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Replace Ibm Aptiva Cdrom???

Q: Replace Ibm Aptiva Cdrom???

I am trying to replace the CD-ROM on an IBM APTIVA. It isn't in the case, as a normal computer would be, it's in this standalone box with a floppy. Has anyone seen this thingy and how do i replace the CDROM?

Preferred Solution: Replace Ibm Aptiva Cdrom???

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Replace Ibm Aptiva Cdrom???

Hi skunkarific,
Which Aptiva do you have? What model? You could go to www.ibm.com and click on home/ office then on accessories and upgrades. Then click on storage, you should find your 'box' there, and you can see what you can upgrade on it.

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I am trying to boot to my CDROM on an old IBM Aptiva 2137. I'm prompted to hit "F1" to go to the setup utility, but there are no other prompts. In the Setup Utility... One boot sequence entry gives me three choices (A:, A: first then C:, C: first then A:, or C. A second boot sequence entry gives me two choices (CDROM enable or disable). I have enabled my CDROM, but it the system doesn't boot to it or give me any way to boot to it. I have even unplugged the power to my A: and C: drives. Any suggestions?

A:How to boot to CDROM on IBM Aptiva

Make sure that you have the CD-ROM set to "Master" on some machines this can make a difference. Also this might sound stupid but I've seen it before.. make sure that the CD you are trying to boot from is actually bootable.

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Hello,So i need to replace my cdrom of the laptop with a hard diski need to know what the maximum storage i can put for the ssd disk and hhd diskand Thanks  

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For anyone:
Operating sys xp home.. dvd/cdrom drive in compaq pressario notebook is going bad. What is procedure to get at this bad boy. ie: do you approach removal by getting under the key board? no way to get at it from the bottom... Does anyone know of a instruction manual to replace the drive?
not sure of model # z5030 (amd cpu)

A:replace compaq notebook cdrom drive

i have had three compaqs and they all had a little clip on the bottom and then it just pulled out.. one of the clips on one of the models was quite away up from the CD.
on my new HP laptop dv5094 - it also has a slider switch at the bottom.
i'll see if i can find out about your model

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working on a aptiva 2153 and trying to install a formatted hd from a different sys. using the recovery cd it is supposed to boot up with a menu for use... all im gettin is "type in command line (eg.c:windows....) next line a> with flashing _ can not type in anything.. if i use a bootable disk just runs and runs no good.
i tried the hd in my sys, no probs. HELP!!

A:aptiva new hd no go

Welcome to TSG!

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I'm trying to get an older Aptiva into shape for the kids to use.
I did a recovery on it, installed some dialer software and all is almost ok to connect to the internet.
When I visit this site, and click on one of the forums, I get an exception error and explorer has to close.
What can I check to see whats making this happen?
The system has Win95 on it. Can I run an alternate browser on it? 300Mhz PII
Thanks for your time,

ps. no I don't want to ditch the Aptiva, it's a challenge now, plus it was free.....so far.

A:IE 4.0 On Old Aptiva

You can get info here.

But if you got 95 there is No MS update so IE is not really needed.
Don't know exception error codes but post the error and someone else can help.

So get Firefox and use it to get online.

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Having trouble with my IBM Aptiva at the moment. When I leave the computer standing for about 20 minutes - I come back and find that there is black screen with a blinking white cursor on the top left - such as a DOS screen. I have to reboot the computer for things to go back to normal.

I believe the main problem may be due to power managment settings, and I have disabled these in windows and the BIOS. Can anyone help me with this.

Another problem thats occuring is that the computer has a tendancy to hang at random times, and this starts happening when I have the computer on for more than two hours. I have tried replacing the SDRAM with some from my friends computer, but that did not solve the problem. I aslo felt the processor to see if it was overheating or somthing, but seems to be at an operational temp. I'm in one of those situations where I dont know if its to do with the O.S./ Hardrive/ Motherboard - Processor. CAN SOMEONE HELP. Thanks

- I found that when I updated the BIOS Settings the computer would hang in windows after reboot.

