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Unable to Access Any Other Computer in Workgroup or Homegroup

Q: Unable to Access Any Other Computer in Workgroup or Homegroup

Hi I have a home network of 4 computers. I have recently installed Windows 7 on 3 of them - the other is XP Professional. Since then I have not been able to see/share/ping with any of the computers, which are all in the same workgroup. Also If i try to set up a Homegroup on the 3 Windows 7 pcs after creating a homegroup then trying to join it on a 2nd pc the message There is currently no homegroup on the network is displayed. My knowledge of networking is small. The networking Trouble Shooter gives a 'Your computer appears to be correctly configured but the DNS Server is not responding'. The Homegroup troubleshooter cannot find a problem on either machine. I have no problems connecting to the Internet from any machine. Any help would be greatfully appreciated.

Preferred Solution: Unable to Access Any Other Computer in Workgroup or Homegroup

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Unable to Access Any Other Computer in Workgroup or Homegroup

Hi BillyAsh, have you tried 'Network' method ?

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I have connected two Win XP computers through a hub. ICS seems to be wrking, but one computer (B) is unable to access the other computer (A). Computer A is able to ful ly access computer B. I have turned off simple file sharing, but cannot set permissions so that a user of B can access A. When I look for users in locations, only the local computer and user are available. How do I set permission for the user on the other computer?

A:Unable to access workgroup computer

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I have a home network via a wired router wiith 5 ("A" - "E") computers all in the same workgroup running Win XP. All the workgroup computers are visible from each other. However, all of a sudden one of the computers ("A") cannot be accessed to share its files or even to check its properties. When I try to get to "A" from Network Neighborhood, I get these error messages: " 'A' is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource" or "You do not have appropriate access rights for this server" It ("A") is able to get into others on the netwok and copy, move etc file to it without problems. File sharing etc.is turned on for the Shared documents folder. I tried turning off my firewall, etc (Norton Internet Security) and because I use Norton, my Windows firewall is normally off. Still the same problem. I can "Ping" "A" without problems from "B" etc.I've run and rerun the Win XP Network Setup Wizard without correcting the problem and know the computer is on the network but there must be some security setting I'm missing (This is one of my kid's computers so they may have changed something unknown to me). I've also run the most recent Norton AntiVirus scan. "A" has Win XP Home and "B" has Home, "C" has XP Pro.

It was suggested to me to change the "Local Security Policies" under Administrativ... Read more

A:Solved: Unable to access workgroup computer

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Trying to share folders with specific users of multiple machines with full R/W access but share them with others as only Read. Ex. MOM, DAD Full access, KID1, KID2 Read only.

I have this up an working between the two machines (with Homegroup turned off) and am happy with it. I have specifically granted access to the folders in question to MOM & DAD. I planned to then turn on Homegroup and manage all other sharing there through sharing "Libraries".

As soon as I created and joined Homegroup, it appears to have revoked MOM & DAD access to that folder.

Does the homegroup overide the workgroup sharing levels? If anyone can shed light on this I'd appreciate it. I like the simplicity of Libraries and Homegroup the more I use it. It's pretty clean and simple IMO.

A:Do Homegroup Access Rights OVERRIDE Workgroup?

I've been re-producing the issue for the last hour or so and this is what I've found:

When homegroup is created (on Tower PC) - No Problem
When laptop joins homegroup - Access to Tower is overridden
Windows Credential changes to: Username: \\Tower\HomeGroupUser$

Once this happens, it seems to stay in force even when the individual acounts leave the homegroup. The only way I found to correct it is to completely end the homegroup on all machines. Then, my Workgroup access seems to be back, usually takes a re-login from the laptop to the Tower.

I know of the place in Advanced Sharing to "Allow Win to manage homegroup connections" vs "Use user acct and pw to connect". I'm hesitatnt to do this just becasue I WANT to use Homegroup/Library sharing for vast majority of families sharing. I was just trying to manage some exceptions, like not risk the kids destroying the Family data storage or keeping some special directories strictly limited to MOM & DAD.

Homegroup seems like an all or nothing tool. Sure hope this is not the case. Please advise if anyone has ideas what would fix this. Thanks all.

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The computer that originally created the homegroup on my network is no more. It seems that because of this that my new computer is unavailable to join the homegroup that already exists. Other computers that were part of the homegroup before the "host" computer died are still part of the homegroup and able to share files, etc.

Is there a way to connect a new computer to the homegroup if the original host computer is no longer part of the network/ no longer exists?

A:Unable to join homegroup, homegroup creating computer is no more

The original computer is not required as long as you have other computers that were part of original homegroup. Boot another computer that was part of homegroup and then enter the password and it will join. I no longer have the original computer that was used to setup the first homegroup but new ones join properly when others are active on network.

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Can any one help me in solving my network problem ?

I am having 3 Pcs with win xp pro . When i try to access the network , it says the workgroup is not accessible. But if i type the other system ip in run command ,i am able to access .How to access my workgroup directly.

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I have 4 computer in my home. (2 xp home and 2 pro.) and joining the same workgroup. All are working properly without any problem previously. However, I have met a problem recently.

When I try to access the network neighbourhood, it pop up an error dialog box:

" is not accessible. You may not have permission to access this server. Please contact your Administrator....".

