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How do I change read ahead optimization

Q: How do I change read ahead optimization

I have a couple older programs that I use to use in Win 95 & 98 that require me to change the CD-ROM read ahead optimization from quad speed to no read ahead. I knew how to do this in Win 95 & 98 but can not figure out how to do this in Win 2K & XP. Does anyone know how?


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Preferred Solution: How do I change read ahead optimization

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I need to know how to turn off read ahead caching for my CD ROM only, in order to read my DirectCD's I have made. Please help me.

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Hi I installed black and white 1 and whenever i start it its really stuttery, in the manual it says you have to adjust the read ahead cache but how do you do it on vista?I have installed the patch for vista

thanks in advance

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Hi folks,

Could someone please tell me if there is an option within Win 2000 to adjust the Read Ahead Optimisation on the CD Drives. I actually want to turn it off completely but can find no way to do this.
Could someone please tell me how to do this as I'm sure it'll still be there somewhere as it was in Win '98.




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Hey all,

I've been using the tutorials and tips here for a bit now, but I've run into a problem I can't seem to find anywhere.

I use List view to help me sort music. However, my folders are spread across different drives, so I have to use a library to organize them all into one place. Because I can't "Apply to Folders" in a library, I have to use file optimization.

I find it incredibly redundant that Windows uses the same exact view type for multiple optimizations: I want to be able to "optimize for Music" with a List view, rather than a Details view, which I can get from choosing another 2 options!

So, I want to be able to go into the template itself, and change the "Details" to "List," so that when I choose 'optimize,' I get my own settings, and not Windows' redundant copypasta from General Items or Documents. But, I also don't want to disable automatic folder type discovery.

Is there a way to do this?

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I recently factory reset my pc. I have it cleaned it up. C: D: are clear of unwanted stuff.
Especially D: I found out it had 3 old backups on I couldnt see.

I dont want to have to buy avast optimizer. it works wonderfully on my phone and tablet.
I know it would be awesome. But dont have the money.

Can you please reccomend a good free optimizer tool?
If one exists.

It really needs to be optimized and bad files removed.
Is there a way to optimize it without a programme?

I think it causes problems.
My system reserved is 68% fragmented.
System reserved has never defragmented at all or properly.

I cant backup onto D:
D: is mostly free. So is C:
But it says its space unavailable.
The backups wont complete onto D:

I will have to backup onto a disc. if I can.

if its not a optimizer thing. Please can you tell me what could be wrong?

It also slows down for no reason on things.
it may be dust and overheating. or something else.

It's not internet reasons.

It needs taking to a it doctor and new heatsinks done and a time problem fixed.
A chip or software.

Also. What type of disc do you use for backups? Is it possible to use a rewritable that you reuse over and over?

Please can you help me.

A:Need Help With Optimization. Need free Optimization programme.

Backup should be done on a external drive. (hard drive or ssd)
Their are no magic optimize programs. They are snake oil.

Here is a tutorial by Brink that gives lots of good ideas. Most systems don't need all of them done. Take a read. Pick and choose as you please which to do.

Optimize Windows 7

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I am doing the remove read only at the top of the folder hierarchy because it seems to inherit down

I have clicked the read only box to get it clear and set apply
I have run as admin the attrib command, attrib -r c:\users /s and attrib -r c:\users|*.* /s
it seems to accepts the files version, *.* but not the folder version, \users, see attachment

what is up with this? win7 has to have its read-only way?
is it really possible to get rid of read-only?

A:can't seem to change read-only

attrib /?

see /D switch

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I need to uncheck read only on a folder in C drive. Whenever i uncheck it, apply settings etc, i open it again and its still checked ...

Any idea what the problem is?

A:Cant change read-only

Hello Blindlkilla,

I'm sorry, but it's the files in the folders that get marked as read-only and not the folders themselves when you check read-only in a folder properties page. After checking the read-only check box and applying it, the check box will then automatically go back to a unchecked blue box, a undetermined state or not read-only. You can see more about this in the tutorial below though.

Read-only File and Folder Attribute - Vista Forums

Is it the blue box that you are seeing?

Hope this helps,

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Yesterday I sent music files to a new DVD+RW disc. Today I went to delete some of these files and could not as the files are READ ONLY. How do I change this so that I may delete at will. I am using Vista Home Premium. Thanks, eddie460

A:Change Read-Only

You'd have to format the disk with some type of packet writing software. However, that can be unreliable and incompatible with other computers and drives. If you want to frequently read and write data to a portable medium, pick up a 4GB flash drive.

