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Solved: Multiple pages print on one sheet of paper

Q: Solved: Multiple pages print on one sheet of paper

My company has several HP1300 LaserJet printers on desks that have developed an extremely frustrating issue. They are printing multiple pages on one sheet of paper. When printing only one page, no problem. But, when printing a multiple page document all pages are printed on top of one another on one sheet of paper. This started all of a sudden, and all of my 1300's are doing it - no other model. I have tried uninstalling the printer, deleting the driver and reinstalling - didn't help. I have tried using drivers for similar printers - didn't help. HP "customer support" is next to impossible to get on the phone. Anyone have any thoughts?

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Multiple pages print on one sheet of paper

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


My Dell Latitude 3340 is running Windows 7.
The network printers are all installed on our Print server.  
The Print Server is using the HP Universal driver (v5.3).
Two users print to any printer on the server and the multi-page document spools and than comes out at once on one page.  It overlaps each page and comes like a big mess.
This happens on many different model printers.
The print jobs can be processed 1 page at a time, but the orientation is wrong.
When each printer is installed by IP address, the print jobs come out fine.
There are other users who can print to these printers fine.
We have tried:

Disabling Advanced Printing OptionsPrinting Directly to PrinterChanging the driver (HP UPD 6, actual driver for each model)Disabling Kaspersky Anti-Virus on the deviceRan all Windows Up dates as of 03/15
As I was typing this, a third person developed the same issue.
The other users (large number) have no issue and can print fine.
Has anyone seen this issue and if so, please let me know my next move.
Thanks to all in advance!

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Anyone know of a free program that will do this? I'm running Win 10 64-bit. Thanks!

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Am using a new 2000XP and received a picture in e-mail that is to big to print out on one sheet of paper. Will you tell me how to print it please.

A:Please tell me how to print out a picture that is to big for one sheet of paper -

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Anyone know of a free program that will do this? Thanks!

A:Program to Print Muliple Pages on One Sheet?

Originally Posted by hcour

Anyone know of a free program that will do this? Thanks!

Print multiple pages of what into what format from what source?

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Well, I have a weird problem around many computers at my workplace that is driving me crazy . As for now, ALL but one computer tested present the same problem.

If I try to make use of the Print Zoom (Pages per Sheet) option in Word XP, the first time I try to use the option nets me blank pages instead of the printer working correctly, after the first time, the Zoom option will work correctly every time I use it, till I close all Word instances. If I open again Word, I get the same problem in the first try.

If I use a printer's embedded Print Zoom (instead of Word's print zoom - if the printer has that option available -) the pages are print correctly.

Also happens if I try to open a DOC file from Internet explorer, no matter if I make the document to be embedded on the IE window, or I make it be loaded on Word XP...

Installed and tested all Office XP patches (SP1, SP2, SP3...) and cannot get the problem solved. I'd be thankful if someone could help

A:Word XP Print Zoom (Pages per Sheet) Error

If the end result you are looking for is being able to print many pages on one sheet (or both sides, or booklet, or flipped sideways, etc,etc.) then I think it is just better to use a utility or tool to get around many of Microsoft's problems. So unless, this is one of those "I have to know the answer" kinda things, you will find it much better to just go to http://www.fineprint.com and download FinePrint. The software doesn't expire.

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When I try to print multiple pages on one sheet I only ever get one page! e.g. ask for 2 pages - I only get one A5 copy on my sheet of A4. Tried asking for 8 pages; same story, just got the one 1/8th of A4 in the corner!

Any ideas? it doesn't matter waht I'm printing from (word, outlook etc)

I'm running Windows XP with Office 2003.



A:Printing multiple pages on one sheet

Change the page setting. i.e. change the page size by custom option in page set up.
Try to collect the data in single page of costumed size.
It will give you single print with required data.

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Good Morning!!
I am trying to print an emailed image from MS Editor and it is constantly telling me there is an error and needs to close. It's not telling me there is insufficient memory - it just closes!
Also, is there a way to get multiple images (scanned) to be saved as one file instead of one file for each? I am using the document feeder to scan, but it opens each one up individually.
Thanks in advance for your help!!!!

