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XPS 15 9550 battery swelling

Q: XPS 15 9550 battery swelling

I bought the Dell XPS 15 about a year ago and for the past touchpad have been noticing the touch pad rising slowing. It didnt bother me at first but now its a couple of millimetres out and the buttons have stopped working. Upon searching here I found out my battery is expanding and that apparently, this is a very common issue. Very disappointing for a 2000 dollar laptop. Can someone who had this issue or any dell staff member please guide me through on how to fix this problem? My warranty ended a couple of weeks ago.

Preferred Solution: XPS 15 9550 battery swelling

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: XPS 15 9550 battery swelling

The battery needs to be replaced; call Dell for that - they're replacing these even out of warranty.

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Hello,Since two days ago the trackpad has started to become unusable after the laptop has been active for a few minutes. I've determined that it is the battery that has started to swell and pushes the trackpad in a way that hinders click-actions. The swelling goes down after the laptop has been shut down and starts immediately when the laptop is active again.
I've talked with the support and after using my order number to identify my laptop (the service tag as well as the express service code don't exist in the system according to the one on the support desk) and she said that her hands are tied as the laptop went out of warranty just a few days before April (and warranty for batteries are usually just one year). Sending my computer in would cost approximately 2 800 SEK which I find horrendous for a computer that is just a few months older than one year.So that is the backstory, my question regarding all of this if it is possible to find another cheaper and more reasonable solution to this? I would most likely be able to switch the battery on my own if I just had a replacement.

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery swelling

Step 1:  REMOVE the  battery from the system and get it out of your home or office.   Take care of the safety hazard first.
Step2:  Call Dell - they are replacing these out of warranty.

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Dear Dell!
Could you help me about replace battery? Dell 9550-2341, warranty expires Aug 8, 2017.I'm from Belarus, and called to Dell Russia with this problem, but Dell Russia can not help me in Belarus. Where can i find new battery for replacement it? If need, i can send for you the service tag of my laptop.
Battery info:

A:Replace swelling battery in 9550 laptop

Hi LeonCrew,Can you please Private Message me your Service Tag? I am located in the states and not sure on the process for the warranty but will be happy to take a look. Also, on a side note I will be out of the office until 8/8/17, but will try to relay what you Private Message me so hopefully someone can assist while I am away. Please make sure you send this over Private Message and do not post your Service Tag publically.Best regards,Brad

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If you are seeing the above issue, please follow the instructions at this link: 

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So a couple of days ago I noticed that my trackpad was begining to raise up off my laptop. Some quick google searches indicate that this is due to a known issue of the battery swelling. I purchased the computer 1.5 years ago and it is no longer under warranty. Additionally, it looks like the battery for this laptop has been discontinued. 
As this laptop was billed as a premium product, I'm concerned by this issue and I refuse to have to buy a new laptop when this one is less than 2 years old. What is the process to get a replacement battery for the XPS 15 9550? As of now it is dangerous and a potential fire hazard if the battery continues to swell.

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If you are seeing the above issue, please follow the instructions at this link: 

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Going to be a long post, sorry in advance. Noticed a couple of weeks ago that my trackpad was raising up out of the computer.  About a week ago it stopped working correctly. The trackpad is now distended over 1/8th of an inch over the level of the "deck". Today I received a notice from Dell that they've received reports of swelling batteries, that they were offering battery replacements, and that my service tag was identified as a potentially affected computer - they'd even send a tech out to me to install the battery if I didn't feel comfortable (I do but beside the point).  Huzzah! I thought, a company out in front of issues for once!  To be careful in today's world, I wanted to verify the service tag number in the email before clicking the link in the email just in case it was a particularly clever phishing email.
That's when my night went south.  I tilted the computer up to read the tag number and it went dark.  No fanfare or anything, just no power anymore.  Set it back down and pushed the power button.  Silence and then the BIOS code for CPU failure...  Started standard troubleshooting (all peripherals unplugged through pulling the SSD and memory to try to get it to do anything but 2 amber, 1 white flash.  Unfortunately no change.  Decided to call Dell support (as instructed in the email) and was told I needed to be transferred to non-warranty repair.  At the point when he said I'd ... Read more

A:XPS 9550 Swelling Battery and CPU Failure BIOS Code

Sorry for the typos, had to post from phone...

