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MS Word and Cross-References

Q: MS Word and Cross-References

I'm writing my dissertation. I am using cross-references for both Tables and Figures (Word 2003). I'm also using EndNote for my references (I have no idea if this has anything to do with the problem).

The problem is that EVERYTIME I print, it does something weird and puts in a large amount of white space before a cross-reference. On average, 3/4 of a page of white space. If I click to the right of the last word before the reference, it highlights all the space as well as the cross-reference for deletion. If I put the cursor right before the cross-reference, I can just back space and delete it all. I delete it all the way back to the word before the cross-reference and add the proper spacing, save and print, it still does the same thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Preferred Solution: MS Word and Cross-References

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: MS Word and Cross-References

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I am using word 2007 for an academic paper. I have a lot of examples that generally look like this:

(1) a. this is part one
b. I continue here
c. some more text here

When I add a cross-reference to the example, Word only allows me to choose the example number (1), but sometimes I would like to specify that I am talking about e.g. (1a). If I just add the letter in the middle of the reference, it disappears every time I update the field. Adding the letter outside of the reference, e.g. (1)a is not an acceptable option for many journals. Is there a way to make the letter stay inside the reference and not disappear after I update it?

Thank you!

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Cross reference in Word doc has gone completely mad.
This seems to be the problem:

But I can't seem to be able to fix it.
Any idea whats up?

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Three editors on my project have all experienced the problems listed below in several documents. We were all using Word 2007 with SP2, not SP3 (I’ve now installed SP3). I have found two other posts online with the same problems, but no responses.

The documents have Next Page section breaks between sections and appendices. Heading 1 is numbered 1, 2, 3; Heading 7 (the appendix heading) is numbered A, B, C. We use the Figure label for captions in the document body and a custom label, apxFigure, for captions in the appendix.
1. When a caption is inserted in the appendix, all figure captions in the body (Figure 1-1, etc.) change to the appendix label (apxFigure) and the numbering changes to A-1, A-2, etc.
2. One or more captions do not appear on the cross-reference list despite numerous reinsertions of the table of figures (TOF).
3. One or more captions are not included in the table of figures list.
4. Sometimes, the TOF will display the caption, but it won’t be available in the cross-reference – and vice versa.
We have tried:
1. Replacing all captions (sometimes corrects the problem, sometimes not)
2. Copying and pasting the document section by section (without the last paragraph marker) into a new document, thinking it might be corrupted. No difference.
3. Updating all captions and cross-references, both individually and collectively.
Does anyone have an explanation -- better yet, a solution? Does the service pack have anything to do with this?

Tech Support Guy System Inf... Read more

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I am working with a .docx file about 20MB. I included several figures (different formats, e.g. .eps, .emf, etc.) with numbered captions and crossreferences in the running text. However, Word screws up the document and puts an additional figure into the correct crossreference itself. I do a fair amout of editing, deleting the double figure, but when trying to print the document (update table, numbers, etc.) the double figures are back. For me it is still a mystery, since not every figure is put twice in .docx. Can anyone help me with that? Many thanks in advance!

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Dear Forum,
I am working on a long document in Word 2007 at the moment (high-performance laptop, Vista Home Premium SP1). Among other things, I am using charts, copied from Excel into table cells to keep them in place, within the document. These Charts have captions (Figure 1, etc.) and within the text I am referring to these figures with the help of cross references. This works fine until I try and print these pages. I have tried printing to a printer and printing to PDF file format and in both instances the documents gets screwed up. I have attached a pdf file with an example. As far as I can see, what happens is that the chart that the cross reference refers to, pops up itself where the cross reference is embedded. This not only occurs on the output, i.e. printout or pdf file, but appears after the print command in the document itself.

I would be very greatful if anyone had some advice on how to fix this.
Kind regards,

A:Solved: Word 2007: Problem with cross-references in text

It looks as if the cross-references are acting as hyperlinks to the part referenced, rather than a straight reference.

