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HP deskjet 600series printer wont print. error msg...........

Q: HP deskjet 600series printer wont print. error msg...........

it was working just fine the last time i used it (about 4 days ago) and now when i tried to get it to print something it took the paper part way in,and then it just stops and while the power light stays on,the yellow light above it flashes,and i get the little yellow ! that pops up in the bottom right saying "this document failed to print" ive checked my ink cartrides and connections,and deleted and reinstalled the printer as well.any help would be appreciated,thx

Preferred Solution: HP deskjet 600series printer wont print. error msg...........

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: HP deskjet 600series printer wont print. error msg...........

go to the device manager, locate your printer, and right click it, and update the driver. see if this works

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I just changed the cartridges on my HP Deskjet 3820c and now it will not print,anything! This is my second HP printer so I know about changing cartridges.I have tried the color cartridge in another printer so I'm sure the color cart is OK,not sure about black.Both are new,not refilled.I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software and drivers,I switched from Parallel to usb,performed a hard boot on the printer and tried to print a self test page recommended by HP.I have unplugged the printer,removed the cartridges,plugged in the printer and reinstalled the cartridges.I made sure that the copper strips were clean and undamaged.I cant get any useful help from HP without paying up front. Any Ideas? I have an Athlon 1GHZ on an elements 830cn Motherboard with an SIS 730 chipset,256MB ram,a WDC 40 GB HD,Maxtor 15 GB HD.

A:HP Deskjet 3820c wont print

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i have a usb to lpt?? (old big printer plug) cable which connects my printer to my computer.
this works when connected to my XP machine.

but i have plugged into my new 7 machine and it wont work.

I have tried and failed at adding via network from 7 machine (printer connected to XP machine).

I have just tried plugging the printer into the 7 machine, printer and devices shows an IEE-1284 controller windows continues and installs to hp deskjet 710c, but doesnt print anything.
i try to add a printer and use the 'virtual printer port for usb', it installs and says its working, but it wont print anything.

any hints or help greatly appritiated.

A:help HP deskjet 710C wont print from 7 machine

It would very much be of great assistance if you could fill out your specifications on your system profile. This allows us to answer your questions knowing a bit about your system and reduces asking questions over and over. Also if you ask a question and have to go off and do other things the last thing you want is more questions to answer when the idea was to get your problem solved.

So no the questions begin, what version of Windows 7 are you using 32 or 64 bit? How are you converting your LPT connection, is it by means of a Centronics LPT to USB connector? IF that is what you are using it had problems working in Vista 64 bit so I imagine it hasn;t changed in Windows 7. It needs a real LPT connection.

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I migrated my HP Deskjet 870Cxi from a WinXp laptop to a new Win7 32bit laptop. I use a parallel to USB printer connector cable. The printer works fine under WinXP.
Now the printer will not print under Win7. All jobs are held pending. I can confirm under Windows Devices and Printers that 870c printer driver is recognized. I tried to print a page from Notepad, a test page and text alignment page.

HP website says that Win7 has all the drivers and it will load them. I confirm that Win7 does load drivers for 870c but NOT 870Cxi.

I checked Windows 7 hardware compatibility at Microsoft.com where it lists a couple of hundred Deskjets that are compatible including 870c, but it does not even list 870Cxi. The nearest comparable listed model is 890Cxi. But again the drivers for 890Cxi is already loaded on Win7 32bit. But Win7 chooses 870c.

I was hoping to rely on HP 890Cxi backward compatibility with Win67

Now I am stuck. Can anyone help please?

A:HP Deskjet 870Cxi wont print in win7 32bit

Those drivers are usually for a number of models at the same time and I expect that they will work fine for your model, too.

They installed all right, didn't they?

If the driver installs a virtual port, try changing the port number.

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Hi Folks,

After I installed the new Mozilla Firefox browser, I've been unable to print. I don't know how that could happen -- I don't see the connection. I tried reinstalling the printer software, but that didn't work.

Do you folks have any idea what could have happened?

Thanks in advance!

A:HP Deskjet 932C Printer Problem - won't print since I changed browsers

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First, some background. I had this all set up and it was working. I installed 2 other printers and drivers and started having problems with my computer hanging up and other issues with the HP software. I decided to uninstall all of my HP software and drivers and start over.

I have 2 printers--HP Officejet Pro L7580 and an HP Deskjet 9650 that I want connected with the print server.

