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File Sharing Between 2 Networked Computers

Q: File Sharing Between 2 Networked Computers

I have two PC's, one being Windows XP and the other Windows 2000, that both connect to the internet through a Linksys Wireless Access Point Router. They are both hooked up to the router via an ethernet cable, not wirelessly. I am trying to set it up so that I can share files between them, mainly to copy files from my XP machine to the other as a source of backup. I set both up with the same workgroup name "HOME" and set it so that the files I want to share from the XP machine are shared. When the I am on my XP machine and look at the computers in my workgroup, I can see my 2000 machine and I'm able to access it and do everything perfectly. However, when looking at the workgroup from the 2000 machine, I can see my XP machine, but I cannot access it. I double click the computer and it says "\\ComputerName is not accessible. The network path was not found." I replaced the name of my XP machine with "ComputerName" just for this thread. What is going wrong? Just to add, I have another XP machine connected to the router wirelessly and from that computer I can access both the other XP machine and the 2000 machine. Is there a setting that I missed or am I just doing something wrong? Thanks for the help.

Preferred Solution: File Sharing Between 2 Networked Computers

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: File Sharing Between 2 Networked Computers

Check out this link for proper naming of workgroups/domains


Check this link to make sure you have the permissions to access that computer/folder


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We have 2 computers A, B both running windows xp --File sharing is enabled on both. Currently we print from both computers along the network to the same printer. We are trying to share files as well and are currently unable to. What we are trying to do is share a filemaker database and go to network neighborhood in order to see the hard drive of computer A from B and visa versa but are unable to. Any help would be appreciated.

A:File Sharing on 2 Networked Computers

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My husband and I have been using file sharing on Windows XP Home for some time now with no problems. Today I decided I wanted to share my Microsoft Money 99 folder with him. Got it set up and checked it on my computer. No problem. Went to his computer and clicked on the folder and got the following message: "The application has failed to start because mnyob99.dll was not found". I checked and that file is in the MSMoney System folder. This really has me puzzled. Anyone know what's going on?

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The Problem: I have a one-way problem on a home network where one desktop (A) easily shares files from its C-drive through the router with the other desktop (B), but not vice versa. In other words, it is easy to access and transfer files from desktop A to B, but not from B to A.
Other facts:
1. Desktops A and B have identical and up-to-date operating systems: Windows 7 64-bit Professional
2. The networking settings for A and B appear to be identical, and both show one another’s hard-drives in the “Computer” display, along with other devices on the home network. Care has been taken under Network Location when mapping each desktop’s hard drive by the other that drive names are unique.
3. Both A and B appear on the home network map, along with all other networked devices. All appears normal.
4. I have applied the network troubleshooters regarding connections to other computers, and it cannot see a problem. I have not been able to find any others in the community with the problem.
What could be the cause of this disparity?
AC Falk

Stans, Switzerland

A:One-way file sharing problem between two networked computers

Sharing drives require some changes to NTFS permissions in order for it to be shared properly.

This link should help you with how to share your HDD - HDD sharing

Sharing your C: drive can have major security implications and should only be done if you trust the network and you should not connect the machine to a public network since the share may still be applied
Also, I have requested for your email address to be removed to prevent spam in your inbox

Hope This Helps,

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Hi there

Is there a way to share a Network drive with another computer (via File sharing - not via standard networking access)

For example I have say computer A that has shared networked drives from computer C (\\server\shared drive)

Now say I want to run PLEX or another media server on Computer B but use as the libraries the shared networked drives accessible on Computer A. Computer B has no direct neaccess to Computer C.

Doesn't seem possible in Windows to "Share" the network drives even though user has full read / write access.

Where I've noticed this is that for example my smart TV can access say PLEX running on my Windows computer it doesn't see the Libraries from the actual server but only Locally attached drives.

Same with VLC - only shows the local drives.

No probs if you can access the actual NAS of course.

Can "Sharing" be done like this or does it all have to be set up via Networking / Samba etc etc.


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I have a desktop computer and a laptop computer that are networked together.

I run Microsoft Outlook 2003 on both computers, and I would like to share the data between the two.

For example, is it possible to automatically have Microsoft Outlook 2003 synchronise elements such as the address book and e-mail messages? I am looking at a way to avoid having to manually update new contacts, etcetera, on both machines.

More specifically...how can I have the "Data File" (".PST") automatically updated between the two machines?

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Sharing Data Between Networked Computers With Microsoft Outlook 2003

Still no ideas on this one?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Morning all,

I have searched the win7 forums for help with transferring files from XP-W7, but only seem to find threads with networked PC's

I still have my old XP machine as a backup if my current W7 machine were to die suddenly. I keep it in the closet and wanted to take it out, hook it up to the internet and update everything I can, then I wish to delete all the documents/pictures etc, which are outdated and copy to the XP machine all my current documents/pictures etc so that both machines would be mirror image's of each other with current resumes and pics etc if it became necessary to use the XP computer for any reason.

