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Registry hack to set the desktop icon size to small - Win7 64bit

Q: Registry hack to set the desktop icon size to small - Win7 64bit

I am trying to find the registry key that will change the desktop icon size to small.

This is mainly for new users, or for the default user. I have workstations that have several people sharing them and need this for everyone.

I have looked in these locations:
HKey_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics\Shell Icon Size

I played with both these settings for myself, and the desktop icons do not change.

If I reboot, the first key value goes back to 32, and the second key stays at 96.
But my icons never change in size.

I am looking for any way to do this in the registry.

I could try copying the ntuser.dat but fear I will still have issues with paths, and other defaults that will cause the same problem I had originally.

Preferred Solution: Registry hack to set the desktop icon size to small - Win7 64bit

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Registry hack to set the desktop icon size to small - Win7 64bit

Click on an open area of the desktop, then hold down the Ctrl key and roll the scroll wheel on the mouse. The Icons will get bigger or smaller depending on which way you scroll the mouse wheel. No Reg hack needed.

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By default Windows 7 has desktop icon view set to Medium. I want to change the default user NTuser.dat hive as part of SCCM build so that each new user has small size by default, but can change if they wish (hence can't do it as a GPO)
Does anyone know the registry key(s) to change?

Ian Burnell, London (UK)

A:Registry key to change desktop icon size

This view size is controlled by HKU specific user registry. Thus it can't be mapping to another user account.
If you insist, there is a complex workaround(However I wouldn't like to recommend you use this method):
Copy the following registry value to place another user's registry.
Note: It can't be imported, just copy its value.

Karen Hu
TechNet Community Support

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Hello everyone. I need to find where the Desktop icon size is stored in the registry. I already looked into this:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics - Shell Icon Size
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags\1\Desktop - IconSize

But neither of these seem to change anything. Even if I change the icon size by using right click or the mouse scroll wheel, these values don't change at all. So where is this data really stored? Thanks in advance.

A:CHange Desktop icon size via registry

Hi Butters, right click empty desktop &:-

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Hi to all.
Can we change taskbar icons' size to a specific size other than two default windows defined sizes?

A:change taskbar icon size to specific size other than small or large?

The guy here told me about two dock apps. See if you like it. I didn't and am still looking into customizing the size of the icons...
Can you specify a custom taskbar icon size?

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Hi guys,
I've got a really annoying problem here. I know that there are three presets of the display size, small, medium large. I always use medium and it has work fine ever since.
But suddenly, the icons on the my desktop became tiny, i can't really tell if the title of the icons became smaller but the icons are definitely smaller. Everything else is the same size, and i checked my settings and they were still set at medium.
Anyhelp please?

A:Display Size, icon became small, everything else same

FIrst, right click on the Desktop and select Screen Resolution. Make sure that is correct for your display.

If okay, then click on an empty area of the Desktop, then hold down the Ctrl key and roll the mouse wheel. One direction makes things smaller, the other makes them bigger.

That will allow you to make them any size you want.

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I manage a school network with 700 students. We have a NT4.0 server and each student has their own login. We use a mandatory profile which means they each get the same desktop and program list each time. They can't change icons or screen colors. When a student logs in the profile is downloaded and stored on the local machine. With NT4 workstation it stores the profile in c:\winnt\profiles\%username%. After about 100 different students have logged their is about 200 megs in this directory.
With WiN2000 after a while it says that the registry is too small to download the profile and we have to increase it from 20Megs to 30Megs or higher. I guess it it storing the profile for each user in here. Why does it doo this when it is a mandatory profile which they are not allowed to change. Why doesn't it delete it each time they logout? How big is it going to get by the time 700 students have logged in? How big is the registry going to become and how is this going to effect the boot up time? I believe a copy of the registry is made when the computer boots up. It seems ridiculous that WIN3.1 had WIN.INI & SYSTEM.INI files of KBytes in size and now with WIN2000 25Megs is not enough.

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dell xps with windows vista service pack 1 the icons change back and forth from large to small for no reason and i cant get it to quit

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I'm using Windows 7 x64, and have no trouble changing the size of the desktop icons with the mouse wheel. However, in any other explorer window, I have the choice between small, where I can't see the icon really, and medium, which is big and the size of a tile. Is there any way to change THAT size rather than the desktop icon size?