I downloaded the new drivers for the deskjet 9650. I have the software installed for the print server. I can open that software with my laptop and see the print server. I started installing the printer drivers using a wiresless network, but it couldn't find the printer.

I tired restarting the print server, but still it cannot find the printer. I tried putting in the IP address for the print server, but when I do it says that the HP deskjet 9650 installer has encountered and error, and it closes.

Any suggestions?

A:Trouble installing HP Deskjet printer with Zonet print server

I solved my own problem! Thanks anyway

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For some reason when I started to use the above printer today I got the error message up about the spool subsystem app not running. I googled the message and have tried everything to get it working that was on the Microsoft website. I have stopped the spool running and restarted it to no avail. I booted up in Safe mode and proceeded to follow the instrucions on MS `s site deleting all the registry keys it stated, but it still keeps appearing, can anyone please help me?

I am running XP Home SP3, and until this morning was running fine..

A:Solved: Hp deskjet cannot print (spool error)

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I recently bought a new printer because the old one would not print. Now the new one will not either it has to be the machine. Possible malware issues. Should I run a HTJ and a Combo Fix then try reinstalling.?

A:Newly installed lexmark printer wont print. I think we have a malware issue that wont let it install.

Before you installed the second printer, did you totally uninstall the first?If this is a USB printer, did you install the software first before plugging in and turning the printer on?We can run a quick scan to double check---------------The process of cleaning your computer may require you to temporarily disable some security programs. If you are using SpyBot Search and Destroy, please refer to Note 2 at the bottom of this page.Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan.If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself.Press the OK button to close that box and continue.If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begi... Read more

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Can anyone please help. I have recently upgraded pc from a AMD Duron 1.3, to a AMD Sempron 2.2. Had to change m/board, and upgrade memory from SDRAM to DDR. Since doing this, my old HP deskjet 820c xi wont operate properly. It prints for 2 seconds, then tells me there is a comunications error, and have to check cables, etc. Doing this doesnt resolve the problem. I havent changed the operating system, still using 98 2nd edition. Using LPT1 port. Any ideas please?

A:HP deskjet 820c xi printer error

Boot to BIOS (see manual), load defaults, exit and save.

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I am getting this error Hpfvls 13 whenever I print something. In the past I was told to disable a two way communication between the printer and something else. Not sure what that was all about. This time I'd like to know what does the error mean and can I repair the problem. When I went to the help website for this HP Deskjet 712, it doesn't say how to fix the problem, or even what it means. It only tells me how to disable some things so that I can continue to print. Then I have to re enable those start up programs after I print. It seems kind of silly to me. This error sign doesn't really hamper me from printing, it just keeps popping up and it's annoying. Does anyone know what's going on with my printer?

A:Deskjet printer-Hpfvls 13 Error

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Hi...My HP deskjet printer F4435 has an E code that I cannot get rid of. This is the message I receive:
The following print cartridges are faulty or incompatible with the printer: Black. Replace these print cartridges to resume printing.
The following print cartridges are faulty or incompatible with the printer: Tri-Color. Replace these print cartridges to resume printing.
Since I have been using these cartridges for a couple of years now I am clueless why this message is here. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to clear this code and bypass it so I can print with these cartridges. I found info about this in an HP All In One printer but the buttons etc. were different and I couldn't do it on my printer.


Hardware Overview:

Model Name: iMac
Model Identifier: iMac10,1
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 3.06 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 3 MB
Memory: 4 GB
Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz

A:HP Deskjet Printer E (error code clearing?)

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Just updated my window 8 to window 8.1 last few months and getting trouble with my little printer.

Problem: Driver need troubleshooting (unavailable) but i already install?
1)having problem when install the driver from HP support and downloaded the correct driver which is window 8.1 64bit
2)when i click install, getting to the usb connection part, it said connection fail (usb connection is really fine, i tried it with another window 8 and window 7 laptop..successful, but my window 8.1 can't)
3)asked for help from HP forum but...the customer service reply me like a robot, i posted still can't solve my problem and discribe clearly to them and they didn't reply me for months! Dissapointed with HP forum.

What i have done after i found the driver error?
1) delete the old driver
2) reinstall the driver
3)try to use update driver option from device manager (comes out this error: The system cannot find the file specified)

Any suggestion?

A:HP 2520HC deskjet printer driver error

Hi, welcome.

