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Yoga 730, drawing tablet/graphics drawing tab used as external monitor.

Q: Yoga 730, drawing tablet/graphics drawing tab used as external monitor.

Hi Lenovo community, I just got a drawing tablet. It's a HUION Kamvas (like a Wacom Cintiq). It connects via USB for tablet functionality (perhaps the Kamvas output) and HDMI cable for the graphics screen function to turn on. I can't get the tablet to project the Yoga laptop screen or get a dual screen. In the settings under "display", I couldn't get the tablet to connect via Bluetooth, or in any other discoverable way. I can't fix this through the HUION driver settings or reinstalling it. I've called LENOVO customer support and they said in order for my tablet to work, it needs to be an external monitor. I think the tablet is an external monitor through an HDMI connection. The tablet buttons and pen work alright because of the USB connection, but I bought this for the 'drawing on the tablet screen experience". The pen that I have for the Yoga is alright for quick sketches and notes, but I need the buttons and HUION drawing functionality. All I need to know is if there is a way to get the HDMI to project onto my tablet. Any advice would be helpful since I've out exercised my creative tech support juices! If it's all for not, then oh well, I'll just try another tablet. Thanks!

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Preferred Solution: Yoga 730, drawing tablet/graphics drawing tab used as external monitor.

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hello Guys,

I'm really conflicted here. and I can't seem to find any answers anywhere....

I don't know whether I should buy an official drawing tablet...or if I should buy this one Android tablet that I've wanted for a long time and just draw on that.

I'm thinking about the Samsung Galaxy Note . And it has some good drawing apps on it and the S pen would be nice... I just wanted to know if anyone else had experience with doing this, and if so, how do you like it?

Of course, I wouldn't use the Samsung tablet just for drawing...but I don't know if I'm willing to buy an actual drawing tablet...I don't know if I'm dedicated enough.

I heard that XP-Pen Deco Pro Drawing Tablet supports connection with Android 6.0 and above devices . Does anybody have experience with it .


Just...what do you think?

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Anyone used one of these before?

I hear their great, and id like to get one for illustration and logos.

Anyone here have expirience with them?


A:Wacom Drawing Tablet

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I am looking for a program, preferably freeware, that is similar to Painter Classic. I used to use that program, but flaws in the program have rendered it unusable. Support for pressure sensitivity and the 'eraser' on the stylus would be ideal.


A:Best software for drawing using tablet?

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Alright, so i have this drawing tablet and i dont know what happened but when i plug the coard into the side of the tablet, it doesnt work. I've had the tablet for about a year and i dont know what to do, it looks something inside the tablet but i dont have the technological knowledge to know what im doing with out making things worse. Anyone know how to fix this?

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I have a fifteen inch XP-Pen Artist 15.6 ( I buy it from https://www.amazon.co.uk/Artist15-6-1920x1080-Graphics-Drawing-Battery-free/dp/B0785682VP ). I want to use it for drawing (love to draw people, nature, animals and sometimes abstract), graphic design and editing photos. I do want to have accuracy. I've read that small would be good because it all depends on the screen size in comparison to the actual tablet, but I've also read that you can get more accuracy with a slightly larger tablet. such as XP-Pen Artist22E ( https://www.amazon.co.uk/Artist22E-Graphic-Interactive-Shortcut-Adjustable/dp/B01M28DHOA )I don't mind moving my hand a bit for accuracy. I've called best buy and all they say I cannot test the tablet, but I can buy it and return it if its not to my liking.

I'd really like to test it out however to choose. I've used small tablets before and recall having to do some zooming in for nice detail on the 15 inch. I no longer have one and would like to find the best fit. I guess I could be leaning toward either whatever is truly the best fit for me. I want to create beautiful works of art and to eventually do it professionally.

Let me know what you think is the best solution in this case. Thank you so much!

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So im kinda in drawing but with mouse its hard . I would liek to use tablet . My tablet is Lenovo B8080 -H.
I would like to controll my pc so if i touch tablets screen it will do as clicking on mouse .
Teamviewer doesnt work because if you slide it moves the screen not draws. Vnc too same thing .
I cant find any software that does something like that . If you have anything to help me pleas post.
My pc is win7 and my tablets android version is 4.4.2.