If there is a thread about transferring files, like via a thumb drive please let me know so we don't rehash this again. Currently I have a 16GB thumb with copy's of my documents/pics/music/videos that I keep updated in case of a major problem as well as online backups, but i thought if could if I change the root maybe i'd be able to transfer all this to my XP computer.

A:I need help with File Sharing on NOT networked PC's (XP - W7)

Something I don't understand: You tell you want to connect the XP machine to Internet for updates. If so, why don't you simply hook it up to the same router than your Seven machine, set both to same workgroup and share / copy files normally?

You can of course use any external device to copy files between computers.


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Hey guys. I just built a new computer and put a fresh copy of Windows 7 on it. I have several other computers in the house all networked through a router, and I turned file and print sharing on. The problem is that whenever i try to copy files between the new one and another computer on the network, it is insanely slow.

I just tried to copy a 157mb file from the new computer to a networked laptop and it is going at 16kb/sec and estimated 2 hours 20 mins. If I copied a file FROM the laptop TO the new computer, it goes fast like normal.

FROM Laptop TO New computer: Fine.
FROM New TO Laptop: Insanely slow.

It does not matter which computer the transfer was initiated from.

Any idea why this is happening or how to fix?

A:Slow file copying between networked computers - only one way though.

Disk space.... Check how much is free on the laptop. If it is under 50MB this will be the cause. There can be others but that's an obvious one to me so check that first.

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Hi all,

I'm trying to make a batch file to test whether or not computers on our network are turned on.

I've planned to do this by pinging each computer and for each computer that cannot be pinged, its name will be added to a text file.

I have managed to do this when the response from the ping is 'Request timed out'.

However, when the response is 'Destination host unreachable'. It does not work.

This is because the reply given from the ping has a reply from an ip address first:
'Reply from Destination host unreachable'

When checking the reply from the ping, the batch file is only reading 'Reply from 192'. It doesn't read past the first '.' Is there a way to get it to read .'s?

My code for Request timed out:

@echo off
for /f "delims=." %%I in ('ping -n 1') do if "%%I"=="Request timed out" (echo %%I >> test6.txt)
Code for host unreachable:

@echo off
for /f "delims=." %%I in ('ping -n 1') do if "%%I"=="Reply from Destination host unreachable" (echo %%I >> test6.txt)
Thankyou for any help solving this, or if anyone knows of another method.


A:Batch file to test if networked computers are on.


I havn't really worked with batchfiles, but are wildcards allowed?

for /f "delims=." %%I in ('ping -n 1') do if "%%I"=="*unreachable" (echo %%I >> test6.txt)

Or maybe try with variables?

set unreachable="Reply from Destination host unreachable"

for /f "delims=." %%I in ('ping -n 1') do if "%%I"=="%unreachable%" (echo %%I >> test6.txt)

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Three Computers on a home network.
Desktop in Office (Windows 7) . Wife's Laptop (Windows 7). My laptop ( Vista unfortunately). Norton Security Suite and all three. I have a network setup and a Homegroup established.

Everything was setup and working so that I could share files between all three. My wife was able to open a desktop file make changes and save it back to the desktop computer.

All of that changed. Now we get a message when trying to save the file. "You do not have permission to save in this location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission".

I have given the entire "MY Documents" sharing permission to everyone.

I have checked everything. I have looked over all kinds of forums and nothing has worked.

I am to the point of doing a complete reinstall of Windows 7 on my Desktop. I have spent tens of hours on this.

Any ideas?

A:Networked Computers - can't save files on networked Computers

Disable Norton on the Desktop, see if that fixes it. If not try disabling it on the other computers.

Do this only for testing. Re-enable when done. If it fixes the problem then you need to look at Norton to see how to allow access from the other computers.

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Hi I share internet with several other people in my house, and have two computers of my own connected over wifi with DHCP. My problem is that I want these two computers to share files and a printer, but I don't want the other network comps to have access to my data. I assigned them a workgroup name and everything but the other comps all show up in my network places. Is there a way to keep my info private? One of my roommates is a computer genius and I don't like the idea that he could get into my computers. Can you guys help me? By the way, I don't have access to the router. Thanks.

A:Solved: File and printer sharing with only one networked PC

With Vista and Password Protected Sharing On or with XP Pro using Advanced File Sharing set up the permissions to permit only your user account(s).

Else use a non-Windows firewall that can limit access to specified MAC Address(es) or specified computer(s).

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Hi all,

I have a client who would like 2 computers already connected to a router for a shared DSL connection to be able to share files. My problem is this: This is an office and the 2 computers are quite a distance from each other. I am trying to figure out the most cost effective and efficient way to link these two together for enabling file sharing? What kind of cables would I need and what are the steps I should take on each PC to set them up properly? They are both fairly new Dell computers with Windows XP. (I'm thinking Pro edition)

Please help me with this. Detailed steps and information would be much appreciated. My usual method of NIC cards and connecting cables just won't work here. I'm puzzled what the best way would be. Thank you so much in advance for your reply!

