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Synaptics UltraNav Driver level inconsistency

Q: Synaptics UltraNav Driver level inconsistency


The URL below states that the driver being installed is


However, the actual driver which is installed by the package is:! This is not the first time where the package description(s) are inconsistent with the contents.

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Preferred Solution: Synaptics UltraNav Driver level inconsistency

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I can't seem to install the latest Synaptics UltraNav ( driver for my X1C6. I'm running W10 (1803) with all the latest updates installed. Anybody have any idea why it won't install?

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Lenovo has rolled out new driver today, but i have problem installing it. Any advice at all please? It's annoying cause my the touchpad has been playing up for a bit since it released. 

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Lenovo Ultranav stoped working wen installed windows 10. SolutionsPleaseInstalation of Synaptics ThinkPad UltraNav Driver ThinkPad T440p under Windows 10, failed!!

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Hello, recently I noticed that on my up-to-date Windows 10 (Creators Update) there is a process called "WMI Provider Host" (WmiPrvSE.exe) constantly using 1-3% CPU no matter what you are doing. I've been observing this behaviour just recently (maybe 1-2 weeks). So I started with a fresh (completely clean) Windows 10 installation on my Thinkpad X260. I observed this behaviour instantly after Windows finished its instalation and update process without installing any custom software from Lenovo website. When I try to kill this WMI host instance, it is restarted imidiatelly and problem continues. I attached threads output from ProcessExplorer. I looks like the thread execution is deadlocked or something similar. So I started digging which application is causing this WMI host cpu usage. After disabling Synaptic Pointing Device service called "SynTPEnhService" this behaviour disappeared. So I started digging around Synaptic executables. I was able to find out, that process causing this cpu usage is SynTPEnh.exe, which I believe is some kind of main (parrent) process for Synaptic driver functions. When I kill this particular process, then I am able to pernamently kill the WMI host causing those troubles. Well, it actually restarts again, but has no cpu usage. I am using latest version of Synaptic drivers available, which is Is anybody else observing such behaviour? What is the solution for this problem? By disabling SynTPEnhService you loose your track... Read more

A:Synaptics UltraNav Driver causing WmiPrvSE.exe cpu usage

I noticed the same with the 5/29 bios update and the recent trackpoint firmware as well using the more recent Synaptic drivers.

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I installed and activated Windows 10 on a pair of X-series laptops, an X220 and an X201.  Everything was just fine except that the touchpad does not control the cursor well, either freezing it or bouncing around madly.  I finally solved the problem by changing the UltraNav driver to PS/2 Mouse driver, less functional, but it actually works.  When I ran the Windows 10 update, it reinstalled the UltraNav driver, so I had to revert back to the PS/2 driver and reboot.  (The UltraNav driver downloaded from the Lenovo site is equally defective.) Yes, I know these are older systems, but can't Synaptics do a working driver?  Or maybe Microsoft could install the basic PS/2 Mouse driver as the default?  I must be dreaming.  Anyway, the problem of a properly function touchpad has a solution.

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Thus far I failed to identify the circumstances in which the touchpad stops working. It seems to sometimes happen when it checks for an update. What is also curious that the cursor will sometimes mess up such that the text cursor will be displayed as the context menu cursor. Not sure if this is related. The touchpad works again after restart. Everything is up-to-date, running Windows 10 (1909). The TrackPoint is unaffected by this.

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I want to uninstall Synaptics ThinkPad UltraNav Drivers and files and registry t440p windows 10.Does anyone has al the instructions. The way from the controlpanel does not work....

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I am running Windows 10 on an Acer and recently downloaded and installed the update for the Synaptic touchpad (January 17, 2017).  After rebooting my laptop, I can use the touch pad to move the cursor when logging in, but once the system as loaded,
I cannot move the cursor using the touch pad.  I can left-click and right-click, and shrink and expand on the touch pad, but have no control over the cursor.  I currently have a mouse attached to the computer in order to move the cursor.
When I click on the link for more information about the update, there currently is no information.  Quite frustrating.
Please advise as how to resolve this issue.
Thank you.