A:IBM Aptiva

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I want to upgrade the memory in my IBM Aptiva. Looking up the specific memory for my model finds 32 mb to be about $90. Can I use generic PC66 DIMM's which cost about $40 for 32 mb? The DIMM memory in there now is Hyundai 9840 HYM7V64401 TRG-10. Where can I get this kind of memory info? Thanks.

A:Aptiva memory

Check this place. http://www.baber.com/baber/products/memory.htm

The best way to find out is to do a search on IBM memory then just ask for prices. It looks like yours may be proprietary though

This space for rent.

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Hi Everyone. I'm trying to help a friend resuscitate her 1998 IBM Aptiva and I'm at a point where I think I should tell her to go get a new machine, but it could just be my own lack of expertise. I installed WinXT for her and some things are OK. My biggest problem right now is that I cannot get her modem to work, eventhough it tests out at enabled. The message is 'no dial tone.' There is a physical dial tone, I have the phone line going thru the puter and a handset connected thru the puter too. When i pick up the handset, can hear the tone. Anyway... here are some of the specs:

CIS 5614M3 56K DataFax (can't even find driver online)
Processor: AMD-K6
8 GB HD (I think)

Sorry that I wrote the rest of the specs down and then LEFT it at her house
I'm thinking that minimally, she needs more ram, a bigger HD (I have one I can install for her), and another CD drive (which i also have).

She just got a nice digital camera and wants to take pictures of her gazillion 'knickknacks" to sell on ebay.

What do you think? Ditch it and start fresh or what?

Thanks a lot. This site is the absolute best!

A:ibm aptiva. trying to help a friend

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Hello all,

Was wondering if anyone had any information to help me on this. I am going to upgrade my father-in-law's pc and it is a IBM Aptiva S9C and I beleive the model # is 2162. It has a remote console that is under the monitor that turns the pc on, houses the floppy and cd-rom drive. The console has one cable that plugs into an ISA card and all the interface is done through this cable. We want to change the motherboard to an Athlon mb with a new ATX case of course. Looking inside of it yesterday I noticed that this interface card has two cables plugged into it, one is a normal IDE cable going into the secondary IDE connector, ok no problem, the other cable is a smaller ribbon cable, maybe 9-10 pins (square) and this cable is plugged directly into the mb with it's own connector/pins on the mb. Anyone know what this cable is and what it does? I assumed it was the connections so the console can actually turn on the pc on so forth.
Does anyone know if I can get a new mb that has this capabilty? He still wants to use the console. Thank you, any input will be appreciated.

A:Upgrading IBM Aptiva S9C

I would say he is gonna have to bag the console. It is difficult if not impossible to upgrade like that. It also leaves about 20 questions.

What are you doing for Video ? Sound ? Memory ? Modem ? Peripherals ? Etc Etc....

In cases like that, you are better building an Athlon "BOX" instead of trying to salvage older possibly propriatary devices.

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I inherited an old IBM Aptiva PC and want to open up the case. There are two screws below the handle (top/front) which I removed. This should enable the outside case/cover to slide back but it won't. What else do I need to do?

A:IBM Aptiva disassembly

do a google search for the system model number and see if IBM has the users manual for it. that will tell you how to open the case for such things as installing ram and drives and such.

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i'm one of those guys - if it aint broke, don't fix - well, things are catching up to me now. I have an IBM Aptiva - Pen. II - 450MHZ system running windows 98 (yes, 98 not SE). I have done nothing to upgrade the system but i now would like to upgrade the system with all the latest system changes (i.e, BIO) - eventually upgrading my OS to Windows 2000. How/what do i need to upgrade? my processor bios, motherboard bios, HD controller bios, etc??? just want to get all the patches for the system installed before i start loading the new OS. ANY HELP???

A:IBM Aptiva upgrade

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I have some friends that have an old IBM Aptiva that was top of the line ($4000) back in 1997. It has been sitting idle for a couple of years and they now would like to get back into basic word processing and email and internet access.

The machine still works, but it is one of those (now) low end machines that has only 32 meg of RAM and is likely upgradeable to maybe 128 MB or something minimal with today's standards.

So, I am wondering whether to even attempt to upgrade that machine or just go with a new basic PC suitable for email/internet access. Anyone been in this dilemma and have recommendations?