A:Using android tablet as drawing tool .

You can't use an Android table as an input device.
You need to search for a graphics tablet.
Something like this

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does anyone know what's the best site to get replacement pens for a UC-Logic WP8060 tablet? I began noticing a crack in a pen I'm currently using.

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Hello everybody, first of all i'm new in this forum and this is my first post and my english is not the best

I recently installed Vista ultimate x64 (previously i used xp sp2 ) because i upgraded to 4gb of ram and xp doesn't recognize more than 3gb of ram.

I'm a digital artist and i heavily use graphic tablet ( Genius MousePen 8x6 ) for drawing in Photoshop CS3. I found x64 drivers for the tablet and i installed them and everything appeared to be ok.

But when i draw for example a simple line, there is a delay to appear the line on screen. I mean delay in miliseconds, but is very annoying and it makes difficult to draw.

In XP this was not happens, the line appeared in real time.

I noticed when i plug the tablet that there is an annoying window called "Tablet PC Input Panel", this could be the problem ? If yes how do i disable it ?

Or perhaps a hardware problem ? my cpu is Core 2 Quad q6600.

Thanx in advance!

A:Problem when drawing with graphic tablet...

Hi neboor!

This is a tough one indeed. However I'd like to present to you the tech support number for the makers of this product. Hopefully they can give you a solution and you can post it here!

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.EST
website is GeniusEshop.com


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Hello there

I've recently ran into a really annoying and to me, worrying, situation in which plugging in my drawing tablet to the front USB sockets manages to freeze my PC. Right as I plug it in there's just no response whatsoever. I haven't had that issue before with the same tablet and as far as I know there weren't any driver updates to it (pretty sure I'd have to do that manually anyways). My PC specs are posted below, the tablet is a Huion H420. I thought the issue was with one specific USB port, as they have in the past sometimes (quite randomly I've felt) gotten "overloaded" or something like that, but trying others I just got the same issue and the crashes require hard resets, which I believe I've seen aren't good for the hardware's health, so I'd really like to resolve the issue. I'll gladly provide any info that's needed.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 21 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 6
RAM: 8092 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 931 GB (413 GB Free);
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., M5A97 R2.0
Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

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Ok, I'll try to keep this fairly short and understandable...

So I got a new computer thrown together, and upgrade from my last one, and everything has been working fairly well. Ran into a few problems here and there, as there can be with computers built from scratch, but there is this one thing that isn't making any sense to me.

I've been busy re-installing all of the programs that I like to use, like Photoshop CS2, and I am trying to install my Hanvon 5*6 drawing tablet.

Now, I thought everything would be fine and dandy, seeing as all my other USB ports were working just fine, considering that I was able to transfer files from a flash drive and portable hard drive, but when I plugged in my tablet, an annoying bubble keeps popping up over and over and over again saying that the "USB Device is not Recognized" and all this nonsense about the device has malfunctioned.

I know well that my tablet is working just fine, because I plugged it into my brother's computer and it found the tablet like it should and installed it and worked just fine after installing the drivers.... So, why should my computer not recognize the tablet ether?

In short, my computer refuses to recognize my tablet, but it can use other things, like portable hard drives, flash drives, and my keyboard, just fine without complaining, (Note that my tablet fine works on other computers) and I have the tablet drivers installed and everything.

Anyone have a solution to this problem... Read more

A:Computer not recognizing Drawing Tablet

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HELP! I have a really old tablet and a really new computer, and they aren't playing well together. I have a Windows 10 HP desktop computer and a Wacom GD-0912-R tablet with a Serial D9 to USB adapter I bought from Amazon. Everything seemed to be plugging in alright and the little light on the top of the tablet is on, but it won't work. It responds to the pen touching it, but nothing happens onscreen. The newest driver I can find is for Windows 7. Is there a trick to get it to work? PLEASE HELP!

A:Help! Windows 10 trouble with a reeeally old drawing tablet!

I think your out of luck on this one. That device was brought to market in 1998 (18yrs ago). There are no drivers for windows 10 and this device. The device is nolonger supported, which means no one will be creating a new device driver. Sorry time to recycle.