A:Solved: File sharing question for 2 computers sharing DSL

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Ok, here is what I have.
A desktop running XP, connected via ethernet to a linksys E1200 router that is connected w/ethernet to satelite modem. And a Laptop running Windows 7 that is communicating wireless to the router.
Question: Can I share files between the two computers this way, or do I have to get a cradlepoint router?

A:File sharing between computers

I don't see problems.. Both PCs connected to same router, both have IP addresses in the same network. Shouldnt be a problem to use fileshare. Just needed to be put in the same workgroup to more convinient use. No blank passwords for users, and most likely it will work by syntax Start > run > \\ipaddress\sharename

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what would be the easiest way to link three computers together just for purposes of file sharing. Would a router do the trick? I use a router right now but it is for internet sharing. I have the network cable come off the modem and into the router. How would I do this without a modem?

A:file sharing three computers?

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I have created my share folders with "everyone" permissions to read, write, and modify as explained (well) here:

Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and XP :: the How-To Geek

But when I go to copy a file from the XP computer to the W7 computer I get the "Cannot Copy: Access is Denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use" message. I can copy files from the W7 computer to the XP computer.

What more do I need to do to create "Easy File Sharing" between my home networked computers?

A:File Sharing between XP-W7 Computers

Make sure your firewall and anti-virus programs (on the XP) aren't preventing you from copying. From the Win 7 machine, you also, may have to 'take ownership'

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HEllo, I use winXP SP2 and my neighbour too Uses the same Operating system, we decided to connect our computers with a cat5 cable, we used a crossover cable (Used only 4 wires as we normally do), when we connect my network adapter light glows (not blinks).

I dont know what to do next, I mean i am completely novice, pls guide me if we want to share a particular drive from our computers.

It will be very nice if anyone can provide step by step guide.

A:File sharing on 2 computers

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I have a laptop and a PC both on Windows 10. What is the best way to ensure the work done on one is replicated on the other?

I head off to meetings and do some work on my laptop and then want to continue on the PC when at home but there are now different files and the existing files are at different stages of development?

Is there a way to automatically copy and update from one to the other so I know any work done on one will be exactly the same on the other? Is this file sharing?

I'm sure this is a simple question, but would appreciate any help.


A:File sharing between computers on Windows 10

Use OneDrive. I believe it can sync files.

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OK, I have a desktop PC running XP Media Center Edition and a notebook running Vista Home Premium 32 bit. The XP desktop is connected to a router (D-Link DI 624) via ethernet cable and Vista notebook is connected wirelessly. I also have a netwrok drive. I have installed a program called Network Magic as well in the hopes that it would help. Via network magic I can acess the network drive from both computers and share files and folders. I can print from Vista notebook (printer is a wired hook up to XP desktop PC). So, obviously network is working in general. In Network Magic I can see the shared folders in the XP from the Vista machine and vice versa but when I click on a shared folder on Vista machine nothing happens at all and on XP machine I get a "Shared Folder Not Available" message. SOunds like a simple permissions problem, right? Well, I have tried everything I can think of to share files. Workgroups are the same, sharing is turned on, programs have firewall permissions, etc. Here's a little oddness: None of the drives show up under usual network places (like "View Computers or Devices" or View Workgroup computers" including the network drive. I can only access the network drive through Network Magic - Network Map - right click and then "Browes Shares". The ony items that show up under workgroup computers are the computer itself and, in the case of the Vista, the router. To top all this off, I had itt all working perfectly before and I... Read more

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I have a LAN of 8 computers all running windows XP. We share files over the network and usually have no problem. Lately one or more (not consistently the same computers) will lose file sharing. We have to go back into the network connections and re set up the service, then we have to set the folders we share back on file sharing.
I thought that when we update windows that the update may have deleted the file sharing service but that does not seem to be consistent either.
Does anyone have any idea how to track this issue down?

A:Computers lose file sharing

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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I have 2 computers that I want to be able to file share with.
First is a HP dv5030 running windows XP media center edition it has a wireless connection to the internet and has options to set up a wireless network.
Second computer is an older Dell PC running an upgraded version of WinXP from Win98 I believe. It connects to the internet via a wireless card, but does not have any options for a wireless network.
My modem is a router & modem in one. I have no idea how to change any settings, but also has 4 ethernet ports in the back.

I want to move files from my laptop to the dell PC.

I have been unable to set up a wireless network via my laptop and get the dell PC to connect to/find it.

I have been unable to set up a network on the dell PC and get the laptop to find it.

Question 1: If I connect the Dell PC to the router/modem via ethernet cable will I be able to see the shared folders wirelessly via my laptop?

Question 2: If the answer to above is 'no' how do I transfer the files on my laptop to my desktop?