If a new PC is advised, my guess would be that the most optimal machine for the least money would be found via online "bargains", and am wondering if anyone has any advice on narrowing the sites that might provide the least expenditure of time finding one.

ANY help would be much appreciated…

A:upgrade old IBM Aptiva or buy new PC?

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Hello , Anyone Online That Can Answer How To Get My Ibm Pc Back-up Running, Black Screen Won't Boot-up No Hotkeys Action, The Monitor And Keyboard And Mouse Are Fine, It Was Running But Crashed And Will Not Boot Back Up Anyone Know What I Should Do ?

A:Help ! Quickly ( Ibm Aptiva M53 )

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My mom's computer has went bizerk.She just put in an external modem. All was well and then the next day it died.No mouse,keyboard only will allow F1 and escape to work. The monitor works but it is all hung up .It tells her to put in a new disc but when she does, it does the same thing. I live in Mn.and she is in Ok. Any help would be appreciated. ??? Could it be her battery needs replacing?

A:Aptiva a-14-has went on strike

Hope your mom has a emergency bootable floppy created in the same machine... Seems the Hd lost the system files (don't ask me how)... tell her to boot from the floppy, then to type "sys c:" (without quotations) and then enter. Reboot the machine. if this doesn't work, well, be calling a techie cuz there's nothing else sh can do.

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Can anyone please tell me if I can upgrade my computer which is an IBM Aptiva 2140 L5H to Win2K. I already upgraded to 98 from 95. It is a 233 mgh; 4.2 gigbyte; 128 RAM and has FAT 32. It is several years old. I tried installing Win2K but came across an the following message:

- BDA IPSink (not currently present)
- BDA MPE filter (not currently present)
- BDA Slip De-Framer (not currently present)
- ENI 4060 Speedstream (02) RFC 1483 Enternet PVC Client
- NABTS/FEC VBI Codec (not currently present)
- Unknown Device (not currently present)
- Video Phone (Game & Data Line)
- WAN Miniport (ATW)
- World Standard Teletext Codec (Not currently present)

What does that mean? Has anyone else ran into the same message. I did not continue installing because I am afraid I might lose some information on my computer. What do I need to do. It also mention something about NFT.

Thanking you in advance.

A:IBM Aptiva 2140 L5H

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does anyone know how to load the BIOS at startup on an ibm aptiva model E3N type 2153. Its an old machine!


Boot - Hold down F1 when IBM Logo screen appears until it shreeks - should open BIOS.

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I had my computer crash and took it to a computer store and had new hard drive installed. I have windows xp and my cdrom drive will not read my disks. do you think it is a software issue? Can I try to fix it with help from this forum? Thanks

A:CDROM drive will not read new cdrom

Welcome to TSG!!

Was it like this from the repair shop? If so, return to them with a request for a fully functioning machine, as you were expecting one after paying them for their services.

If this came about since then, let us know. There are various things to try. (One might be to pop open the case and be sure the cable(s) didn't fall off in transport.) Can you see it in BIOS?

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I tried to up grade ibm aptiva t 128 mb sdram. The system beeped at me 4 or 5 times and would not come up thou it was making all the booting noises.

I put the old memory in and it would start the power supply up but not do anything else there is not power button on the front what's going on the simms worked before??

Thanks for any help

A:IBM aptiva memory problems

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For the life of me I cannot get the drivers for a ibm aptiva sound card to load. I have windows 98 se all the updates and have downloaded the drivers right from the website. It is an aptiva 2270. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Anybody out-there help with a SIMPLE problem ... OLD system?

Anyone know how I can copy a phone message (file) form my (Aptiva) ?operator? program to a CD?

I hope I chose the proper forum; but I fear I have an "older" operating system.

This computer is an older IBM Aptiva Pentium® 40.0 MG ram, ?machine type? = 2168, model # M-61 (SL-H), mfg date: 512 [note, the mfg?s label also has this: ?NOM-018? on it sandwiched between two bold horizontal lines] with Windows ?95 {4.00.950} as an operating system.

What I mean by a " phone message" is that there are several phone messages saved as a ".voi" files on the Aptiva in what is called the "Telephone Answering Machine {"TAM"] and, in turn, part of "The Operator" (as in telephone & fax interface/program). However, the way Aptiva's are made (or at least I've been TOLD) is part of the sound-card in-turn functions AS PART OF THE MOTHERBOARD.

