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Special Character

Q: Special Character

Hello, i have a german keyboard (thinkpad T450s) without numpad. I need to use some character from danish languagebut i cant find out how i can use Alt-code. I have activatet the Num key on the screen keyboard but i cant use alt code. Anyone can help me?

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Preferred Solution: Special Character

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Having problems with emails being received that does not display characters correctly like apostrophes, single and double quotes, @ signs, etc.
Here are some examples from fifferent emails that I have received.

Automatic text insertion from a smart phone
Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S„ III, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone (think this is a trade mark symbol)
Manually entered text in same email
Only 86% will send this on.
€œShould be a 100%€. What will you do? (guessing should be single or double quotes)
I'M 100% for PASSING THIS ON!!!
Let€™s Take a stand!!! (should be an apostrophe)
Samples from Groupon emails
Gastropub Food
Dale 1891 €” Carrollwood (Supposed to be an @ sign)

Best of 2012: Evolation Yoga €“ Up to 67% Off Classes (@ ?)
From RetailGigs.com
Monday, April 1st €“ The Crowne Plaza Hotel Westshore, Tampa, FL (@ ?)
Tuesday, April 2nd €“ The Marriott Hotel, St. Petersburg, FL (@ ?)

Anyone have a solution for this?

Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows Live Mail 2012

A:Special character mis-interpretation

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Could someone give me the text/ASCII version of this special character??

It is basically an R with two vertical lines on the left (instead of one). It represents relation in symbolic logic. E.g. "aRb" would mean *a* bears a certain relation to *b*. (a and b are objects)

A:find this special character

This character? It isn't an ASCII character at all (ascii only has room for 256 characters), so there's no way to give you that code I'm afraid. You can get it in HTML by inserting the code

[SIZE=2] &# 8477;[/SIZE]
(without the space between the # and the number, which I put in to stop this helpful very forum from turning the thing into the ℝ for me.)

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My friend's last name is McPherson. But when he writes his name, he writes it with the c elevated, with a horizontal line underneath it. It's not a cedilla. Just a straight horizontal line. There's probably a word for it, but I don't know it.
How can I do that on the computer while, for instance, writing an email?


A:Solved: Special Character

Its not a character, you should be able to do it with formatting. If you set the C to superscript and then underline it it should work. (Ctrl - Shift - +/=) and (Ctrl - U) for shortcuts

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Is there a way to do the special characters that usualy you can do with ALT+numeric keypad? Like the "" ?There should be a key combination through lenovo utility... Or not? Some notebook have this function, with a key combination you can have a numeric keypad (some letters can do the numbers)...

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Hi, im looking for a huge list of special characters for use in word and the internet.

i know in word you can go to the table and do so for a good amount of the characters...but it seems to be lacking quite a few. I also like to just memorize the "alt- number" sequence for later use.

I came across tons of lists...but most are for unicode only...or are very small and useless lists for word.
Basically the list i want is the one that when "alt 234" is used i get the Ω sign

Thanks for reading.

A:MS Word special character list?


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Yesterday I got the following strange problem, which I can't find solution for:

When I want to type left curly bracket from keyboard with usual shortcut Ctrl+Alt+B, it doesn't show up in any application, including Google Chrome and Wolfram Mathematica. B key alone works perfectly fine and also Ctrl+Alt+ any other key works perfectly fine. This problem happened out of nowhere. What could be the problem? What to do to solve this? I am desperate now since I spent a lot of time looking for solution, but nothing helped.


A:Special character from keyboard isn't showing up

Now the combination of keys works and problem seems to be solved, again out of nowhere. I didn't do anything to solve the problem. Very strange.

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Hello All

Facing an issue in Citrix session. While workin in an application we are seeeing an special small square box R in email address. EX: ( [email protected])

Please help in understanding why this is here.

A:Citrix Special Character 


Originally Posted by Venkatakiran

Hello All

Facing an issue in Citrix session. While workin in an application we are seeeing an special small square box R in email address. EX: ( [email protected])

Please help in understanding why this is here.

is there no solution to understand this square box.

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Hi, like most people, I hate the caps lock key, used it again by mistale this morning for three lines. Instead of disabling it I should like to replace it with ฿ (Thai Baht)symbol which I use a fair bit.If I can do this without going into the registry all the better.
Any ideas, please?

