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recovery windows 8.1 with set of recovery disks : bios settings

Q: recovery windows 8.1 with set of recovery disks : bios settings

Hi, I'm alberto, and I'm new in this forum....I am recovering my windows 8.1 on Lenovo E50-00 90BX with lenovo recovery set of 5 disks of which I've ordered from lenovo; can anyone give me all bios settings to run the recovery process with discs set?Thanks to allHelp Alberto

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Preferred Solution: recovery windows 8.1 with set of recovery disks : bios settings

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


So when I bought my Asus laptop 1.5 years ago the guys from PC World made 6 recovery dvds and deleted the recovery partition from the laptop.

I have 2 partitions on my laptop: C (where the windows is installed) and D (where I have personal things on).

I also have Windows 7.

I want to use the recovery dvds to restore my windows to factory settings but keep the D partition (the one with no windows on it) so I won't have to save the files in another place.

Could anyone please help me with a step by step guide?

Thank you in advance!

A:How do I restore Windows 7 to factory settings using recovery disks

First post a screenshot of disk management. Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

Extra questions:You have an external usb disk to make backups?
Do you have a COA sticker (most likely on back of laptop)? Something like https://www.google.nl/search?q=certi...J8rEtQbYvoHQCA . Product key is readable on it?
D disk has only data on it? Why do you want to reinstall?

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I recently purchased a new HP laptop which came with Vista. My intent is to upgrade to Windows XP, and I've made recovery disks just in case I want to switch back at some point. However, a friend I've spoken to recalls having trouble booting from his recovery disks to restore his own HP laptop from XP to Vista. I just want to be 100% sure: it is still possible to restore the PC to factory defaults (Vista and all the bloatware) using the disks even if I'm running XP, correct?

A:Returning a laptop to factory settings using Recovery Disks...

Before you switch to XP, verify you can find drivers for all the hardware. And realize that some functionality may simply not be available under XP.

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I wanted to install a different Windows 7 on my Vaio but when I selected a partition to install Windows on, it said:
"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style."
I searched online and found a program called GParted to fix the problem. What I didn't know was that it would delete all the partitions. I fixed the problem and installed Windows but I want to go back to factory settings. The problem is that I deleted the recovery partition. Is there any way to go ack to factory settings?? Can I download recovery files online?
Model no: SVS13A190X

Thank you

A:Restore Vaio system to factory settings w/o recovery disks / partition

If you just want some of the sony utilities, or drivers -

Sony eSupport - SVS13A190X - Support

If you want the whole recovery disc - you might have to ask them to send it.

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Computer Model: HP P6510F
OS: Windows 7 Home Pro 64 bit

Suddenly yesterday afternoon, I get a quick BSOD and then a fuzzy fast fade out. On restart, I get something along the lines of:

"PXE-E61 Media Test Failure...Check Cable" and it mentioned to reboot and select proper boot?

Never had an issue before with this PC except this happened about a month ago, I ran a recovery, and it started back up. At any rate, it seems my HDD has failed. I can not recognize it anywhere in the BIOS. The only thing I can get to is the HP startup screen to access Boot Order, BIOS, System Recovery, and some kind of Analysis.

As I said, BIOS will not display my HDD anywhere. Boot order only shows my DVD drive and LAN drive. System Recovery option (F11) does nothing but continue to standard boot until it gives original error. Analysis will run but it checks motherboard, memory, and DVD drive and says all are 100%. It never displays my HDD.

Facts of situation:

- I didn't backup (I know, lesson learned now)
- I have no recovery disks after a move from SC to FL (they were misplaced)
- I do own a separate laptop
- I have multiple USB flash drives & DVDs for burning, if needed

So my questions:

- if I do need a new and install a hard drive, do I have to purchase a totally new copy of Windows 7 to install on it? I have been doing some research and wondering if I can possibly download an ISO and use the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool to boot the ISO from my USB flash drive? wi... Read more

A:HDD Failure- No Recovery Disks, BIOS not recognizing HDD? Next step?

FYI, I am now burning a bootable SeaTools CD to test the hard drive...although I am not very confident in it working since the BIOS isn't even showing a hard drive attached.

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The 500 GB Samsung Hard Drive on my HP Pavilion a6500f PC running on Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit) crashed. I bought and installed a new 500 GB Western Digital Caviar Blue model WD5000AAKS hard drive on the PC. I ordered recovery disks from HP using the computer's serial number and confirmed that the Build ID on the recovery CDs and the sticker on my computer match. However when I attempt to recover the system Windows loads the recovery files and then I get the error:

"This PC is not supported by the system recovery discs. You will not be able to recover this system with these discs."

I have tried 2 sets of recovery discs from hp and get the same error. I have attempted to use the Cyberlink Recovery Disk Utility from hp http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=pv-80183-1&cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en but it fails. This Utility only supports Windows 7 per the hp page.

