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Seagate back up plus 1 tb reloads when I plug in or plug out the power

Q: Seagate back up plus 1 tb reloads when I plug in or plug out the power

I have an external hard drive Seagate backup plus 1 tb working fine with Sony vaio E15136 win 8.1 64 bit 4gb Ram. As long as I change the power supply i.e either plug in or plug out the power supply of my laptop, external drive is re-detected.
The external drive draws power from laptop.No external power source.
In case of USB pen drives this thing didn't happen.
Looking for any solution or explanation?

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Preferred Solution: Seagate back up plus 1 tb reloads when I plug in or plug out the power

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I verified the PSU is good.
I removed all drives, all cards, even memory.
All the fans spin for a moment then nothing they stop.

I assume the MB is now destroyed? A GTX 260 has two 6 pin power connectors, since the PSU only had one 6 pin power connector, I thought to try it.

MB is Asus P5QC
So is it dead?

A:Plug in GTX 260, hooked up one 6 pin power plug, motherboard wont post

Did you read the GTX 260 manual to see if it has to have the two connectors on?
This is an old MB, so it has a story. Tell us how did you get it and what memory, GPU etc it has before.
With no memory it won't boot. Do you have a speaker connected to the MB so you can hear the beeps when you turn it on?
Witch power supply you have? GTX 260 requires 500W as minimum.

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I am having trouble with the prongs where the power cable is plugged in on the back of the tower. The computer does not come on unless I jiggle the prongs. The computer stays on just fine, then, so long as I don't turn it off. If I have to turn it off, then to get it on the next time, I have to jiggle the prongs again. I have already replaced the power cord, so I know it's not that. Have you ever heard of this happening? Is it possible to replace this part?
Thank you for your help! Maggie

A:plug for power cable on back of tower

That power cable goes into the power supply. If the cable is good, there is something wrong with the prongs of the power supply. Do you have a spare to swap to confirm?

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I've been having issues with a Thinkcentre M72e tiny lenovo that keeps shutting down and won't restart unless I unplug it from outlet and plug it back in.  There isn't any error codes and I've run lenovo diagnostics and everything passes.  I looked at the diagram and it appears that there isn't a power supply in the case which was my first thought for replacing.  Has anybody had this issue and if so, what did you do to fix it?  Thanks!

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It's an external hard drive 1Tb and goes with a separate cord power adapter. Here is how i'm using it : I keep the USB port plugged in, when i use it i plug in the adapter to power it up, when i'm done I unplug the cord power adapter only. I use it once a week or 2 weeks, only for backup and store data. Is that good or I should plug the cord power in all the time ? THanks GUys

A:Solved: SHould i plug my Seagate 1TB expansion in all the time ?

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I purchased a Seagate Expansion Portable 1.5TB Hard Drive USB 3.0 earlier this year, after purchasing this hard drive I have had troubles with the flimsy plug in port (the connection with the cord and the hard drive). It requires about 20-30 seconds of fiddling around with the cord to get it in the correct position and its driving me nuts! I've read about users with this same issue but I am yet to find a fix.
The drive should still be under warranty but as there is 800GB of data on it already and i have no where to store that data I'm in a bit of a pickle :S

If any one can help me out it would be much appreciated

Thank you in advance

A:Seagate Hard Drive - flimsy plug in port

So what would happen if the drive completely failed? Do you not backup the data if it's important? Drive's fail all the time, external drives are even more prone to failure since they are subjected to more abuse than an internally mounted drive.

If the unit is under warranty and it's an known issue or one that Seagate will offer then you should send it back for replacement. But if it's not a documented issue then they may consider the loose plug a result of physical abuse.

If warranty will not cover it then your alternate option is to remove the hard drive from the enclosure and install it into another enclosure.

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I have a Seagate Free Agent HDD that just quit on me. First I had several errors, going to the deadly I/O error and to the point that neither of my laptops recognize the drive. I've tried almost everything to get my files back (same'ol story: all my pics and music are stored there). As last resort I'm thinking of opening the case and plug it as a slave/secondary HDD straight into my Dell Inspiron Laptop but I don't know if that can even be done.
PS. If you can believe my bad luck this happened just a WEEK after I bought another external HDD to back up all my data.

