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Help Me Hide/block Ip Address

Q: Help Me Hide/block Ip Address

hi!im in need of immediate help as to how i can hide my friend's ip address from hackers. i have a friend who was betrayed by her co-worker and has submitted her email address to some computer company to track her ip address and hack her computer to know my friend's location.my friend has deleted that email add account already, can her ip address still be traced?help pls. thanks so much. she just wants her ip add hidden..hoping for immediate responses. thanks!

Preferred Solution: Help Me Hide/block Ip Address

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Help Me Hide/block Ip Address

Just curious: What "computer company" offers the service of finding and revealing physical addresses from e-mail addresses?

If your friend has high-speed internet, the IP address can be easily changed by simply unplugging the modem for a while, and then plugging it back in. I do this to change mine 2 or 3 times a week, just for the sake of privacy.

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I would like to hide the address bar but still be able to use the forward and back buttons and some other features.  I have add the rege key to remove nav bar but that removes everything.  Im using this in a citrix xendesktop environment. 
I will deploy a site but don't want the users to navigate to other sites.  For instance go to our intranet site but stop them from going to our firewall gui page. So when they click on links I wont them to be able to go back to the previous page. 
Any ideas?

A:IE 11 Hide Address bar but keep Forward and Back buttons or disable typing in address bar

It's designed by default, and we cannot only hide address bar. Thanks for your understanding.
Yolanda Zhu
TechNet Community Support

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I recently installed a program to block my internet at night so I can get back in to a normal routine.

The only problem is I can simpley go in to task manager and end process and repair connection and i can do what I want again. I want to stop me from using computer at night so i can get in to a good happier routine. In order to stop me acessing program i passworded it with password i could not remember off top of my head, tried to make it as random as possible. but because i can just go in process and end it... its kinda pointless.

I left it so I can uninstall it because well there maybe a valid reason why I need to uninstall it sometime... and i know better then to never leave one safe clause. I know I wont uninstall it tho but because its so easy to just go to processes and end it... its just to easy.

So I wanted away in which I can block processes from been closed or hide it so I can't close it like that.

Thanks in advance! I would really appreciate a reply!

A:Hide or block a process in task manager from been closed

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i am beginner user so plz excuse my lack of computer knowledge. i use bittorrent and limewire to download things ...and i need know what i can use to hide my ip/isp address from other people. I dont know much about ip/isp all i know is that they can be used to track people. Maybe be a way to mask it or a way to fake ones..if any one is able help me it would be really helpful...

thank you

A:hide my ip address

No way except to connect through a proxy server. Every website or computer you connect to needs your IP address. It would be like hiding your home address from the Post Office.

Online proxy servers and programs that access them will reroute your connection through another server so your personal IP will not be seen.

Search for "Hide IP" or "surf anonymously" and you will find programs and servers (some free, but the programs usually cost).

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Can someone tell if there is a way to hide my computers IP Address?
Maxthon is the browser I use, I love it, but I do a lot of business on my home computer and I am afraid of being spied on.
I heard that there are people that can trace it and know everything you are doing, including online banking and private emails and such.
Thank you.

A:Hide IP Address?

Firstly, there's no foolproof way of making yourself "invisible" online. While Tor can give upto 90% masking, it's often slow and still not safe enough. But there are a few things you can do:
1) Follow the EFF's top 12 ways.
2) Refer to the Surveillance Self-Defense manual for complete satisfaction.
3) For computer specific solutions, look here.

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I`ve been reading a lot on the internet about hiding ip address and all the different programs that are out there for this. Some sites say they will change your ip address and some say that they will divert your traffic through a server in a different country.
What i`m wondering is, is there actual sense in all this and do these programs work and if they do work how do you actually know that they`re working?
Does anyone actually use these?
Any insight into this would be much appreciated, thanks.

A:Hide ip address

Well I do not see why you would want to do this, but yes they work.
You could do this by using a proxy server.

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Can someone tell if there is a way to hide my computers IP Address?
Maxthon is the browser I use, I love it, but I do a lot of business on my home computer like online banking and private emails and such. And I am afraid of being spied on.
I heard that there are people that can trace it and know everything you are doing.
Thank you.

A:Hide IP Address?

