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Mail app thinks my G-mail account is my Microsoft account

Q: Mail app thinks my G-mail account is my Microsoft account

I can only guess that the Account.equals() method in Windows' codebase looks like this:
return this.emailAddress == account.emailAddress;

A while back, I realized I no longer needed my Hotmail address, and set up my Microsoft account to use my G-mail address. This simplified things quite a lot for me. This is the account I use to log into Windows 8.
I just decided to try out the much-hated Mail app, and set up my G-mail account there. After some imperfectness, I thought about just removing it and using Chrome G-mail on its own. However, I ran into this:
They seem to falsely think that my G-mail account is the same as my Microsoft account, when in reality there's no reason I shouldn't be able to remove this. (Heck, it wasn't there 10 minutes ago) Any ideas? If this is a real bug, any way to submit it to Microsoft?

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Preferred Solution: Mail app thinks my G-mail account is my Microsoft account

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


When i right click on a document and click "send to recipient" or when in internet explorere i select "send link" windows tries to send the file through hotmail. In internet explorer->options-> programs the specified mail account is microsoft outlook. the account in microsoft outlook is my isp account. i have outlook express but no mail account is specified there.

long time ago i tried to set up outlook express to get messages from hotmail but it didnt work cause msn had stoped this facility but since then i deleted all settings of hotmail from outlook express .

how can i fix this pls

i am using windows xp pro -sp2
my pc is p4 1.8ghz


A:Windows Thinks Hotmail Is My Mail Account

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newcomer just looking for an answer to: how one forwards their outlook mail account to an aim.com mail account?

A:How does one forward their outlook mail account to an aim.com mail account?

There are no such things as Outlook mail accounts (in the context of your question anyway). Your mail account is on a server where Outlook fetches mail from.

The better way to set up mail forwarding is on the server. If you have some sort of a web interface or a shell account, then you may be able to set the forward address yourself. Otherwise, talk to the mail server administrator.

You can set up mail filtering rules in Outlook too, which say that whenever Outlook receives a new message, it will send it so somewhere else. This approach is very bad though, since you would have to have your Outlook running 24/7 to keep the forwarding ability.

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Hello all

Using windows 8.1 with local account. I found out on how to run mail and calendar apps without the need of Microsoft account through here How to setup Windows 8.1 Mail App without using a Microsoft Account - Paul Jones - Technology Solutions Professional (TSP) - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

What I can't find out is on how to make gmail work.
I have both personal gmail account and my work email which uses google apps, both of them aren't working.
Did anyone successfully managed to get the windows mail app to work without Microsoft account?


A:GMail with 8.1 mail app without microsoft account

Did you ever figure this out? I'm struggling with the exact same issue...

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I am thinking about a system with Windows 8.1 Pro and would like to use 8.1 Mail without a MS Account.
Is this possible?



A:How do I use Windows 8.1 mail without a Microsoft Account.

You could if you were set up with a corporate E-ddress, if not, you might as well use some other client.

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I am getting a Windows 8 tablet and want to set up Gmail on the Windows 8 mail app. I don't have a Microsoft account.

Should I sign up for a MS account using a Hotmail address, or using my Gmail address? Could someone tell me the advantage in using a Hotmail address in order to access my Gmail. What are the pros & cons?

I'd like to be able to view/send email but not download it onto my tablet, as I use Live Mail on my main PC and want all my downloaded email on that computer.

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.

A:Windows 8 Mail and Microsoft Account sign up

AFAIK the only way to view/send email without downloading it, is through a browser...

Just me 2?

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Hello everyone,
I have had a Hotmail account for around 8 years now and it is the hub of all my Microsoft apps (Office, Facebook, Xbox, Windows Phone ..etc) but it has come to an unmanageable point. The e-mail address I have being using for this Hotmail account is linked to everything.
I would like to remove the Hotmail e-mail address I have so that I can have a new outlook account, starting afresh from the years of junk that has been accumulating uselessly in my e-mail. This of course affects everything, because even though as i don't use the Hotmail e-mail it lingers everywhere plaguing my notifications (continuous notifications on my laptop, phone ..etc).
So I would love to create a new Outlook account which I can use a working e-mail but also transfer all of my apps that I have from the Hotmail account (Office, Xbox live, Windows Phone..etc) to my new Outlook account. I've tried a few things but have been very cautious because I don't want to lose my apps, especially seeing as I have paid for things such as Office.
Please help because I am desperate to have a functional Microsoft account !
Many thanks

A:Changing my Primary Microsoft account e-mail

How to Change Microsoft Account Email Address

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windows live mail email account for btconnect.com - not Office 365 account

Opereting system - Windows 7 Home Premium.

