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Creating a Limited User Account without having the create an Adminster Account first.

Q: Creating a Limited User Account without having the create an Adminster Account first.

Hi guys, just the title of the thread pretty much says it all.
want to create a really limited user account for the kids of the house. I already have a user account, and have tried to set up a limited one through control panel. But that asks me to first create an Administer Account, which i already have. So it would be pointless if i had two Administer Accounts showing up on the welcome screen.
Also i'm kind of a novice at this, but i am keen to learn. so help with privacy and parental control would be appreciated.


Preferred Solution: Creating a Limited User Account without having the create an Adminster Account first.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Creating a Limited User Account without having the create an Adminster Account first.

log off your user account and login as administrator,to get admin acc. ctrl_alt_del do it twice, if the admin one is not seen then login create the user account and edit the permissions

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Hi guys,

I need a little help as per title. I have created a user account but its showing the programs i use as admin. I want to create a user account with very limited info, i want the internet completely disabled (without disabling as admin first).

I only want the option to install programs.

Also on a side note, is it possible to run a user account with a different time/date to the admin user?

A:Help me create a limited/restricted user account?

Possible answer here -> User Account Permissions and Restrictions

Basically, you are looking at setting Permissions for the account.

edit: also see -> How to set, view, change, or remove special permissions for files and folders in Windows XP

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I am logged in as admin. I go to create another account, and wish to select "limited", and it is present, but not a choice. We I mouse over it, it does not allow me to select it. What is the problem here.

A:[SOLVED] create user account with limited access problem

HI -

Could I get a screen grab of what it looks like before and after you're hovering over the choice, please.

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In our company, there are few computers where we can access only limited user accounts. I went to control panel >> user accounts >>...it shows the only limited user account name like "xyz". It doesn't show us any administrator account names, why is it so? And how I can make it happen in my personal computer?

A:xp shows only limited account name in user account control panel

Because you are logged in as a Limited User, so you can't make changes to the computer. Speak with your Network Administrator at your company.
At the log in screen hit CTRL+ALT+DEL 3 times fast. This will give you the traditional Windows Log In Screen. If you have the Built In Administrator accounts password, you can log in as Administrator and create a new Admin user account.

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Hello everybody,

I have realized that all the laptops I installed Windows 10 in the last year (several family laptops) are running with Microsoft-Accounts which are Admin-Accounts. Now I read that this is a serious security issue. I would like to change these MS-Admin-Accounts into MS-Limited-User-Accounts?

But how?

And next question: Should I set up for every laptop then a local admin-account?

Thanks a lot for your help.


A:Windows 10: How change account from admin into limited user account?

As long as you have not disabled UAC, User Account Control, or invoked the hidden full administrator, then your users are actually running as standard users and will be prompted before performing any Admin level tasks - you can if you wish create a standard user on each of the systems in addition to the administrator, but this will not provide much better security and is likely to generate complaints from the users as they will have to set-up the accounts again to how they want them.

If you have any youngsters that you wish to protect further there is Microsoft Family Safety as an option

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Since this a security forum, I thought it would be nice to see how many of our members bother creating a Standard User Account or simply use the default Admin User Account.

Anyone is free to explain their own reasoning for choosing a type of account if he/she wants to.

Currently I use a Standard User Account. Decided to try one a few days ago, and so far I like it. I don't find it that much annoying or bothersome(so far)

A:Administrator Account vs Standard/Limited User Account

I do beta and malware testing, so a SUA\LUA doesn't make much sense for me; for what I do - processes need elevated privileges on a frequent basis - making a SUA\LUA impractical.

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hello every one
I was hoping if some one could help me at this.
I had created a local account in my machine which is a part of a small office network. and given it administrative rights. every once in a while the account gets downgraded to a limited user account and a I had to go all the way to control panel to reset the settings for that specific user account. I tried background check on the machine to check it for possible malware or virus infection but couldn't find anything.
could it be the user profile settings getting changed athomatically due several usages or could it be log file getting full or needs to be cleared?
so much in need for help

A:admin account gets downgraded to limited user account

possibly because that comp didnt come with Ultimate and when it re-activates, it uses the true Admin account and resets the others.