A:replace caps lock with a special character

First - What language / Region is your keyboard set to Next -This was written for Windows7 but it should translate back to XP also -Windows 7 Tips and Tweaks Look through the details there -God Luck -

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I'm trying to search the contents of some text files. The string I am searching for is SAP*. As you can probably guess when I type * I get everything that starts with the word SAP.

I tried using ~"SAP*", ~SAP"(*)" etc. but it continues to show me everything that starts with SAP. I can't use ~"*" because there are other entries that contain an *.

Any ideas?



A:Search text file contents for special character


The results depend on which text editor you are using. This is what I get when I use FREE NotePad++


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Word XP (aka Word 2002).
The key codes for special characters & symbols don't work in Word anymore. Nothing shows up on the page when I try to use them. (Like ALT + 0189, etc.) I have been retrieving them out of Character Map which is a colossal pain - can't keep doing that! The codes do work in Wordpad and in Notepad, just not in Word. Is there a Word tool to re-enable their use?
Caps Lock is not on.

A:Solved: Special character codes don't work in Word anymore

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When I click Find/Special/Paragraph Character in Word 2007,
^v appears in the "find what" box instead of ^p

How can I change the default back to the correct code?

Thanks for any help.


A:Solved: Word 2007 Find - Change Special Character?

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This probably has nothing to do with Windows 7, but I thought someone on this forum would know.

When in a text editor like on this forum or on Microsoft word and when I delete and hold it down it will be really slow. Characters would only delete every half a second no matter what.

Anyone know what causes this? When I restart my computer it's back to normal, but if I leave it on for 10+ hours it happens again.

A:Slow deletes (character by character)

In control Panel, All Control Panel Items, open keyboard.

Check there to see you repeat rate and increase if needed.

When the problem happens , check to see if it was changed.
If so, there might be some application or keyboard driver taking over.

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i tried to read a file exported by registry editor using c++.
but after every characetr there is a null character
i am not getting this...
can somebody clarify this to me.....

when i open that file using notepad, it is normal...... but when i open with edit there is a null character
does the file occupies more memory due to that null character???

help guys
thanks in advance..
n sory for my english

A:Null character after every character..

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Summary: i can't delete the Tama Character 1.0 program from my computer.

Last year around about January, this website called: www.tamatown.com (for the toy: Tamagotchi) and they were having an anniversary for the Tamagotchi. And for the anniversary, you could download for a limited time: a Tamagotchi character for your computer. I thought it would be cool, so I downloaded it. I didn't like it because when you log on to your user, it changes your background to one of the Tamagotchi backgrounds that came with the character. So, instead of removing the program-stupid idea-I deleted the background for it, thinking it would stop it from changing my background. It didn't stop; instead of changing it to a Tamagotchi background it changed the background to the background colour that was selected in the "Display" menu (in the control panel) even if you weren't using the background colour as your background.

So after this kept happening, I decided to go to the "Add or Remove Program" menu to remove. So I scrolled down to the program with the Tamagotchi symbol beside it (a golden Tamagotchi with a green screen and a dark blue jagged border around the screen) titled: Tama Character 1.0. I went to the "Change/Remove" Button and clicked it. A gray window appeared like its supposed to. The window had a Question mark symbol on the left hand side and at the bottom, their were: "Yes" and "No" buttons. The problem though, is ... Read more

A:Tama Character 1.0 (Character.exe)

Use the Search function and see if you can locate the program's folder. If you have it, open it and look for an uninstaller. You might have to reinstall the program, then use Add/Remove ProgramsTo keep it from running, you can download Codestuff Starter:http://www.snapfiles.com/get/starter.htmlIf it's listed in the application, tick the box by it and at least it won't run at Startup

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I have two Dell Inspiron 17R 7720 laptops. My "old" one I bought direct from Dell in 2012, the "new" one, advertised as an "Inspiron 17R 7720 Special Edition",  I bought on Ebay a couple of weeks ago. I still have the original paperwork for the old one from when I purchased it from Dell and there is no mention of "Special Edition" in the paperwork. Both are identified only as "Inspiron 7720" on the label on the underside of the computer, and there are no "Special Edition" markings or labeling anywhere on the new computer.
Hardware is pretty much identical, 1TB Samsung ST1000LM024HN HDDs, 8 GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000/Nvidia GeForce GT 650M Video/3D graphics, Backlit Keyboard on both. The only hardware differences are the old computer has an Intel Core i7-3610QM processor (specified by me when I ordered the computer) and a 32GB mSATA SSD while the new computer has an Intel Core i5-3210M processor and no mSATA SSD. 
So what makes the "Special Edition" so special? Is there REALLY anything different about "Special Edition" computers, or was that just some sort of marketing hype?

