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Extracted file can't be found, takes up space

Q: Extracted file can't be found, takes up space

I downloaded a .RAR with a 4 gig .mdf and a small .mds in it, and when I extract either one with WinRAR the files are nowhere to be found, but when I check my disk space I have 4 gigs less free. I tried searching for all files with the .mdf extension, and I tried turning on "show hidden files and folders" in Folder Options, but no luck. I tried three times in a different location each time, but the files are still nowhere to be found and each time 4 more gigs disappeared.

I've tried other .RAR's and they work fine. I have XP SP2. The name of the .mdf and .mds are in Japanese, if that makes a difference, but I have the Eastern Language Pack installed. Does anyone know how I can get my disk space back?

Preferred Solution: Extracted file can't be found, takes up space

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Extracted file can't be found, takes up space

i assume you log in as the machine's administrator, so what u need to do is go to control panel, folder options, select the view tab, then uncheck the hide extensions for known file types also uncheck the hide protected operating systems files.

Then do a *.RAR search of files in folders in ur local drives which hopefully will pick it up

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I am currently running Windows Vista on a Toshiba laptop.
I organize all my files by type and then add them to folders (mp3s in Music folder, flvs in Video folder).
I had recently cleaned out a lot of my folders and then deleted them. I happened to delete my entire "videos" folder, to free up hard drive space.
When I perform a search in windows, all the of the files that were in the videos folder still show up and they are still taking up room. When I click on the files in the search function, I'm told that the videos folder does not exist and it asks me if I'd like to create the folder. If I choose to create the folder, nothing populates it and if i try to delete the file again, i get the same message.
I've taken a screenshot of the problem and attached same.
I do note that the file is listing HA as an attribute. I believe that this means that the file is in a zipped archive? I ran a search for all the .zips on my laptop and there was no "videos" zip. I also made sure that all hidden folders are showing- still no videos folder. I'm okay with losing this file, I just want it off my harddrive.
thank you for your help!

A:file cannot be read or deleted but takes up space

I see you have unlocker have you tried to delete with unlocker?
have you tried to delete in safe mode?

good luck

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I have windows XP pro. A few days ago while downloading something i accidentally shut the screen of my laptop. i got the blues screen (BSOD) and it then started dumping memory. My C drive had about 1.2 GB free. When i rebooted the machine, i had only about 150 MB free. This obviously isnt good. Can someone help me and tell me where to look for the memory dump file. I searched for *.dmp files on C and all i got were small files (under 64 K).

Can someone please advise??


A:Memory Dump file takes up a lot of disk space

I can't explain the loss but I think it would be a very good idea to post with your minidumps attached.

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Well i extracted this one file to my desktop and it had a lot of files. I extracted to desktop on accident then i deleted all the files which field up my desktop and deleted them. After i had turned off and restarted my computer they were back. Now everyday i have to delete 60+files on my desktop because they keep coming back. Anyone know how to fix this?

A:Extracted a file to desktop

I have a similar problem. There is a folder on my desktop named "Movies". I delete this folder and it just comes back. I have tried cutting and pasting it to a new directory but it just comes back to the desktop and then I have 2 folders names "Movies". I just want the folder to be permanently deleted. Any idea what I should do? Thanks

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Hi All, thanks for reading.
I have this bug type issue, when i extract files from either a .zip or .rar, every now and then when i go to delete the extracted files they appear to stay where they where, be it on the desktop usually or a specific folder, the files however have actually been sent to the bin but they still appear to remain where they were extracted too.
The only way i can make them go away is by stopping explorer in DM and restarting, then the 'ghost' files have gone from the desktop or folder.
I am totally up to date with updates, i ran all sorts of scans but nothing seems to stop this occurring from time to time which is also annoying because it doesn't happen every time !!!

Any ideas peeps

OS - Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

A:Extracted ghost file removal !!

What happens if you press F5 (Refresh) when this happens?

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I had an .avi file which was made with the camera tilted 90 deg to the left.

I realise now that Windows Movie Maker can fix this by offering to tilt any movie by 90 degs, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I extracted the jpgs (902 of them), corrected the angle, extracted the audio and tried to create a movie in WMM but couldn't sync the jpgs/audio properly.

Is there a program that can import the jpgs/audio and magically syncronize the two back into the original movie format???

Unfortunately I no longer have the original .avi file either....

A:help with turning extracted audio/jpgs back to movie file???

Give a try for Adobe Premiere Pro. All the tricks and any situation for editing is possible and can be done by this powerful software.

This is not free, but the price is worth for the project.

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Is it just me or does it take several GB, even tho the downloaded update is less than 100MB?