Have you got "insert as hyperlink" checked?

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The XPS One 20. An attractive, nicely featured and versatile all-in-one desktop PC now around 8 years old. And it looked like it might be a good choice for setting up my mother with her very first PC now that we've finally found a reasonable means for providing internet access to our very remote farm property. Thinking ahead to the many times I would need to both walk her through issues by phone, as well as utilize remote connection tools to directly access/maintain/resolve issues, when I stumbled onto a 2nd top notch XPS One 20 a couple days after buying hers, I grabbed it as well with the plan of "synch-ing" the pair to be identical twins to further simplify "support" by having one at my desk, too. As purchased, there was two primary differences between them, which were going to be resolved first thing: #1 had been subjected to the flawed and fairly well documented 2.05 bios update which caused machines to start reporting fan failures while actually causing fans to run at top speed with no temp/system governed control, and been loaded with the Win 10 64bit OS, while Win 7 Pro 64bit (the OS I intended for both to be using) was installed on #2. From what I'd read, the bios fix was just a matter of flashing with the 2.06 release created in large part specifically to address and mend the fan fluke left by 2.05. However in practice, it's looking like there's more to it than that, and at minimum I don't think the 2.06 flash is actually inst... Read more

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I have an autonumbered document with autonumbered figure captions as well. In the text of the document I have cross-references that are linked to Figures and other numbered sections of the document. To update the cross-referenced field, I right click on the reference and select "update field". Is there a way to update all of the fields at once (similar to updating the table of contents) instead of doing one at a time?


A:Updating Cross-References

Oh my goodness, yes.
Unless you have it turned off, fields should update just by doing a print preview (check tools-options, print tab), or by hitting Ctrl+A and then F9.

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I have an 18 page manuscript that I need to create a reference table at the end. I know word has an index feature and I have gotten as far as marking the text but I need for one to number the references. Does anyone know how? I dont want to have to copy and paste each reference and number them manually.


A:Word 97, using index and references

The PDF files, Using Word for your Dissertation and Using Headers and Sections here should help.

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I am currently trying to make an IF statement in Word 2003 that will be conditional on (and auto-fill with) information in 2 different Text Form Fields.

The two fields are bookmarked as "Own1" and "Own2"

I would like it to simply display the input information in the "Own1" field if "Own2" contains no data, but display "Own1 and Own2" if Own2 does contain data.

Just to be very clear, here are the two different examples.
Ex. 1 - Own1 = John Smith ; Own2 is empty

Print - John Smith

Ex.2 - Own1 = John Smith ; Own2 = Jane Smith

Print John Smith and Jane Smith
{IF { FORMTEXT Own2 } <> "" "{ FORMTEXT Own1 } and { FORMTEXT Own2}" "{ FORMTEXT Own1 }" \* CHARFORMAT }

I currently have this as the IF statement and it doesn't work as I want. All it will display is "FORMTEXT" (I have tried this with REF in place of FORMTEXT and I get the same result), unconditional of any text being present in the "Own2" field. It seems as though the IF statement never gets to the comparison part of the IF statement.

Thanks for any help!

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As many of you know there is suddenly a problem with opening the old word Documents in the CRT contracts directory. It takes a long time to open them. This is because they were all created in the old bas(CRM Tool), and there is a reference to the old avenue server which is now turned off.

If you remove this reference then the file will open normally. Unfortunately I know of no way to do this to all the files at once, you will have to do it file by file. Is there a way to get all the files fixed at one time? Please help!

Mike Varone
Training Manager
[email protected]
PH: 440-871-8900 ext. 320

Below Is a link to a file that will show you how to remove the reference, however this is per document.

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I'm having some incredibly frustrating problems with the INCLUDETEXT command - here is what I want to accomplish.

CREDITS folder. This folder contaings about 15 SUBFOLDERS each with their own word document. All of these documents are to share the same 'Project Name,' 'Project Location,' etc.