All of my PC have disable the firewall and it can connect to the PC directly by type the PC name. Does anyone meet the same problem before?

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I have 2 PC's both running XP Pro. I have a Lynx's Wireless router model BEFW11S4. I have one computer with EtherFast 10/100 Lan Card and 1 PCI wireless card. Both computers connect to the internet via the Lynx's cable modem. I am able to connect to the internet with no problems on both computers.
The problem is that I am unable to connect to the workgroup on each computer. I go to network places and show workgroup computers and it tells me that the workgroup is not available, and that I may not have permissions to access that workgroup. Whats weird is that on the wireless computer, in the system tray it shows that the computer is connected to the workgroup. Although when the wireless PC comes up, it does not make the connection to the workgroup until I manually connect. It says because the WEP setting is not set, it won't auto connect. So I configured the WEP setting, and the PC would not even connect to the internet then.

My goal is to be able to share files on each computer in the shared files folder and the printer on the wireless computer and make sure both can connect to the internet. I have gone to the share files and security and made the shared documents folder shared, and I still can't see anybody. I am also unable to see the other computer from the computer I am on.

Please give detailed instructions or questions.


A:Unable to access Workgroup 2PC net

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Unable to access workgroup templates with Office 97

Steps to point word and powerpoint to use templates:
--If not mapped to correct share -- then map
--Open Word
--File Location
--Select Workgroup templates
--Select template share
--Template folders in share should appear as tabs

I have noticed with Office 2k that when you select LAN share only the letter is show (ex. T:\)
With office 97 the share name shows (ex. \\cwsfs2\templates)

Error with Office 97 when going to File - New
Cannot open the template in the Workgroup Template location you selected.

Any ideas on how to fix


A:Unable to access workgroup templates with Office 97

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I have a Windows PC used purely for storage. It is shared by 10 other Laptops.

The laptops are running Windows 10.
I created users on the Win 7 PC.
Shared the folders.
Created mapped drives on the Win 10 laptops.
This has been operating with very few issues for a number of years.
Today 2 laptops are unable to access the mapped drives.
I have uninstalled the Antivirus.
I have updated the Intel Lan cards.
Run Ipconfig /renew. Wouldn't renew.

Changed the registry setting - HKey-Local Machine\system\... to allow access.
PROBLEM solved - Windows 7 update caused a conflict. Rolled back to a previous restore point - Bingo it worked.

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I have 3 Win-7 64 bit machines in a homegroup. MAC addressing enabled on the router. Machine A, B and C.

All are in a homegroup. I want to share a folder on machine B to the rest of the group so I share with homegroup (read/write allowed). I jump on machine A and C to test, and am able to click network and open machine B and access and modify the shared folder via explorer. I try the same via windows key run explorer, by typing in \machineb\share and I am able to access and modify the folder. However, when I type the IP address ( it will no resolve and I get a "Windows cannot access \path\share."

-I run it in safe mode with no results. Here are my troubleshooting efforts:

-removed all machines from homegroup and and created a new one for all to join -tested this process on machine C. Machine A and B are able to access the share on C via hostname and IP address. -ran ipconfig /flush dns on all machines. Then ran net stop "dns client" and net start "dns client" -restarted router -ran problematic machine (B) in safe mode (no anti-virus). -ran the other machines in safe mode. -on machine A, ran net use to map P: as the machine B share (machineb\share) by mapping to its host name. Successful drive mapping and ability to access. When I try the same to the IP address it's fails again. -disabled firewall on both ends

Why can't I access this folder via IP address? I'm pretty sure I'm putting in the right address as shown by ipconf... Read more

A:Unable to access shared folder in Win 7 homegroup via IP address

111 views and not one bit of help. Any ideas at least?

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I have a home network using cable modem service through a netgear wireless router.

Home computer is connected to the router via an ethernet cable and notebook computer connects via the router.

Both machines have good internet connectivity.

Home can read or write files to notebook.

Notebook cannot see shared folder or printer on home machine. NB cannot even ping home machin e.

A:unable to view workgroup computer

hi peruggj

make sure that both the pc and the laptop have the exact same workgroup name. also make sure that both ip address are from the same addressing group.

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When trying to connect a PC to my workgroup, I get the following error:

"Weldon is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

The list of of servers for this workgroup isnot currently available."

Both machines are running XP. Permissions were never set. I can connect any other PC (including my new laptop running Windows 7) to the workgroup but not this particular PC. It has to be something within the PC itself but I am lost.

The workgroup is called WELDON. I have exhausted all the settings I know to check.

Please help! Thank you!

A:Unable to get computer to connect to workgroup.

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I am starting to study what is a WorkGroup versus a HomeGroup and have a few questions.

What are the differences and advantages?

What is better for a small group of PCs (such as 10 or less)?

With all the OSs that are being used (XP, 7, 8, 10) which will work?

While going to school I sometimes help friends with their network and PCs and find myself looking at different setups. I know there is not a straight answer, so if you know a place that I could go (website, articles, books, etc..) please let me know. I'm not afraid of studying.

I want to get proficient in this area.

