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Inspiron 15 7559 - Muffled Audio

Q: Inspiron 15 7559 - Muffled Audio

I have had this Inspiron 15 7559 laptop for over a year now and the audio has been fine, besides the odd crackle or pop here and there. However, after a Windows update, the audio has since become "muffled" whenever I try to watch youtube or movies, listen to spotify, or play any games. It's like the sound is very distant or like it was being played underwater, if that makes any sense. From what I can tell, Windows notification sounds appear to be unaffected. Audio works fine when I use headphones.
I have seen frequent directions on this forum to open the Device Manager and expand the "Sound, Video & Game Controllers" section, then right clicking on "Realtek High Definition Audio". But I do not see that present there, instead I see "Intel Display Audio", "NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM), and "Realtek Audio" (unless this one qualifies?).
I am not sure whether I have made things more difficult trying other solutions posted on this forum and other troubleshooting forums, which has resulted in the Realtek High Definition Audio" disappearing or something.
In any case, I'm at my wits end here and would greatly appreciate any directions you can give me to find a solution to this problem.

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Preferred Solution: Inspiron 15 7559 - Muffled Audio

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


The audio for all media through the speakers will become muffled every few seconds, then revert back to normal quality only to become muffled again. This happens only with the speakers, though, as headphones seem to work fine.

A:Audio on inspiron 13 7000 windows 10 fades in and out, with a muffled quality

 I think I found a fix!

Right click on the speaker icon on the lower right part of your screen (sorry, can't remember the English name for that) and choose "Playback Devices", so you'll get to the Sound menu. Click on the Communications tab. There you'll find a set of options to "When windows detects communication activity:"
Choose "Do nothing".

This solved for me, hope it helps you guys too. Sorry about my English, I am not a native speaker.

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Just got my computer back from Dell tech support having sent it because of an issue with no audio output device installed and the red x on the toolbar. The computer is in the exact same state as before I sent it with nothing fixed. I've tried reinstalling the drivers multiple times, checked if audio services were running and all of that. Feels like a huge waste of money at this point and is especially disappointing because this computer was actually a gift for someone. Has anyone had this issue with this computer and have it resolved without resorting to an external usb sound driver?

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7559 No Audio

You can diagnose this by performing a system recovery (reset the laptop back to the original factory configuration.) If there is still no audio immediately after recovery, before getting on the internet, then the audio hardware has failed and Dell will have to fix it under the terms of the warranty. In other words they could not say it is a software issue and therefore not covered.
If the recovery does fix it, but the problems recurs after getting on the internet, then probably some Windows Updates-related issue.

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I didn't use an audio driver for a while 'cos then the laptops sub-woofer makes annoying sounds, but now i usually use my laptop at home so I've been using audio system instead of laptop speakers.
But the dell audio program recognizes speakers as headphones, and then i noticed that when there's heavy bass(and i don't listen to music on high volumes) the overall audio gets quieter, as if loudness equalization is being turned on, there is no chance that my 2x 300w speakers that are connected through an amplifier can't handle this sound, there s a tweeter, mid ranger and 2 woofers in each speaker, besides i haven't encountered this problem before i installed the driver, or on other computers. If the amp was the problem, it would overheat heavily, not dampen the sound.
Is there a solution or an alternative to this driver?
EDIT: Speaker enhancement option set to on causes this, also causes overall volume to reduce a bit, although it would be fine if it just kept same volume all the time it further raises and lowers it depending on what's doing on, which makes my ears bleed.
I am trying to reduce the load on the amp and just use PC to equalize and enhance the sound, bypassing those settings on the amp itself.
I m not expecting miracles though, just want to know if some tinkering would help.

A:realtek driver for inspiron 7559 audio quality

sp0ng3b0t i haven't encountered this problem before i installed the driver
Your best bet would be to switch from the Realtek driver to the Windows native audio driver, if possible. One of these 2 methods work with most Dell laptops, but some of the tablet hybrids with Win10 can't do it. If neither method works, try to disable the Waves software, which is probably causing the problem.
1. Open the Device Manager (find it in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc into the search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked [but SEE NOTE].7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, sometimes you have to restart, sometimes not.[To get back to the Realtek driver, do it again but reverse the names in steps 2 and 7.]NOTE: if you have a 2-in-1 model and do not see a "High Definition Audio" option after step 6, then uncheck "Show compatible hardware". Then in step 7, if you see 2 "High Definition Audio&... Read more

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every 20 minutes or so, my audio will just freeze for a quick second and generate a buzzing sound. Its quite annoying when i want to watch a movie. Ive tried changing the audio value from 1 to 0 but still nothing. ive also tried installing the generic audio driver but still no. 

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New Inspiron i7559 purchased 1-13-17. Windows 10 Home pre-installed.
2-12-17 -  Audio devices disappeared after Dell updates.
"No Audio Devices are installed"
REALTEK driver does not show up under Sound, Video and Game Controllers
Dell Realtek driver re-installation same result.
Dell diagnostics did not find a sound card.
I ran UBUNTU Live off a flash drive and no sound devices were found.
I am now using a USB sound adapter and that works OK.
I think the Realtek chip or decoder is fried.