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I have a Dell XPS 9100 with Windows 7 Prof. I am using the user account made during the initial bootup of the new computer, to make the desired settings and adding software installations. However after I finish with the initial tweaking, I will reduce the account privileges from Administrator to Standard user level. However, before I change the account level, I will make another user account with administrator user level.

Is there a way to have the new user account have the same settings as the initial user account when it is Simimade, such as copying, etc? I am not looking forward to manually making all of the sames changes/settings that I have made in the initial bootup user account, to the new user account with administrator privileges.

I would very much appreciate any suggestions regarding the above. Thanks Sam

A:Creating a New User Account Similar to an Existing User Account

Hello Scams,

About as close as you can get to this would be to create a new administrator account with the name you like, then copy all of the contents of the old user account's C:\Users\(user-name) folders (including hidden AppData folder) into the corresponding new account's C:\Users\(user-name) folder. After everything checks out ok, you can delete the old user account while logged in the new user account.

It will copy most of your settings, like your Start Menu shortcuts, to the new account, but items stored in the registry, like your desktop background, would have to be reset again.

Hope this helps some,

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Hi all.

I am using Windows XP Media Center Edition and I would like to use my current account as a Limited user account.

I realise that I will need at least one administrator account on my PC -- so I go into user accounts, create a new administrator account, then I try to change my current account to a limited account, but it will not let me!

See the screenshots;

I would like Admin to be administrator, and Dell07 to be Limited... I do not have the option to change Dell07 to limited for some strange reason.

I have managed to do this on my parents PC easily. I simply created another Administrator account, then changed their account to a limited one. I don't understand why this will not work on Windows XP MCE...

Any idea why this is happening?!

A:Help change my account to a limited user account!

You should log-on to the administrator account thru safe mode and this will allow you to change the account you want to so it will be a low-admin account. You can not change the account you are logged into t anything other than the account it is because it is the active account.

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I can create new user accounts from Windows Settings, see image.

But a review of regedit shows that no profile has been created for any of these new accounts, only for my original administrator account. See image.

When I try to sign as as any other user, I get the message saying The User Profile Service Failed the logon.

Using Windows 10 64 bit.

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Is there a way to create a limited account to do the following things:

restrict to a few choice programs, internet explorer, word, etc.
restrict installing programs
restrict viewing the local disk, only able to view the desktop
restrict moving files to anywhere but the desktop
and if it works, block a few choice websites.
+any other options.

A:Creating a limited account?

sounds like you want what windows xp calls a limited user account. The only thing it doesn't do is stop you from moving files but it does stop you from moving system files. Wevsire blocking is a whole nothing story all together.

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Hi all ,

I Will Create Password At My Windows Account But I Want To Create Guest Account With Limited Authorities , Limited Access To Partitions and Install Programs....

Is there any way to do this at Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit ?!

Thanks in advance and have a nice time

A:Creating Guest Account With Limited Authorities

Hello, have a look at the tutorial at the link below.

Guest Account - Turn On or Off

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I have a computer where I have an admin account. I want to have a backup way to set a limited account to admin via an elevated command prompt, without having to enter the password to the admin account. Windows 7

A:Create a backdoor for a limited account from admin

That would defeat the purpose of a limited account then....I am not sure what you mean?

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I have set up a limited user account and can not play the game Scrabble unless logged in as administrator. I have followed the steps provided in MS KB Q307091.


However, if I run the app logged in as the limited user and choose to use the "current user" (which is selected as the admin account) I get the error message, "Failed to find then failed to create the Registry Key Hasbro\...."

If I choose the radio button for "The following user" and drop down to the administrator account my password is not accepted. If I select to run with the limited account I am prompted with "unkown user name or bad password"

The limited account does not use a password. Does it need one to run the program this way?