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OK, so today at college I got into a huge debate with a peer of mine. Basically, for one of our courses, we had to demonstrate how to use a Windows 7 HomeGroup to share some files and establish some basic connectivity. We then had to connect a Windows XP machine to the HomeGroup. Basically, the argument I got into today was if a homegroup and a workgroup are seperate entities or the same thing under Windows 7. For example, my opinion was that of Windows 7 HomeGroups being a COMPLETELY seperate feature. It is proprietary to Windows 7 and no other operating systems can communicate in the way a HomeGroup does (password protection, sharing libraries, etc.). The opposing opinion was that a HomeGroup is just a Windows Workgroup re-named, basically saying that when Windows 7 creates a Homegroup, it creates a Workgroup CALLED "HomeGroup" and shares are treated as shares in a workgroup are. There's no password authetication or anything like that.

I would just like to ask you guys, the community, who has been with Windows 7 since Beta Build 7000 and settle the score between me and my classmate. My teacher was also of the opinion that a HomeGroup is just a Workgroup re-named and that a Windows XP machine would be able to connect to a Homegroup similarily to the way a Windows 7 machine would. I believe this incorrect and would like some feedback concerning this.

Thanks for your reply.

A:HomeGroup vs Workgroup

Your friend and your teacher do not use Windows 7 Home Groups, else they would know how wrong they are. At a minimum, they should read the system requirements.

You deserve a tuition refund.

Engineering Windows 7 : At Home with HomeGroup in Windows 7

Windows 7: HomeGroup Overview

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Hi, is there any basic difference between a Workgroup that I was familiar with in XP and a Homegroup in Win 7 ? All of my PCs are now Win7 64bit and am having problems getting them all connected and seeing each other - in XP it was a doddle.
One example was I tried to setup a HG on one machine and it gave me a password but because I decided to do it later when I had more time, I did not take a note of it then when I went back to do it, I did not know it ?? Is the pw stored somewhere to retrieve it again ?

Any help or a link to a tutorial would be appreciated.


A:Workgroup vs Homegroup

Yes you can retrieve the password again by going into Homegroup's settings. Or you can make your own.

Homegroup - Create

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Hi, I am a relatively experienced PC user however having moved all my home systems to Win7 (all 64bit), I am still trying to get my head round homegroup vs the good old workgroup that was in XP. All of the systems (a mixture of laptops and PCs hardwired and wireless) are all joined to a homegroup and can all "see" each other but here is where I am having a problem. I wanted to add a folder full of a lot of info I wanted everyone to be able to use) on one of the PCs to the homegroup so I set it up as shared to the homegroup however I cannot get it to appear on any of the other systems - all they display are the standard music, video and pictures libraries ? The only way I can get it to show on another system is by doing the "map network drive" as you would in XP on each of them ? then the contents of the folder can be seen on the other PCs - I would have thought this would have shown under the homegroup in the "my computer" view along with the other libraries. I did make sure I set up the permissions so that everyone could access but still can't get anything other than the standard libraries to show on the other PCs. Maybe i'm not as experienced as I thought I was .....

Any help, as usual, would be very much appreciated.

A:Homegroup vs Workgroup

Hi ibshaw, here's how I do it. Network File Sharing.pdf

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If I connect 2 win 7 PCs in a homegroup, can I also share the printer on one of the Win 7s with an XP PC?
I have been trying to connect the second Win 7 to the other Win z's printer. It can see the printer and ask for the driver, but then gives a "cannot connect" message, as per this attachment.

A:Homegroup + workgroup

You will have a better chance getting that to work if you set up a Workgroup network rather than a Homegroup.

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Hello: My first post as a new member concerns a networking question.

I have a desktop machine at home running XP MCE 2005. It is connected to a Belkin My Essentials wireless router.

Two nights ago, I brought a friend's new Win 7 Home Premium laptop to my house, to mess around and explore Win 7 for the first time.

The laptop found my wireless network immediately. When it "asked," I selected Home as the network type.

I was then able to access my desktop's shared folders on the XP machine instantly.

My questions are:

1. How is that possible, since they have two DIFFERENT workgroup names? Or does the new HomeGroup feature override that somehow? (the Network and Sharing Center said I had joined a HomeGroup).

2. If it somehow did override those two different workgroup settings, how is THAT possible? With my LIMITED understanding of Win 7 and HomeGroup, I thought that HomeGroup only works with Win 7 machines, not machines with different O/S.

What am I missing here?

Thanks very much!!

A:HomeGroup? Workgroup? How's this possible?

What kind of sharing do you have enabled on your XP computer? Do you have simple file sharing enabled? Have you given the "everyone" group access?

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Recently I tried setting up a home network, so I can share a few files between a laptop and the computer.

Since both the laptop and the desktop are connectd to the same internet connection, I used the method of making sure both are in the same 'workgroup', and then share the files. It worked fine on my laptop, where I changed the Workgroup to that of my Desktop. Further I went to my computer, my network places and then view workgroup computers. On the laptop, I see that, but I do not see my desktop even though it's in the same Workgroup.

I tried to go to the 'view workgroup computers' on my Desktop but it did not allow me to go in, saying that I might not have the rights from the administrator to access that. I dont know how that's possible seeing that I only have one user on desktop, and I assumed it to be the admin.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?



A:Cannot Access WORKGROUP on my computer

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Hi Everyone,

I have a Workgroup consisting of a variety of Windows computers, XP, Vista & Windows 7. On one of the Windows 7 (32 Bit) computers I have the Downloads folder shared, this way I can download my drivers and the like to a central location and then access them from other computers in the Workgroup.