I want to be able to enter the Project Location, Project Name, etc, once and have this update in all of the files. To do so I have created a seperate Project_Info.doc in the main CREDITS folder and have entered placeholder words and made them referencable, functioning bookmarks.

The folders look like this


The CREDITS folder is going to be copied and pasted into various project folders, updating the Project Name and Location each time (such as P:\CREDITS or P:\BUILDING\CREDITS)

When I use the following include text command

{INCLUDETEXT "\"T:\\LEED [Folder Structure]\\Credits+Submittal\\Project_Info.doc\""}
the entire file is included followed by a carriage return which I do not want. When I reference the fully functioning bookmark as follows:

{INCLUDETEXT "\"T:\\LEED [Folder Structure]\\Credits+Submittal\\Project_Info.doc\" ProjName"}

I get an "Error! Not a valid filename" message. Furthermore, if I reference with links from the server (say on the T:\ drive) when I copy and paste the folder into a new project on, say, the P:\... Read more

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Does anybody have an idea how to change the default font and text size for footnotes in word 2003. I can do it manually as in highlight and right click the text and set the font that i want. But as soon as i insert another footnote it reverts back to the original font setting and not the one that i previously specified.

Any ideas?

Edit: I should add that this is in an existing 80 page document.

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Peace be upon you

I have a report built in MS-Word 2010, all the figures are in MS-PowerPoint,
The figure titles are put as references in the Word document, and I used cross-references easily within the document

I want to copy the figures' titles in the PowerPoint slides so that the figure numbers can be updated when it changes in the original word document.

I tried the Paste-link, but it updates the title text only, and not updating the figure number!

Please Help me,,,
Thanks in advance..

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For some reason I seem to be getting a red cross with a white background wherever I have inputted an image into Microsoft Word. I was typing up a document and creating a graph and then had the message (something similar to this): 'graph 8 has performed an illegal operation'. Ever since that has happened I have been unable to view any of the images, bar that graph that 'crashed'. This red cross looks like this:

I am able to view these images if I try to edit them in word, which is what baffles me. But when I try to print out, I still get those crosses.

Does anyone know a remedy to this problem, thanks for your help.


A:Microsoft Word - Cross Instead Of Image?!

1. Clean up your hard drive: www.theofficeexperts.com/cleanyourpc.htm

2. Troubleshoot Word: www.theofficeexperts.com/word.htm

That at least puts us at a starting point, but may actually resolve the problem.

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All of a sudden my Word 2007 will not close using the red cross close button, it just hangs. Is there an update or addon that could prevent this, should I reload word 2007 only again to repair?

A:Word 2007 will not close using the red cross

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I was backing up a chunk of files - actually menus for customers - some of which were written ago on another computer in the old Word program and some which were newer in the new Word program. In the middle of downloading, someone got on my computer and stopped them. It seems that I cannot open any of them in the proper language - English - just code. I think the two got mixed up and my computer doesn't know how to read either.

Does this make sense? How do I re seperate them so they are readable??? Help!

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I have a long document with numbered paragraphs. The document describes the contents of a flowchart, so there are a lot of "go to step nnn" included.

I've used inserted cross-references to point to the 'go to' paragraphs by number.

If I add or delete a numbered paragraph, the hyperlink points to the correct new location, but the number in the text does not get updated.
For example, if I had the following:

1.3 text AAA
1.4 Go to step 1.6. (the hyperlink takes me to step 1.6)
1.5 text BBB
1.6 text CCC

I then insert a new para after 1.5:

1.3 text AAA
1.4 Go to step 1.6. (the hyperlink takes me to step 1.7 but the text 'Go to step 1.6' does NOT change).
1.5 text BBB
1.6 new stuff here
1.7 text CCC

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My wife and I are annoyed by that cross icon at the top left that comes up with a Word for Windows document. We don't know what is the function of that and it creates problems. What do we do?