The computer trace source is: My Computer\Hardrive(c)\Phoenix\Tam\mailbox0\Old 017.voi-thru-Old461.voi.

More simply put, I am trying to copy several of the files that the "Operator" has stored (they are all ".voi" files) in it's message center onto a CD (different/newer computer) AFTER (as-in: also need to) converting these to a standard/playable format.

NOTE (1): This Aptiva has a CD player but it does not record; however, it records (writes) to a floppy disk =>... Read more

A:Copying a .voi file from APTIVA TAM to CD

Hi Craig,

I desperately wish I could help you - I am actually in exactly the same boat as you, and I google every now and again to see if there's any new discussion on the topic - by coincidence I found your recent post on this board!

My files came from the same source - an ancient program called 'Operator' that came with my Aptiva machine, about 14 years old. I have researched extensively and had absolutely no luck - and I don't even have the original machine any more, or indeed a copy of Operator.

I wish I could give you better news... please let me know how you get on as I would love to be able to play my .VOI files!


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A friend of mine has an IBM Aptiva A90, Model 2168. I am trying to help him with some upgrading, but for the life of me, I cannot see how to remove the case. There is a "handle" on the top front with two screws. I thought that if I removed these screws, the computer would slide out of the case. But no go (unless I'm just not giving it enough umph!).

Anyone out there know how to remove the case?

Mahalo & Aloha,


A:Aptiva A90 - How to remove case?

kick it

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Just recently my friend's Aptiva started to reset at random, just every now and again reset for no apparant reason. A CDROM drive was replaced in the same machine due to a CDROM drive failure (the new one has been tested and is working). Now The Aptiva will start up, go through what seems like POST and then powers off for a moment, then turns back on again before repeating the process, doesn't matter whether the new CDROM drive is in or out.

The system specs are: Model LQ6 (P200Mhz MMX
ATX IBM motherboard with built in sound and video 2.1GB HDD 32MB SDRAM and running Win98)

Any help on this matter would be greatly appriciated.
Thanks in advance,

A:Aptiva boot up problems

Disconnect as many things as you can - cdrom, sound card, modem, etc and see if it keeps rebooting.

Since it is happening at POST you can unhook the hard drive too.

If it keeps rebooting with nothing connected it has to be a mainboard, CPU, power supply or RAM problem as they are the only things left.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech


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i have an Aptiva E Series 190. i installed a DVD player but the video is choppy. I figured I needed a new video card so i bought a 32MB video card. The video is a little better but still choppy. A friend of mine told me that i had to make sure the on board video card is disabled. So here's what I did: I went into device manager, uninstalled it and disabled anything that "supposedly" had to do with it. Still no luck, for some reason the PC still only registers as using 8MB of mem for video. someone help me. if im not giving enough information or if u need extra information, let me know. thanx to anyone that can help.

A:PCI Video Card in Aptiva

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Hi, i don't post much with you guys and girls, cuz i don't think its fair that i just ask questions when something wrong with computer, i have posted a few times when I am just so tired and exhausted , i can't think..Todays its much easier i hope, even thought its been like 2 months,... i have to ask the pros! (you guys of course) Okay, simple question, how or where do i get Manual for aptiva 2159? i've called IBM and nothing.."too old" they say,i also been looking it up on ibm website and nothing, i even spoke with a rep and he pointed me to an 800 number that also bombed...so anyway..i have both recovery cd's for my model, thing is its missing power supply and i cannot even find it, looked online auction and nothing, the 2159 doesn't even show up, 2158 and 2160 do but not 2159. Theres 1 wire comeing from seperate media console that is ripped in half..the female part screws on to chasis and media console green plug plugs in there, now where the other side goes i don't know, i have an idea, of course but still need to purchase cable,.....and get a copy of borad layout and ibm number, but still i can't get it on, already tried with console, but not power anywhere, im wondering if i actually nned the console to turn on, PLEASE.....educate me on how to go forward with this, minunum components for installation and a manual is what i'm missing..Thanks , i really appreciate a "DIFFERENT" brain freeze

A:Restoreing Ibm aptiva 2159

Check out eBay...