A:How to open a Seagate Free Agent HDD case and plug it as an internal HDD in Dell LT

you tube
that is how i found to open my wd passport

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I want to replace ps/2 plug of my keyboard which has five wires named yellow, grey, red, black and open wires, with usb plug having four wires coloured red, green, white and black. when I connect them just by hit n try method, computer say usb device not recognized

A:how can i ensure correct keyboad ps/2 plug replacement with usb plug,help

USB keyboards are so cheap now it seems a waste of time going that route. Plus you can get a ps/2 to USB adapter that is even cheaper

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I have an almost fresh install of xp on my desktop and want to avoid cluttering the hard drive with stuff to slow it down. One of the things I have noticed is that media players seem to reproduce like rabbits...media player comes with windows...then some website will say that it can't live without having real player installed...and then another one...my favorite is VLC...and of course, itunes....

I noticed that there is a plug-in to make Firefox work with VLC I think there are also other plug-ins for other media players as well. What exactly do these things do? If I have the plug-in do I have to install the software? Do they improve the ease of use of the media player? the quality of the sound? do they reduce the cpu load?

A:[SOLVED] Plug it in, plug it in...and media players

Media plugins allow the browser to play audio and video files in different formats on websites.

They are not all in use at the same time (just called on when needed by a website's embedded media player), so they don't slow down your computer or fill up your hard drive.

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I have a Dell laptop that has an RGB plug. The plug does not have the screw holes, but the male end does have the 2 small screws and it will not stay attached. In fact, when I push it into place, it barely makes contact and if I move it ever so slightly, the picture on the other monitor begins to flicker. Is there an adapter or something that I can use?

A:How do I plug an RGB plug into my Dell Laptop?

try unscrewing the screws from the cable if they are geting in the way.
the screwless socket is a dumb idear, thanks Dell..

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Hi, everyone, I am Jim and I am a new students in colledge. This computer is my first personal laptop. However, I will participant a exchange plan to HongKong for several months.The socket there can only provide inch plug, so I prepare a conversion plug. However, I found that the conversion plug usually does not work. So I need to tie it or reinstall it to socket. I wonder if I can buy a inch plug and use it to instead my previous one? I will not do anything in transformer just change the plug.

A:Could I change the plug into inch plug?

Hi, No, no need a transformer. Any tourist adapter will do the job.something similar to      Regards. 

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Ok this is going to probally be an easy thing to fix but I can't do it. When we plug the mp3 player in there use to be a little pop up screen that would show up with like 3 options on it and a box to check. I thought if I check the box it would always go to that when we plugged it in. It don't.. So my question is this is there anyway to undo that so I can go back to the way it was. If you can help thank you so much...


A:how to get the pop up screen back when I plug the mp3 player in

Control Panel > Autoplay.

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I have seen this for a long time and just usually stick to the normal audio ports for everything but it has bothered me for a while. What are the sound plugs on the back of my motherboard for? They are colored as Black and Orange on the top and on the Bottom, Pink, Green and Blue. I was thinking of getting a surround sound system and have yet to find one that has plugs for these so what are they for and is there any surround systems you guys can suggest that would be good for gaming.

A:Sound Plug-ins on the back of MOBO

Originally Posted by darkf0xx

I have seen this for a long time and just usually stick to the normal audio ports for everything but it has bothered me for a while. What are the sound plugs on the back of my motherboard for? They are colored as Black and Orange on the top and on the Bottom, Pink, Green and Blue. I was thinking of getting a surround sound system and have yet to find one that has plugs for these so what are they for and is there any surround systems you guys can suggest that would be good for gaming.

The built-in/onboard sound adapter sockets/ports seem to be just a bit different between computers which makes it extremely important to know more about the computer whether it's a brand and the make and model or if it's a Custom about the motherboard make and model.