What am I doing wrong here?

Thank You!

A:Limited User Account?

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Is a Limited User account as useful as it is on XP and Win7?
On my other machines I use the Limited User accounts for internet facing activities.
Is it just as worthwhile on Win8?
Thanks for your time

A:Limited User Account

yes, it is worthwhile. you gain some protection from hacking.

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Is there a way to configure a Limited User Account in XP (MCE in my case)? I've read that a limited account can help protect against infections but I've got several programs that do not function properly in a limited account. I know the computers at my college were not granted full administrative privileges, but I was still able to install applications. So that leads me to think there must be someway to configure each user beyond a limited account being on or off.

Thanks for your help,

A:Limited User Account

I've read that a limited account can help protect against infectionsLimited account won't protect yourself from any infections.Limited account is designed so other users can't do certain things, you wouldn't like them to do.You can't protect yourself from yourself

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I used to load my computer and i could see 2 user account mine as an administrator and my wife as an administrator and I would start from there without any password protected. Now the babysitter without my consent and i don't know what she did but now i have to log on to window with a password and this is ok but i didn't have to do it before. After when i go to try to change user account under control panel I cannot pick a task and ( like adding a new user account or change limited to administrator) only have 1 user account and its a limited one. So what can i do so that i can have administrator account again. I know that I can see my old account when i go to tools/computer management/local user and group/user i can see my old account and my wife too but don't know how too or if i can restore them.Please help me and I hope i explained it properly .

First ever post here


A:only user limited account now .

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I have an administrator account and would like to create a "user" account as well that also enables me to sign in to my computer (to enter the start screen). I have read that you really shouldn't use your administrator account all the time, just use it to make changes/updates, etc. Will this new account take me to the same place as my administrator account if I use the same info to create the user account as I used for the administrator account. I only ask this because on my HP laptop with the help of my internet provider back in Jan. I am using my Verizon account for e-mails instead of the program that came with the PC and I also created my "favorites" list as well. I enter my Verizon account using the internet icon. So can this be done? I've read several support articles from HP support, but they didn't give any info if I could do this.
Thank you.

A:Creating another User account for me......

Hello Juliet, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you mean for a Microsoft account, then you will not be able to use the same email address to create another Microsoft account on the same computer.

If you have UAC set to "Always Notify" (top level), then you'll always be prompted to approve doing anything that requires elevation (Run as administrator).
User Account Control (UAC) - Change Settings in Windows 8
Personally, as long as you are not using the built-in "elevated" Administrator account for everyday purposes, then you are fine to use your normal administrator account.

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Until recently, my wife and I have been the only users of our laptops, so we've simply used the Administrator account to log in. We now have a 16-year-old granddaughter living with us, who uses my wife's computer (sure ain't using mine). She mostly just does Facebook and YouTube. When I recently returned from a trip, my wife said her computer was "messed up." An understatement indeed. I found ten infected files (mostly PUPs), six miscellaneous new toolbars, five newly installed programs I'd never heard of, and a mess of continuous popup ads. All this despite the fact the computer is (I thought) pretty well protected (Avast, MBAM, SpywareBlaster, Windows firewall) and has never before been infected. After an hour or so, I had everything cleaned up and back to normal.

So, to my problem: The OS is Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I want to creat a user account for the kid that will not allow any program downloads, installations, or system changes whatsoever. She isn't intentially trying to mess things up; she just doesn't understand some of the dangers of the internet. I know how to creat a user account, but not how to configure it for what I want to do, or even see what its default parameters are. Parental controls do not seem to cover this situation. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:Creating New User Account

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Hi can anyone help me? I have a pc thats running XP home edition and I have set it up so that I am the admin and my two young children have limited user accounts, however when I set the kids accounts to limited the internet connection is cut off but if I put them back to admin all is fine! any ideas what I can do? I have uninstalled norton and any firewall was turned off still the same problem. I do use a belkin wireless card and have done the usual removed and reinstalled and used the windows software to set it up and still the same problem.
I don`t want to give the kids full admin rights but right now its all I can do please HELP!!!!