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Hi there,

I'm not sure if this is a hardware problem or not.
A friend of mine just got a new drawing tablet to replace her old one and she's having a problem now where if she opens a program to work with the tablet, for example Photoshop, the laptop will register the tablet as a mouse. Also Photoshop will sometimes crash on initializing. She has tried other art programs and the tablet is still acting as a mouse in those, so the Photoshop crash issue might not be related.

Sometimes the laptop will recognize the tablet properly, sometimes it won't. She tried reinstalling the tablet's drivers and it worked for a day or two and then started acting funny again. Even after a reboot or two.

Here's all the information I have:

She's using the tablet in the same usb port as the old one, she believes.
The new tablet is a Intuos 2 graphics tablet.
The old tablet I believe was also a Wacom much like the new one. (she still has the old one btw)
She's using a bamboo create pen on the new tablet.
She hasn't tried cleaning her registry yet.
She hasn't tried using the tablet in a different usb port.
Her laptop is an Acer Aspire AS7741Z-4815
All USB ports are reporting to be up to date and functioning fine.
We're thinking it's either the new tablet itself or the usb port it's in. I'm thinking it's not a physical connection issue because the laptop doesn't display a new connection message when the tablet starts ... Read more

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My friend went hunting in the vast savana of my emachines em350 he removed a lot of viruses and my tablet connected once more. But now it doesn't seem to connect anymore. Help please:(
(it's running windows 7 starter)

A:Drawing Tablet wont connect, Is this my drivers or a virus?

It connects via usb and the ports are perfectly fine.

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I have literally tried every single thing I can think of. I've had two computer technicians try different things, I've contacted Monoprice support, and nothing is working.

I recently (within the last week) bought a Monoprice MP1060-HA60 (PID 6814) graphics drawing tablet. The pressure sensitivity works but after an undetermined amount of time (can be anywhere from a few seconds to 10 minutes) the tablet stops controlling the mouse. The light on the tablet still lights up when the pen makes contact. I'm wondering if anyone else in the community has had this issue and found something that works?

I've tried the following:
- Installing the drivers from the CD. Uninstalled and reinstalled several times.
- Installing the drivers from the website. Uninstalled and reinstalled several times. There are two versions.

- Installing the Legacy drivers from the UC-Logic website (this worked for a few seconds before causing the tablet to freeze.) Uninstalled and reinstalled several times.
- Installing Photoshop CC 32-bit (since I run a 64-bit system.) Nope.
- Installed an older version of Photoshop (CS6). Works for a few minutes before stopping.

- Tried running Photoshop 64-bit and 32-bit both in compatibility mode with the tablet. Nope.
- Tried messing with all of the settings, nope.
- If I go into Brush Preferences > Shape Dynamics, there is an exclamation mark by the "pressure sensitivity" setting saying that Photoshop needs a pressure-sensitive tab... Read more

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I just this morning installed my drawing tablet on this computer and I got this error about 5 minutes into using it. That's the short story.

The long story, however, is that this is my 13th BSOD since I installed a new HD into this laptop and reinstalled the version of Win7 I had. The difference is that this BSOD is the first one I've got that's not a 7A error and that's actually created a dumpfile. It's something of a revelation for me, but it doesn't appear to be at all related to the BSODs I've been suffering to date. Basically, I don't think this means that my old BSODs will suddenly be making dumpfiles for me too. I am curious whether there might be something in the attached dumpfile zip that tells me more than just the basics of what caused this particular BSOD and might help explain my others. That's for someone who know what they're looking at to determine though. For now, it would be helpful to get a solution to this specific BSOD and then I can work on the BSODs that have been bothering me until now.

Here's a link to my original thread addressing all the BSODs I've suffered previously if that info is of interest to anyone and could perhaps help here...

Various 0x0000007A Stop Errors on Newly Installed Win7 and HD

A:Drawing Tablet Driver related 0x00000C9 BSOD Error

Well, you seem to be able to create dumps after all,

Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\PTSimBus.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for PTSimBus.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for PTSimBus.sys
Probably caused by : PTSimBus.sys ( PTSimBus+1c0c )
It's your tablet driver,

Driver Reference Table - PTSimBus.sys

Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\PTSimBus.sys
Image name: PTSimBus.sys
Timestamp: Wed Jun 17 19:20:48 2009 (4A39A480)
CheckSum: 00008268
ImageSize: 0000C000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
From 2009.