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What is the best free software to get to hide my ip address? and where do I find it. Also will this make it more secure for when i am using free wi-fi hot spots?

A:hide ip address

These should get you started.How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi NetworksHow to Improve Your Security When Using a Public TerminalBest Free Anonymous Surfing ServiceHow To Combat WiFi Security Risks When Connecting To A Public Network

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i would like to hide my ip address when surfing and for some forums. there seems to be alot of programs for this but would like to know if there are any good ones that allow a free trial and won't screw up y computer t y bad

A:Hide My Ip Address

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Is it possible to hide my IP address when browsing, or change it without setting up a new ISP account?

A:How can I hide my IP address

You can use a proxy service.

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Hi there,
do you know any ways to hide my IP address or surfing to the Internet with a changing IP address?
Will sth like this affect my system?


A:Hide Ip Address

Other than an anonymous proxy connection, there is little you can do to hide your IP address and still connect to the Internet.

What makes you want to hide your IP address?

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I'm not new to computers, however, I'm a far way away from being good at using them. I want to know how to hide my I.P. Address, from someone, so others can't find it. I heard that people can find I.P. Addresses through Facebook is this true? Anyway I don't want to use a proxy because I don't trust them and heard they don't work anyway. How can I be sure I'm safe?

A:How do I hide my I.P. Address?

Hello Teetar, and welcome to Sevenforums!

#1 way to ensure you are safe. NEVER enter personal information (home address, phone numbers, credit card numbers) into any website.

Alternatively, follow #1 above, but make an exception to enter personal information into trusted websites that act as stores, such as walmart, best buy, etc. NEVER enter that info into social sites like facebook, even to buy stuff. Its just not smart.

Anything else is a bit overkill, but you can still do it. Its kinda paranoia, because millions use facebook all with an ip address. Unless you are hiding from the government because you are criminally inclined, there isn't a perfectly good reason to mask your ip address.

Hope this helps

PS. don't use the facebook apps or games either, as some of them use cookies that track more than people want them to.

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I checked my e- mails today and got and e-mail from my ISP that said a company sent in a complaint that was traced to my IP address saying that I had violated a copyright infringment and they were requesting my account information. Luckily My ISP won't give out this info unless orderd to by a court.
Admittedly there accusation was correct that I downloaded the movie Alien Vs Predator with kazza. But I don't feel this is a crime as I do not redistribute anything I download from Kazza. And the movie wasn't that good anyway.
Does anyone know how to hide my IP address and activities from this company. OR should I just avoid downloading movies.

A:can i hide my ip address

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Hi there

Anyone knows if there is a way I can hide my IP address when connecting to the internet or sending email? I sent an email to a certain recipient yesterday and it kept bouncing with "failure notice" message which says, "Connected to but greeting failed, remote host said: 553 Your IP address is blackholed by bl.spamcop.net."

I eventually sent it by using my cellphone to connect to the internet instead of my usual ISDN line.

What does this mean? Will I never be able to send email to this recipient again on my normal ISDN line? I am the treasurer of our home-owners' association in a complex of 11 houses, and I send the levy account once a month by email to several home owners who live out of town. The recipient I mentioned is one of these owners.

Thanks guys


A:Solved: How can I hide my IP address?

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I know nothing about the topic, only that I would like to maintain my privacy. I do not want the sites I register for to know my IP address. Is there a way someone with a non-technical background can do this?

Is is necessary to purchase a product to do this? If so, doesn't it defeat the purpose of privacy, if I have to give my full name and credit card to purchase the product?

A:How to hide IP address for beginners

Hi jnl.

First, I should mention that an IP address is not personally identifiable information. So, by hiding your IP you really aren't doing anything extra to maintain your privacy.

You can take some basic steps to disguise your IP by using a service called a proxy. There are free services called open proxies; however these often have ads at best, and malicious intentions at worst. Additionally, many forms of web content (Flash for example) are not supported by many open proxies. Finally, the proxy website is getting your real IP instead of the website you're visiting/registering for, so again you really aren't increasing your anonymity online.

At the end of the day, if you want to use the internet someone is going to get your IP address. In layman's terms, an IP address can be likened to a postal address. If you want to get mail (web content), then you're going to have to give it out. Whether you give it to the person actually sending the mail (the end website), or a forwarding service (the proxy), is up to you.