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Hi All,

I have just installed win 7. When I'm creating a new folder it sets it as read only. When I'm removing the read only from the check box it is remains read only.

What can I do???


A:Can't change from read only

Quote: Originally Posted by nmnir

Hi All,

I have just installed win 7. When I'm creating a new folder it sets it as read only. When I'm removing the read only from the check box it is remains read only.

What can I do???


Welcome to Windows 7 Support forums.
Check your UAC and how your account is set up.
If you do not have admin privelages re-set your account to system administrator to raise your permission level in your UAC.

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I have a PDF file that is read only is there a way to change it so that I can edit it?

A:Change PDF to not be Read _Only

Unless you have Acrobat Professional, you cannot edit the document. Even then, editing the document will place "call-out tags" in the document that are not actually within the text. To edit the original text, you'll have to have access to the original document, unless it's been marked as available to be edited in the PDF format.

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Recently I formatted my hard drive and all my data was again copied from different Hard drive.I use win 7 ultimate .This has resulted in the READ only Tried using properties and attrib command, both failed. How do I change the files to read/write?
I have more than 300GB data.Whenever I try to edit any file I get message "save failed please check file is not opened in another programme" or I have to save with different name. please advise me how I change this.

A:change Read only attribute

Hello Padasalgi,

As a test, use the tutorial below to add "Take Ownership" to your context menu. Take Ownership Shortcut
Afterwards, see if using it to Take Ownership of the drive and/or files/folders will allow you to save them as normal without having to rename them.

When you right click on an item and click on "Take Ownership", it sets the "Administrators" group as the owner of the item, and sets permissions to allow administrators "Full control" of the item.

Hope this helps,

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Was looking at my tree the other night and found some files that I didn't understand. I checked to see what they are and they show "Read Only". I went into properties and unchecked the box for read only but the files will not change. They keep showing read only. How can I change them so that I might want to delete them. The tree is
c:\documents\temporary internet files\content.ie5\

Does anybody know what these files are and what they do? Do I need them?

A:Cannot change Read Only files

The content.ie5 folder basically just stores some cached internet explorer information, so they're just one more set of temporary internet files. You're never able to completely remove the read-only tag.

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I have never had problems with XP until I bought a PC (HP) which came pre loaded with XP. I ran it before but it was a comp that I built. I think due to the settings that HP has in place I am having trouble changing a file for a program that I installed so that it is not read only. I have half a clue about it but not enough to go into things and make changes. The tech rep from the software co said that I need to load safe mode to make the changes that need to be made. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

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i just downloaded ie9. the tabs are colored, mostly dark. i am old and i must get very close and squint to read them.

how do i get the tabs like ie8 has them? why are the tabs different colors, that also make them hard to read.


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Some of my programs don't work when their files are set to read only. All the folders in C drive are set to read only. When I uncheck Read Only and hit ok, it goes back to being read only. I'm logged in as administrator.

What's going on?

A:All folders in C: are set to read only. Can't change it.

See here:


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Hi all, I'm new here so please excuse me if I'm posting incorrectly.. I have a laptop that came with vista home premium and I'm more familiar with the XP Pro environment. When I try to change the read only attribute in vista it won't allow me to. Is this Hidden admin account the only way to change access rights? Thanks for any clarification you might offer.

A:Change Read Only attribute

Originally Posted by ibted

Hi all, I'm new here so please excuse me if I'm posting incorrectly.. I have a laptop that came with vista home premium and I'm more familiar with the XP Pro environment. When I try to change the read only attribute in vista it won't allow me to. Is this Hidden admin account the only way to change access rights? Thanks for any clarification you might offer.

You could always change the attributes via a command line from an elevated command prompt.

Command line =
attrib "file" +r

+r will add the read only and -r will remove it

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I got a laptop for christmas and copied the Firefox folder on my old computer and transferred it to my new one, but the file is now read only. In fact, the entire program files folder is. I want to use firefox, but not if i can't save stuff to my profile (extensions, themes, bookmarks). Any way to change it from read only? I have already unchecked the Read-only box on the properties window, and it asks me if i want to change just that folder, or all of the sub folder too, and i have tried both of them on the Mozilla Firefox folder, and Program files, but when i go back to the properties window, it is still read-only.