Whilst the Downloads folder can easily be "seen" between the Windows 7 computers whenever I try to look at the Workgroup from an XP computer I see the following message -

This message is presented when I double click on the Workgroup itself, I don't even get to the point where I can see the various Workgroup members, let alone the Shared Folders belonging to the respective members.

The XP Computer is definitely a part of the same Workgroup (e.g.: has the same Workgroup name as the Vista / W7 computers)

I tried this Microsoft Fix to no avail.

If anybody has any suggestions on how to overcome this they will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


A:XP Computer cannot access the Workgroup

The "simultaneous remote access" restrictions may be in play here. For XP Home only 5 simultaneous accesses and for XP Pro only 10. I think, but am not sure, that Windows 7 is the same. It has always been hard to determine exactly what is "an access."

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I have set up a home wireless network consisting of a desktop PC running XP Home and a laptop running Vista Home Premium. I have set up one shared folder on each machine. They are both on the same workgroup. From the laptop I can see the shared folder over the network on the desktop PC. However, when I try to access the shared folder on the laptop from the desktop it requires authentication and asks for a username and password. However I have not set up the laptop to need a username and password to log in... is there a way round this?

A:Cannot access workgroup computer

Vista's default sharing is to require a password on the account to allow file sharing. Create a password on the login accounts for the machines and see if that helps. You can also create a user account on the Vista machine that matches the name/password as is used to login to the XP machine to eliminate the issue.

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I can't access my workgroup computer I don't know why.

A:Why can't I access my workgroup computer.

Matthewbonner13, welcome to the windows 7 forum.
One problem is that your userid is not on the allowed list for remote access to the target computer.
Additionally, it needs to have permissions for remote access set up properly.


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I have gotten my network setup to the point where I can see my computer in the workgroups folder on the other computer. But when I double click it I get an error message saying "\\Reddragon is not accessible. You might not have permission to access this resource. I've attached a screenshot. Also, Norton and any other firewall have been shut off on both computers. I really would appreciate any help guys/girls.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1023 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: B: Total - 0 MB, Free - 0 MB; C: Total - 57207 MB, Free - 12011 MB; F: Total - 76300 MB, Free - 69078 MB; G: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 834940 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corp., , , .. .
Antivirus: None

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I am having an issue with a small network I have. I have 6 computers that are all running windows 7 pro or ultimate. We are all connected via a home group. All are able to connect to each other except one.

I get and error that says

"\\pcname is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.
The specified network provider name is invalid"

This is also causing me not able to connect to any network shared drive, while all the other computers are able to access them.

I have already done the troubleshooting guide for the home group. rejoined the home group. so anything would be helpful.

If this helps at all, this all started when adobe bonjour decided to freak out and not allow me to connect to any network resources. To resolve that i was forced to uninstall bonjour. This issue was only cause by Adobe CS3, which i have, and i have not reinstalled adobe CS3 as of yet.

At this point i do not have a restore point to refer back to so I am sunk there.

Please any help would be wonderful

A:One computer on homegroup unable to connect to other PC's

Hi Customfig,

On the computer that is having issues, do you have everything configured in Network and Sharing Center > Advanced sharing settings as I have shown?

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At work we have 15 computers, some xp and some 7, no servers, all on same network, no subnetting. Want to be able to have some computers able to see some of the other computers but not all. Can I do this with either work/home groups?

I've read about Workgroups and Homegroups and still have some Q's.

If two computers with Windows7, each have a different Workgroup names, then why can they still see each other in the Network section in the left-hand side pane of Windows Explorer? Is it supposed to do that? How do I get these computer to not see each other?

I think I'm missing something in how these groups work. Can someone please explain this to me.

A:Workgroup and homegroup question.

I'm no expert on networking, but I'm just wondering if it's a permissions issue.

Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups

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Windows 7 RTM

I thought I would share my experience in case others are also having trouble with this.

Two Windows 7 machines, 1 connected wirelessly (Linksys) and 1 connected on a fixed LAN to a Linksys WAG160N ADSL2+ Router/Switch.

DHCP enabled.
Both machines are in the same subnet 192.168.1.x range
Both machines have the same workgroup name
Home Network chosen, all defaults.

Fault: Wireless machine can see LAN Machine but LAN machine cannot see wireless. Ping fails from LAN machine.

Fix: Give the wireless SSID the same name as the LAN network

On LAN Machine:

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center

gives you a picture of the network. Note the name of the network your LAN machine is connected to. In my case "Network"

On Wireless Machine:

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center

gives you a picture of the network. Note the name of the Network your wireless machine is connected to is your SSID. If this is different to your LAN machine = *pain*

Change your router wireless host to broadcast an SSID of "Network"

Well this worked for me...

Homegroup worked brilliantly after this.

A:Wireless Homegroup on workgroup

Quote: Originally Posted by teeps

Windows 7 RTM

I thought I would share my experience in case others are also having trouble with this.

Two Windows 7 machines, 1 connected wirelessly (Linksys) and 1 connected on a fixed LAN to a Linksys WAG160N ADSL2+ Router/Switch.

DHCP enabled.
Both machines are in the same subnet 192.168.1.x range
Both machines have the same workgroup name
Home Network chosen, all defaults.