A:Solved: File sharing between 2 computers

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I had posted this on the Windows XP forum and got no answers. I hope this is the correct area to post.

I have a LAN of 8 computers all running windows XP. We share files over the network and usually have no problem. Lately one or more (not consistently the same computers) will lose file sharing. We have to go back into the network connections and re set up the service, then we have to set the folders we share back on file sharing.
I thought that when we update windows that the update may have deleted the file sharing service but that does not seem to be consistent either.
Does anyone have any idea how to track this issue down?

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I have 4 computers all with xp pro connected with a link sys Gateway. I'm useing one computer as a file data base and the others use these files. My problem is the program that uses these files has to run on each of the other computers and when more than one accesses the shared files the others take a very long time to connect. I need all to be able to access this file at the same time. What can I do to fix this? I've mapped the drive and disabled firewalls but, one computer instant access, 2 computers (same time) takes forever to access.

A:file sharing with multiple computers

I suspect you're running into a file locking issue. If two people are attempting to open a file in R/W mode, obviously one has to wait. Please be more explicit about the applications and types of files you're using.

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Ok I had to put windows 2000 on my moms PC, which is part of a network, and now EVERY computer on the Network sees an "Internet Gateway". WHY???? The only computer that can see shared files is my moms with the windows 2000. theres 3 more computers all running windows xp. how do i fix this? File sharing is now available, but I myself believe the internet is being slowed down. THe Internet gateway that windows XP is picking up is reading 8.0 mbps. My connection has gotten as high as like almost 2, but it should not read that.

A:Solved: No more windows file sharing after windows 2000 computer networked!?


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Hi all, I have a laptop (Windows Vista) and a Desktop (Windows XP). I would like to transfer a file from one computer to another. Both are on the same wireless network (laptop is wireless, desktop is plugged in directly)

Is there a program or something available so that I can do this? The file is larger than what a DVD can hold and so I was wondering if there was a way around this.

Thanks for the help!

A:Solved: File sharing between two computers in network

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Hey wondering if anyone can assist me on this issue.
When i click on Computer>>>Network (on the rt side of the panel)>>> I get the error message
Network Discovery and file sharing are turned off. Network computers and devices are not visible. click to change.
I click on it and nothing seem to work.
Thanks in advance.

A:Network Computers and File Sharing Error.

HomeGroup from start to finish
File sharing essentials
Open the HomeGroup troubleshooter
Why can’t I access some of the computers in my homegroup?
Why can't I access my homegroup?
Why can't I join a homegroup?
Setting up a home network

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so i have this problem. here's the situation:
i would like to set up file sharing with specific computers. it doesn't matter if it's by using password or by granting access to my computer only with password (although i would prefer first option).

I have already tried few things but it didn't work. first i tried with right clicking on one folder -> properties -> sharing tab -> advenced sharing -> permisions -> add and i thought that somehow i would be able to add specific computer through "locations" button. but only computer i can find here is my computer. is there any way to add some computer here? or is there any other way to solve that this way?

I also tried with password. i changed in network&sharing center -> change advenced sharing setting and turned on password protected sharing. aaand when someone tries to acces this folder i share, they have to type in username and password. but first I didn't have password and it didn'd go with just username, then I added password to my account, and they still couldn't access folder, computer said that username/password is wrong. anybody knows what do to here??

we all have windows 7
it would be nice to somehow fix that. some 3rd party software is also an option, but i would prefer that native windows solution.
btw homegroup is NOT an option since this is big network and somebody already created it.

A:file sharing with password/specific computers

First, I believe that the Microsoft Username/Password sharing option requires users to be on the same domain. The only Windows 7 versions which can join a domain are Pro, Enterprise, and Ultimate, ruling out Starter, Home Basic, and Home Premium.

The Public folders should be accessible without having to enter in credentials. I believe the command is:

net use x: \\COMP-NAME\Users\Public
to mount it as a drive.

You should also be able to see the other machines on the domain via the Network link in the left pane of Explorer (So long as Topology Mapper and Responder are turned on. This is a tick box near the bottom of the list if you go to Change Adapter Settings > Right-click Adapter > Properties). You should be able to access the remote computers' Public folders this way, assuming you have the sharing settings on all the machines set as you've described.

In order to access the User folders, you will need to provide Username/Password combinations in the format of COMP-NAME/Username for the user account on the remote machine. I believe you can mount the folder as a network drive in the same manner described above, though I always just open the start menu and type in the search field \\COMP-NAME and hit enter. Windows should look for the machine and present you with a prompt for the remote machine's credentials.

Feel free to correct guys, if I'm off on the command or procedure at all. But @brdnacer, I've done this several times, and I'm pretty sure that's all... Read more

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I'm networking four computers (98 & XP) together to share a DSL line -- how do I set up file sharing only among certain computers and not with others? (I'm used to setting up simple networks where everyone shares the files...)

