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Latitude E6410 memory upgrade with Kingston 4+4gb 204 pin 1333 model KVR13S9S8/4.

Q: Latitude E6410 memory upgrade with Kingston 4+4gb 204 pin 1333 model KVR13S9S8/4.

I have note: Preparing Automatic Repair, PC ran into a problem, Kerner security check failure and then IRQL not less or equal. Anybody can help upgrade to 8 gb

Preferred Solution: Latitude E6410 memory upgrade with Kingston 4+4gb 204 pin 1333 model KVR13S9S8/4.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Latitude E6410 memory upgrade with Kingston 4+4gb 204 pin 1333 model KVR13S9S8/4.

Return the "value" RAM and get either Kingston's KTD RAM or buy from Crucial -- or just about any other good quality RAM (i.e., NOT Value RAM or Value Select, etc.).

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I have a Dell Latitude E6410 (Windows 7 Pro, Intel Core I7-M640, 8GB RAM)and everything was already updated when it first arrived from Amazon.com over a month ago, After a few weeks, it gets an occasional "Memory Management" BSoD. Below is information concering the problem (a zip file is in the attachments).
Problem signature:  Problem Event Name:    BlueScreen  OS Version:    6.1.7601.  Locale ID:    1033Additional information about the problem:  BCCode:    1a  BCP1:    000000000000888A  BCP2:    FFFFF8A000239A98  BCP3:    FFFFF680001B04B1  BCP4:    FFFFFA8000DBBF10  OS Version:    6_1_7601  Service Pack:    1_0  Product:    256_1
How do i fix this?

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Hi There,

I decided to upgrade my pc by adding a new kingston 2G DDR3 1033 kit .. I Bought it and placed it in the same slot color with the old one (kingston 2g DDR3 1033) .. when i turned on the pc it just gave a black screen without any beeps .. i removed the new one, it worked well .. i changed the clock freq. from the bios from AUTO To 667 and 553 and aslo they didnt work .. BUT when i changed the freq. to 400 .. the new kit worked well with the old one

This is my pc spes. without the new ram installed

With the 2 rams installed it Reads 400 MHZ

What should i do ?! Is the New kit is bad ?

Note the old one Model is KVR1333D3N9/2G
and the new one is KVR1333D3S8N9/2G

A:New kingston DDR3 1333 running at only 800 bus speed..

Load bios defaults and try again? Its just ram, your system wont be faster because of it running at 667 vs 400mhz, it will be faster because it has more memory installed.

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Hey there.

I could use a little help here.

I have a kingston hiperx 8GB ram memory (KHX1600C10D3B1/8GB) installed on my PC, but its running at 1333 MHz instead of the advertised 1600. I made some digging and found out that it's not an anomaly, vendor says that the card CAN run at 1600, no problem, but its set by default at 1333 and I can manually set the speed if I want to.

Also made some digging on forums and some people say it can be done, no harm there, and others say it's not worth risking (whatever the risk is) and just let it be, because I wouldn't notice the difference anyway, but I have always relied on techspot for my PC issues, and so I do so again.

Main question here is, should I change it from 1333 to 1600, and if I should, whats the proper way to do it?

If useful, the other specs of my PC are ASUS A-88XM A motherboard, with AMD A10 6790K [email protected] GHz and RADEON R7 240 2GB DDR3 Video card.

I use it mainly for gaming, view my series, working and making video dvds

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can give me

A:1600 kingston hiperx ram running at 1333. Should I do something?

All RAM, no matter the speed, is by default clocked to 1333MHz by the CPU/motherboard/BIOS as a safety factor. There is no harm in changing it to the advertised values since it is tested to operate at that speed. All you need to do is reboot the PC and spam the BIOS key (whatever key it says on the boot splash screen). Once in there, it is hard to guide you since all BIOS are different and ASUS could have changed the location of this setting. It is usually under advanced chipset settings though. Just search around for anywhere in the BIOS stating "RAM" or the speed, "1333MHz". Once you find it, change the speed to 1600MHz.

Tell me if you cannot find this setting or need further assistance.

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DR3-1333 Or DR3L-1333

Where can i obtain the exact same model of memory for CHEAP price? I read online someone got 4GB for 5$!! But i only finding some that cost 134$ of this kind??? What is this ridiculousness??

A:Memory upgrade for Celeron j1900 Processor 1x4GB DR3L-1333?