A:Solved: MS Photo Ed - won't print/; help to scan multiple pages

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Hi All,

I'm a maths teacher and I've created a spreadsheet that details the topics in each years exam paper and how many marks area available. What I'd like to be able to do is click on the number of marks and it open up the relevant exam paper and go straight to that question. I could then use this in lessons and also give to students as a revision tool.
The exams are available as pdf files and word documents. I've seen ways of linking to page numbers on online pdf files but the only way with local pdf files seems to be to bookmark them. This wouldn't work for me as the same pdf will be needed multiple times for each question. Can what I want be done? If not, what's the best way to host the pdf files (which are open source) so that they can be stored online and the links will then work? This would need to be very simple and free so that students wouldn't need to install anything. I'd want to just be able to give them the excel file with the hyperlinks to a location where the pdf files are stored.

I've attached the spreadsheet and a sample of one of the pdf files. There are 10 of those at the moment, but I'd like to be able to add to it each time there's a new exam.


A:Excel sheet to link to multiple pages of local pdf files

Have you tried referring to the local file by it's full url?

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Hi there, I'm new here and been searching for a solution to this but haven't found anything that particularly helps.

I'm writing a paper and I've had to use a supplied template. Whilst editing in Word 2007 when I try to print it 2 pages per side and duplex - whichever printer I use in the office - it doesn't do it correctly; doesn't do duplex and just makes the page a little smaller and higher on the paper and one page per sheet.

It works fine on any other document in the same program and in any other program, just not for documents created using this template.

Any ideas how a template would affect it?

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So I will try to explain this without confusing anyone. I already have a Work Order database. This database prints the Work Orders (Report) to be completed. What is asked is that we add the Work Order Tickets (that attach to the finished product. The issue is the tickets can be anywhere from 1 to 10+?

Example the Database will kick out 4 Work Orders - between these 4 Work Order pages I will need the tickets to Print, Work Order 1 needs 3 tickets, Work Order 2 needs 1 ticket, Work Order 3 needs 10 tickets and Work Order 4 needs 5 tickets.

Currently this is a Report in Access. I am not sure how I can repeat pages in the report depending on the # of tickets I need.

Let me know if this makes any sense.

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I have a wierd problem printing more than one page from my xp computer laptop, gateway.

This problem happens with any printer which I connect to this computer. It must thus be a
Print Manager problem in windows, but I don't know how to solve it.

Problem: on a multipage document, it will not print any page beyond the first page. This is driving me nuts.

Does anybody know how to solve this?

A:multiple pages print problem

Printer model/manufacturer?

Do you have the normal print options when attempting to print...1 page, all, etc. ?

System manufacturer and model?

Please post exact onscreen error message, if applicable.


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Installed a new laser jet printer and can't print multiple pages. Looked the problem up on other forums and it says to disable mopier mode. I can't find this anywhere. Have looked in printer properties and selected device settings tab and it's not there. Is there a different way of doing this on Windows 8 or am I doing completely the wrong thing to solve this problem. Help!

A:can't print multiple pages windows 8

HP printer...???

My HP Laserjet 1200 printer will not print multiple copies. - Microsoft Community

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Upon opening sealed box from SAM's club and trying to set up, I found a paper jam when i tried to set it up with perforated paper. We don't have perforated paper in our new home so this was a frustration and surprise. I hope that HP will surprise me with compensation of a new black cartridge as this was obviously used before, refurbisheshed and sold as new.Thank you,Kitty1854

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PCI Parallel Card - cant print multiple pages!? FIXED!

My 1st question! Generally I'm answering them.

Got a customer whose PSU blew, taking the Onboard Parallel Port with it.

We installed a Sunnix PCI Parallel card - which supports ECP.

It'll print 1 page fine, but won't print multiple pages, whereas it would before.

Any ideas?