Any suggestion?

Yep 2. Tell us what the printer is and maybe fill in your computer specs.

2 things for your info, so you don't take HP's neglect personally.

A. Microsoft doesn't care that HP drivers don't work.
B. HP doesn't care that your printer is old and you have to buy a new one. Its $$ to them. Most all printer companies are the same. As printers these days can be bough for $25 with ink, its a throwaway industry.

I had the same issue with my laser printer when upgrading to 8.1. As it only cost me $45, I bought a new and more recent model for less. It's easier to do that than get mad at a forum where everyone is demanding stuff. HP don't promise that their hardware will live through generations of Operating Systems.

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I have gone to HP and You tube for assistance. No help. The printer is not offline. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer drivers. I have rebooted computer. I have stopped and started the spool thing. I am at
a loss??? Help!?

A:HP Deskjet 1510 printer in constant Error State???

HP deskjet 1510 All-In-One Printer

Besides the fact you haven't mentioned which Windows version is running in your computer, you need to be more specific about what you've been doing.


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I have a printer, HP Deskjet 930C which used to work great on XP (even without the offical drivers, using XP integrated ones) and now wont install on vista.
When i tryd to look through HP's site, i found out the drivers for this printer should be already integrated in vista. I also downloaded their auto driver tool or something which said exactly the same.

I also tryed to install XP drivers (exe just fails, so i installed manualy the driver in Printers in Control Panel). When i try to install them manualy, windows refuses to do so and claims they are not digitally signed or not signed for vista.

Any suggestions on what i can do?

Thanks in advance.

A:Error installing my printer (HP Deskjet 930C) on Vista

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I have an HP C5280 printer running wirelessly via a TP Link wireless print server and D Link Di 624 wireless router. I can print successfully from either my desktop (which is connected direct to the D Link router) or either of my laptops (wireless). However, when I select the double-sided print option I get a print error message after re-inserting the odd number pages to print the other side of the paper and then click 'continue'.

Could I resolve this by connecting the printer both direct to the desktop using USB AND leaving it connected via the wireless TP Link print server? This would enable me to print double-sided from my desktop (as I did before when the printer was only connected via the USB desktop port).

A:Print error message when trying to print double sided output on wireless printer

Could I resolve this by connecting the printer both direct to the desktop using USB AND leaving it connected via the wireless TP Link print server? Click to expand...

Probably, unless the USB connection is already used with the print server.

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My printer Okidata ML 321 was working until we did a conversion of software. I have tried to uninstall the printer. The operating system is windows XP Professional. The funny thing is-- when you log off the computers, everything that was in the spooler prints up!!

XP automatically installed this printer. It is a shared printer on the LPT1

A:printer wont print

You might try looking in the printer properties. My printer (not a Okidata) has options such as Start Printing Immediatyl and print spooled documents first checked. What software was converted?

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I am not sure if this is the right category. I have an alienware computer that was upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7 with no problems. Then one day all of a sudden I lost my sound and my printer quit working. I managed through not knowing what I was doing to get the sound fixed. Not so with the printer. Near as I can tell is that the computer doesn't recognize it. Shows unknown device. I tried reinstalling with the cd that came with the printer. No help. I tried going online to reinstall the drivers and everytime I try to install the drivers it fails. Please help I don't know too much about this. Printer is an HP officejet 4632 if that helps

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Read an article the other day but I cant find it now. I thought it said that there was a problem printing with certain HP printers & IE 7. NOw all of the sudden my Hp PSC 1610 wont print from IE 7. I thought it said HP didnt have a fix for it yet. Is this true?
Anybody else seen this article (I think it was in PC world.) or having this problem.?

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printer wont print i was using a epson 670 printer it was printing fine then all of a sudden the print was becoming fade and would only print the light color's i thought it must be the cartridges so i changed them the same result occurred i then tried my other printer a epson 440 and this printer would not print at all im running xp pro can any one help with this problem i have

A:printer wont print

You probably need to run the print head cleaning and alignment. For the other printer it may need drivers or may have another problem.

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Every time I go to print it gets through one page and then stops and says that there is and error. And I would like to know what to do to get it to print.

A:My HP Printer wont print

what make and model of printer? you probably have to update your driver.