A:What is so special about an Inspiron 17R 7720 "Special Edition"?

The mSATA cache drive was one of the differentiators.  When that system was built, SSDs were appreciably more expensive than they are now.

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My brother-in-law installed Foxfire on my computer without my knowledge and since then I've been missing a lot of characters on my character map! Is there any way to reinstall it or install newer version without viruses?

A:Character Map help

Hi, Biscuitz, and welcome to the forums.

I have run Firefox on Vista for well over 2 years and not lost a thing on my Character map. Can you be more detailed about what you mean? Did he remove a font, or set another one up?

As for uninstalling it it uninstalls like any other program, the same way all windows have done since Windows 95 - Add / Remove Programs, although Vista now calls it Programs and Features, - still in the Control Panel.

If you use the classic Control Panel, it is right there. If you use the New Control Panel, it is under the category of Programs, and is called, appropriately enough, "Uninstall programs".

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Please tell me how to move an umlaut (diaresis) from the map to ms word. I am using wds xp svc pack2. Thanks.

A:character map

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Right now I have Windows XP but I am considering installing Windows 7. Windows XP has a character map from which I could put fractions into my word processor. Does Windows 7 has such a character map? Thank you. Murrar

A:character map

Win7 does have a character map.

Before installing Win7, download, install then run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from here
http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/get/upgrade-advisor.aspx to make sure your system meets the requirements for Win7.

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Not having a lot of luck with this in Win 10. In previous O/S you just clicked on a character which would copy it so you just had to Ctrl-V to place it in your text. But I just can't seem to get it to copy from the application.

A:Character Map

I'm not really sure what you are trying to do. CTRL + V still works in Windows 10 as well as the other CTRL shortcuts.

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I need help with the character map in XP. I know I can copy and paste a symbol from there into my document and I also know I can use the keypad to key in the symbol like ALT plus 0169 will give me the copy right symbol or what ever. What about symbols that don't just have a number. For example there is a font called symbol and it has a cloverleaf I would like to use. The character code says 0xA7 so how can you key that in instead of pasting? There are others that say codes like U+00AA and I don't understand how to key them in or if you can, Mary!

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i have a linksys WRT300N router. i am trying to extend the network with an airport express from apple. i have everything set up properly except for the password. right now i have a 64 bit 10 character password. i have changed changed it to 128 bit and entered the pass phrase and it gave me a 26 character password.

The problem is the airport express only accepts 13 character passwords. how do i get this 13 character password

A:26 character WEP to 13

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I have Office 2003 on my desktop and Office 2007 on my lap top.
The character map in Office 2007 has characters under Times New Roman that are not in the character map of Office 2003.
For example: s-underdot, n-underdot, m-underdot, m-overdot, etc.
Is there a patch or any way I can update the character map on my Office 20003 with the new types in OFFICE 2007?

A:character map

Hi joysenas
I am unaware of a clear cut / simple answer to your question so I've included some links that may give you a clue .
Post back when you have finished reading them.

MSOutlook.info | Real World Questions, Real World Answers
Microsoft Outlook Issues
Outlook 2007 Solution Center

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Hi there I seem to have lost my character map, and now I can't find it again. Let me try to explain what I did:

I was attempting to assign hotkeys to several programs, including my character map, since I use it a lot at work. It wasn't working when I pressed my hotkey (turns out they are disabled here at work due to another program using a ton of them). Before I found out they are disabled though, I right-clicked the icon, hit "Properties," and messed around with the fields that say "Target" and "Start In." Now, my character map does not work, and I have no clue what to type in those two fields to make it work again.

I hope that made sense LOL ... thanks so much to anyone who might be able to assist me!