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Hi, I'm trying to find out if I can plug a camera with an IEEE 1394 into my IBM Aptiva 2139 E5D? Can't find any info a IBM web site. Anybody know? I do have USB, I know that much.

A:IBM Aptiva 2139E5D & firewire?

In a word, No - your 2139E5D doesn't support 1394. You can, however buy a 1394 PCI card, if you haven't used up your available PCI slots (I own a 2139E5D, also). Maxtor makes a 2-port 1394 PCI about $50.00 at Best Buy.

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I am trying to take the cover off an ibm aptiva. It is black with the handle on top. I dont see any screws on the back. How do you do this?

A:[SOLVED] IBM Aptiva how do you get the cover off

My Aptiva has a handle at the bottom front that you pull (after making sure the switch in back is pushed over) and the cover pulls right off.

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I inherited an IBM Aptiva 2174-595 Athalon 600 computer.
It came and worked well with win 98SE. Winxp pro was installed and didn't work well.
I initiallized the hard drive and installed Win2000Pro and service pack 2. It continually freezes shortly after boot up. I upgraded to the new bios - no better. I took out the cards - modem, video,- no better.
I reinstalled win 98 SE and it seems to work fine. I'd love to put win 2000 pro on ALL my computers. How do I make it work on this one?

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I bought this old aptiva at a garage sale. It had probelms (98 Wouldnt boot) but i hought for 20 buck why not, and the monito alone would be worth at least 80 (really nice 7")

I get it home set it up and get to work. NOw i realize that i cant load windows cause it uses ... well take a look first


The console has everything in it. (floppy and cdrom) the tower is untarnished black. The conslole is connected by what i belive to be SCSI. I cant seem to find anything that wil run on it. Anyone have any ideas? tried 95, but wouldnt boot off of cdrom, and i'm not willing to make the floppies.

I tried BeOS, (froze after booting to desktop)
Tried FreeBSD, but it wont run because of a conflict with the graphics card (ATI MAch64)

I havent been able to trie gentoo, becaue i cant find its floppies, and it wont boot of of cdrom.

Anyone have any ideas? (even a gentoo boot floppy?) I would rely be happy if i could get this machine going, becaue its quiet and powefull enough for word processing, which is all i need.

A:Old Aptiva Wierd COnfig

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Sentimental, I guess. Out of the many Aptivas I once owned, I have retained only the very last one (mfg. 08/13/1998) that I use as my "secondary" system on my 2-PC home LAN. Every now and then, I check around to see if anyone knows of any sure-fire way of upgrading the CPU, despite the fact that it is a confounded proprietary IBM, without an act of Congress and without a cost exceeding that which Congress wastes annually...

It's my beloved 2139-E5D, which I paid fully Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000) for on 08/29/1998! Came with the legendary (or should I say legacy?!) Pentium-II/400, a whopping 64MB of PC-100 SyncDRAM, the 8.0 GB Quantum "Bigfoot TX8.0AT" Hard Disk, and the somewhat "unique" Hitachi GD-2000 quasi-DVD ROM drive. It still has its original hardware, with the following additions/upgraded current config:

CPU: Pentium-II/400 MHz, Slot 1, 100 MHz FSB
Form Factor: ATX, "Mini-Tower"
Planar: V66XA (whatever this means)
Chipset: Intel 440BX
Installed Memory: 384 MB SyncDRAM (PC-100)
Hard Disk: OEM 8.0 GB 5200 rpm Quantum Bigfoot
CD/DVD: OEM CD/DVD-ROM Hitachi GD-2000
CDRW: Philips CDD 4401/71 Drive (4x4x24)
Diamond Viper V550 PCI Video Adapter w/ 16 MB onboard SDRAM
Soundblaster 16 Legacy ISA Sound Card
Diamond Sportster 56K External PnP Modem
Nokia 447L 17" Monitor

Some of you may recall a great many previous threads on several boards concerning a sole specific CPU upgrade known to have worked in t... Read more

A:The REAL low-down on a CPU upgrade for Aptiva

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Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my IBM Aptiva 2139 E5D pent II 450 to a pent 4 1.5 ghz or simillar. I don't have a clue what to shop for, or whether I'l need a new motherboard also. Can anyone give me some advice or send me to a site that would help? The IBM site had no info. info appreciated!