Anyone? Help? Is there no reasonably priced memory for this computer model worth getting? I dont need 200$ workstation server memory! just basic home user computer memory

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Can the XPS8700 be upgraded with Kingston KCP313NS8/4 Memory?

A:XPS8700 Memory upgrade with Kingston Memory

Thank you for your message.Yes, this memory is compatible with the system. This system model has 4 memory slots & supports a maximum up to 32 GB @ 1600 MHz DDR3/DDR3L (1.5 V).However, if you use memory stick of two different speeds, the memory will be down- clocked to the lowest speed.We would recommend you to look for a memory which has a speed of 1600 MHz for better performance.

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I purchased a used Latitude E6410 which is running Windows 10 Pro on a legacy boot, because I couldn't get the computer to install Windows 10 Pro using UEFI.  The BIOS is showing version X35, which doesn't appear to be the right BIOS for this computer (A16 being the most recent BIOS in Dell Support).  Should I try to flash the BIOS to A16?  Obviously, the last thing I want to do is turn a working computer into a dead brick.
Thanks in advance.

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this Computer system, #9DRZTM1-2A7B,is protected by password authentication System, Please type the system or administrator password. the user was expelled six years ago. Kindly assist to format it and load news OS.


A:Dell Latitude E6410

You will need to place a voice call to Dell support.  Be prepared to verify your ownership of the system, which will be required before assistance is rendered.

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I have a Latitude E6410. It has two holes in the top of the screen bezel, which the user's guide says are microphones:
On the first page of that user's guide, I DO have numbers 1 (ambient light sensor), 2 (microphone), 5 (microphone), and 6 (display latch), but NOT numbers 3 (optional camera LED) and 4 (optional camera).
But the microphone is not detected (Windows 10). This is from a fresh install of retail Windows; not as it came from Dell.
I tried going to dell support driver download, but it did not offer a microphone driver.
Are those two holes really microphones? If so, how do I get them to be detected and working in Windows 10?

A:Does my Latitude E6410 have a microphone?

I found this thread and followed the steps there:
Result: the driver installed and Windows thinks it's installed, but no sound gets recorded.
My conclusion: the Windows 7 driver for this microphone does not work on Windows 10. And there will never be a Windows 10 driver because the company that made the microphone has gone out of business.

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Hello everyone- I bought this Dell Latitude E6410 off of ebay recently and it's been nothing but a nightmare...
Here is my issue- the laptop gets VERY hot during normal usage... For example, just typing this message it's hovering around 85 degrees Celsius. I have tried literally everything- running Linux instead of Windows 7, I poked around in the bios and found nothing, replaced the CPU fan, replaced thermal paste and installed a copper shim on the GPU, did a deep dust cleaning of the entire thing.... 
I've noticed that the fan doesn't even spool up until the CPU and GPU start hitting around 75c?!
Running prime95, the laptop began to climb to about 95 degrees Celsius before I immediately stopped the test....
Is this how these laptops are meant to run? I should mention that I am using the model with the i7-620m and the NVIDIA 3100m. 
Any help is greatly appreciated, as I really like the design and speed of the laptop... its just too hot to use. 

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I'm trying to reinstall Windows 7 onto a Latitude E6410, but when the installation changes from "Windows is loading files" to "Starting Windows" the computer forces a reboot with no error or warning. It installed Windows XP fine, but  Windows 7 (and i also tried Windows 10, with same results) wont install.

A:Dell Latitude E6410

Windows 10 was never tested/validated on this 2010 laptop model. For Windows 7 installation help, please repost your question on the Microsoft OS Forum.

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I received this Dell e6410 second hand and it has worked splendidly for the last 6 months.  I have upgraded it to Windows 8.1. However about two weeks ago it has started doing the following:
Initially it would begin Sleeping by itself while using it, despite using the a power plan that did not allow it.  It would Sleep and then power off.  It was a sudden loss as the screen would dim as it was shutting down. It has now progressed to completely power down randomly.  When this happen the notebook will not power back on from the power button.  Instead I have to unplug the power source and battery and reinsert those and it will power back up no problem.
While this was obnoxious and did cause some lost work. It happened relatively intermittently.  
A week it has started powering by itself after send it a shut down command.  Sometimes it happens immediately sometimes after leaving it alone for hours.  To test this I would shut it down shortly before going to bed and the laptop would be powered on in the morning.
It became relatively unusuable as this power cycling would continuously happen.
To resolve this I have tried the following:
*running Dell Diagnostic utility (passed, even the full diagnostic)
*turning off automatic restarts
*checking the bios for wake-on situations (none)
*checking the Windows Event Log (nothing other than an Unexpected Shut Down)
*updating the bios (now up to a16)
*monitoring temperature of GPU/CPU (all normal... Read more