A:FIle will not change from read-only

You need to "install" the Firefox program, you cannot just "copy" it across.

You should be able to copy bookmarks etc however.

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how can or can I change a floppy disk from "READ ONlY" to one that I can read and write to? I am runnning windows 98.

A:change READ ONLY disk

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I am still experiencing the dreaded Windows 7 "let us take control of your system" scenarios and I need some help if possible.

As usual, if I create a folder and attempt to save in it, I am denied access, though this is not such an issue, as I use Take Ownership to handle this.

My problem is all of the subfolder in the My Documents folder have Read Only as the attribute and I have tried everything I know to change it.

As a last resort I have used a command prompt and used the attrib command to do the job, but with no success trying various different combinations. I tried just running command normally and then tried it as an administrator, but again no success.

This was the final command I tried attrib -r +a "H:\My Documents\*.*" /S /D but still no success.

Does anyone know a way that will work to remove the read only attributes from all of my folders?



A:Cannot Change Read Only Attributes

Hope this helps, found this on the Microsft wesite : Files showing up as "Read Only" and unable to change this. - Microsoft Answers. If you have not tired this I hope some else on this site can help.

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I am unable to change the read-only attribute on any of my folders or files. When I look at the properties, the read-only attribute has a green block inside the box instead of a green check. There are three options (instead of two) - green check, no green check or green box. Does anyone know what this box means and how to change this attribute? It will allow me clear the green box, but when I look at the properties again, it is back there. I am logged in as an Administrator and have downloaded SP2. Any help would be extremely appreciated. Confused in Hurricane country!

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A:Change Read Only Dvd For Editing

You can't write to a DVD so you can't remove the read-only attrbute on the DVD. Remove it after it has been moved to a writable medium.

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I have a small app that needs to write to its program folder to work ( Qimage), I am running XP pro ntsf and can not figure out any way to change the read only thats defalut to all files & folders

Any one know a way around this

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In trying to figure out what happened with my folder views, I realized that many of my folders are "read only". This happened because I was transporting data from one PC to a new PC and had to copy onto CD, then onto the new PC. I thought I had changed everything, once copied, to uncheck "read only", but apparently I did not . When I tried to change a couple of the folders/contents, I noticed that the security/user screen showed the allow fields as gray. I read the help for this and it says that is because this folder is mirroring the "parent" folder. How can I correct this? I tried unchecking "Allow Inheritable Permissions from Parent Folder", but it does not make any difference.

I think this is the root of why the view for all of my folders is messed up. How can I change this globally?


A:Windows 2K Cannot change read only/permissions!

Hello again Nicki B,I have given you another thing to try here:
As for this problem,have you tried,from the admin account,to take ownership of the files in question ?

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This is the scenario:
On a shared PC I want to protect a Folder so that only I can add or change the files within it, however I want all other users to still be able to read those files.

I've looked at password protection / locking the folder etc but these don't seem to have the 'others can look but don't touch option'.

A bit like Office files modify protection e.g. if you know the password you can modify the file, otherwise its read-only, but at the folder level.

Any ideas please?


PS this is for Win XP, NTFS.

A:XP Folder, allow read of contents, but not change

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Hello >

my system is hidden my folders and i can't show it now because it hidden by operating system.

how do i show it ??

help me please

A:How I change attributes of my folders to read only ?

Hi, welcome to SevenForums!

Read-only File and Folder Attribute

Open windows explorer
Click Organize > Folder and search options
Go to the View tab on the top
Under 'Hidden files and folders' click 'Show hidden files...'
Now click ok

If your files are still hidden you can go back to the same View tab and uncheck Hide protected operating system files

Please reply if you have managed to view your files.