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Yesterday I decided to call Dell support (out of warranty) and spoke with someone. I mentioned my laptop has raised trackpad and it started a few months ago it was slightly raised but in the recent weeks it has raised a quite bit. The person I spoke with said to send it in and they'll replace the trackpad. I mentioned the raised trackpad is likely caused by swollen battery. He said he wasn't aware of it. I asked him to do a Google search. He seems oblivious that battery is the culprit and kept suggesting to send it in to have trackpad replaced. Eventually, he said they did not have new battery replacement in stock and suggested I find it elsewhere.
After doing some reading, I'm now concerned about safety hazard as well as further damage to the unit if the battery continues to swell. I will need to remove it as soon as possible. I've seen some comments that seem to indicate this is a known issue on the other hand it's something Dell refuses to acknowledge.
My laptop is about 1.5 year old and given the issue being widespread I feel it's a manufacturer defect.

A:Dell XPS 9550 - raised trackpad (swelling battery)

It is a safety hazard - get the battery out of the system immediately.
In at least some cases, Dell will replace the battery and repair the system - but get the battery out of your home or office in the meantime.  

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My touchpad seems to have gone up by 3-4mm from its normal position in the past few months making it very difficult to use.
As far as i understand from a number of posts in this forum it is probably related to a battery swelling.
My warranty expired exactly a year ago.

Is this a hazard? Can the battery explode? What is the action that needs to be taken? I really need to have the touchpad sorted out.
Bought it from DELL UK.


A:XPS 15 9550 - Touchpad has become very difficult to use. Probably because of battery swelling as described on numerous posts.

Hi flatproject,
Please PM me with your contact details and service tag. I'll look into options for you.

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Dear Dell,
I bought my XPS 15 in December 2015. The battery is swelling and lifting the trackpad above the laptop case.
I am finding the trackpad increasingly difficult to use, and I am afraid that the battery will rupture and destroy the computer and/or injure me!
I went to your site to obtain a replacement battery. But the site says you no longer offer the battery for this computer model!
So, after 1.5 years, having spent over $1,600, you decide to drop support for a product?!
I only have Dells, 2 XPS desktops, the XPS 15, and I just bought an Inspiron 15 5000 on June 3, 2017.
How about some help?
This is the battery that is currently installed and my system info:
Last Scan: Battery (Manual) Monday, July 24, 2017 8:01 :54 AM
Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery
Battery Name: DELL 1 P6KD54
ePPID: CN01P6KD717695AHK1KAA00
Manufacturer Name: SMP
Manufacture Date: 10-17-2015
Battery Serial Number: 1409
Designed Capacity Percentage: 83
Current Charge Percentage: 100
Current Charge: 84 Wh
Full Charged Capacity: 70.04 Wh
Designed Capacity: 84 Wh
Voltage: 12.97 V
Product XPS: 15 9550
Service Tag: <Service tag removed>
Express Service Code: <Express service code removed>

A:Dell XPS 15 (9550) Battery swelling, need replacement but none offered on Dell Site

Thank you! I will check online and order a new battery...

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It happened to me! My Dell XPS 15 9550 laptop battery swelled and squeeze out the touchpad. Now I took out the battery and use the laptop from the stationary power supply. But what to do? How to contact tech support? I read the article: Dell offers to replace swelling XPS 15 9550 batteries for free, even if out-of-warranty but can't understand what to do.Help!