I would appreciate any help on how to move forward. I am new to this site so if I broke any rules please feel free to correct me. Thanks.


A:System Recovery Fails with hp Supplied Recovery Disks

How much did you pay for your recovery discs and is it refundable? If you the recovery disc costs more then $100, you would be better off purchasing a copy of Windows 7 which is far more stable and a less of a memory hog.

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My Laptop came preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium and I would like to create system recovery disks. I have a drive labeled RECOVERY (D. How do I create recovery disks from this drive?

A:Need to create system recovery disks from RECOVERY (D:) drive

We know nothing about your laptop, so it's hard to say. Who made it?? What model?

You probably have to access some program, either from a choice in your list of programs or through a particular keystroke during the boot process. Look in your list of available programs for something related to recovery or consult your manual.

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The recovery partition on my laptop was deleted so I obtained the Recovery Media Disks from HP for my laptop.  The laptop does not have a CD/DVD drive.  How do I go about creating the Recovery Media on a USB flash drive? -Does it have to be done on the laptop that I want to recover, or can I create the USB Recovery drive on a different PC Thanks,Mark

A:Create USB Recovery Media from Recovery disks

Hi, My suggestion: try an external Optical drive or send it back and ask for USB key/flash drive because DVD and USB do not have same structure. I don't know ripping DVD to ISO file work or not but you may want to try. Regards.

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When viewing Disk Management, there are two RECOVERY D: disks. They have the exact information with the exception of one having an NTSF file system. I get error messages that backups are failing due to insufficient space. I attempted to change backups to a network location and outwardly it appeared to have been successful but still getting the errors. I'm hesitant to screw around with anything on the D drive(s). I have no idea if this was introduced when I upgraded to Windows 10 or if it's always been that way (on Windows 8.0). Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Dennis

A:Two Recovery (D:) Recovery Disks with the same information

I went through this before with a poster over at eight forums...

There is only one D partition - but because it is a HP Bootable partition
Disk management sees the drive as recovery and bootable..

the give away is the Two other Recovery Partitions and the fact that the partition is assigned D by disk management

D contains your HP Factory Recovery Image..

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Hi everybody!
I have HP Desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium.

When I was using Vista there was a difference between using recovery partition on the hard drive to restore Windows and Recovery disks that you create yourself.

The Recovery Partition one would only restore your computer to it's shipping condition - meaning that if I had partitioned the drive and had Windows partition separately from my other files it will erase all of it and get rid of that new partition of mine along with all my files.

If I used the disks - it will give me an option of shipping condition OR just to reinstall Windows partition of my drive so all other files are not erased.

In Windows 7 the created disks give me only one choice - Factory System Reset. Does it mean that it will erase it ALL or just the Windows partition?

I really don't want to back up 300GB of my data... just need the Windows partition erased and reinstalled. Will Recovery Disks do that or is there any other option for doing it with Windows 7?

A:Recovery Disks or Recovery Partition

I would not run the Recovery Disks without backing up data. It doesn't sound like they will let you choose where to install Win7.

You can always borrow or locate a clean retail copy of your version Win7 to clean install with Product Key on your COA sticker on machine. Many tech enthusiasts do this to avoid the bloatware and useless factory utilities. Let us know if you want more information on this.

You can also make your own Win7 Backup image saved externally so you never have to reinstall or recover again, just reimage from the saved file. Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

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I recently upgraded from Vista to Win7 via a free upgrade from Toshiba. I have a set of recovery disks for the original operating system (Vista). Is it possible to create recovery disks for the now installed Win7, if so, how?

A:Windows 7 Recovery Disks

Not the same type however you can make an image file of your system. Read the sticky at the top of the hw forum regarding backups.

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hey i got a windows 7 2012 virus by downloading a picture so i wanted to use my homemade recovery disks that i made when i first purchased the laptop and i dont know how to use it. i pressed f2 to go to boot options but cds wasnt listed, also when i restarted the laptop with the cds inside it doesnt prompt me to do anything, it justs boots normally. how do i use these disks?!

A:how to run windows 7 recovery disks?

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My parents got me a Dell Inspiron 3520 back in 2012. She ran beautifully until last year when I was heartbroken to discover that her hard drive died. I want to get a new hard drive for her but I'll need the recovery disks to bring her to life again unless I get another system just like her and steal the hard drive out of it.
Is there any possible way to contact Dell about getting the recovery disks, which I imagine would be a lot cheaper than getting a whole other system just for the hard drive.

