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Netlogon Service.

Q: Netlogon Service.

My Netlogon Service stopped and when I want to start it show me an error about dependencies. Workstation Service is set on "Local System account" but how about Netlogon service? Should it on "Local System account" too?
Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Netlogon Service.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have a DHCP domain and some of my PC's are unable to logon to the domain I receive netlogon service not running. I go into service and try to manually start the service and I get an error -- "the dependancy service or group failed to start."


A:Netlogon service

If the machines are unable to get an IP address from the DHCP server, the netlogon service will not start. Check the TCP/IP properties on the client machines and make sure they are setup for DHCP. Also, try doing ipconfig /release & renew.

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We have Windows 7 client machines which are joined to domain.
But we are unable to dis join from domain and getting below error.

We have check and found Netlogon service is missing in services.msc console.
We also verified registry setting of netlogon, Lanmanworkstation and lanmanserver setting are compared with working machine and found all are same.
Please let me know to recover or reinstall the Netlogon service on problematic client machines... 

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A thread from last year (5/2001) that the best fix is to reinstall the OS and install SP6. My problem is that SP6 is already installed on the server. I am concerned that the reinstall/fix will delete software (obviously a great concern) and it is specialized surveillance software that I am unfamiliar with. The server doesn't act as a file server but rather as the security utility operator.

Please help.

Thank you.

A:Netlogon Service NOT running BUT has SP6

Reinstalling the Service Pack will not damage any files, just replace any damaged ones that the service pack has.

Reinstalling the OS will kill all your settings and reset the registry, so you would have to reinstall all the programs again.
Can you start it manually?

Is there an event in the event viewer that might give you a little more to go on?

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I am not able to connect into the domain. I get an error that the Windows netlogon service is not started. But when I go into services, I can not even see the netlogon service. I also can't see the workstation service.

Its a windows xp with the latest patches etc.

When I try to disjoin the computer from the, I get the following error:

"he identification of the computer cannot be changed because networking is not installed or is not properly configured"

Please help.


A:Missing Netlogon Service

Looks like the registry entries got deleted:

You could do a system restore, or if you are comfortable editing the registry import them from the registry of another PC running XP and restart windows (probably easier).

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i can no longer log on to my company's domain with a host system. it gives me the following error: "Unable to log you on because netlogon service is not running on this machine"
can anyone please help me out? Thanks. Tots.

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It happens in Windows 7 and Windows 10 workstations.

Issue : Domain Admin is suddenly missing from the Administrator group for the workstions. 
Reason : Netlogon service is showing like below

System event log shows as below

"LanmanWorkstation" is exists in the "DependOnService" value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/Netlogon/
Local Administrator account is disabled as per organization policy. so workstation is not having any administrator account to start the netlogon service

Please help

Regards, Boopathi

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I have an NT 4.0 server that will not allow ANYONE to log in. All get a message saying the netlogon service is not running so the system cannot log them in. This is a somewhat critical machine and I would like to know if there is a way to either log in and start the service again or start it some other way. Thanks for any help...

Pat Russell

A:Netlogon service not running

I had exactly the same problem with a Windows NT 4.0 workstation. The solution that Microsoft gives is to install Service Pack 6 but you can't do that if you can't log in, can you?
What I had to resort to doing is reinstalling Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, leaving the data intact but that can cause more problems then it is worth as programs lose registry keys and may stop working.
If you have a backup of your data on the Server, the best is to reinstall Windows NT Server and wipe all data while reinstalling.
The Netlogon service will work once reinstalled.
Unfortunately, I found no way to bypass the logon.
If you find out another solution, I would love to know.

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I recently encountered a problem on the networking of Win 7 professional. My laptop is installed with Windows 7, 64bit, with Service Pack 1.

I have shared some local folders via my home WLAN so I can access the files while using my other devices in living room, bedroom, and etc. It's been going quite well, until one night last week. I couldn't access my local files thru WLAN. It kept saying that
User login information is not correct but I've double checked that user name and password are both correct. Besides, the sharing settings of my local folders are all the sam as they were.