A:Swelling XPS 15 9550 batteries

Call Dell support in your location.  That's how to start.
Meanwhile, get the battery out of the system and out of your home or office - it is a safety risk and a hazard to the system's integrity.  If you leave it in, eventually the pressure will destroy the system.

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I haven't used this laptop in several years after getting a new one.  When i stopped usign the Envy 15 it generally worked, but would have graphic card issues causing flahsing screens, etc. I pulled it out today and did a clean wipe and installed Windows 10.  After working through the installs the screen began flashing and I noticed the track pad was partially dislodged.  I investigated the problem and realized that the battery is beginning to swell and the swelling appears to be changing the way the trackpad sits in the chasis. I have owned numerous lap tops that obviously over time the battery doesn't hold a charge, etc., but never a batter swell to the point of causing other damage to the lap top. What is the recourse for this situation? Thanks in advance.

A:Battery is swelling

What is the exact model? What kind of "recourse" are you thinking? You stored the laptop for several years without removing the battery. Do you think there is some blame to be put on somebody? 

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So I bought my yoga 2 11 in 10/14 and used it very lightly compared to my desktop.... it is now 01/17 and while using the device unplugged from the power source cord and with proper ventilation ...the battery started to swell.... the keyboard is humped up in the middle and the back/bottom panel is also humped out... concerned I placed my hand on the bottom when I noticed it and it was not hot/warm... took it to the store we bought it from and was told by their tech support that they believe the battery is about to explode/catch fire (they won't look at it now bc of safety) and to contact lenovo about a possible new recall or a faulty battery.... called in and was told that I'm out of warranty (which I knew). I am concerned that the battery did not simply stop charging or the lap top just stopped turning on. The real safety issue here is that everything still works! The IT department at Best Buy where I bought this device recommended that Lenovo would want to see this issue ASAP! This might be cause for a recall on this generation by your company. I know there is a history of battery recalls in 2012 with its predecessor 

20170116_204207.jpg ?3281 KB

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Hey, I have an XPS 15 9550, bought it August 2016, and it was going great until a few months after my warranty expired August 2017. The trackpad start to push up for some reason, which made no sense to me because I can't push it up from the bottom of the laptop (obviously)
I started reading these forums and noticed everyone bringing up a point that the battery might be swelling. That sounds like an absolutely ridiculous problem for a $2400 laptop, but here I am facing the same dilemma as others.
I'm bringing this up now cause I want fresh suggestions, as the other posts seemed to be from months ago and maybe there are better solutions now. Any help would be appreciated, this isn't looking too good for Dell tho. This is my first laptop purchase, and it had a hefty price, only for it to veeeery conveniently act up AFTER my warranty wears out. I'm hoping I can get a better deal from Dell rather than forming over another $200 to buy a warranty

A:Trackpad pushed up, battery may be swelling

Hi BruhLookAtThis,
There's a sticky at the top of the page...

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My battery has been swelling for the last few months and I was looking to buy a new one but it doesn't seem available on the Dell replacement parts. I was also wondering if it would be covered under the same replacement policy as the xps 9550 as I believe it may be the same battery as well.

A:Precision M3800 Laptop Battery Swelling

The M3800 is the same system as the older XPS M9530 -- not the 9550, which is a newer model (and a counterpart of the Precision 5510, and also covered under the extended battery service issue).  The 3800/9530 isn't covered.
The M3800 batteries are avaialble.

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The screen on my Aspire P3-171 Hybrid is starting to pull away from the body.Upon further inspection, I see that the battery is swelling so much in all cells it is causing the tablet to push apart.In light of recent battery problems (eg Samsung) ...is this dangerous?What do I need to do to fix this?  

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Hi ! I need help to determine if I just plug in the samsung evo850 drive with oxdygx cable, onto the motherboard, with the UEFI-bios ask me to initialize the evo850 dirve?  If yes, after format the evo850 as GPT, will the bios manage the 512g pcie ssd as C drive (with windows 10 in it) and evo850 as D drive (data disk)?  
Another question is whether hdd password can be managed by the uefi-bio just like the legacy bios?
Also whether a similiar hdd password can be used on 512 pcie ssd?  