I use windows live mail version 9.

The account on there at the moment is an Office 365 account for btconnect.com,

I wish to set up two other email accounts which must not be Office 365 accounts but still using btconnect settings.

Can you provide full setup details including server details and details of port settings.

Any help would be much appreciated .



A:windows live mail email account for btconnect.com - not Office 365 account

Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server field, enter pop3.btconnect.com.

Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name field, enter smtp.btconnect.com.

User name: from your btconnect account Just use the part of the email before the @btconnect.com
Check the Outgoing server requires authentication box.

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I keep contact details in my Microsoft account (at Sign in to your Microsoft account). I've been using Outlook 2010 with the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector and this used to synchronise my contacts fine.

However, for a while now, I've noticed mail synchronisation errors and I've had to configure my Microsoft mail account to use the standard IMAP settings (not via the Hotmail connector).

However, this method no longer synchronises my contacts. How do you configure the mail and contact settings in Outlook 2010 to synchronise both mail and contacts in Outlook 2010 with my Microsoft account?

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Upgraded from Windows 7 to Win 10 and was loving it (was). Saw there was a mail app and thought that would be pretty handy. Signed in and since then, I have to log in to my PC as my email address and password.

I don't want that.

How do I revert my existing user back to a non-Windows live user, with a normal, local account and password?

I am happy to not use the Mail app if that's what it takes, but my concern is that the profile I have now has all my icons and docs and stuff and I don't want to go through the hassle of copying over the profile.

There must be a way to undo this change, but I can't find it.


A:Signed in to Mail app - now account is my Windows Email account

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it's no related to email program or problem
but i added a outlook account in the windows 10 email ( HxMail.exe)

after i reboot my desktop , and my windows 10 pro changed from a local account to a microsoft account

what's wrong?
i want to keep a local account


A:changed to microsoft accout added an outlook account to mail program

Hello drugo,

It sounds like you selected to switch to a Microsoft account by mistake while setting up the Mail app.

You can use the tutorial below to switch back to a local account.

Local Account - Switch to in Windows 10

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Windows 8.1 Mail app push email notification for Outlook account stopped working yesterday (it was working for one year). I haven't changed anything. Note it stopped working
on two different devices at the same time. The only way to get new email messages is manual synchronization by the Sync button now. No error messages in Event log, I also tried to reinstall all three apps, no change. Note that calendar push
notifications still works (on both devices).

I believe it is a server issue because TcpView now reports livecomm.exe process connection to
dub407-m.hotmail.com server on both devices affected while it was something like
snt000-m.hotmail.com (I don't remember the number exactly) before when it had worked. It seems to be my Microsoft account specific issue because notifications on other Microsoft account where Mail, Calendar and People apps are connected to
col403-m.hotmail.com server still works.
Short summary:

My MS account until 20 Jan 2016 - connection to snt000-m.hotmail.com - notifications/synchronization workedMy MS account from 21 Jan 2016 - connection to dub407-m.hotmail.com - notifications/synchronization does not workOther MS account - connection to col403-m.hotmail.com - notifications/synchronization still work

I used Fiddler debugging proxy to capture communication between the livecomm.exe process and Microsoft dub407-m.hotmail.com server. It has
confirmed that new email notification does not arrive from the server (while the calendar ... Read more

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I have several accounts in Windows Mail to use in different locations. When I am at home I set the appropriate account as Default. Windows Mail uses this reliably when creating mail. However, when replying to incoming mail the programme always tries to use another account (not default but one I use in Portugal) and of course it fails to Send because the settings are not correct. I have to manually change the account in the outgoing address box. Any solution?

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I need to get mail from my Live Mail Account immediately  I normally view it on my phone but I need to print a doc

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I'm getting rid of an old netscape web based email account and begin a new yahoo account. I would like to forward the mail from my old account to my new account automatically.
Yahoo gives instructions on doing this but says I need a POP server name. Will this type of mail forwarding work with web-based email? If so, how do I find out netscapes POP server name?

A:forward the mail from my old account to my new account automatically.

POP Access on Yahoo is only for paid accounts I believe, not free.
Settings are:



All this is on the Yahoo site.

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first,sorry for my bad english.

I couldn't install my email account on thunderbird. Impossible to open files in windows.old, than impossible to install my email account and all emails...