Thank you

A:Changing the ICON Size to Between Small and Medium

As far as I'm aware the only sizes in explorer are the ones listed, there is no scroll option like there is on the desktop just the slider bar

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I have an ultrabook with a 18.6GiB SSD and a 500GB HDD that I will have just made a fresh install of Win7 onto. I installed Win7 onto the 20GB SSD in order to gain speed, and I will use the 500GB HDD primarily for data.

It's current state is: fresh Win7 install (result was ~2GiB free), then disabled hibernation (then 4.2GiB free). Default User Profiles ("\users") have been redirected to the HDD, but that does not change the 4.2GiB free SSD yet.

I have seen a few posts where people have reduced their installs to 6GB, but they seem to be tossing things out everything including Notepad and Windows Time, but I do not want to be that ruthless as I still want Win7 to function normally, but just without some of it's "bloatware".

Misc Notes:
-the Win7 install disc had SP1 slipstreamed into it, as well as all drivers (I used RT7Lite).
-I will install Comodo, Avast, VLC, Firefox, and Thunderbird, so I will not use the Windows Firewall, Windows Antivirus, Windows Media Player, IE, or Outlook Express.
-I apply all my patches manually, so I will not be using Windows Update (can it be deleted, and would that save any decent space?).
-I do not care about themes etc.
-I do care about security, and use "Group Policy Editor" for GPO, and "Microsoft Management Console (MMC)".

While I know how to turn off the features I do not use, I do not know which files to delete to save the space of the feature I am not using, so any advice on this would be grea... Read more

A:What can I remove from Win7 for small install size?

I would use MSE with the Window Firewall which is perfected and nearly unanimously recommended here at the the home of Win7. No one here recommends Comodo - we've never seen anything but problems with it. Avast has bloated up and causes probs never seen with MSE.

Keep all Windows Updates current avoiding nothing except Bingware. These are vital performance and security patches which will affect how the OS performs and is protected.

Don't take it out on the best OS ever that there's only 20gb which is not really practical. We've squeezed it down to 32 gb to install on the caching drive which comes on some laptops, but 20gb is not really doable unless you install programs on the spinner which defeats the purpose of an SSD. But you can install most used programs to the SSD.

During beta we experimented with vLiting for size and performance. There is no performance clawback at all by removing anything, just unintended consequences. For netbooks there was interest for awhile to vLite (now 7Lite) out the Language and Drivers files for size but I've not heard anything about it for years and can't even find the threads which addressed this which means it has zero popularity.

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ok I did a lot of research and a lot of people seems to think they know what I am talking about but infact they dont, and i have try and tried many of the methods they suggested and its obviously not working thats why im posting here.

I want to manually change the icon size of the toolbar/quicklaunch, NOT the taskbar, but most likely the pinned icon via toolbar/quicklaunch in window 7. this might also be related to changing icon size of the pinned icon on taskbar, but its not the taskbar thats troubling me, it is the toolbar/quicklaunch icons.

options listed and exists large and small icon size. large is too large, small is too small. i believe and strongly believe there is a way to change it, either through registry, or resource hack some .dll file, i donno which but i would like to get some help from experts please.

i hope to see other people out there sharing the same pain as i do.
these are the things that ive tried.

- shellicon in registry size 16 to whatever it is, has not helped.
- desktop -> personalize -> windows color -> advanced settings -> captions.. etc none has helped.
- HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Control Panel -> Desktop -> WindowMetricsFind "MinWidth" which obviously has no effect on the toolbar/quiclaunch icon size.

A:change toolbar/quicklaunch icon size other than large/small.

Quote: Originally Posted by koolkat77

could you post a screenshot of how your task bar looks now?

as you can see from picture below, same icons. but large is too large, small is too small. i wish there is a change in registry where i could modify this as i do not wish to use 3rd party dock.

those 3rd party program looks nice, but since they are not part of the taskbar, windows that are opened block them, and even if they do come with functions to be always on top, they block the windows that are opened instead.

unless theres a 3rd party dock that can be part of the taskbar, im wont be interested in it.

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In my pictures folder, as well as all other folders that I have checked, the option to change the icon size larger or smaller is grayed out.

Solutions I have found use the options to change settings, however, my options are also grayed out so I can't.