A:Cross icon on top left of page of Word

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I'm having an error when using Word 2003 and the cross-reference feature (in addition to a few other fields). The cross references are automatically changing when printed, printed to pdf, or transmitted to other team members. This sounds great, except they are INCORRECTLY changing. [4] become [3], etc. Now the reference is pointing to the incorrect source.

I watched this happen when I hit the print button, and the screen magically changed before my eyes.

Also I am getting many {Error! Reference not found}, despite the original reference still being located in the document, as well as in the original location.

Finally, the table of contents is similarly changing, incorrectly. In some cases, everything is on the same page, according to the TOC. If I try to update (right click --> update field --> update entire table) I get the following error : Error! No table of contents entries found.

The only solution is to delete the entire TOC and start over.

Why are these things happening and what can I do to fix it?

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I work with MS Word templates mostly, sometimes Excel too (ver. 2000, XP, 2003, and 2007).

PROBLEM: I work for an organization present on all continents. My colleagues around the world expect the templates I make to work for all of them, and they use many different languages i.e. many localized versions of Windows. This is a huge problem, especially when it comes to field codes.

SOLUTION: I have access to all non-English versions of Windows used in the firm worldwide, and intend to set up a machine for each of the key regions/languages/types of characters used, to do testing of my templates on them, before sending them around. (Or maybe to use MS Virtual PC or the like, and have them installed on one machine.)

QUESTION: With as many countries as we work with I cannot possibly test all of them, and have to go for testing a few ‘representative’ systems only. What localized versions of Windows should I pick? Which ones would cover the most of the globe? UK and US are obviously not a problem, I can test them alright. Problems are the following:
1) some of western character sets in Europe;
2) all of the non western character ones; and, in particular,
3) Asian ‘double-byte’ character sets.

Any other solutions for this that you can think of?

Thanx for your help.

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I have a 200+ page technical document written in Word 2007. I am just adding a section which has common bits of information in it, and this section will be referred to by other sections.

I would like it to be the case that when someone looks at the sections within this common bit, there is a list at the start of each one which details which sections are referring to it. This is so that if changes are to be made to the wording/content then it can be seen which sections could be affected by that change.

So, for example:-
Title 1
Title 2
Sub-Title 2.1
Sub-Title 2.2

Title 3
Sub-Title 3.1

Title 4
Sub-Title 4.1

In the above sections, lets say that "Sub-Title 4.1" has got some common information in it that both "Sub-Title 2.2" and "Sub-Title 3.1" have cross-references to. So far, so good!

However, if someone were to update the content of "Sub-Title 4.1" they must know which sections are referring to it so that they can check what those sections say and make sure the whole document still makes sense to the reader.

So, "Sub-Title 4.1" would (ideally!) have some sort of mini-toc at the start of it looking something like this:-

Sub-Title 4.1

This section is referred to by
Sub-Title 2.2 .................. Page 144
Sub-Title 3.1....................Page 156
​This section talks about blah, blah, blah ...
Any ideas on how this can be done??

A:Word - list the sections that have a cross-reference to this section

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Okay, so I've run into another problem with Word 2007 (big surprize). I added a picure from the clipboard, and then inserted a caption for that picture. Now, when I go to add a cross-reference to that picture, it doesn't show up in the cross-reference list! (see attachemnt) I do this all the time, and this problem has never happenned to me before. Does anyone know why Figure 3 does not show up in the cross-reference list?

A:Solved: Word 2007 Cross-reference Broken

Can you zip up and post that figure and the surrounding text as an attachment?

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To All, Here is a full summary of the situation and hope someone can give me good advice:

When I am in a Word 2007 document with headers, they are from multlists and which are linked to the headers when creating the mulitlist. One of my headers, Header 2, shows up first as Section 1.1 as in multilist set up, under the enter formatting for number, I put in the word Section-1.1 and that also sets up the numbering for the heading I use going forward.