In Mail, is it impossible to install, email account from other than Microsoft or Google ?

Thinks in advance for your help

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I need to know how to add an E-mail account in Outlook Express when logged in as a guest. Windows says that I have to log is as an administrator! I need the account to be accessed by the guest user.

Hope someone can help.


A:XP Home Guest Account E-mail Account

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I am using multiple mail accounts at work, some of which require me to use access cards at specific work stations.

I wonder if there is a way to have MS Outlook to send me a notification from my mail account B to my primary mail account A whenever my mail account B recieves an email, because I simply have no time running back and forth between workstations checking for emails that may not be there anyway.

Because of security policies, I can not simply forward mails from account B to account A, so what I need is Outlook to email me a notification saying "an email has been recieved" - nothing about the subject and/or content of the recieved email.

This would be pretty much like the notification on for example smartphones saying "one new email", but for obvious reasons I can not access this account with my smartphone, nor would I be allowed to anyway.

Is this possible, and if so, how?

Thanks in advance!

A:Can I have Outlook notify me via mail to another account when a new mail arrives?

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Can't directly create or sync my google mail in windows 8.
In other site i see mail account option including account in google but in my version i doestn show up
Pls Help

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I am new to Vista and actually like Windows Mail. I have my ISP email account which works as it should in Windows Mail. I also have a @live.com (I suppose this is the replacement for the hotmail account.). Is there a way of adding the @live.com account to the accounts in Windows Mail? If this should be addressed in the Vista Forum feel free to move it please. TIA for any help

A:Solved: Windows Mail and @live.com mail account

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I said is the windows store mail app. how to remove an account in it?
On the other hand, I also don't know how to ADD a second acccount in Mail.

A:how to remove mail account in mail in windows 8?

Open the Mail App.  Display the Charm Bar by either swiping from the right bezel or pressing [Windows] [C]. 
Choose the Settings Link.  This will display the Mail App Settings.On the Settings bar at the top choose AccountsTo add an account select the Add an account linkTo remove an account select the account to open it and click the Remove account button all the way at the bottom of the panel.Paul Stork SharePoint Server
MVP Senior Solutions Architect: BlueChip Consulting Group
Blog: http://dontpapanic.com/blog
Twitter: Follow @pstork
Please remember to mark your question as "answered" if this solves your problem.

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Please Help me. I'm stuck.
Thank you,

Kent Bailey

A:Not able to add my Outlook E-Mail account to Windows Mail

Would someone PLEASE help me?????

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Windows 7 with Windows Live Mail

There are two -mails accounts with WLM/Windows 7, one is 'main' and other is 'spare.'

When I e-mailed/reply to the sender by assuming from 'main' account, however it was sent by another/Spare e-mail account, that never happened before. Then, I was totally shocked to see it happen today.

How to find the e-mail I'm going to send is from the 'main' e-mail account with WLM/Win.7?

Thanks for your help in advance.

A:E-mail was wrongly sent by a spare e-mail account, WLM

I might be being a bit simplistic here but click on icon top left hand corner(next to home)select options then email accounts highlight the account you want to send from then click the make default button.Hope thats what you wanted to know.

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I have Outlook 2000 Inbox set up as follows:

( Notice the circle around the "Account" tab) But, my friend has Outlook XP and can't get the "Internet Account" tab to show which Internet Account (i.e. Comcast, Yahoo, AOL, etc) that the incoming email is from like mine is with Outlook 2000.

He can only get the "tab" to be displayed that states "Internet Account" but the tab's contents (unlike mine) remain blank when he gets mail from any of the accounts.

Is this done differently in XP compared to 2000 Outlook??? How can I get his "Internet Account" tab to show which account incoming mail is from like mine is in the pic???

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All instructions for adding an e-mail account to the mail app, say to go to Settings and click on accounts. When I click on Settings all I get is Change PC Settings, and there is no account option there.

A:Adding e-mail account to the mail app

Hello Ray,

The tutorial below can help show you how to add an email account to the Mail app.

Mail App - Add an Account in Windows 8.1

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DATE: 24APR2010 (Sat.)

I'm having a problem with my FastMail.FM (i.e., http://WWW.FastMail.FM ) E-mail Account.

...The problem I'm having is that the SPELL CHECK(er) is INSERTING a DOUBLE QUOTES SYMBOL Followed By a GREATER THAN SYMBOL (i.e., "> ) in the WEBSITE ADDRESS "LINKS" that I put in My E-mail Messages whenever it "encounters" a ".COM" in a WEBSITE ADDRESS "LINK" WHEN I DO a SPELL CHECK of an E-mail Message.