A:Latitude e6410 powers on and off by itself

It does not seem to be a OS issue with what you've described,
Try this,
Remove the battery and leave the laptop plugged into power, see if it does any power cycles under this circumstance, if it does not i would advise to buy a new battery, it may be possible that the current battery could be surging.

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I am working on a friend's Dell Latitude E6410. We are trying to refurbish it for her to give to her 9 year old daughter for Christmas. The plan is to first install Win 7, and then make an image, and then try to upgrade to Win 10.

Here are my challenges:

1. The laptop was purchased with a downgrade to XP Pro SP3, but there is a Win 7 Pro 64 COA on the back. I have successfully installed and activated an OEM version of Win 7 Pro SP1 (had to use the automated system to do it), but there are some drivers missing and I am not sure yet if those will come down with Windows Update. I would prefer to use a Dell branded disc, but I will have to hunt around to see if I can find one. Suggestions?

2. The current battery is a 6 cell (type W1193). The AC adapter that she says belongs to the laptop is a 65 watt (model LA65NM130). I can only get blinking amber charging light, so either the battery is shot, or this 65 watt power supply is not adequate to charge the battery. At this point, I think I have to assume that the battery is shot, so now I need to find a cost effective replacement. I found some options on Amazon for a 12 and 9 cell at around $30, but I don't think the 65 watt power supply would charge those batteries. Do I need to find a matching 6 cell battery? Or should we get a larger power supply and larger battery?  Where would be a good source for a replacement battery?

I am hesitant to do much more with it as far as OS updates with a flakey battery. It appears ... Read more

A:Latitude E6410 Questions

It would be best NOT to upgrade to win 10. Laptops do not have all the necessary dell drivers to run 10 and there never will be any dell win 10 drivers for E6410. Windows 7 is the best option. 
About the battery--consider using the laptop without a battery since Dell replacement batteries are required and that can be too expensive--over $139. If it works without the battery installed using just the adapter, it can be a desktop replacement. If refurbishing costs over $100, it would be better to buy a tablet or a budget laptop or desktop for $229* instead. Laptops usually last for 3-4 years so that model is on its last legs and is not worth spending much or any money on. 
See dell replacement batteries and adapters HERE 

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Hello. i have a dell latitude e6410 with windows 7 32bit and need driver for wifi...can anyone help me out? I went to the dell support page but dont know which driver to install...On the laptop it says required driver for Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250

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Dell Latitude E6410
Servive Tag: <Service Tag removed> 
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
4 Gb RAM

Bought used (Ebay). New Hard drive, fresh install Win 7 Pro 64-bit, nearly 200 updates installed.
All OS updates installed and drivers updated by Dell Support.

I have a problem with the DVD drive.
Windows does not see the DVD.
I see it listed in the BIOS. Ran Bios diags and nothing reported.
I logged into Support and ran Diagnostics.
DVD not tested or reported. Not seen.
Tried to install driver and Windows would not install the driver and reports Component not found.
Tried the usual removal and re-install the drive.
The drive is getting power. The tray opens (when power is on) and the light flashes when the tray is closed.
Otherwise the laptop works perfectly.

Can anyone say if this suggests the drive is bad or perhaps a problem with the Mother Board?

A:Dell Latitude E6410 DVD not seen in Windows

try the removing upper/lower filters trick

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I am wondering if it would be worth replacing the 7200 250gb hd in my dell latitude e6410 laptop with a ssd drive. micro center in Chicago has some ssd drives on sale for nice prices now and wondering if it will make a difference in performance seeing as this laptop has the i5 2.67 processor and 4 gb of ram already.