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Issue :Im using T470s with Windows 7 OS, 1st - When im using Cisco Jabber to have a video chat\confrence the application will crash. Im suspected it due to the the intergrated camera driver. However when i go to Lenovo site, for T470s i can only found camera driver for Windows 10. 2nd - There is no Synaptic UltraNav available and when go to Lenovo site, for T470s i can only found driver for Windows 10. Question :Is there any Win 7 camera and UltraNav driver from other T model that compatible with T470s? BRMiqdad

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Hello all,  I decided to install a different version of the Ultranav driver on my ThinkPalled ad x220 laptop. I deinstalled the Ultranav driver using Programs and Feures, and then proceeded to install the Ultranav driver by running the executable I downloaded from thealla lenovo page at http://support.lenovo.com/nl/fi/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-x-series-laptops/thinkpad-x22....  The installation goes on fine up to the point when the driver has to be actually copied/installed, and then I get the error message "You have to run the 64-bit version of DPInst.exe on this machine. Contact the vendor that provided you this package."What to do? The machine, as it is now, is nearly unusable, unless I use an external mouse. 

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Hi Mark_lenovo or other thinkpad expert, I will ask for your help in finding a driver for the UltraNav 2(ALPS) on the Thinkpad X300 for windows 10(64bit). Currently I use the latest driver for windows 7 (7.202.1616.206):
But that one has issues with the metro/Modern parts of windows 10 UI: Touchpad scroll works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, File Explorer, Device manager, Help, Services.msc and some other places, but it does not work in Start menu or any menu under system, Control panel, Edge or Windows Store.
Most likely it's because the programmers didn't know about the modern UI when they made the driver and therefore it does not support it, and that is why scroll is not working in those parts of the UI.
The synaptics touchpad on some Thinkpad models works fine with driver version 17.xx.xx.x but as soon as it is updated scroll function seize to work again - mine is ALPS Ultranav 2 touchpad - is it possible to "cheat a bit" and use the ultranav utility in combination with the synaptics driver or can synaptics driver replace the ALPS driver totally(I tried this on my R500 and it didn't work, the touchpad were disabled after restart)?
Do you know of any other thinkpad models with same Ultranav 2 touchpad(Palmrest FRU# 42X5021) that has a newer driver and will work with the X300 and windows 10 Modern UI? Could you find out?
I already tried most of the series 8 drivers I could find o... Read more

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I reset my laptop back to factory default (from windows 10 64 bit to windows 7 64 bit), and now my included trackpad and eraser head mouse are not working as well as the mouse buttons (right, left, and middle click), and when I click fn + f8 I get a popup saying that "ultranav driver is not installed" with no option other than "ok" I installed the ultranav drivers from https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/migr-67226 I get a successful installation notification, but I still do not have a functioning mouse. I reboot the laptop, do a full shutdown, and still no dice. Any ideas on how to fix it?

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Hi all, The latest version of the touchpad driver for the T440 disables my trackpoint and removes the option to re-enable it from the Mouse Properties menu. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm on Windows 7 and the original driver on my computer is v18.0.7.40, for reference. Removing and re-installing the new driver did not fix the issue. I'd like to keep the new driver installed (due to behavior issues from my touchpad on the old driver), but lack of trackpoint functionality is a dealbreaker for me. Thanks in advance.

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I did a search to see if this was already posted but didn't find it.  So, here's my story. I have a P40 Yoga that's about a year old.  A couple of weeks ago, I received a pop-up from Lenovo Vantage saying there was a system update.  Like a good user, I said OK.  I didn't notice it right away (because I use an external mouse) but the trackpad, left/right click buttons and the "trackpoint" center button all stopped working.  I did a lot of searching to see if there was a resolution but couldn't find one. Eventually, I went into Control Panel | Device Manager | Mice and other pointing devices | ELAN pointing device | Driver and saw that there was a recent update.  Fortunatly, there was a "Roll Back Driver" option which I figured couldn't hurt anything.  After a reboot, the driver is back to one dated 2/13/2017 version  All mouse accoutrements are once again working. What prompted me to post today is that the Lenovo Vantage pop-up appeared again telling me there's an update and it wants to put the bad driver back. Irconically, the pop-up says: "Lenovo recommends that you install these updates to optimize your computer" Yah, right!  Now I'm sceptical about ever doing another update.