So with this particular crash solved, for now just uninstall this and start working on your other thread.

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<title>Stop Error 6/23/2014 ? Probable Cause Drawing Tablet</title>
<b>Operating System</b>
<p>Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate OEM</p>
<b>Age of system</b>
<p>System Built December 2011</p>
<p>Operating reinstalled January 2013</P>
<b>Computer Hardware</b>
<a href="http://www.dhomolerdog.net/computerbuild/">My Computer Specifications</a><br>
Or view on <a href="http://pcpartpicker.com/b/rGBmP6">pcpartpicker.com</a>
<p><b>CPU:</b> AMD Phenom II X4 (MODEL: HDZ975FBGMBOX)</p>
<p><b>GPU:</b> Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 (MODEL: 01G-P3-1372-TR)</p>
<p><b>Motherboard:</b> BIOSTAR (MODEL: A870)</p>
<p><b>Power Supply:</b> CORSAIR (MODEL/SERIES/WATT: CMPSU-650TX/TX Series/650W)</p>
<p><b>Format:</b> Self Built Desktop</p>

A:[SOLVED] Stop Error 6/23/2014 Probable Cause Drawing Tablet

Another Stop Error, Repeated and documented

Documented here on youtube ((The Video is 59 minutes, the stop error occurs at 45m45s)): Stop Error Wacom Tablet - YouTube

Stop Error Dump See Attached

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Hello  i have a Yoga 900 13ISK2 and i want to know what pen will work for the Touchdisplay.For example i have a Wacom Intous Pro 5. Will that Pen work? Best RegardsChris

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Hi For some reason I cannot draw with my Pen on my new x380 yoga.I tried it when I just got it. Just to see if it worked. And it was working.But today when I wanted to use it for the first time it was not working. When I open a program for drawing, I can se that the tracking is working fine. The cursor is following the pin.But when I touch the pen to the screan and start drawing nothing happens.I cannot draw with my fingers, it shows where my fingers have be, as it dos when using it as a tablet.But it dos not draw. And it draws when I am using the mouse as "normal". It also seems that sometimes the program would just close it self, for no reason.  I have tried cleaning the screen, and installing the WinTab driver.The Lenovo Pen settings shows that the pin is at 100% battery.I have tried resetting the settings to default, but nothing happens. I am seriosly disapointet it the pen is broken before I ever got to use it.

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Hello,I bought the lenovo yoga 730 a few days ago. I installed the pen driver from support.LenovoNow i habe this problem, when ever i put the pen a little bit away from the screen,the pens sensitivity does not work for a few secondes ... It is really uncomfortable to draw like this If someone has an idea how to fix this ...i would be really thankfull

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Hello, I just bought a Lenovo yoga 520 from a local retailer yesterday. It came with the Lenovo Active Pen. I tried to draw on Paint Tool SAI at night and I would just like to ask if it is normal that the tablet screen register my pinky (since it touches the screen first before the pen tip) before the actual pen? It is a bit distruptive when i am drawing because it will create a stroke by my pinky which I do not want. This morning when I tried to draw again, the pen to have some odd behavior. If I do a quick stroke/flick and lift my pen away from the screen, the stroke will not follow through and the screen is temporarily disabled and does not respond to mouse clicks or hand touches (as if I did not lift the pen up at all.) I have to tap the screen again with my pen and the stroke will connect to where I tapped. This issue does not happen when I wear a piece of cloth on my palm or if I draw the stroke slowly and life it up slowly.So I would just like to ask:1. If I buy a Bamboo styus (which I am aware is compatible with Yoga 520,) will I be able to draw faster strokes with smoother follow through?2. Is this a normal problem faced by fellow artists too?

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I recently purchased a Yoga 910 and a Bamboo Ink pen.  I have the pen connected via Bluetooth and the top button will launch apps properly but the screen is completely unresponsive to the pen touch in all apps.  I have checked for solutions with Wacom with no luck.  I have also switched to both compatability settings in troubleshooting with the same results.  Any help is appreciated.