A:PCI Parallel Card - cant print multiple pages!?

just some thoughts...
- latest driver for the pci card?
- tried another pci bus?
- shared irq(s) with other devices?
- disabled blown onboard parallel port?
- cross testing with a different printer?

maybe we can exclude some factors and find the one you need to fix....

regards, mscrx

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I'm using a Toshiba Satellite laptop running Windows Vista. I have also been successfully using an HP Photosmart B209a "all in one" printer with a wireless connection. I began getting low ink messages, so installed new HP cartridges. When I try to align the new cartridges, I get a message that says the alignment failed, but I can still use the printer. However, when I try to print any document I have generated on my computer, the printer picks up the paper and goes through the machinations of printing, but when it spits out the paper, it is blank. When I print a test page, it works. When I print a page from a website, it works. It will copy a document. It simply won't print anything I generate using my word processor or spreadsheet (I use Microsoft Works).

HP's Monitor program says that the computer is ready.

I have used HP Solutions Center, but nothing it suggests has made any difference. I have checked my wireless connection and it is working, obviously, or the printer wouldn't be getting the message to print, as it surely is, since it starts, picks up the paper and goes through the whole process of printing. However, nothing comes out except a blank piece of paper.

Hope you can help.

A:Solved: Paper Goes Through Printer, but won't print.

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I want to be able to print mutiple pages from a yellow pages website using my Canon mp830. For instance, there are 240 colleges and Universities listed in a particular city. There are 10 pages with 24 per page. I tried to print 1- 10 pages, but, I only get 1 page. And, there aren't even 24 shown. It enlarges the page , and only prints maybe 8 contacts. Thanks, Charles King drawUSA.com

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I need an Excel macro to print a set number of rows from a spreadsheet based on user input. I have attached a sample input file. Each ten rows represents one label. For each 10 rows of data, I want the macro to prompt the user and ask: "How many labels for 5/4X6X12' GROOVED (the description field for each set of data) do you need? So, even though this item shows a quantity of 16, the user may only need to print 2 sets of this data. If the user answers "2", then I need to print 2 pages each having the 10 rows of data that goes with that description:

Type: Delivery
PO #: 38505 SO #: 121046
Ship to: WORK SITE - LOT 3
Address: LOT 3 DALE SUBD
Item: ZZAT0000030621
Desc: 5/4X6X12' GROOVED
QTY: 16 EA
Created by: Rsmith
Ship Date: 11-SEP-14

Any help on this macro would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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What is the macro to print out an active sheet in excel? What I am wanting to do is run a report that will update info and print it out from a different sheet in the same workbook.

A:Solved: print active sheet macro in excel

Worksheets(1).PrintOut where 1 is the index number of the sheet






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I am working on a handful of spreadsheets that have to be printed just before an event. The number of copies for each sheet is variable.

What I'd like to do is have a setup sheet that shows the number of copies for each sheet with a print button. I'm not very savy with Excel VBA, although very comfy with Access VBA. I'm having trouble figuring out how to obtain the values from each of the cells in the sheet for VBA to print each of the sheets.

A:Solved: Macro that reads print options from sheet

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I need to search for multiple names (20-50) in one sheet which contains thousands of words. Is there a macro I can use? It's a very simple sheet and I can do the search in 1 column only if needed.

A:Solved: Multiple search in one sheet EXCEL

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I'm going to be importing ~150 separate .dat files into a single excel spreadsheet. The files have no headers, and I want them stacked on top of each other in the same columns. Each file is 18 columns wide and 640 rows long. Is there a way to do this that does not involve macros? I'm going to be doing this multiple times over the next few months and I would like to be able to do it myself, or at least modify the code. The files are numbered in an ordered, sequential fashion eg. KM070201000, KM070201001, KM070201002, etc.

I've tried a few solutions on the web for .txt files but they don't seem to work for my .dat files.


A:Solved: Import multiple .dat files into one Excel sheet

Any use?

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etc... but several thousand rows each with their own "type" ordered by type

how can i create a separate spreadsheet for each type...

dont know what this process is called...

surely there is a faster way than copying each type and pasting into a new xls doc...

(dont want to create tabs)

Thanks for any advice

A:Solved: how can you create multiple separate sheets from one sheet xls?