A:Inspiron 7559 Audio devices disappeared after Dell updates.

I don't think an update would burn out your audio although it may have made some type of change to your configuration.  Do you know what update it was?
In Device Manager, if you set it to see Hidden Devices, does the Realtek Audio show there?
If you look in Task Manger, the Services tab, there is a Windows Audio and Realtek Audio Service.  Are they both running?
Just a warning, there is supposed to be a fairly large Windows Update released Tuesday.  That may help or hurt but possibly it will address the problem you are seeing.

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Hi all I recently got the i7 version of this laptop and noticed that the speakers rattle a bit when vocals are being played and the headphone jack makes everything sound like it has REVERB added to it...??? It sounds like I'm in a chamber. I updated everything, anything I can do or no?

A:Dell inspiron 7559 audio problem. Speakers and headphone jack.

1 week now. Anything or should I call? This is terrible.

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I have been trying to look around for a solution however none of them work. On my playback section it says "no audio devices are installed" and i can't change the volume or even get access to the little bar you use to change it. If it helps my computer was recently fixed up and i was thinking that they may have forgotten to reconnect the speaker but that wouldn't explain why headphones don't play any audio either.
Any help is appreciated

A:My dell inspiron 7559 laptop will not play any audio through headphones or speakers

Check for  any settings in he Bios.  You might be able to turn audio and microphone on or off there.
If the audio is not listed in Device Manager, in some form, the boot may not be picking it up.  The Realtek audio or at least High Definition audio device should show up.  If you have a device which shows as unknown, that might be it but missing a driver.

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I received my Inspiron 15 7000 (7559) gaming edition yesterday. Brand new from Dell.ca, with 4k touch screen and dual HDD & SSD.

There is a faint, but noticeable and annoying high-pitch buzzing sound coming from near the center of the keyboard. This happens as soon as I use any audio after I boot. 
When I mute my speakers, the high-pitch stops and is replaced by a much less noticeable low-pitch buzz. 
The high-pitch buzzing volume is the same, regardless if my volume is at 2 or 100. 
Headphones plugged in, there is no buzzing from the earbuds, but still a low-pitch buzz from the laptop.
It sounds like as if the speakers were turned up all the way so there's high- or low- pitched static.
Edit: I'm unsure if it still buzzes when video/music is playing.

I am considering re-installing the audio driver, and I will also call support in the coming days.
I appreciate all suggestions and input! 

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I've got a problem suddenly the sound is decrease and the bass is vanished. Then I restart my laptop, and I check the sound. Only tweeter on, but no bass or sub woofer on.
I check the sound again and hear to the bottom of my laptop, only speakers available, but no sound in sub woofer. No bass, no loud.
I try to re-install the Realtek Dell Audion Maxx sound driver, but It seems no change to normal.

A:DELL Inspiron 7559 Audio Problems -- Unclear Sound and Internal Sub Woofer Suddenly Off

ibrahimlathini,CAUTION:VLC Player should not be used to increase the volume. This will result in crackling of the sound. VLC tweaks and amplifies the sound by increasing the +dB (decibel). VLC player in long run will affect the speakers. If VLC player is used, please refrain from increasing the volume beyond 90%.How to Change Audio settingsType Dell Audio from the Start Screen, and select Dell Audio utility.The Dell Audio utility is launched. You may change the desired settings from the different tabs available on the utility

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I know that inspiron 7559 has touchscreen, but i can't find the way to activate it. Is my version without touchscreen?

A:Does a touchscreen exist? Inspiron 7559 model 7559-7255

Go to PC Settings, System and then About.  If your system has a touchscreen, it'll be listed there.
It looks like ONLY the model with a 4K UHD screen has a touchscreen in the 7559 series.  The FHD (1080p) resolution models are non-touch.

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I have a self-assembled desktop PC - full specs in the signature below, but in short, it has an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T processor on a Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P mainboard, which uses a Realtek Azalia ALC887 on-board sound system. I have no loudspeakers and listen to the computer sounds exclusively through a Microsoft LX-1000 headset. I also have a Logitech C270 HD webcam that has its own microphone. My PC has 16 GB RAM, a SSD and a large HDD. It runs Windows 8.1 Update 1 with all Windows updates (Patch Tuesday was this week, but my problems had started before that and I'm sure they're unrelated).

Everything is working fine, except the audio, which started behaving strangely a few days ago for no apparent reason. The problems started suddenly and I can't think of anything that could have caused them. There were no hardware changes or any intervention in the hardware, nor did I install any new software that could have messed up things.