A:Yoga 910 not responding to drawing/touching Bamboo Pen

BTW... It does respond to touches with my finger.

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I have two staff members with different Yoga models, but with the same pen issue. Say, for instance, OneNote is open. The pen doesn't draw or write, but it can select and still be recognized. When I try using an old stylus from an HP Elitebook, it works TOTALLY fine - even the button on the pen functions properly. This suddenly started after months of the Lenovo pens working fine. I thought maybe it was a driver issue, but it can't be as the HP pen works.... I'm thinking it's the pen itself just getting worn down? It looks okay though but may be just a little loose... Any help / direction would be greatly appreciated!

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I just sold an older gaming machine that had a GeForce GTX8800, it did the job until 3D or rendering where it would become sporadic having lags. I did not realize when I was advised by the sales rep from Softplan to get a gaming system that the card would be unstable.

I have been told that the Quadro K series cards are the way to go. I am looking at the Quadro 2000 which may be slightly on the overkill side from the K600, but I do not wish to have any issues after custom building my new screaming fast machine. Am I on the right track, or are there any other considerations or advice?

My new system:
Fractal Devine R4 Silent Case
MSI Z87-G45 Gaming MBO
INTEL 4770K CPU (Standard Cooler & Fan to be Upgraded to Noctua)
16gb Crucial 1866Ghz DDR3 240pin Memory
Corsair RM450 PSU
Seagate 240GB SSD
WD 4TB Black HDD


A:Solved: Graphics Card for Architecture Design, 3D Drawing, Photoshop and Rendering?

If you do a lot of this work then you should indeed look at a Quadro card. Check the requirements or recommendations for each software package you are using, many will list what cards and what driver versions have been tested with their software.

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So, my husband bought me a Lenovo Yoga Book last year for Christmas. I like it. I think it's cool to be able to draw on the paper (which is what I do traditionally) and have it show up digitized on the screen. I was able to do a couple of cool projects sketches on it, but I haven't used it to it's full potential I believe, so I put it down for a while. Then, I started to research different drawing apps, seeing all the amazing artwork that people were creating in these different apps and stuff, and it got me excited about going back to drawing on my Yoga Book. So, I went to try to draw in ArtRage, and when I would try to draw on the Wacom tablet with my pen, nothing would show up. However, when I would draw on the screen with my finger, everything showed just fine. I tried to update it several times, I tried starting it over, I tried using a different drawing app; NOTHING. The only time the pen would work on the Wacom Tablet is in Notesaver. Even if I had ArtRage open, anything that I try to write on the tablet will only come up in Notesaver. I wasn't trying to just factory reset it right off so I called technical support to see if there was anything that they would be able to do to fix it without me having to factory reset it.So, I called tech support and they told me that I would have to pay a fee of $40 to be escalated to their software support. So I paid the $40, and within 3 MINUTES  of speaking to me, the tech tells me to just factory reset it. I was LIVID. Like, th... Read more

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I have requested information from a company that has sent it to me in a cad drawing. I have a Dell computer with Microsoft ME operating system. What do I use to open this attachment?

A:cad drawing

Hiya and welcome

Save the attachement to your hardDrive, say in My Dcuments. Then, rightclick on the file, and choose Properties. Whats the file extension?

Also, have you virus scanned the file, just to be safe?



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Q: Drawing

Hello to all.
My seven year old granddaughter has started using computers in school,And she came home yesterday as it was my day to pick her up from school.
She gave me the full story of this computer session that she has been having,Now to the point she asked me if she could use my laptop every time that she is here.She wants to do some drawing of a house for example then colour it in.
Can anyone please assist me here what sort of software would I need for her to do what she requires?
The laptop that I have is an Acer running windows 8.1.
Also been looking at something in the line of this...http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Search...rm/1715411.htm

Any help here please.
Many thanks for reading my posting.
Thank You.


I started my 7 yr old son on on bootable version of DouDou Linux. Its spefically for kids. Has lots of other educational activities too.

Benefit is it all runs off a USB, so your laptop setup is safe. I strongly recommend it.

