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External HD not showing. Will a SATA dock help?

Q: External HD not showing. Will a SATA dock help?

Hello all,

After quite a bit of searching, I'd be immensely grateful for any advice on the following external HD problem.

After a bump to my Western Digital Elements 3TB external drive (from above - it wasn't dropped), it is no longer recognised in Explorer. I've tried the usual Disk Management trick and it's not showing there either.

The symptom is that once the adapter lead is plugged into the back of the HD, it makes the usual quiet upward whirring sound as if it's about to spin up, but does nothing after that (there's usually a small "rumbling" noise following drive spin-up where they're reading the data, but there's none on this drive). The power light then blinks indefinitely with no sign of life in Explorer/Disk Management.

After looking at the costly option of data recovery (£295 UK price), I started seeing a few tech sites that suggest removing the SATA drive from it's enclosure and either using a SATA Reading Dock, or going one step further and finding a replacement Western Digital PCB chipboard (ensuring the batch code/serial on the WD drive matches the PCB being used) and swapping this over to retrieve the data.

I'm not interested in fixing up my drive for continuous use (to be honest, I no longer trust the WD drive even though the impact was my fault), but would very much like to retrieve the data. My entire music collection (including my former CD collection) is on there, and besides the fact that £295 is very expensive (I could rebuy at least all my favourite albums for that), there is also...errr....the usual "adult content" that I'd prefer they didn't see down at the recovery lab . My rationale is if this simply requires changing a few screws - and not actually getting inside the spindle area (I would definitely leave that job to the pros) then there might not be a need for a full-blown recovery job, which I'm reluctant to pay for anyway.

Does anyone have a good diagnosis of what the exact problem with the drive might be based upon my above description? Some other suggestions have included things as simple as a broken solder between the USB port and the SATA drive. Before I go prying open my drive and/or buying gadgets and PCBs I don't need, would a careful, basic DIY-job be a good way to go? I'm semi-resigned to the drive being a lost cause, so I figure it can't actually hurt to try.

Preferred Solution: External HD not showing. Will a SATA dock help?

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)

A: External HD not showing. Will a SATA dock help?

I'm guessing you forgot to make that all important backup of your data?

The dock will only help IF the damage is to the enclosure, either the USB port or the converter electronics, this is a possibility. Swapping the circuit board will ONLY help IF the drive's electronics are damaged, this is unlikely. If the damage is to the platters inside the drive then neither one of those will help, this is also very possible since the drive was physically bumped.

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I have a recently newly built PC and I'm having some trouble with some Sata HDDs and getting them to work, I'll try provide as many details of the problem that I'm experiencing and also things I've already tried to hopefully save some time.
The OS SSD is working fine but I also have two Sata HDDs plugged in that windows sees but cannot use in any way, all I get is "location is not available" and "access denied" errors? If i remove the drives and plug them into an external USB dock they function perfectly but as soon as I put them back into the PC I cannot access them again?
Whilst connected internally I cannot format/partition in disk management nor can I change ownership in security settings. The only thing I have been able to achieve is to use the "CLEAN" function in diskpart in dos. Whilst in the external dock I can do everything including partition/format/set ownership and access as normal.
I've tried different ports on the mobo (SSATA & SATA) and Ive tried changing the bios setting to IDE & AHCI but no change. I downloaded MiniTool Partition Wizard but also no joy with it.
The two drives a WD 2TB & 4TB with no jumpers on them.
Has anyone got any ideas for me to try? I'm just about out of ideas


ps: in the attached pic it looks like I'm using a user without admin rights when I go to change ownership on these drives but I am! That's part of the problem, I only get this error on these drives not any others.

A:Sata HDD works in external dock but not internally?

What kind of external USB dock you have?
Did you bought them as a external HDD like WD Passport?
Don't ask me why, but WD Passport HDD uses electronic encryption so the only work on the external USB dock.

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I have read a lot and tried updating the firmware - nothing works.When I put the laptop in the docking station - it does not recognize the monitar and also says AC power is not connected when it is. Help appreciated!

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Hi, Everyone. Got me a nice little x270 to replace my old x201.  Happy enough with the machine, but getting it connected to my accessories (monitor, keyb, mouse, ethernet) is a bit of a chore. This machine appears to have a "proper" dock port on the bottom.  Is there a compatible ultradock available for the model 20HN x270?  By proper - I mean, Not USB.  A nice dock I can simply drop the machine into when I'm at the home office.. Thanks!

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Device is external sata/usb dock which has a 250Gb sata 2.5" Hdd intstalled.

Did have 2 sata (HDD and CDROM) on internal ports 1 and 2. both worked fine (Hdd now in dock so I know Hdd OK and brand new cables fitted).
Put new 740Gb sata on port 2 and an external dock on port 3. 740 HDD works fine but get errors in device manager Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43).

On boot get stop error atapi device is incompatible.

Dock is a Dynamode HKD-E and they have been most helpful (NOT) saying you don't need driver as completely plug and play and are not answering emails at moment.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


A:SATA/USB dock problem

Im a little lost here.. Looks like youre introducing 2 drives into a system at the same time.

One is connected internally

the other is connected externally via an internal sata cable?

Why arent you using the USB cable to connect the external dock to the external USB?

When you say ports you are saying the internal SATA ports correct?