Based on my poor IT knowledge, I checked services running on my laptop and found Netlogon service shows "Manual" and stopped. I tried to change it back to "Automatic" and then started it. Then a dialogue box poped up saying: "The
netlogon service on local computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do". And the service stopped.

And after I restarted my laptop, I found the Netlogon service was again switched back to "Manual". And I repeated the previous steps but it kept showing that message. I restarted the computer several times and it's still the same.
I didn't install any softwares last week before the problem occurred, except the Windows update KB4480907 and KB2808679. And the laptop have been running very normally since last December, with no blue screen or forced shut-down.

Another strange t... Read more

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I recently encountered a problem on the networking of Win 7 professional. My laptop is installed with Windows 7, 64bit, with Service Pack 1.

I have shared some local folders via my home WLAN so I can access the files while using my other devices in living room, bedroom, and etc. It's been going quite well, until one night last week. I couldn't access my local files thru WLAN. It kept saying that
User login information is not correct but I've double checked that user name and password are both correct. Besides, the sharing settings of my local folders are all the sam as they were.

Based on my poor IT knowledge, I checked services running on my laptop and found Netlogon service shows "Manual" and stopped. I tried to change it back to "Automatic" and then started it. Then a dialogue box poped up saying: "The
netlogon service on local computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do". And the service stopped.

And after I restarted my laptop, I found the Netlogon service was again switched back to "Manual". And I repeated the previous steps but it kept showing that message. I restarted the computer several times and it's still the same.
I didn't install any softwares last week before the problem occurred, except the Windows update KB4480907 and KB2808679. And the laptop have been running very normally since last December, with no blue screen or forced shut-down.

Another strange t... Read more

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I found this in the inbound rules in the Windows 8 firewall, its a fairly fresh install (12 hours) and the "Authz" looks like some kind of "1337speak".

As I am typing this Microsoft Management Console popped up on top of the firewall blocking my view into the properties of this rule, and I am unable to close it.. I do remember that the process is lass or something like that though..

Any help on this would be great?

Has anyone seen this?

A:Firewall: Netlogon Service Authz (RPC)

I was able to close MMC via task manager.. the process is "%SystemRoot%\System32\lsass.exe", and the description is "Inbound rule for the NetLogon service to process remote authz requests via RPC/TCP."

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Hi. A week ago, my computer got hijacked with the about:blank. I used several spyware removers, and was able to remove and reset my IE. The problem I now face is that whenever I restart my computer, a new hardware detected "Workstation NetLogon Service", and it's wanting to install on my computer.

I have read all I can about Workstation NetLogon Service. I do not have it installed on my computer, so I can't disable or stop it under Services Management. I believe it's connected to the about:blank hijack, because before then I didn't have this hardware detection. I can't delete the hardware because it's not actually installed.. I don't know what to do.

A:About:Blank & Workstation NetLogon Service

As you have read the Net logon service "Supports pass-through authentication of account logon events for computers in a domain."
This is usually installed by default on a Windows XP computer but
is set to manual start. If it were installed you could go to Start, Run, type
cmd and then type net stop netlogon and it would stop the service.

It maybe this virus and may have added the entry in the Registry.

I would recommend making sure that Windows is up to date and running
the Trend Micro online virus scan if you have broadband.

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I am just trying to hammer out the issues I find in event viewer. Here is one of them:

Event ID: 3095
This computer is configured as a member of a workgroup, not as a member of a domain. The Netlogon service does not need to run in this configuration.

I am, indeed, a part of a workgroup and NOT a domain. What could the Netlogon service do for me as apart of a workgroup as opposed to a domain?
This took place while I was sitting in front of the computer but I have no idea what would cause this error. Any ideas?

A:Event Viewer - Netlogon service error

It may be configured to start automatically in Services, and can't start and complains. If it is not running and you have no problems, then just keep it from trying to start in the first place.

Go to Start, Run, services.msc and scroll down to the Net Logon service, right click, Properties, set Startup type to manual or disabled, OK.