Have a look here:
DoudouLinux - English

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I had spyware on my laptop that I recently quaratined using CA antivirus and before I did so I had removed a background images folder in my windows folder that contained images for a privacy_danger background gif, that had replaced my original background while the spyware was not quarantined. Now when I go to change my desktop background I get: Cannot find file'file:///C/:Windows/privacy_danger/index.htm'
I get the message no matter how I change it, whether its using properties or right clicking and selecting add as background from the internet. If I try using properties and adding one of the backgrounds that came with XP Home Edition also the same error message pops up.
So now I have a blank white desktop I can't change.

Anyone know how I can fix this...maybe redirect to my desktop background path so it functions as it should again.
Help, I am drawing a blank here so far.[/FONT]

30_Days_Of_Night said:

&#8220;My recipe for dealing with anger and frustration: set the kitchen timer for twenty minutes, cry, rant, and rave, and at the sound of the bell, simmer down and go about business as usual&#8221; ~ Phyllis DillerClick to expand...

A:Drawing a blank here...

This may help, at the end of the page.

"# Navigate to and delete the registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\Components\1"

I found that page at


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Saw a lecture and the guy was drawing and talking. The drawing looked like it had to be some kind of program because it was clear and occupied the entire browser screen. What program could this be?

Here's the lecture:

A:Instructional Drawing

There's a few ways to do this ....

Could be using a free online whiteboard app like Whiteboard and then record the screen or he could use "windows journal" which is part of windows ... goto "programs" accessories" "tablet PC" "windows journal" but which ever option is used he's most proberly using a digitiser pen like Discover Wacom | Interactive Pen Displays & Digital Drawing Tablets instead of the mouse which allows you to write freely like a pen on paper

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I'm having a bit of trouble getting my new drawing pad to work. The manual says that I need to open the settings and switch the monitor mapping to full monitor but that setting is not displayed when I try to switch the mapping. Please help.

A:Ugee drawing pad

Model # ?

Do you have the latest software and drivers installed?

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Does anyone know of a point on-point off kind of method in java for drawing in a JFrame. Please help!!!

A:Java drawing

What exactly do you mean by "point on-point off"?

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I want to Know how i can draw a sine wave in thw window which i create.
I thought that i can use the semicircles for drawing the sinewave
I am unaware of the syntax

HDC hdc;
case WM_PAINT:
Ellipse(hdc,100,100,415,314);//This statement helps in drawing an ellipse in the window

A:drawing a sinewave in vc++


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Hi,i'm looking for a specific drawing pad for the PC, I've looked at a few but all of them are ones were you have to look at the computers screen to see what you are doing,i want one that you are able to see what you are doing on the pad by looking at the pad,example it should be like a touchscreen phone type effect but fancy and made for drawing.I don't care about the price, as long as i can see on the pad what i'm doing and it works with windows then it will be perfect.PLEASE if anyone knows of a place where i can buy this or even an oversees place via internet please reply,or even if you have one just post were you got it...

A:Drawing Pad(urgent)

I dont think such a device exists ... at least Ive never heard of one...

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im using dreamweaver to design a website....

.....which program would be useful for making icons/logos/search boxes etc. which will be easily intergrated with dreamweaver cs4


A:best program for drawing.

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I am trying to write a simle program in MFC (MSVC++ 2003 .NET) that prints a rectangle to the dialog box. Thats all. I created a class to do this:

//------rectangle class definition---------------
class DrawRectangle : public CDialog
CRect rect;
CClientDC *pDC;
CPoint A, B, C, D;

void DrawRect();
//--------------------end class def.------------

And here is the DrawRect() function:

//-------------start function def.---------------
void DrawRectangle:rawRect()
pDC = new CClientDC(this);
pDC->Rectangle(0, 0, 100, 100);
delete pDC;
//----------------end function def-------------

And here is the call to DrawRect():

//-----------------start call------------------
DrawRectangle *wawa = new DrawRectangle;
//--------------------end call----------------

I get a "Debug Assertation Failed" error when I click the button I made that calls DrawRect(). Any ideas? Thanks.

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Does anyone know of a drawing program .
I need to draw some simple things like boxes and
circles and I can't seem to draw them myself.
Is there even such a thing available?