I've seen some ways to delete the temporary files or something afterwards, but this is really something Microsoft needs to do automatically. Why would a user need to bother with this?

A:SP1 takes a lot of space?

Hello Eyo,

The extra GB+ are the SP1 backup files in case you wanted to uninstall the SP1. Since most people do not need or want to, you could use the SP1 Disk Cleanup Tool to remove the backups and regain the HDD space the backups use. Of course, you will not be able to uninstall the SP1 afterwards though.

Hope this helps to explain why.


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I have a dilema that I hope you can help me on. I installed Windows XP Pro on my brothers old PC with his data already backed up prior to install. He has 1 hardrive with a capacity of roughly 470 GB. After i finish the install of the OS, i notice that the properties of the C: drive, the used space is already 196GB with 269GB free space as shown from the link bellow:

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

Another thing i notice that under his C:Program Files directory, he still has some of his program folders already intact e.g Gaming related folders,torrents folders ect.... which is strange because in theory they should all be gone after you do a clean install of XP allowing him to download them again. Hi my documents,pictures and music folders are empty which is what i expect.

One thing i tried to do again was trying to format the C: drive by doing format c: but i kept on getting an error saying "Format cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Format may run if this volume is dismounted first. Y/N." I enter "Y" but i get the message saying "Cannot lock eht drive. The volume is still in use".

So my question is, why has the XP taken 196GB space from my brother's hardrive which should only take 1/4 leaving 70% space available to play around with?

A:Win XP Pro Install Takes 50% HD Space?

you cant be doing a clean install. Becauyse doing a clean install involves booting from the cd and formatting the hard drive i.e wiping it.

secondly because it sounds like your installing on top of windows then you could be creating two partitions which would account for the space loss

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I want to do a backup to DVD of my Windows 10 system. Looking at the amount of space it is taking up on drive C surprised me. It says Windows 10 is 58 gb! I have had to do a reinstall of Windows 10 from a crash and the tech service guy I have freed up 32gb. It was all old Windows crap. I was wondering, with a recent install and minimal applications how it could take up so much space. If there is a way to get to the unused bloat, if any, hos do I do it? I am using an old desktop with a 75gb hard drive. I mainly use it only for viewing movies and Skype. Windows 10 runs great but I just can't imagine 58gb of space being used. Any thoughts?

A:Windows 10 Takes Up How Much Space?

Windows 10 is running in an old desktop that has a 75 GB capacity hard drive?

What's the brand name and model name and model number of that desktop?

How exactly was Windows 10 reinstalled in it?


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Whenever I download a program or game on the PC I have it takes up space on its own. For example, I downloaded Steam and then Gmod and had some space still on my PC. The next day I checked the disk space went down, and over time it got to the point where I almost ran out! I have tried defragging, dick cleaning, and even CC Cleaner, but it never cleans up space, I just have to get lucky when I roll back my PC. I thought it was the steam app but I found out that it was just from downloading things in general. This issue has caused me so many issues and I'm not sure where to find help!!!

A:PC takes up disk space.

Everything you download or do will take up some space, there are also automatic things like System Restore, Windows Updates(and other updates), and even temporary internet files that will accumulate quite quickly that happen in the background. Steam games can be huge.

How big is your hard drive and how much free space do you have? Also what version of Windows are you running.

Download something like WinDirStat and see which folders are the biggest. http://www.howtogeek.com/113012/10-best-free-tools-to-analyze-hard-drive-space-on-your-windows-pc/

You can post screenshots of the WinDirStat results.

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There's been a lot of problems with IE for many users with 100% CPU usage and it being slow. When I first got a new computer IE went extremely fast, then after a few months you get it running slow 100% CPU etc. Probably a hacker. Safari, Firefox, and other alternative browsers go fast while IE is slow. I know about fast alternative browsers which I have. I just want to know why IE goes this way.

A:Why Is Ie Sometimes Slow And Takes Up A Lot Of Space?

I dunno. It's an endless question with no real logical answer other than Microsoft likes to be deliberately obtuse. You could also ask why Microsoft makes some simple tasks so difficult to execute that the average user has to download a third party app to make things easier. I don't think we really know why they produce products in that manner but it sure keeps companies like Mozilla in business.

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Hey!!! I'm following. From the 8gb disk I've got only 200 mb free. My Office occupies 258 mb, so, I don't know where to delete space. Help me too, please!! I'm almost a log on this, I haven't been able to run messenger here.