Refer to my attachment for a view of my folders.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

A:folders: icon size options are grayed out. view>small, med

my brother was over to my house today and I asked him about my folder icon size problem. I pulled up my folders, and they are fine. You know how that goes...show the problem off only to have it not be a problem... anyway, I hadn't done anything. I was baffled. Of course, telling him I am not crazy and that my sizing and the options were grayed out, but now were fine. My brother says it's because my system was performing a disc defragmenting. he says windows just schedules them and does them. I don't know anything about that or if that really was the case or not. I never did any updates and I had already restarted my computer a few times so I know it wasn't any other changes that were just taking effect.

Hopefully this information helps someone else out when they have this problem. I couldn't find my exact problem when it happened to me. Sorry I don't have more on how it was fixed.

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To change the size of the on icons on the desktop, you can use this tweak to make them larger, The default setting is 32

If you change this to 36, your icons will be slightly larger, the higher the number, the larger the icons will appear.

First you want to go to Start > Run, and type Regedit. navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control panel > Desktop > WindowsMetrics. Click on the WindowsMetrics key and choose File > Export from Regedit's menu. Save the .reg file as windowMetricsoriiginal.reg. In case you don't like the changes, you can double-click on this file to restore the settings to their default value.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics]
"Shell Icon Size"="36"

A:Icon Size Registry Tweak


This works in Windows 7 RC1 build 7100 > Click an empty space on your desktop > Press Ctrl on your keyboard > roll your mouse wheel and all desktop icons change size (and stay at the size you desire)

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I have a new Toshiba Laptop (Win7 64bit CORE i3). I would like to run (via usb) and old hdd from my desktop which was 32bit Win7.
I have the old hard drive in a SATA enclosure and running it via USB to my laptop. When I attempt to either copy or read the old hard drive I get a write protect error. I have tried
the MS registry changes to remove "write protection" but the registry entry they call for is non existent in my laptop registry.
My last post on this was annotated as solved...but my explanation was weak. I do not want to run this drive as a permanent addition to my system, I just need to copy some files from the old drive to the new one.
If I attempt to use Control Panel/Disk Management it tells me the old drive is not "initialized". Both options to initialize don't work. Please help I have some very important medical records that must be copied from old hdd to new.

A:Cannot read hdd from old desktop Win7 32bit on new laptop Win7 64bit

Have you tried connecting the old hard drive to the old computer using the SATA connection then connecting your laptop to your network before copying the files over?

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my computer screen has gone all weird.

my desktop has decreased in overall size but not in text size.

there is a thick black boarder around the desktop screen. i m the only one on my computer therefore i ve pressed nothing to do with properties or menu buttons under the screen itself.

any help please.



This was posted way back in july 07 and I have the same problem as this but on a laptop running vista. Changing the resolution on properties, which was the solution to this persons problem, still doesn't make it the full laptop screen size. I have a Sony Vaio PCG-7Z2M and I've just installed vista ultimate and it was fine before then. Any ideas please?

A:Small Desktop, Decreased in size and centered

hi try updating the graphics drivers

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Just installed Windows 2000 pro operating system on my laptop. Cannot get the screen big enough for some reason..surrounded by a large black margin!!?!

My tech knowledge is limited, so any straightforward help is v appreciated!

Btw, tried control panel/display...to no avail!

A:Desktop screen size too small following installation of 2000 pro

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I am using windows 7 starter edition on my dell netbook, but find the icons a little large, with XP its simply a matter of reducing the number size in advanced settings (display properties-appearence-advanced-item) but how do you do this with 7 starter ?

I have already used the icon size set to small, but find them not small enough.


A:Desktop icon change size ?

See here: http://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/...-windows-vista/

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I have researched until I am blue in the face and not found out how to do this.

We are getting ready to have house guests, and I have created an account for them to use. I would like to create a desktop shortcut icon which is roughly double the size of the other icons to draw attention to it. The target file will be a basic readme with a couple of short rules for using my computer.

If I cannot find a way to create the single larger icon, I will resort to another idea I have in mind. That idea is to type the rules in Word and use Snipping Tool to capture the text and use the resulting image as a desktop background.


A:Is there a way to change the size of only one desktop icon?

Why don't you just use sticky notes ... make the note as large as you want

Sticky Notes - Create and Delete

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I've searched for a while now but can't seem to find a way to increase the size of the icons on the desktop toolbar. Maybe it's something that can't be done but it'd be good because they look silly that small when you have large icons set on the taskbar

A:Icon Size on Desktop Toolbar

right-click - view - large icons

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In Windows XP, how can I change the font size on my desktp icons, without losing the graphic part?