A:newly purchase xps15-9550 pcie 512g ssd 84 wh battery - try to add evo 850 on to the hdd slot, take out the 84 wh battery

The initialization takes place under WIndows - NOT in setup.  UEFI will detect the drive, but you must use the disc manager to partition and format it.

Hopefully you realize you'll need to replace that 84 W-H battery with a 56 W-H unit (the drive needs the space occupied by the extra cells in the larger battery).
Your existing C drive will be unaltered - if you have no other drives attached, the new drive should show up as D>
You should be able to set a password on both drives -- that said, they're not of much security (they can be removed and once that's done, the data is open for access).  Effectively if you have a need for security, drive encryption (bitlocker if you have 10 Pro) is a much, much, much better idea.
Also be advised:  the hard drive password ties the drive to the system.  If for some reason the mainboard gets damaged, the data will not be accessible without the intervention of a data recovery/password removal service, so backups - of both drives -- are ESSENTIAL.

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I have an XPS 9550 6th Gen running Windows 10 (Just over 1 year, out of warranty).
The issue is when the charge plug is plugged in and hovering over the battery icon it says that battery is charging.  However the battery is not charging but discharging until the laptop switches off.  The only way for the battery to charge again is to deplete the battery until the laptop is unresponsive when the power button is pushed to switch lap top on.  Once there is no residual power in the battery it will start charging again to 100% after which the cycle repeats, discharge.
Things I have tried.
Latest Bios update - no change
Another A/C charger - worked ok for a few days
Replaced battery - no change
Bios settings - reset to default (info related to battery and A/C charge reports all good)
F12 - Dell diagnostics, reports all good
When Battery is disconnected the laptop works normally
The laptop charge socket seems tight and secure
I have searched the internet exhaustively but have not found this same issue reported.  The only feasible way I can use the laptop is to disconnect the battery.
Can anyone suggest anything?
I would also like to disable the battery instead of having to open it up to disconnect, is this possible?
Any help would be much appreciated, thanks 

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Hi, all, I have a new Dell XPS 9550 notebook an although I hate Win 10 I am beginning to like this little machine very much, bought specifically for photo work owing to its super IPS panel. However, the M.2 SSD is only 512 gb, I would like more storage. Is is possible to change the battery to the smaller size and install a 2nd SSD into the SATA drive connector without voiding the warranty?
Or, just how fast, compared to an internal 2" 7200 HDD, would an externally connected SSD be via the thunderbolt usb  3-1 using an ESATA adaptor be,

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Recently, when I plug in my XPS 15, the battery light on the front will flash every 10 or so seconds. It's still the white colour, and it charges fine. I'm just wondering if this is a warning for something?

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I have an XPS 9550. Over the past few months, my computer has been randomly overheating when turned off. There was a distinct burning smell and I was burnt touching the metal case. I contacted Dell support multiple times. They insisted it was a software issue. During this same time, my trackpad was slowly losing click functionality. 
Today my computer overheated AGAIN and my trackpad lost all clicking functionality. It also started popping out of the computer. Looking this up online, it seems that this is all related to a known safety and functionality issue with the battery for XPS 15 9550s. 
Calling support tonight they immediately agreed to fix the battery free of charge but insisted I give up my computer for 2 weeks. There is a known safety issue and I was not informed as a consumer... yet I still have to go without a computer for 2 weeks? Has anyone figured out a way to get it repaired without going without a laptop for 2 weeks?

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Disappointing purchase. Bought an XPS 15 9550 Nov 2015. Now about 15 months later the battery no longer charges and BIOS reports needs to be replaced. Front orange light continuously blinks. Looks like many have had this issue. Have previously always purchased Lenovo and have had them more than 7 years without a single issue. Pathetic that a battery would need to be replaced after 15 months on a $2200 machine. 