A:Limited account user problem

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Hey guys, I'm having trouble with my windows xp home edition. I have other people using my computer who are limited account users and im the administrator. I recently downloaded Winamp 3 and on my administrator account I can use it fine but on every limited account they try to use it and get an error screen that doesn't say anything and says send error report or dont send. I'm not sure whats going on but I thinks its something with the sharing and security. I already checked all the folders and they are all on share. Does anyone know whats going on...?


A:Win XP limited account user problems...

right click on the folder and choose the security tab and from there it is self explanitory

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No such thing as dumb questions? Well here goes...I've never really setup other accounts on my XP home edition, but I'm trying to setup a limited user account with just games for the younger kids and I'd like to lockout access to the All Programs menu, the recycle bin, and lock the desktop. I know how set all the Start Menu options but not the others. Will it change global settings? Any ideas? Thank You!

A:Limited user account setup

I am thinking that you want to do this on your home computer? I work for a library system and a big part of my job is locking up computers. A good tool to start out with would be TweakUI front at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx Here you can get rid of some of the things you want to remove (like the desktop. Not knowing your skill level, but if you are comfortable changing the registry a good website would be http://tweakxp.com . I use a number of tools that I use when I set up a public computer. I start with the PAC security tool designed by Bill Gates Foundation which is 100% free. Info can be found at : http://pacomputing.webjunction.org/do/DisplayContent?id=7593 and here: http://securepc.org/index.html . It is the best tool ever you can limit accounts to have nothing if you wanted too. The only problem for you is you need XP Pro to use it. When I get that all set up I use a lock and key program that you add to you computer. With these two on a computer no one can ever bring a computer down. Found here: http://www.centuriontech.com/ they also make a software version for home users. Let me know if you have any questions.


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Hello all, just found your Forum - hope you can help with a problem...

A friend of mine has set up her XP-based PC so that SHE has the only Administrator account. But one of her kids has managed to lock her out of seeing his temporary files - he has a Limited User account.

Normally, she can go to C:\documents and settings and open his user folder. now, if tells her 'access denied'. She is OK with opening the folders on other Limited User accounts.

How can she get access again?


> Jimmer <

A:Limited User Account privacy?

Can you go through your Administrative Tools part and change it from there?

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Ok guys I'm having problems with my user accounts on windows xp. I accidentally changed my User account to limited now it wont let me change the account type. It says only the administrator can change it so how do I get around this. If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

A:How To Change Limited User Account

Is it XP Home?

If so boot into Safe Mode and change the account there.


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I finally set up a limited user account for better security. Now, some programs don't run properly. For example, NTI and Nero burning programs don't find any CD/DVD burners, though they work fine in Administrator accounts. I don't know what is going on or how to fix it. Is there any control over what limited accounts can be allowed to do?

A:Limited User account troubles

Hi there...

Do you have XP Pro or Home Edition?

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Dear all,
I am not able to copy files and folders from one drive to another.The Error: cannot copy (the file name). Access denied
Make sure the disk is not full and write protected.

Secondly I am not able to run executable files or programs in my limited account using the 'run as' feature to run the program with administrative privileges. The error shown up is : Windows cannot access the specified device,file or path. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item

Pls do help me!