A:windows takes up space

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Hi AllI'm back. I'm hoping someone can explain what is going on with my computer and maybe offer a solution.I use window Vista Home premium and AOL.About:Blank takes over the computer. It floods the computer with pages. The only way out is to shut down by killing the power and then restarting. The problem occurs when my daughter opens her My Space page. She doesn't need to access any other pages. Immediately upon restart I ran MalwareBytes-AntiMalware. SpyBot S&D, And Adaware. Other than a few tracking cookies, they don't find anything. I then ran SuperAntiSpyware in safe mode. It didn't find anything either. Avast doesn't find anything.The computer works fine after restarting until she opens her My Space again. My solution is to stop using My Space. Apparently that isn't an option for a 16 yr old.After the one attack I posted here. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/189368/got-hit-with-aboutblank/ It has happend once more since then. Scans found nothing and the computer works fine.So what's going on? How can About:Blank flood my computer with pages to the point that I have to kill the power and yet there is nothing showing as an infection on my computer? And the bigger question, is there anyway around this?Also, I had been using firefox (not because of this problem) but had problems with it and had to uninstall. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/188283/firefox-stops-responding/ThanksMike

A:About:Blank takes over My Space page

Hello Mike.Let's run a few tests and see what we can find.Disable Realtime ProtectionAntimalware programs can interfere with the tools we need to run. Please disable all realtime protections you have enabled. Refer to this page, if you are unsure how.Reset Hosts FileSome infections will put malicious lines into your hosts files. We will reset your hosts file with HostsXpert.Please down load HostsXpert.zip to your desktop and unzip the contents.A folder named HostsXpert will be created. Open it and run HostsXpert.exe by double clicking it.Click on the botton Make Writeable? .Click Restore Microsoft's Hosts File.Close out of the window.If you have added modifications to your hosts file, they will need to be re-addedDownload and Run SmitFruadFix ScanPlease download SmitFraudFix by S!Ri to your desktop.Double click the icon to run it.Select Option 1 by typing 1 and hitting Enter.When the scan is complete, a log file will appear. Please copy the contents of the log into your next post.Install MVSP Hosts FileThis custom hosts file blocks out the domains of many malicious websites.Please install the hosts file refering to the directions given here.With Regards,The Panda

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I recently Looked at my hard drive to figure out how to free up some space on it. So I was looking at System Information, and I saw that my hard drive has give 380GB to pagefile.sys.


A:My PageFile Says that it takes up 380GB of space

Set the pagefile size to AUTOMATIC and reboot afterwards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clbMLs9YFXY

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i upgraded from xp to windows7 pro 32bit and upon upgrading i noticed that it now takes twice the amount of space it did as from xp. was it on my end for not doing a clean install for it? if not then can you please inform me(anyone) thank you.

A:the amount of disc space w7 takes up

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would someone please tell me how I can find out what is taking up so much space on my hard drive?

I have looked. I don't think I have any videos on it. (I make little music videos. so maybe this is the answer. I just dont know where they are on my C drive. I transfer everything over to my F drive. and then delete them off the C drive, but maybe they don't actually delete??)

really looking for ideas here. I don't have ton of programs. sony vegas, itunes, Reaper.

9 GB of music.

really just don't know whats taking up all the space.

any help greatly appreciated. thanks, Chas

A:what takes up 200 GB of space on my hard drive?

These will show you whats being used by what,

WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics

TreeSize Free - Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

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I would like to try Windows 8 Pro on my PC, I've currently installed Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) with SP1 on my PC which takes about 7.8 gigs of disk space. So, my question is that how much disk space does a normal clean installation of Windows 8 Pro (32-bit) takes?

A:How much disk space does a Win 8 Pro 32-bit install takes?

This read will get you in the ballpark. Those giving space recommendations typically deal with space for "just" win8--not mentioning pro specifically.

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Hello all:
I was going through cleaning out my external hard drives and discovered a hidden file called $RECYCLE.BIN that was taking up a few gigs that I really need back. I asked my tech-savvy boyfriend about it and he said that something was corrupted and that I essentially needed to reformat the hard drive. The attached pic shows the structure of the file. Buried deep I am finding files that I've deleted not long ago (or at least thought I deleted). I've run into this before and deleted the contents of the file, but it nearly rendered my hard drive unusable. So is there any way to fix this? Before, I just deleted the contents of $RECYCLE.BIN, but I'm thinking if I just delete the actual files that I thought I had deleted (for example, a VIDEO_TS file) that I may just get away with it. Any thoughts, suggestions or help is very much appreciated!

See attached file!

A:$RECYCLE.BIN Takes Up Loads Of Space! Help!