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Hi everyone, My trackpad stopped working, and I've been trying to troubleshoot the issue. Everytime I try to enable the trackpad with Fn+F8, I get the message "UltraNav driver is not installed." The Lenovo systems updates says that I have an UltraNav driver update available for my computer, but everytime I install it and reboot, I get the same message. Everytime. I can find where the driver has been downloaded on my computer, but the computer still says that "UltraNav driver is not installed," and the driver update still remains available on the system updates. I've tried downloading again and again, only to re-write and reinstall the download, with no effect. I've also tried going directly to the Lenovo website and downloading the driver from there to the same effect. Any advice?

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*Please read in entirety before replying*The situation is as follows: - Purchased new X1 Thinkpad Yoga 3rd Gen in Jan 2019; Windows 10 64-bit- Bought with the MISTAKEN belief that the track pointer stick would have "press to select/click" capability. Not having this feature is an absolute DEAL BREAKER for me.  - Steps taken in attempt to resolve the problem: 1. Uninstalled driver for Synaptics Pointer in Device Manager 2. Installed most recent version of Ultranav Driver3. Result: NO CHANGE  - In MOUSE PROPERTIES, there is no option for "press to select" - only choices are to use for scrolling or as middle click. Question 1: Is there ANY WAY possible to incorporate the press-to-select option for the pointing stick on this model?Question 2: If it is not possible, which Thinkpad models currently DO include this option?  Thank you in advance... 

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I just want to report that the newest touchpad driver brakes native windows middle-click scrolling. What I'm talking is this:1. Swich off all advanced features in the TouchPoint setting to get back a middle button. BTW, how on earth it is possible that the default setting "steals" the middle button. Going for the Nr. 1. PC maker and forgetting a stupid default settings in a Synaptics driver is a joke.  2. Now, try scrolling in any native windows application like Chrome, Firefox, etc. The quick way of scrolling is to push the middle button while scrolling. It had always worked before.Now this way is broken.Now, the only way for scrolling is to the:1. push middle button to enter scolling mode2. move mouse3. push again to exit scrolling mode This scolling mode has never been a good way to scroll, but the quick way is broken with the latest driver. I'm using a W520 with Windows 7, 64-bit. Broken driver: Version   

A:Newest UltraNav driver brakes native windows middle-click scrolling

I have a similar problem as the OP: after today's update, my Touchpad is not functioning properly anymore. Scrolling of any sort on the Touchpad seems to have been disabled. As I do not have a mouse attached, I am forced to use the Trackpoint set's middle button and then move my cursor around to scroll. I checked my Control Panel settings and both two-finger and single-finger Touchpad scrolling are enabled via the settings. Also I don't know if this is relevant, but it seems like the option to double-tap to bring up Lenovo SimpleTap has also randomly been disabled... W530, Windows 7 x64.

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I have regualrly run a System Update for my computer via Lenovo Companion and I've managed to have all updates successfully completed - all except for one. Lately, I have runs of Updates where I encounter an update for Synaptic UltraNav Driver, run it, but comes up as being unable to download and install - in spite of a successful initial download. Since its encounter a couple of weeks ago, I have been unsuccessful in fully downloading and installing this specific Driver for my computer. Is there any indication of issues for this Drive? And what should I do to resolve it? Also, if the Driver can't be properly updated, what is its purpose for my system? Any form of help concerning this Driver update issue would be appreciated.

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I am using a Lenovo ThinkCentre, and recently I had this problem when I acess 'Mouse' in Control Panel, and it comes up with an error saying 'Unable to connect to the Synaptics Pointing Device Driver' I press OK, then it goes to the Mouse Properties. But I think this is affecting the SetPoint settings for my Logitech Performance MX mouse that I am accessing through the mouse properties. How can I fix this?