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Sorry I don't know the proper terms, but basically the pin inside the jack where the power cord gets plugged into on my laptop was bent so that it's really hard for me to plug in my power cord and have it stay in place. My warranty with best buy has expired, so I need to figure out how to solve this problem on my own. I can't just leave it like this because the cord comes out really easily and I can't continue to work with such a tenuous setup. Anyway, is this just a matter of replacing the entire unit inside my laptop? I know you probably need more information, but I'm not sure what to provide, so please ask any questions. The laptop is a Toshia M-45, about 3-4 years old. Thanks in advance

A:Bent power supply pin - Hard to plug in power cord

umm.. bend it back so it's closer to normal? That's all I can say about it. usually works for me.

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Yesterday when I turned on my computer I received a message inviting me to install a new update to Java (Version 7 Update 25). After doing a precautionary search via Google that this was a legitimate update, I proceeded with the installation process. At the time I was using the Firefox browser (although I also use IE 9). At the end of the process I received a prompt at the bottom of the Firefox browser asking me to install the Java Plug-in. I then visited the "Verify Java Version" page which confirmed that I had the recommended version of Java installed (Version 7 Update 25). As Java recommend that users should uninstall older versions of Java from their computer, I ran the Java Uninstall Tool, but that confirmed that there were no older versions of Java on my computer.

I then opened IE9 but when I went to the same web page to verify my Java version I got a pop-up message saying that"Java plug-in 10.25.2 is not installed properly. Java plug-in detected JRE collision." That was followed by a further pop-up saying "Java Plug-in Warning - Applet(s) in this HMTL page requires a version of Java different from the one the browser is currently using. In order to run the applet(s) in this HTML page a new browser session is required. Close all the Netscape browser sessions and start a new browser session to run the HTML page."

I closed IE9 and reopened it but when I visited the Java verify page I received the same error messages.

I now hav... Read more

A:"Java plug-in 10.25.2 is not installed properly. Java plug-in detected JRE collision.

This seems to be a small bug found with the latest update. Could you please complete the manual uninstall steps listed here - How do I uninstall Java on my Windows computer ?

Upon removal, restart your machine and then download and install java from this link - Download Free Java Software

If for any reason the uninstall or install fails then simply run a system restore on your machine to a data when the problem did not occur. To do so follow this tutorial - System Restore - How to

Hope This Helps,

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My microphone does not work after I reboot/start my computer unless I unplug it for about 5 seconds and plug it back in so RealTek can redetect it. Then it works fine until I shut it off or reboot the computer and then I must do it again.

I have looked on Google and I can't find anything, just other people having the same exact problem without fixes.

I have a BIOSTAR TA790GXB A2+ AM2+/AM2 AMD 790GX Full-Atx mobo from newegg right here: Newegg.com - BIOSTAR TA790GXB A2+ AM2+/AM2 AMD 790GX ATX AMD Motherboard - AMD Motherboards

I have the latest BIOS version as well. I used the BIOS update utility that came on the motherboard CD. I also have the latest RealTek drivers and have tried reinstalling several times. And like I said before, this was happening before I reformatted too, but strangely about 2 weeks before I formatted it just stopped happening and worked fine...... so strange.

Help please!


A:Mic doesn't work unless i unplug, plug back in

Make sure that your front audio ports are plugged into the motherboard, and are not loose.

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I am installing a cd drive. I took my old one out but forgot to check which plug to the power supply I am supposed to use. There is P2, P3, and P7. Is there a certain one that is used for a cd drive?

A:which power plug in

No, any one of the standard four prong plugs should work just fine

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I am not sure if this is the right area, but I have browsed through all the places and sadly clueless.

I have a westinghouse flat screen monitor Model LCM 17v2ls and I cannot located the plug.
I want to use it as the temporary monitor since my MAC OS screen cracked and it costs over 300 to replace.

I went to radio shack and they could not find the right type of powerplug. I just need some direction I will also call Westinghouse on Monday but any support would be great.


A:looking for a power plug

Welcome to Techguy! Don't feel bad about not knowing everything; we all suffer from that. Generally, monitors either use a standard 3 prong power connector just like your computer, or an external AC adapter, i.e. a power brick. Yours uses a brick. I did a quick search online, and found at least one vendor selling them: http://www.lcdpayless.com/productpage.php?productId=4794. However I don't know them, so don't take this as an endorsement. You might also find adapters on eBay. As long as you stick with top-rated vendors, I wouldn't be afraid to buy. You can also search more online using "westinghouse LCM 17v2ls power adapter" (no quotes) as your search string.