I havetried changing the resolution, but that seems to eliminate the graphic part of the icon.


A:Font Size & Icon On Desktop

Right click on a clear area of the desktop and select properties.
Click the appearance tab. At the bottom there is a pull down menu for font size, choose your option and ok back out


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I have connected my laptop to a 40" LCD TV using HDMI cable and everything works fine. Since the desktop icons/fonts on the TV shows default (small) size from the laptop, in order for me to see it from the distance I have to change the desktop icons/fonts to a larger size.

Here is my question; Is there a way to set up a different desktop icon/fonts size to match the TV and the laptop? (perhaps different profile settings???) Meaning, when I disconnect the HDMI cable from the TV, I want the size of the icons/fonts go back to default/small size icons and vice versa .

Hope this question makes sense.
Thanks in advance!

A:Desktop icon/font size on the laptop and the TV

Quote: Originally Posted by freesunshine

I have connected my laptop to a 40" LCD TV using HDMI cable and everything works fine. Since the desktop icons/fonts on the TV shows default (small) size from the laptop, in order for me to see it from the distance I have to change the desktop icons/fonts to a larger size.

Here is my question; Is there a way to set up a different desktop icon/fonts size to match the TV and the laptop? (perhaps different profile settings???) Meaning, when I disconnect the HDMI cable from the TV, I want the size of the icons/fonts go back to default/small size icons and vice versa .

Hope this question makes sense.
Thanks in advance!

I can't think of anything that exist within windows. It wasn't necessarily designed to be used on 40" LCD from 10' away in the way you are using it. That's why Windows Media Center's fonts are so much bigger.

Per this Topic here on 7F: dual monitor text is different sizes between screens you're out of luck.

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How can I reduce size of the SHORTCUT ARROW on icons, for very hi-rez desktops?
I have 30 in. monitor (2600X1900 res.) I have too many shortcuts, so I have to keep them smallest, but arrows are not proportionally small. They are covering most of the icon area, thus I can't see the content of the icon.

A:Desktop shortcut icon's arrow size.

You can try installing some third party icon packs. Some of these icon packs have better looking shortcut icons, possibly with smaller shortcut arrows beside them. Some third party themes also come with such icon packs but they are harder to install.

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I have my setting at 125 - but would like to set it to something between 125 and 150. I want to experiment with this setting if I can make it variable. Thank you.

A:How change Windows 7 Desktop Icon size (other than 100, 125 & 150)

Click on an open area of the Desktop. Press and hold the Ctrl key then roll the mouse wheel. One way makes things bigger, the other way smaller.

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Hi all. I'm using Windows Vista on an Aspire 5935G laptop. My problem is, the icon size is too big but the internet font size is fine. How do I decrease/increase the icon size on the desktop?

Merry Christmas to one & all!



A:Solved: Windows Vista desktop icon size

Try this:
Right click the Desktop.
Place your mouse over View.
Click Medium or Classic Icons.

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I am using windows 10 Pro > Microsoft Edge.
When I create a shortcut om my desktop the ICON is to small, see example
I try to refresh with the pull down menu of the desktop, refresh BUT DON'T work..
Is there a way to refresh this ICON to the correct size?
Thx Robert

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Good day.

I wish to know if there is a way to change the font size/style (bold, etc.) of the icon labels ONLY on the desktop screen.

I've tried the Control Panel method (Appearance & Personalization -> Display) that allows me to change the fonts for 'ICONS'. However, this option also changes the appearance of fonts in the directories/filenames, which is not what I want.

E.g. Labels on the desktop with size 12 and bold. Fonts in folders: size 9 and UNbolded (default style).

Anyone have a solution for this?

A:Changing Font Size of Desktop Icon Label

Hi vyrians,

I found THIS thread that offers a couple of possible solutions.


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Hi, This is my first post. I recently was given a new Dell 15R touchscreen computer and it was upgraded to Windows 8.1. I've only used Windows XP up until 3 days ago. I am a novice user.

I liked the way the desktop icons looked in XP, the shortcuts for Netflix and Ikea were a nice big red box with an N in it for Netflix, a yellow and blue box for Ikea . They were medium sized, about 1/2" big, but I could recognize them easily and quickly because of the individual graphics.