Hello siouxdax. You can set the size of the Recyclebin on that drive, and a few other attributes:

Recycle Bin storage size - Vista Forums

1) On the desktop, right-click Recycle Bin, and then click Properties.

2) Under Recycle Bin Location, click the location of the Recycle Bin you want to change (the drive with the issue).

3) Click Custom size, and then, in the Maximum size (MB) box, enter a maximum storage size (in megabytes) for the Recycle Bin.

4) Click OK.

This will limit the size of the recycle bin and you can recover that extra space. A Guy

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Hi all,

So I've been having disk space issues lately on my windows XP machine. After downloading TreeSize, I found that ~67 GB of my ~80 GB hard drive are taken up by Windows Installer Files. These are mostly .msp files (in total, there are 11,657 files taking up 66.7 of the 67 GB).

I've read around and read various things about these files, but I wanted to come here to get some confirmation about how to remove these files (if I can remove these files). It seems like a lot of them are duplicates, I'm looking for a good quick clean way to get rid of the dups, or just a nice simple way to decrease the size of this folder in general without destorying my computer. I see no reason that these files should take up 67 GB.

Specs below.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2400 @ 1.83GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 14 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1022 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon X1300, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 81564 MB, Free - 485 MB; D: Total - 27156 MB, Free - 17812 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0XD720
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Windows installer takes up ~85% of disk space


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My sisters hard drive is only 60 gb and says there is only 2 gb remaining. I ran winderstat and it showed that the windows folder was over 50 gb. The only thing I could think of is to put in a larger hard drive.

A:Can I reduce the the amount of space windows xp takes up

you can go into your control panel - add remove programs and uninstall any programs you do not need. You can delete temporary files from your browser, you can use a program such as ccleaner to get rid of temporary files from other folders on your computer. generally speaking xp should only take 5-10 gigs of space. You have a whole lot of other stuff on your computer. If you have a lot of pictures and videos, you need to move them to a cd/dvd or get an external usb drive to store them on.

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Hello All, I have a virus that is taking up all hard drive space.  My page file and hiberfil are gigantic TonyEdit: Moved topic from Windows 7 to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:A virus that takes up all hard drive space

I'm new  where would that be?

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Hi , just had to use a file undelete program to get back some work I erased by accident and noticed there is a hell of alot of other stuff on there too.Do these files take up Hard drive space ? and if so is there a way of cleaning this junk up permanently so as to save space ?

A:Solved: Deleted files , takes up space ?

no dont worry the files won't take up any space,once you have run a scan with whatever program you used, you can chose which ones to recover.

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My problem is that the majority of my hard drive is filled with the Temp folder. My computer has begun to run slowly, so I thought cleaning it up a bit might help. I'm not tech savy what so ever, so I came here to ask for your advice. To begin with, here are some numbers:

Size of my C: drive: 287 GB
Size of my Temp folder: 121 GB (7581 files)

This means that the Temp folder alone takes up 42 % of the drive!

Address to the Temp folder: C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Local\Temp

So my questions are:
1. Can I safely empty the Temp folder? If I do, will the computer alert me if important files are about to disappear? Are there even any important files in the Temp folder?
2. Would a help program like CCleaner be of help in the clean up process, or is it uncessessary? Is deleting the files so straight forward that I don't need an extra program to help me?
3. The largest files in the Temp folder all begin with the letters "fla", for example fla2C91.tmp. I read some where that they are some kind of copies of files played with VLC Media player. Is this true? And if it is, I assume I can delete them with ease. These "fla" files take up in total almost 11 GB, so deleting them would help.

Thanks for your advice!

P.S. If it helps, my OS is Vista Home Premium 32-bit.

A:Temp folder takes up 42% of computer space

Download the free ccleaner. Use it to remove alll the crap from your computer. It will free up a lot of space. In addition, use it once a month to stay problem free.
In addition download the free mawaarebytes to make a malware scan and make a full scan with your anti virus. You should be problem free,

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Hello ALL,
Im wondering how to fix this problem of mine
I have a virus that is taking up all my space in my hard drive(only local disk(C:)).
Every time I open my laptop my hard drive space keeps shrinking... is there anything that i can do to fix this?
Pls HELP...... im new here btw.

A:Virus that takes up all hard drive space

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Hello ALL,
Im wondering how to fix this problem of mineI have a virus that is taking up all my space in my hard drive(only local disk(C:)).
Every time I open my laptop my hard drive space keeps shrinking... is there anything that i can do to fix this?
Pls HELP.....