Capture.JPG ?16 KB

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I have a Lg Xnote Laptop, and I'm looking for a vertical scrolling driver. I have a synaptics driver now, but under settings it does not allow me to turn on vertical scrolling (nor is it even a visible as an option).

I've tried installing another synaptics driver a few times, but so far I've had no success.

This is my first time to the forum so I appreciate all and any help you can offer me.


A:Help me for Synaptics driver!

Which Xnote and what country? Why do you think it is a synaptic touchpad?

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Hi, can you help me to find a signed GENERIC Synaptics driver for Windows 8 32-bit - not released by an OEM but released by Synaptics itself. The latest one v17.0.19 is not properly signed so I am looking for another one.

A:Synaptics driver

Hello Werty,

I've found an older 16.2.21 Synaptics touchpad driver version that'll hopefully work for you.

Download Synaptics TouchPad Driver 16.2.21 for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows XP 64 bit, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit

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Could someone please help me find Synaptics driver version dated 29/10/10.

A:Old synaptics driver


Difficult question. The closest I can find is Synaptics TouchPad 15.1.22 - WikiDrivers - Wiki-style resource and guide for device drivers

Is that not close enough? I think that it may be the closest you can find though.


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i have toshiba 2007 sattilite lt.it has version 15.2.20 drivers for synaptics touch pad.are these good or should i update drivers.i'm still running vista.

A:vista/synaptics driver

If your computer is running fine I wouldn't update the driver as it is not a security issue

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I recently formatted my Xnote laptop. The synaptics driver was reset to its original state. The scroll is too jumpy for me, and I tried to update my driver, by going to Drivers | Synaptics. All the download links seem to be broken. How can I get the newest version of the synaptics touchpad driver?

A:Can't download synaptics driver!

Best place to look for drivers is the PC Vendor and not the actual device manufacturer. Sometimes the non PC vendor drivers will not work correctly as many PC vendors do custom impementations of the hardware.

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I just upgraded to Windows 10 and upgraded my synaptics driver to their windows 10 version. Only trouble is the little red light in the corner is always on. The light is only supposed to come on if the trackpad has been disabled but the trackpad is working and the light is on. On top of that the double tap the corner function that turns the trackpad on and off doesn't seem to be an option with this version of the driver.

I managed to find a registry hack to get chiral scrolling to work again but can't seem to find/enable the corner double tap and rid myself of this stupid light.

ETA: Okay weirder still the light is reversed, when I plug in my USB mouse the light goes out and the trackpad is disabled.

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My laptops touchpad keeps making the cursor jump across the screen or just not move at all. I've tried reinstalling the drivers and cleaning the touchpad. I don't know what esle I could possibly do. Any help would be much appreciated

A:Synaptics driver issues

What is the make and model# of your laptop?
Go to the Manufacturers Support/Download Drivers site and type in your make and model # or Service Tag# of your computer and download the Touchpad driver for your model.
Go into Control Panel/Mouse (Touchpad) and adjust the sensitivity.

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Just Installed (clean install) Windows 7 64 bit on my laptop today, what a pain, tried an update first on my 32 bit but had problems so I decided to go ahead with installin 64 bit as my computer was compatible.

Anyway, got it installed and I'm re-installing my software.

Main problem is I can't seem to get a driver for my touchpad on my laptop which is a Fujitsu Siemens just over a year old. Fujitsu do not have 64 bit drivers but I got one from Synaptics.com which is supposed to be compatible and signed but when I try to run it I get the error message that it is not a Win32 app.

Anyone got an answer for me.

A:Synaptics Touchpad Driver

OK. Managed to find a driver which seems to work.

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I Have a MSI GT80, And the Synaptics Pointing pad doubles as a number pad. And every time I update, I lose my number pad but the touch pad works. I have to uninstall the download and install MSI driver back in and it work fine again until windows update
again. is there something I can turn off to stop this download?