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I have an HP Deskjet F4400 printer that seems to be working properly, but the problem is that when I click print on the computer it won't print. I think the problem has something to do with my laptop because when I scanned a document from the printer, it came up on the screen no problem. When I click print, nothing happens and nothing is added to the list of documents pending to print in the devices and printers.

Help Please

A:Printer Wont Print

I'm trying to remember exactly what I used to do when this problem occurred. I think I turned the printer on and off, then everything I had tried to print printed. Keep in mind it must be turned off via the power button. Unplugging it and plugging it back in doesn't always have the same effect. Also, if this works for you as it did for me, it will start printing immediately.

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Printer wont print
THE printer normally prints fine but now it wont print atall the usb cable is in and the printer wont take the paper it just sits there
CONTROL PANEL> PRINTERS> OPEN and it says its printing just fine but it isnt
Its in the front usb hub and tried the rear it dont make any differnence.
The printer is on and its got paper etc etc.

The UI registry language is invalid everytime open an document CV anything in doc format it says this what is this and how can sort it
The registry is corrupt is what it says everytime an real pain.

A:The printer wont print someone please help with this

Try uninstalling the software and restarting PC and follow your manual-instructions for reinstalling the printer.

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Have a hp deskjet f380 with vista it has usb cable and its turned on and when go to control panel>printer where the icon of the printer is , it has a green tick next to it and says its offline.
When go to print something ie a letter it simply wont print just sits there what could it be would uninstalling drivers work then installing again.
This is weird because it worked fine with desktop but now have laptop am getting problems with the printer.
F300 series.
If could have some help thanks

A:printer wont print

Delete all the old print jobs out of the Queue. Right click and select online. Printers are quirky beast! Turn it off/ backon lots reason for them to disconnect.

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Have got an printer which is not working
Have an hp F380 and no matter how many times sent an document it wont print atall.
Its plugged in via usb cable and normally it works fine.
Its not jammed or nothing, it cant take any thing anymore and print its installed via a driver disk.
Have xp sp2 what can do please?

A:The printer wont print please help

Will it work in the rear usb hubs ??

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I have a DELL Inspiron lap top and I have been trying to connect and print from a EPSON3409BO (WF- 7610 series) A3 printer.
I have connected it an gone right through to the test print stage but it will not print but according to comment on why no print. There appears to be a connection problem between lap top and the printer. I have been trying various things like updating systems
This printer worked well with this lap top before I had a hard drive failure and I am trying to reboot or what ever you call it the printer. I have managed install a 2nd printer which is a HP Deskjet 2540 and this works perfectly.
I have another problem I no nothing about computers and their workings.

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THE printer normally prints fine but now it wont print atall the usb cable is in and the printer wont take the paper it just sits there
CONTROL PANEL> PRINTERS> OPEN and it says its printing just fine but it isnt
Its in the front usb hub and tried the rear it dont make any differnence.
The printer is on and its got paper etc etc.

The UI registry language is invalid everytime open an document CV anything in doc format it says this what is this and how can sort it
The registry is corrupt is what it says everytime an real pain.

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Our printer is an HP f 380 and it normally works fine but the usb cable is in and everything looks like its working but it isnt printing anything through the pirnting wizard.
Not sure why its doing this as its normally fine.
Not jammed or nothing like that.


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XP SP2 The hp printer wont print as it normally does when go to print something it shows it as printing in control panel printers > right click open
Its plugged via usb into front hub usb hub but it aint working have tried everything can think off other then uninstalling it which takes forever.
Dont no what else to try could try the back usb ports but not sure its going to make an difference.
Dylan Roberts HP DESKJET F380
It isnt an driver issue either

A:printer wont print

Also what does it mean ui language registration list is invalid registry corrupt it does this everytime try to open and document.
What can be done no one seems to be able to help with this.

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I did a Windows 7 Repair Install on my HP (G62) laptop, 64 BIT, and installed an HP Deskjet F4180 printer, it went on virtual USB001. Recently, when printing from various PDF files, I cannot print multiple pages of a document. It prints a single random page of the document, then gives printer error, and moves the document into queue, where I have to cancel the job. It seems to work OK in other application documents however. And it even seemed to work for an older small PDF file.

Im running the laptop on wireless, with router configured to automatic DHCP, shows 2 devices, the laptop and the wired Desktop, and seems to be running fine. The network is set to Public.

I uninstalled all HP programs, drivers, and reinstalled the latest full printer driver & software for 64 BIT from HP website.