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I am unable to access shared files on a Win 2000 Pro machine from a Win 98 machine. The Microsoft Support site deals with the problem but I get an error message when I attempt the fix to start NetLogon. "Windows could not start the Net Logon on Local Computer .... refer to service specific error code 3095."

Q? Is Net Logon not on W2K Pro?

BACKGROUND (pasted from Microsoft Support site.)

This article was previously published under Q262916

When you attempt to connect to a Microsoft Windows 2000 computer over the network, you may receive one of the following error messages:

You must supply a password to make this connection:
Resource: \\computername\IPC$

This behavior can occur if the Netlogon service is not started on the Windows 2000 computer.

To connect to the network share, follow these steps:
1. In Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools, and then click Component Services.
2. Right-click the Netlogon icon, and then click Start.

This issue affects only Windows 9x computers. Computers running Windows NT and/or Windows 2000 are able to connect when the Netlogon service is turned off.

A:Unable to Connect to Network Share When Netlogon Service Is Not Started

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Hi Everyone.
I'm having some trouble with this users machine. It can't access our network drives. For some reason the network is called "unauthenticated". When i'm trying to start the services "netlogon" i just get the error "Error 1068
the dependency service or group failed to start netlogon". I have tried a lot and nothing has worked yet. 

I hope someone can help
- MartinRTX

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Hi all,
I'm about at my wits end trying to fix this issue, and require your assistance please.
On multiple Windows 7 PC's in our environment, we are getting these types of errors:
Log Name:      System
Source:        NETLOGON
Date:          12/11/2019 3:05:06 PM
Event ID:      5719
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      P37905.domain.local
This computer was not able to set up a secure session with a domain controller in domain DOMAIN.LOCAL due to the following: 
There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request. 
This may lead to authentication problems. Make sure that this computer is connected to the network. If the problem persists, please contact your domain administrator.  

If this computer is a domain controller for the specified domain, it sets up the secure session to the primary domain controller emulator in the specified domain. Otherwise, this computer sets up the secure session to any domain controller in the specified
Log Name:      System
Source:        Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy
Date:          12/11/2019 3:05:06 PM
Event ID:    &nb... Read more

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I am working on a windows XP pro SP3 DELL Optiplex 740 desktop with 1GB RAM and 250GB HDD. I just did an OS repair using an OEM boot disk from DELL. I am trying to log on to the domain of my company and i keep getting an error

"Unable to log you on because the Netlogon service is not running on this machine"

I can log in locally but when i do, an army of dll errors pop up. I have attached a printscreen of the error messages.

I have also attached a print-out of the ipconfig /all command at the cmd.

I have visited microsoft's forum and searched out the error and have corrected the registry for netlogon service to run on DNS and on TermService. Both were not helpful.

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hi with netlogon how do i make it open a program so when i login it automatically opens a program?


You don't netlogon is only a service.... It does not have this capability.

What you want to do is put the program into the startup group. It will then start on each reboot.

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I got this dell laptop running xp pro and when I try to log on I get.

Unable to log you on because the netlogon service is not running on this machine.

This was in safe mode.....so am I SOL? What I do? I think I may have deleted something out of the registry....I did back it up first and I was going to restore it.....but I can't log on.

A:Solved: netlogon

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This is a tough one...NT 4.0 network with w9* clients. Receiving error 1015...unable to update configuration from \\server\netlogon\config.pol the registry is corrupt... OR error 1016...an I\O operation initiated by the registry failed unrecoverably.... I believe the config.pol file may be corrupt and has corrupted the registries of the clients. anyone know where to edit the registry on win9* machines? i DO NOT want to re-install windows on all the clients. any ideas at all would help, i've been trying to figure this one out for a week and it's getting worse. would overwriting the config.pol file on the NT box help? I'm pulling my hair out here.

A:NT netlogon errors

Delete the config.pol from the server, create a new one if desired, Save the file as Config.pol in the Netlogon folder of either the primary domain controller or the backup domain controller. The Netlogon folder is located in the following folder:


Then try to log in again in some workstations and let's see if this will fix it.

I you don't want to delete, then rename it to config.old. login in one workstation and see what happend.