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I'm having a problem where my mouse doesn't move while a key is pressed. In Settings>Mouse & Touchpad, under the "touchpad" heading, the "Delay before clicks work after typing (paraphrased)" settings is set to No Delay (always on). From the above screen>Additional mouse settings>smartsense>settings cog next in smartsense bar:The top setting is all the way left on the "off" selection of a ticked bar.The second bar labeled "tapping disabled time after keystroke" is all the way left.The third bar labeled "pointing disabled time after keystroke" is all the way left.The first top bar being set to "off" causes the bottom half of the setting screen to be grayed out. From the searching I did, apparently the settings are correct(?), but it's not disabling the feature.A solution that worked for a few people was to install a previous driver and set it to not automatically update it. After a good bit of searching around on this very confusing-to-me site, I was unsuccessful at finding the driver I need. My current driver installed is:Synaptics TouchPad Driver (Windows 10 v1607) Rev. ASep 12, 2016 

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The two latest drivers have broken some functionality, I would like the driver used before April, where do I find it?

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Hi! So a few hours ago I went to play a game (Blacklight Retribution) and when I pressed any key down and tried to look around I couldn't look around. I've ran into this problem before and easily fixed it. So I went to Control Panel, searched "Mouse" then clicked on Mouse settings. What I saw was this.... Screenshot by Lightshot. Iclicked yes the first time and tried installing the Windows 8 Synaptics Driver Again... It worked. But I still got the same error when going to Mouse Settings. This time I clicked no and received this... Screenshot by Lightshot. So for quite some time after this I was confused on what to do. To relieve my mind I tried playing another game (Planetside 2) and didn't have the problem I had with Blacklight. (This problem is fixed now) But what was annoying me was whenever I brushed just a hair on the trackpad it made me click which made me shoot! Now I go back to the Mouse Setting and browse through it and don't see anything helpful. I decided to look at Device Manager and look to see what was under the Mouse area. I found this... Screenshot by Lightshot. That has nothing to do with the original or Synaptics driver I just installed! So If I can please get some help on how to get my Synaptics Driver back so I can change my mouse settings that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

A:Synaptics Driver Missing

All I really need is a solution to disabling tapping. However I don't have the options for that.

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Hi There,

I have a synaptics touchpad driver installed on my laptop it is listed in my mouse options under devices settings as "Synaptics Pointing Device - v25.0.4" and under devices in the same tab the name is listed as "Synaptics touchpad v7.2".

The problem I am having is that in the devices settings tab I have checked the box that says "Disable internal pointing device when external USB pointing devices is attached" because frequently the mouse cursor will jump around the screen when typing and mess up what I am doing. Problem is that when I want to use the touchpad and unplug the mouse, the touchpad will work fine until I shut down the computer. On startup (whether clean boot or restoring from standby) the touchpad will no longer work (with or without a mouse connected). When this happens I have tried a fresh reboot of the laptop, but the problem remains. I have tried reconnecting my mouse before shutting down or closing the lid of my laptop but the problem persists. Some times when using the touchpad the power cord on my laptop unplugs and when I plug it back in the touchpad no longer works, yet when I unplug the cord it will work again. I don't get any error messages when any of these things happen, they just happen without warning.
When I go into my mouse settings and go to the device settings tab, the devices list is now empty and all other options are greyed out, including the check box to disable the touchpad when a mouse is connec... Read more

A:Synaptics touchpad driver keeps breaking

because frequently the mouse cursor will jump around the screen when typing and mess up what I am doing

That's a fairly common issue and my wife and daughter solved it by getting Toshiba Notebooks that have a switch between the touchpad and the keyboard to turn the touchpad off, both use a external mouse. The problem stems from the sensitivity of the touchpad and where a person's thumbs want to rest while typing. Adding to the problem is the type of touchpad that has the vertical and horizontal scroll areas.

I'd go into Device Manager and uninstall both instances for the touchpad and reboot, should install the drivers again, handy when an installation gets corrupted.

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Touchpad just stopped working while I was using it. Here's what's going on:

Fn + F7 does nothing
Synaptics ps/2 Port Touchpad shows in Device manager, however it is hidden and has a yellow exclamation point. Error code: This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24).