Has anyone been able to correct with unplugging and reattaching battery or is the answer another $120 to get a new battery? I have also read some needed the whole motherboard replaced. 

Any suggestions/experience is appreciated.


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I purchased XPS 15 9550 on June 27, 2016 after paying a fortune.
Straight away noticed an issue with battery life i.e. charging / discharging very quickly. 
The very first time, battery got charged to full in just few minutes.  After charging, initially it said battery life is 4 hours. But battery discharged in just couple of hours time.
Since then, battery charges to full in about 30 minutes and finishes in less than 2 hours.
Since my laptop is still under warranty, I raised a support ticket immediately on June 29, 2016.  Regrettably I have not had any response from Dell.
Please can you help in resolving this battery issue.

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hI,i've got the new xps 15 for 15 days. From yesterday evening the battery's recharge is stopped to 94%. I've used the notebook only few hours per days  in these 2 weeks.  What can i do to solve this problem?

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My XPS 9550 has developed a a weird battery problem and I haven't found any mention to this anywhere. Occasionally, while on battery power the battery icon in the system tray changes to one containing an "x" and when I hover the mouse over it I get the message "Battery not detected." The computer continues to work on battery for a while at lower CPU clock speeds and eventually shuts down very quickly preceded by the fan speeding up briefly.
This also happens sometimes when I unplug the power cord.
When I restart plugging back the power cord I get the message that the computer didn't shut down properly and then I restart again. All my desktop icons are reset to the left of the screen. At this point, sometimes the battery icon is back to normal and sometimes it still shows the "x" indicating the "Battery not detected condition." Bios inspection shows battery not present condition as well.
Eventually, if I leave the computer plugged in long enough, the battery icon goes back to normal and all is well again.
Has anybody seen anything like this? Ideas or solutions?

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I bought a XPS 15 9550 laptop last November, everything was fine until now. I didn't have a big use of the laptop (always staying on the desktop, never fell). I am very careful with it !!
But today a notification from SupportAssist told me that something went wrong with my battery. I first remarked that when I unplugged the AC cable, the laptop switched off. Then the light on the frontside for battery is orange and flickering each time I turn on the computer.
The battery is stuck at 59% and it's written "plugged in, not charging". Of course I did loads of research about that, did all the updates: drivers, BIOS, etc... I even disconnected the battery cable (the one that connects it to the motherboard) and reconnected it ,but nothing changed.
Please answer me and help me repair it, it is very important and I hope to have enough support from Dell.

Thank you a lot,

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I have a 9550 15 which has apparently become a huge problem for owners of this model.  I talked to support today and now I have  to send to Dell depot to replace battery and hopefully replace any other damaged components.  I took a second chance on Dell with this laptop, as my company had many issues with Dell equipment over the years.  The reviews were good and features were excellent at the time.
The 10 to 13 day turn around that I was quoted by Dell Support I'm sure is pretty good but for a small business owner, 10 to 13 days without my laptop is a problem.  
Has anyone else sent one in? Did you actually get it back within 10 days? Did everything get fixed?

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I received a phone call, December 2, from Dell saying there was a problem with 9550 batteries and that there was a recall, and that I was to go to dell products.com and submit my pc service tag info, etc. I cannot find out where to do this. Please advise.

A:Battery 9550 Issues

Please click on the link below, hopefully it will be a help to you.
Support | Dell US

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I recently got my XPS 15 and was messing around with the BIOS settings for battery life.  I changed from the Adaptive mode to Custom charging, from around 80% to 90% thresholds.  When I booted up my machine, the battery indicator on the taskbar shows "plugged in, charging", but that clearly is not the case, as the battery life gradually decreases as if it is not charging at all.  Also, it no longer shows the estimated remaining time, but "Calculating...".  I tried reverting back to the Adaptive mode, but it still has the same problem.  I also installed the Dell Power Manager program to see if that helped things, but it hasn't.  
Has anyone else had this problem after changing the battery settings in BIOS, and how can I fix this?