Good luck


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Hi Guys,

I'm running an NT 4.0 network. I have a problem with my netlogon folder. The users on my network can navigate to this and have access to it. Is there any way of changing the permissions so that it will still work ok but they can't do anything to it. Just out of interest what should the netlogon folder permissions be anyway incase i've just set it up wrongly.

Any help will be gratefully received,

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I am running a Windows XP machine in a Windows 2000 network. Everytime the Windows XP machine reboots it gets these errors:

Netlogon 5719 & w32time 14

I have been researching these errors for a while and I am lost. The computer has full functionality, except when logged onto the database on a remote computer for long periods of time, and does not give errors when logging on.

However if you go into the event viewer after booting up there is 1 Netlogon event and 3 w32time events.

I have tried updating the NIC driver, replacing the NIC, switching ports on the switch, extending the netlogon timeout time, and disabling the spanning tree algorithm on the port.

I need to fix this issue before we have a bigger issue. If anyone has any suggestions please tell me.

Thank you.

A:Netlogon & W32time errors

is there a description that goes with each error?

It may be that there is no domain controller for the domain...
see here..MS technet article

and here...MS Knowledgebase article

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Hi there,

Heres my problem:

I have an Microsoft NT Back Office 4.5 that belongs to a client of mine. I got a phone call that that users are unable to connect to the server.

I arrive at the scene, and try log into the server localy with the Administrator username and password. It tries to authenticate, but then I get the error message that NETLOGON services are not running on this machine. So therefore there is no way for me to logon to the machine.

I bounce (reboot) the machine, still no joy.

What do I do now? I cant logon to the machine to do anything... so I really dont know what to do. There seems to be no other way into the machine. Could I possibly take the hard drive out the box, slave it in another machine and try edit the registory that way? Is that possible? If so, where/how would I do this?

Any other ideas?

Your help on this would be greatly appretiated.


A:Windows NT NETLOGON Problem. HELP!!!


Check these out...doc

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Hello to all of you.

I wish to know the importance of the following windows system files.

1. secli.dll
2. netlogn.dll
3. eventlog.dll

I have seen many a times while the forum guys are helping people in removing the virus/malware etc they are interested in the location of above files. Are they very crucial to the system?

For providing the above information, I am thankful to all of you.

With kind regards.

A:secli.dll netlogon.dll eventlog.dll

Presumably you meant: SCECLI.dll, not secli.dll.

Googling all three files, seems to indicate that they are all legitimate Windows files.

Check the properties of each file in Windows\System32 for confirmation.

I don't generally delete files which have presumably been installed by the OS.

This is what appears in my Windows\System32:

All 3 files dated 14.4.2008

(modified the 29.8.2002 files, on installation of SP3)

1. scecli.dll

Windows Security Configuration Editor Client Engine


2. netlogn.dll

Net Logon Services DLL


3. eventlog.dll

Event logging service


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Every time I start up my Windows XP computer, an error message appears in the event viewer
This computer is configured as a member of a workgroup, not as a member of a domain. The Netlogon service does not need to run in this configuration.
but the problem is, this computer is not a member of a domain or a workgroup. it is just a computer hooked up to my high-speed internet. Google only showed results for people trying to set up a domain and one result from someone with a workgroup, and that guy had no replies, but there was nothing regarding the error message for computers with neither of those, nothing for home computers hooked up to the internet.
I was wondering if you can help me find the cause and help me fix it