A:Virus that takes up all hard drive space

Are you sure it's a virus?
Could be windows update is downloading in the background.
The update for Windows 8.1 from 8 is about 2 or 3 GigaBytes
It won't hurt to run a virus scan in safe mode though.
Getting to safe mode in Windows 8 is a bit convoluted but here's the procedure;
Settings >
Change PC Settings >
Change Advanced start-up options >
Restart now >
Troubleshoot >
Advanced options >
Start-up Settings >
Restart >
Choose option 4: Enable Safe Mode
Run your virus scan

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For some reason, the free space on my hard disk drive has been decreasing from 200/222GB down to a measly 50/222GB.

So I want to find out which folder has been responsible for this but Windows itself won't let me so I'm trying to get an outside program.

When I installed Ubuntu, it had a program in it that let me see the sizes of my folders on my hard disk. It was a really useful one so if someone can remind me what it is, that would be great

I tried this program called moleskin directory but it was only for a trial period of 10-30 days or so and I've used it all up.

So if anyone can suggest to me that program on ubuntu or another outside program that I can install which will let me view the various sizes of folders on my hard disk?

A:How can I find out which folder takes up the most space in my hard disk?

This free program (Sequoia View): http://w3.win.tue.nl/nl/onderzoek/on.../sequoiaview//
Or this one (WinDirStat): http://windirstat.info/

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I recently tried to install the Windows XP Service Pack 3 from Download details: Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers, which is where an error message directed me after I tried to reinstall a program that had quit working recently and told me that Win Xp SP3 or newer was required. The website said that "a smaller, more appropriate download is now available on Windows Update" if I was only updating one computer, but it was where Windows sent me and I didn't trust myself to try to figure out which smaller pieces I ought to get. (Whoops?)

Anyway, I downloaded the service pack, which was nearly half my remaining hard drive space at 300 megabytes, and tried to run it, but it said that there was insufficient space on my drive to extract the files. I can't really free up much space until I get my external hard drive working (I plan to post a different thread about that elsewhere on this site) so I deleted the service pack... but I didn't get the space back. The hard drive space didn't free up even after I emptied my recycle bin and restarted the computer. So now I have just over 300 megabytes left, not enough room to extract the service pack's files or even to download the service pack itself again, but the silly thing isn't there anymore, the space is just swallowed up by nothing. Did deleting it somehow just make it invisible? Do Service Packs somehow chisel themselves into hard drives in such ... Read more

A:Windows XP Service Pack 3 takes up space after deletion

Hi Bad,

Just a thought: You did remember to dump the Recycle Bin? If not it's still exactly where it was before just marked that it belongs to the Recycle Bin.

Good Luck, Jim

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Hello, my Windows folder takes 180giga of disk space! I have weird files (called "y" ...) that ALWAYS grow up whenever I delete something these weird files grow up.... I tried everything I could to delete them and I can't! They're hidden +h and system +s ... Please I need help is this a virus? What is this ? How can I stop these files from growing and how can I delete them?


I already run malwarebytes anti malware and superantimalwares ....

Help appreciated thanks in advance

A:My Windows folder takes 180giga in disk space!

Fill out your system specs at the lower left of your posts so we know what you have under the hood.

Do you use Avast anti-virus?

Download and run Tree Size Free to see what's using space.

TreeSize Free - Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

vssadmin list shadowstorage

Run the above command at a command prompt to find out how much space is being used by System Restore.

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I've been reading around for something similar, pretty unsuccessfully, so here goes. I hope it will make sense and that someone can advice me on what to do.

My Dell laptop has 20GB space on C drive. I've been keeping all my photography, music, films etc on the external drive so the only things here are programs and a few general folders. Those, as I add up space checking one after the other, take up a lot less space than 20GB and I 've by now removed everything unnecassary. And my disk keep warning me I have no more space left as there appears to be 19,5GB taken. Main annoyment is it does not let me use photoshop as dick is too full.

I've ran out of ideas where files could be hidden/what takes up space.

Any ideas? (I've done the defragmentation and have a stong anti virus protection if that could be the reason).

Thank you lovely people for your help in advance!

A:Disk appears full, but can't figure out what takes the space.

Hello and welcome to the forum.


Originally Posted by spelita

have a stong anti virus protection

Please elaborate .....
AVG Free 8.5 by any chance?
In a Windows Explorer window, go to Tools > Options > View
and choose to ....
Show hidden files and folders
Show system files and folders
Show file extensions

Then do another search for the culprit that is taking up all your space.

Please make a point of checking
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\avg8
if you happen to be using AVG.

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TL;DR Why is my C drive showing, after a clean install, that I have used over 180gb of space?