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It happened yesterday night. My USB mouse sometimes stops working, and I see USB device not recognized. Searching on google showed me to take AC plug off when computer is off, I have a laptop and took the power off, and the battery, and let it sit for about 30 minutes. It worked the first time. However, today morning after using it for a while it happened again. I tried the same thing and fixed it. But at evening it happened again. Is there a way to fix this?

A:USB device not recongized - fixed with pulling the plug, comes back again.

Hi -

Under your username, OS = Vista SP1.

Do you have Vista SP2 and all other outstanding Windows Updates installed?


Vista SP2 Prepwork --> http://jcgriff2.com/0x1/Vista_SP_Prepwork.html

Regards. . .



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Hello everyone.
Love this place. I just got a new computer. HP Pavilion DV4 and it connects to the internet wirelessly only if I unplug my router (in attic) and plug it back in.
Right now I am at. IPv4 Address: with the subnext mask- default gateway

Orginally- it tries to connect to server: (says Can't communicate with Prinary DNS)

Is it possible that the wireless card is sending packets to the wrong place?

It said while not working 3k received and 12K received- Linkysis Befw11s4 v4

A:Must unplug Linksys Wireless-B and Plug back in to get INTERNET

Actually, with that public IP address it would appear that the router is connected to the modem incorrectly. Make SURE the modem is connected to the WAN/Internet port on the router, not one of the LAN/Network ports.

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My computer won't turn on after being shut off until I unplug cord and plug back in! I know there are many things it could be but I will explain a little of the situation. It started about a little while ago when I came to turn the computer on. It would not start. I unplugged the computer and pressed the power button and it started. I have been doing some experimenting and found this out.
On the mobod there are three little blue lights. When I push the power button one of the blue lights will come on and not the other two and it won't start. I then unplug the cord and the blue light goes out after about 5 seconds. I plug it back in and push power and it starts. It runs fine when on.
It is and Epox mobod with an antec case and a 350watt smart psu.
Has anyone experienced anything like this?

A:My computer won't turn on after being shut off until I unplug it & plug back in.


I'm just a newbie but I had that problem tonight and I found a solution buy putting my new PSU in

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My new mouse is not getting detected when I start my PC. I have to unplug & plug to make it work every time. It works on another PC fine. My USB ports are fine and my earlier USB mouse still works fine. I removed-install driver from Device Manager, but no use. 
My laptop: Dell Inspiron 3443 on Windows 10
My mouse: Prolink Furax PMG9002 (gaming mouse)
I think the problem is that the mouse need more power than the ports can supply, maybe?
Any idea how to fix this?

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I have a Dell Lattitude D530. I believe it's at least three years old. I have had it for a year and everything was working fine. My children (thirteen, ten, and eight) were using it and they said the plug kept falling out of the outlet and they said there was a spark when they plugged it into the outlet but it worked after that. Then all of a sudden the laptop went black. Assuming it was out of battery power, and well past thier bedtime...they returned the laptop to me. I plugged it in and the 'transformer box' on the plug worked when I plugged it into the power outlet but as soon as I plugged it into the laptop it lost power. Hence the blue power light on the 'transformer box' went out. I have to let it sit for about 15 minutes and plugged it back into the power outlet the blue light on the 'transformer box' came back on but once again as soon as I plugged it into the computer the blue light went out again. HELP!I have a Blockbuster DVD stuck in the laptop and I don't want to break it to get it out. Luckily it isn't due for a week. LOL!
I appreciate any help you can give me.

A:Power Plug Problems

there should be a tiny hole on the front of the DVD tray. You can insert a straightened paper clip in it and manually open the tray
As to the power problem, I am sure one of the folks with more experience will stop by and assist you.