Wired DSL Router ------ Wireless Bridge
C1.....C2......................... C3........C4
.................................(need wireless router?)
I wish computers 1 and 2 to share files but not allow 3 and 4 access to the files of computers 1 and 2. The same goes for 3 and 4 -- they are to share files but computers 1 and 2 are not allowed access to 3 and 4's files.

Do I specify "NetworkA" (group name) for computers 1 and 2, and "NetworkB" (group name) for 3 and 4?

Will I need a wireless router for computers 3 and 4?

Thanks in advance!

A:Internet DSL Access & File Sharing But Not With All Computers

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For almost a year I have had 2 computers running XP Pro on a Linksys router. I cannot remember how I initially set it up, but both computers had access to the other one completely minus program files and documents and settings folders. I installed SP2, and this didn't seem to alter anything as far as sharing files and folders between the 2 computers. A few weeks ago, right before easter to be exact, I was out of town and had both computers off for a few days. After returning I had lost all connectivity between the two computers. After some poking around I discovered that the windows firewall on BOTH computers was now on. I went thru the network wizard and I can get both computers in the same workgroup, but only computer A can connect with computer B. Computer B shows an icon for computer A but when clicking on it get a message stating that privileges are not allowed contact admin, etc.. I have tried to make sure all settings are identical between both PC's, and have turned off windows firewall on both also. So far its the same story every time ... computer A can connect to computer B .. but computer B can't get in computer A. Also, after doing a reboot I lose the ability for computer A to connect to computer B. I cannot find any settings that are being changed, but I dont' get into the detailed tech stuff either so I'm sure there is plenty I'm not looking into.

Did an update to windows occur, or anything else going on that would interfer... Read more

A:trouble w/ file sharing on home computers

some thing you can try are reinstall print and file sharing on both machine make sure you have Netbios over TCP/ip on both machine enable
that is on the network card or nic tcp/ip properties make sure both computer are on the same workgroup make sure the computer browser service is on and also try using the same username and passworld on both computers test if you can ping computer #1 from computer #2 and the other way around let us know the outcome of the ping command

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Hello all, I've searched around trying to find a solution to my problem however I havnt found anything.

I have two computers both wirelessly connected via a Linksys WAG160N, one is a desktop, the other is a laptop.. Ultimately the desktop is pretty much a server with HDD storage/printer etc..

Now when I restart my computers/delete my adapters and let them reinstall I can usually connect my computers to one another and share files, however thats really about the only way to do it.. if I leave my computers on for 4 hours and come back they usually will lose connection..

What have I done/tried:

disabled ipv6
reset router
joining homegroup
wired/wireless connections

This problem is VERY frustrating, I just want to do simple file sharing and its turning out to be quite a problem.. ALSO when I do see my desktop from my laptop I cant access the hard drive I shared, only folders ive shared inside it.. I want to be able to share the HDD as a whole.. I've added access to everyone with full control, but it still doesnt work.

Please help, I would like to use my desktop as a server for my laptop/xbox but its turning out to be quite annoying..

A:File Sharing problems/computers not finding eachother

Things you can do to make it easy:

1) Create a user account on each machine with the same exact username/password. Always use these accounts.
2) Make sure both machines are assigned to the same workgroup.
3) For each machine, assign a static ip from the router. Disable the router's DHCP.
4) Open the hosts file on each machine in notepad and add an entry for the machine names and ip addresses. The default location is C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.

For example, if the desktop is named DesktopA with an assigned ip address of and Laptop is named LaptopB with ip assigned ip address, add these line in hosts for both machines DesktopA LaptopB

5) Complete drives are shared automatically with no user intervention. To access the C:\ drive of a remote machine, map it like this:


for D:\



6) Make sure that the TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service is running and set to auto on each machine. Computer browser and workstation services should be enabled and auto on both machines. Disable IP Helper service and IPSec Policy Agent on both machines.

7) Open Computer (Windows Explorer.) Click organize then folder and search options. Go to view tab. Uncheck the box for Use Sharing Wizard (Recommended) on both machines.

8) Install TVersity to serve to your XBOX, instead of Windows Media. Disable SSDP Discovery service and UPnP Device Host service if you do.

Other info: Homegroup needs IPV6 to work bu... Read more

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Hi, I'm having trouble setting up permissions for folders in an XP SP3 workgroup when using advanced file sharing. There's 2 desktops, one of which is holding all the folders I want to share, and a laptop. I can add local users no problems but when I go to add a user from my laptop or the other desktop, I can't see either of the machines in locations.