A:Windows 8 Recovery Disks

Get a SSD such as a Crucial MX200 250-500 GB for best results:
The SSD will vastly increase the overall performance of your system.
To Reinstall Windows you should use Windows 8.1 with Update 1 Installation Media. To download and prepare it see here:
The main issue is selecting the correct Edition. Likely Windows 8.1 (Home) or Windows 8.1 (Home) Single Language in your case.
After Windows 8.1 is Clean Installed on your SSD you should update the UEFI BIOS to the latest version A10:
Then proceed with the upgrade to Windows 10:
http://dellwindowsreinstallationguide.com/upgrading-to-windows-10/ .

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Is there a repair with these disks? I am getting a BOOTMGR missing but I checked the hard drive and it is fine. I do not want to lose anything because I have a lot on it. I cloned my image about 5 days ago and I may go that route, however, I have done things since then and don't want to lose the data. Before I load the HP Recovery disks (4 of them, and I had to order them for free except pay for shipping), is there a repair option?

A:HP Windows 7 recovery disks

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my company went out of business and i have this computer left over from the company, how do i get recovery disks?  i do not have the administrator password for the computer.

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Recently I purchased two Hp laptop PC,s, loaded with Windows8, and almost identical specs two weeks apart. The first required me to burn 6 DVD recovery disks prior to completing the set up procedure. The second laptop " required" no recovery disks to be burned prior to set up completion. Nor did it offer how to do it. What do you recommend, should I attempt to burn recovery disks for the second Laptop?

A:Windows 8 Recovery Disks

It wouldn't hurt.

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Hey everyone,

So I was installing the latest updates on my laptop, forgot to plug it in, the battery died, and now I can't start windows at all.

I tried booting it up on my recovery partition, but that doesn't work. It always goes to the screen for choosing between Startup repair and starting it normally, and when I go to Start-up repair, it just loads up a blue desktop wallpaper and a prompt window appears for a split second, dissapears and then nothing happens.

Now I don't have the recovery discs I made when I first booted up my laptop, and to order them from HP, it would cost $40 and even then I'm not sure it would even help. I've tried booting it with a Windows 7 disc that I borrowed from a friend, but all that happens is that it tries to read it for a bit, and then goes to the Start-up repair screen again.

I'm at a loss for what to do. Because I figure, even though its not the recovery disks made by HP, I should be able to re-install Windows with a new disc. So I have no idea if I should order the HP recovery discs, because 40 bucks is quite alot for something that may not help at all.

Thanks, sorry if my post seems all over the place. I can clarify if it doesn't make any sense.

A:Do I need the HP Recovery disks? Or can I use a regular Windows 7 DVD

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Providing you have a Windows 7 disc that is the same version as that provided by HP you can use it to carry out a clean install and activate it with the product key that came with your computer.

You get the added benefit of not having to put up with HP's bloatware too.

Clean Install : Factory COA Activation Key

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I have found a couple of place to get recovery disks. As long as you have your authentication numbers they are legal. They are www.restoredisks.com and www.myrecoverycds.com. I haven't bought any yet, but may have to.

A:Solved: recovery disks for windows xp

Hi, I would like to add one that I use specifically for Compaq and HP computers:


My last set of disks for a Compaq, cost $28 > this includes any pre-installed software, drivers, etc and the operating system.

These disks are only for doing a Full System Recovery...in cases where you have lost the original disks, lost the Recovery partition on a laptop for example, or your hard drive failed.....the disks will remove any data from a hard drive and format and reinstall so the computer is as it was fresh from the factory. Keep in mind that any hardware changes, upgrades etc that you did might affect how using a Recovery disk set turns out....

They work the same as the original set if your computer came with these, or the set you can make if your computer came with a utility that let's you create just one Recovery disk set.

These sites where you can buy the original Recovery disks for your computer are great because as your computer gets to the 2 or 3 year old stage, the manufacturer is very likely not to be able to provide them.

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Hi   In the hope of someone can help me.Recently I got some problem due to that I have to do recovery using HP RECOVERY Disks [I ordered it] As I do not have the HP recovery manager or microsoft recovery.So I have to do only through HP recovery discs.So its suddenly not reading in my laptop.It atleast does not show up in DVD RW DRIVE.When I double clicked on it.It pops out that I have to insert the disk.[Even though I inserted].I also wiped dvd with dry cloth to go away with scratches.I tested in my PC it is atleast showing up[ofcourse it won't work as it is not HP PC].I also diagonsised the hard drive component[extensive test] it is working fine.I tested with other games CDs/DVDs both.It is working fine.I hope you got my problem.  Product number :F6B14PA#ACJ  Thank you

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Hi,  I have a HP-G62-143CL laptop which I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 recently. I created one recovery usb. But some how that got correpted because I couldn't recover from it. How can I create a second recovery usb for Windows 10.Any help would be appreciated.

A:How Make a 2nd set of recovery disks for windows 10

Hi, No option. Please contact HP in your country and order a set.    http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-phone-assist.html Regards.