Fault: Wireless machine can see LAN Machine but LAN machine cannot see wireless. Ping fails from LAN machine.

Fix: Give the wireless SSID the same name as the LAN network

On LAN Machine:

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center

gives you a picture of the network. Note the name of the network your LAN machine is connected to. In my case "Network"

On Wireless Machine:

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center

gives you a picture of the network. Note the name of the Network your wireless machine is connected to is your SSID. If this is different to your LAN machine = *pain*

Change your router wireless host to broadcast an SSID of "Network"

Well this worked for me...

Homegroup worked brilliantly after this.

Nice post thanks


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Setting up a small network at my office. So far everything is fine but I'm trying to tighten up the security and have some questions.

So first off, does home group only work for 'home' connection? If so why is there a home group profile for public?

What is the point of this public profile? I have disabled all the sharing settings on it and when I do that it re-enables the firewall (win7 firewall). If I go and disable the firewall again (in control panel/firewall) it enables all the public profile options I had just disabled. Really confusing.

Workgroup question:

With network discovery on I can see pcs that aren't in my workgroup yet I can still access them and they can access me without a password. They are on the same lan just not the same workgroup name. How do I setup a password to stop this? I was messing around with the user permissions but I think I have to create another user besides my admin account?

And why by default does it keep trying to make my C:/Users folder shared? Seems with certain settings will re-share that folder?
All the questions I can think of for now.


A:Homegroup/workgroup questions

Sounds to me like you have both a Homegroup and a workgroup set up in the same network. Only Win 7 machines can use the Homegroup. If you have a mixed Op system you need to set up a Workgroup only for best results. The C:Users folder being auto shared happens when you do that.

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what is the difference between homegroup and workgroup for win7

A:Difference between homegroup and workgroup

What is the difference between a domain, a workgroup, and a homegroup?

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After the recent Windows 10 creators update I can't set up or connect to the homegroup. I can't removed the existing homegroup and I can't create a new one. Even the couple of PC's connected to my network that didn't get the update can't connect to the homegroup
When I try and use the password that use to work I keep getting  a message that the Homegroup is not found. I've tried several fixes and utilities that have been suggested and none of these have worked for me. Does anyone know how to get past this issue
with a fix that will actually work?

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I recently setup printer sharing for someone in their office. It took me all of about 2 mins to do so since I have done it many times. Two days later, he calls me up to let me know it stopped working. I thought it was just something simple but when I got there, I couldn't figure out what had happened. Here is the situation:

Computer A - Windows XP Pro SP2 with printer attached
Computer B - Windows XP Pro SP2 wants to use shared printer

Computer B can no longer access the workgroup. Computer A can see Computer B on the workgroup but cannot access it. When I double click on the computer name it wants a username and password??? Something like Guest\(computer name).

What confuses me is that Computer B can't access the Workgroup yet Computer A can see it on there. Also, how did this randomly happen after it was working fine? I checked all firewall settings and its all correct. Any help would be appreciated - Thanks.


A:Computer suddenly can't access Workgroup

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We have workgroup network of 7 computers names MSHOME.
All computers are using Windows XP operating system.
Sofar everything was ok but today 1 computer is not showing in workgroup computer list and can not access too.

Let's name the computer with problem "Test PC".
The Test PC having Dynamic DHCP IP address and can successfully access the Internet.
But it can not view or access the other computers in the Same Workgroup.
The Test PC is also able to ping Local host and can ping the default gate way computer.
But It can not ping the other computers of same workgroup.
The interesting thing is that other computers can ping the Test PC by its IP address but can not ping by computer name.

The Test PC Doesn't have any Firewall.
The Test PC connection is using the following items:
1. Client service for Netware
2. Client for Microsoft Networks
3. File & Printer Sharing For Microsoft Networks
4. QOS Packet Scheduler
5. NWLink NetBIOS
7. Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

If I uncheck item 1,5 and 6 then Test PC name it self is not showing in "View Work Group Computers".

I have also checked Computer Browser service status. It's status is started and start up type is Automatic.
Please help me to fix this problem.

Little Boy

A:Can Not View or Access Computer under same workgroup

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Hey everyone.

I'm suffering from a rather strange problem that I've only just today come across.

I'm trying to enable file sharing across my Desktop PC and my new Notebook. As always I went through the usual routes, going to Network Connections, Advanced, Network identification and so forth...

But my problem is this. While all is fine on my new notebook, the area where I'd input my Desktop computer Description is greyed out. The name is fine, as is the Work Group. In addition, if I try to access 'My Network Places -> Workgroup Computers', it fails to respond.

My notebook also can't see my Desktop PC on there even though the network is enable and healthy as far as I'm aware.
I'm fairly sure this isn't a router problem, but something OS specific... And yes, unfortunately I'm on XP Home. Not the best system for File Sharing activities!

Any help would be fantastic. Many thanks!

A:Unable to set Computer Description/ Viewing Workgroup Computers not responding.

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A little back story before I address my problem. I have an older desktop running WIndows 7 Pro 64-bit I use as a Subsonic & Minecraft server and I originally had everything setup as a nice well behaved homegroup with my current desktop and laptop so I could easily move files back and forth between the server and my main desktop. However, my new roomate is a Mac user and to give him direct access to the server to be able to easily put his music on to the subsonic server or access the other media that's not there I had to switch from a homegroup to a workgroup. I made him an account and he has no problem accessing the folders I've shared.