To be perfectly honest. . . I'd rather the website I'm registering for have my IP than a proxy service.

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how would i hide my internal ip address
i already know how to hide my ip address R change it
but my internal ip is still accessed and gives my location away

A:hide my internal ip address

Please elaborate about what you mean by internal IP address and give an example. Any Internal private IP address (LAN) handed out by say a router can't be seen from the Internet (WAN) or used to reveal your location.

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What is a good program to instal that will hide my internet address?
Surfing to a site this morning, a pop-up windows informed me that my internet address was visible and available to anyone wishing to view it.

Thank you.


<img src="http://forums.techguy.org/attachment.php?s=&postid=644719">

Windows 2000
I Use Zone Alarm

A:Help to Hide Internet Address

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You guys are gonna be so happy -- I bought a new laptop a month ago, the HP Pavilion dv5120. It's the greatest thing I've ever had my paws on, believe me. So, no more nagging problems w/ the old laptop anymore.

Here's my question: Is there software that will hide/change/scramble my IP address? It's gotta be safe -- I don't want to infect my baby.

Many thanks, you guys. YOU are the greatest, too!

A:Safe way to hide IP address?

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is it possible to hide the display of the url in the address bar and in the status bar in a ie window?

A:hide url display in address bar

do you mean the whole adress bar? or just a certain site

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Ok, I do a bit of downloading and I want to be able to mask/hide/encrypt my IP so that it isn't as easy for hackers to target me. I did a google search and it mentioned that you need to be behind a proxy server but this doesn't mean much to me. Is this easily achievable and is there any freeware out there that would do the job? Ta.

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what up guys.im looking for a software(shareware or to buy) to hide my ip address.I just find out that people can do different thing with your ip address.I download lots of stuff for the net(mainly music ) I really would like to keep my privacy.can someone please help me

A:software to hide IP address

If you are looking to stay safe on the net, a firewall is probably more what you would need. I recommend ZoneAlarm. The free version works extremly well.

But if you really want to mask your IP, try SurfAnonymous. The free version automaticly exits after 10 minutes of use, but you said that you don't mind buying a program. It takes some setting up, so read the documentation and watch the included setup video.

And your post really belongs in a forum other than "All other software". Either the "Internet - Security" or "Internet - Web & Email"

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I am trying to limit access to specific URLs in an internal network. The plan would be to remove the address bar in IE so they cannot type in addresses. Users would then have web page with links to each required URL. 
I am trying to figure out a way of removing the address bar ONLY, leaving the navigation buttons (back/forward) in place.

I have found some conversations about this:
However as mentioned in these discussions NoAddressBar no longer works and NoNavBar removes the address bar but also the navigation buttons (back/forward). 15-20 years ago web designers would include back and forward links in web pages but they do not do
this any more so this is a bit of a pain.
I get that there is the option of using keyboard shortcuts but users do not know these and ... well they are users so might not be that willing to learning them.
Has anything changed since the above links? Is there any way of achieving what I am after here?
Thanks in advance.

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I don't know hardly anything about computers but the other day I was on a website and the ad-banner that was at the top mentioned the name of the town I live in. I live in a small town in northern canada so I can't see that as a coincidence. Did they get that from my IP address? If so that makes me nervous. I don't like the idea of random people having access to things like that. Is there any way to stop that?

I have an HP pavillion with a D-Link DFE-538TX 10/100 network adapter. I have cable internet with a Samsung CableRanger cable modem. I can't think of any other info you might need. Oh, yeah, windows ME.


A:Solved: How can I hide my IP address?

Timmins? Oh boy! BTW, were you born in '84?

You cannot hide your IP. But you can use a proxy server.

Then you'll probably make the OPP & RCMP suspicious persons list...

And johnwill will close this thread...

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Hi... I know there are some sites out these (proxy servers?) that you can use that will hide your IP address such as Hide My A__ etc....

I was wondering if there are any BROWSERS that can essentially do the same thing? I know some browsers have a thing called INCOGNITO mode but I think that's something different.

Thanks in advance

A:Any browsers that will hide your IP address...?

There is a browser calle Tor Browser, look it up and see if it meets your needs.