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I just bought a MANHATTAN® Multi-Function SATA Quick Dock, Model 130004. The user manual is not a manual at all. My question is this; when initially plugging in a sata drive is it ok that the drive already has lots of files on it? Should I plug in the drive then plug in the usb cable? Does it matter which is first? Basically, I don't want to lose the data on the drives that I plug in to the dock.

Also, I want to use the dock on other computers, all run xp pro but one is not on the net so it is not sp 3 etc will this work?
I'm pretty sure that the drive should be stopped before unplugging but that's all I'm sure about.

Thanks in advance for any info
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2047 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6200 , 256 Mb
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., K8T800-8237, ,
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: sata dock

should be fine just plug it in may take bit of time if loads files on it

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I bought a HDdock and a 1TB harddrive to go in it. I connect it through the included USB cable to my laptop. It says it installed the hardware and is "Now Ready to be Used". However, it never actually shows up on my computer. If I go to devices, it says "Generic USB Device", and shows about 953GB on this device, but wont let me do much with it. I'm going to try re-installing it.

I need to have it figured out in about 36 hours (have an important trip and need to store data on it). Thanks for the help everyone!

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I'm looking at a Sabrent EC-UEIS7 Hard Drive Enclosure - 3.5" IDE/SATA to USB 2.0, eSATA in order to use one of my now internal Sata drives as an 'external' backup device.

If I turn the external power off on the back of the external Sata enclosure with my extra old Sata connected in it...will that drive then be safe from any virus/malware attacks from within my system (or online) even if the external enclosure Sata cable is still connected to the main PC?

I'm assuming if I have the power switch switched off on this external enclosure with my Sata drive...then nothing can read/write to the Sata drive in this external case ?


A:Safety of internal 3.5 Sata IDE in external Sata case for backups

Yes, that is correct. The HDD must have power and data to function in any capacity.

If there is no power going to any drive then they can not read or write anything even if the data cable is attached.

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I have one of these drive docks (the station 2)

I have disk which already has information on. Connecting this disc directly to the motherboard SATA connector allows me to see the disks contents. However connecting the disk via the dock just gives a "removable media" icon, which when clicked says please insert drive.

Drive is a 1TB Samsung HD103UJ if that makes a difference

How do I get the drive to work when docked ?

Any help appreciated

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My Windows 7 Operating system is taking a lot of time during Start up.I was looking for an alternative to the regular icons ,scattered all over my desktop.So,i decided to try Docks such as Rocket Dock,Object Dock,Nexus,Rk Launcher or similar dock....It certainly looks beautiful but now i am skeptical if these are causing my system to load very slowly during Windows Start up..

Also,now i am using a Windows Task bar Software which lets me pin any program shortcut on my task bar. So,my task bar is filled up with many icons.Is that the cause of a slow start up or the Docks...

A:Does DOCK's (such as Rocket Dock,Object Dock etc) makes computer slow?

Quote: Originally Posted by fahadhum

My Windows 7 Operating system is taking a lot of time during Start up.I was looking for an alternative to the regular icons ,scattered all over my desktop.So,i decided to try Docks such as Rocket Dock,Object Dock,Nexus,Rk Launcher or similar dock....It certainly looks beautiful but now i am skeptical if these are causing my system to load very slowly during Windows Start up..

Also,now i am using a Windows Task bar Software which lets me pin any program shortcut on my task bar. So,my task bar is filled up with many icons.Is that the cause of a slow start up or the Docks...

You can use MSconfig to diagnose startup issues. Visit the following link for details;


You can post back with any questions regarding your system services and startup entries to establish their purpose and whether or not they are required at startup.

Taskbar icons are just shortcuts and do not effect the time it takes for starting a computer.


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I solved a similar problem in Win 7 by uninstalling an Advanced "6G" Storage Controller and letting Windows install its generic driver but I have no idea what to do in Win 10 because of the dumbed down way everything behind the scenes is displayed, which appears not to have anything remotely resembling such a thing.
Anyone else having similar issues? Or am I doomed with my now-almost-extinct 2009 Alienware machine?

A:W10 Recognizes My External SATA II Drive As SATA I - Why ?

Originally Posted by Ex_Brit

I solved a similar problem in Win 7 by uninstalling an Advanced "6G" Storage Controller and letting Windows install its generic driver but I have no idea what to do in Win 10 because of the dumbed down way everything behind the scenes is displayed, which appears not to have anything remotely resembling such a thing.
Anyone else having similar issues? Or am I doomed with my now-almost-extinct 2009 Alienware machine?

A few questions come to mind: is the drive plugged into a eSATA port on the computer and its cable rated as SATA II? Or is it in an External USB drive case that is plugged into a USB 2.0 port or maybe a USB 3.0 port?

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Any body have suggestions on an external dock. Self powered with a sata connection. The ones I have been buying are lasting less than a year. If you box it up and ship it back, you have almost the price of a new one. I want one that the disk is easily unplugged and a different disk can be inserted.

A:External Dock

I am using a Rosewill RX-DUS100 I got from New Egg. It's working OK so far, but I only use it every couple of months, so I can't speak to it's longevity.

It does have eSATA and USB 2.0.

Not sure what you mean by self powered.

Another alternative is a bare cable--no dock. I've seen the cables for $10 and it might be more durable. You just lay the hard drive on a table top and connect the cable to it.