I have updated the drivers from the Gateway website by first uninstalling the drivers that were present. No go. I then updated the drivers from the synaptics website via the same method, nothing. I've tried searching for a driver via device manager....nothing.

As I mentioned, I tried Fn+F7 and nothing happened. Also I notice that the driver software is not loading in the tray like it used to and I can't even make it run by trying to open the .exe file.

Any ideas? I've been searching for an answer for this for a while with no luck.

A:Synaptics Touchpad Driver Problem?

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i just installed windows 8 pro 64 bit on my lenovo z580 and downloaded the synaptics touchpad driver for same operating system from the lenovo website. but when i install it in C:\drivers it says that-"you have to run the 64 bit version of DPinst.exe on this machine." PLEASE HELP, although my touchpad is working, the cursor is too slow and i cannot scroll with it.

A:windows 8 synaptics touchpad driver

You could try the "Vanilla" Synaptics drivers.

Drivers | Synaptics

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The ultrapad pointing devices on my TP X230T  has suddently stopped working.  I have tried deleting the driver and reinstalling.  I have tried downloading the latest driver from the Lenovo site.  None of this helps.  See the screenshot below for the specific error message, "Synaptics (SmbDrv system)" failed to install. I am running Windows 10, 64-bit.  I upgraded several months ago. Note error message

A:Synaptics Ultrapad Driver Error

Hi DAVANDEN, Some report that installing the driver twice works, so you might try just running the driver install again and see if that fixes the prolbem You might also try uninstalling the device via Device Manager Control Panel (right click on Start > Device Manager), selecting "Delete the Driver Software for this Device" if offered, and then rebooting before trying to reinstall the driver. Good Luck,   Good Luck.  

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So I was updating my drivers, and had wanted to update my Synaptics driver. I had removed the older version of Synaptics driver (because I was required to) and wanted to restart. My computer restarts, and I try to install the latest version of the Synaptics driver, it doesn't work. It says "install failed." I have tried multiple times.

Any help would be appreciated!

A:Synaptics (touchpad) driver not installing


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 I can't seem to update my touchpad driver. I downloaded  and ran this version. 19_0_17_57_WHQL4/21/2016 But when I check to see if it installed, the driver installed is still the driver from 19_0_17_57 from Jan 6,2016 Help... Thanks,   

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I have a Dell laptop running Windows 64 Home. This was new in November of 2011. After receiving it, I went through the tedious task of updating it via MS Update. I noticed after upgrading, the mouse started behaving very strangely where it would take off and shutter, not respond or be very slow to respond. Contacted Dell and they had me turn off a bunch of stuff on the Dell Touchpad app. This helped but did not fix the issue. I ended up re-installing the OS and made sure the drivers were installed in the correct order using the drivers disk supplied by Dell. Haves since installed the most current driver provided by Dell on their website (April 2011). There continues to be issues with the mouse freezing from time to time. I looked at other threads and removed the Tap to Click feature. There is not much left on and the problem persists.

Dell wants $129 to re-install the OS and drivers, but I really don't think that will make a difference. I think there is some pretty whacky stuff with the Synaptics driver for this mousepad and looks like many other manufacturers.

Has anyone tried contacting Synaptics to see what they have to say about it?

A:Synaptics Mouse Pad Driver - Dell 14

Hi Ehickey,

My name is George from Dell Social Media Team. You can try this link to download the appropriate touchpad drivers for your computer Drivers and Downloads | Dell [United States]
1. Put in the service tag or by selecting the model of your computer and then choose the operating system.
2. After choosing the right operating system drop down INPUT and then download the drivers for touchpad. Be cautious to choose the updated driver
3. Install downloaded driver and then restart your computer.

Dell Social Media team

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Hi folks,

I just upgraded my father-in-law's HP G70 laptop to Win7 Home Premium 64-bit. It is relatively new but had Vista on it. It was an "upgrade" and it appears to have preserved everything pretty well. A large number of updates have ben applied successfully via Windows Update. But -

There's a "virtual scrolling" feature on the trackpad, which no longer works. All the Point Device Properties applet choices seem to be correct... I am not sure why it doesn't work. Anyone got any similar experiences or theories why it wouldn't work?