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Hello i have a problem here..

i am trying to remove the Read only property of a folder so the things in there can start writing its settings to it..
but the problem is

it just wont allow it..

i remove the setting from the folder

and when i check it again (the second after)

the damn Read only setting is on again -.-

using a Dell computer
WinXP home edition SP3
using: Avira antiVir free
Zone alarm firewall free
Spybot search & destroy (including tea timer)

and as scan on demand i use:
SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition
MBAM (Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware)

and as added on protection i use
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

and as a side note.
don't be afraid to have complicated guides
or dangerous ones either (like Reg editing)
since i am a bit of a geek and not afraid to bleep up my comp XD
oh and sorry if its a bit messy
first time posting a problem here and wanted it to be structured (but might just be a mess :S XD)

This is for game settings not saving...

oh and if does matter the folder is under My Documents

EDIT: i now see its only on the folders itself so all files can be edited but it cannot make a file in the folder... ( sorry if you don't understand i have never been good at explination )

A:Cannot change the Read only properties of my folders

You could try saving it under "Save As" and rename it with a 2 added after the File Name?

Then I think you should be able to do as you like to it? Even then overwrite the Original File later?

Edit. Just be careful that it is not a Protected Folder in Windows or in some Programs, or you can do some Damage to the System. Obviously Back up any Files before you even think about it!

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I was wondering if you could make a dvd (read only) so you could change and delete stuff on it.

A:Solved: Can you make a read only dvd one that you can change?

No. It would be great if you could - then I could use all those freebies I get through the mail. I already have a coaster on every table.

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My pendrive was showing "it is write protected and your pendrive is read only".
could someone help me to resolve my problem?
I'm using sandisk cruzer edge 8 GB pendrive

A:How can I change my pendrive read only properties?

Is it This: http://www.sandisk.com/products/software/secureaccess ?

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So, my brother and his friend were dicks and messed w/ my computer. I set up a password on my computer for a purpose.
So; my bro somehow got past my computer password (was secure pw) and then used my account to create another user account. He made that one the main user admin and changed mine to standard. I changed mine back to admin, but I want to delete the account he created and have only my account back w/ all the power (main admin). I'm not able delete the main account he created and I dont want to delete mine because of all the settings on it..

so; how do I delete the account my brother created as admin and change my account back to main admin? I'm not able to delete the account my brother created because I think its the main one or something, I can only delete my original one that he changed.

A:How to change back to only Admin (read plz)

You need to demote him to a normal user first.

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I recently updated from Windows XP to Windows 7. I have a folder "C:\Media" that survived the update. This folder houses all my mp3s, movies, etc. The folder and all the files are Read Only.

I looked through all the previous threads on Read Only and I've followed all their instructions. I've taken Ownership, I've allowed full control to every user listed in security, I've tried to remove Read Only in the command prompt, I've copied the folder to my external drive, renaming it and trying to change permissions then, nothing has worked.

I'm the administrator and only user on the computer. I am completely stumped. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

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I am running the WindowsServer 2003 operating System and I am trying to rename a directory and I get an error that I don't have access to do that : "Access denied. Make sure disk is not full or write protected"I am able to rename other directories in same location.When I ask for properties of the directory there is a gray check in the "read only" box. When I click it to clear the box it asks if I want to apply this to all subdirectories, so I say yes, and it appears to do something. Then I try to rename the directory again and I get the same error. When I ask for properties of the directory the gray check is back!As background, this directory was created by extracting files from a compressed file. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?thanksjudy

A:Solved: read only attrib won't change

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I use Firefox 10 and find that although I use a color managed browser and calibrated monitor, the color difference between READ and UNREAD underlined urls is minimal.

Often I struggle to see whether I have already read a link. Why are we restricted to blue and near purple colours?


A:Change read, or unread, URL colour

Hi, openup firefox >> tools >> settings >> content >> colors and select your colors
now under tools >> settings >> content >> advanced uncheck allow sites to use their font... (I'm using non-english firefox so I don't know real path on english...)

that's it, you now have your own colors and fonts which may be changed at any time

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Hello there,

I know there's probably a thread on here about this but hey... it makes me feel special

Right I have issues with my new (1 week old) install of W7.
I have 2 HDDs that I used from my old PC, one of which is my media drive with my pictures, music etc on.
On the other I performed a clean install of W7 on it. It works fine but on my iTunes I can't edit any song information. I looked on the permissions and the Read-only is 'blobbed' (not checked). I have unchecked it, and a window pops up saying the attributes are being changed on all the files, but then I the song data still can't be changed. So I opened up the properties again and the read-only box was still 'blobbed'.

I tried using command prompt to change that perms (see image for the command I used)
But as you can see the access is denied and nothing has happened to the attributes.

Can anyone help with this?
Thanks in advance for your help!