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I just recently recieved this 250GB 3.5in eSATA External 7200rpm Hard Drive (http://www.buy.com/prod/Value_Drive_...ml#prodInfoSec) and I plugged it directly into my free SATA port on my mobo. I then followed the directions to format but after going to >Rightclick My Computer > Manage > Disk Management , the drive is not showing up at all. I double checked to make sure the power was going to the hardrive and double checked both ports to make sure everything was plugged in. Could anyone please help me figure out what I am doing wrong??? This external hard drive already came in a enclosure with a seal. The only thing I can think of is that it may also be set to be a Master?? but I didn't want to crack the enclosure, which would void the warranty, without knowing what to do. Below are links to the specs of my computer and mobo:



A:Problem recognizing new external SATA external Hardrive

A sata drive has no master/slave jumper so that wouldn't be a factor in it not working. I believe you still have to load sata drivers to make the drive work. If the drive didn't come with them then you could probably download them form the manufacturer's website.

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Is it possible to run 2 external monitors with the t460p without a dock? If I need a dock, which one will be needed to drive 2 monitors. Preferably digital. I cannot seem to find any documentation about this.

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I would like to connect two HP E202 monitors to the USB-C docking station for use with an Elite X2 computer. I see on HDMI connections and am not certain how to connect the second monitor. Can it be done, and if so what type of cable is needed?


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A:Connecting external monitor to USB-C Dock

Hi, I think it has DisplayLink sticker or DisplayLink Certified that means you can connect 2 monitors at the same time. It has DP port (6) and HDMI port (5) and you can use both             Side note: From your image, the dock price is US$149.00 + tax (says 7.5%) = around AU$210 but HP in Australia sells for AU$329              Amazing ! AU$100 more for HP Australia for a same product. May be HP has to ship the product from China to the US first then send first class air to Australia. Regards. 

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Is there any official and correct information about supported multi-monitor configurations with new Thinkpads? I'm trying to get Thinkpad P70 with M3000M + Workstation Dock (with 230W) to display different images on two external 4K monitors (Dell P2715Q), and so far without any success. Using DisplayPort 1.2 cables, no MST. Windows 10. All works fine if I'm only connecting one monitor. Laptop screen and the monitor happily get to 4K resolution @ 60Hz. However, as soon as I connect the other monitor, one of the monitors switches to 1920x1080, and 4K resolution isn't available to choose for that monitor. If resolution is set [email protected] both monitors work, but I want 60.  Tried everything. Switching between Discrete & Hybrid in BIOS, clean Windows 10 install (on a separate drive), different cables etc. Same result.  Looking for explanations, went to nVidia Control Panel,  and it reports that BOTH monitors are hooked up to the same DisplayPort (attached)?! Can P70 drive two external 4K monitors @ 60Hz at all?    

topology.png ?66 KB

A:Thinkpad P70 + dock and 2 * 4K external monitors @...

Did p600 wrote:Is there any official and correct information about supported multi-monitor configurations with new Thinkpads? I'm trying to get Thinkpad P70 with M3000M + Workstation Dock (with 230W) to display different images on two external 4K monitors (Dell P2715Q), and so far without any success. Using DisplayPort 1.2 cables, no MST. Windows 10. All works fine if I'm only connecting one monitor. Laptop screen and the monitor happily get to 4K resolution @ 60Hz. However, as soon as I connect the other monitor, one of the monitors switches to 1920x1080, and 4K resolution isn't available to choose for that monitor. If resolution is set [email protected] both monitors work, but I want 60.  Tried everything. Switching between Discrete & Hybrid in BIOS, clean Windows 10 install (on a separate drive), different cables etc. Same result.  Looking for explanations, went to nVidia Control Panel,  and it reports that BOTH monitors are hooked up to the same DisplayPort (attached)?! Can P70 drive two external 4K monitors @ 60Hz at all?    Did you get any feedback regarding this?

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I'm in the market for a new hard drive since my WD 250GB external is getting full. I was looking for a 1TB hard drive, and I came across this docking port for internal hard drives (btw I have a laptop). http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8990443&type=product&id=1218007083869. I'm not sure what to do, many external hard drives get so many mixed reviews its frustrating trying to believe them all. I'm not so worried about which type is the fastest in data transfer (although I don't want to sit there for days transferring a 10GB file), but I'm more concerned about the reliability. My external has been working for almost three years now and I had a laptop in the past with a failed HDD. Therefore, I'm looking to you for advice. If this Thermaltake thing is worthless, which brand of external HDD do you recommend? If it is something worth investing in, which brand of internal HDD do you recommend. Thank you very much!!!

A:Solved: External HDD or Thermaltake Internal HDD Dock

I have been using the Thermaltake BlacX USB Dock for quite a while now with no problems. I have a 1 TB drive in the dock all the time. It is my backup drive. If I had it to do over I would probably just install the drive in the machine, because SATA is faster then USB. The hot swappable feature of the dock is the main feature I was looking for. Keep in mind that the BlacX only accepts SATA drives and not ATA or IDE

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I have a ThinkPad T580 with the Ultra Dock (40AJ0135US) and I'm wanting to use two external 4k monitors. I found this post (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/How-many-DisplayPorts-are-available-on-t...) that seems to indicate that this cannot be done, but it doesn't make sense since the dock utilizes two USB-C connections from the T580. Can a DP and USB-C on the dock be used for two 4k monitors? Is there any combination of ports that would allow the dock to support two 4ks? Will Lenovo be releasing a monitor compatibility matrix soon for their new laptop lineup, like this one: https://support.lenovo.com/ca/en/solutions/pd029622#USB-C%20dock ? I appreciate any help!