A:Synaptics driver issues on HP G70 laptop?

Did you go to HP website and download the driver for your track pad??

I searched for HP G70 in HP website they have a lot of different models

Here is the website..find your model and try installing the driver for your track pad..

Hope this Helps..

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what is is exactly and is it essential to my laptops fuctionality? if I remove it will it harm my pc or if I need a specific driver can I just go to manufacturers site?

A:synaptics pointing device driver

schugeorge said:

what is is exactly and is it essential to my laptops fuctionality? if I remove it will it harm my pc or if I need a specific driver can I just go to manufacturers site?Click to expand...
The pointing device in question is the touchpad and the left and right clicking buttons on your laptop so it's probably better to go to the manufacturer's site and find the right driver.

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I just bought a HP Pavillion dv6000. I am trying to enable the scroll on the touch pad. When I go to the control panel to mouse a message come up stating: UNABLE TO CONNECT TO THE SYNAPTICS POINTING DEVICE DRIVER. Can someone tell what I need to do to connect.


A:Synaptics Pointing Device Driver

Sound like the driver may not be properly installed. First check Device Manager to see if it's working OK (Start...Run...type in "devmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter. See if the device has a red x or yellow ! by it.

You can go to the HP site and download updated drivers for the touchpad if need be.

Then, check in Control Panel for the Mouse or Pointing Device option - then open it to see if the rest of the software is functioning correctly.

Finally, ensure that any switches that may enable this are turned on (there may not be a switch - I'm unsure about HP laptops). But I had a similar problem with a touchpad that took 2 hours to solve - and all it was was that the switch was off!

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The touchpad on my HP G62 laptop was less responsive than normal. I tried changing the properties with no improvement. So I went to HP help and noticed that there was a driver update for this device. So I ran the update. Then the touchpad barely worked at all and a notice box said the driver was incompatible with current system. The advice on the web included more than one remark advising to not bother with the Synaptics website as it is unreliable. I did it anyway. Synaptics recognised I had a legal copy of Windows 7 Home and I downloaded the suggested driver. Which actually was a new version entirely. Now the pad is back to life just like old times. The HP update was outdated. Every time I have used any HP updates I run into problems. I suggest HP users forget all about the "Support Assistant" and seek more credible update sources. Thnx, gnuguy.

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I have a very old laptop we are running W8RP on (Dell Inspiron 1520).. I updated the synaptics driver, and now I have multi-touch! Plus, now I can swipe in from left/right and we get last program/charms.. I'm still trying to figure out pinch-to-zoom, but this is great.. It's not a touchscreen, but certainly breathes new life into it..

A:Update Synaptics driver: multitouch!

Yes, enjoy the Scrybe which is a nice addition, you can go in to it's properties and customize for your needs, I prefer an older driver for my Acer laptop

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I attempted to disable the pointing device (touch pad) on the keyboard since I'm using an external mouse and I often make the mouse move with my wrists leaning on the touch pad. The first thing I disabled was the touch screen driver. I re-enabled that OK. But when I un-installed the driver for what was called the Synaptics touch pad, the touch pad remained operational. So I don't know what I un-installed, and I cannot get the system to recognize any new hardware with a hardware scan. Was the Synaptics touch pad driver something extraneous that isn't used? Thanks for your help. Lee

A:How do I re-install the synaptics touch-pad driver?

My system ID is: XOS43UA#ABA It's a great machine when everything works...

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WDF_VIOLATIONcrash dump indicates SynTP.sys (SynTP+77c34) Synaptics ThinkPad UltraNav Driver Version Windows 10 EducationBuild 1511 Version 10586.218 screenshots: blue-screenhttps://raw.githubusercontent.com/lizy14/F1ACC21AB6A3/master/459621450589765419.jpgwindbghttps://raw.githubusercontent.com/lizy14/F1ACC21AB6A3/master/440917772246131512.jpgstackhttps://raw.githubusercontent.com/lizy14/F1ACC21AB6A3/master/609135737168865146.jpg  

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