because some kind of factory settings for the lowest performance ever on that PC as I want to change it? Please give me a decent Solution for that problem as I can't work on the Ideapad this way.....2- Since I bought this laptop and I am using it regularly so I wanted to limit the battery usage to increase its lifespan so I have download Lenovo settings and Companion to Activate the Conservation Mode but It never worked, It never limited the battery to 60% and the battery still goes to completion....So I need a solution for thatThanks in advance.

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Got a notice from Lenovo updates about a hard-drive update. Went ahead and updated the firmware. Now my laptop randomly freezes and is sluggish. Is there anyway to downgrade the hdd's firmware?

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After having my desktop disappear on me, and trying numerous options, the alternative was to do a non-destructive System Recovery.

Yes, all the data files are still here (thank goodness ~ would have been heartbroken over lost pictures!) but now I have icons on desktop to programs that aren't installed, plus my program list shows programs that aren't there as well.

Is there a program out there that I can use that will search the computer for broken 'things'? I thought I had used one years ago, but I can't seem to locate anything now.


A:After System Recovery, broken files/programs. ???

HI, If you used System Restore it sets your system back to the way it was at the particular date and time. Any icons etc. would be resurrected and the only option I can think of is for you to delete them manually.

You could use a registry cleaner like JV16 to clean up the registry after you have manually cleaned things up. Peace Mal

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Hello i recently Bought This Laptop and the rotation worked just  fine, but after i updated via windows update It wont Rotate anymore, i looked around in a few posts about registry keys and enabling it. the rotation lock button popped back up but it still will not rotate. Any help is Appreciated it. I've Spent 3 days trying to figure this out so forgive me if this is a duplicate post. Model Number 80v5

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Going through the software (OneKeyRecovery) in Windows to reboot, nor starting the computer by pushing the recovery button will start the computer in the recovery mode -- rather the computer just boots up like normal into Windows 10.Any suggestion how to recover system?

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Previously I had Ubuntu Linux and GRUB, which pointed to Windows 7 and Windows XP

I formatted all the partitions and resized Windows 7 to use the entire disk.

I accidentally deleted the 100MB partition that contains the boot folder.

Nothing works to fix it. I really need help! I made a new >100MB partition and formatted it to NTFS with gParted, and copied the contents of my laptop's system partition (same exact OS, I thought maybe it would see it and be able to fix it to work with the desktop.)

So, what do you recommend? When I boot the DVD and go to repair installation, it doesnt see any O
S's. On startup repair, even doing it several several times with and without rebooting, it says the same thing.
at the end of the log:

Root cause found:
The partition table does not have a valid System Partition.

Repair action: Partition table repair
Result: Completed Successfully. Error Code = 0x0
Time taken = 2277ms


When doing the bootrec commands, it gives errors such as 'Element not found' or 'a device cannot function'

What on Earth can I do to get my pc to boot Windows 7 properly again?


A:Broken MBR/Boot/System Partition

Is the 100mb a Primary partition?

If not, mark your main windows partition Active (assuming that is a Primary) - then run startup repair - will probably take 2 or 3 runs.

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I have a PC with an asus P6X58D-E motherboard and an i7 processor.

It had not booted for a long time and I put it in storage.

Yesterday I decided I was going to get it going again. I bought a new 750w psu because I suspected that that was what was wrong with it. I replaced that and it still didn't work. I replaced the cr2032 bios battery and still no boot. I hit the clr cmos button and and booted and I got some life.

After setting some of the settings in the bios correctly and booting a few more times it was working fine. I upgraded to Windows 10 over night shut it down in the morning and went to work.

Upon returning from work it won't boot (it has been off the whole day. I have replaced the bios battery again and gone through yesterday's fixes, with no luck. What am I missing?

A:Broken, broken, fixed it, broken again... Boot issues

if u look thru the reviews u will see that motherboard is plagued with issues http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131641
i myself have had the misfortune of "trying" to work with x58 boards and have given up on a few!!!! not sure if x58 chipset was a problem but whenever i see a computer with it.... i run the other way!!!!