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hi all

at the moment i have a worksheet with 3 option buttons and data in columns ae1 to ae65, af1 to af65 and ag1 to ag65

i am using the following formula to randomly display data in H9

=Index($ae1:$ae65,randbetween(1,counta($ae1:$ae65))1,), which is entered in h9, this works fine

what i would like to be able to do is have the above code assigned to optionbutton1 and the same code altered for option buttons 2 and 3, ie optionbutton 2 af1:af65 and optionbutton 3 ag1:ag65, so that depending on which option button is clicked the relevant code runs, whichever optionbutton is chosen the results would be shown in cell H9
is this possible to do on the worksheet or do i need to insert a userform? whichever way is best can anyone help with the code required please.

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Another one in my 'got to be an easier way' series of Excel queries...

Using Excel2000 - I have a file with 60 or so sheets. Each sheet represents a different person and is named accordingly (sheet 1 is called "summary", sheet 2 "J Bloggs", sheet 3 "A Smith" etc).

It's important that the sheets are not "sheet1", "sheet2" etc because there are so many of them and because they are updated on a weekly basis, so the sheet names need to be meaningful.

On the summary sheet I want to pick up various pieces of info from every one of the 60 'named' sheets. There's nothing complicated about that bit (e.g. ='J Bloggs'!$C$50).

HOW THOUGH, do I copy and paste the "='J Bloggs'!$C$50" into an adjacent cell so that it picks up the data in cell C50 of the 'A Smith' sheet? I.e. I want to carry out multiple paste operations, incrementing each successive paste by one sheet...

A:Solved: Excel - summary sheet in multiple sheeted file

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Dear Folks,

I have an excel sheet(Original) with 30K+ rows, there is a Header row followed by value row, the whole excel sheet rows are alternating like this.

I need to copy the list of all unique Headers in top row of new sheet(Desired), and all its related values below the corresponding headers.

In short,I am trying to consolidate "Original" sheet in "Desired".
Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
Thanks- Rakesh

A:Solved: search multiple values and copy below cell to next-sheet

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i am uploading excel work book with 4 sheets, sheet no1 contains the record to be verifed/matched with the records in sheet no.2. we will match BTC_Name, BTC_Fname, Deg_RegNO of sheet1 with student name, father name, reg.no. of sheet no.2, if records of sheet no.1 are matched/presented in sheet no.2 then the whole row of sheet no.1 should be copied in to sheet no.3 (if matched display here) else other wise mismatched/ not presented records of sheet no.1 in sheet2 should be displayed (whole row) in sheet no.4 (not matched display here). i have shown sample values in sheet 3 and in sheet 4 taken from sheet 1.

A:compare/match multiple column values in multiple excel sheet

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I am trying to classify and code my inventory items in excel.
My classification sheet contains data in columns which I would like to copy to rows in another excel sheet.
Here is the sample data in ACMOTORS-ATTRIBUTES sheet:

The above sheet has to be converted to columns as in Item_Classificatios_Form sheet :

Can anybody assist me in writing a macro for the same.


A:Solved: Excel Macro to convert Rows from one sheet to columns in another sheet

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Hi All,
I found an old post (http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/632779-selecting-previously-active-sheet.html) which is exactly the same issue I'm having...
...however the thread starter said that they managed to sort but didn't explain how! A little frustrating...I've search for similar issue but couldn't find one so sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.
Anyway in short, I have an interactive dashboard whereby it only shows one worksheet at a time both for aesthetic and functionality reasons. A user moves through the workbook via buttons. A number of worksheets may lead to one worksheet or visa-versa. Because of this I'd like a macro that when the user clicks the 'Back' button they are returned to the last active page they were on but hides the page they have just come from, so still keeping the one worksheet format.
Currently I'm writing a separate code for going back to a particular sheet, laborious considering I have 60+ sheets (and counting). Plus I intend to use this dashboard format for other uses in the future so having a catch-all macro to go back would be very useful.
Help much appreciated.