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Hi all, Does anyone know how many external monitors can X1 Carbon connect to without dock? I am looking to buy an X1 with the following specs:     CPU Operating System Chipset Memory Storage Display Graphics Optical Drive Communication Ports / MediaIntel® Core? i5-7200U (3M Cache, up to 3.1GHz)Windows® 10 Home 64-bit Intel SoC (System on Chip) platform1 x 8GB LPDDR3 1866MHz onboard (Max 16GB) / 0 Free Slot256GB PCIe SSD (NVMe)14.0" Anti-Glare, FHD (1920 x 1080)Intel HD Graphics 620 2x2 802.11ac / Bluetooth 4.11 x USB 3.1 / 1x USB 3.0 / 2 x Thunderbolt 3 (support data, video, and power delivery) / 1 x HDMI / 1 x Ethernet extension connector / HD Audio / Conexant? CX11871 codec / stereo speakers 2W x 2 / dual array microphone / combo audio /microphone jack / MicroSD card reader, supports UHS-II microSD card My apologies if this was answered somewhere. Many thanks   Kenny

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Hey there everyone I am having a little trouble trying to figure out how to install an operating system on a hard drive that is externally docked on my multi-function HDD Dock that is connected usb. The hard drive is currently locked out from a virus.

Any ideas?


A:Operating system install on external dock

Sorry, I decided to put the hard drive, I was worried I didn't have the old connections but I do, but now when I try to reinstall windows XP on it, I get a blue screen so I am stuck at that point? Should I wipe the hard drive clean before I try to do it?

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I know this is a common problem, but so far I did not find a solution to it.  The external monitors connected to my prodock via VGA and DVI blacks out every few seconds, especially during heavy usage. At first, I thought it was a power supply issue so I bought a 90W supply. Now the monitors stays on most of the time, but still blacks out every 10 minutes or so, even during standby with minimal power usage. Then I tried editing the integrated graphics settings, updating/rolling back graphics driver, flashing the docking station firmware with every version I can find, and switching to ubuntu on the other drive, but there wasn't a single combination of settings which would keep the external monitor on for more than an hour without blacking out/disconnecting.  So what should I do now?  System info:i7 5600u, 12G RAM, 16G + 128G ssd, 500G hdd, NO 940M, FHD IPS nontouch screen, Windows 10/Ubuntu 16.04Thinkpad Prodock 04A1, 45W/90W power supply. All USB and audio ports works perfectly. Both monitors are 1440x900 at 60Hz, works flawlessly when attached to laptop VGA port. 

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- x86 (32-bit) or x64 ? x64
- the original installed OS on the system? Home Premium x64
- an OEM or full retail version? Was OEM, now full retail
- OEM = came pre-installed on system Was OEM
- Full Retail = you purchased it from retailer Windows 7 Professional x64, SP1

- What is the age of system (hardware)? 11 months
- What is the age of OS installation (have you re-installed the OS?) Clean install 4/1/11

I have Windows Security Essentials installed, not sure why it's not showing up in perfmon.

Using external eSATA dock & new 1TB 3.5" drive. Have gotten blue screens when it's just idle. Otherwise working okay & in Disk Management. Hopefully there is something in the BSOD collection app.

Original BSOD was IRQL STOP: 0x0000000A
Requested HotFix http://support.microsoft.com/kb/979444/en-us

Ran System File Checker
Latest updates from Windows Update
Ran CCleaner
Full scan with Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware
Full scan Microsoft Security Essentials
Ausolgics Defrag

A:BSOD w/External eSATA Dock & Drive


Please uninstall CCleaner for now; it is deleting our precious dump files!

Run driver verifier: Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable

When you get another BSOD, please upload a new jcgriff2 report.

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I have a new X1 Carbon Gen 6 with a Lenovo Thinkpad USB-C docking station. The dock is connected to an external monitor via DisplayPort cable and displays at the same quad HD resolution as the laptop display.  The problem I'm having is that when I plug the laptop into the dock and the external monitor goes on, the display is occasionally jittery for a while. Every few seconds it will jitter. Then it settles down after a while, maybe half an hour to an hour. Any ideas as to what's wrong? Is this a problem with the display adapter in the laptop? Thanks, - bill. 

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I am wondering is it possible to have two external monitors connect to my W540 without a dock? Thanks,

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I thought there would be a selection for this somewhere but I've searched and can't find it, so sorry if a solution is obvious! Got a T470 and Ultra dock (not the USB one) with an external monitor connected via DVI and left in standby. I want to boot on the laptop only, and then I can extend to the external screen as needed.  Is this possible?  I was using a T61 in a dock before (with Windows10) and that defaulted to the laptop screen.    

A:Can I boot in dock without external monitor turning on?

Hi Rory101,
Warm Greetings & welcome to Lenovo Community, happy to have you here.As I understand that you have query regarding booting your ThinkPad T470 connected to a dock.
Enter in BIOS Setup utility & look for Boot Display Device> and set it to ThinkPad LCD & update us how it goes.
I hope the information helped you
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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Not really solved...but the dock is not at fault.
Win 7 x64 Pro
Asrock A75 Pro4-M set to AHCI
Hitachi 3TB (brand spankin' new)

***note - I have a HD installed in this system that has never been initialized -call it "Sally" ***

Supposedly the dock is plug and play.