A:Solved: Can't change read-only attributes...

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I am trying to install Norton Antivirus but the install fails because the windows temp folder is read only. I have tried to change it's attributes but it keeps reverting to read only. If I make a new temp folder in any directory it turns to read only as well. I am assuming that it is something in the registry that does this but I don't know where to find the key. Any help would be appreciated.

A:can't change TEMP folder from read only

All XP folders are created Read Only by the system design. You cannot change that and it will not interfere with any install that is compatible with XP.

M$ Says That is By Design.

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So I am logged in as administrator. I need to delete a file that is in the "Downloaded Program Files" directory of the "Windows" directory. I right click on the file and only get "properties" as an option. Nothing I do will let me delete it. Even tried deleting the entire directory the file is in and Vista will not let me. This file is damaged and causing problems in IE. I need it deleted.

Also, never had this problem before. I paid a lot of money for this computer and OS. Not sure why it will not let me delete a file I do not want. Would I be better off with Linex?

A:Vista Will not let me change a folder from read only

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Virtually every file shows read only when I right click on it and choose properties. In uncheck read only, then click apply and choose applies to all subfolders and files. Windows appears to change the properties (a window opens up and a green progress bar fills). But if I click OK and close properties, when I look at properties again, they are shown as read only again.

This happens both when I am logged in under my user name, as well as if I log in as administrator.

What's the deal? Am I doing something wrong. The only difficulty it's created so far was when attempting ti embed a cover art JPG into an MP3 file in my music library.

A:All files show Read Only in Properties- I cannot change

Hello patagriff,

Are you sure that it's read only.

If it's got a dot or blank in the Read-only box, then it's not set to be read only.

Only when it's checked is it read only.

Keep clicking on the Read-only box to see the different options.

Hope tis helps,

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I am desperately needing help. I have a desktop PC that I built (ASUS motherboard, Intel i3 (first generation), Nvidia graphics card, 500 GB WD HD. It ran Windows 7 Pro. I upgraded to Windows 10 last week. Since then all the options in several of my programs (SpeedCommander, qBittorrent, MS Office 2010, Firefox, etc.) keep resetting every time I rebooted the computer. I tried to uninstall the programs, so I can reinstall them, but Windows 10 won't let me uninstall the programs. I tried to overwrite the programs by installing over them, but they failed also. Firefox is a Portable program, so I tried to delete it, but I couldn't delete it either. I checked the properties and found that the folders were somehow set to "Read Only". I unchecked the "Read Only" and applied to all the subfolders and they went through successfully. I tried to delete Portable Firefox again, but it failed again. I tried to uninstall qBittorrent and it also failed again. I checked the properties again and all the folders were again "Read Only". I set the options for Word 2010 the way I want it, then unchecked the "Read Only" and applied again. Then I rebooted the computer in hope that everything will be fixed. Once the computer was fully up, I checked the options for Word 2010 and I lost all the options I set again. I checked all the folders and they were back to "Read Only". I tried everything I can think of and I consider myself as kno... Read more

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This hard drive has many important pics on it. I went under Command Prompt as administrator and did driver detail on it. Besides saying that the Current Read Only State and the Read Only saying Yes beside them, the Location Path says unavailable. To make it really weird, sometimes when I first plug it in I can copy stuff from it, but only for like a fraction of a minute, and than it wont let me into files. I have another hard drive of the same brand and size, empty and awaiting to save files from this hard drive. also when I will try to get on the files, some of them will ask me if I want to format the disk, I will say cancel and it will say data error (cyclic redundancy check). I have read else where that this means the disk is failing.

I want to change the drive from read only to a way to get the stuff off the hard drive. Oh the hard drive is a 500GB Free Agent Go Flex Seagate USB 3.0, so is the one I have ready for it.

Also a little bg. when it first died I couldnt even get on far enough to see files. On time I did get on, about 2 weeks later, and was able to see all my files were still there. Than my compy died, since I didnt realize it had come unplugged from the wall. After that once again I couldnt get on it and it was reading as RAW. Than, this past week, all of a sudden it was reading as NFTS, showing the properties (so I can see that the same amount of GB is still the same as before the drive went weird), and letting me get on to the first part, and sometimes... Read more

A:External Hard Drive Read Only, is there a way to change that?

Create a bootable pendrive with Lucid Puppy on it, boot from it and check whether you can access and retrieve your files from the external HDD.