When playing music, it sounds muffled, with the volume very low and the voice and several instruments muted, while other instruments in the background arrangement sound relatively louder. No graphic equalizer is on, and this happens with any player software (Windows Media Player, VLC, Media Player Classic, etc.), and any source (MP3 music, audio CDs, DVDs, videos, etc.). There appears to be no hardware problem with either my headset or the onboard audio: when I run both Windows' native and Realtek's driver sound output tests, the test tune comes out... Read more

A:Realtek audio, Gigabyte mobo: muffled audio, no mic input

This is a duplicate of what is posted on the Seven Forums.

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I have bought brand new Dell inspiron 3542, it has maxxaudio wave speaker. The muffling sound is emitting from laptop... The latest virson oh audio driver is already installed and the internal setting also is normal. Please help me solve this problem .... i don't know either it is hardware problem or software problem. 

A:Muffled and Whispered sound in Inspiron 3542 from maxxaudio speaker

Rakshit Trivedi i don't know either it is hardware problem or software problem. 
Hello. Test by switching to the Windows native audio driver.
1. Open the Device Manager2. Expand the Sound, Video & Game Controllers section.3. Right click on the Realtek and select to uninstall.4. Put a check mark in the option to delete the driver software, and then ok.5. Restart the laptop and go back to the Device Manager and check again for a Realtek driver. Keep uninstalling & restarting until Realtek no longer appears under Sound...Controllers and "High Definition Audio Device" appears in its place. "High Definition Audio Device" is the name of the native driver.
[The reason you might have to go through the process more than once is because the driver files for more than one Realtek driver could be on the hard drive. When a Realtek driver is removed, the next one gets installed if Windows can locate the files. Windows installs its generic driver only after all Realtek files have been removed.]
6. At this point, test the audio while the native driver is installed and see if the same problem occurs.
7. When finished testing, download and install a fresh copy of the Realtek driver for your operating system. Get it from your Dell support page. Test the audio again
If the same problem occurs with both the Realtek and the native driver, then probably not a software issue.

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Nevermind. Issue resolved. Please close this topic.

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So I've had this problem for a while now, with multiple headsets.
If I'm say, listening to music and on teamspeak or skype at the same time, the audio will kind of muffle, cut out the one ear or the other, and just generally go a little funny. Also sometimes when streaming with xsplit.
I have a Lenovo G560, and the headset I'm currently using is Steelseries Sibera V2, plugged into the audio and mic jacks.
If I have the microphone disabled via sound, the issue still occurs
I don't have this issue with USB headsets.

The devices for the audio are:
Conextant SmartAudio HD (driver:
Intel(R) Display Audio (driver:

Running Windows 7 64 bit.

Please help! I've had this issue for months and it's frustrating me to no end.

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My system specs are on my profile.

My integrated audio is: Realtek ALC898

I have used both the R2.71 driver from Realtek directly and Realtek High Definition Audio Driver from MSI both are the latest drivers available for Windows 8 64bit.

When playing music from any media player WMP, VLC, Winamp, etc.. The vocals are very muffled and the bass is way too high.

I have no options of lowering the bass. Changing the Equalizer in the Realtek HD Audio Manager to Treble helps out a little making vocals a tad clearer and dropping the bass.

My speaker system is a Altec Lansing 2.1 external speaker set using auxiliary.

I did not have these issues on Windows 7 64bit. Only experienced the problem on Windows 8.

Any suggestions or ideas?? I am running out of hope! I would prefer not to have to downgrade or get a dedicated sound card.

A:Audio Muffled & Bass too High

Win 8 uses the same drivers as Win 7 and should work the same.

What is "Altec Lansing 2.1 external speaker set using auxiliary"? You should be connecting the speaker system to the GREEN speaker jack only.

Do you have any Sound Effects enabled (in the RealTek HD Audio Manager)? Disable any if you do.

Did you install the Intel motherboard chipset drivers? The drivers need installed for proper operation, as one of the main things the drivers do is properly identify all the devices on the motherboard.

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Hello, my friend recently got a new computer and ever since he got it he has been getting an annoying problem with recording audio. His old computer was about 4 years old and had Realtek AC,97.But now his new computer will not work on anything other than Realtek High Definition Drivers. He really hates it because he cannot record audio anymore or use his microphone.Let me explain what is happening for him, He downloaded fraps and got into Half-Life 1 to see if everything was working, sadly it was not. Everything was very loud and distorted, something like this: . But a little less loud...He was able to fix it but now all he gets is an annoying muffled audio track every time he records.He messed around with settings for about 2 weeks, He has also tried it with both Fraps and xFire with same results. It's not the programs its his drivers or audio settings.He has tried to uninstall the HD drivers and install AC,97, but his computer refuses to accept that. He is very tired of it and desperate for help.Here are his audio settings: His computer specs are (If they really matter):Os: windows Xp Home editionCpu: Amd Athlon 7850 Dual core processor2.80 GHZ, 3.25 GB of RAM (He actually has 6, hopefully nothing is corrupt)Motherboard: JetwayVideo card: Ati Radeon 4850Please help him, He loves making videos!

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As my title suggests, whenever I listen to music, play games, and so one, my sound is horrible. I want to know if there is some way to set everything to default, or is there some other method of fixing this?