A:"netlogon" error every startup


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I have a Windows XP SP3 (current patching and trend micro current and scans clean) user who keeps losing his connection to the file server, but he does not loose connection to the internet. This happens at random times but mostly during the night while the pc is on but logged off. All the hardware has been switched (Network card, patch cable, wall outlet and switch. I have reinstalled Trend Micro.
He gets several errors:
Event Type: Error
Event Source: AutoEnrollment
Event Category: None
Event ID: 15
Date: 8/8/2010
Time: 9:17:24 PM
User: N/A
Computer: 200-CEO
Automatic certificate enrollment for local system failed to contact the active directory (0x8007054b). The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.
Enrollment will not be performed.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: NETLOGON
Event Category: None
Event ID: 5719
Date: 8/6/2010
Time: 1:17:17 PM
User: N/A
Computer: 200-CEO
No Domain Controller is available for domain IRONCOUNTY due to the following:
There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request. .
Make sure that the computer is connected to the network and try again. If the problem persists, please contact your domain administrator.
vent Type: Warning
Event Source: LSASRV
Event Category: SPNEGO (Negotiator)
Event ID: 40961
Date: 8/5/2010
Time: 1:52:02 PM
User: N/A
Computer: 200-CEO
The Security System could not establish a secured connection with the server ldap/IRO... Read more

A:XP with netlogon and autoenrollment errors

Mod bump as it sat a few dats in wrong forum.

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when i try to add my system in domain it cannot..when i check the netlogon service it is not activated
how i can activate the netlogon

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Hello, I am currently testing the 280 G2 desktop for a desktop refresh, but I have come across a problem. The 280 G2 has an OEM SANDISK 256GB Z400 SSD. I'm using MDT to deploy Win7 x64 to the device which all works correctly. After each reboot, I see the Netlogon 5719 (no logon servers available) Event. This causes no problems during the build. However, when the computer is booted and I immediately logon on receiving the CTRL+ALT+DEL prompt, I get the cached copy of the user profile and the Intranet web page (configured in startup) fails to load. The 5719 event and the above problem are caused by the NIC not being initialised yet. I've tested this with a HDD (normal spinning disk drive) and do not get this error. So I have concluded that the faster speed of the SSD is causing some kind of race condition which loads the OS, but then has to wait for the physical NIC (integrated Realtek GBE 8111G) to be made ready. I have got around this by configuring GPO to wait for the network on logon and loading the users profile - it works but its not a great solution IMHO. Has anyone had the same problem?, is there anything that can be done to make the NIC respond faster? Thanks and regards,YYo

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We have a windows 2000 server machine here at work. I didn't set it up but I am trying to get it working. I have the active directory running in a domain. I created and account and try to login but get the error message "cannot login because netlogon is not enabled" The only account that will login is the admin account. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.

A:Logging in on active directory: netlogon not enabled

I don't really know the answer to this but that error sounds like the Netlogon service hasn't been started.

I would recommend checking that it is on Automatic and is Started. Services is located under Settings / Control Panel.

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We still have Windows 2008 R2 server domain controllers.
We have a problem with the Netlogon secure channel CVE-2020-1472 update.
Despite the updated windows, the security flaw is still present.
Do you have a solution to remedy the problem.
Thank you.
Kind regards.


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I have noticed in domain event viewer, 
Event Id: 5722:
Description : the session setup from the computer DAFILES failed to authenticate. The names of the account reference in the security database is Dafiles$. The following error occurred. Access is denied.

This dafiles is a member server 2008 R2 and joined to domain and which is hosting Vmware server 2.0 on this and it was joined to domain server 2003, 
DAFILEs is host server vmware installed on it hosting server 2003 DC and exchange server 2003 on this.
now i noticed in domain  a netlogon error is triggering  event ID:5722.
i dont know why it happened and there is no changes in the domain, now i am planning to migrate domain server 2003 to 2008 std today, 
please let me know how to fix this issue

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My customer had an issue logging in. The error message is "The system cannot log you on to this domain because the system's computer account in its primary domain is missing or the password on that account is incorret". I performed the fix by removing the customer frome the domain and adding the computer back to the domain. I would like to know if anyone has experience this problem. And if so, how did you fix problem from reoccurring. For your information we are using MS Server 2008 R2 on the domain controller.



A:Login to the domain failed - EventID 5721 NETLOGON

Here is what I find on this particular Event ID, and it shows steps you can go through in order to fix the problem.

Event ID 5721 after Deleting Computer Account

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I'm with security issue CVE-2020-1472 | Netlogon Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability and the following occurs to me:

I'm having trouble starting to collect events 5827-5831
I have installed the August 2020 update on a DC Microsot Windows Server 2012 R2 to start the event collection, and no events appear, even when logging in with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 without the August update.