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Hello guys!

I want a program, free or pay, that hides the IP address and functions well in Windows 7 64-bit.

Many thanks!

A:Program for hide the IP address?

if we're talking about web browsing mostly, you can get yourself a Tor integrated browser such as operator: OperaTor - Opera + Tor. Surf anonymously | Arche Twist

expect slower speeds than usual (the first 2-3 minutes might be very slow, while the browser is connecting to the tor network, but after that it's back to usually acceptable speeds).

There are several other options

you'll find a few here: Best Free Anonymous Surfing Service

there is also ultrasurf: UltraSurf and notmyip : Free Hide IP Tool | NotMyIP ?€“ The simplest online anonymity tool as well as a program called freegate : http://www.internetfreedom.org/FreeGate , and probably many others

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I was wondering if there was a way to hide your ip address for view while browsing the web.
I'm not sure if this could be done or not or if it will mess anything up.
But one day I was browsing the web and a pop-up ad came up and it had my ip address in it.
So I was just curious to know if there is a way to block this from being viewed without causing any major problems ?
Also I am running Windows XP.

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Hide IP Address From View

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Surely someone out there has some link or suggestion to prevent others from seeing your IP address. I go to a site and they tell me way too much information about where I live, software I'm using, my mother's maiden name, how many dog I have and on and on....should be some way to block an IP....anyone have any feed back other than just live with it?

A:How to block an IP address

What site were you going to?

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I am using "STATIC" ip addresses of class C in my LAN . Running a domain controller on MS Server2012 R2 without DHCP config. After some days on a specific system ip address stop the working for example , I change the ip address like to then system start working on LAN. I give this ip address to another system then no response after some hours 24 to 48 Hours the ip address can work like the others ip addresses, any one can help regarding this.


Asif Saleem

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I'm under attack from a specific IP address. Can Windows Firewall block it? I can't find information on this anywhere.


A:Block IP Address

See this: Windows 7 : Working with the Windows Firewall (part 3) - Configuring Advanced Firewall Security & Troubleshooting Advanced Firewall Problems - Tutorials,Articles,Algorithms,Tips,Examples about Desktop

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I use YAHOO as my web-based email program and I keep getting bombed by spam from this email address....

[email protected] .SYNTAX-ERROR

When I try and use YAHOOS' email filtering to BLOCK this address.... it tells me that I am using an incorrect address... and it won't accept it so that I can block it.

Any hints as to how I can block this address? or..... if the mail is not from here, how can I fing the exact actual address.... so I CAN block it? Any clues as to what may be happening here?

Thanks in advance


A:How can I block this address???

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Eh, may sound kind of strange but I think I have a stalker. Over the last few months I have been getting odd e-mails from this one person who I do not know (supposedly), now I have been getting messages left on my AIM by the same person. I set up a "spy link" in my profile and I now have that persons IP address. Is there anything I can do to somehow block that address and make myself invisible to this person?


A:XP: how to block an ip address

With most email clients you can just setup a rule to delete emails from a specified domain. You can set your AIM preferences to block certain users or only allow people in your buddy list to contact you.

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When I got home from work I looked at the log from norton anti-virus and about 15 people tried to connect to my computer more than once today. is there a way to block them from ever trying to connect to my computer. I can track their IP (they are all from south korea and france), but I was wondering if there is a way to block them.

This happens all the time and it is usually the same people (IP addresses).

A:How do I block an IP address


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My question is whether I could hide my own e-mail address from the person I am sending the e-mail to, the same way I can hide my caller`s ID in a mobile phone?
I have been selling a few things on-line on craiglist, & this site has the facillity of hiding my e-mail, so the people that answer to my add can send me an e-mail, but without knowing my real e-mail address.
The problem is that when I reply to their messages, they can see my e-mail address.
I am with Yahoo. Is there any way of doing this that is not just creating a new e-mail address just for this sort of thing?
If Yahoo doesn`t, does Windows Mail or Outlook have a feature to hide my own e-mail address?

Thanks in advance!!

A:Can I hide my e-mail address from recipients

With Windows Live, I think, that if you go into tools>accounts. It will show reply to address. Try putting something like donotsendhere.com etc. See if that works.