It all seemed to work OK with simple file sharing on but I'm trying to set this PC up as a VPN server so I want to restrict access to certain folders to certain people only. The computers are all visible in my network places too if that helps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thx DL

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I have two routers, the first one is not wireless and the second is wireless (Model No. TL-WR740N).
To the first one is connected the TV and the second router. To the the second router (the wireless one) is connected a PC (windows xp) through a UTP cable and 2 laptops (windows 7) via wi-fi. Internet works for all the computers and all of them are pingable. The problem is in file sharing. The first laptop can't access files from PC but it can access files from the second laptop. The second laptop can access files from PC but it can't from the first laptop (the icon of the first laptop is shown in "Network" but it gives an error when trying to access it). The first laptop can access the files from PC only if it's connected to the wireless router through UTP cable, otherwise it won't work.

Please help. I know that the problem is in the first laptop but i don't know where exactly. (i need to access wirelessly the PC files using the first laptop)

Thank you

A:File sharing between computers connected to a wireless router

It may be a sharing and permissions problem.

Have a look at this tutorial: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials...rmissions.html

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I have two Windows Vista computers both connected through a wireless router and I have been trying to share the root of the C: drive on both of them. After doing some research, I found out that I needed to make a registry change to enable this, and now it works for one of the computers but not the other. The one it works on has a login name and password, the other one simply logs in without a password. So I am guessing that the problem is that there is no name and password to enter to login to this computer via sharing, but there has to be some way around this doesn't there? Does anyone know how I can share the root of the drive while not having a password on the administrator account?

A:File sharing the root of the drive on Vista computers

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Hi prospective Helpers,
I have that old chestnut - I can see & can't see different computers on my small 4.5 computer home Network
and have some file sharing issues .

It all started when I decided to reformat 2 of the computers & reload XPpro. (All computers are running SP2)

Note that all computers are on the same workgroup, have individual names & I have scoured this & other forums
& tried various suggestion including turning simple file sharing on & off - so far with no sucsess.
My New computer (lets call it PC2) is running Home edition XP the rest XPpro.
I have previously had this system operating & at one stage I managed to get one of the 2 rougues to work (how I don't know) but next
day when I powered up (after a bit of a power outage) I couldn't boot it up & had to go into safe mode & then go back in time to get it going.....
That now leaves me in this wierd situation:

PC2 & PC3 work perfectly accross the Network

PC1 can see PC1, PC2 & PC3 but not PC4 on Workgroup
PC1 can access shared folders on PC2, PC3 only
PC1 is visible on Workgroup on PC2 & PC3 & PC4 but access is denied to all

PC4 can see PC1,PC2 & PC3 but can't see itself on Workgroup
PC4 can access shared files on PC2 & PC3 not PC1
None of the other computers can see PC4 on the workgroup
None of the other computers can access shared files on PC4

I have switched Firewall off - still no go. Its like I�... Read more

A:Problems with file sharing & seeing some computers on a small network

install netbios protocol on all machines

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Guide: Troubleshoot XP File/Printer Sharing Part1 - Finding Network Computers?
Troubleshoot XP File/Printer Sharing, Part 1 of 3
Computers all visible? (v1.1 10./08)​​Windows File and Printer Sharing (FPS) must be configured for a ?mix-and-match? of machines / components / options. This guide helps troubleshoot XP File Sharing visibility and access problemsVisibility Errors. Some of your computers can?t see/find all others on your Windows Network
Access Errors. A user can?t connect to or is denied access when attempting to use a remote resource​This guide has 3 parts

Part 1 (this post) troubleshoots most visibility issues
Part 2 explains/troubleshoots Computer Browser Service which may also cause visibility issues
Part 3 troubleshoots access errors

Visibility problems must be fixed before tackling access errors. Successfully complete the visibility tests outlined in this document before proceeding to another part
Control Panel Classic View is assumed (applets display in single list).
See upper left Control Panel to switch between Classic and Category View
This guide is specific to XP Home and XP Pro tho many ?things to look for? apply to Vista as well

BASIC CONCEPT: Windows File Sharing uses a client / server model to control shared access

User logs on to their computer (client) and requests a resource (on server)
Server authenticates the client request. It completes a client to server network logon and establishes the client/serve... Read more

A:Troubleshooting: XP File and Printer Sharing, Computers not found?

the checklist you sent me

Thanks so much. I began doing the items and came to a stall at the run: cmd: ipconfig\all. I got the message "the system cannot find the specified path" What does that imply?

I will continue down the list and will post any other issues.


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We need to connect two laptop computers wireless at work
We have no router, so we decided to ad-hoc two computers...

Every computer has its own ethernet card connected to internet... so we don`t need to share internet connection

We will use wireless networking for file sharing, and games at home. so...

I configured two computers with same SSID an same key
and selected ad-hoc on both computers...

I see messages that, both computers have seen each other perfectly on system tray
But when i look at `view network connections on workgroup` i can only see my computer, and same problem on the other computer..
I waited 2 hours and refreshed but nothing happened..

Both computers running Windows Xp
and they are in the same workgroup...
Can anyone help??
PS: Sorry for my bad English..

A:Problem of wireless file sharing on two laptop computers

"But when i look at `view network connections on workgroup` i can only see my computer, and same problem on the other computer.."