On my Win 8 desktop, when I go to folders on the server I can see them but it says I don't have permission, I made an account in the workgroup with the same computer name as mine and it never prompts me for a login. I've tried just trying to run a homegroup and workgroup at the sametime and sharing it that way. No dice.

Network discovery is on
Printer and File Sharing is on
HomeGroup connections is set to Use User Accounts and passwords

This is true for both the Win 8 computer and the Win 7 computer.

Thoughts on what to try?

Is there an easier way to give both my Win 8 desktop and my roomate's Mac access to the shared folders on the Win 7 desktop?

A:Setting up Homegroup/Workgroup Issues

It may help to first remove both machines from the old Homegroup, it sounds like one of them was still part of the original Homegroup.

I'm not so sure about the Mac working along side a Homegroup however, in order to share Library's to machines which are in the same local Workgroup but not included in the Homegroup, you need to click on a Library then choose "Specific People" then open the drop down list and choose "Everyone" and select read/write access as required.

This will share Library's outside the Homegroup, local users in the Workgroup will not have access to your Library's unless you do this.

This is different from the other Homegroup users who would typically have access to all shared Library's on all other Homegroup machines.

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In my home, I had my Windows 7 Professional PC and Laptop networked by someone a year ago who at the time said he was setting up a WorkGroup instead of a HomeGroup. Over time, that stopped working for some reason.

Then another guy came out and re-did the network. Said he preferred HomeGroup. I have no idea how this is actually configured at this point due to my limited experience with networks.

BIG Issue: After the revised setup, my desktop SSD takes much longer to boot up than the original configuration. And now, 4 weeks later, my laptop can't connect again.

Can you help?

1. This a wired network. Wireless is intentionally disabled (I hope.)
2. ISP is AT&T Uverse.
3. Cable connection
4. Router: 2Wire i38HG
5. Emsisoft Internet Security

Network Path to Laptop not found message
Advanced Sharing Settings
Basic Drives and Network Image

If my ipConfig is needed, please let me know. (And is that safe to provide?)

A:Laptop Can't Connect to HomeGroup? WorkGroup?

Detective work: I can tell this started on Nov. 28 at around 7:00pm, because that's when my local backup to an external drive stopped working.

Looked in the Event Viewer and found too much stuff. Here's what I thought might be relevant:
Event Viewer Dhpc-Client Errors
Numerous DNS Client Event warnings:
Name resolution for the name isatap.gateway.2wire.net timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded.
Name resolution for the name Bodhi-pc.gateway.2wire.net timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded.

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Hello, so I am trying to set up a workgroup, not a homegroup, and all of the target computers are setup in the default group "WORKGROUP." I'm using a workgroup to allow cross platform sharing. Anyways, when I right click on a folder then Share With > Specific People > Add the workgroup is not listed. I can't share anything if it doesn't let me! Please advise.

Thanks - Microzee

A:Can't Get Folders To Share With Workgroup (not homegroup)

I don't think you can share with a workgroup that way.

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Although I know my way around XP pretty well, I'm still working to get up to speed on Win 7.

I have a couple of PC's at home running XP and a new notebook running '7' - so my I'm trying to get the Win7 machine on my home network...

No problem with the new notebook accessing the wi-fi router and Internet etc but I want to able to connect over the LAN the notebook to my XP machines...

Win 7 set up a "Homegroup" with a crazy (something like... 3F7dR4zu3...) password but I want to get the notebook connected to my "XP" workgroup (let's call it ABC).

So on the Win7 PC I set up (can't remember how I did it...) a workgroup called ABC and I can see the notebook on my LAN but when I try to connect to it, it asks for a password and I don't know what p/w to use. I tried " 3F7dR4zu3..." but that didn't work...

How do I figure out what the password should be?

A:Windows 7 Homegroup versus Workgroup...?

It would be the password for whatever user account on the Windows 7 machine that you are trying to use to gain access. You may want to turn password protected sharing off.

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I have two PC's both using win 7 64, they are both wired directly to the same router, both set at home network, both in the same work group.

I can see and access the second PC (lounge) from the first PC (office) however not the other way round. I have a third system in the house which can access both fine (running xp, wireless) and the same with my laptop (again XP)

I can set up a homegroup with the lounge pc which is viewable on office PC, but once joined still not luck, when I create a homegroup with the office PC, the lounge PC cannot see it.

I have tried turning off firewalls and re-entering workgroup settings.

I'm at my wits end, this should be simple and straightforward but there must be something I'm missing

Any help is as always appreciated

A:Homegroup, workgroup wierd issue

Still no resolution to this, I have noticed now that a new system that I am building for a friend (running win 7) shows up in the workgroup on the lounge pc but still no sign of my main pc. This is maddening

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I have a two computer network set-up consisting of one WinXP Home and one WinXP Pro, both on SP2. Recently, SyncToy stopped working on the XP Home machine - it said that the target server was not available. The shares could be seen in 'My Network Places'. Clicking on one of these shares prompted me for a password for a username of 'Guest'. I took a guess at this based on passwords I commonly use and eventually found it. SynToy started to workagain. I have to do this now for each session.