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery Not Charging

My problem has been solved! Just Let the battery run totally empty while keeping the laptop plugged in.
After shutdown it will charge normally again!

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I have an XPS 15 9550. The battery needs to be replaced because it seems to be swelling up.
The part I need to replace/fix this issue (which is either a design flaw or  manufacturing flaw and which is obviously a known issue even though Dell denies it) is part no. 1P6KD, a Dell 84 WHr 6-Cell Lithium-ion battery. Dell does not offer this part anymore, apparently. I can't find a replacement of similar oomph, only lesser versions. Anyone have a replacement that would work? Thanks. 

A:Replacement for Dell XPS 15 9550 battery


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For the past two weeks, I couldn't easily click with my touchpad but I didn't really care much cuz I am using a mouse. Meanwhile, my new wifi card, Intel 8265, came in today and while changing the card I noticed that my battery is swallowed! (see https://imgur.com/a/Dt1NS)
When I searched on Reddit I noticed that my touchpad problem is related to the battery and many other users are reporting the same problem that I have.
My laptop is out of the warranty but it is clearly a manufacturing defect. I barely used my laptop on the battery and most of the time my charger was plugged in. I have done the routine battery calibration each month.I had other laptops in the past and usage was extreme on them but the battery stayed good for about 3 years at least. This laptop is only 15 months old and there is no excuse for a battery to be swollen on a regular use.
At least I contacted 5 Dell support guys( by phone and chat) but they are saying this is out-of-warranty and I need to buy it. This is a serious safety issue and Dell should be responsible for it. Users are traveling with these laptops and there is a potential threat to explode in places like planes.

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So, as most 9550 owners, who watch this forums probably know, the recent BIOS update 1.1.15 is supposed to fix CPU Speed cap after pulling the AC cable. People in another thread stated, that their processors now run at full turbo on battery. 
However my CPU still runs at 1.69GHz max on battery after the BIOS update, while the base clock of the 6700HQ should be 2.6GHz. Plugging in the AC cable now instantly goes back to full turbo, which is fine.
What makes this worse, is that the CPU clock under battery and load climbs painfully slowly towards the 1.69GHz mark, starting at 0.6GHz and taking 20 Seconds to reach 1.69GHz. This still only happens, when pulling the AC cable while the system is running. When im booting freshly on battery it jumps instantly to 1.69GHz under load.
My config is: UHD Disply, 6700HQ, 512GB SSD (PM951), 16GB RAM, BIOS Version: 1.1.15
Is anyone else still having these issues after BIOS 1.1.15?
Thanks alot folks

Edit: Also when stressing the CPU, Windows logs show "the speed of processor 1 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware" for each logical core, no matter if booted on battery or pulling the plug afterwards. 

A:DELL XPS 15 9550 - CPU speed cap on battery

I just had the same thing on a 9560 with the latest firmware / BIOS.  My cap was at 28x multipllier, so not massive but enough to cripple my audio DAW performance at high CPU demands.
Turns out it was caused by undervolting the CPU cache!  I applied a typical -120mv offset to both CPU core and cache using Throttlestop.  The cache offset caused the multiplier limit on battery - removing it (CPU core offset can stay in place) allowed me to hit the 34x multiplier on battery.

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The battery in my Dell XPS 15 is swollen, pushing the trackpad up and making it unusable.
It is now out of warranty.
What is the option here?

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery Swollen

Battery is the 84Wh.
I believe the part number is: 01P6KD

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I'm currently 3 months over warranty. I have recently gotten a raised touchpad caused by a swollen battery. How should I go forward with my problem? I need my laptop daily for school and can't get a replacement laptop meanwhile fixing this problem so this is pretty urgent.