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how can someone who is not the administrator on the computer, who just has a limited acct-find out what websites etc the adminstrator has been to? My IE internet options etc are cleaned out but yet this person seems to be able to access my files, i have try to look into all the obvious things on his user profile but am at my wits end please advise

A:how can user with limited account be nosy

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I've recently setup a limited user account on a XPSP2 Home machine. The intent is to use it for internet and email. When I switch to this account, and try to setup, say, my email client, the configuration or settings do not stick. On a couple other apps too, when I click on them to start them, it's as if it's the first time they are being executed. I enter the info, apply or save, and when I shut the app and come back into it, the same thing happens. For instance; in the email client, each time I go in, the setup wizard starts and asks for my pop3 and smtp etc..I enter it, save, shut the app, come back in and the wizard starts again, asking for the same things. Along with this limited user account, is the original admin account(the one that shows up in safe mode), and a password protected admin account, visible at the welcome screen. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

A:Limited User Account Problem

It has been awhile since I messed with the limited accounts in XP Home, but I remember finding them difficult to configure the way I wanted..
Have you tried extending the account to administrator, and doing the setups, then reducing the account to limited again?

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I earlier tried to add a second user onto my system, a limited one as sort of a guest account, with a little more access and a password. I went in through the Users control panel, and added a new user as a Limited Account.That part worked fine, but when I go to log into the user account, the system just hangs. I'm able to move the mouse and Ctrl+Alt+Delete. When I do bring up the task manager, the only processes running are winlogon.exe, csrss.exe and SDMCP.exe (and of course the task manager).After trying to run explorer.exe through the run dialog, I used the task manager to log out of the limited account, which worked perfectly fine. I then used my main account to create a third user, a second Admin account. I logged into that account and everything started up like it should. I went back into my main account, removed the second admin account and tried activating the Guest account. I tried to log into the guest account, but got the same problem as with the limited account.Could there be something wrong with my system that doesn't allow certain administrative access to be restricted, such as the guest and limited account would require?Has anyone heard of this happening before, and (hopefully) know how to fix it without having to do a system restore. Even if you've never head of this before, some ideas would be useful to know what up.P.S: I'm running Windows XP SP2, and the only things that should be running on startup is my firewall (ZoneAlarm) and my Anti-Vir... Read more

A:Limited User Account Creation

Are you using the fast user switching mode or the logon mode?

In addition to the av ap and the firewall there are also Windows processes thta should appear in your startup menu. Did you disable any?

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I used to load my computer and i could see 2 user account mine as an administrator and my wife as an administrator and I would start from there without any password protected. Now the babysitter without my consent and i don't know what she did but now i have to log on to window with a password and this is ok but i didn't have to do it before. After when i go to try to change user account under control panel I cannot pick a task and ( like adding a new user account or change limited to administrator) only have 1 user account and its a limited one. So what can i do so that i can have administrator account again. I know that I can see my old account when i go to tools/computer management/local user and group/user i can see my old account and my wife too but don't know how too or if i can restore them.Please help me and I hope i explained it properly .


A:[RESOLVED] Now i only have limited user account

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Boot into Safe Mode as Administrator and change your account back to admin.

You might then want to use system restore to a date before she used the pc. Then you want to put in place a password on both your accounts so she cannot access your computer. You might want to enable the guest account and make her/him use that or you may end up in a heep of trouble when she/he returns.

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To slightly rehash an issue I brought up a few weeks ago, I was having problems getting any of my limited user accounts to be able to print. The main culprit is an HP Photosmart P1100, hooked up as the local printer to my Windows XP PC. By trial and error, I was able to fix that problem by going into printer properties, clicking on the "advanced" header and setting the option not to spool but to print directly to the printer. A little later, I noticed that this caused another problem. This P1100 printer is also used as a network printer to a Windows 98 system hooked in thru a wireless network to the main XP system. Prior to changing the printer properties to print directly to the printer, there was no problem printing to the network printer from the Windows 98 PC. Once the change was made however, that is no longer true. Now whenever an attempt is made to print to it thru the Windows 98 PC, an error comes up indicating that an access code is invalid, and asking whether I want to set the printer offline. Further investigation led me to a Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 260737, which almost sounded identical to my problem. I tried their suggestion, but it did not work. Is anyone familiar with this situation?