A:Aptiva CPU upgrade shopping

You would need to upgrade your motherboard, RAM, and case. Very little would carry-over effectively from your old one.

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Upon startup, my home pc is displaying the following messages:
BIOS V.3.2.
0188032 KB Memory Good

1780-I D E Primary Master Channel Drive Error
0162-Equipment Configuration Error
this is an ibm aptiva system-windows 98-10gh Hard Drive

Can you please tell me what these messages are indicating & how to remedy them.


A:IBM Aptiva Error Messages

Hi kjanik, welcome to TSG.
On the first error code, from IBM's website:

Hard disk drive connection/cable/jumpers
If an upgrade processor is installed, check
that the proper speed has been set (jumpers and Setup Utility). Speed should be a multiple of the original processor speed.
On the second error code, it sounds as if it may be time to replace the cmos battery.

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system: IBM Aptiva 2171-545 w96MB RAM and 13GB HDD using about 30%...new system in 1999...WIN98...still used for word processing, some small data analysis (access & SPSS), plus internet use and cd burning...love listening to radio on internet...basically a home computer...w 56k modem and savage4...adaptec...also cd-rw
-highspeed CABLE inetrnet connection.
PROBLEM: locks up a lot when online searching for music and burning at same time...also locks up when too many programs open at same time...
SOLUTION: i would like to upgrade RAM to 256 (128x2) and HDD to 30-40GB; change OS to XP-Professional; download Nero for burning.
-does the solution sound reasonable? other ideas? (cost effective) and would you suggest a total system dump w harddrive overwrite prior to instaslling new OS?...to clean things up...due to attempts to clean things up in the past I fear i may incomplete software (ie. quicktime, netzip, and the like)...please help me to optimize this system. thanks in advance. wish i could help a few of you all-but this is your expertise....i'll let you talk

A:upgrade ? x2 (HDD and RAM) aptiva 2171-545

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Trying to update the modem in an old IBM that some retired folks have.
Someone gave them the computer.
They can not afford a new system.
Still had the original ISA 9600 baud modem which works, but far too slow. Browser keeps timing out waiting on the data flow.
I had a spare 56K modem and drivers and installed that in the one pci slot.
Windows 98 talked to the modem fine after installing drivers.
However, Motherboard wants a pci serial controller before it will allow the modem to go online.
This is an old, old system, but would it be possible to use a generic type serial driver?
I do have a couple of older motherboard disks that should have one.
Just don't want to mess up the system as it does work surprisingly well with Win. 98 and the few little games the lady has on it.
Thanks very much for any assistance!

A:Aptiva 2153 pci serial

Not sure of the Serial Driver, but a External Modem would most likely work with it's own drivers. If you know the FCC number I could help with that. Can you look at the Motherboard and get a FCC number off it?


This site will tell you what the board is and you could look for drivers after you find out. Might also try Belarc or Everest to find out.

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Recently I have been working on an old IBM Aptiva, its a Pentium 200MMX (sorry I'm unable to supply the model number).

To understand what is going on I'll give you a little background information. The computer is running Windows 98 first edition, all was going well untill the owner of the computer told me that we was unable to play audio CD's, and asked me if I could have a look to find out why. When I opened the case the CD Audio cable was unplugged. So I plugged it back it (I did this without turning the computer off - I have plugged and unplugged mine without shutting down the computer without any problems). Not long after I plugged the cable in, Windows froze. When the computer was restarted it was running at a snales pace... really really slow. The system would have taken the best part of 5 mins to start, and then when it did the cursor would then move around the screen OK, until something started to load, then it would only jerk across the screen.
I tried to re-install windows overtop of its self, it got to the scanning system registry part, and then just stoped. Yesterday evening I tried to reload the computer, I noticed that when Windows setup was detecting the "free hard drive space" it stopped briefly at 67%.. (I had the hard drive from the Aptiva plugged into my system to install windows, up untill the part where it restarts and then detects hardware, my computer is a 500MHz system) anyways, I have never noticed the system stop during det... Read more

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A friend of mine has an IBM Aptiva 2142-S44.
This has a separate media-console with CD-Rom and Floppy and the ON-OFF switch. I have removed the CD and floppy, and built them in the main PC-case. I also removed the console-card from the PC and managed to get the PC going without that extra stuff.