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I shorted out my HHD with its power plug now it wont power up. I'm sure i fried the circuit board rether HHd runs fine with that power plug.
I was just wondering if i could fix or get a new circuit board for the HHd .
I have very important info on it i need ...(TAXES) augggggg
Any help PLEASE

A:Shorted out HHD (w/power plug)

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Ok... now i am having a real trouble. my Power cable to CPU fan plug is broken, not the fan, but the power to connect it to the fan(the male one). its 3 pin connector. there is one fan using 3 pin connector too from the MB (motherboard). i think its the fan for the motherboard. i am just wondering if i can use the splitter to the MB plug so i can connect it to both fan (motherboard and processor)


Are you refuring to the 4 wire Molex adapter? If so, yes use that. Well, there are no molex plugs that plug into the mobo, there is the 20pin or 24, and the 4 wire, square one. But yes, you can use the 4wire molex adapter, that would be giving cdrom/hdd/video card power.

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Boldfisherman: My Fujitsu N3010 Power plug is broken,I am looking for Part, one repair shop wanted to sell me a complete motherboard, It is a shielded pin connector to motherboard.
I read postabout opening computershell, if I read this correctly one must remove keyboard, How?

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Basically i was in the middle of putting together a computer to whihc i had previously had no prcessor, i ordered on from ebay about a week ago and today it finally came, when i realised taht i have idea where to plug in the power button on the motherboard! (which is a stock board from another computer taht was given to me by my friend). Ive put together computers before but ive always unplugged them from the previous one, thus knowing where i need to plug everything. Ive had no luck searching for it online, i was wondering wether there is a symbol were i need to plug it in or some universal way to tell where it goes, or if u can tell me where to find a guide, i just have no idea where to put this thing, heres a picture http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b29/dashdanw/Photo546.jpg

A:how to plug in power button?

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Staff at our office have received from HP Services, replament power cords for their notebook computers. The recall information on your site informs us that if LS-15 is molded on to the plug then it needs to be replaced. My question is why did HP send us power 4 sets of power plugs all with LS-15 molded onto the plug? If these plugs were these sent in errorhow do we send back the defective plugs and get the new plugs? Thank you. Bogdan Kowalski

A:HP Power Plug Recall - LS-15

Hi  @MAGPGT  I just sent you a private message. If you are not sure how to check your forum messages, this post has instructions.

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It is very unfortunate that the X1 has the power inlet on the left hand side and not at the back of the device, as with the T430s. But as most desktop setups do have power outlets build in the table top or at the back of the table it would be best for cable stress to have at least a 90degrees plug that allows the cable to go to the back and not stick on the side. Is there a (compatible) power supply with 90 degree plug available? Or can I buy compatible plugs at a hardware or electronics store?

A:Power plug 90 degrees

Presumably the power jack was relocated to the side of the X1C in order to allow the display panel to lay down flat with the main system unit. I agree that the side placement of the power jack is therefore less than ideal for the reasons you gave.
I have seen right angle adapters on eBay and Amazon for the previous round power plugs, e.g. BiXPower LC80 Right Angle 7.9 x 5.5mm Connector Converter for IBM / Lenovo Laptop Power Adapters but not (yet?) for the new rectangular plugs. 

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My mobo-ECS PT890T-A's manual says to plug the power/sleep/message waiting LED to the 2 and 4 pins on the 10 pin Panel1 header, but the front panel power led cable has 3 holes. Any suggestions?

A:Solved: power LED plug

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Hello all,
Here is my problem. I am running a USB mouse on my notebook. I want to preface this by saying I have had this notebook for about 2 years and never had a problem, however I just got my computer back about a week ago, The video card/motherboard took a crap and had to be replaced. Now when I am working my mouse will stop working whenever the computer goes into stand by, and other times I will just be working on the computer and the mouse will inexplicable stop working and be completely unresponsive. This is an optical mouse and the light is still on so it seems to be getting power. Also a few times it stopped working, I would click a few buttons and move it a bit and it will start working again in about 10 seconds after it completes all the clicks and movements I had made, but for the most part when it stops working, it just stops and I must unplug it from the usb port and plug it back in to get it to work again, at least for a few minutes until it stops working again. This problem does not seem to be happening to any of my other USB devices as I do alot of video editing and have an external USB hard drive hooked up all the time and have not had any problems since getting my computer back. Also just as a note I have tried other usb drives on the computer, but seems to just be this mouse that won't work right. I have plugged in this mouse to my desktop and it does not freeze on my desktop.. What could be causing this?