What has changed and how can I put it back as it was, with no password?

Thanks for your time,

A:Password now required to access workgroup computer...

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It's impossible to even understand how unbelievably pissed off I am right now. You know, when you tell a network administrator, that "access is denied" to his own home PCs? Hmm? Do you? You can't even imagine. I DO NOT take kindly to my computers giving
me an error saying "Access denied". With that said, let's continue.
Enter computer name.

This is not difficult. This is standard functionality in Windows. All admin accounts. Forced login via "net use" before connecting. Stored credentials. Same passwords and logins on each. Everything. Exactly. As. It. Should. Be.

3 computers, all cannot manage each other. 2 Win7 Pro x64 and 1 Win7 Home x64.
Comp1 -> Comp3 [FAIL]
Comp3 -> Comp1 [FAIL]
Comp2 -> Comp3 [FAIL]
Comp3 -> Comp2 [FAIL]
Comp2 -> Comp1 [FAIL]
Comp1 -> Comp2 [FAIL]

All firewalls are disabled. No matter what, if I do it from Computer Management, or from Services, or from Regedit... EVERY SINGLE ONE fails. I simply CANNOT ACCESS these remote services and it's pissing me right off.
And above all, how the hell has nobody on the internet ever even tried using this functionality before? How? Please tell me. There are zero relevant google results for this situation. Not a single person using Windows 7 has ever had this issue before. Has
nobody even tried? Does nobody use "Connect to a... Read more

A:Cannot access remote computer management (MMC) between two workgroup Win7 PCs

The last few posts in this topic (using Easy Transfer from a good system, export Shared Windows Settings only, import on broken PC), worked to fix the DCOM issue,
but I still... yeah, still couldn't access Services on ZBOX. 

error when trying to access COM+ applications under Component Services

Then, with the help of some virtual machines and fresh installs, I got it nailed. UAC.

I set up identical Win7 RTM x64 Home Premium virtual machines* and I saw exactly the same behavior there too, on brand new systems. So I knew it wasn't a problem with my system. And, recalling the event log from auditing failures, it seems that my user
account was being denied access to the services DB. As it should be with UAC without elevation.

See, when UAC is enabled, the "admin user account" is not an admin. The system utilizes "UAC virtualization", which basically "RunAs"'s a process with elevated privileges as needed. Since network access uses the local user account, that's why you don't
get (and never will get) share access to your Program Files and Windows folders.

So, on the test virtual machines, I set them both to "Never prompt". Then rebooted. Then tested it. Both ways connected successfully to the Services manager. OK. So I enabled UAC on the first VM and left it off on the other, and rebooted. Now the second
VM (UAC disabled) couldn't access the first (UAC enabled) anymore. But the first (enabl... Read more

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OK, this is a strange one, and I SOOO appreciate anyone who is willing to muddle through it and try to help:

I bought a new laptop (Toshiba satellite p755, running windows 64 bit 7 home premium) and decided to put it on a homegroup with my old desktop pc (asus windows 7 home premium 64 bit) but when I hit homegroup, it says "owner on owner-pc has started a homegroup." now that's all well and good, and I understand the whole "how to find a lost password" thing...the problem is, I don't know what computer could be owner-pc! My new laptop is called "MelissaNewLaptop" and my desktop is called "MelissaOffice." My husband and son both have laptops with different names too. We are all on a shared home network, also not called owner-pc. The only computer I can't access is my old laptop because it's dead...which is why I bought a new one. Now even if we assume that was owner-pc (which I am 99% sure I renamed it) I can't figure out how to delete the whole homegroup and start over with the new computers. There just HAS to be a way because let's say, for example, that the computer that started the homegroup was stolen....then I couldn't possibly go to it to find out the password. And I cannot get the password from any other computers on the homegroup, because none are on the homegroup! So I'm stuck with both my new laptop and old desktop saying that there is a homegroup already that I need a password to join which I cannot get! I can't "unj... Read more

A:Unknown computer is main HomeGroup computer so can't access!

First...what kind of wireless protection are you using if any at all? Sounds like there's an intruder...hijacker of some kind.

As for your problem and question to start over....just open up network and sharing then on the left side of window select homegroup and unjoin homegroup. You must do this for all pc's that are connected to the current homegroup. Then pick one pc to create the new homegroup and have all others join the new network.

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The HomeGroup shares have been a recurring issue that I haven't been able to solve, but the really perplexing one is the shared folder issue which just cropped up. Some of my shared folders still work, but e, g and h (music and video respectively) for some reason spit back "Access Denied" on all of the other computers in my house, this is in spite of the fact that Permissions on them are set to Full Control for Everyone. Any suggestions?

With regards to HomeGroup shares, they simply don't show up no matter what I do, I'd like to fix that one too, but I'm not sure what I can do to fix that.
EDIT: Got the shares fixed, HomeGroup still stumping me.

A:Cannot access shared folders or HomeGroup shares on this computer

Quote: Originally Posted by Stormkitty

The HomeGroup shares have been a recurring issue that I haven't been able to solve, but the really perplexing one is the shared folder issue which just cropped up. Some of my shared folders still work, but e, g and h (music and video respectively) for some reason spit back "Access Denied" on all of the other computers in my house, this is in spite of the fact that Permissions on them are set to Full Control for Everyone. Any suggestions?