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This question is concerning the disc that Windows 7 users can make by going to Backup and Restore > Create a System Repair Disc and then burning the disc.
Windows says this disc can be used to boot the computer. However, you won't necessarily be able to boot your Windows 7 OS from the hard drive. When I had a problem recently (shut down system and when restarted I got a DOS message that said "Boot MGR missing") this disc did nothing in an attempt to make a repair. From the System Recovery Menu you see here when you boot the CD:
I selected "Startup Repair" and it couldn't fix anything. I ended up cloning my hard drive from a backup.
From http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/startup-repair-faq#1TC=windows-7"Are there problems that Startup Repair can't fix?
Startup Repair can only fix certain problems, such as missing or damaged system files. It can't fix hardware failures, such as a failing hard disk or incompatible memory, nor does it protect against virus attacks.
Startup Repair isn't designed to fix Windows installation problems, nor is it a backup tool, so it can't help you recover personal files, such as photos or documents. To help protect your computer, back up your system and files regularly. For more information, search for "backup" in Windows Help and Support."
So here's my question: How do you create a bootable CD that has everything you need... Read more

A:Windows 7 System Recovery boot CD cannot fix Master Boot Record if it's damaged

the recovery disk can fix the MBR...
here's how

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On both my Win7/Win8 Dual Boot machines I have now lost both my Advanced Boot Options and System Recovery Options on F8. I cannot boot F8 after BIOS post or after selecting either OS from the Metro-style Boot Menu.

I tried running Refresh just now on my deskstop but it didn't reinstall these Options. I still don't have the Recovery folder in C: on Win8 although it is there on Win7.

Can someone give me the way to link these to F8 hotkey? It's obviously not being used now.

A:Lost my F8 Advanced Boot & System Recovery Options on Dual Boot

Hello Greg,

Do you have Windows 8 set as the default OS to run at startup? If not, then you will see the boot screens that Windows 7 uses instead of the new Windows 8 ones.
You might see if you could use a different option to boot to the Startup Options Menu to get to the Advanced Boot Options screen.

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Unable to get beyond BIOS - need bootable recovery CD that can re-initialize Boot Record and/or reimage drive
Gateway HDMI, AMD A6 processor 4 mb Ram

A:Win 8.1 Pro 64Bit boot bcd error 0xc0000034 CANNOT Boot System Need Recovery

Hi -
Does your system have a HDD Recovery partition?
Take a look at this from Gateway - https://panam.gateway.com/s/software/MICROSOF/vista/7515418/7515418su531.shtml
If no-go with HDD Recovery partition, you'll need to contact Gateway and order replacement recovery discs -
Regards. . .

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If you think this story is too long, please jump to the end for the executive summary. I bought a Thinkpad Yoga 15 a little over a year ago. I live in Belgium, but close to the Netherlands and Germany border. I bought my laptop in Germany as it was the only place in a 200 km radius that had the laptop on display. After slightly more than a year, the middle part of the power connector on the machine broke. Not because of a fall or something else, just daily use. The machine itself basically moves from the downstairs desk to the upstairs desk, so the only thing that happens that the power cord is removed and reinserted at its new station. This is covered under European Warranty Law, but as I had a 3YR NBD Warranty Extension, I expected this to be fixed without problems. I created a ticket through the (rather archaic) ticketinterface, and expected to be contacted the next day. However, it took 7 days for an IBM Global Services employee, to whom Lenovo apparently outsourced their technical support, to contact me. I was asked to provide some photographs of the problem and to e-mail them to the support person ? he neglected to provide an e-mail address. The ticket system does not support attachments. As a workaround, I uploaded the pictures to my Google Drive and put the link in the ticket tool. This was not seen by the support person, who had told me that a technician would stop by the next day. I made sure there was someone home, but no technician showed up. This was, it turned... Read more