A:Solved: VBA: Select previously active sheet and hide current sheet

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I cannot print pages from from within my web browser (Internet Explorer and win 98), although I can print Word documents. Any ideas?

Stan M

A:[SOLVED] cannot print web pages

Problem was solved by reinstalling IE.

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I've looked at earlier threads relating to this problem but they don't seem to help. I'm running W7 (home premium 64 bit) and Explorer 9. I'm printing on a Canon LBP 5360 which works fine in Word and other applications. It will also print fine from Firefox. However, I can't print from a web page using IE9. When I try it comes up with the printer dialogue box and I make a selection but nothing happens. I know I could switch to Firefox but I prefer IE9. Help greatly appreciated

A:Solved: IE9 won't print web pages

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I sincerely hope that the description below is fairly comprehendible.

I am constructing a table in excel of movies with the actors, actresses, director, etc. On the first sheet (named Movie Info), column 4 is an ever growing list of movies. Across row 8 is a list of actors, actresses, directors, etc. Across the row of the title and under the appropriate person who is in that movie I place a check mark (this check mark will eventually become a hyperlink to something like Wikipedia or IMDb). What I would like to do is manually enter the new title. To do this, I am inserting a new row at row 9, just below the people row. Then from something like IMDb, copy and paste a list of the important people on another sheet (sheet 4, named Dummy). At this point I have been trying to write a macro to "read" the person on the Dummy sheet, jump to the Movie Info sheet, find the appropriate person and place a check mark under that name, and when finished insert a new blank line in row 9, preparing for a new entry. This macro would also have to realize that if the person isn't found that it would have to be added at the end of the "people row". At this point I have 163 movies. That's not the problem. The problem is the people list is at column TZ and to scroll manually to find the appropriate person is tedious to say the least.

Can anyone help? I appreciate your thoughts.

A:Solved: Read a name from a list on one sheet, then find a match on another sheet

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I need to paste data from one worksheet that is unfiltered (not hidden) onto a worksheet that is filtered. I need to paste onto visable cells only, ignoring the hidden rows. Currently, my data is being pasted onto both visible and hidden rows.

I know its possible to paste only visable data, ignoring hidden cells, but I need to do the reverse of this. Pasting non hidden data onto only visible cells. And I hope I am explaining this well.

Please do not suggest a vlookup because this would take entirely too long due to the nature of my data and this project. Also, I am not skilled enough to do code, so keep it simple...

Suggestions please?

A:Solved: Pasting in excel from unfiltered sheet to filtered sheet

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I have had this problem but with a slight difference, I could print to Notepad and nothing else but this time, I can't print from any program at all, not Word, not Notepad, not to PDF and not to my paper printer. I open "See what's printing" and the print jobs are just stuck there.

The last time it printed was at 9:38 PM yesterday. I have used system restore to backdate to 4 days ago and still can't print. I have stopped and started the print spooler, no help.

I'm lost.

A:Cannot print at all, not to PDF, not to paper

Is there any errors to the jobs?

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I have an all-in-one hp v40 printer. If I try printing photos using the proper 8x10 photo papers will it give good pictures that I can put into a frame? The printing program I will be using is "PRINT WIZARD" a built in feature in XP.

A:Print paper

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hi guys...i posted regarding this file a few times...and is still coming back to haunt me!

i need some help here....especially now that the ppl at the office need the information to be drawn out differently.

ok. here's the scenario:

i have an excel file with 8 sheets

"Questionnaire" sheet is to be filled out by a rep and has some drop down lists to populate the "POtemp_NY" sheet.

ampaper, edmar, sterling, stoneglo, strauss and uneeda are all venders with lists of their products...with their prices.

"POtemp_NY" is the master sheet where all the information must show on

The problem is, i need to have the "POtemp_NY" sheet populate the description, units, and price when someone enters a value in the "Units" column on a vendors sheet. Also, i would need the "POtemp_NY" sheet to continue to list the products on the next lines if there are multiple products with values in their "Units" cell.

Any help would be GREAT!!!!

Thanks in advance!

the file is attached for reference! thanks!!!