I have the USB version.
I plugged it in to a USB3 port, plugged in the HD and powered on the dock.
Disk Manager - Up pops the new drive and Sally and I'm told to initialize for DM to work correctly.
I unchecked Sally so I can do the new drive only. Set it to NTFS. It starts the process and then says DM needs to be refreshed and then quickly drops back to the DM only. The format window is gone.
I can't see the new HD anymore.
Through a series of powering on and off both PC and dock I get the drive back but it is unformatted.
Hit 'format'. It seems to work and then just stops. HD is not visible in DM.
Power on/off and I cannot see the new HD.

Connect the HD to the mobo and completely format it. I copy 1TB of data onto it.

Power down. Take the new HD and plug it into the dock, power it on. NADA
Not visible in DM or explorer. Any thoughts???

EDIT: As I'm typing this up I got a window that says the new drive needs to be formatted in order for it to work??? It is mos def formatted and has a TB of data on it!
Still not visible in DM or explorer.

Maybe an issue because it's a 3TB drive?
There is an update that I have not installed. Maybe I should do that...but I'm almost certain I read... Read more

A:BlackX 5G Thermaltake external dock - HDD not regocnized

I would def check the docking bay to see if it supports 3TB drives... my external docking bay says right on the bottom "up to 3TB" ... Google the model and see if it's not on the bay.

EDIT: Just remembered too, when I got my bay the little 'manual' that came with it stated I would need to install a firmware upgrade on it if I planned to use certain Seagate drives (I don't use Seagate)... so might check for compatibility that way too.

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Loocking in the manual for Yoga 910, one the left side there are two usb-c ports.1. for charging2. for for docking to eg. Thinkpad USB C dock Looking in the manual for Yoga 920, for the same two USB C ports, marked "1", it says:1: AC power adapter jack/Type-C port (see attached picture) So it's not possible to have an external monitor on a Yoga 920 ? :-o We currently have a Yoga 910 with a Thinkpad USB C Ultra dock... but we cannot get it to work with both charging an a external monitor connected to the dock... it's only charging or only external monitor. The final question is:With a Yoga 920 and a Thinkpad USB C Ultra dock, will charging and external monitor work at the same time?

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I have the following problem with my Elite x2 and USB C-dock and I'm wondering if anyone is able to reproduce the issue.  I've attempted to open a case with HP, but as soon as it turned out to be an intermittent problem the help desk refused to open a case. The issue is that sometimes when copying files to an external USB drive connected to the C-Dock that the drive goes into a "not ready" state.  This happens with a specific .ISO I downloaded from HP, but also when I attempt to use Casper to take a clone image of my C: drive.  When the external drive is connected to the x2's internal USB port there is no problem.  i've duplicated this issue on 2 different x2s with 2 different C-docks -- including swapping the docks between the to x2.  The issue is also unrelated to the specific external drive; that is, I've duplicated it with 2 different external drives too. Here are instructions that can be used to trigger the failure: Download the ISO image from this advisory onto your desktop (the advisory page has me download the following file: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp75501-76000/825065-b21_a1_100.iso):Routine Driver Alert - Apr 05 2016 HP Elite x2 1012 G1 Driver Recovery and System Restore Image (ver 1.00 Rev.A) Products: HP Elite x2 1012 G1 OS: Windows Description: This package contains the drivers and software required to restore or replace the system functionality on the supported models running a supported operating... Read more

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Hello, Currently setup involves P50 (has NVIDIA Quadro M1000M) with the ThinkPad Workstation Dock - 40A50230US, driving 4 displays, a) display attached to the laptop,b) external --------- cabled to dock DPc) external --------- cabled to dock DVI-Dd) external --------- cabled to dock VGA  Is there a way to drive 4th external display? I'm okay to kill off the display attached to the laptop. Or, is above 4 displays configuration at the max of driving 4 independent displays? Thanks much,

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Hello! I have a HP Spectre i5 (http://store.hp.com/SwedenStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=F4W32EA&opt=UUW&sel=NTB) which i am trying to use two external monitors with. I use this travel dock for connectivity: http://www8.hp.com/emea_africa/en/products/oas/product-detail.html?oid=10127478. What I am trying to do is connect two VGA monitors to the travel dock, one directly into the dock's VGA port and one with a VGA->HDMI adapter into the dock's HDMI port. However, i am not able to discover both external monitors when doing so. Before i spend (even more) time on trying to solve this, is this even possible? If not, what alternatives do i have? I was thinking maybe i can connect both monitors to one VGA->HDMI adapter each and then use something like this into the travel dock (http://www.lightinthebox.com/sv/hdmi-hane-till-dubbla-hdmi-hona-1-2-vags-splitter-kabel-adapter-for-... <-- that one is just the first i got on google, but you get the point).What i want to achieve is when i have my laptop stationary and plugged into the travel dock, i want to extend the screen over my two external monitors. I do not neccesarily need to have the laptop's internal screen active while doing so.  Thanks in advance!

A:HP Spectre with travel dock and two external monitors?

Hi, The travel dock is usefull for you when travelling around. It has ports for you to connect to ONE external monitor or ONE projector using VGA or HDMI (not both). It won't help you to connect TWO external monitors. Full stop. You need a proper dock which supports DisplayLink to be able to have 2 external monitors. I did post few tests last year. Regards.