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I am a very frustrated and angry customer at the moment as i keep running into Road Block and unacceptable answers.  This issue is enough to cause me to never buy another Lenovo laptop or any laptop at Best Buy!I bought my computer in July and in September i noticed a key had popped off-  the "< ," key next to the M key.  I have used the key board only when i was setting up-  now at my office and at customers i set it in downward dog mode ;-) and use a blue tooth key board.    So it is not from use that it broke.   I took the laptop into BEST BUY and was told that the key was missing a metal part on the back so they could not fix it onsite-  i would have to send it in and be without my laptop for a week to 10 days - unacceptable -  this was a month or more ago. I searched on the LENOVO website and could not find a way to purchase a single or the entire set of Keys!  I am self employed as a software consultant.   My life is pretty busy and i finally decided today to bite the bullet and ask for a call from Lenovo support.  Again i am told the only way to fix this is to send my laptop in for a repair.  I asked to just be able to buy a KEY - i am told that well they do not sell individual keys - they would replace the entire keyboard!  So sell me the keyboard and or send me one an i will take into best buy to have them replace it while i wait.  They cannot do that.   I live... Read more

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Hey ya'll... Ive been having issues with my computer lately. I have an HP media center m1170n, I created my recovery disks with cdr's. So I do my system recovery and everything and it goes good until I have to reboot. Then I get the message " "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key." I put my recovery cdr's in and the same message just keeps coming up. I can only boot up if I turn the comp off and then select "last known good config" from the set up... How do I fix this problem

A:Trouble with system recovery, cant boot

Does "last known good config" always prompt whenever you boot up your pc? If you really can't get into windows directly after boot up then try to reinstall windows xp and then select "R" for repair. All your files will be intact and it will solve your problem.

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my windows 7 system is not booting. i was playing with some mobo settings (asus software suite) and the system crashed. for some reason it's stuck on a black screen with two options, "repair windows" or "start windows normally". no matter what option i choose, it keeps restarting and going back to the same spot.

i read in another post to hit F8, to take me to the system recovery option. When i hit F8, it takes me to a blue screen that asks me what boot order i want : a-my hard or b-my cd drive. i have choosen both options several times, and it takes me right back to the black windows repair screen.

please help, i have very important unbacked up files and just want to get to my last known good config.

thanks in advance....JJ

A:HELP! Boot to system recovery not working!!

Do you mean bios settings?

Go back into bios setup and reset to defaults.

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I am experiencing all kinds of strange problems on my computer....I got sick of trying to solve them & decided to just reinstall completely, using my Acer Aspire T300 Recovery CD for Windows XP...

Problem?....my system will NOT boot into it!

I start up, toggling F12...get the window up with boot options...click on CDROM...& instead of it going into its reinstall, I get the following on my screen....

"Verifying DMI Boot Data
Boot from CD 1.44mb System Type-(OF)
starting Windows 98

Windows is bypassing your startup files

Microsoft(R) Windows 98 (C) Copyright microsoft Corp 1981-1999

A:\> "

I thought it may be my CDROM playing up, but I also cannot boot into safe mode.....
If I try to use diskcheck on startup, it instantly cancels, & proceeds into starting windows as normal....
The one time I did manage to get a diskcheck, it said I have a number of unrecoverable files.....

Any ideas on what the heck is going on?

A:System wont boot into recovery CD

Is your recovery CD ok? It can contain an error....there is a reason this special DOS sesion doesnt load the way it should...Do you have some diagnostic options on this CD? You could try to load some from the ACER website probably.

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i attempted a dual boot of ubuntu and windows 8 yesterday, on a lenovo laptop. this is where ive come a cropper as i think ive installed grub into the windows partition - and thus now it cannot boot windows.

i have a recovery disk, but i want lose my data on my windows 8 section.

so i search in google and i found these tut :How can I repair the Windows 8 EFI Bootloader? - Super User

9 Answers
but it's corrupt my recovery mode.

How Can i restore what i done before and make my recovery work again ?

# sorry foy my bad English

A:windows 8 cannot boot - cannot run system recovery

Your best bet is to Restore the last System Image you made before installing Linux.