Thanks! -Elias

A:Dell xps 15 (9550) swollen battery

Get the battery OUT of the system and out of your home/office/dorm, NOW.
Then call Dell - they may well cover the replacement out of warranty but it may take time -- the system WILL run just fine without a battery installed, but it's a safety issue -- take the battery out of the system immediately.

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hey everyone 
I'm about to order the Dell XPS 15 9550, 4K, 960M, 256GB SSD, 16GB.
I decided to go with the 256GB SSD to add 2.5 inch "1TB HDD", but I'm not sure if the 84WHr Battery not large to make an available room to the 2.5 inch drive.
if anyone have any idea about this please help me to make the right decision.
thanks in advance. 

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 84WHr Battery

No, this battery occupies the space of the HDD. The HDD also requires a connector cable and a bracket, so if you want it better pick the HDD model with the smaller battery and replace the cache SSD with a proper one.

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Just purchased a Dell XPS 15 9550 32gb 1TB SSD and getting intermittent NO Battery Detected understand this is a know issue and may require motherboard replacement. Can anyone advise. Product still under return and refund only few days old.
Update 20160519: Running off battery but system states battery not present and battery check light at side of laptop not working.

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 - No Battery Detected

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please update the BIOS to the latest version available for this system from our Dell Support Site.
Check in the BIOS if the battery is detected when you receive the message "NO Battery Detected".
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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Seems I am now regretting my purchase of a new Dell XPS 15 Laptop.
Purchased on 20th September 2016, and seems as of 5 days ago the battery already needs replacing.
LED on front of laptop just flashes orange, battery status button on the side has LED's 1, 3 and 5 lit.
In Windows 10 Battery says "Plugged in, Not Charging" with 79% available
In BIOS battery says "Battery needs replacing", AC Adapter - 130w and 79% charged.
Laptop will no longer work on battery, has to have AC adapted plugged in and when removed it'll just power off.
After the fact I enabled the USB power option (charging phones etc. when laptop is off) and it doesn't charge without AC Adapter plugged in.
Rather annoyed at myself, I have always avoided Dell but I went against my gut instinct and spent £1400 on a laptop that is no longer fit for purpose.
Guess it's time to buy a replacement battery and never buy anything from dell again

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how do I find the replacement battery model number for my dell xps 15 9550

A:model number for dell xps 15 9550 battery

We?re listening. We?ll surely check and assist you. XPS 15 9550 is usually sent with a 3 cell or a 6 cell battery based on the system hardware configuration. We request you to PM us with the service tag, your email address and the region you are located in, so that we can details of the computer and provide you with the right part numbers for the battery. To send a private message, click on my name and select ?Send private message?.

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So it looks like my XPS 15 is experiencing the same issue and my internet search led me here. How do I proceed in fixing it?

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery Bloat Trackpad

Please PM me with your contact details/email, your service tag and a photo of the system.

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Is there a replacement/alternative battery for the XPS? Any help appreciated. Thanks

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I am currently using a 56wh core i7 fhd xps 15 (9550). The laptop is brand new and I am getting around 5-6 hours of battery life with only light use ( web browsing and videos) which is a little disappointing. I was wondering whether I could get my 56wh battery replaced with an 84wh battery at some store or send it in. If the replacement process is easy then I would be willing to buy an 84 wh battery online and replace it myself, but I don't know where I would get it from. 

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I am seeing a huge battery drain on my XPS 9550 within months of purchasing it.  I am using Windows 10 and on the latest patch that came out in Jan 2017.  The battery power goes from 100 to 0 within 1.5 hours of using.  When I look in the 'Battery Usage by App', I see Chrome sucking up 51% of the battery, Acrobat PDF using 23%, Word using 9%, etc. Is anyone else experiencing this? It's a shame if the delivered battery is the cause  of it all.  