Every 6-8 months my system becomes slow, quirky, things stop working or it lazily boots up so I reinstall Windows 7. I have come to enjoy the process as it keeps me honest, running a neat, easily backed up system with a quick install and at the end of it I get what feels like a new computer. I keep a Google Doc with links to my important programs and the software keys. I transfer my music and pics off the laptop regularly so it rarely has more than a few gigs of these on board so the process has become rather painless. For this latest install I put the Chrome and TrendMicro installers on a thumbdrive so I could install each without needing to go online except, once installed, to activate.

I digress...

This time around I was thinking of setting up a dual boot with Ubuntu 10.10. So, as I'm checking out my disk deciding on partition sizes I see that I have, with a brand new, utterly clean install, used up 183gb of my hard drive.

How is this possible?

I was under the impression Win7 needed 20GB for install, and as I run light in terms of programs, iTunes, Word, Excel, Trend Micro, Chrome, DropBox, Sketchup, Skype and various drivers for peripherals I could get away with a 35GB partition for Win7. But 183GB doesn’t seem right.

What am I missing?


P.S. While I have you, and I do plan on posting this in a more appropriate place, I have a question. The... Read more

A:Windows 7 after clean install takes up 183gb of space? Whaaaa?

I dont know why 7 is taking up so much space. Perhaps you're not formatting the boot drive 100% before installing the new version.

One thing I can advise is that you get a good imaging program such as Acronis True Image Complete hard disk recovery solution, backup, drive copy, clone and image computer software.
It allows you to make an exact mirror image of your hard drive so you will no longer have to constantly re-install windows every 6 to 8 months, that's just ridiculous to be re-installing windows so often.

I'd imagine you know it can take weeks or more to get all your programs re installed and your settings back the way you prefer them.
You will need an external hard drive to store the backups ...although you can use a CD/DVD writer to hold the images, an external drive is much faster and much easier and not a lot of $$$.

I use Acronis to make backups to a USB-2 external drive about once a month.
If there's a massive meltdown or serious slow down/problem.. or worse, A Hard Drive Failure... you can be back up and running in a matter minutes...Exactly as it was at the time you made your last image.

I don't think anybody here that has properly used an imaging program will disagree with what I've posted...It's a life saver.

Theres a free imaging program called Backula Bacula, the Open Source, Enterprise ready, Network Backup Tool for Linux, Unix, and Windows
I've never used it but I've heard great reviews about it.

Do yourself a favor and look into imaging your har... Read more

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When I open up my computer. The flashlight animation runs for 10-30 seconds before it actually shows my drives. The Automatically search for network folders and printers option is already unchecked. How do I fix this?

A:My Computer takes while to be found

When this has happened on my systems...it usually/always was a problem with one of the drives...loose connection, drive going bad, etc.

I'd take a look in Event Viewer for any errors (not warnings, not information) referring to input/output errors or IDE0, 1, etc...or indicating disk problems.

How To Use Event Viewer - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic40108.html


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My solid state drive is half full of with and unknown CAB file (see attached WinDirStat report. I'm running out of space. I've disabled imaging and everything else that I can find to disable and have all data on my D drive which is setup with 2 drives 1 TB each for a total storage space of 1 TB. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! The attached screen shot from yesterday has the file size at 66.3 and today it is at 67.5. Looks like computer cancer.

Thanks so much for considering this.

A:running out of hard drive space. 67.5GB unknown CAB file wasted space

Hello and welcome to the forums, jjvvbb!

Your attachment(s) aren't visible to us.

Please reattach your WinDirStat report properly using this following guide:-

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

Alternatively, you could also generate a screenshot of your WinDirStat window and upload it for our perusal using this guide:-


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I'd like to run a batch file to check hard drive space on an XP computer, and if there is enough space available, then run some commands to create a directory to copy the files from remote server.

Read a text file with all the server ips
Run as service account
Verify that there is enough space on C:
Create a Install directory on remote server
Then copy the file from my computer remote server.

Can anybody please help me!!!

A:batch file to check hard drive space on an XP computer, and if there is enough space

I found this code on "SpiceWorks.com'.

I have not tested. I have not test (just to be clear). It's set up to determine % of free space (on a text file listing of servers) but could be modified to do what you want.

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This may well be a dumb question but my google-fu has not been able to solve it so far, so here goes...

I've had a 250GB external USB HDD (Acomdata, real size ~232GB) for quite some time that was used on both a system with XP and a Macbook, which I no longer have. It was originally formatted as FAT32.