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Hi   In the hope of someone can help me.Recently I got some problem due to that I have to do recovery using HP RECOVERY Disks [I ordered it] As I do not have the HP recovery manager or microsoft recovery.So I have to do only through HP recovery discs.So its suddenly not detecting in my laptop.I touched the down of hard drive I can feel that it is rotating.When I double clicked on it.It pops out that I have to insert the disk.[Even though I inserted].I also wiped dvd with dry cloth to go away with scratches.I tested in my PC it  detected[ofcourse it won't work as it is not HP PC].I also diagonsised the hard drive component[extensive test] it showed that it passed the test.I tested with other games CDs/DVDs both.It is working fine.I hope you got my problem.  Product number :F6B14PA#ACJ  Thank you

A:HP Windows 8 Recovery Disks not detecting

Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Please, correct me if I am wrong but from your description I understand that HP Probook 450 G1 does not detect the recovery DVD. However, other CDs/DVDs work fine and the recovery media (at least detected) on another PC. I understand you need to perform Recovery but despite that, is Windows booting correctly at the moment ? What is the problem you get to make you try recovery ? While in Winows, are the recovery discs recognized ?  To be honest, I am not sure why it is not detected but there are some things you can try: - Boot in the BIOS and disable Secure boot + enable Legacy modeDetails >> http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Operating-System-and-Recovery/The-selected-boot-device-failed-...Details >> http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03653226 - Try to boot from the DVD recovery media (first one that is re. OS - I see you should have 2 recovery DVDs - one for OS, one for drivers).keep hitting the Esc button (like tap-tap-tap).This should open a HP Startup Menu. Choose F9 to open Boot options. Select the thumb drive as boot option. Let me know if this works for you.

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I have an HP laptop that wouldn't boot. After trying numerous remedies I eventually sent it back to HP for repairs and just received it back with a new install of Vista running. Meanwhile I needed a working computer so bought a new HP running Windows 7. Unfortunately the hard drive on the new HP failed after a month and I was sent a new one from HP with what looks like is a generic set of W7 recovery disks which I successfully installed on new computer. My question is: what, if even possible, is the best way of installing W7 via these recovery disks on the older HP. It's been suggested that I switch drives from old to new, run the recovery disks, then switch back the drives. Will this work, or is there a better way?

A:Vista to Windows 7 via recovery disks

You would not be able to do this legally. The disks you received can only be used on the system they were designed for. The OS cannot be legally moved to a different computer, even if it would work. Also, you only have one Windows 7 product key and that is valid for the new computer only. Your Vista product key would not work with a Windows 7 installation.

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it goes thru all 3 disks and then says failed...I have reset EUFI and CSM & formatted drive...it is maddening....I have 3 HP 2000 doing the SAME THING!!! what is going on with simple wipe and reinstall FROM THEIR recovery media...the other 2 are Toshiba using USB...

anyone else having these ridicules issues


A:windows 8 not accepting the HP recovery disks

Hi toddgibson2004,

Sorry you are having such an issue but I was just able to use the HP factory recovery disc set (6 discs in all) I made for an HP Sleekbook and all went well. FYI, these were ones I created, using the one-time option, that HP normally provides with each unit. Now, in my case, I set the BIOS to UEFI defaults and then started the recovery process. BTW, I didn't even bother to format the hard drive as the recovery process took care of that as well. I did this for a friend. It was not my laptop. Anyway, if you are having the same issue with 3 HPs and 2 Toshibas, then something is drastically wrong. Did you made a unique recovery set for each laptop in question or did you purchase the sets from the manufacturers?

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I have a notebook Advent 7037 using Windows XP, I can reboot the computer y the sentence Please press R to see options for recovery. After that only blue screens of error appear and the computer switches back off again. I try in safe mode and normal mode, blue screens again before the whole windows is loaded. So, I am stuck I dont have an A drive (solo D drive) and I cannot go anywhere, I am not even able to reformat because the are recovery disks and not the normal ones.
Please help. How can I install windows again, by overcoming the barrier of the blue screens?

A:Recovery disks for Windows crash


Originally Posted by bruj68

I have a notebook Advent 7037 using Windows XP, I can reboot the computer y the sentence Please press R to see options for recovery. After that only blue screens of error appear and the computer switches back off again. I try in safe mode and normal mode, blue screens again before the whole windows is loaded. So, I am stuck I dont have an A drive (solo D drive) and I cannot go anywhere, I am not even able to reformat because the are recovery disks and not the normal ones.
Please help. How can I install windows again, by overcoming the barrier of the blue screens?

More detail please:
I'm confused about what you're trying to do. Do you HAVE a recovery CD and does your computer have a CD reader?

What was the last thing ths PC waas doing BEFORE you go into this state?

When you see the message "Please press R to see options for recovery" does it bluescreen immediately or only after you press R?

THEN does it bluescreen immediately or only after it starts to load?

Did you check your BIOS settings?