Now with Windows 8.1, the shortcut icons are a 1/2" white square and a very teeny tiny logo in the center that I can barely see and have confused with other similar icons. I have found where to change the icon size and text size but not the icon appearance. Where would I find this? I have right clicked on the desktop, I've looked in the control panel, I've checked display.

8.1 is a heck of a learning curve for me and I am enjoying learning the new system but I would like to be able to quickly and easily see what I put on my desktop.

Thank you for any and all help. I appreciate it.

A:How Do I Change Desktop Icon Appearance, Not Size Nor Text

Hi Giselle, Welcome to 8 forums.

This link might be able to help you. Changing the Visual Appearance of Windows 8 | HP? Support

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hello i have a old hp pavilion a6207c running win7 32bit. Its pretty slow and i wanted to upgrade the OS. Would it be possible to do windows 10?

A:HP desktop win7 32bit to win10 64bit Possible?

I would use Macrium Reflect Free to create a backup image of the current installation onto a removable hard drive and then try the upgrade to Windows 10.

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I've setup a new Win7 desktop PC... everything is running great.

But the stupid desktop icons will NOT stay put. They all move to whatever position the OS thinks they belong - on the left side!

I'm not finding anything that seems to work on the net. yeah yeah, its NOT set to Auto arrange.

I've never seen this before on Win7, but it sure seems stupid to have it happen now.

Any ideas?

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Hello,after doing a clean install of Windows 8 pro 64bit and installed windows updates.After the first restart "My computer" desktop icon shown up as "My Computer 32 bit"
..I had some customized context menu on right click and that dissapeared too,the context menu customization still exists on registry at the computer clsid but no luck with the "My computer 32 bit" desktop icon that Im having now.....Anyone had the same problem or know a solution?

A:My Computer desktop icon shown as 32bit on 64bit system

Right click on the icon and select Rename. Change it to whatever you want.

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Hi all, I just installed WIn8.1 Prox64 and I'm facing the following issue. I want to be able to adjust the desktop icons' spacing (vertical and horizontal), desktop icons font size, etc. In Windows 7 this was achieved by going to Personalization/Wndow Color/Advanced Appearance Settings and then you'd have a drop down menu with many items to be able to adjust. In Windows 8.1 it seems that this list is much more limited or impossible. Am I missing something or otherwise is there a 3rd party tweaker for this? Thanks

A:How to adjust desktop icon labels font size, spacing, etc?

Not sure on font size, but here's a tutorial on Desktop Icons - Change Horizontal and Vertical Spacing in Windows 8

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I want to enable this setting on many PCs at once and also on new deployment.
Is there a registry setting (or other automated way) to enable "Show Input Panel Icon" in taskbar (Windows 7)?  
Specific option checkbox I want to manipulate automatically is highlighted below:
(Show the icon on the taskbar)

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I work for a large corp which provides a standard image.
I install this image, and wish to make changes particular to our area (About 8 offices)

Then burn the image for new workstations.

I have been doing the desktop customization, show menus, desktop icon size, etc.
I then go to C:\Users and copy that customized user and rename it to default.

This works but has side effects, such as a new users default location for documents is always the original users. Plus some of our software fails.

So I am now wanting to change the registry to do the same thing.

My question:
Is there a way to edit the "Default User" in the registry so that it would be used for any new user?

That way I could set the default registry and all new users would get those settings.

A:Setting default desktop for new users Win7 64bit

The "default user" stuff is located in C:\Users\Default
So its registry is C:\Users\Default\ntuser.dat

You know how load and unload that registry hive?
Between load and unload you can change the relevant registry modifications

You understand?

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Hey, I'm suffering from a VERY slow transfer rate while I'm trying to transfer files from my USB flash drive to my desktop(about 200kbps).
The flash drive is sandisk cruzer 16GB and my computer is i5-750 @2.67GHz and 4GB of RAM.
It's not a problem with the flash drive because when I transfer files from it to my laptop the transfer rate is much better.
Is there any solution?

A:Slow transfer rate from USB to desktop(win7 64bit)

Hi KK1, is your USB in NTFS filing system?