With regards to HomeGroup shares, they simply don't show up no matter what I do, I'd like to fix that one too, but I'm not sure what I can do to fix that.

EDIT: Got the shares fixed, HomeGroup still stumping me.

The link below should help you with the Homegroup problem.
Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide for Windows 7 HomeGroup Connection Issues

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I have been spending the whole night trying to reconfigure my win7 desktop to allow me to connect to shared files and print with the printer, both of my computers are windows 7 and in a homegroup, I have made sure all the correct services are running., Windows troubleshooting does not solve the problem as usual! I have not printed in a while, so I decided to go in and try to connect to the printer, and the printer is showing as offline. I try to install a new printer since homegroup says a new printer was found, but this does not work, I try to access shared libraries on the computer with the printer and keep getting the error. This account is not allowed to access this shared resource. I have it set up to allow sharing without passwords, and I have shared between these computers before, something is messed up and i can't find what it is. I tried restarting and going through all the homegroup options one by one, firewall, etc... anybody solve this problem recently? thanks

A:Homegroup computer not allowing access to printers or files

Navigate here: Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center

It will pop up with your connection and will state your computer name. under that it will say network. click the blue letters which read public or home. In the pop up window, select home. Now type homegroup into your start menu search bar and select it. See if there are any settings in there that will allow you to add printers, files, etc to the list of acceptable things. You may or may not have to do this to both computers.

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From first topic: Link is: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/271418/infected-unable-to-use-computer/ ~ OBI know I am infected, but unsure about where I would start. Basically:My computer was completely fine, my Monday evening regular virus/spyware searches turned up 0 results. Tuesday morning I went on the internet, got a few IE popups (even though I use Firefox). Decided to do a Malwarebytes scan and got over 750 infected objects infected. Let the scan finish and was told to restart computer, restarted and the problems started. I completely lost my desktop, no icons and no toolbar; a few more restarts and I managed to get them back but nothing else worked. Every program says I don't have the rights to access it or the computer has the resources to start.I can't access the internet and any scans I can run stop in the middle and give me the 'system resources' error.I'm not using that computer at the moment, since I'm completely unable to use it.Firstly I must ask, is is necessary to save the dds.scr and rootrepeal scanners directly to the desktop, or can they be moved there after being downloaded to another location? I can't access the internet on the infected computer so I will be unable to download them if they MUST be saved to the desktop. I have already managed to run a Win32kDiag scan (attached).Thank you for any help.

A:Infected. Unable to use computer., No desktop, toolbar, unable to access internet.

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. Please include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.Even if you have already provided information about your PC, we need a new log to see what has changed since you originally posted your problem.Please download OTL from following mirror:This is THE MirrorSave it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.Push the button.Two reports will open, copy and paste them in a reply here:OTL.txt <-- Will be openedExtra.txt <-- Will be minimizedIn the upper right hand corner ... Read more

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I get a "Homegroup encountered an error" message when I try to join my laptop and desktop to a homegroup. It does not matter which one sets it up and which one tries to join. It errors in either direction. I have tried leaving and creating, no use. The desktop is wired to a Belkin 300N router and the laptop is wireless. The desktop uses a static ip address and the laptop uses the router's dhcp server. Both computers are on the same subnet and can ping in both directions. Sharing via workgroup works fine. Why won't this software do it's job?

The desktop is a fresh install of Windows 7 professional 64 bit and the laptop has been running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit for 4 months. I have followed the suggesstions that I have found in the forums and also the troubleshooter with no success. Any ideas?

A:Homegroup encountered an error / This computer cannot join a homegroup

I got it to work after I uninstalled McAffey, deleted the static ip addresses, and used wireless to connect both pc's to router. Not sure which one did the trick but I know that if I try to use a static ip address on my desktop/media server, homegroup disappears. I think its not all that great anyway, I just wanted to justify the $50,000 i just spent on classes to get my Bachelors in Networking.

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I am frustrated beyond belief. I have spent a minimum of 10 hours attempting to install Homegroup on my Windows 7 and Win 10 machines - 3 desktops ( 1 Win 10; 2 Win 7) and 2 laptops ( 1 Win 10; 1 Win 7).
After reading how simple it was to connect my Windows devices, I followed the very simple instructions on the Microsoft site and (surprise!), I immediately ran into a brick wall. Each machine wanted to be *the* Homegroup machine. After reading some more forum posts, I found out how to remove Homegroup from the wannabies and set up just one desktop as the ?Alpha? machine and how the others could be connected to it.
My next roadblock was that going through the same simple Homegroup set up procedure, every stinking one of the machines I attempted to tie into Alpha did not display the necessary ?Join Now?? option.
Hour after hour was spent reading forums and posts of how others were baffled and stopped and how some fixed their issues. This gave me the chance to venture into settings and system checks I never dreamed of but I diligently pushed forward to ensure my settings were audited and changed if necessary. As a note, I did not find any settings on my machines needed changing. Nothing helped!
So where to go from here? After sleeping on it, the following morning I asked Goggle one more time, WTF was wrong and why was there no ?Join Now?? option showing. Just by pure luck, I noticed one post back in 2011 on a forum that blamed BitDefender for blocking the Homegroup ?Joi... Read more

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