I decided that before bringing it "back into commission" for backup purposes, I'd run Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) to do a secure format outside of Windows. Problem is that DBAN doesn't like my laptop (non Mac) and the Linux kernel kept "panicing". Windows didn't recognize the drive after the botched format (I thought it killed the drive, but alas, I just had to go inside disk manager and create the RAW partition)

Vista doesn't like to format drives bigger than 32GB as FAT32, so I did a NTFS format (full, not with "quick" checked) with default cluster size. It worked but I see that there is now 96.8MB of used space and something like 14 files that I can't see (drive, properties). I have hidden files/folders, system folders all set to let me view them, and all I see is a $RECYCLEBIN and a System Volume Information folder. CHKDISK with all options shows no errors in log.

I used Heidi Eraser on both current files and free space and it still left 96.8MB as used.

Is this something to do with the NTFS formatting of the drive, or is there some sort of bigger problem? With indexing turned off, I would have thought it ... Read more

A:Full format of 232GB external USB HDD in Vista takes ~100MB of space?

Vista and 7 make that System Reserved Partition, always 100 MB (~96.8 MiB) to any new partition, here's a link to instructions of removing it.. http://www.mydigitallife.info/2009/...reserved-partition-when-installing-windows-7/
Haven't tried it personally, as I don't care about 100 MB... (only have 750 GB and 1 TB drives)

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 I have a computer that has their "c: drive" almost full (221 gb drive). Every time it boots a message comes up saying "Windows created a temporary paging file on your computer because of a problem that occurred with your paging file configuration when you started your computer. The total paging file size for all disk drives may be somewhat larger than the size you specified." So first I tried adjusting the Virtual Memory BUT, I only have a drive C and a previous drive that is no longer there. So I am not for sure what drive to set my virtual memory to because there is not enough space on C drive with it being almost completely full and the one drive is non-existent. I am sure its a easy fix and im missing a step but i appreciate the help guys   Thanks!

A:Low Disk Space "Temporary File Space Error"

I would type Run in the search box. Start it and then in the Run box type %temp%. This will open up the temp folder for the current user. These files are safe to delete. Log in to every other user and use the same command. Once those are deleted, use Ccleaner to clear all the browser cache then set the Paging file to 1.5 times the RAM on the system.

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System Windows 2000 Pro. 80 gig Maxtor HDD, 120 gig WD HDD, CD-ROM, CD-RW.

Whenever I change the place of an already recognized drive on the IDE cable, be it the Primary or Secondary Channel, Windows 2000 has to search for that drive.

It finally finds it, but takes a full 15 seconds to go through the "searching for IDE devices."

In checking the BIOS (selecting "pause" as soon as the system comes on), I see that it has recognized the drive in its new position, immediately. But once into POST, it's like it has no clue where the drives are.

I've tried pulling the power, disconnecting the IDE cables to the drives on each channel, but that didn't help.

I tried reloading the cmos with fail safe defaults and
doing as above, but still no luck.

I tried the above, disconnected all AC power (pulled the plug), waited, re-powered, and booted, but the same thing.

I've tried uninstall the drives by the Control Panel. Then letting Windows find and install them. Still no good.

Although the BIOS standard setting or optimal or my tweaked,
finds the changed drive immediately (using "auto"), there
is something happening when the system goes into full
POST, that it can no longer find the drives.

I know that W2k & XP retain the location of the drives as they were originally found when the system started. But the "Searching for IDE devices" appears before the "starting windows" screen.

I even tried clearing t... Read more

A:ATAPI Devices takes 15 sec. search to be found.

You might certainly want to look for an updated BIOS.

Recently, I had a problem similar to yours with a new drive, but it was more like 5 minutes for detection and sometimes it failed altogether.

Changing the settings in BIOS from Auto to User and manually entering the drive's parameters speeded things up since autodetection and configuration were no longer needed, but updating the BIOS finally got it back to its old boot speed.

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Hello all,

Lately my computer start and re-boots very slow. And now it also asked which windows to start, I only installed W7 so why asking?
Also now, it doesn't recognize all the hard drives which are installed, on which the data is stored and also the my documents folders.
Could someone help my out?

Greetings K. Kroese

A:Computer re-boot takes 4 minutes and not all disks found

I have my computer vacuum cleaned and started it up again. Disks are all back so I think i have a bad hard disk. How can I best check the disks for status?

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My hard drive shows that 223 GB is being used on it. I did a manual tally of all folders on the hard drive and only came up with 77.5 GB. Nothing that I can find could or should take up that much space. I even ran a backup utility to take a total of the full disk to be backed up and it confirms 77.5.

What could possibly be using up all that extra space?

A:Used space 3 times greater than file space

Hi. . .

To see space usage by folder, download, install and run Treesize Free -


Regards. . .