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Yesterday i tried to install the firstrowapp and AVG found a trojan, I thought I had removed it but when I tried to boot my pc this morning, it won't load Windows, not even safemode.
 I keep getting the System Recovery options and I've tried everything it tells me to but nothing works. I really don't want to format it all again.
I read a topic here that used Farbar Recovery Scan and here's my log:
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 25-08-2013
Ran by SYSTEM on 25-08-2013 08:39:51
Running from G:\
Windows 7 Ultimate (X64) OS Language: English(US)
Internet Explorer Version 8
Boot Mode: Recovery
The current controlset is ControlSet001ATTENTION!:=====> If the system is bootable FRST could be run from normal or Safe mode to create a complete log.
==================== Registry (Whitelisted) ==================
HKLM\...\RunOnce: [*Restore] - C:\Windows\system32\rstrui.exe /RUNONCE [296960 2009-07-13] (Microsoft Corporation)
HKLM-x32\...\Run: [AVG_TRAY] - C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG2012\avgtray.exe [2598520 2012-11-19] (AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o.)
HKLM-x32\...\Run: [{0228e555-4f9c-4e35-a3ec-b109a192b4c2}] - C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Gmail Notifier\gnotify.exe [479232 2005-07-15] (Google Inc.)
HKLM-x32\...\Run: [APSDaemon] - C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support\APSDaemon.exe [59280 2012-11-28] (Apple Inc.)
HKLM-x32\...\Run: [iTunesHelper] - C:\Program Files (x86)\iTun... Read more

A:Win7 won't boot and system recovery won't help

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I have a dual boot system as follows:

HP Media Center PC 7277c

First Hard Drive c:\ with Windows XP Media Center Edition OEM 2002 SP2 and a d:\recovery partition

I have added a Second Hard Drive Windows XP Pro on own partition with data stored on second partition.

The factory installed Media Centre Edition is over 3 years old very sluggish and I would like to use the HP PC System recovery to return it to the factory settings. HP support recommends disconnecting any additional hard drives to prevent data loss.

My question is if I use the HP System Recovery and then reconnect the second hard drive will it recognize the second OS? Will I have to modify my boot.ini or reinstall xp pro ? Will i be able to access the data in the data partition?

Thank you in advance

A:System Recovery of Dual Boot

Welcome to TSF....

Here is how to dual boot:


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I started trying to clean out a Windows XP Recovery virus I picked up yesterday following the instructions here...
1. Started system in safe mode, ran RKill off a flash drive
2. Ran TDSSKiller off a flash drive
3. Rebooted system per TDSSKiller instructions

Now, I can't get past the system startup - regardless if I load Windows normally, or in one of the various Safe modes - keeps bopping back to system startup...


A:Trying to get rid of windows xp recovery - now system will not boot

Hi, Lets give it a try.We will need to view the system status from an external environment. You will need a USB drive and a CD to burn. There will be several steps to follow. Please do not run any other utility unless instructed.Download GETxPUD.exe to the desktop of your clean computerRun GETxPUD.exeA new folder will appear on the desktop.Open the GETxPUD folder and click on the get&burn.batThe program will download xpud_0.9.2.iso, and upon finished will open BurnCDCC ready to burn the image.Click on Start and follow the prompts to burn the image to a CD.Next download driver.sh to your USB driveAlso Download Query.exe to the USB drive. In your working computer, navigate to the USB drive and click on the Query.exe. A folder and a file, query.sh, will be extracted.Remove the USB & CD and insert them in the sick computerBoot the Sick computer with the CD you just burnedThe computer must be set to boot from the CDIn some computers you need to tap F12 and choose to boot from the CD, in others is the Esc key. Please consult your computer's documentation.Follow the promptsA Welcome to xPUD screen will appearPress FileExpand mntsda1,2...usually corresponds to your HDDsdb1 is likely your USBClick on the folder that represents your USB drive (sdb1 ?)Confirm that you see driver.sh that you downloaded therePress Tool at the topChoose Open TerminalType bash driver.shPress EnterAfter it has finished a report will be located on your USB drive named report.txtThen type bash dr... Read more

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thanni wrote:how can i BOOT TO RECOVERY PARTITION ON THE SYSTEM THAT DOES NOT BOOT UPHi, Unfortunately no, you can't boot to the Recovery partition. I does not have anything you can boot to it. Please try this way To set your PC/laptop to factory settings, restart the PC/laptop. At the HP welcome screen hit repeatly the F11 key (or Esc key) to launch the recovery process. Follow the instructions provided on the screen. Regards.