I have set the FullSecureChannelProtection registry key to 1, and from a server with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 without the August 2020 update I can login without problems.

No events appear in the security log and I can login without problems with FullSecureChannelProtection at 1. I don't understand where the problem is. Can anyone give me any clues?

sorry for my english

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With this latest vulnerability, i need some clarification about what exactly is a "Non-Compliant Device".
In the KB articles definition, A non-compliant device is one that uses a vulnerable Netlogon secure channel connection.
So that means, lets say you have a Windows machine, that has not been patched correctly, and still uses vulnerable netlogon connection.
So once the DC is patched for this vulnerability, what will happen to this Windows machine?
Will it get denied connection and be reported in event ID: 5827/5828?
Or will it be allowed connection, as it is technically a non-compliant device based on the definition, as it is using vulnerable netlogon connection? And be logged under event ID: 5829?

The other question i have is for the use of the GPO policy: "Domain controller: Allow vulnerable Netlogon secure channel connections"
So i understand that this will bypass the enforcement.
However, if the "Non-Compliant" device is not a windows device, i will assume that the GPO will not work for these devices. So when in enforcement phase, for these such non windows devices that is still using vulnerable netlogon connection, there
is no workaround right? Either get vendor to provide a fix or decommission?

Thanks DM.


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Good afternoon,
I've bumped into this issue, and have yet to find a good solution.

The environment
Catalyst 3560G running 15.0(1)SE with following port config

switchport access vlan <some number>
switchport mode access
spanning-tree portfast
spanning-tree bpduguard enable
Catalyst 6509 w/ VS-SUP2T-10G running 15.1(2)SY with WS-X6148E-GE-45AT blades and the following port config

switchport access vlan <some number>
switchport mode access
logging event link-status
spanning-tree portfast edge
spanning-tree bpduguard enable
The vlan interface on the 6509 is configured as...
ip address 10.xx.xx.252
ip broadcast-address 10.xx.xx.255
ip helper-address <ip of DHCP server>
ip helper-address <ip of SCCM server>
no ip redirects
ip directed-broadcast
ip pim sparse-dense-mode

We are using ip helper on the switches. There is no 802.1x configuration that might be fiddling with port settings.

I've been testing with this problem against both switches to rule out network differences.
Monitor ports have been configured on the switches so we can watch the traffic to/from the workstations that are experiencing the DHCP timeouts.

The endpoints are workstations running Windows 7 with SP1.
The problem
We're seeing lots of NETLOGON 5719 errors on boot up. This is breaking group policy processing and a few other boot time processes. The root cause appears to be DHCP requests timing out, whic... Read more

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There is a flaw in the Winsock Proxy service in Microsoft Proxy
Server 2.0, and the Microsoft Firewall service in ISA Server 2000,
that would allow an attacker on the internal network to send a
specially crafted packet that would cause the server to stop
responding to internal and external requests. Receipt of such a
packet would cause CPU utilization on the server to reach 100%, and
thus make the server unresponsive. The Winsock Proxy service and
Microsoft Firewall service work with FTP, telnet, mail, news,
Internet Relay Chat (IRC), or other client applications that are
compatible with Windows Sockets (Winsock). These services allow
these applications to perform as if they were directly connected to
the Internet. These services redirect the necessary communications
functions to a Proxy Server 2.0 or ISA Server computer, thus
establishing a communication path from the internal application to
the Internet through it.
Maximum Severity Rating: Important
Affected Software:

Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0
Microsoft ISA Server
Download locations for this patch
Proxy Server 2.0:


ISA Server:






http://microsoft.com/downloads/deta...D2-A888-4603-84B7-1053C8663... Read more

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Hi, I have win8 Enterprise. when i connection to internet two service with names service host: Network service and service host: local system download automatically, i thought that it relate to windows update but automatic update is off and my windows is up to date. what is the problem? what can i do that stop them's download?