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I want to write a batch file to add the numbers. The inputs are in the text file. I need to add all the numbers in the text file that are in consequent lines. Please help me in doing that by giving an example.

Menaka B

A:Batch file that takes input from text file

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We're using a WINDOWS NT server and Excel files that are linked only by firing macros to pull in data from one file to another. All Excel files are located in one shared network folder. With permissions set on the folder to prevent accidental deleting of the files, there seems to be a problem with the temp file creation. The temp file 'boots out' the original file (error message says cannot save the original file). Coding in the Excel file prevents Save As anyway to keep the macro formulas correct. Is this a glitch in WINDOWS NT or in Excel? I can set the permissions to allow all users to have 'write' privileges, and this seems to solve the problem of the ghost temp files taking over. But then I run the risk that a user will delete a file. Is this really an "all or nothing" choice or is there something else I can do?

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Hello,  I have just discovered a new MALICIOUS FILE IN MY LIBRARY DOCUMENTS.  This file named (1) Kathie Cargill- Barber contains several  (about 30) malicious virus's.  I did NOT CREATE THIS FILE !!!!!!!  It is dated 4-154-17
all at 10:42 am.   How do I delete this file????? Please help.... I am going thru a bad divorce and my husband's boyfriend is a computer software Engineer.... I believe he put this file on my computer..... PLEASE HELP!!!! I am 59 yeras old and not
very good on the computer.....My name is Kathie

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How do I control how much disk space my Windows Backup takes up? I have a 1TB external disk for backups and other files. My computer's HDD only has about 250GB capacity. I don't know why my backups file got so bloated. What should I do?

I see that I can delete the older backup file: 22-Oct to 11-Nov. But read the text.
""Deleting previous backups will free up space on your backup location."
So far so good.

Then it continues, "All files backed up during the selected period will be deleted."

I'm pretty sure the text is just badly written. I guess that means the backup-files (on the backup drive) will be deleted. They couldn't mean that the original files (on my data drive) will be deleted. That sure is a scary possibility though. How do you understand this?

System: Windows 7 Enterprise

ScreenCap below


A:Backup takes 800GB? Manage Windows Backup Disk Space

Yes, it is perhaps, badly written, but true. All files in the backup period from 22-Oct. to 11-Nov. will be deleted. Not to worry, though, because those same files are backed up in a later backup period from 11-Nov. to ? It is safe to delete older backup periods.

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For a long time I was wondering why I had so little space on my hard drive when I had hardly used it. Finally, today I ran SpaceSniffer and found that there was some 58gb of unknown space that it couldn't identify. So then I used TreeSize to find where all that space was and it showed me a txt file called "Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile Setup_20120621_230001924-MSI_netfx_Core_x64.msi.txt" that was about 60gb in size! Does anyone know what this file is for and why it's so large? Can I just delete it? It's in my Windows temp folder and I don't think I would have found it unless I had used TreeSize as admin because I searched for large files before and never came up with anything. Please help. Thank you.

A:Missing Space Found

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Hi there, my friend has a 4GB USB. When ever he plugged it into any computer, he sees an invisible space occupied in default. We tried formatting, but it didn't help us. About 10MB or so is seen always occupied although there are no hidden files in that USB.

Can anyone tell me the problem? Is it corrupted? Or instead of fixing it, should he just throw it away and just buy a new one?

Please help us, answers needed.

A:Invisible Space found in USB

it will just be the memory of the drive that basically tells windows what it is. think of it as a mini bios. windows does the same theres always like 100mb of unallocated space on a 1tb hard drive.

10mb from 4gb is like 0.25% of the total storage.. not exactly a lot lol

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I used 7zip to open up a .gz zipped/archived file. It seems like 7zip extracts and downloads the files to open it? Is that correct? If so, where are the files located? Or is it just stored somewhere temporarily and then deleted after?

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i don't know where 30gb of my harddrive are. the properties display says that there are 60gb in use. if i check all the folders (including hidden and system files) it says that there are just 30 gb used.

man that's hard to explain that's why i appended a screen shot.

can anyone tell me why that is or how i can fix that? that computer is not even a week old. unfortunately i didnt pay any attention to the hard drive space when i first got it. its a lenovo thinkpad t61

ps: i already scanned the computer for viruses, defragmented it, used the disk cleanup function and checked the backup functions (both lenovo's and microsoft's programs) also i used the 'where'd my space go' program

pss: the reason i put it in the vista category is that the computer of a friend (who uses vista) has the same problem (19 gb actually in use, but 50 are displayed)

A:Solved: 30GB space cannot be found

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