A:Huge battery drain on brand new XPS 9550

Hi jnadaraj,Thanks for posting.Here is some information you may find helpful:QHow long am I able to use my Dell laptop on a fully charged battery?AMany factors affect the amount of time that a portable computer battery can deliver power before it must be recharged. These factors include the configuration (processor, memory, etc.), types of applications being run and display brightness.Dell uses industry standard benchmarks for battery run time claims. For more information on battery run times and benchmarks, the white paper, "Understanding Battery Life in Portable Computers" is available at: http://dell.to/2luVTMlhttp://dell.to/2lv55Aa

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Hi everyone
My XPS 15 9550, which has been out of warranty for a few months, recently got the dreaded bloated battery/raised trackpad. I've done my research and saw that this is a common issue that Dell still has not chosen to recall or do anything about. It feels like these batteries were made to mess up just after warranty ends.
How successful have people been when trying to get a replacement from Dell out of warranty? It seems very difficult to find an email for tech support. I'd rather not spend $100 to buy a new battery because there were some corners cut with the battery manufacturer.

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery Bloat Issue

Call them and find out. It seems from other recent posts here that they now recognize the problem.

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Was hoping to have some help with resolving my problem.

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that the trackpad on my XPS 9550 (2015) has been rising, especially in the bottom right-hand corner.  At first it only rose a very negligible amount but now the corner has noticeably risen and both left- and right-click do not register.  If the laptop remains turned on for more than a couple hours the trackpad rises even higher though not as much as I've seen happen to other owners'.  I haven't used the laptop in over a week now in the hopes of avoiding any other issues that may arise.
From what I've read, this is a common problem due to a bulging battery and should be remedied as soon as possible.  For this, I have a few questions:
-Should I be worried about permanent trackpad/case damage?  Some owners have stated that at a certain point the trackpad will become damaged and must be replaced.
-Is the battery a safety issue?  I have the laptop on to make this post but I am worried about turning it on at all.
-What are my options for resolving this issue?  My laptop is out of warranty so I am unsure as to what the procedure would be for replacing the battery.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:XPS 9550 (2015) - Battery bulging, pushing up trackpad

-Should I be worried about permanent trackpad/case damage?  Some owners have stated that at a certain point the trackpad will become damaged and must be replaced.
Yes, remove the battery ASAP. The laptop may work without it on AC power.
-Is the battery a safety issue?  I have the laptop on to make this post but I am worried about turning it on at all.
Yes, it is a moderate fire hazard, may start burning if punched, and it should be handled with extreme care. Funnily, this is not stated in any safety warning in the service manual, perhaps because the batteries were in fact not expected to swell.
-What are my options for resolving this issue?  My laptop is out of warranty so I am unsure as to what the procedure would be for replacing the battery.
Faded capacity is considered normal wear and may not be covered by warranty. I believe swollen batteries, especially soon after warranty expiry, should not be considered something normal and should be fixed for free by the manufacturer with a recall even after warranty is expired, particularly because they may damage other components and because they are a fire hazard. Some buyers have reported that Dell did that for them, but this seems to depend on the particular case and Dell centre.  

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My battery was working fine for the last two months, but now its starting to act up.
It charges up to 95% then stops, and then every 10 seconds decides to charge up again. This issue is annoying and slows down my productivity with the constant change from AC to DC.
Please help sort this issue out.

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The track pad on my Dell XPS 15 9550 had been raised or lifted, making it nearly impossible to click down on. Upon bringing my computer to the Microsoft Store, it was revealed the battery is swelling, which is pushing up on the track pad from underneath. The computer is a few months out of warranty. 
This is presumably unsafe, and a problem that many other people have encountered and expressed concern about on this forum. There is clearly a problem with these batteries. This should clearly be considered a "Known Issue" and the batteries replaced. 
I guess my questions are (1) is this classified as a "Known Issue", and if not, (2) what is the rationale, given the frequency?
I can reference several other posts referencing the same issue to provide evidence of the high frequency of this problem, if needed.
Thank you.

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