Does anybody have the pin-layout for the 10-pin media-cable between console-card and connector J33 and maybe also the
J38 Power/hard disk LED connector?

Thanks in advance

A:Anybody remove media-console in IBM-Aptiva?

Aptiva 2142 separate media console

I don't have any information on your questions about the pinouts for the Aptiva etc. But you rposting caught my eye because I also have an Aptiva with the separate media console and have a question. Does anybody know the part number for the cable that connects the tower unit to the separate media console? My Aptiva was in storage and the cable has been misplaced and I am finding it very difficult to order a replacement.


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hi, would anyone have a driver for a ibm aptiva keyboard, aptiva 2140.
kb7993. 12j5607.

A:aptiva keyboard driver 12j5607

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Hi all:

I am trying to upgrade an old IBM aptiva. I have installed a new mother board (Intell D865GVHZ), new ram (one 512MB stick of PC3200 DR 400MHz) and a new power supply (Thermaltake TR2-430W) and a CPU i got from a friend (P4 1.6GHz Pentium).

I connected all the components. I double checked all the connections. With the case off (also tried with it on) and no monitor or keyboard connected, i flip the PSU switch, press the on button on the front and all i get is the DVD saying its busy.......i dont think i hear ANY beeps at all. Nothing. It just sits there. I do see the fans working (on the PSU and CPU). I read on line a few posts and people suggested resetting the CMOS by removing the battery on the MoB and waiting 10min. Now when i flip on the power supply it trys to start just as before but this time i have not pressed the front panel power switch. From other posts it does not soundlike the computer is "POSTing". I am at a losssss........can someone help?


A:Install new Mob, RAM, PSU into IBM aptiva need help...wont boot!!!!

take the board out of the case, insulate it on a a peice of dry wood, and try running it with just the CPU, RAM, PSU, keyboard, videocard, and monitor hooked up

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I wanted to upgrade the onboard video, so I purchased a NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro (16 MB). . I found one setting in the BIOS that lets you pick either ONBOARD or AUTO video, and that has been set to AUTO all along. I also flash the bios to the latest version and install the latest driver for the video card . I still have the 3D Accelerator SiS 86C306 showing even if it’s dissable in my system profil. So Direct x doesn’t work and no game either… What can I do to get this video card to work?

Here,s my current configuration:

IBM Aptiva
Machine type IBM 2170
Model Number 18f
s/n af 2h28h

OS : Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 service pack 1

CPU Type AMD K6-2, 500 MHz (5 x 100)
Motherboard Name Acer V75M
Motherboard Chipset SiS 530
System Memory 375 MB (SDRAM)
BIOS Type Acer (04/27/00)

Video Adapter NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro (16 MB)
3D Accelerator NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 M64
3D Accelerator SiS 86C306
Monitor Optiquest Q71-5 (AQ01300445)
Video info from the bios

Video controller Nvidia
Video Memory 4096kb
Primary Display Adapter Auto
Share Memory Size Auto

Bios Version V75EN4E
Bios Date 04/27/00

Latest driver for the Nvidia video card

Direct x version 9.0b

A:IBM Aptiva Video Card Upgrade

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I downlaoded the driver update file from IBM's site Al1z00us.exe tfollowed the instructions and noted Windows 98 nad I am using windows 95, but didit any way. Now my CD rom drive will not work. How do I fix it. Can't run any CD disk. Can any one help?

A:IBM Aptiva 2137 E26 IDE driver update

go into device manager, remove the cdrom drive, and reboot, hopefully windows will reinstall with the right driver

Also look in add remove programs, if that file is listed hit remove, then reboot

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Hi Everyone,

Please help with my [IBM]Aptiva Installer
Program which worked perfectly until today. I get this error message:
This program has performed an illegal operation. Aiw caused an invalid page fault in module MSVCRT.DU at 0137:78010517.
(Then a subheading lists several other numbers.)