(FOR EXAMPLE: A WEBSITE ADDRESS "LINK" such as HTTP://WWW.GOOGLE.COM is often CHANGED TO: HTTP://WWW.GOOGLE">COM .{You should see how the SPELL CHECK[er] completely "TRASHED" one of my E-mail Messages when I put some "LONG" WEBSITE ADDRESS "LINKS" in my E-mail Message. ...The .COM,as mentioned above,was CHANGED TO ">COM . After the .COM was CHANGED TO ">COM ,though,the SPELL CHECK[er] would either TRUNCATE the WEBSITE ADDRESS "LINK" [For example, http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl WAS CHANGED TO: http://maps.google">com ] OR the SPELL CHECK[er] would TRUNCATE the WEBSITE ADDRESS "LINK" AND MOVE the REST OF the WEBSITE ADDRESS "... Read more

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Last year or so I have received few times e- mail from "Microsoft account team" with "[email protected]" as an address, asking me to confirm my slightly different address (no dot between two words that my real address has). I have ignored it and nothing happened even as they said that this account will be canceled if I don't. My Microsoft account is on Hotmail of course and I'm sure I never attempted to log in to MS with Gmail.
Now I am not sure that it is some kind of new policy MS has or is it really bogus phishing message.
I do have a Gmail account along with few more but names are quite different than this one. What worries me is that they ask for password too and I'm not going to give it to anybody, otherwise it will be useless.

A:Getting e-mail From "microsoft account team"


I work very closely with Microsoft and have never seen them email anyone and ask for a password. I would stay clear!!


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So I added my outlook account to the Windows 10 mail app. I can get mail on my iPhone and thru the outlook site in the Edge browser, BUT the mail app wont let me log in, wont let me delete the account (it says "something went wrong" and wont sync with my account. So what in the world can I do to fix this?

A:Windows 10 Mail app wont access my mail and wont let me delete account

There is an update for Mail in the store that will bring you to the latest version.
Only released late last night early this morning.
Let us know if that cured your problem if not then follow this link

Mail app - Add or Delete Account in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
To see if that will help you

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I have just tried clicking on Send/Receive in Mail (Vista). Send/Receive is grayed out, so nothing happens. When I look at my accounts I find that there isn't one. I tried to re-create my account but am told that "An error has occurred...". I have contacted my service provider but they can't help me (they suggested downloading Outlook).

Whenever I have a computer problem I look at what I have done since the computer last worked properly. Today I used Revo Uninstaller to uninstall half a dozen programs I no longer use. Is it possible that while doing this I have inadvertently deleted a line(s) from the registry?

A:No Mail Account

You probalbly deleted the email client.

Download Windows Live Mail.


If you did not delte your email client and you are worried about the registry, I suggest that you use system restore from before the delte. Yes, all the programs will be back, but you can delete them now and be sure not to touch the registry. You may want to do only one at a time and make sure the computer works properly before doing the next. Make a system restore point before each uninstall, so you can go back.

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I am having trouble adding a new account to the Mail app (first account). I start the Mail app and choose Add Account. I then choose Outlook.com and I add my Microsoft account email information tr*****@msn.com (asterisks inserted here to protect my identity) and type in my password. It then shows that I am done and that my account was set up successfully. I click Done and the Mail app immediately crashes. I have tried resetting the Store (wsreset). I have checked for updates in the Store and have installed them. I have run the Apps troubleshooter http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/w...r-windows-apps. I have signed out of my Microsoft account to a local account and then back to Microsoft account. Mail app still crashing as soon as I click Done after adding account.

Removed windowscommunicationsapps via Powershell and reinstalled via Store. Clicked on Mail app and now it does not crash, but mail is not synced. Under Settings>Manage Accounts I get System Error. Can't get email is highlighted red.

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I will be installing Windows 8 Pro soon.
Can I setup my POP account with mail??


A:POP Account With Mail

Not really. You can probably try and link to it via gmail or similar.

Just use Thunderbird or similar - save yourself a lot of arsing about.

I don't know if that is another thing MS hadn't finished before pushing win 8 out onto the unsuspecting public - or if they are trying to kill pop.