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I have a PC connected to my tv in the lounge which i use as a media centre mainly.
It's 4 meters away from my armchair and my eyes aren't so good any more so I increased the icon text size to 150%.
that was fine except the one other Program I use regularly, which has a fixed windows size is now too big for the screen.

I only wanted the text size altered. Why is this happening?

PC is win 7 and I altered the text size from control panel/display BTW



A:resizing desktop icon text seems to change the size of program windows

Im no expert on this but i thought if increasing above 100% you may need to reduce screen resolution to still fit display window

Although im not sure what that would look like on a big tv ?

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for some reason - only MS know - one of the desktop icons wont show the correct picture.
Photoshop elements 5.
it used to but not now.
i can find a png pic of the icon picture.
how do i get the icon pic back. maybe from that
properties change icon HAS the right pic - but select it and get something like a book page.

A:win7 desktop icon problem

Try this, works like a charm for me whenever Everest icon goes nuts (not too often BTW)
Icon went missing in Windows 7? Here's a Fix

See ya!!!

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In XP, one can change the default spacing (snap to grid ?) to user spacing.
Can't find anything in Win7 using a search term of "desktop icon spacing"....
Is there a way ??


A:WIN7 Desktop icon spacing

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As I was trying to find out why my computer was crashing, in one instance I started getting small windows poping up on my screen with nothing on them; blank and with two options OK or Cancel, plus the red X on the top right corner. WHatever I chose, the window closes but almost imediately another one pops up. If I leave them alone, they just start building up on my desktop.

The crashing seems to be the charger, because if I use the battery alone it just doesn't crash.

I have upgraded windows in the process of finding the cause and some corrupt files have been repaired, but now I get this and I don't even know where to start. Have had Avast check my whole system, Malware and CCleaner check everything, but I still get those annoying little blank windows...

Any clues?

Best regards,

Spanish Flyer

A:Small blank windows keep poping up on my desktop. Windows 7 Prof 64bit

Sorry, I forgot two screenshots so you can see exactly what I mean..

Best regards,

Spanish Flyer

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hope all members will be fine.....
So dear i have to ask that how i make/bring this ICON bar at desktop.... but i also want my actual icon too, that they also be there at left side... plz check the
screen shot... hope it will help u to understand my problem.

A:how to bring/ create this icon bar at win7 desktop??

hi qazihamayun, and welcome to sevenforums ,

that 'icon bar' looks like a dock. try downloading objectdock or rocketdock (very similar and both free).

you will have to play with the settings to get it exactly how you like it.

and stop crying!

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This should be easy but I've found several instructions to the right page-- but the font box is greyed out.

The font size is ok but I want to make it look more like old XP which means light blue background with white
font lettering on the desktop. The default goes to black text for light background-- I already found that out.

Years ago I did this on another job but can't remember how to get around what Win7 _wants_ to do.

With this is mind is there any summary screen of what changes have been made?. As said, the usual
setup screen allows me to change b/g color but font is greyed out.

A:Change the icon font color on Win7 Desktop

I use a program called Iconoid Iconoid - Hide and show desktop icons, maketransparent backgrounds


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I just got my PC back after 3 1/2 weeks of a nightmare involving the motherboard going bad and taking two processors with it.

While troubleshooting/fixing it, the PC was hooked up to a 1024x768 monitor (mine is 1280x960), and so the desktop icons rearranged.

Although a small hassle in the relative scheme of things, I was not looking forward to repositioning the icons when I hooked the PC up to my monitor.

But lo and behold, when I did, all the icons were in the correct place.

The only explanation I can think of is that Windows 7 "remembers" the icon layout for each screen resolution. Is this what happened here?

A:Does Win7 save desktop icon positioning for different resolutions?

Yes, they are saved in the HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags\1\Desktop Registry Key.
Mine has two, one for 120dpi, one for 96dpi resolution.

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hi, does anyone know where i can find that icon so i can change it even if i need to use reshack

A:win7 default show desktop icon resource?

Welcome to Seven Forums ainoshoes. Are you talking about the little rectangle on the right end of the taskbar as in this tutorial?

Show Desktop Shortcut - Create

I would suspect it would reside in imageres.dll, but I have never seen anyone change that other then to change location.

A Guy

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Hi everyone.
I installed Win 7 Ultimate recently on top of my Vista Home 64bit, Vaio laptop. Setup archive was downloaded from microsoft website.