A:Dell latitude e6410 is a ssd worth it

Originally Posted by pitbullpup

I am wondering if it would be worth replacing the 7200 250gb hd in my dell latitude e6410 laptop with a ssd drive. micro center in Chicago has some ssd drives on sale for nice prices now and wondering if it will make a difference in performance seeing as this laptop has the i5 2.67 processor and 4 gb of ram already.

hello, i think it will a difference and if the price is a good price i would say its worth it ,,I have 3 ssd drives in 3 different age towers ,none in laptops,, but I will say it made a big difference in them ,but also,none of them were i5,s

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Is there a user manual for the Latitude e6410? I can't seem to find one anywhere.
I would like a PDF manual that I could download. Anyone know where I could get one?

A:Is there a user manual for the Latitude e6410?

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

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I have a Latitude E6410 and I try to install windows 10 from my USB but every time it loads of the Usb it stop before anything happened what should can u help

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Dear forum members
Please can anyone advise. Forgive me for my lack of knowledge 
I have bought a latitude E6410 second hand and upon inspecting it found the following :

1. There is a mini-pci WWAN slot, but no WWAN card supplied
2. There is a sim card slot under the battery.
I would like to use the laptop for mobile broadband: This would preferably be for modern speeds available which I understand are called 4g or LTE.
I would like to purchase a WWAN card to meet this requirement. However through google searches I found out that perhaps  not all WWAN mini-pci cards are compatible with the E6410. Some may be whitelisted out by the bios, and be uninstallable on this laptop
Please can anyone advise if this is the case , and if so whether there is information as to which WWAN cards ARE compatible
Any help in this would be much appreciated. With thanks, Ian

A:Latitude E6410 wwan question

The two cards Dell shipped are the 5540 and 5620 -- both of which have support for Windows 7 and earlier.  Anything else you'd have to try and see -- and if you're running Windows 10, you'll likely find there are no drivers for even those cards, so be sure if you try another card, that you are certain there are drivers for the OS you're running.

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Bought my machine used, so it didn't come with a warranty. Was strapped for cash after my HP fried, and wanted something to use. Anyway, the backlight on the keyboard won't stay constantly on, like I'm used to. BTW..very disgusted with HP for 3 years. Voiced my opinion to my pc-savy son, and he said that Dell is the step child of pc's. So, naturally I expected tech support, out of warranty like I had in the past with my other machines. Nope! No such animal. was told umpre-emptily that they cannot help me. I'm like ***?
Hope you can help. Right now, said backliight is on, but don't know for how long. Thanks.

A:Backlit Keyboard on Latitude E6410

Please click on link below, hopefully it will be a help to you. By the way, what version of windows is on the system? Windows 7, 10, etc...?  

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Ive recently purchased a latitude e6410 running on windows 10 pro and bios a10 and i need help updating the intel hd graphics driver and advice for whats safe to update as ive seen bios a17, a11 and p09 available on the dell website but am unsure to download. Ive tried updating intel drivers through the intel update utility and it just fails.

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I have a Latitude E6410 with one odd issue- the cursor moves by itself, normally to the lower left hand corner of the screen, but not always. It doesn't seem to matter whether I'm using the touchpad or external mouse. It's pretty much always done this, but seems to be a little worse as of late. I just tried updating the latest version of the Alps software and the issue has persisted. Any ideas?

A:Latitude E6410 cursor moving by itself

Did you ever get to the bottom of your issues with the wandering cursor. I have a bad problem with that. I removed the battery, put back in. Changed power supplys, went into touchpad properties and disabled the pointstick, turned off scrolling, pinch zoom, desensitized it and I don't have any problems now. I don't know which one of these items actually fixed it. There is a video of guy having issues with his at this address. Copy and paste this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88zNZz6WugM&feature=em-share_video_user
He would have the issue when he hit the left side of his touchpad on the plastic. So maybe there is some touching of metal there.
Anyhow mine seems to be working ok now. I have tried to make it wander again and I have not been able to duplicate the problem so maybe it will not happen again.
What happen to yours?

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I have a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop with a bad motherboard.  If I replace the motherboard with the same Dell genuine Dell Latitude E6410 motherboard that is in my laptop now, will I still have a genuine Windows 7 OS that is on my computer now?

A:I have a Dell Latitude E6410 with a bad motherboard.


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Turbo boost technology are not working on my laptop .Tested with two processors (I7 620M and I7 840QM)
I have the latest bios A16  - turbo boost and enhaced speed technology are both enabled in bios
Hwinfo or Aida tells me that both processors are turboboost capable but the feature is disabled
How do I enable this feature
Any idea ?

my laptop have a dedicated nvidia graphic card - that's why i can test the 840QM processor too..
my friend have the same laptop E6410 with same bios A16 in, but without dedicated graphic card.
So i put the i620 processor on that laptop and Turbo Boost works fine so i think that is something related with the graphic card which seems block turbo boost on my laptop.. 