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Consider this scenario for Windows 7 Ultimate:

I'm using the PC administrator account. My family siblings are using their own limited accounts. Sometimes I leave my account logged on (but switched) and then wake up to find the PC turned off. It doesn't make sense that limited users have the authority to turn off the PC when this dialog box comes up:

In my opinion, there should be a way to restrict them from being able to turn it off if another user is logged in, otherwise it's not really a limited account if it can do something like that.

A:Limited User Account Shutdowns

You can restrict them How to restrict users to Shutdown in Windows 7

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Basically, I have a family member who does things on the computer that they shouldn't be doing and never listen. Currently, there is only 1 account on the computer and it is the admin account.

What I am looking to do is, create a user account that is limited from absolutely everything pretty much, except browse the internet, use Skype, watch online streams, etc.

I want to set the account so that they cannot install absolutely anything on the computer. That's one of the biggest issues I have right now. I tell them not to download anything, install anything and what not, but they never listen. I want it so that even if they manage to download a file, they cannot install it.

I hope I've made my problem as clear as possible.

Needless to say, the OS is XP Pro SP3.

Please and Thank you!

A:User Account - Limited Control

Control Panel Icons: Windows XP User Accounts



I advise not to use fast user switching (or as less as possible). This option has a great advantage to quickly check your e-mail, print a file or whatever, while the other user is logged on. To disable this fast user switching: Control Panel, User accounts, Change the way users logging on or off, disable Use Fast User Switching. By disabling Use the Welcome screen, users must long on with both their username and password.

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I have set up a new regular user account (Windows 7 Home Premium).  I want this user to have access to only one program that is on my PC.  How do I limit this?  Thanks.

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Can anyone help me in enabling msconfing to run in a limited user account in Windows XP Professional? As of now I am getting Access is Denied error on trying to access msconfig!

I tried a lot looking around in gpedit.msc from an admin account for an option to enable it in a Limited User account and also in Registry but to no avail.

An early response will be appreciated.

Technical Support Officer - MS Windows XP

"Compatibilty without Flexibility is a Liability."

My System:
[5.1 (BUILD 2600) SERVICE PACK 2]

A:Allow msconfig in Limited user account in XPP

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I'm running Win XP Pro. I have a "Admin Account, which has all my software installed along with my personal settings like the look of Windows XP Pro, wallpaper, icons and etc. I would like to use the "Limited Account" that I created just like Leo Laporte recommends. Is there a way to migrate all my settings and configuration of the environment that I have set in the "Admin Account" to the "Limited Account" so that I can only install software or make major changes when I am logged into the "Admin Account" yet still have all my settings and look in the "Limited Account?"
All your help is appreciated.

A:Setting Up a Limited User Account

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Have windows XP. Have created separate non admin account. When I try and install Itunes on this account I can't. How do I permit downloads on this limited account.


A:Downloading on Limited User account

What happens when you try to install iTunes? Do you get any error messages?

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I have been having a spate of trojans invading my system so have changed my logging on . I have instead if staying administator all the time I have opened a Limited User account which I will use from now on .

When I open it I notice my Anti Virus there in the taskbar and running OK now what about my Firewall , it is running in the administrator account do I have to load it so it is running in the taskbar of the Limited User account or what ?

Hopefully someone can answer to me which is most likely dumb question .


A:Firewall on Limited user account .

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I have created a second account for me (a limited on) in order not to use the lapton under the admin account. However, after I log-in to the limited, I can't connect to the internet. When I go the Network area in order to try and connect or set uo the connection to the Internet by setting up the connection I get a message saying that I do not have the right to change the settings. Where do I go in the admin account in odrer to set the connection to the Internet for the limited account?

A:Settings in a Limited User Account

first question is, what os? You will only be able to make those changes from admin. Why don't you want to use the admin as your default account?