Did you call the manufacturer?

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Hello, my daughters received new HP laptops for Christmas (windows 10). How do I create recovery disks for them? Thanks.

A:Create recovery disks windows 10

Hi, Please use the following instructions:         http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04641788 Regards.

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Hello everyone, after a severe Malware infection I was advised by IBM to use thier recovery disks which will whipe my system clean. The problem is that before they told me to do this I called them because I was unable to get my Windows XP Pro activated after I tried a repair installation. Every time I entered the Product Key that was on the bottom of my laptop it said it was a incorrect Product Key. So I called IBM and they said that they didn't know why the key wasn't working and that they would send me some recovery disks. So my question is...is Windows going to ask for the Product Key again? And if it didn't work before am I likely to have the same problem? Thanks

A:Windows xp activation after recovery disks

The new disc's will have a new matching key.


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I have replaced a failed SATA hard drive in an HP a6142n desktop PC running Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit. Checked BIOS: New Hard Drive is recognized. Obtained HP Recovery Disks from HP. I try to use the HP recovery disks to restore factory image. It gets to disk 2 where it says, "reinstalling factory image." and freezes. Any suggestions?

A:HP Recovery Disks and Windows Vista

Call HP or send email to their support.

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Can someone help me with with error?  reducercopy file failsfrom preload\base14.swmc:\rm\image\base14.swm I keep getting this error when running through the Windows  recovery  process using the DVD media HP sent me. 

A:Windows 8 Recovery Disks from HP don't work

Hello Jeers, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I see that your notebook computer is having difficulty recovering your system, and I would be happy to guide you towards a resolution! To proceed past the error message being displayed, I recommend following this document on Troubleshooting HP System Recovery Problems (Windows 8). This should help allow the necessary files to be copied over to your computer.  For more assistance, I will need to know:  The Product and Model Number of your notebook computer.If the recovery disc is functions on another computer.Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, as well as the requested information above. I look forward to your reply!Regards   

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hi and thank you hp support did tell me once a year or 2 recover intire computer with the hp recovery dvds that i got so i did that but this time my window updates just keep running and nothing so i figured i would do it again and same thing Model #: h8-1280tProduct #: QC461AV#ABASerial #: Software Build #: 12NA1MCW604#SABA#DABAService ID #: 010-717PCBRAND: HP   

A:windows update does not work and i even used recovery disks ...

xxxstriker Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! Problem: Depending on how long since you have done Windows Updates in Win7, or if this is a new or clean install with NO updates having been run, Windows Update will appear to sit there with 0% downloaded indefinitely.Background: The Servicing Stack Update (SSU) was taking an extremely long time to scan for updates, find the hundreds needed, and sort them into the proper sequence for downloading and installing.Fix: Install the most current version of the SSU, then install the Juoly 2016 Cumulative Update, and reboot. NOTE: On a new, or reinstall, of Win7, SP1 must already have been applied for this fix to work.Process: These steps need to be followed exactly in order ...1) Download the latest SSU KB3177467 (this replaces KB3020369) to a flash drivehttps://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/31774672) Download the latest Cumulative Update KB3172605 (July 2016 Rollup) to a flash drivehttps://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/31726053) Stop the Windows Update service:Open a command window and enter: net stop wuauserv4) Double-click the KB3177467 file to install it (may have to reboot after this is done)5) Double-click the KB3172605 file to install itNote: If this KB does not install, then have to download and install KB3138612:https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3138612Then, reboot and retry installing KB31726066) Reboot the PC7) When back in Windows, restart the Windows Update service:Open a command window and... Read more

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Where can I find the Windows Server 2000 recovery disks? I couldn't find it anywhere on microsofts website. The only thing I could find was this. Unfortunately I don't have a floppy drive or floppy disks.

Windows 2000 Boot Disk Download | AllBootDisks - Providing Free Boot Disk Downloads. MS-DOS to Windows XP.

Is there a way to get a single image file or combine those images into one?

A:Windows Server 2000 recovery disks

Originally Posted by COKEDUDE

... Unfortunately I don't have a floppy drive or floppy disks...

You can buy floppy disk devices online very cheap.

... none of my business, but why use something so dated?

Most hardware today is not designed for software almost 20 years old.
Most software today is not designed for 20 year old hardware.

Geez, I remember that 640k memory barrier.

And today - still - we have to work with a 2 TB storage barrier
unless going to GPT.

Do you have to recover data or is it just a hobby?