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During installation of win8 in a multiboot system (win7+win8+ubuntu) I got a little chaos booting my Dell Computer. So now Im not sure which partition has to be the boot one. At the moment is the recovry partition not hidden and named "boot". I guess it hat to be hidden, but which should be the boot partition?

A:recovery partition as boot or system?

Post a snapshot of a fullscreen Disk Management window:

To open Disk Management, press Windows key+r, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter or click GO. Make it full screen.

How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums (says it's for Vista but also works with Win 7).

Use the Browse and Attach This File buttons below the text input area while using the Full editor to upload and insert here.

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Toshiba Laptop x64 win7 cannot boot for whatever reason. got into system recovery and can access command prompt , not sure what to do.

A:Virus, cannot boot, got to system recovery


what makes you think this is a virus infection?

regards myrti

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I'd recently done a system update and believe that some of it didn't install properly. After perusing and attempting various solutions, I think there are some problems with my boot manager (and maybe some other disk issues). When I try to repair using the Windows 7 disk, my System Recovery Options comes up and doesn't have an OS option available. When I select the 'Load Drivers' option I can see into my disk and see the Windows files and the like, so I assume this means it just isn't reading the installation correctly for some reason.
Without the install CD I'm getting the BOOTMGR is missing error, so I tried to follow this guide, but when I try the /rebuildbcd command I get the message that 0 Windows installations were identified. Kind of stuck on where to go next here, any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Cannot Boot, OS Not in System Recovery Options

It shows what to do when no OS is shown for repair in Step 7 of Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start.

Use the disk provided for your licensed OS to do the repairs in Step 6.

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Hello. I have a Toshiba laptop in which I installed my copy of Windows 7. Recently, it has not been able to boot: it just restarts when trying to. I tried the typical things: booting to safe mode, etc. but they all do the same. So I tried to sin the System Recovery Options, first from the Advanced Boot Options menu and then directly from my Windows 7 disk. In all these cases, the program gets stuck after selecting the "Repair Your Computer" option, as in this picture:

The mouse keeps working fine, but all I can see is the background image, and no window pops up. I know that it is supposed to prompt me to select my windows installation, but that window never comes up. A similar thing happens when I try to install windows instead. It just never gets to the next step.

Is there anything that anyone can think of that I could do to solve this problem? I appreciate any help you guys can give me SO much, and I'm really grateful for your help!

Thanks again in advance,

A:Windows 7 cannot boot System Recovery Options

Enter BIOS setup to see if HD is detected. If so run the HD maker's HD Diagnostic extended CD scan followed by Disk Check run from the installer or Repair CD Command Line accessed by pressing Shift + F10 at first screen.

Next reset BIOS to defaults: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS. Will disk boot now? Try disabling the HD in BIOS setup to see if bad boot code is blocking disk boot.

Try booting Win7 installer again if necessary burning a new DVD or writing to flash stick from Step 5 in Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start, then work through those steps from the top.

A last resort in these cases is to boot Partition Wizard CD which will boot itself to wipe the HD which in turn will force installer to boot to Clean Reinstall. You can also try running Toshiba HDD Recovery Utility

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Been playing with this for about a week...

Acer Aspire laptop - one day it booted with the followingPXE-E61: Media test failure e, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM
No bootable device - insert boot disk and press any key
Then it stopped. I put in the CD, selected Repair and booted only to find no operating system listed in the System Recovery Options box. After it finishes searching - to no avail - it brings up another box that readsWindows found problems with your computer's startup options
Do you wish to apply repairs and restart your computer?
If I select Repair and restart I get another box that reads Failed to save startup options.

Clicking OK takes me back to the 1st System Recovery Options box - the one without an OS. Although I am presented with an options to Load Drivers, I have no idea where to find them. Why doesn't an operating system as sophisticated as Windows 7 have an automated procedure in place to find the drivers?

Anyway, if I click Next the system assumes that I've selected a system image backup (why?), then displays a message indicating that it cannot find the system image that I've supposedly selected to install.

A couple of Cancels later, and I'm on the Choose a recovery tool screen. Startup Repair only takes me to the Windows found problems... message mentioned above.

System Restore won't work without an OS.