Do you mean "View workgroup computers" from My Network Places? Try "Search" for the other computer. If still nothing, try restarting each computer. Try Search again.

If still nothing, and no error messages, we'll have to start troubleshooting.

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Here is my question. I have several computers on a home group. All the computer have program X on them. I need to run a batch file to start the program with some arguments that need to be changed often. I would like to have the computers all run the same batch file from shared location to execute the batch file. This way I only have to modify the one batch file for all the computer. I tired linking a shortcut but it will not work correctly. Can someone help me out?

thanks you

A:Sharing a single batch file for all home group Computers..

Without knowing the contents of the batch file the easiest solution would be to create a batch file on each machine (with shortcut to the local batch so users won't meddle with the batch file contents) that copies the remote batch and runs it.

@echo off
REM copy batch from server for latest params
copy x:\remotebatch.cmd newlocalbatch.cmd
REM 5 second delay for file to copy
ping -n 1 -w 5000 > nul
REM run it
Edit: You may want to add some error handling etc..

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Hello everyone!

I don't usually go the "beg for help on an unknown forum" route but I'm clearly out of my depth on this issue and hours of furious Googling and tweaking have not helped me one bit.

What I'm trying to do is trying to setup file sharing between 2 computers connected by an ethernet cable.
So far so good, except those 2 computers are ALSO part of a Wifi network to connect to the internet through a wireless router. There are other computers on this network (other roommates) that must NOT have access to anything shared on either on those 2 computers.

I've tried fiddling with homegroups but the only homegroups we can create are on the WiFi network. If I set the LAN connection to anything else but public by setting PC2 as a default gateway, I can't get access to the internet anymore.

How on earth can I set that up properly, if that's even possible?

EDIT: my brain is so close to imploding that I forgot basic curtesy-

Of course, thank you in advance for your help.

A:LAN file sharing between 2 specific computers on home WiFi network

Quote: Originally Posted by aljady

Hello everyone!

I don't usually go the "beg for help on an unknown forum" route but I'm clearly out of my depth on this issue and hours of furious Googling and tweaking have not helped me one bit.

What I'm trying to do is trying to setup file sharing between 2 computers connected by an ethernet cable.
So far so good, except those 2 computers are ALSO part of a Wifi network to connect to the internet through a wireless router. There are other computers on this network (other roommates) that must NOT have access to anything shared on either on those 2 computers.

I've tried fiddling with homegroups but the only homegroups we can create are on the WiFi network. If I set the LAN connection to anything else but public by setting PC2 as a default gateway, I can't get access to the internet anymore.

How on earth can I set that up properly, if that's even possible?

EDIT: my brain is so close to imploding that I forgot basic curtesy-

Of course, thank you in advance for your help.

Sounds to me like you are using ICS to create a secondary wired connection for the second machine.

You need to use the LAN ports on the router or a switch rather than sharing a connection using ICS "internet connection sharing". Homegroups won't work with ICS.

Once you are connected to the router with a regular LAN connection with both machines, you should have no problems setting up a Homegrou... Read more

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I have gotten word that I am going to get help in the CAD portion of my job. I am looking into networking 2 computers together to share files and quite possibly internet connection(DSL). What are some economical/easier ways to setup a network.
Computer 1 specs
--Intel Xeon EM64T 3.0 GHz processor
--Windows x64 and 32 bit installed
--HDD partitioned with 32 bit XP (using now) and 64 bit
--64 bit architecture(factory installed x64 bit Windows) i installed 32 bit because of
Hardware problems.
--NIC-not sure if I can use straight thru or crossover cable with.
--A couple of available USB ports

Computer 1 is my computer- i just want to grant access to my co-worker so when hes done with one file he can save it back to my computer and I can then access it when needed. He will also need "template" files that I already have on my computer. It seems easier to handle instead of having to update files on each computer(or worse, rely on each other to rtemember to update each computer).

computer 2 specs
--Intel Xeon dual core 3.0 Ghz processor - plus a possible second processor-not sure if I
will get the 2nd processor though.
--Windows Xp 32 bit
--NIC-not sure if I can use straight thru or crossover cable with.
--A couple of available USB ports

This will be the first time dealing with networking for me, so i not sure of what route to take. I hear of direct cable connection through parallel port/serial port/cat5 cross over cable. What do you think?

A:Ways to hook up 2 computers for file sharing and internet connection

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I want to set up simple file sharing at home for two laptops connecting through wifi and two desktops connecting through cable to the same router and all running windows 7. While communication between wired-wired and wireless-wireless devices is flawless, for some reason network discovery across wired and wireless devices is erratic at best, wired devices barely see wireless ones if at all and vice versa. (The same cross communication problem exists using homegroups.)

I believe the culprit is that windows thinks my router is two separate physical devices, a wifi access point for the wireless and a switch for the wired computers, therefor handling them as though they belonged to different subnets. I have attached the full network map as seen from a laptop and a desktop.