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Hi all,
I am creating an image for my new model PC and looking to modify the default settings pulled once a new domain user logs onto the machine for the first time. I don't want to have the default profile on the network, but have it on the local machine. I have seen articles about modifying an exisiting profile on the PC (ei. Administrator) and then copying it to the "All users" profile, but haven't been able to get that to work.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I have a laptop which uses Windows XP professional service pack 3. I am trying to stop my children having full access to download whatever they want which causes the computer to slow down. I wanted to create a limited user account for them and this worked a dream on my desktop which has Windows XP home edition. However when I try and do it on my laptop I am faced with problems! The user account showing is 'Administrator' and I cannot change the name for this. When I try to create a new user account it says that at least one person must be the administrator and will not allow me to make the new account limited. If I do designate the new account as a 'administrator' then I lose the original administrator account including all the files. I managed to get these back by doing a system restore.
What I do not understand is why when I try and set up a new account it doesn't recognise the Administarors account as the computer administator and allow me to create a new limited account.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

A:Problem creating new user account

Try booting into safe mode, login to Administrator account and try out again.

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My mother downloaded a virus to her computer. I want to prevent this from happening again so I want to create a user account that does not allow downloading of anything.

From what I read, a Standard account will not allow any type of downloading or installation.

However I was able to download and install Windows Essentials while logged into her account. Why is this?

Someone suggested the following. Would this work?

To disable UAC prompt and deny admin rights all together, set "Local Policies \ Security Options \ User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for standard users" to "Automatically deny elevation requests" in security policy.

Where do I access Security Policy?

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I am trying to create a User Account on my new notebook running Windows 7 Home Premium. After I type in the name, Share, the User Account Control Panel comes up with message that "The specified account name is not valid because account names cannot contain the following characters" and then gives a list of special characters, none of which are in the account name.

Any suggestions?

A:[SOLVED] Creating a user account

See if any of these suggestions help: the specific account is not valid because account names cannot contain - Microsoft Answers

Also here: Network Message = "The specified account name is not valid - Microsoft Answers

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hi guys i have a question about creating a new user

i created a new user account on my sony VAIO notebook "windows 7" for friends or family who wants to use my laptop. i opened up the "my computer" and i see the files that i have on my own account.. i was wondering if there was a way to create a new user account and not have my files in the account... is this possible ?? i dont want to create a guest account as it cant use some programs that are installed..

if its not possible to have a second new C drive with none of my files.. i guess my last option is to open up a guest account

thank you guys for your time !!
have a wonderful holiday and a new year !!

A:question about creating a new user account

If you created a normal user account and not an administrative user account, you should be able to log into that new account and not have access to those files.

If you are seeing something you do not want, maybe you could restrict access to certain folders so other normal users could not see that folder.

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Hi all,

I have a standard administrator account in my name in C:\user and a guest account and both accounts are working fine.Now when i try to create a new local account say "test",i cant log in to that account and gives me error "User Profile Service failed the sign in.User profile cant be loaded"

I get the same error if i create built in administrator account using "net user administrator /active:yes" and then try logging into the administrator account.

I tried to follow Brink's tutorial about fixing corrupted user profiles but in regedit i cant find the SID with .bak extension and such.

I have no clue what to do next.


A:Creating new user account error

Hello dreamer,

Unfortunately, a user's profile is not created until the first time you are able to successfully sign in to the account.

You might see if doing a system restore using a restore point dated before you started getting this user profile error to see if it may help.

If not, then you may need to refresh Windows to fix it.

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I have passwod protected my PC so my kids only get on it when I want them to, or so I thought!!

My son, and credit to him, just made is own account with admin rights and logged into it instead of mine, until I noticed on bootup one day and then deleted it.

Is there a way of making it impossible for him to do this?

A:Block someone creating user account in XP?

Had he been using your account (which was the administrative account) to logon? If so, he can create an account whenever he wants. Not sure with XP Home, but XP Pro provides alot more security with user accounts. Your best bet is to create a limited user account for him and don't let him use your account. Change the password on your account also. Although, I'm not sure how good he is with the computer--there are programs out there that let you bypass the admin's password (let's hope he doesn't know about it).

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