I have Win95 OS, IBM Activa with Pentium processor.

Boy, will I appreciate guidance on this! I can't install or de-install anything--
unless someone knows of another method to do this.

Thanks very much!

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I have spent hours searching for a BIOS upgrade.
IBM Aptiva 2137 E26 Sn. AF-14A06
IBM Paper lable with barcode, IBM FRU p/n 02k2661 M/B,
11S91384 10011AF0565D
Info printed on board: V58XA M.B. 97114-2, 48.38401.021 Made in Tiawan
AMD K6 233 Win 98SE Mem.. 32 mb
Acer chipset
Acer Bios chip, Bios JW3EN5E 11/5/97

Present BIOS won't recognise HD larger than 8.4 mb or the USB port.
IBM doesen't list a BIOS upgrade for the USA. Searching IBM for info is as if the 2137 doesn't exist.

Thanks for any help,

A:Aptiva 2137 E26 BIOS upgrade??

Download the free programme Everest Home at http://www.lavalys.com, run it and read the motherboard section of the report. It may give you a link to the board maker's website and another for the BIOS updates.

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I bought a used computer last month. (my first so I'm pretty computer illiterate.) It's an Aptiva 2170-275, otherwise known as an E Series 275. I didn't get any software of any kind with it, not even a recovery disc. I wiped the hard drive and re-installed Windows 98 from a co-workers disc. (I had the license & key numbers for mine.) It went well but I couldn't get the modem to work. While trying to resolve the modem issue I got some strange things happening and I thought maybe I had done something wrong, so I wiped it and re-installed again. This time the modem was fine but my monitor looks like it's in low res and the printer and speakers won't hook up. I'd really like to track down the right recovery CD and try it one more time. Does anywhere know where I can look?? There have been several on ebay but I don't know what the P/N is for the one I need. Does anyone know where I can find that? I've tried IBM but they won't help because the machine is 5 years old and way off warranty! They tell me to go to the website but I printed out the 8 page list of part numbers and the recovery CD isn't listed. I've tried searching for the P/N numbers of the ones up for auction and it says the numbers don't exist. I've also gone to "Doug's" aptiva page and he doesn't list my model. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I'm thinking I should've just stayed on webtv.
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A:Where can I find an Aptiva replacement recovery CD??

A couple of possible resources for you:

Don5408's Unofficial Aptiva Site:

Alice's Aptiva Notes:

Tweaker's Hideout:
(a lot of old Aptiva-types hang out here)

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The original hard drive fried. I put in a 6 gig drive that had XP on it and the computer says it is there but I keep getting the 1780 Hard Disk Error. Help!!!

A:aptiva 2140 won't recognize hard drive

have a look at this

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Hi All,

I have been attempting to install Disc 1 only of Works Suite 2003 but the Wizard keeps telling me to close Norton Anti Virus (Navapw32.exe). I have closed NAV using CTRL+ALT+DEL but every time I try to install the disc the same message comes up. BTW, I only want Word 2002 so I initially attempted a Custom install (got the "close NAV" message) so I tried it on both Minimum & Typical settings but I cannot seem to get past the "close Navapw32.exe" message.

I have gone in to msconfig & unchecked Norton Auto-Protect from the Startup tab as well as "...NAVDX.EXE/Startup" from the Autoexec.bat tab. The disc still wants me to close Navapw32.exe before it will do anything.

Some folks at the VirtualDr Forums have advised me to go into BIOS and disable NAV upon startup & I have attempted to do this but with no success. I am able to get to the BIOS screen by repeatedly hitting Delete but the BIOS "window" will not stay open. After approx. 15 seconds the BIOS window disappears & the login window appears. BTW, I never get the "Hit Del now to enter Setup" message at startup. I assume that I am missing some detail here... Once I am in BIOS how do I "navigate" to an option? I can see the Navapw32.exe (I think that's what it is called) line but I don't know what to do with it.

My Aptiva is a 2158-530 if that helps and the OS is Win98 (not SE) & my NAV is really old (I'm not sure what vers... Read more

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Hi, I have an Aptiva 2140 L5H PII 233

I've just started getting the following error message on start up :

error code 2 trying to start
scheduled virus scanning
is not active

Help ?

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