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Looking to find out which products are best to hide your ip address and all computer information from the internet. It can be a free product or a Pay for product. I have anonymizer total shield up right now, but it is a 7 day trial. Any help would be great, thanks. Steve

A:Best Free or Pay products to hide IP address!!

For surfing the web, you can just use a proxy.

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anyone knows any free reliable software to hide ip address. i need privacy.tks alot

A:any free software to hide IP address

Any free software will reduce your web surfing speed to a crawl. If that doesn't bother you, go for it.


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I have comcast and they use a dynamic IP.. They were not able to tell me how often their server updates it.
So I want to know what is the least expensive and best way to hide my IP address.
Thank you

A:What is the best vehicle to hide my ip address or change it

You cannot hide your IP address.  The best bet would be to use a VPN service.  I have a proXPN account.  I mostly use it to verify connection issues.  VPN is not good for gaming as your Internet traffic is being routed through another machine and this naturally introduces lag.

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This is not a thread about me trying to send spam mail to people. if it was there are other ways of doing so.

I have an honest dilemma on my hands.

I work for a company that makes international sales quite often.

I have been given the task of finding out a way of sending anonymous email from our offices to potential customers. But our office is in SoCal. i need these emails to be sent to the recipient as if they were coming from Mexico or Canada or some other country. How can I send email from lets say MS Outlook 2003 or even a public email account from Hotmail or Yahoo to specific potential customers that are located all around the globe without the real identity of the sender.

I know there are proxy servers, and programs like Hide My IP or whatever, but they do not work well.

I need to send email as if I were in Mexico, with a trace coming back to some part of Mexico (a specified ip address), and with the ability for the recipient to email me back a response, and that response gets forwarded back to the real email address or ip address. I know its sounds a lot or complicated, but if anyone has a solution to this problem i have, it would mean the world to me. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

A:How to Hide ip address for sending email

You can always create fake user on your domain and make it appear as if it came
from [email protected][COLOR="Blue"]yourdomain.com[/COLOR].

If you really need to hide yourdomain.com, then you're into email spamming techniques
and we will not discuss those here. The necessity of this is extremely questionable.
If your recipient is that sensitive, then someone needs -- help.

I would think that international sales would however, be conducted in the language of
the recipient and having staff that is bilingual is always a great asset

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I want to hide my IP address on my email account when I send an email. How do I do it?

A:How do you hide your IP address when you send an email?

Your IP address is never used to send an email. Your IP Address is only sent to your email provider such as Gmail, Yahoo....

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There's an option in ZoneAlarm for it to hide ur IP address when applicable should i check this??? It comes unchecked by default.

A:ZoneAlarm hide IP address option???

I think it comes down to how "paranoid" the user is ... it is certainly OK to check that box, but I think hiding the last octet is sufficient.

You have the option to have a pop-up box come up when ZA attempts to contact ZoneLabs, the option to hide your entire IP address or just the last octet (this hides your specific host id, but allows them to collect demographics on what ISP or domain you are coming from) of your IP address.

If you check the "Hide IP Address", it prevents your computer from being identified when you contact ZoneLabs for any reason (update check, etc).

If you just have the default box checked, it omits the last section of your IP address (eg: 123.234.345.XXX) when you make contact with ZoneLabs. It will give ZL a general idea of the ISP you are using, but not identify your particular machine.

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I've recently reconnected my HL-DT-ST DVDRAM Drive and now when i burn i keep getting an error 'invalid block address' but it does not write any data too the disk.
I was thinking about upgrading the firmware but i am not sure if its worth it
- See attachment for log file


A:Invalid block address

Does the issue occurs if you use different type of media and speed?

Is DMA enabled
- Turn DMA on. http://www.onthegosoft.com/dma_setting_nt.htm

How much disk space do you have available?

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SYSTEM: P3 - clone Win2K O/S SP2 on system.
ROUTER: Linksys BEFSX41 v3

My issue:I have to block two ip addresses 1 XP PC and 1 WIN2K PC from the internet. It use to work until one day the WIN2K pc stopped working. For some reason it just doesn't block it anymore !! What is even crazier is the fact if I log in as ADMINISTRATOR on that pc I still can not access the internet, but if I go in as a normal user... I can go on the net.