My basement is loaded with junk cables of every type
that will soon be tossed out as they are useless
relics from the past
during the MS - DOS / Windows 3.0 / 3.1 / 95 / 98 / Millennial Edition era.

good luck

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Hi, I have the original vista recovery installation disks that were created when you purchase the computer. They always worked fine. Windows 7 was installed on it and worked fine. I had to replace the motherboard in this and the wireless doesn't work on the replaced board. I do recall previously to installing windows 7 that when I installed xp I had to install a utility to get the wireless to work. When I installed vista again I had to do the same thing. After installing the motherboard and trying everything possible out there to work the wireless still doesn't work and the utilities that are available don't work with windows 7, I tried to put it the recovery disks to just start the computer all over again from vista, because the utility for the wireless is in that installation, however now when I put the recovery disks in it's telling me that they aren't for this computer. Is there something I have to do in windows 7 to get it to install these disks? Thanks

A:vista recovery disks won't work after windows 7

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Hello there!

My HDD on my HP dm4 laptop recently started giving me problems. Initially I got a "Hard Drive not found error" or an "Please install an operating system" error. I thought this might be a loose connection with the hard drive so I opened the backside and made sure it wasn't. But it still started doing the same thing and started running very slow. So, I ran a few diagnostics and hard drive checks and it came up with a "303" error. When I googled it, I found out that its time for me to replace my HDD (its been only two years since I got this laptop). So I ordered a new one (WD 750 GB @7200 RPM. The one I have now is a 640 GB @7200 RPM) and once I get it I have to do a clean install. Fortunately, my school provides us with free windows software, which includes all the operating systems. So I am planning on getting the windows 7 pro. However, I don't have my recovery disks. I made them when I got my laptop first but I misplaced them somewhere when I moved. So I don't think I can find them. However, fortunately, I backed up my HDD last week. So when I clean install Windows 7, what should I do about the drivers? In other words, how much do I need the recovery disks? Please let me know. Thank you in advance. Also, I found this excellent tutorial by gregrocker: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 - which I plan on using.

A:Clean install windows 7 without recovery disks?

Wow. Never mind. I just read it and realized that I can find all the drivers on the manufacturer's website and I did. Sorry for the post guys.

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Hi there: I would like to create a windows 7 recovery disk(s) but I can't find a "onekey" program to execute. I do have some thinkvantage programs on the computer but I don't see "onekey" anywhere. Is there a way for me to create windows 7 recovery disks? I would like to do a fresh install on my thinkpad. I do have a COA on the bottom of the computer. Thanks,

A:Creating Windows 7 recovery disks for my T410i

OneKey is an Idea tool typically.  It's done with ThinkVantage tools on Windows 7 Think machines.
IIRC it varied a little over the years.  Sometimes it was an option in Rescue and Recovery, other times there was a direct start menu link, and sometimes it was in tools as above.

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I have a 5/12 year old HP G70t-200 laptop, using windows home premium 64 bit.
It has begun crashing all the time, while reading email, while watching videos, while on "go to webinar," etc.
The computer only turns off when I push the power button.
I have tried microsoft fixit, I have also used a registry cleaner, but it has not helped.
I would now like to do a clean install of windows 7, but I only have my recovery disks.
Is that sufficient for a clean installation or do I need to purchase an OEM disk?
Thank you.

A:Can I Do A Clean Install of Windows 7 From Recovery Disks?

Hello Lierre, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below can help walk you through on how to do a clean install on your OEM computer.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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when i bought my pc 3 years back i have windows vista home basic on my computer and i have taken the recovery disks and i have them. but last month i have given it for formatting and asked them to load win 7 ultimate. they have loaded them. now i wanna have windows vista home basic my original one.how to get it? please help.
my win7 version is duplicate and my vista version is pre installed os.
for my pc they changed 2 motherboards due to problem.and then i asked them to install win 7.
can we get vista from the set of recovery disks and how?

A:how to get back windows vista with recovery disks?

Contact ur manufacturer, they should probably have a recovery disc, for a small fee.
If they dont have that. Go to a computer store and ask if they have any available "Windows Vista Home Basic" Recovery/Installation CD. Otherwise contact microsoft. I am not sure about this answer so, maybe it isnt that good i have no idea. But try it and hope it works!

/WBR TheMetalSE

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Hi sry, for my english in the 1st place. Now the problem:

I have a Compaq Presario Notebook, V6000 adquired in 2006 with windows XP media center edition, I used a few times the recovery disks and all was ok, at more or less 6 months I upgraded the BIOS at recomendation of HP/Compaq because of issues with the model in question (loads of problems more than the ones they admit) so I upgraded it, and less than a weak after I tried the windows 7 Beta release edition, till 2 days ago, I put the recovery disks to downgrade and well, the problem appeared, I got this message: This Recovery Volumes don't support this model of PC I looked in the dxdiag and for my surprise my laptop is not more an Compaq Presario, but an HP MCP51M, and in the BIOS in Notebook Model is nothing, blank, for what I see the disks check the model of the laptop, and the right info is not there, any help??