- mark

A:Solved: excel: populate sheet from list (fr another sheet)

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I am looking for help on VBA to unhide a specific sheet to enable the macro to run, then once complete to rehide the sheet.

Code I have so far is as follows:

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='W2-1'!R[9]C[3]-'W2-1'!R[9]C[4]"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='W2-1'!R[9]C[1]"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=""W2-1 - Jnl No.""&'W2-1'!R[9]C[-2]"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='W2-1'!R[9]C[3]-'W2-1'!R[9]C[4]"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='W2-1'!R[9]C[1]"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _
"=IF('W2-1'!R[9]C[-2]="""",IRIS_JNL_W2.1!R[-1]C,""W2.1 - Jnl No.""&'W2-1'!R[9]C[-2])"
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("A2:C500"), Type:=xlFillDefault
Last = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
For i = Last To 1 Step -1
If (Cells(i, "A").Value) = "0" Then
Cells(i, "A").EntireRow.Delete
End If
Next i
Selection.PasteSpecia... Read more

A:Solved: Unhide sheet, to run macro, then hide sheet

to hide
worksheets ("IRIS_JNL_W2.1").Visible=False

to show
worksheets ("IRIS_JNL_W2.1").Visible=True

Peace be upon you

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I installed a dell a920 printer and it won't print web pages from firefox but it will print ok if i use IE. My previous printer worked fine from firefox.

A:[SOLVED] Won't print web pages from firefox

When you try to print from FireFox do you get any errors?

Try this:
open FireFox
in the location bar type about:config
scroll down to print.print_printer
Right-click it and select Reset
restart FireFox

Does this solve your problem?

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All of a sudden, I can't print pages from the Internet. I can print Word docs, e-mails, etc. but not from the Internet. Thanks in advance for any help with this.

A:Solved: Can't print Online Pages:

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get windows printing error 20 and 30 - cannot reconize device or find device - need help to solve

A:[SOLVED] firefox cannot print web pages ie7 ok


Firefox uses the system default printer.

Re-set your default printer settings. Start > Settings > Printers. Right click on your printer icon and select Set As Default Printer.

Open Firefox (close and reopen if already open) and type about:config in the address bar. Look for the pref print.print_printer using the filter and it should show you your system default printer. If there is nothing there, enter it yourself by a right click and use the 'modify' option and insert the text for the printer exactly as shown in - Start > Settings > Printers.

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I have an HP Pavilion M-50 monitor. My problem is the smaller print on any web page (including this site)is broken up to the point that I can hardly read it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?


A:{SOLVED} small print on web pages

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how do I print just one sheet in an exce document

i.e. each of my clients is on a separate sheet and I just want to print one

A:print sheet

Try this.....

Left click mouse and highlight what you want to print.
Then go to file/print area/set print area.

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my printer is on pause mode and will not resume so I am unable to print

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I converted a Word doc to PDF using the Acrobat Pro add-in. The document page size is 5.5 x 8.5; press-quality option selected. PDF view of file is perfect. However, when I go to Print, the page size previewed is 8.5 x 11. I tried to select a page size from this print menu (Page Setup) but 5.5 x 8.5 is not listed. I've tried several options (Fit, Choose Paper Source by PDF size, etc.) but nothing works. Maybe it has to do with the selected printer -- an HP Laserjet Pro 200 Color.

I'm sending this file to a commercial printer and want to be sure that it will print exactly as formatted in Word doc and exactly as I see the PDF.

Please help!! Thank you.

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Hi can any one tell me how to print only odd or even pages in excel 2007.
I've seen people talk about macro's but i don't have a clue so a basic step by step would be much appreciated.



A:Solved: Excel 2007 need to print odd/even pages

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Iam running win95 and have a color bubble jet printer. How do I print web pages in Black/White from IE v4.71?

A:{SOLVED} IE 4.71-How do I print web pages in Black/White

I think that would be done from the File>Print>and Printer Properties for your specific printer. The program that runs the printer on mine offers the option of printing in Black or various degrees of color quality. Check your for the option. If you just select the Print button, it will print the way you have it setup in the Printer Properties.

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