Installation was fine, first start up was fine. But after second reboot my desktop stopped loading, its was just a blue screen with sign at the right bottom corner - Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7010 or something. Couple times I pressed ctrl-alt-del and started dwm.exe and explorer.exe manually once again (although these 2 processed were already in the list) and was managed to run desktop.

Yesterday I installed some IE8 and Office updates and changed theme to Aero, and now after reboot Im getting same thing with black screen, but dwm.exe and explorer.exe does not help anymore (again, they present in the list of processes), no desktop, no start menu.

I use firefox with noscript plugin, user account and antivirus software, so I dont have any virus issues or something. This trouble began right after installation is over.

What can It be? How do I solve it?
Thanks, Alex

A:Desktop icon and start menu not loading - Win7 Ultimate

Re-installed windows7 again, first boot - OK, than restart or log of - desktop not loading again. So I have to start explorer.exe manually.. Any ideas?

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I need a registry hack to fix a problem . When trying to install IE8 it extracts files to F:\ which is my slave HD. Then when IE8 trys to install it looks for the files on C:\. So what I need is to make it extract to C drive so I can finish the installation.

A:registry hack

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I reformatted my harddrive after I bought a new mother board. I had to because my AGP slot fried my graphics card. So, after I installed windows and the computer restarted itself and the first view of windows I get spam. A little window poped up stating that I have 55 registry critical errors and I need to log on to (put site here) and download a registry cleanup and I will not have a problem.

I download SP1 and SP2 then I stop getting that message.

Everything seems to run fine until I start to play an online game.

My system;

AMD 64 3000+ Proc
6800 agp video card
1 gig corsair ram

I am on this game with no problem for a bit. Then all of a sudden I lag out but my internet stays online. Sometimes my internet just crashes.

I reformatted again and same problem. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can do? I have Avast and spybot protection. I can run from off of a router, but the same problem happens.

A:Registry Hack?

Hi Texwash !

You should always install everything offline, including the antivirus and firewall, before you connect your compter to the net. This is the only sure way to prevent those nasty popups that lie to you to trick you into buying some crappy software from appearing.

Next time you'll want to reinstall XP, prepare all drivers, stand alone installation files for SP2 (by the way, you don't need to install SP1 before you install SP2) and firewall and antivirus installer files on a CD so that you don't have to access the internet while unprotected. Best way is to create a slipstreamed install CD with all latest updates already integrated.

Now let's come back to your problem.

Have you done all the latest updates from Windows updates ?

Run a spybot scan. Download adaware and run an adaware scan. In fact, you should follow the HJT 5 steps against malware link in my sig and go through the 4 first steps. I don't want you to do the last step and post a log while we're not sure this is a malware problem since the HJT section is overcrowded at the moment and there are chances the problem comes from another source.

When your internet starts to lag, open the task manager (press ctrl+alt+del), go to the processes tab and tell us if there's any process that's taking up lots of cpu usage there.

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I accidentally clicked yes on a popup and now it has screwed up my IE to where instead of getting a 404 or a 'page cannot be displayed' error, I get the lop.com site. Does anyone know how to undo that so that I can get my 'normal' errors back ? I'm thinking that maybe it somehow reconfigured the registry, but regardless, I want to fix that. Thanks, guys

A:IE Registry Hack ?!?!

Welcome to TSG!

First off you are not alone in falling into Lops trap...have a look.
http://groups.google.com/groups?q=l...[email protected]&rnum=1
Theri removal instructions.......
At the very bottom of this page are the removal instructions.

Keep us posted to your progress.


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What, if any, benefits would their be in performing the following. It was found at MVPS.ORG and recommended if using their hosts file with DNS Client in manual or disabled.
# Flush the existing DNS cache

# Start > Run (type) regedit
# Navigate to the following location:

# Click Edit > New > DWORD Value (type) MaxCacheTtl

# Click Edit > New > DWORD Value (type) MaxNegativeCacheTtl

# Next right-click on the MaxCacheTtl entry (right pane) and select: Modify and change the value to 1

# The MaxNegativeCacheTtl entry should already have a value of 0 (leave it that way - see screenshot)

# Close Regedit and reboot ..
P.S. forgot to say it is for a laptop. I have tried it and my boot time trebled.
What effect, as above, would using the hack with DNS on auto and not using the hosts file.

A:DNS Registry Hack

What is your goal?

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