A:Character Map

This is my target, guessing its prob the same %SystemRoot%\system32\charmap.exe and start in C:\WINDOWS\system32

As for the hot keys, you can run Character Map from the "run" menu. So go to start/run and enter charmap enter. Run will stay populated with "charmap" until you use it for something else so in future all you have to do is - hold down the "Windows Key" and press "R", then press "Enter"

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you cannot write p + 1 on the left hand side... it should not be an expression...

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I understand if you go to start-all programs-accessories-system tools there is suppose to be something there called a character map so you can use different symbols. In my system tools on windows xp I have nothing called character map. Am I missing something? Is this a really dumb question or what?

A:Solved: XP character map??????


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Greetings guys.

I keep on getting chinese character here and there in IE 6.5 and sometime in Lotus.

I am quite confused about this.

Can someone give me any pointers?

A:Chinese Character in IE 6.5

Try an IE 6 fix..may just work.
IE fix. will reregister IE core files.

Run IE help tool.

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I run windows vista. Also I signed up for a free account and also registered. I can load the game just fine past all the logos and movies and onto the server selection menu. I can then select what server I want to use but I cannot create any characters, The only two options that are available to me are Log out and Delete. The New button or word is not selectable. Is the server down ? Also is there any way to have a Option on your pages to state which servers are currently down like a server status list.

A:Cannot create new Character!

Are you even in the correct forum?
What game are you talking about?
Im thinking that it would be easier to ask questions about a game on their forums not a general knowledge forum.

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is there any way to restore character map???i had it yesterday,but now its

gone.i got xp.i go to start>accesories>system tools>and i would find it.now i

cant.any way i can restore it?

A:Solved: Character Map

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How does one TURN OFF the "character map" in (Vista Home) WordPad so a quotation mark can be typed without going through the character map? All the HELP Functions are on how to turn it on, and none apparently on how to get rid of it. If you are typing dialogue for example and can only get at "Quotation marks" through the Character map that is kind of inconvenient.


A:Word Pad Character Map

For anyone who is interested, I think I figured this out.

For the original user, the keyboard worked as it says. Each key produced what it claimed to be. An additional user was created to allow two different people to train the speech recognition system.

The second user had the problem with the "character map". But it apparently was not the character map at all, but the second (and third) user got different KEYBOARDS, for what ever reason, I can only guess. I set up all the users myself and never specified any keyboard for any of them.

One of those "random features" that Microsoft supplies?

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whenever i compile the following code (c language
) it causes my console window to stop working.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <iostream>
int main ()
{ char*p="hello";
char*m;int i;
for (i=0;i<5;i++)
{if (*(p+i) != 'l')

return 0;}
i am suppose to omit the alphabet 'l' from "hello" and print the string without any holes using pointers.so i wrote the above code.compiler is dev c++

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new Acer 1210 - Vista home premium.
getting the following character set in Windows Mail and a golf software program:

[email protected]#$%?&*()_+




Please help.

A:Character set problem

All of the posted examples seem to be the correct keys.
Is your caps lock key pressed on?
Do you possibly have another keyboard to try?
Here is a link to keyboard testing software.

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In my access database, one of my record is showing up with what looks like chinese. How do I delte this record?

A:Funky Character

There is an X at the top of your screen on the database toolbar. If you click on this it will delete your record.

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is there any such thing as a character that is like a random thing.
so like


could equal any of the following if * was a random character


something like that..

please help


A:Random Character in VB

It depends what you are trying to do, there is actually a "LIKE" operator in VB that is rarely used which would allow you to do something like this:

Debug.Print "abcde" Like "ab*de"
Debug.Print "abode" Like "ab*de"
Debug.Print "abpde" Like "ab*de"
Debug.Print "acbde" Like "ab*de"

Will return True,True,True,False

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When I click on copy on character map it doesn't work. I want to copy the frown face, but it doesn't work. Ariel and courier new works. Windings doesn't work and other symbols doesn't work like windings symbols.

A:character map copy

Hello there,Brink has written great tutorial about using Character Map.
Also I was searching and found this one,maybe it will help you
Symbols & Character Map - www.compukiss.com

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Soem emails won;t display body...most will...using Netscape (but cableone.net emaila ddy) and cannot change the charcter encoding....how do I fix ths????

A:Character encoding?

bUMP because I am goin' nutso with this problem!!! Help!