I'm on a network with SERVER 2000 and 6 PC's
The DNS range (from the router) is from to 150...

The IP address of the XP machine that still remains blocked is:
WIN2K pc was and change it to just to make it within the range. Didn't work.

Can I block the WIN2K pc from accessing the net with the admin tools from the server 2000 ? or do you have any tips that I can try from the router side. Please remember it did work. All I do is windows update and norton update. Just one day it stoped working.

Thanks for your time

A:Solved: Can't block IP address

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I need to know if theres a way to block someone from gettin into my computer directly via wifi- not thru a router but directly into my computer- I know the mac address cause i can see the router using inssider and I see that the signal is weak, but I can see their ubee router in my network window. Can i use the tcpip stack to block it or can i configure zonealarm or some program. Thanks a lot

A:Can Win7 block a mac address

Unless you use an ad-hoc network of some kind, I'm pretty sure they would need to go through a router that you are both connected to. You can employ MAC filters on a router pretty easily, on your computer it may be more difficult.

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How do I block emails

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i have a problem with my Benq, everytime i burn a dvd or cd it gets about half through and says "invalid block address" anyne got any ideas why, i just keep wasting cd

please help

A:Invalid Block address

give us some more info like the burn speed what you are burning and is it a copy

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hi folks just new to this . Hope i havent pasted to much of this info.
This is doing my head in.
New DVD burner but using it to burn cdsis giving me problems
looking forward to some help.tried 2 different kind of disk with same issue.


Windows 98 4.10
WinAspi: File 'Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=1, 0, 0, 0, size=36864 bytes, created 23/04/99 22:22:00
ahead WinASPI: File 'C:\PROGRAM FILES\AHEAD\NERO\Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=, size=160016 bytes, created 11/11/03 14:49:52
Nero version: (Nero Express)
Recorder: <PHILIPS PBDV1640P> Version: B3.4 - HA 1 TA 0 -
Adapter driver: <ESDI_506> HA 1
Drive buffer : 2048kB
Bus Type : via Inquiry data (1) -> ATAPI, detected: ATAPI
Connected to MMC as unknown drive with class-nr : 1
Drive is autodetected - recorder class: Std. MMC recorder
CD-ROM: <HITACHI DVD-ROM GD-8000 >Version: 0005 - HA 0 TA 1 -
Adapter driver: <ESDI_506> HA 0
HITACHI DVD-ROM GD-8000 (Target 1, D: Autoinsert On, DMA On, Disconnect On, SyncDataXfer Off
PHILIPS PBDV1640P (Target 0, E: Autoinsert On, DMA On, Disconnect ?, SyncDataXfer ?
Excluded drive IDs:
CmdQueuing : 1
CmdNotification: 2
WriteBufferSize: 40894464 (0) Byte
ShowDrvBufStat : 0
EraseSpeed : 0
BUFE : 0
Physical memory : 254MB (260480kB)
Free physical memory: 7MB (7324kB)
Memory in use : 71 %
Uncached PFiles: 0x0
Use Static Write Speed Table: 0
Use Inquiry : 1
Global Bus Type: default (0)
Check supported media : Disabled (0)

26... Read more

A:invalid block address

a few things: the cmc media discs you are using are pretty bad according to this:

update nero - it's at version 6.6 now

try burning at a lower speed
may want to figure out why you have so little free memory-

"Physical memory : 254MB (260480kB)
Free physical memory: 7MB (7324kB)"

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I am putting together an old system to use. I reformatted the 2.65 gig hard drive that I was given for free. Told it works though noisy. Ran into some problems getting win98 se installed but finally ok. Tried to install a free 3 month internet prog (bell sympatico) and when i was asked to reboot i got error msgs.

so i reformatted again thinking that maybe the internet disc was corrupted but now i have scandisk telling me that the lba MAY be incorrect.

i accepted the large disc formating (+512mb) it forced me to make a second drive. so i have c (formatted) and extended drive d (also formatted) which is active as a logical drive (or some such, the exact wording escapes me right now) what would be the best steps for me to take right now should i delete the partitions and start over and if so what exact steps should i take to partition? thanx berthasbutt

A:Logical Block Address

maybe this microsoft article on using fdisk will help you out

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