Command Prompt does show me that my folders are intact. If I navigate to C\Windows and attempt to type
bcdedit /export C:\BCD_... Read more

A:Need System Recovery Options Advice - will not boot

Your HD was not being read which generated the original error messages. Try reinstalling your HD while checking all cables and connections. Is it now registered in BIOS setup?

Test your HD using Disk Check and the maker's HD Diagnostic extended CD scan.

Reset BIOS to defaults in BIOS setup, set HD to boot first in BIOS boot order, then boot the CD drive using Acer F12 key at boot.

If Win7 isn't detected, open a Command Line to type:
bootrec.exe /fixmbr
bootrec.exe /fixboot

Now see if an installation is found and run Startup Repair repeatedly.

Additional steps here: troubleshooting steps

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I was using the windows insider program. Becuase i wasnt able to use my pc because i had to order a new power cable that took a few weeks to ship i was greeted with. system 32 files had expired, and after doing the reset mutible times i still got that message please someone help!!!

A:System wont boot need a recovery iso or file

Hi: See if the info at the link below is of help to you... https://www.howtogeek.com/224342/how-to-clean-install-windows-10/ If making your own W10 installation media doesn't work for you, then you will have to order recovery media from HP. http://support.hp.com/us-en/mediaorder/hp-pavilion-550-a100-desktop-pc-series/8499650/model/8524435/... 

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Hi guys, I have a problem with my Win7 x64 installation. I have played with a Playstation3 HDD and I have really screwed my win7 partition table.

I have tried booting with the setup dvd and tried everything there (startup repair, bootfix from cmd, etc) but nothing seems to work.

I have next booted Hiren's Live XP and I can see my partitions (btw what is the small 100mb partition called system reserved?). I have found a folder called Recovery on my boot partition which contains a large file called winre.wim, can I use this to restore my boot from System Image Recovery ? If yes, how do I do that? (remember that win setup doesn't see my partitions) I have copied the whole recovery folder to an usb stick, but when I get to System Image recovery it doesn't find it...

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

LE: (thanks mod for proper edit of the post)

A:Can I use this to restore my boot from System Image Recovery ?

You can't boot into Windows? If so post a screen shot of your disk management window.

How to Post a Screenshot in Seven Forums - Windows 7 Forums

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I am in a bit of problem... please read.

I recently created a new partition with 200GB of space on my Windows 7 64bit (HP Elite) PC system. I installed Windows XP Professional on that new partition (trying to create dual OS). After Windows XP was installed, I was unable to find "Windows 7" as a boot option under "Startup and Recovery"... I could only see Windows XP Professional. I went to Disk Management and right clicked on the partition where my Windows 7 OS was under, and chose "Make partition active"... I got a warning system MAY not be able to boot, but I chose to proceed anyways. I tried restarting and got an error "BOOTMGR is missing / Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" ... I tried pressing F11 after restarting to get into "System Recovery" but it would go directly to the error message. I was still be able to access everything else during boot except "System Recovery" such as BIOS, etc.

I re-installed Windows XP Professional on the same partition... and was now able to get into the Windows XP Pro OS again. I'm still unable to access "System Recovery" when booting. F11 option is being bypassed and going directly into XP OS. This is my first concern, how do I get "System Recovery" to get working again? It used to work before as I re-installed Windows 7 couple of months ago. I can still see "FACTORY IMAGE" drive in My Computer (could be on a different drive letter tha... Read more

A:Can't access System Recovery or boot to Win-7 after installing XP

IF you can get into XP download EasyBCD with that go to "View Settings" to see if there is both a Windows xp and Windows entries listed. If only Windows XP is listed go to "add new entry"

Add a Windows 7/Vista entry do not change the drive letter EasyBCD will detect the right drive for WIndows 7. Uncheck "Skip Boot menu if checked. Then Click on "Save Settings" Then reboot and see if you can boot from Both XP or Win7 now.

Before this go to Backup/Repair BCD backup your boot loader. and save it somewhere in Windows XP if xp is accessible.