I stopped & restarted the print spooler service.

I tried different USB ports, cables, connection steps.

I tried HP scan utilities for fixing, and tried Windows Troubleshoot (which temporarily fixes issue for a single print job)

Thru printers & devices all printer & USB drivers show up, are updated, & working.

In Printer Properties, I tried printing directly to printer setting, but then NOTHING prints at all.

As far as I remember the printer worked properly on my desktop, Windows 7, 32 BIT version.

I also reinstalled ADOBE PDF, in case its the applications fault

SFC /scannow doesnt find a problem

Ive done CCleaner, DiskCleanup, CheckDisk, also no Virus, Malware d... Read more

A:HP Deskjet F4180 Printer Error Event 602 spooler fails to reopen

Ahha, didnt think anyone could try to resolve this one....
Anyway, oddly the problem is not occurring right now, at least I dont think so, I still get the print spooler event but can print docs

any idea whats going on, I dont expect this to last...!

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I have a Lexmark X5150 my printer wont delete the print Job. I've tried what other people told me to do.

1. net stop spooler

2. Go to C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS and delete all the files in it

3. net start spooler

Fortunately, that will delete them, but once I try printing another file, it'll print, but when it tries to delete the print job, it gets stuck again. I'm looking for a permanent fix besides reinstalling Vista 64.

The problem just started to happen about two weeks ago.

A:Printer wont delete print job

Try this

Go into spooler and delete all of the files, then uninstall the printer from the printer folder and delete the driver from device manager. --> restart the computer and then reinstall the printer along the driver.

this worked for me on a HP printer....Hope this helps.

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my printer wont print black. it has plenty of ink and i did remove the tape. i even tried another printer and it did the same thing. i'm running xp and the printer is a lexmark x75. if anyone could help i would appreciate it, this is driving me crazy!

A:printer wont print black

Try running the software that came with the printer to clean the heads.

*FYI, a Lexmark I worked on had this problem and I had to do it 5-6 times. Cleaning the heads takes a lot of ink, so if it works, be prepared to buy another cartridge.

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i have a canon bubblejet i455 printer. the other day the black stopped working.
i have done everything:
put new official cartridge in.
test pages
nozzle check
print head realignment
deep cleaning
reinstall driver

i presume that the print head is faulty. how can i fix it, or should i take it to someone. btw it is over two years old, so probably wont be covered by warranty

A:Printer wont Print Black

matt, if you could even find someone to repair your printer, it would most likely cost you more than the 79 bucks a new printer costs.
I've got an el cheapo Lexmark 510 ,(26 bucks at wallyworld), and it prints great pictures. I bought my dad one and he swears that it prints better pics than his 400 dollar Canon.
You may consisder chunkin the bubblejet and get a new printer. Good luck.

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THE printer normally prints fine but now it wont print atall the usb cable is in and the printer wont take the paper it just sits there not registering.
CONTROL PANEL> PRINTERS> OPEN and it says its printing just fine but it isnt
Its in the front usb hub and tried the rear it dont make any differnence.
The printer is on and its got paper etc etc.

The UI registry language is invalid everytime open an document CV anything in doc format it says this what is this and how can sort it
The registry is corrupt is what it says everytime an real pain.

A:Printer wont print UI language as well

Can someone please help with this please

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My printer is a EPSON stylus 440 and when i try to print on landscape mode it still prints portrait mode what should i do?

A:Printer wont print landscape

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My printer wont print text. It was working a couple days ago then I just don't know what happened. It prints the test page and graphics but not text. I'm working with windows xp home and I have a PC. I'm working online. I tried restarting checking ink levels etc. I don't know if its my default printer. But I don't know how to do that. Any other suggestions???


A:Printer Wont Print Text

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This printer prints A3 size on my desktop (XP). But on new Sony laptop with Vista it does not allow A3 size as an option, and will not accept any custom size bigger than A4. What must I do to print A3 from the laptop?

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Hi all,
Can anyone tell me why my lexmark Z33 printer will not print while I'm online? I don't get any error messages at all, the printer icon in the tray does not come up. When I am just working on the computer, everything is fine. I can print all day long unless I'm online. Is this an Explorer issue?
Running Windows ME and IE6.
thanks in advance

A:printer wont print while online

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I have installed my DX4450 printer on windows 7. it says its working fine but when i try to print a test page or anything it immediatly comes up with an error. its all connected fine and can find the device easily enough. whats the problem?