A:drawing program

Windows "Paint" should be able to do that. It's part of the Operating System,therefore...... free

If you are looking for something a little more comprehensive,you could try "Paint Shop Pro". There may still be a "trial version" available to download. Try typing it in as a "search".

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I would like to draw lines on a picture in a Picture or Image control with the mouse and obtain the coordinates of the line.
Code and help would be appreciated.

A:Drawing lines on picture

I believe you can get that info when you draw a line in PSP and Adobe. You could also use an imagemapper in an HTML editor and take the code it generates which would have the coordinates.

Hope this helps.

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I want to put some 'hashing' (diagonal lines going both ways) on some photos. I've used Paintshop Pro before, creating single lines, and it takes ages. Word doesn't allow the freehand shapes to be filled. Then there's the transparency. I need to be able to see the image underneath. Can anyone recommend any freeware that could help?

A:Drawing Software wanted

Here is a program that is supposed to be a lot like Photoshop: http://www.gimp.org/
It's free, so give it a try. I've never tried it myself, because I have Photoshop.
Good luck!

Here is a couple of sites, where you might find something also:

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Hi, So this might be a very simple one, but it's been bugging me all morning.

um, i got a list of say about 600 sets of data. basically... a date(colum A), time of the day (colum B), and 5 temperatures points(Column C to G) that corresponds to the date and the hour. what i need is to find the average temperature of each of the the 5 points for a specific hour of each day. for example, i need the average temperature of all the temperatures of point 1 at 3pm in the afternoon. so the formula would draw every data in column C, that has a corresponding 15:00:00 in Column B, and then give me the average of all those numbers.

Any idea how to do it in 1 formula for each temperature point?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm taking notes for class and Word doesn't make it easy to draw lines and diagrams when you need them. When I draw a line in Word, let say connecting one text to another, the positioning of the line moves the text or it occludes the text. This is annoying and I was wondering if there is an elegant solution for it. I just need to draw a line (with arrow) from one piece of text to another, but drawing of the line shouldn't move or hide parts of the texts themselves. It's something you could easily do for MS-Paint but it's a great inconvenience if I have to switch between Paint and Word while taking notes in class.

If there isn't a workaround in Word, are there any open source software (for Macs) that let's you do this.
(Actually, I'm drawing two lines from one word, each line connects to a different word; sort of like a tree diagram, but it's proving impossible to do. No matter how I manipulate the lines it always pushes a word to different line or changes the indentation.)

A:drawing lines in ms word

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I want to draw in Publisher 10, a horizontal line exactly on a line marker (green display). The procedure worked fine in a previous version.

In version 10, I have the following problem: After selecting object "line" in the "Forms", the mouse pointer corresponding to this object (cross-shaped) turns into a double arrow when I position mouse over the reference line to start drawing my line. And click-move does not draw the desired line but moves the marker.

How to proceed?

Thank you for your help.

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Hello to everybody,

how can I draw an approximation curve over a histogramm?


A:Drawing an Estimation curve

Hello Dodge1, welcome to Seven forums.
I think you want to draw a curve over the histogram. Sorry to say that I think you can't get any solution to this. However if you think you really need it then you my try doing so using Paint.
I suggest you to try only the line graph.

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A:Drawing in Microsoft Excel

Mumbodog, so what? Yeah, it is something that can be done, but that link teaches nothing - and the purpose of this branch of TechGuy (imho, at least) is far more learning and teaching oriented.
Move it to the Community or General Tech.

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Anyone ever use one of these? I do alot of sketching. Seen someone using something similiar to whats in the link below on TV last weekend. If so, can anyone recommend what to buy or what not to buy?



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Does anyone know how to draw these kinds of diagrams in word or any other program?


A:Drawing diagrams in Word

That appears to be hand drawn. meaning those brackets were each individually created.

But it was made using text boxes and the Drawing toolbar. There might even be some premade shapes that will do what you want. Give it a shot.

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I created a diagram in Visio 2016 which later required some trimming of an element. Once the diagram became a vector/rasterized image I was able to trim the item needing to be edited. My question is, how do I convert back to the diagram with the corrected image without having to re-invent the entire drawing?

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