My system specs are
HP ZD7000us Notebook Com... Read more

A:Usb Mouse Stops Working Have To Unplug And Plug Back In To Resume

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Finally broke down and started building a new system -
I'm too old to game, this all started out as a home video

Anyway - gathered all my components, now I'm working
to assemble them.

The case came with an Okia Model 500-ATX power supply.
But no wiring schematic.

I'm trying to identify the power supply fan plug - what seems
to be it doesn't at all match the connector on the board.
And I've got that positively identified by the board manual.

The board has a small male 3 pin connection. The only thing I
can find that might be the fan connector coming from the
supply is a small 4 pin plug at the end of 1 of the strings of
drive power harnesses. Nothing tucked up behind the
supply case or anything.

Is that likely to be it? Or would that be for a floppy or something?

I tried to Google for a wiring schematic, but could find nothing.
In fact, nothing much at all on this brand of supply - just
a couple places that sell them. Please don't tell me I got
an el cheapo that isn't worth having!

At the risk of getting ahead of myself, in case I need to adapt
something like that to the different style male connector on the
board, in this case or something else I may find as i progress,
is there some type of source for adapters, or what would I do?

Bear with me, this probly won't be the last question I'll dream up -
just getting started.

While I'm at it - the board manual talks about a conn... Read more

A:New power supply, no schematic, looking for power fan plug.

There are basically two voltages available to you: 5V and 12V. Doesn't really matter where you get it from - some pin on the mobo or some wire from the PSU.

From the PSU the yellow wires are 12V and red ones 5V, black is ground. The fan voltages should be written on the fan itself, the black fan wire is ground, red may be 12V or 5V depending on the fan voltage.

Fan headers on the motherboard should be labelled so, check with a voltmeter what pin gives out what.

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Hallo,I use a IdeaPad 100S (Win 10). Sometimes I use this Laptop for a couple of hours. Here is my question: Is it better to plug the power supply while working or is it better to use the battery till it is empty (~20%)? Or what is the best solution to save the battery.

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Can I plug in the power cable to a sata drive (already connected to sata port on mobo), while the computer is on.

With that drive connected Windows will not boot (I never have had a problem with the drive before, even when installing windows). If I remember right, a few years ago, I moved the pagefile to that drive, and it also had a boot.ini file on it (for some reason) I wonder if that is the problem (never until now), because when that drive is installed windows hangs at starting windows.

A:Plug in a sata power cable

If the SATA controller is set to AHCI mode, and the SATA port the drive is on is set to allow "hot-swap", then yes you could. If not, then no you can't.

You should post a screenshot of your Disk Management window with the problem drive connected. Expand the window so everything can be read.

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 Bought this laptop less than 2 months ago.. Used it earlier, went back to get online a bit later and it is just dead, no lights no power.. I took out the battery which was 100% charge, tried it with just the AC adapter, and with just battery Used different outlets etc exhausted everything... no lights, no power, just dead.  It is on a power surge protector. When plugged in battery is out to maintain battrey life.  Tried customer service chat... waste of time totally,  he after I explained EVERYTHING I have already done, had me going through all the same BS I already did....  For $380 it should last  longer than 2 months, and not be hit up to spend more money to get a defective product fixed, this is more than maddening.

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What are the measurements of the power adapter plug (that plugs into the power port)?  I'm looking specifically for the two measurements that apply to the inside diameter and outside diameter of the plug.  Typically, each of these measurements is given in mm (millimeters).Thanks

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Only today that when i decide to on my laptop without charging it, it did not on.However, when i charge it, it will on. When i check on the battery in the homescreen, it says that it is plug in but not charging.(it had 100%)

A:Laptop cannot power up without being charged with plug

@InsertIGNHere Sounds like its time to replace your battery. Hp part number   800050-001 Your manual here. http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04823146 REO

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I recently purchased an HP Pavilion dv9700t laptop. The power connector attaches to the right side of the laptop and the plug is straight. Unfortunately, I do not have much spare room on the right side of the laptop where I typically use it and the plug/cord is interferring with my mouse. I've been scouring the internet looking for some kind of a right angle adapter that I could plug into the end of the power cord and then into the laptop so that the cord would immediately turn towards the rear of the laptop and give me more space for my mouse. Does anyone know where I could buy such an adapter?