It's a pain, because I personally can not play games with this kind of sound, and no, it is not my speakers, because my headset does it too.. So if you guys could help, I'd appreciate it.

A:Getting a horrible muffled sound with my audio!

Try re-installing the audio driver or get the newest driver.

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This has been a persistent issue-- years ago, I experienced this on my Windows 7 pc (which I resolved years ago and no longer remember how I did it). Last night when I updated to Windows 10, the muffle came back happened again.

The issue is that only the audio from *streaming video* when paying through my speakers (not my Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Sigma headphones) comes through muffled and distorted. Audio from streaming audio is fine through the headphones, and system sounds play back fine.

I have a Sound Blaster Recon3d Xfinity Pro card.

I can't imagine this isn't a driver issue, but I uninstalled the Recon3D driver and allowed Windows 10 to do an auto-reinstall, and the problem persists.

Solutions online discuss Adobe flash, but if Adobe flash were the issue I'd be experiencing the same problem while listening through headphones. By process of elimination it seems to be a problem with the Recon3D drivers.

Anyone have any suggestions for me?

A:Muffled audio on Youtube/other streaming sites

Perhaps instead of allowing Win10 to install the driver, download and install it from here.

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Hello I recently Bought a new computer and ever since then i have been having some annoying problems With Recording and audio. So Before on my old computer that is about 4 years old it had Realtek AC,97 Great software But my new computer will not work on anything else other then Realtek High Definition Drivers, i really hate it but without it my sound will not work and my computer will not function right without it. Let me explain to you what was happening just two weeks ago, i downloaded fraps And i got into Half life 1 to test if everything was going okay but it wasn't. What was happening was everything was to loud and distorting, something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX55ZY7TZEg but a little less loud and annoying but still really annoying, enough to make any one mad. I fixed it and its great now but Of course nothing is calm if your going to try to fix something, now what i get is this annoying Muffled audio track every time i record a video, I messed around with the settings for about 2 weeks till i got that loud annoying stuff away but now it's all muffled, i have googled many times and found nothing and i used youtube to but nothing helped me, I have Tried Fraps, and Xfire recording both ending with the same result. This is not the program its my drivers or settings. I Have uninstalled The HD Drivers twice now attempting to install AC,97 but my computer refuses and i accept that. I am really tired of this issue and if someone could help me out, h... Read more

A:When Recording Videos The Result Is Muffled audio

my name is dominic too!

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Turn off all enhancements, in your speakers properties if you want to record using any recording devices.

dont turn on dts effects too. ( i don t know if i really had it on when i was recording but yeah i turned it off)

if your Stereo mix isnt showing, my problem was, because i didnt install my motherboard drivers.

other people had it disabled and didnt right click and checkmark hidden devices so it could show.
and damn now its working like windows xp. im soo happy

i hope i helped someone cause it took me about 5 hours to figure out LOL

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The only recent changes I've made to my computer is the newest update from Microsoft. When I log on to XP, the startup sound is fine, but the normal system sounds are very very muffled. I've checked the levels, and checked for conflicts, and nothing seems to be wrong. Aside from the system sounds, known wav files have the same very very low volume.

Using XP SP3, realtek 97. When I use the HRTF demo under the audio configuration, everything sounds fine. Just not sure why if all the levels are good, why things don't work.

Please help.


A:Solved: Muffled Audio and System Sounds

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This has been a problem for me for a few months now, but it's just getting unbearable.
So, here's the situation:Oftentimes, my headphones give out muffled audio. It makes it virtually impossible to make out human speech, and just generally isn't very good. In the past, I could fix this by adjusting the headphone jack somewhat, but over time I've had to do it more violently and I'm concerned at this point that I'll harm the computer if I continue doing it. Now, whenever it happens, I have to wiggle the jack around with a decent amount of force to get it to work properly.
I'm not particularly good with computer hardware, so I'm not entirely sure what the exact issue could be. If you need any more information, just ask. I'd be happy to provide it. Any help is appreciated.

A:Audio jack giving out muffled, bad quality sound

Nevermind. I just hooked up a pair of speakers with audio ports of their own into the back, and it works pretty well.

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Recently my laptop screen started to go black randomly. I think that the issue started after one of the Dell Updates. What's interesting in never happens during gaming, only when using a browser, Word, etc or left idle. When it happens the laptop is completely unrensponsive the only thing I can do is to hold the power button to turn off the laptop. Also when the screen goes black it seems like the backlight it's still on. I tried already tried to update both GPU's drivers, BIOS drivers, reseted BIOS to default settings and change power settings to maximum but it still happens. 

A:Inspiron 15 7559

Seems like you have tried most possible steps to resolve the issue. What is the current OS installed on the machine? Are there any bluescreens or system crashes?
Connect an external monitor and test the system.
Create a new admin account and test - http://bit.ly/1JoFhcw - link for windows 10
Try reinstalling the video drivers from the vendor site - Intel - http://intel.ly/1Py9EoB and http://www.geforce.com/ for nvidia driver for your specific OS.
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.
If the system is under warranty, write me a private conversation with the service tag, your name and email address. 
Keep us updated.