A:Turbo Boost Latitude E6410

No idea. Sorry. Even without turbo boost I am wondering if speedstep is working and so which frequency range are you able to use with this processor on the E6410.
I am considering to upgrade from 620m to 840qm.
Thanks in advance.

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Hello everyone!
I have a question. Is a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop good for gaming? Beacuse I'd like to buy myself a PC, but I don't know if it will be worth to buy a cheap one...
Most of the PC's I saw on Allegro (Polish site for buying stuff, like Ebay) are 100, 200 zł ( 3,97 zł = 1 US $ ). I have connected Creative's speaker's to my laptop, a Logitech M-BJ58 wheel mouse, and an additional monitor for more stuff on the screen, or screens actually , for better results of the laptop. It's working great but still I'm missing the super power of a PC
So thanks to everyone that will help!

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irql_not less_or equal
also error codes-
any help is greatly appreciated 

A:dell latitude e6410 os will not load

The hard drive has failed - replace it before you do the OS reload.

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I have an E6410 with a standard English keyboard. Is it possible to swap it out for a Spanish language keyboard (P/N: NSK-DB31E PK130AF2B21 07DCFW), and will it be plug-and-play?

A:Latitude E6410 Keyboard Swap

A swap can be done. The Latitude E6410 Spanish keyboard part numbers are =7DCFW (Keyboard Spanish-Latin-American-Countries Dual-Pointing Backlit)WP247 (Keyboard Spanish-Latin-American-Countries Dual-Pointing)UK937 (Keyboard Spanish-Castillian Dual-Pointing)No, not PNP. You have to change the language settings in the operating system.

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good evening,

I just installed a ssd drive in my dell latitude e6410 laptop. now some questions about how to keep the system in good shape..

1. is windows defender a good enough anti-virus/ security program or should I choose something else?

2. optimizing of ssd drive... how often?

3. is disk clean up safe for ssd drives? I know not to defragment ssd drives but what about disk clean up?

so far seems like the ssd drive made a big performance improvement

A:Just installed a ssd drive in my dell latitude e6410...

To answer your questions.
1. Yes Although I prefer a third party program.
2. Let Windows do it for you
3. Yes

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MSG:ERROR CODE:2000-0411

the given error code and message can be used by technical
support to help diagnose the problem 

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Latitude e6410.
Here's the problem (I'll answer it myself afterwards, since Dell hasn't acknowledged it and is paying out the rear for it):
You plug in the charger and Windows sees the battery but it won't charge it.

A:Latitude won't charge battery - solved (e6410)

So 3 motherboard replacements later, I discovered this. No one from dell chat support EVER checked this or asked me to:
Press Fn+F2 or Fn+F3 to enable/disable charging the battery.
Wow, don't you feel stupid...
Dell, please train your chat support please.

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Hello everyone.
I have a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop, which I bought it as a used laptop. Last week, while I am using it to browse websites, it SUDDENLY shutdown, then I try to turn it on again by pressing the power button, but it doesn't turn on. I look at the power adapter, it's green light is FLASHING. When I disconnect the power adapter from the laptop, the light on the power adapter is STEADY green. As soon as I connect the power adapter back to the laptop, its green light is FLASHING again. I also tried to turn on the laptop by using the battery, but it doesn't turn on. There is NO sound or light on the laptop at all. What's wrong with my laptop, is the motherboard dead? Sorry for a long message. Thank you very much for any help.

A:Dell Latitude E6410 Suddenly shutdown

Remove the battery and the AC Adapter and hold the power button down for at least 30 seconds. Put the AC adapter in and leave the battery out. try powering it up again

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I have a Dell E6410 running Win 7 Pro SP1, and the E Legacy Extender PRO4X.  However, the laptop does not recognize the extender when they are connected.  Is this a driver issue, laptop, or OS issue?  Also, does Win 10 recognize this extender.  
I also have a Dell E6400 running Win 7 Pro SP1, and it does recognize the extender.
Thanks in advance,

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Hi, I have an Latitude E6410 that I have switched the LCD Back cover and bezel of. However, I want to re-attach the lid to the unit but the hinges seem stuck in one position? I do not recall damaging anything and its both hinges. As far as I know the hinges move independent of one another so this is really weird. Is this normal and/or will they work when i attach the LCD cover again?