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After owning a couple of used dell laptops, both were good machines, I decided to take the plunge and buy myself a new Dell 17R N7110.So i was none-to-happy when after 3 months (eminent hd failure) popped up on the screen, and a few more times until it died just after warranty expired and so its been collecting dust for a couple of years till i got over it.ok sorry for the ramble,  I just ordered a 1tb firecuda and i can install it (more $} so how do i go about getting the drivers and os back on the bare hd? 

A:Support for Inspiron 17R N7110 Service Tag: <Service tag removed> Express Service Code: <Express service code removed>

What OS? www.dell.com/.../factory-reset--restore--or-reinstall-microsoft-windows-on-a-dell-computer
Edit your post and remove the tag & code  from the title. That is not permitted in this public forum.

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Hello all best wishes for us, this is my first post on this forum after searching fro to seek the help of some kind of malware attacks whether on my laptop.
Whether because of my careless causing virus attacks landed on my laptop.
After I turn on the laptop, the boot process was normal as usual. But as already in the process of logging on and has reached the desktop and there is no 10 second sudden pop up saying "Windows must now restart Because plug and play service terminated unexpectedly" also sometimes appears "Windows must now restart because power service terminated unexpectedly" so continuous thing happened this way.
But when I tried to enter in Safe Mode all of this run smoothly.
Can anyone help? I desperately need help for this problem.
Thank you.

A:Windows must now restart because plug and play service terminated unexpectedly , power service, and many more

You have already created a topic in malwarebytes forums.

Please do not create multiple topics for same issue.

Stick with them.

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Hello, I have been having problems with Windows 7 explorer constantly crashing and restarting whenever I right-click on or open any files and folders, search in the Start Menu search box, opening My Computer, Control Panel, etc. In essence, it is limiting most of the interface. I was able to pinpoint the problem using Safe Mode and msconfig to the 'Power' service (C:\windows\system32\svchost.exe ?k DcomLaunch). And once I disabled the 'Power' service, everything seems to be fixed.

However, disabling the 'Power' service will disable audio service for the system. To fix the audio service, I tried changing the Power management, reverting back to previous restore points, updating the audio device drivers, trying to enable the Windows services in services.msc for 'Remote Procedure Call (RPC)', 'Plug and Play', 'Multimedia Class Scheduler', 'Windows Audio Endpoint Builder' and 'Windows Audio' to activate sound again, but 'Window Audio' depends on 'Windows Audio Endpoint Builder', but 'Windows Audio Endpoint Builder' seems to depends on the 'Power' service. And I can?t activate the ?Power? service again without crashing Windows explorer. How do I go about fixing this issue? Can I replace the ?Power? service files? Or update them? And help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

A:Please Help!--Right-click crashing Windows 7 explorer, 'Power' service, audio service problems!

What led your problem to this crashing windows explorer window? Try using this software ShellExViewFor tutorials and guide http://www.top-windows-tutorials.com/shellexview.html

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! I purchased a Dell 5759 just a few months ago from Amazon. Since its purchase, the battery randomly cuts out at intervals of every few to several days with no triggering events.  I attempted to seek help a few times but apparently my service tag and express service code cannot be recognized by the system.  I've tried calling the Inpsiron help number, but for better or worse, the call is disconnected when my numbers cannot be recognized.
Now I get a Dell Power Management error that the system can no longer communicate with my battery.  It has ceased functioning en toto.  Without being able to register, I cannot get help for this issue, but when I go to email any kind of technical support, the Service Tag or Service Code are the gateway to having access to submitting a ticket.
I'm not sure what else to do at this point. This is a perfectly fine otherwise smooth running computer but I need the battery to work and not cut out at random intervals.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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I have had my Inspiron 15 3000 series since the end of August and was liking it until is started beeping a few weeks ago - sounds like a truck backing up.  It does it 5 times and repeats 3 times when starting up.    I tried online support but you cannot get anywhere until you enter your service tag number or express service code neither are recognized.  I tried calling support but they could not identify my computer with the numbers either (I took pictures of them on my tablet and made them larger so I know they are right).   I purchased my laptop on line. Initially there was a message about the power source, but I have popped my battery out and  back in and the error message no longer pops up but is still beeps.   I am at a complete loss as to what to do at this point and am incredibly frustrated.