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Just received a new X1 Yoga 2nd gen laptop with a USB-C dock (40A90090US) and I'm trying to run a three monitor setup.  Tried with the two built in display port connections and the laptop screen, but that's not working.  Currently have it running with one display port, the laptop screen, and the HDMI port on the laptop, but that's not ideal, having to plug in two cables.  I'd prefer to not use the VGA port, but would that be the only way to have two active external monitors coming from the dock in addition to the laptop screen?  Other option is that I could probably scrounge a third monitor, leave the laptop closed and run three monitors off the dock, though as near as I can tell, that dock doesn't support three live monitors.  Looks like I'd need to upgrade to the thunderbolt dock (40AC0135xx) for that to work, is that correct? Thanks for any input...

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I recently upgraded from an EliteBook 8570w to a ZBook 17 G2.  I had 3 external  monitors working on the 8570w with Windows 7.  My ZBook is running Windows 8.1 (64-bit), however, I can only get 2 monitors running at the same time.   My docking station is an HP Advanced Docking Station (A7E38AA), and the displays are all HP's.  1 is a Z24i connected with DisplayPort, the 2nd is a ZR2440w also connected with DisplayPort.  The 3rd is another Z24i connected with VGA.  It is the VGA display that is not working currently. I've tried updating the drivers and that didn't work, in fact since I updated the driver, the 2 working displays screens seem to flash off and back on at random intervals (almost like the display settings were changed).  I also tried to connect the VGA monitor directly to the VGA port on the laptop and did not get any results. The 3rd monitor is simply just not being detected.  If I look at the NVida Control Panel, it is only showing the 2 displays, as does the Windows Display Settings.   Any ideas?  Is there something I am missing, or is this a Windows 8.1

A:ZBook 17 G3 with 3 external monitors and Advanced Dock

Hi psubsee2002, Can we test the VGA input of the monitor and VGA cable to make sure they are not the root cause. I would like you to get a known working VGA cable and a knonw wokring monitor. If the VGA input of the monior and VGA cable is good, pleas try the following: Go into BIOS -> Advanced -> Device Confirugation -> Disable "Hybrid Graphic." By doing this, it will only allow the unit to use your Nvidia video card rather than your onboard Intel graphic and Nvidia. Since you're connecting to multiple monitors, lets use the Nvidia graphic which can handle graphic at better rate.  Thank you, -Tenzin

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hi, I have setup one of my faculty with a Yoga 920131KB plus Thunderbolt 3 Dock. He has an existing monitor (Samsung Syncmaster P2450) that should support 1920x1080. Seems to be current on all drivers and patches under Win10 EDU version. (Including the CCG4 Firmware Update to v55). We are using the HDMI output from the dock. If we try to configure extended desktop to the Samsung monitor at 1920x1080, the screen extends off both sides about half an inch. Maybe also a quarter inch over at the top.  As a work-around, set at 1680x1050, video generally works as expected, but the display starts about 2" in from either side. Generally I don't like using add-on utilities (prefer to just use standard windows built-in options), but somewhere along the line this has the Intel Graphics HD Utility.  I was using that to switch resolution, the Windows settings seemed to track along with changes in the Intel utility, but still overscanned the display.  I played with some other settings in the utility about Display Scale (other than 100%), didn't seem to change anything. A second problem occurs with this setup: when the laptop is used at home, put to sleep, then plugged into the dock, the screen is displayed on the external monitor at maybe 200% (?).  That is, you only see the central portion of the image.  No fiddling with settings seems to correct it, but rebooting usually fixes it. The second problem also occurs with a similar Yoga 920 + Dock (d... Read more

A:Yoga 920, Thunderbolt 3 Dock and external monitor

Also wanted to mention something I noticed while working on this: I saved a log from the Intel Utility. There is a section in there about "Maximum Image Size". This seemed to be correct for the laptop display (12.2"x6.69") but the Samsung was listed at 6.3" x 3.54"    It is a 24" diagonal display, so that is obviously wrong, but I don't know that it is important. Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 Report Date: Monday, February 5, 2018Report Time [hh:mm:ss]: 1:21:19 PMDriver Version: System: Windows* 10 Education (10.0.16299)Physical Memory: 16225 MBVendor ID: 8086Device ID: 5917Device Revision: 07Graphics Output Protocol (GOP) Version: 9.0.1066Current Resolution: 1680 x 1050 Display Type: DigitalDDC2 Protocol: SupportedGamma: 2.2Connector Type: DisplayPortDevice Type: DisplayPortMaximum Image SizeHorizontal Size: 6.3 inchesVertical Size: 3.54 inches

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So, I have a following HW:- ThinkPad T560- ThinkPad Pro Dock 90W (40A10090EU)- 2 external identical monitors (Eizo EV2436W) Currently I am trying to use 3 screens:1. internal on the laptop with resolution 1920x1080 @ 60Hz2. external monitor connected to Pro Dock using DisplayPort with resolution 1920x1200 @ 60Hz3. external monitor connected to Pro Dock using VGA with resolution 1920x1200 @ 60Hz Internal display is okay, unfortunately for the external displays, I can set 1920x1200 only on 1 external monitor by default & 1920x1080 for the other one. When I use tool from Intel for managing the displays, I am able to set the custom resolution for the 2nd monitor to 1920x1200 but the image is blurry (I bet you to come and try to look at it at for 5 minutes). Based on the dock specification I can use only DP+VGA or DVI+VGA and both setups should be able to support 1920x1200 on both monitors. What I tried:- turning everything on and off - update of graphics card driver- update of dock driver- DVI+VGA and DP+VGA (blurry image on VGA)- DVI+DP (not working at all) I bought Pro Dock based on the documentation here, so I expected 2 external monitors at 1920x1200, but I can achieve that only when the second monitor is not connected to dock, but directly to laptop using MiniDisplayPort-DisplayPort cable, but that ruins the whole purpose of having a dock. Any help highly appreciated!