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Hi All,

I have a question about my my mail account in Outlook. I have a Dell laptop running XP Pro w/ MS Office 2000 and have a mail account setup in Outlook that was running fine until I hooked up a Compaq Deskpro running Windows 2000 professional w/ MS Office 2003. I configured the Compaq's Outlook to receive e-mail and now the laptop does not recieve e-mail through Outlook, only the Compaq does now. I thought you could have two PC's and recieve e-mail on both at the same time?

Your thoughts? Thanks for the help in advance!

A:Two Pc's, One Mail Account

What happens when you try to get your emails on the laptop? Error messages? Can you send email on the laptop?

Could it be that you just emptied your ISP's mailbox when you get mail with the Compaq, and so when you try to download the mail with the laptop it 'doesn't work' because there is no mail to get?

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I am using Outlook on my PC to access my mail account and I keep getting this error: Cannot open the Outlook window.Really hope someone has a solution for this. i'm running out of ideas.

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I don't know whether or not this question should be on this topic but... :

Yesterday i created an e-mail (hotmail) so as to create a facebook account and while the e-mail was succesfully created the exact same mail address in facebook was being used by another person. In short I accidentally changed this user's profile password and don't know what to do about it. During the hotmail registration the site indicated me that the mail address was available while it shouldn't have done so, since someone had created a fb account using it. In the end I just tried to change the address but hotmail told me that this was not possible at the moment....

Plz heeeeeelp I am frustrated as hell

A:New e-mail n fb account

We can not help you with that here. I would contact Hotmail/Facebookand let them know of your issue. There could be someone stealing your Hotmail identity or just a Hotmail/Facebook hiccup.

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Someone is sending junk mail to people in my messenger. How do i solve this problem?

A:my e-mail account

Welcome to TSF. The best place to start is to change your password.

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This is my first experience with Windows 8 and I cannot add an account to the Mail app. I simply do not have the option...When I bring up the charm menu and click on "settings" I do have an "accounts". I only have 2 options "Permissions" and "Rate and Review".

I have checked my user account settings and I am an administrator.

The computer is a Gateway NE56R14h notebook


A:Cannot add account to Mail app

did you disable UAC? Windows Store apps require UAC to be enabled.

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How do I set up a ISP mail account with WIN 7. My wife has several mail list and uses her ISP mail account a lot.

I thought this Windows live was supposed to take care of all of it but I cain't get the ISP mail account. Also when I used the file transfer wizard it moved over hotmail information but no ISP mail info.


A:ISP mail account

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The thing is, i want to use my G-Mail account as my default e-mail account.

When i right-click the start menu and go to customize, G-Mail isn't one of the options, but i do have Hotmail, Outlook Express, and a couple other things. But G-Mail remains absent.

A:...so i got a G-Mail account

Hmm. I don't know if that's possible, I think the closest thing you may be able to do is grab a shortcut to the G-mail sign-in page and drop it into your start button. You'll still have to click the start button, then the shortcut's Icon to go there though.

Then again, someone probably has a better way than me.

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after my desktop upgraded itself to Windows 10, I've tried to add a bellsouth email account. It wont sync and the error message is 0x8007274c. It says it cannot contact mail.bellsouth.net:110:0.

A:New mail account set up

I would Call Bell South and make sure that Port number (110:0) is correct , Mail tries to autodetect the Server Ports and may have it wrong?
Other wise I would delete the account and set it up again manually including the Servers and ports with Bellsouth help

I found this page online http://settings.email/bellsouth.net-email-settings.html

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Ok, so it all began like this. Facebook is blocked, (for some reason) only in google chrome, so a friend told me to try and delete the cache cookies and history and see if that help. It didn't. I don't care about the facebook thing now, I use other explorer to enter facebook.

The problem was that I lost many passwords, my youtube account password, my tumblr password and my yahoo account password, among others. I forgot the passwords because I was always logged in those acounts I just entered the page and it automatically opened my account.

When I try to get back my youtube, tumblr or yahoo passwords they send a message to that email account I can't get into .

Now here's an even "stupider" thing. When I try to get back my email account they send me a code but to that same account I can't get into !!! it's nonsensical, so I can't get the code. Then I tried sending the code to other hotmail, but They say that the information is insufficient. But i's not my fault, I can't fill the "Subject of recent emails sent" because I haven't used that mail in years and I haven't sent any, and for sure wouldn't remember the subject of the last mail I sent.