A:Problems using recovery disks to reinstal windows Xp

I have seen this before, not sure you can do anything to solve it, the recovery discs look at the bios, and see that field is blank, and halts the recovery process. I had this same issue on a HP DV6000, never found a solution.


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I built my first custom desktop a couple of months ago and it's working "awesomely" (if that's even a word) but has gotten some Windows Antivirus Pro "malware" on it and won't allow me to do ANYTHING!!! Typically in the past I've been able to get rid of stuff like this but this time it's stubborn. At one point, I rebooted and not only did that program not try to start up....I only kept getting a bunch of command prompt windows that said something like "program is too big to fit this drive". I HATE malware!

Anyway...what I'm thinking I'd LOVE to do is see if there is a way I can use my recover disks on the desktop computer that I made from my new laptop that has Windows Vista 64bit running on it. Is that possible? Is there a way to find JUST the Windows Vista exe file on the recovery disks so I can just install that and then install my motherboard and display drivers from their individual disks? I don't want to install all the bundled software that came on my laptop but if that's the only way to get Vista on our desktop and the recovery disks will work then I'll do that. I'm just afraid of the drivers for my laptop getting installed on the desktop and messing it up when all I want use from the recovery disks is Vista. I'm currently running XP Pro on the desktop and would like to have Vista. I just reallllly don't want to have to buy it brand new when I have it on recovery disks. I would think there would be some way to... Read more

A:Installing ONLY Windows Vista 64 from Recovery Disks

Welcome to BCWhat you want to do will not workHave you been to our [b]Am I Infected forum yet to remove the malware?http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/103/am-i-infected-what-do-i-do/Here's a tutorial on how to remove ithttp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-remo...s-antivirus-pro

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This is a re-post from windows server forum.

Please see below.

Hi all,

Hope someone can help me out?

Hard drive died on old gateway built desk top PC. I had made recovery and repair disks when i got it.

Bought new Hard drive same size (1TB) Installed it and used recovery disks to install operating system (Windows 7 premium)

machine boots up into windows fine, seems ok until you try to run windows updates (no SP1 installed yet, and I want to use my seagate external backup unit to restore data files, which needs Mircosoft .Net 4,.....which needs SP1 installed...)

Anyways, I have tried to also DL the SP1 manually. I have the file on my computer to install, but when I try that, it tells me 

"The windows 7 Service Pack Installation cannot proceed until your computer is restarted."

Restarting does nothing. I have checked to see if the windows update services are running (they are).

When I ask windows to update manually from control panel, it says

"Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running. you may need to restart your computer."

In startup window when I go to services (local) window, and check, the windows update is running.

Also in the windows system, troubleshooter wont work either. I get the following when running "fix common windows update issues"

Package ID: WindowsUpdateDiagnostic

Path: Unknown

Error Code: 0x8E5E0247

Source: engine

User: C... Read more

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I have a 2 year old Gateway laptop (NV5929u) i5 430M w/ 4GB. It came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed.
The computer crashed with a blue screen a few months ago, and I could not locate the recovery disks, so I ordered a set from Gateway (1 System disk, 2 Recovery disks, 1 Language disk). My attempts at recovery were unsuccessful and I got the msg: failure disk 0 partition 3. I replaced the HD with a brand new one yesterday. My attempts at recovery went a bit further, to the point that the computer loads the information on the various disks, but when it tries to restart, the screen says:

Setup is applying system settings

and shortly after that a window pops up with the msg:

Windows setup could not configure Windows to run on this computers hardware.

Do I have faulty recovery disks? Do I need to do something with the new HD prior to booting from the System/Recovery disks?

A:Windows 7 not installing properly from OEM recovery disks

Does it still have the Recovery partition, which is the most stable way to run Recovery? Gateway Support - Full Factory Recovery

If not I'd start over using the latest official Win7 installer to get the superior Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

If that fails or you want to try Recovery disks again then wipe the HD first with Diskpart Clean Command accessing DISKPART At PC Startup

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I know a BIOS update on my Latitude with Windows 8 and Bitlocker activated on the O/S drive triggers Bit locker recovery on startup. I don't have the recovery key and so am stuck. How to recover without the Bit Locker recovery key?

A:BIOS update without suspending Bitlocker has triggered a recovery and on start up I am prompted for the recovery key

The solution I found was to install the previous version of the BIOS, but without being able to boot into Windows, I needed to install the previous version of the BIOS in DOS. Some server products provide a F12 boot up menu option to roll back a BIOS update, but this is not available in my Latitude.

I downloaded the correct BIOS version (the additional info section made specific reference to it being installable from Windows or DOS). I prepared a bootable USB key (to a dos prompt) and copied the bios installer executable to the memory stick.

Because secure boot (UEFI) is enabled, it is not possible to boot up from USB key, so legacy boot mode needs to be enabled. There were 3 settings that required changing in the BIOS before I was able to boot from the USB key.