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Equipment:Lenovo Twist s230uTargus DisplayLink2 x Lenovo e2224 monitors I've seen this issue several times with the same or different machines on the web but have yet to find the my fix.  I have my monitors set up in extended view and at least one will flicker with lines and/or go black for a few seconds randomly.  Particularly after the computer has locked.   I have: - Checked drivers for USB, Displays, the dock - Completely replaced the dock - Replaced all wires and cords - Tried a different USB port - Confirmed BIOS version What I have noticed is the displays are okay if any of the following is done: - The laptop is unplugged and on battery - The resolution is changed down to 1400x900 from 1920x1080 - The display is twinned instead of extended view. Anyone have any further thoughts?

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Does anyone know if the Latitude E7240 can support two external displays without a dock? Can you have one plugged in to the mini displayport and one in to HDMI and output just to these displays?
Or is it limited to just the laptop display and one single external display?

A:Latitude E7240 - Dual External Displays Without Dock?

Hi ag-asanchez,
The Latitude E7240 uses an Intel HD Graphics 4400 GPU and so can support up to 3 independent displays, not on dock. In order to use both the onboard screen and 2 external displays both the HDMI and MiniDisplayPort will need to be connected to external displays.
With the Intel Driver,, installed and two external displays connected, the following option should enable 3 independent displays.
(from the notification panel)
Intel HD Control Panel >> Output to >> Extended DT (options here for clone or extended)
Intel HD 4400 Graphics Driver
Please see the following Intel guides for more information regarding a multiple display set up for the 4400 GPU.
Intel HD Graphics 4400 - Configuration 3-Displays FAQ

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Hi,I just got a X1 Carbon 20HR, and the ThinkPad USB-C Dock with it. The issue is, that when I use the dock and have it connected to my external monitor [Samsung LU28E85] then the mouse is lagging a bit - but enough to annoy me and make it harder to reach the right buttons.... This is both when I use a cabled mouse, as well as via Bluetooth or the Logitech connector. I would say thoug, that the cabled mouse seems to perform a little better than the wireless connections.When not in the dock and working on the screen of the laptop, there are no issues with any of the mice at all.There also seem to be a bit of lack with the keyboard entries...... Any advice?I was wondering if it can be the dock which is "underpowered" and should have been the Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 Dock instead? I have you can help Kind regardsLasse 

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Does anyone know if the Latitude E7440 can support two external displays without a dock? Can you have one plugged in to the mini displayport and one in to HDMI or USB and output just to these displays?
Or is it limited to just the laptop display and one single external display?
Currently I'm using windows 10 operating system.

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Hallo, ich habe seit einiger Zeit das Problem, dass der externe Monitor, der per DP an den Pro Dock und zum T460s angeschlossen ist, sporadische Aussetzer hat. Der Monitor meldet dann "Kein Signal", der Monitor des Notebooks "bleibt da".Ich habe nach Recherche gelesen, dass solch ein Problem bekannt ist und an der Firmware der Docking-Station liegt.Die FW ist aber mit V 2.33.000 anscheinend am aktuellsten Stand.Das Aussetzen ist nicht reproduzierbar und tritt unterschiedlich oft auf. Auch die Dauer, wie lange der Monitor schwarz bleibt ist unterschiedlich.Win10 Pro, i7-6600U, 4k Monitor über DisplayPort (am Dock), Netzteil (auch schon gelesen): 90W, 20V (Rev: D, Rev: 400).Gibt es dazu Lösungen? Ziemlich nervig, wenn währen der Arbeit plötzlich der Monitor öfter "verschwindet".  I´m sorry! I don´t know why but language was automatically changed to English! T460s on ThinkPad Pro Dock, external monitor (4k) connected via display port to dock.Sometimes the external monitor got black and reports "no signal". This happens sporadically, I am not able to reconstruct this. I´ve red, that an old firmware of the Pro Dock can cause this error, but the Verison 2.33.000 seems to be the newest. I also checked the AC-supply (I´ve red, that a wrong supply can cause this "blackout", this is the 90W / 20V supply which should be okay).Win10 Pro, i7-6600U, 4k monitor via DisplayPort (connected to ProDock), AC-supply: 90W, 20V (Rev: D, Rev: 400)Any suggestions?Thank yo... Read more

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I have a Latitude E7470 for work and when I first started using it with my docking station to external monitors, I was noticing a similar issue as was brought up in the thread linked below. One of my two external monitors (seemingly randomly) would flicker once, or periodically to a point where it was distracting. Additionally, I have seen the graphics card crash a few times after such problems appeared.