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Hey all,
I am having an issue with a user connected to our local domain. Whenever they try to log in, it keeps displaying "Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification Service service." I have tried multiple ways of addressing it and have
had no luck with a fix for this. I have tried:

Using 'netsh winsock reset'Uninstall and reinstall network adapter driversClean booting and trying to isolate the issue (did not find anything)
Deleting the font cache Tinkering with the service settings Disabling anti-virus and restarting
System Restore
None of these are fixing the issue for my particular system. It always comes back. The hardest part about troubleshooting this issue is how sporadic it is. It happens every other time the user logs in.

The only other fix I have not tried the hotfix they released for this yet. I don't want to install this until I have exhausted all of my options as this could create more problems.
We have 50+ other computers running Windows 7 on this domain with absolutely 0 issues. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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I have been getting the following errors when I try to log into my account.

The system event notification service service failed the logon an attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist

I created a built-in-administrator and I am able to get into safe mode though not able to run many programs on it such as control panel and start up repair. I looked at my registry and both of my accounts look fine neither of them had a .bak on the end and so I'm not sure how to fix this if my only option is to delete my user account. I've already done a system restore to a couple days before this happened but, I'm still locked out of everything.

Is there anything else I can do that might help?

A:The system event notification service service failed logon ... token does not exist

Google led me to this post as I was researching the problem myself. I encountered the same issue. In this case on a vista32 ultimate box (although I do own an x64 box in case somebody thinks I'm blasphemous posting here ).

I haven't completely fixed the issue yet but I've gotten a bit further so in hopes of helping the next person here are the steps I've taken.

I was able to log in successfully in safe mode (hit F8 while starting up, select safe mode). Once there I went to command prompt (click the start button, type "cmd" [without the quotes] in the search bar and hit enter. From command prompt type services.msc to launch the services control panel. Find the System Event Notification Service, right click, select properties, change it from automatic startup to disabled, apply the change and "OK" out of the dialog box. You can now restart the computer and log in normally.

This isn't really a fix, it's a temporary work-around. SENS is needed for COM+ to respond to things like login and startup events. I've also noticed that my system is very slow right now. My next step is to find a way to generate a new token for SENS and then hopefully I'll be back at 100%. I currently have Dell researching that for me (this happens to be a Dell laptop). If I get a solution short of a reinstall to that one I'll post it too.

Hope this is helpful for someone. Good luck.

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Hoping to get some help/answers.
Just purchased the above laptop in the subject line, believing it to have a 'backlit keyboard', when what I was reading actually said 'backlit Display'.
We really want a laptop with the backlit keyboard.  Can I purchase and install a Dell backlit keyboard for this laptop, and actually have it work once installed?
Our only other option is to return the laptop and purchase a different one with that feature, but we got a great price on this one, and I have researched keyboard prices and they are not that expensive.
ANY and ALL help is appreciated.  Thank You...

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I got a Dell Inspiron 1545 here and I want to check the system specifications on the Dell site. I always use the Service Tag for Dell systems but this tag isn't recognized.. Even the Express Service Code isn't recognized. I tried to contact through the Chat but it's getting closed everytime because I can only access the Chat for Sales Advisor. All other options for chat or e-mail are all dependent of my Service Tag. Can you please help me to figure out why it isn't working and what the system specifications are according to your system?
I can't post my Service Tag or Express Service Code here due to your rules so please contact me.

And sorry to say but it's a real annoying system that I can't send a mail without a working Service Tag. I've been looking for over an hour and there is no possibility to contact you without a service tag. The only possible way I found was chatting with the Sales Advisor but they closed the chat twice because I should contact the Technical Support.... really.... ..... .....

A:Service Tag and Express Service Code wont work (Dell Inspiron 1545)

Hi Mark,Welcome to the Dell Community Forum.Please check for your system Service Tag on BIOS screen, make a note of the Service Tag and check for the warranty details on Dell's support site here http://dell.to/1hcxG98.Hope this helped.

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