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Hi, I have a question that's not directly related to the original post but it also has to do with the Inspiron 7559. I've owned mine for ~3 mo. Two days ago it installed an NVIDIA driver update. Last night a game I was playing suddenly froze and I had to force quit, but after I restarted the game (at which time my internet browsers were also open but they were only displaying gmail and another simple website with no multimedia playing), the computer completely froze. Mouse didn't work, and ctrl-alt-delete didn't work. I finally tried to force shutdown the laptop by holding the power button for a long time, but that also didn't work, which was worrying. This laptop has an internal battery, so I couldn't just remove the battery to force a shutdown. I ended up unplugging the external power and letting the laptop run its battery out so that it shut itself down.
This only happened once, and the laptop turned on ok this morning, but I'm worried that if a similar situation happens again, I wouldn't have any other options if the power button doesn't work like it's supposed to.

A:RE: Inspiron 15 7559

Are there any bluescreens / system crashes? Does the system overheat? What is the current OS installed on the system?
Update the BIOS - http://dell.to/24WBGxK
If the system tends to work fine, create a system restore point, so you could always restore the system back to a functional state if any SW issue is caused.
If the issue reoccurs at any point, then 
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.
Create a new local admin account and check - http://bit.ly/1JoFhcw
Restart the system and press f2 key to enter BIOS - leave the system in BIOS environment with the adapter plugged in and check if the system freezes at any point. There is a system clock in BIOS that keeps ticking - if the system freezes at any point, then the system clock would have frozen.
Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
P.S. I have moved your thread to a new post as it is a different issue to the original post on the old thread.

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Dood I got a Dell. It has a 4k touchscreen, core [email protected], GTX 960, 16 GB RAM, 256 SDD M.2 BOOT Drive,
here is the issue,
Windows does not ID the HDD. It,s the 1TB HDD the Laptop came with. I have a samsung EVO SSD and used Data Migration, It works fine, but when I Log into windows, windows does not see the HDD. My BIOS can see the Drive. Seperate issue, I can't boot on my first try. It just sits in the dell bios screen. when I push the button to turn it off and push the button to turn on, then it loads windows.ok they are minor and non-critical issues thank you!!!

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I just bought the highest spec Inspiron - 8gb ram, 4k display, ssd+hdd & I got few issues.

Firstly, the problem with the track pad. Right out of the box the *** track pad was glitchy. The left click wouldn't register all the time, and the track-pad it self has so much play. I get this is their cheaper line, but can anyone else confirm this same build quality? And if they have the same problem with the left click. Right click registers 100% of the time.

Secondly, my windows boots really quick. But there is this weird freaking lag I feel. If I put my laptop on sleep or shut the lid and continue from where I left off every single folder I open is so slow. And regardless of restarting my pc or not, maximizing or minimizing windows has this stutter feel to it. Like the windows fall behind...

I have changed the setting to performance vs visual. I have updated the bios as per Tech support, updated the video card & windows; I still get this really bad lag. I have windows 10 on pc, and I want to know how to fix this issue. I would also like to know if anyone else is experiencing this stuff. And apparently my in home warranty only covers track pad but not the software side of it. The sales person did a poor job at explaining the warranty side by saying everything is covered with in home warranty.

$1600. was it worth it. We will see in 2 weeks. Help

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New laptop arrived today.
First boot no issues, second boot, error message which locked the system as follows:
"Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 353.82 stopped responding and has successfully recovered"
Whole system froze, left it for thirty minutes then had to turn off using the power button, and the same thing happened again, restarted, system ran tests, this time it booted okay, so downloaded latest Nvidia drives and updated the system, all on the system fine, then it rebooted and I got a BSOD that it was impossible to recover from the system basically just rebooted on to the same screen on a regular basis this one is
"DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION", google sends up some many potential answers, finally got in to the advanced system menu and rebooted into safe mode, removed 960M from device manager and then rebooted, no issues.
Ten minutes later, BSOD as above.

Resetting windows and it is buggered, still have the DPC_Watchdog_Violation.
Anything we can do about this or it is just a return and refund?
In the UK, service tag 
<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

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When we purchased this laptop, I tried to verify with Dell Support what ssd would fit before the laptop arrived so we could order and have it I hand. I was told the m.2 2280 ssd format was correct and ordered the Samsung 850 EVO. After both arrived, I went to install the ssd and the slot was not the same as the layout of the ssd - it only had one notch vs. two for the Samsung 850. I did some research and found out it the mobo was designed for the pcie m.2 ssd. So I sent back the 850 and ordered the Samsung 950 PRO. I installed it and nothing - could not get the laptop to recognize the ssd no matter what. SO here it is, about 8 months later and I still have a $200 ssd doing nothing. Anyone have any ideas? We'd love to put the operating system on the ssd and use the 1 TB hybrid for everything else!