I implemented the "fix" that was linked (and marked as the answer to the thread) over lunch about a week ago, and more things went haywire from there. Basically, at this point I am unable to connect to any external monitors through the docking station. I have resorted to having a single monitor connected via HDMI, but it is hardly conducive to working and I would really like to have my multiple monitor setup back (even with the flashing problem, at the least).
Is there any way to undo the actions I have run, or is there a more up to date fix for this issue?
Link to "fix": 
Any response and guidance would be greatly appreciated. I'd really like to not have to resort to getting a different style (USB 3.0) docking station if I can prevent it.

A:Latitude E7470 External Monitors with Dock Problems

Yes I am referring to one of the external monitors flashing constantly when it resumes.  This has happened with previous Latitude models and you will see a synaptics VMM update within the video section of the 7450 that fixes this issue.

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I'm unable to get my X1 Yoga to detect external monitors when plugged into the OneLink+ dock. This started occuring when my computer upgraded to the creators update. I thought I found a thread of others with the same issue (linked below), but it turns out I was waiting for a fix that didn't apply to me. I'm super frustrated right now. Stuff I've tried so far.1. Updated all drivers using Lenovo Service Bridge (even optional drivers)2. Installed the Fall Creators update preview (after being told it would fix the issue)3. Completely reinstalled Windows4. A Single VGA monitor5. A Single Display Port Monitor6. 6 different cables At this point I'm convinced there's an issue with the dock. There's a firmware update available for it, but you can't install it unless it is actively connected to a monitor (go figure).  When attempting to install, I get the code 255 "Can't connect to Synaptics VMMxxxx DP hub IC" If anyone has any sugestions, I'd greatly appreciate it. It used to work perfectly, then about the time I installed the creators update it started getting flaky, now I can't get it to work at all. Previous thread I was following. Note that I'm linking to a post where they show the dock working (annoying).https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/Windows-10-creator-update-breaks-Lenovo-...

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I just received the TB16 dock, using with a Precision 5520 with Ubuntu and an P2415Q external monitor, and am happy with them, except for one regression.
In the past I've adjusted the brightness of the monitor with a command-line program that talks DDC over I2C and it works great changing brightness between morning, afternoon, and night modes.
I purchased the TB16 for the main purpose of providing a single cable connection to everything. But, when I connect the external monitor to the dock the DDC command signals are blocked (or not relayed). In short, I need a second cable to control the monitor.
This defeats the main purpose of the dock, and it is quite expensive for the other features, I certainly could spend less than $300 on a second power supply and usb hub. :-(
The question is then, is anyone aware of this problem, is it possible to be solved, and will it at some point in the future?

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Hi there,I've got a new T470 and Ultra Dock and try to connect my 2 external monitors via DisplayPort but nothing happens.I tried to update the firmware of the Ultra Dock but it won't work because I got the following error message in den update.log: "Error description: Can't connect to Synaptics VMMxxxx DP hub IC"The 2 monitors were still connected to the Ultra Dock. So I connected one of those monitors vie HDMI and installed the Firmware again. Now I got the current version 2.33.000 installed. But as soon as I remove the HDMI cable nothing happens again. What else can I do? Do I have an issue with my Ultra Dock?

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Hey guys,I've got new P50s (running W10 x64) with Quadro M5000M, and Ultra docking station for it. I want to use 4 external monitors in any configuration, just that they all work. I tried updating BIOS and Docking station, installed latest Intel and Nvidia graphics driver, power management driver.. everything.I get 4 monitors displayed in Windows display settings, but as soon as I turn on the fourth, one of the others goes dark. Somewhere I read about BIOS setting for Hybrid graphic, but I don't have such setting in BIOS. Any help would be great Thanks!

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 Hi there The sound of my external speakers stops every time after 2 hrs, and then have to be manually re-activated to get sound again. I have from my laptop an hp usb-c dock with hdmi to the hp 27ea screen, and external speakers plugged in the back of the screen. When speakers stop for example in my browser the "active-sound-sign" keeps on.In my volumemixers i see music signals going up and down.When i double-click on the browser-volume the external speaker turns back on. Also, when i un-plug the external speakers the screenspeakers start to sound, and when i re-plug the external speakers they work as well again.  This is very very annoying to do this a few times a day when listing to music or while working with video and sounds.  I turned of all energy-saving switches i could find, and as far as i know my drivers and updates are up to date. The unplug/re-plug thing makes me question where to look next now. Who knows which hidden switch on what device or setting makes this happen and how that can be turned off ?????  Tnx in advance ceesf

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Hello, I recently bought the Ultra Dock 90 for my T450s.  I have one external monitor currently connected through the dock.  When I push the power button on the docking station (laptop lid closed) to turn on the computer, the computer turns on, but the external monitor does not engage.  When I lift the laptop lid, there is no image on the laptop screen either.  The laptop is on, but does not respond to any key stokes on the actual laptop.  I then have to do a hard reboot using the power button on the laptop. If I initially power the laptop by lifting the lid and hitting the laptop power button, the compter boots and my external screen works.  I can then close the laptop lid and everything is fine. I know the power button on the dock should power the computer and external monitor on.  I am guessing there is a simple solution to resolve this, but I am not a computer person and need help. One thing to note - when I lift the lid after trying to power the laptop through the dock, I see that the Function Green Light is illuminated.  Not sure if this information is helpful in determining the problem. Please help! Peterrabbit33

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