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Trying to type @ gives another character . Please help. It is a brand new HP laptop

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Using Word 2007 with Win 7.
I have a large number of documents in each of several folders. The document titles all start with a capital X. I need to get rid of all the Xs. If I go to FIND or REPLACE, I can enter an X but it requires me to enter a character to replace the X with. I need to replace it with nothing, just delete them.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+, x64 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1918 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM), 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 297382 MB, Free - 194128 MB;
Motherboard: ECS , Nettle, 1.0 ,
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Replace a character with nothing

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A:No Character Repeat

Welcome to TSG!

You should check that the setting is enabled in the BIOS, some computer BIOS do control this setting and that would override Windows.

You may want to check for a stuck Caps Lock key as well.
Posting in all capitals is the web equivalent of shouting at people!

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I suddenly can't use the extended character set. I have been able to by using the alt key and the code, but now it just displays question marks. I think this happened before - quite a while ago - and I have no idea how I fixed it. Any help would be appreciated.

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Given a list of words we want to find all the words that end with a particular string which is stored in character array "endstr".For example "operating","ing" are valid inputs.For this we have a function "getword" which stores all the words in array wordlist that end with string stored in endstr into targetlist array.it is defined as under


void getword (char wordlist [ ] [40], char endstr[],int n,char targetlist[ ][40)

int i,count;

i=0;i<Read more

A:character strings

you could try a couple of temp strings.

loop(...) {
char tmp[4] = { 0 }, *p = wordlist[i];
strncpy(tmp, (p + (strlen(p) - 3)), 3);
if(strcmp(tmp, endstr) == 0) {
// copy wordlist[i] to targetlist[count]
maybe something like that

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i wrote the following code (c language) to omit the alphabet 'l' from string "hello" and print the resultant string without holes using pointers.it printed garbage values then caused the compiler to stop working.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <iostream>
int main ()
{ char*p="hello";
int i;
(p) =(char*)malloc(20);/*assigning memory of 20 bytes*/
for (i=0;i<5;i++)
{if (*(p+i) = 'l')


free(p+i);}}/*i tried to free the specific memory containing alphabet l*/
return 0;}

can someone tell what mistake is there with this code or the correct code to omit the alphabet 'l' from string "hello" and print the resultant string using pointers ?

A:character pointers

// start of program
// description: eliminates the 'l's in string "hello"

// header file declarations

// entry function for program
int main () {

// variable declarations
char *p = "hello"; // original string - embedded in code
char *t; // temporary string variable for storage purpose
int i = 0, j = 0; // variable declarations for loop and index purpose

// clear the screen

// dynamic allocation of memory
t = (char*) malloc( strlen(p) * sizeof(char) );

// start of for loop
for ( ; i < strlen(p); i++ ) {
if ( p == 'l' ) {
else {
t[j] = p;
} // end of for loop

// denote the end of string
t[j] = '\0';

printf("\n original string:\t %s", p);

// copy the string contents of t to p

// free the memory allocated to t

// print the output to console
printf("\n resultant string:\t %s\n", p);

// wait till user presses a key to exit output
printf("\n press any key to continue...");

// return success code to operating system
return 0;

// end of program


original string: hello
resultant string: heo

press any key to continue...

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I don't remember removing the character map, but now it's gone. I tried adding the character map through the add remove windows feature, but it doesn't work. I am running windows xp professional.

A:missing character map.

Here's one to use. Doesn't say what o/s you can use with.

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First Post…..

Suddenly I have zero on my desktop. It is about 2 inches down and 2 inches in from the upper left corner. It stays when I change wallpapers. Any ideas as to where it came from and/ or how to get rid of it?


A:Odd Character on Desktop

Could you post a screenshot.

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I need to change the "^" character to type the"" instead, this cannot be done, or atleast I have not found the way to do it with scan codes,is there any other way to change these characters?

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After reformatting my Toshiba Satellite lap top hard drive (then I find out its hardware related and warrantable through a class action lawsuit), I'm now reloading software onto the repaired computer. Over a year ago I purchased a 2002 version of Microsoft Word through an online vendor (no, I cant recall who). Setup is asking for the 25 Character Key to access this software I paid for. I have a 19 character product ID # on the CD jacket, and a different ID # on the same software loaded on another computer, any ideas how to access software legally mine would be appreciated.


A:25 Character Key Code

Have you contacted Microsoft about it?

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