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So I have a latitude e6410, and I have a booting issue, whenever I press the power button, it lights up but the screen dosen't, although the screen and everything else does too after 4-6 seconds, I can hear the hard drive make a sound and the fans working, it shows the dell logo, then it stays black screen after that, I used to have this issue before too, but my computer would boot up on the 2nd try, after updating to BIOS A16, the problem have very much worsened and it takes about 15-20 tries to boot it up, probably not even after that. Yes, I can boot up my PC, it's not like it's gone, in fact - I am typing this from my PC itself. It boots up, but I need to power off, power on so many times. I've tried pressing F12 to run the diagnostics too, but it stays black screen even after that. OS reinstall isn't a solution, already tried that. So, my laptop does boot up after almost 20 tries, sometimes more, but could I get help so I can fix this issue?

A:Latitude E6410 - Black Screen when booting up

Can you get an image on an external monitor?
General troubleshooting:  unplug system, remove battery.  Hold power button for 30 seconds -- remove and reinstall the memory modules and the hard drive.
Try powering up on AC only (no battery).  If it will but won't with the battery installed, the battery is bad.
If it still won't consistently power up, the most likely cause is a mainboard that has a bad component or cold solder joint somewhere -- the mainboard will need to be replaced to solve the problem.

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Have a Dell Latitude E6410 - If the laptop sits idle for a while (about 10 or so minutes) I get the BSOD. Not sure if it is related to the hibernation or not. Have a few new AC adapters I bought for it, but can't confirm that is the problem. Have read about hibernation causing an issue, but wanted to get the thoughts of the forum based on what the log collector shows. Thank you for all help !! JB

I am attaching a picture of the BSOD as well.

A:Dell Latitude E6410- If is idle for a while I get BSOD - why ?

I have an E6410 running Windows 7 Pro x64 with no issues at all.

Have you checked your drivers to ensure current versions?

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My Latitude E6410 is with a ricoh SD card reader which appeared in the device manager but did not work after a clean install of 64-bit Win10. I did not find any help on these forums.
I finally tried the Win7 driver from the support page of E6410 and it worked. The file I used is RICOH_R5U24X_A04_R263985.exe.
Adding this post for the benefit of others.

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Dear colleagues
Please may I request advice.
I have installed a WWAN card into my laptop. Previously there was no WWAN card in the laptop.
The card is the Toshiba f3705g card, which is 3g. The card intalled perfectly, showing up in device manager etc
I also installed the Dell Mobile Broadband Manager software. I have inserted a sim card with data into the sim card slot. 
However I did not get an internet connection. 
So I checked the Dell Mobile Broadband Manager and it gives the message "The Mobile Broadband device is not communicating".
The software advises that when this message occurs, there is a problem as follows:
"This message occurs if there is a problem with the Mobile Broadband Module Core Service."
I followed the advice to shut down and restart but that did no good 
It advised also to 
Try to restart the Mobile Broadband Module Core Service by clicking the Control Panel Administrative Tools Services.
However, upon checking the "services" in the control panel, I find that there is no "mobile broadband core service" present - either disabled or running.
Please can anyone suggest a possible solution, as I am not knowledgeable about this kind of thing.
Thank you, Ian

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all I got a new E6410 and 2 docking stations around a month ago.
The problem I have is that when the notebook is in my office docking station it is really really slow.
I can watch while window contents are draw, switching messages inthugnerbird takes a couple of seconds.
In the home dokcing station everything is fine.
Can anyone give me a hint what I can do about.
I'm planning on calling dell support, but I guess they'll be pretty sceptical.

A:Latitude E6410 slow when in docking station

it may be taking forever trying to access network shares which are available at home but not at work.
I suggest swapping the two docking stations. If the same docking station has the same performance, then the one which causes slow performance is defective in some way. If the laptop is still slow at work and fast at home, then the problem is caused by there being something different about the environment.

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I recently bought a Dell Latitude E6410 with Win 10. I have problem with its sound and mic. When I active the mic, I don't have sound on internal speaker, when I fix the sound, then the mic doesn't work. If I add an external mic it does work with sound together but not in all apps. For example, they don't work together on Skype. 
When I used Dell driver checks, it showed me the BIOS needs to be updated, but when I want to update it gives me error. 
Appreciate any help. 