Thanks for any suggesions.

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I replaced a failed HP PSU 03057F3R with a "compatible" PSU from a supplier. There are 5 wires attached to the sata power plug for the failed PSU, but only 4 wires attached to the sata power plug for the compatible PSU. One of the 5 wires of the failed PSU is not connected to the molex plug but directly to the circuit board of the PSU.

The PC works fine with the compatible PSU and the hard drive seems to work fine with the 4-wire sata power plug which used to be connected to a 5-wire sata power plug. Should I be concerned that the use of the 4-wire sata plug will pose a safety or data problem for me?

A:Sata power plug puzzle

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My computer keeps giving me an error message that the scanner is not plugged in when I try to scan something (USB). So I unplug it and plug it right back into the same port and it works like normal. Then I'll go to do another scan not one minute later and it give me the same error message. Un-plug and re-plug and it's fine again. Then the error message... you get the idea. I have another USB port and that does the same thing.

Any ideas? Thanks!

433MHz Intel Celeron, Win98SE, 15GB HD

A:Scanner plug n play n plug n play n plug n....

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Will not turn on.Power plug white light is on. Its getting power. On a HP ENVY 13-j002dx x2 Detachable PC

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I just bought an AMD RX 480 to put in my XPS 8500.  Leaving aside possibly needing to get a new PSU - I have noticed that the card extends under the front cage of the case - I am wondering how I plug the power into the card?  The card power plug is at the very back of the card.

ANyone else dealt with this issue?  Any suggestions?  I considered briefly sawing part of the front cage off since it doesn't really serve a purpose.

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I am traveling to Hong Kong in a couple of months. My HP laptop is from the US. It has an external power brick that takes 100-240V.

My question is about the cord that goes from the power brick to the wall outlet. The cord has a US plug. Does the cord also take 100-240V and I just need to buy a plug adapter, or does the cord only take US voltage and I need to buy a new cord?

A:Buy plug adapter or new power cord for travel?

You just need a plug adaptor, the power brick and the cord itself already supports International Voltages (worldwide)

(e.g. Hong Kong uses 50 Hz, 200/220 V, so you're pretty much covered there.)

Something like this:-

Amazon.com: Belkin F8E449 Universal AC Travel Adapter: Electronics

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I use a IdeaPad 100S (Win 10). Sometimes I use this Laptop for a couple of hours.
Here is my question:
Is it better to plug the power supply while working or is it better to use the battery till it is empty (~20%)? Or what is the best solution to save the battery.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:Ideapad 100s - plug the power supply or use the ba...

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Doing charge cycles of full to empty can be hard on a laptop battery.  If you are going to have the laptop plugged in and you will be working on it for a extended period of time then why not take advantage of the Conservation Mode option that the Lenovo Settings app has to offer.  With the Conservation Mode enabled it will maintain your battery's charge in the 55 to 60% range rather than continually charging it to 100%.  This will help extend the overall life of the battery.  In the event you can foresee the need to go portable then switch the Conservation Mode Off and let it fully charge.

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I have just bought a new NB10-A-10U laptop.

I have plugged it in but the battery/dc light shows no signs of life.
According to the manual the light should be on.

Is something wrong or everything will operate when i will press the power button?
I would hate the installation process to be interrupted...

Does anyone have a clew if this is normal or something is wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help/advices

A:Satellite NB10-A-10U first plug in power but no DC light


Usually the "DC IN indicator" glows green, white or blue depending on your device when DC power is supplied correctly from the AC adaptor.

Please connect the AC adaptor once again.
Check if there is no lose contact and wait 5-10 min.
The press the power button and check how the unit will act.

Feedback would be appreciated.

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I have a motherboard thats 24 pin and a 4 pin processor connector, but the power source i ordered is a 20 pin and 4 pin for the processor, is there any way i can get a converter instead of having to buy a new power source?

A:Convert Power Source Motherboard Plug?

Look closely the 4 pin may be able to slid onto the end of the 20 pin connector making it a 24 pin. many power supplies now offer this feature where you are able to do both.

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