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Hey guys this is my first post

I have a emachines T3516 that has a huge problem,i don't know if you guys can help i would thank you so so so much

The problem is that i have 100% CPU usage.I tried everything and cant fix it,
So i was like "FORGET IT,I'm going to make a full system recovery

I rebooted my PC
Pressed F11 to enter PC Angels System Recovery Console
It loads up......
AND THEN IT FREEZES AT The PC Angels System Recovery Logo

I tried to leave it on the whole night on the PC Angels Recovery logo,BUT NOTHING
Its Stiil the way it is FREEZED PLEASE HELP

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Started having troubles the first of the month. We would get booted off the internet then the computer would freeze. Avast would stop running and not let us update even though the internet was working. Would reboot only to take 10 to 15 minutes to reboot. I did the system recovery to a previous date in safe mode. I have done this almost every other day because of the freezing problems. I have done the virus scan and spybot in the beginning and it was fine. It is now taking 3 hours for the system recovery to complete and come back to normal. I am at my wits end!!!! Can you help with any suggestions, PLEASE!!!!!!?????

A:Exremely slow boot up and system recovery

System manufacturer and model?

Size of C: partition? How much free space on C:?

How much RAM installed?


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I am in a bit of problem... please read.

I recently created a new partition with 200GB of space on my Windows 7 64bit (HP Elite) PC system. I installed Windows XP Professional on that new partition (trying to create dual OS). After Windows XP was installed, I was unable to find "Windows 7" as a boot option under "Startup and Recovery"... I could only see Windows XP Professional. I went to Disk Management and right clicked on the partition where my Windows 7 OS was under, and chose "Make partition active"... I got a warning system MAY not be able to boot, but I chose to proceed anyways. I tried restarting and got an error "BOOTMGR is missing / Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" ... I tried pressing F11 after restarting to get into "System Recovery" but it would go directly to the error message. I was still be able to access everything else during boot except "System Recovery" such as BIOS, etc.

I re-installed Windows XP Professional on the same partition... and was now able to get into the Windows XP Pro OS again. I'm still unable to access "System Recovery" when booting. F11 option is being bypassed and going directly into XP OS. This is my first concern, how do I get "System Recovery" to get working again? It used to work before as I re-installed Windows 7 couple of months ago. I can still see "FACTORY IMAGE" drive in My Computer (could be on a different drive letter than before). An... Read more

A:Can't access System Recovery or boot to Win-7 after installing XP

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i have a two year old Dell Inspiron with windows 8.1 installed. As soon as i got it, i did split the main partition in two so i could install debian linux on it.
The partition table is like this:
1 - EFI
2 - a 41 MB fat32 partition (dont know what is for)
3 - 134 MB msftres
4 - 514 MB ntfs diag
5 - 663 GB ntfs main windows
6 - 9 GB recovery partition
7 - linux swap
8 - linux root
9 - linux /home
Now, windows is very slow and very buggy atm. I would like to reinstall windows but without messing the new partition table.
So, my question is if the windows 8 mechanism for system restore will mess with my partition table.
Thanks in advance!

A:System Recovery on dual boot laptop

the windows 8.x refresh setting shouldn't mess with your other partitions as it focuses on just the windows 8.x install. If you use Dell's restore and recovery software, it will format your drive and re partition it to be just like it was out of the box. Just to be safe, I would back up your important files before doing anything.  

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I have an old Sony Vaio. It was running slower and slower and eventually would not boot. I was told the hard drive was dead. A new larger hard drive was installed and about 80% of my info was recovered. The system kept freezing when I tried to do just about anything. I downloaded all the files I wanted to CD's and decided I would use the recovery discs and start fresh. Just like it was when it came from the store, except with much more memory. I went from about 80g to 320g. The sytem goes through all of the disks, says that the recovery was successful, remove disk three hit any key to boot. Then I am back to square 1. Boot disk failure. I can't seem to get past this point to restart my PC. I am not a tech/rebuild type of person. I can get to the BIOS, but don't really understand what I am seeing. From all that I have read, I figure(but could be dead wrong) that is must be recongnizing my CD drive and my hard drive. Otherwise, how could system recovery be successful? Can anyone point me in any direction? Help is greatly appreciated.

A:Boot Disk Error after system recovery

Hi deluxe! "I can get to the BIOS, but don't really understand what I am seeing."

According to your skill level, I can mention a few things but doubt if you'd be able to do them! I mean, can you clear your cmos and format your hard drive?

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