So I can't get my hotmail back, and I really don't care for it anymore I have a new one already (and it never occurred to me to send all the important information from that mail to the new one ,hehe) All I need is the passwords for my accounts.... Read more

A:Help with my E-mail account

Hi and welcome,
I need to point out one of the site rules:
"Please do not ask for assistance with (or ways to bypass) a forgotten or unknown password, personal identification number (PIN) or any other type of access code that may be required on a computer, mobile device or web site. As there is no way to verify the actual situation or intent, no assistance will be provided...."

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For the past three weeks I haven't been able to log in to my hotmail account,the page won't load after I sign in.I've tried many things like cleaning registry , history , cookies , trying different browsers but none of this seems to work.same issues with facebook.When I tried to register to yahoo mail because I thought it was a hotmail problem,I couldn't,the page was not loading after I pressed 'complete registration'.Needlass to say that I have no problems when using other computers...Any ideas???...Thanks...

A:Can't log in to any e-mail account from my pc

Do you have any 3rd party security software (spybot, Zone Alarm etc) that would be blocking you? In IE go to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy/Advanced make sure the browser is set to Always Allow Cookies. You can always add these sites as Trusted Sites. In Internet Options/Security make sure it is set to Medium or Medium High. Go to Trusted Sites/Sites and add these sites as Trusted sites.

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I may have seen this asked previously, but I cannot find it now.

Using WLM, can I add a second e-mail account to mine (or vise-versa). For example, add my nieces's address in my machine and my address to her machine? I don't care to use another program such as g-mail or outlook.

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Okay so just recently, actually just an hour ago, I found out that my Yahoo! e-mail has been sending spam to my contacts. I got to know about the spam sending when I received the e-mail on my other e-mail account and also when my Yahoo! e-mail's inbox was filled with MAILER-DAEMON failure notices (some of my contact e-mails aren't working anymore). So without further ado, here's the list of my questions. Please answer them as I want to be aware about how these things work.Can tracking cookies do this? I mean can tracking cookies have the ability to send an e-mail using your e-mail address if given the right circumstances?Where could I typically have gotten my Yahoo! e-mail compromised? I hardly enter it anywhere else and I only log in on computers that I'm sure doesn't have any malware in it. Could it be possible that this happened because I opened a certain website? I never use e-mail clients, I open my e-mails directly at the Yahoo! Mail page.As anybody would typically do, upon noticing that my e-mail account was being used to send spam, I immediately changed my password. When I did, Yahoo! showed me a list of the affected apps because of my password change. Now here's something peculiar, as you can see on this screenshot, I enclosed in a box an application that I think I haven't seen before nor did I allow it's usage of my Yahoo! account. My big question for this is how did that app get a hold of my approval? As you c... Read more

A:An issue with my e-mail account.

I seem to get some email spams originating from lptracking.com, in fact the last spam email sent to me linked to http://www.lptracking.com/aff_c?offer_id=2934&aff_id=270 which appears to be some affiliate link. I tried Googling for more information about this certain website but as my search results showed, there doesn't seem to be any discussion about it. I looked it up on MyWOT, McAfee Site Advisor and VirusTotal but all of those returned that the website is safe and that it has no negative feedback whatsoever.This is bothering me since I have received a few spam mails linking to that site already. What's more bothering is that how can it manage to fly under the radar and not get flagged by these security sites? Here's a screenshot of the email sent to me. http://twitpic.com/46wlaoSo what do you think guys? =/

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how can i set up another e amil address? (outlook express6, winXP) I try to follow the help instructions & go with the wizard but when all seems to be ok, it wont let me access the send/receive page without asking for my username & password which is ALREADY in the box! no go if I retype info either!
Maybe my ISP only allows one e mail account? (BT) uK's largest!

A:extra e mail account?

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Hi, I am new. Hello! Well, I am just too embarassed to say what I did, but let's say that I let some stranger take control of my computer thinking they were going to help me with my security system of all things..and well I was scammed and hotmail hacked. After that my hotmail account inbox got loaded and all my friends on my list from the hotmail account got strange messages as well.

SO I deleted the hotmail account, changed every password of everything I could think of. Now I am worried that that was not enough. The reason I am worried is not my trendmicro security keeps telling me that my credit card number is being blocked (that is good of course) but why is this data trying to go out in the first place?!!!!! I do not store my credit card number on my computer though it is stored at various sites like Paypal and so forth. I did a hijackthis log, but I cannot tell anything by it. Am I in trouble or okay?

Thank you, K

A:E-mail account compromised

What is the exact message Trend is showing you?

Have you scanned your computer with any antivirus programs?

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