Once I was able to boot into DOS from the USB key and got to the DOS prompt, I ran the BIOS update exe. The laptop rebooted, installed the previous BIOS version and then rebooted again. I pressed F2 to get into the BIOS and changed back the settings as they were (secure boot UEFI). I then managed to boot into windows without being prompted for the Bit locker recovery key.

You able to export or view the Bitlocker recovery key by going to Control Panel -> Security -> Bit locker Management, and temporarily suspend protection (until the next reboot). It is possible to run a commandlet to specify the number of reboots bit locker should be suspended for.

You may find that installing the previous version of the ... Read more

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My kids were playing on the PC and low and behold, it now doesn't work!! My own fault , I know!!
I strongly suspect that they have removed a file , root>\system32\hal.dll, so I went to my recovery disks, first time it work, restored windows although all the programs had been wiped, so I powered down with a view to do it the following day, when I powered up again the first page on the screen in the boot process comes on just shows "compaq" with the F options underneath, I cannot go into safe mode, F8 does nothing, it's like the keyboard isn't linked up to the monitor.
I have contacted HP, and they advised me to replace the CMOS battery which I have, still not working, I have also bought another windows reboot disk, nothing works.....any ideas.
I have a Hewlett Packcard Pressario SR1000, with win xp home edition.

The only other thing my laptop is networked through the desktop, the printer won't work, but my internet hub is connected through the desktop and my laptop is working off that....which seems slightly strange??

Any help would be appreciated.

FAb mum

A:Solved: Windows XP wont boot from recovery disks

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I want to at least share this experience so people may avoid data loss and maybe find a solution.

My old server is 8 years old and it was time for a replacement. I got an ASUS Z87-K motherboard with an I3-4130 CPU and 8GB RAM to be used as a home file server. Boot disk is a 500GB WD drive (From 2007) and 4 brand new 4TB WD green hard drives to be used in a RAID5 setup.

I installed WIN7 x64 and updated with SP1 and latest updates (Had some issues getting the system to install from USB stick and had to learn about the new UEFI bios but I managed). Drivers & stuff installed from the ASUS DVD. Updated bios to version 0903 from the ASUS website. Installed the latest Intel RST drivers from the Intel website.

Copied the data from the old server to the 4TB drives (no raid setup yet, GPT partions of 4TB). All seemed well. Then I wanted to prepare/test recovery options just in case the old disk would fail. Whatever I tried i cannot get the rescue disk to restore a system image I made with windows backup. (Issue still to be solved - all kinds of issues - usually incompatible windows version when booting the rescue disk.)

When I booted back to windows from the hard disk windows started a checkdisk on the data disks and found all kinds of errors. Note: The disk having less then 2.2TB of data had no issues. The data on the full drives seemed to be there but content was corrupted and unusable.

Thinking about bad luck or issues with the old 2.2TB limit I reformatted and copied ... Read more

A:Windows recovery disk corrupts 4TB hard disks

I can confirm that if you boot the recovery disk or original install disk and choose the repair option it will corrupt the 4TB GPT disks as soon as it starts to scan for an image or OS to recover on that disk.
I slipstreamed the Intel RST drivers into a windows install DVD, booted from USB and no corruption anymore.

This leaves the second problem of the repair disk giving all kinds of errors when trying to restore a system image. Probably also something with the disk drives as i can install and now boot the recovery environment when i detach all other (4TB) drives. It finds the windows install and I can restore an image.

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Recovery disks are not working. It takes input of all four disks but at last it shows its unable to install windows. PC InfoHP 15-r206tuWindows 8.1 64-bit

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I've recently taken delivery of my a new Thinkpad X260.  Like a good little user, the first thing I did was run the utilty which created a recovery disk on a USB drive, which I've stored away carefully. Now.  When I ordered the X260 from Lenovo, I deliberately specified it to be supplied preinstalled with Windows 7 Professional 64, through the downgrade rights in Windows 10 Pro.   I had first established that if and when I wish to upgrade to Windows 10, that will not be a problem for me.  All good. What I am keen to know is, should I ever need to use the recovery USB drive which I created, will that let me reinstall either Windows 10 or 7, or is there anything else which I should be doing to be sure about this? Thanks 

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My hard disk failed.  I want to restore Windows 7 to the computer with the new hard drive.  Can I get disks or USB drive versions from another computer?

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I get a message pop up at about 20-22% on Restoring files from Recovery Disk 1. Copy file fails From : D:\PRELOAD\BASE22.SWM to C:\RM\image\BASE22.SWM Press OK to retry !! I just had a new hard drive installed and have tried this disk twice now and gotten the same message.

A:Copy file fails with windows 8 recovery disks at 22% on HP 2...

Clean the disk with a clean cloth and try again but it looks like you have a badly burned recovery disk. HP may still stock factory-made recovery disks for you. 

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