A:Sound and mic Problem in dell Latitude E6410

aytajalli Latitude E6410 with Win 10
Hello. Dell does not support Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 on the Latitude E6410 model and cautions that you might lose some functionality if you do run Win10. You can see the notice on the E6410 support page.
The E6410 has IDT audio hardware on the motherboard. The IDT company went out of the consumer audio business before Windows 10 came out, so I doubt that there will ever be a Win10 IDT audio driver for that model.
You can try to use the IDT Win7 audio driver in Win10, by installing it while using Compatibility mode.
1. Download and save the audio driver to your desktop or any convenient location on the hard drive.  [There are two "formats" on the driver's page. Scroll down to the 2nd one, named "Hard Drive" format, and download that one, not the 1st one named "Windows Update Package".]2. Double click on the new folder to extract (unzip) the driver files.3. The extractor wizard will create a new folder for the driver files. It will be at "c:\dell\drivers\xxxxxx". Write down the exact location that the wizard creates. 4. If the driver begins to install automatically, halt (cancel) the installation.5. Browse to the driver files on the hard drive (the location you wrote down).6. Find the "setup.exe" file.7. Right click on setup.exe to open the context menu.8. Select the Properties.9. Select the Compatibility tab.10. Check the box "run this program in compatibility mode for"... W... Read more

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I have a used Latitude E6410 which rapidly overheats and shuts down. I downloaded the A16 BIOS and installed it and that has not solved the problem (in fact, it shuts off even faster now). A brief search of the web shows that this is a longstanding problem with no solution. Dell, what should I do?For reference, the HD has NO OS on it; any install fails because the computer shuts down within 15 minutes of boot up. I am trying to install CentOS 7 on it, and if I can make it to the system manager, I can watch the usage percentage on all 4 cores rise from 0% to 99% (with NO user input) and then it goes off. Help.

A:Latitude E6410 -- Rapid overheating and shutdown.

So know one knows anything?

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Hello everyone,

I need help fixing a dell latitude e6410 Core i7 Laptop. I tried removing and reinstalling the cpu on the laptop and I put everything back together. When I turn on the laptop, it wont display anything on the screen. What would be the cause of this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I made sure I put in the thermal paste on cpu and installed Heatsink and fan.

The fan was clean and aswell as the heat vent.

I already tried other cpu's and it didn't boot up aswell.

Is there any special key combination do I need to press when I power on the system.

Can you think of anything else that can be useful to resolve the issue.

A:Need Help repairing Dell Latitude e6410 laptop

Are you getting any LED indicators to light up anywhere on the laptop?

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Hi,Im having an issue installing the Network driver on my, recently formatted, Latitude E6410.When i try to run the .exe, i get the following message:" The version of this file is not complatible with the version of Windows you are running. Check your computer's system information t see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and contact the software publisher."Im running Win 7 x64.I downloaded the Network driver from Dell support website using the laptops service tag.Tried to run the driver under XP compatibility mode.
Not really sure what else to try. All the other drivers worked fine.


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good evening,

I just installed a ssd drive in my dell latitude e6410 laptop. now some questions about how to keep the system in good shape..

1. is windows defender a good enough anti-virus/ security program or should I choose something else?

2. optimizing of ssd drive... how often?

3. is disk clean up safe for ssd drives? I know not to defragment ssd drives but what about disk clean up?

so far seems like the ssd drive made a big performance improvement

A:Just installed a ssd drive in my dell latitude e6410...

To answer your questions.
1. Yes Although I prefer a third party program.
2. Let Windows do it for you
3. Yes

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I'm trying to install Windows 7 back onto a Latitude E6410, but the computer forces a restart when attempting to start Windows. I cant do anything without having the OS on it. This is a problem with the system itself, not the OS.

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Please help.
I placed a Novatel DW5804 (E371) WWAN in mine E6410 with the latest bios.
Can not find any drivers or application for win7 64bit, please help.
I managed to load drivers from different wwan adapters, but no GPS etc.
Please help

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Hi, I am using Dell Latitude E6410. I need graphics driver for Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.
Hardware id:

Thanks in advance

A:Dell Latitude E6410 Video Driver

Make sure you install the chipset driver FIRST.  Then reboot and install the Intel GPU drivers.

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