A:m.2 format ssd for an inspiron 15 7559

This model supports SATA 6G SSDs  -- not PCIe or NVMe drives. 
When you installed the Evo card, did you check to make sure the system was setup (F2 at powerup) for AHCI mode - NOT RAID mode (which likely was the default when the system arrived)?

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My laptop suddenly went off and now it wont turn back on it would switch on all the lights would show and the dell logo appeared but would switch back off immediately. By constantly pressing the on off button i managed to get it to turn on for a few minutes until it suddenly did the same thing again. However now there is no logo and the lights just flick on once and back off.
Thereafter I tried to get into the BIOS diagnostic mode by pressing f12 as soon as I managed to get it to turn on. once more however it went off as it was loading this up. Now it just wont go any further than flashing all the lights once and turning back off

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7559

Unplug the system, remove the base cover and disconnect the battery, and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Try powering up again.
If you can, you're set.  If not, call Dell - it's time to have the mainboard replaced under warranty.

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My contention is that the sales dept. original misunderstood their product and sold me a machine that does not perform the function requested.  They misrepresented the product.
I had the Laptop for 2 weeks before i started having issue with display drivers,  was email tech supports for another 2 weeks before i was able to get any type of help. While on the phone i was asking question about this laptop, and the Tech Support told me i never should have bought this.. its made to do the type of graphic design work i do.
So i immediately called customer care, they wouldnt return my laptop cause i missed my widow by 3 days, Even though it was i was with Tech support for almost 3  1/2 weeks of setting up times to get my laptop looked at, in which Dell missed the schedule appointments  2x..
Sale reps are not educated on the product and shouldnt be selling with proper education..
now im stuck in limbo waiting for a tech to come change out my mother board, honestly as soon as its fixed its going to ebay..

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I'm having what seems to be a known problem. I'm posting this in the hopes that maybe someone has found a solution to this as well as to expose the problem a little more to dell in the hopes that they'd address it.
I have a dell inspiron 7559 with the 4k display option. The laptop comes with an nvidia 960m as well as a 6700HQ. Windows animations lag. A lot of programs not built into windows 10 lag as well including chrome and firefox. Now the catch is that microsoft edge browser runs absolutely smooth. This gives me reason to believe that the problem may be a driver concern? For Edge to run smoothly means that the laptop has the power to render windows at 4k resolution. I guess certain programs may have problems interacting with the hardware.
If I lower the resolution in windows settings, the lag is reduced although still present depending on the amount of other programs I have running.
I updated my intel graphics drivers to the latest versions avaiailbe from dell and I've updated to the latest nvidia drivers directly from nvidia themselves. I tried updating to the latest intel drivers from their site but was stopped by an error message since the drivers are not made by dell.
Any help on the situation would be gladly provided. This is my only problem with the laptop as of now.

A:Inspiron 7559 4K Display lag

The 960m is perfectly capable at FHD resolution but it's not fast enough to run a 4K screen for many applications.  The bare minimum for 4K is a GTX 970 -- and even it is challenged to keep up with a 4K screen under applications such as gaming.
In general, Edge is slimmed down resource-wise relative to Chrome and Firefox - it's a more bare-bones browser, which is probably why it performs acceptably,
Since Edge works, while other applications lag - it's not a driver problem.  One test;  disable the internal screen and attach an FHD external monitor and run the applications on that.  You'll very likely find the performance is fine across the board -- and you'll then have found the issue.  

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Hey which ram is best and do i need for my dell laptop 2 x 8 gb , i found a couple but unsure i got told i need either cl11 cl13 and it has to be ddr3l 



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I'm interested in buying a movie video from Amazon, under their "Amazon Video Compatible Devices"  it says:
HD playback is not available on all devices. For example, some Roku and TiVo devices don't support HD content. The Kindle Fire HD is HD compatible, along with Windows computers that meet the content protection (HDCP) requirements.
Please check your device owner's manual for more information about HD compatibility.

So... I don't know how to check for this... can anyone help?

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My laptop does not perform as expected. I switched from a vaio laptop with 2gb ram running windows 7. I was very happy to get an i7 with 8gigs of ram. But getting this laptop was a horrible experience. Its an i7 but still has lags and takes years to loads programs like atom or unity. High usage of Disk, RAM and CPU on idle. I suspect windows 10 to be the issue. I'm really desperate to get win 7 working on my laptop because i cant get my audio softwares working properly on win 10.Please answer some of my questions:-1) Will my warranty be discarded if i get win 7 working?
2) Any stability issues beacuse they say skylake is not supported by win 7?
3) Can anyone confirm the touch screen working?
4) I have a 4k model of the laptop. Will 4k be fine with win 7?
5) Are all drivers working fine that keyboard backlight, fn keys, dell audio, usb 3.0, sata etc.
6) Will my Win 10 Home OEM keys work to get windows 7 activated as Home edition or i have to purchase it online to get legit and unused win 7 (OEM) keys (i know some places to buy and i can spend money for win 7)?
5) Is the headache worth it? Will my PC perform better that it was on Win 10 at its full potential or i have to stick to windows 10 heartbroken?
And the last ones..lol
6) If i cant get win 7, can i get win 8.1 working and with a good performance compared to that on win 10.
Somebody please share a guide to follow to install windows 7 if you suggest installing windows 7.
Some points to ponder (in case that helps):1) I ... Read more

A:Inspiron 15 7559 help!! Need advice!