Strangely I can't access remote computers missing from the network map through windows explorer if I put computer names in the network path but SOMETIMES I can do so using ip addresses. However once I managed to access a particular computer using its ip address suddenly its name starts working in the network path AND it shows up on the network map which leads me to believe something is wrong with netbios.

Ipconfigs attached, all computers run win 7, belong to the same subnet and workgroup, have unique names, firewalls and other security software are temporarily off, the connections have lltd enabled and all belong to home network with the following settings: network discovery on, file and printer shari... Read more

A:simple file sharing problem betweem wired and wireless computers

The problem is that those machines are on different subnets, one is at and the other is at for some reason. Maybe you have a setting in the router that is causing this like some sort of wireless guest account.

Windows can't really do this on it's own so it's either a static IP mistake or the router is using a guest account for the wireless connections.

Is there more than one router in this network?

Possibly a router/modem connected to another router?

This is usually the cause for this problem but it's difficult to guess at this without more information.

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I just finished my new computer yesterday. It's running XP home. The other one has 98se. I just hooked up a D-Link DI-604 ethernet broadband router to my DSL connection, and both computers have an internet connection. My question is how do I now enable file sharing between them? I've tried opening "Network Neighborhood" on No. 2 (w/98) and clicking on "Properties" but nothing happens.

A:Solved: Both computers have access to internet through router: how do I enable file sharing

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I don't know why I have trouble with this, I'm pretty tech savvy but for some reason I cannot get my XP system and Win98 to recognize eachother on my network. The network is working because they both share a router and both can access the web fine but for some reason I cannot set it up to swap files between the two systems.
Does anyone know of a good website with a tutorial that might help. I've tried many, many times and it just isn't happening (I even resorted to following the instructions which came with the router).


A:cant see my networked computers

Assuming you can ping each other by IP by not the hoostname. it could be the name resolution issue. You may try to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

MS provides many options for NetBIOS name resolution such as local cache ... NetBIOS and WINS name resolution is required only on mixed-mode (Windows 95, ...

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I have a strange network problem-3 computers on a network, 2 wired, 1 wireless. Let's identify as follows: #1 are wired, #3 is wireless. I am using a Linksys WRT310N router and Linksys EG1032 Gigabit Adapters running XP SP2 on all machines. #1 & #2 can not transfer data between each other but they are on the network and are identified. I can ping each one successfully. #3 can transfer data with the other two, no problem. I have checked everything I can think of on 1 and 2 but I can not find anything wrong. I do have internet connections on all machines working. Something hidden on these machines is not set right. How can I troubleshoot this problem beyond what is normal-names, domains, file sharing, etc, etc. Can I start over some way be deleting some system files-something is corrupt somewhere. Perhaps there is some software that might help me find the problem. I am in some serious need of some help. I have about 8 hours in the problem at this point.

I do not think it is the WRT310N because I had everything working yesterday using DLink Gigabit adapters. They dropped out all the time so I had to switch them to Linksys and that is when my trouble started. The WRT310N worked fine yesterday. I have taken down all firewalls and this is not the problem.


A:networked computers can't see each other

I got it. Writing the message made me stand back and think about what was wrong-obviously something was wrong with the Linksys Gigabit adapters-that is what was common to the two computers that would not move data between each other and they were a new piece of hardware added today. When I installed the cards, I changed Jumbo Frame from disable to 7 kb MTN thinking the speed would be better. Once I changed this setting back to disable I can mother data between all computers now.


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Small company has 3 computers networked. When someone on the #1 computer is typing the person on the #2 computer can't type. They are all newer Gateway computers running XP. #3 computer is used by the boss and mostly after everyone else has gone home so as far as I know there isn't a problem with that one.
A clue where to start looking to fix this problem?
Thanks so much

A:Networked computers

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In Windows Explorer I can see all the computers on the network and have read/write privileges. When I'm sending an email and try to attach a file, the networked computers do not show up so I cannot attach the file. I must save the file to my computer in order to attach it in an email. I have Windows 7 and am using Outlook 2010.

A:Seeing networked computers

Map a drive to one of the other computers, and you should be able to see it when attaching a file.

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Hi, im trying to network 3 computers, one is xp home and the other 2 are xp professional. the xp home computer and one of the xp pro computers can see eachother but the other xp pro computer cannot see them and vice versa. also, that xp computer cannot ping itself and it can access the internet. i have tried enabling netbios and reconfiguring my router, and the NIC is good becuase i just bought it and ive tried a differnt NIC and it still did the same thing, someone help!

A:Cannot See Networked Computers

they are also on the SAME workgroup and their names ARE different from eachother

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For some reason, I cannot see my networked computers on the network after the Windows 10 anniversary update. I have 4 windows 10 Pro computers on my home network, all was working before the update. Home group network appears to be working. Network Discovery is enabled. Thanks

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