A:Solved: My printer wont print

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I recently purchased a ML2010 laser printer. I also bought a USB A to B device cable.
I followed the instructions and set up the new printer, inserted toner cartridge, connected power, connected USB cable and input power. Pressed the cancel button for 2 seconds and got a test page to print.

I installed the Samsung ML2010 series software from Laser Printer Driver CD. Everything installs okay. I can see the printer icon in the toolbar.

When i click print the computer tries to print to file. I therefore changed this setting in Start-settings-printers-properties-details-"Print to the following port:"- SSUSB
Still nothing prints.

I have downloaded Dr Printer from the Samsung website but that says "failed to get port information - everything is fine" but the test page does not print after diagnosis is complete.

I now have no idea what to do. Can anyone please help me?
My computer is running MS windows 98 SE 4.10.222A. GenuineIntel x86 Family Model 2 Stepping 7 239.0MB RAM

Have tried emailing Samsung support but get no reply.

A:New SAMSUNG printer wont print!

What happens when you go to 'printers and faxes'? Do you see the new printer? Can you set it as the default printer? Can you go into "properties " and print a test page.

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i am trying to print 40 pages of my work but it just keeps missing chunks in between.

any ideas why this is happening?

Please reply back asap as i have this piece of work to hand in tomorrow.

Thanks to anyone that can help


A:Printer Wont Print All Pages

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got a hp1050a printer that wont work on an acer aspire running vista

wont print on vista..just says error-printing in the printer box
it does scan though

i have:

reinstalled USB drivers
downloaded and installed vista drivers
run ms fix tool
stopped and started print spooler service (though i did restart the machine a few times)

has sp2 on it
it does work on an xp machine

im going to reinstall the OS as i have spent about 3 hours on it

any idea please, busy backing up

A:Solved: hp printer wont print on vista

That's not enough info to identify your printer.
See the support page here.

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I run Windows 7 (64 bit) on an ASUS laptop and have recently bought (2nd hand) an Epson Stylus D 78 for simple printing needs. . I have downloaded the appropriate drive (Windows 7 64 bit) from the EPSON web site but while the printer chugs away and goes through the full motions of printing, the pages come out completely blank . I have cleaned the heads a number of times but am still unable to get it to print even a checking pattern . Since purchase I have inserted a new black ink cartridge ( the other colours seem OK ) so would expect that some impression would appear .
Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether it is a driver issue or whether I should consider physically checking the printer head to ensure that the nozzles are not blocked.

A:EPSON Stylus D 78 printer wont print

i suspect the other colours maynot be OK
But you should be able to do a clean and a head alignment from the printer - see if that prints out correctly

did you see the printer working before you purchased

also a lot of printers and particularly epsom, do often use the colour to print out just black text -

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Can anyone help me???
my canon printer is flashing 7 x orange light and 1 x green light. It wont print anything. I have tried changing the cartridges and going through the troubleshooting help but it is still not fixed. Can anyone help me to fix it. I know it is an old printer, but I cant afford a new one at the moment.

A:Canon S300 printer wont print

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Hey, i got a lexmark printer and it only prints black, not color. Whats wrong.

A:Lexmark Printer wont print color

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Hello, I am running IE9 on Vista - recently updated from IE8 - now my printer does not respond when I try to print from IE or my Windows mail. If I print the file to onenote2007 and then print from there - it works. What happened? Suggestions to fix this?


A:Printer wont print from IE9 or Windows mail - but works otherwise

IE9 is BETA, and these questions should be asked at the MS site in their beta areas.

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Asus netbook wont print on network printer. The doc is spooled on the Asus but not showing on the host PC. The Asus will print if the printer's USB cable is direct connected to the Asus.
The other laptop will print on the network printer. Its also XP. I checked the network and printer properties on this laptop against the Asus and they are the same (except computer name of course).
The host PC with the wireless router is also XP and prints OK.
The workgroup list on all 3 computers shows the 3 computers. The laptop and Asus both have good internet connections through the wireless network.
What little thing am I missing?

A:[SOLVED] XP netbook wont print on network printer

is the printer shared? If so, browse the network to the computer that has the printer attached from the netbook. Right click the Shared Printer and choose Connect. The Printer should now be listed as a printer under Printers and Faxes. Right click it and choose Print Test Page.

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