1) Will my warranty be discarded if i get win 7 working?
You won't have any support on the system for Windows 7 through Dell.
2) Any stability issues beacuse they say skylake is not supported by win 7?
Not necessarily, though you will see reduced battery runtime, since Windows 7 doesn't support the
Skylake power management features.
3) Can anyone confirm the touch screen working?
Windows 7 touch support is very much more limited than it is with WIndows 10.
4) I have a 4k model of the laptop. Will 4k be fine with win 7?
Yes, though there are two issues here:
One, if your system is running a conventional hard drive, that's one BIG bottleneck.  Two, ANY 4K system is going to run slower, particularly with the relatively limited GPU this system has.  You're FAR, FAR better off with an FHD screen on this level of system.
5) Are all drivers working fine that keyboard backlight, fn keys, dell audio, usb 3.0, sata etc.
Dell does have WIndows 7 drivers for this model.
6) Will my Win 10 Home OEM keys work to get windows 7 activated as Home edition or i have to purchase it online to get legit and unused win 7 (OEM) keys (i know some places to buy and i can spend money for win 7)?
No.  Only Windows 10 Pro carries downgrade rights.  Windows 10 (non-Pro) does not.
5) Is the headache worth it? Will my PC perform better that it was on Win 10 at its full potential or i have to stick to windows 10 heartbroken?
It's not likely that an OS change will speed ... Read more

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Hi guys, anyone tried this combination? 
Probably won't fit, but who knows!! 
I already have the HDD on a external case, but if (for some how) it fits inside the laptop I would prefer to use it as internal... 
Thank you in advance.

A:Inspiron 7559 + 4Tb HDD 15mm!!!

There's no way to put a drive that height inside the system.

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I buy a Dell Inspiron 7559 on Amazon but received a dead machine. There is not any response when press the power button (the ac adapter work correctly). Now I am in China and the Iocal technical support department told me to complete the ownership transfer first if I want to received warranty service at China. So I submit the form online but several days gone it still not complete. Now I have no idea to deal with it. I really need to get it fix ASAP.

A:Can not turn on a New Inspiron 7559

Anyone can told me how to get the ownership transfer complete?

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I've had the Dell Inspiron 15 7559 4k laptop since around January 2016 and I've had a lot of blue screen errors. It's always the 'whea_uncorrectable_error' blue screen that I get.
It mostly happens when I'm in the middle of using a program like Gamemaker, Photoshop or Maya and even when browsing in Chrome, but it's never once happened while playing a game, so I thought it might of had something to do with the Intel graphics, which I changed the drivers multiple times and nothing changed.
Most recently, the laptop has been giving me a critical error (shown in Dell's Support Assist) while going to Sleep or Hibernate mode. I noticed it when I had closed the lid for it to go to Sleep mode, about 2 hours later, once it automatically goes to Hibernate mode, the laptop would just switch off. I noticed this because when I switched it back on, I would have to switch the numlock back on to enter my password and none of my programs were still loaded. I checked Support Assist and another Critical Error had popped up, but with no error report.
I've tried reseting the BIOS, but nothing changed apart from the function key was reset - I've never needed to change anything in the BIOS. All drivers and the BIOS is up to date. I also switched off Fast-boot as it was one of the many things I read that might help the issue, but didn't. This was a clean install onto the M.2 drive I bought, but also did a full reset via the Windows setup thing, to... Read more

A:Inspiron 15 7559, Whea_uncorrectable_error

Same problem here. 
in my case "'whea_uncorrectable_error' shows only when i gaming jajaja. 
Inspiron 7559 i5HQ. 
I clone windos from original SSHD to SSD, so i dont think the problem was related whit windows config, maybe its a problen in hardware. Or something realted whit intel dynamic plataform thermal. 

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So I was just on my laptop playing on csgo like I always do and then a flicker went on my screen for a quick second my screen went black then the game came back on for 1 more second then a blackout occurred. I tried turning the laptop back on but nothing happened. Then I tried removing static power like I have done in the past but nothing. Also quick important fact the light at the bottom of the mousepad on the edge lit up every time I tried to turn on the power.
Things I tried: removing static power
Unplugging ram dad card etc still nothing.
Also tried just not using the batter but use the cable still nothing.
I know nothing is wrong with the ac charge cable because my brother has the same laptop and it works fine for him.
Please let me know what I should do I also have no warranty :(

A:Inspiron 15-7559 blackout?