Lucid Puppy way to recover files from a non-bootable computer

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I'm set as an administrator, I've taken ownership of Program Files folder via my account, and I've set myself to full permissions - yet I STILL can't get it to release from Read Only, which makes it impossible to install certain softwares. WTH?

A:Stuck on 'read only' after ownership, permission change

If UAC is on, file operations are implicitly given User permissions unless explicitly granted Admin rights. In that case, use compatibility manager. Or just install it into another directory.

If UAC is off, well, you shouldn't have this problem.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 5748, Sn.[Admin NOTE: Service tag removed per TOU policy], 2 GHz Intel Core i7-451U, Win 10 Home (x64) version 16-7 (build 14393.693) and the screen is a very light blue color which makes it hard to read.
As I get older (don't laugh as it will happen to you) the light color and small font makes for difficult computer enjoyment.
I have tried everything I can think of but can't change to "black" and a larger font. I am using Internet Explorer but it doesn't seem to make any difference if I use FireFox. Someone seemed to think that I will need to download a "patch" to allow the Dell to change.
Does anyone have a suggestion or just a fix. I hate to go to Dell and pay a fee to find this out.
Thanks, Dan 


Please remove your Service Tag. Never share the Service Tag number in an open forum like this.
You have a laptop but you posted in the Desktop forum.
Have you used the F11 and F12 keys to decrease/increase screen brightness?
Have you looked at the Display options page in Win 10 to change settings?
Read this: www.windowscentral.com/how-make-text-apps-bigger-windows-10

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Windows 7 Pro Administrator Acct.

Desktop background photos are stored in this hidden folder C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT\MCT-US\Wallpaper

There are other folders in C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT that I want to use as well but not allowed to change properties.

I copied them into the MCT-US folder on 1 computer but would rather just change properties on my other computers.

A:Solved: Properties- change to allow use of read only files

change to allow use of read only files

depends what you mean by the word "use". If you just want to use them but not alter them, there's no need to change the file's properties. "Read only" just means you can't modify it.

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Was playing a game recently and wanted to mod it. Found I didn't have permission to save changes to a notepad document. Checked if it was read only and it was, so I went to the game folder and unchecked the read only box in properties. It asked for permission, I gave it, spent a few seconds going through all the files in the folder it was in and then I clicked OK. Still couldn't save the file, and found that the Read Only box had been REHIGHLIGHTED.

So I go to Properties / Security and notice a few things. There is only one user account on this computer and it's an admin account, yet there are 5 accounts here, CREATOR OWNER, SYSTEM, Administrators, Users and TrustedInstaller. Don't know what that's all about. Anyway I couldn't change their permissions to full control. So I went to Ownership, and added the Administrators account as the owner, before it was some other account that wasn't any of the above.

Now I could add the full controls to all the accounts which I did. The problem persisted, the Read-Only checkbox would rehighlight after I unchecked it, apply, and OK. So I tried changing the owner to my User account. The problem persisted.

If I go to Security, Advanced, Permissions, I try to add Full Control to any of the accounts, but what it does is it creates a second copy of that account with full controls that I can remove, while the User account which has Read-Only permissions stays as an unremovable account. So I get a User account with full control an... Read more

A:Cannot change read-only, permissions or ownership of files

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

Open Notepad with elevated privileges.
(Start > Notepad > Right click on the notepad shortcut > Run as admin......)

Navigate to the file to be changed from within Notepad.
(File > Open > Navigate to the file)

Let us know if that works.

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Last weekend, while typing the church bulletin in Microsoft word starter 10, the outline suddenly became a read only file. How can I change it back to what it was

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I have a brand new custom-built PC, and I get the READ ONLY attribute on most files I open; that is, it I get the message "the file is read only; you can open it but must save with a new name," etc. I did a search on Tech Guy for similar issues but none completely matched mine, though after looking on the Net, I see it's a commom problem. What is the best way to get around this?

A:New Windows 7 PC- How do I change READ ONLY file status?

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while I was in the diplay settings of the control panel, I accidentally changed the DPI from normal to the highest in windows XP -now the fonts are so small that I can't change it again-any help appreciated

A:DPI change makes fonts too small to read

Try booting up in safe mode (hit F8 while booting) and put the setting back to what it was, then boot normally.

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