Does the system has any lights on it?
Try to remove the RAM and start the system and check for any beep sound?
Have you tried a different AC adapter?
Is there any light on the adapter when connected?
Tried to reseat the battery if possible.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Hi.  I would like to know which parts I need in order to fix the well known hinge issue with the case breaking because of it.  My laptop is a little under 2yrs old. 

A:Inspiron 15-7559 hinge fix

You'll need to open up the system to see exactly what's broken -- guessing or basing on what someone else has done could easily result in either buying the wrong parts - or more or fewer parts than you need.

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So i received my laptop and decided to install some games on it. I had some issues in one of them and a friend of mine suggest my  to do a Factory reset and when it was doing it i received an error message. I had to do it with a flash drive. I downloaded the ISO file from Microsoft.

I then went to the Dell Support Page. Is there any other driver i need to download and install? i selected scan device & download automotically. I downloaded gForce Experience separately.

I saw an option called PC diagnostic, i wanted to run it. I selected all the devices/hardware on the list.
Is it normal that it lasted 6 hours and something?

Another thing. During some stages of the test, my CPU & Memory usage were on or above 90% (i only had 4 Windows of Microsoft Edge)

Where is the HDD located? is it normal to get hot/warm on the left bottom side? (left side of the touch pad)
Thank you so much

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I want to add an m.2 ssd to my inspiron 7559, and was wondering how I can add it without warranty issues. Will installing an m.2 ssd to my system void the warranty of my laptop? If then how can i get it installed without any warranty issues. I bought my laptop in India. I did not find any document regarding the limitations of the warranty. Please help.

A:M.2 ssd upgrade for inspiron 7559

You won't void the warranty - all that's needed is to remove the base cover (exactly as if you were upgrading memory).
The M.2 drive needs to be SATA - NOT PCIe/NVMe.   You'll also need a screw to secure the drive (which likely won't be installed in the system by default).

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I bought this last week, I have installed a new ssd drive alongside the the original drive. I cannot get the OS to install without errors, I have tried various usb sticks, tried using a Dell recovery usb made on the laptop and from a downloaded image, nothing works. I tried to contact support and I keep getting sent to the Dutch website - as that is where the laptop originated. I would like to obtain a proper dell recovery disc but cannot. as I am told it does not apply to my system - even though I bought it through the UK website?
Any Dell support there to help? I would like my warranty applied to when I registered the laptop - not February and the laptop origin updated to UK

A:New Inspiron 7559 from outlet

anyone any ideas? I have tried removing memory modules, removing the OS drive, scanning the new ssd nothing works, as soon as I try to install windows I get page fault errors and system reboots.

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Hadn't used my laptop in about a week and when I turned it on, the keyboard lit up, Dell splash screen came on and the windows (10) icon showed up...then it just went dark.  Pushing the power button again, the keyboard lit up and immediately shut down.  I thought perhaps the battery was discharged, so plugged in the AC adaptor.....and although the adapter's blue light was glowing, the laptop's front-edge power-indicator light did NOT come on.  The same problem reoccurred when attempting to start up.  I have tried the various test methods mentioned on this site (including those done with the battery removed), to no avail.  Again, Pushing the power-button causes it to light up and the keyboard to flash momentarily....and nothing else.
Any suggestions?

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I just bought this Inspiron 15 7559, used.  The previous owner says it was working perfectly when he sent it to me.
When I received it (Oct 24), it would not boot up.  I'd press the power button, and the power button and keyboard backlight would come on, and a fan would come on for about 2 seconds and then stop, but that was it.  Also, the status light would alternate flashing white a few times, then amber.  We took the battery and memory out, and did a power reset.  Replaced the memory and plugged in the AC adapter, and the computer started up.  So we put the battery back in, and everything was good.
Less than a week later (Oct 30), I was using the computer, just checking Facebook and email and such, and the screen went crazy and froze up.  All I could do was do a force shutdown.  But when I tried to turn it back on, it was doing the same thing it did when I received it.  We tried what we did before, removing battery and memory and resetting power and all that, but it still will not come on.  I ran the LCD BIST test, and the screen did come on and flash different colors, so I know the screen itself still works.
The laptop is still under warranty, so I could send it in.  Or, the person I got it from said they'd give me my money back if they had to.  I just wanted to find out if it was something I could possibly fix myself, before having to send it off for who knows how long, or returning it to the previous ow... Read more

A:Inspiron 7559 - Will not Boot up

Alicia.You will need to wait for the warranty to transfer before you can send it in for repairs. The transfer could take 2-4 weeks to get the warranty transferred to your name. You can take the battery out,remove the power adapater and hold the power button down for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Put the battery back in and turn it on. If that does not work it will  need to be repaired under the warranty.

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Hi,I have bought dell Inspiron 7559 2 months back. Around last 3 weeks iam facing hanging issues which is increasing. both keyboard and mouse pad hangs for a 2 to 3  second and gets normal. now its hanging again and again. Iam not even playing games on it that requires huge processing power. I hanged 7 to 8 times while writing this post.Please suggest what to do.

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