When I cross reference to the number as the paragraph number in the cross reference, it always shows up as Section 1.1, not just the number 1.1, and I read someplace that if you right click the cross reference, click on Toggle Field Codes, the field code that shows up is { REF _Ref354083577 \n \h }. I then add at the end of the field code ‘\t’ and save it, update the field, and the cross reference shows up as 1.1, not Section 1.1

So in the paragraph when I want to refer to an Exhibit I am adding at the end of the document, I refer to the Exhibit in the paragraph as “Exhibit 1.1”. And do it by typing in the word Exhibit and the cross reference to Section 1.1, with the field change to “\t” and in the paragraph is shows up as “Exhibit 1.1.

Then as a new page at the end of the document, which is separated, I click on Heading 9 which is set up from the mulitlist and linked to Heading 9, with just the word Exhibit and not a number type thru the multilist process. So when I click on Heading 9, the beginning of the new page is th... Read more

A:Word 2007 - Cross Reference For Table of Contents

I read recently that there might be a way to add SEQ fields next to the page number in the footer, and so I did iti, as to the Identifier, I put in the word "Exhibit'

Is there a way to use this Field and include the cross reference to the numbers I cross reference to as stated above, and then modify the TOC field to recognize the changes to the Page number that then includes the number 1.1- before the page number in the table of contents and any words I want before the page number in the Table of Contents.

Also, since the header is not set up with a number, there is no Caption to refer to, so is there a way to add a SEQ field or other field before the cross reference at the top of the page or make the cross reference the Caption for the heading.
And based on any of the foregoing, what do I change to the TOC field to show the number 1.1.-1 as the page number?

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Hello -

First off I just want to say I'm new to the forum...you guys have a great group and great info here!! I'm looking forward to being a part of it...

Now to my problem - I'm having some issues with the mail merge function in MS World 2002.

First, when I have a Table of Contents in the Main Document and merge to a new Document, the entire Table of Contents turns into hyperlinks instead of remaining a regular Table of Contents. I tried deleting the \h switch from the TOC field code but no luck. Any ideas what to do? btw- i never had this problem when I was using Word 2000.

Second and more important problem. When I have cross references in my Main Document (For example a cross reference in Section 12, saying refer to Section 2 which is hyperlinked) the cross references go hard after the document is merged, meaning they are no longer "shaded" and "hyperlinked". Any ideas how to retain the coding so cross references stay cross references even in the merged document?

Thanks in advance guys!

A:Mail Merge in Word 2002 (TOC and Cross Referencing Problems) HELP!!

i heard cross references utilize bookmarks and you can create a macro to retain bookmarks during a mail merge.

Anyone know if this is true?

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I am using cross-references in my Word document. At the end or beginning of the sentence where the cross-reference exists is a mysterious vertical line. I have never seen Word do this before and not sure how to turn this off as it appears in Print. The cross-references are to Figures within the same document-if that matters.


A:Solved: Word 2003 cross reference vertical line

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It just occurred to me that there are many of us that work on one platform on our desktop, but different on our phones or tablets.

Does anyone know of any source for lists of applications that can utilize the same data on each environment? I am thinking that a good cross reference would be good to help us select applications on each environment and if some resource became popular enough, it could lead software vendors to support a variety of data formats in each environment they support, or provide import/export capabilities to support those of us who use multiple platforms.

My personal preference is to use open source or free/inexpensive software, but the need becomes greater when tools in those realms don't exist.

If nobody knows of an existing source, I think I might start something... A listing of programs that can share files for two or more of the following platforms would be a start:

Windows Desktop
Windows Metro (or whatever they are calling it)

In my mind, a program would be included if any of the following applied:

a) Versions exist for multiple platforms
b) Works via web
c) Works directly with files from an app on a different platform
d) Exports files to standard formats for use by others (comma delimited, xml, JSON etc)

My personal ideal would be to have an app in each environment I use that exploits the interface of that environment well, and shares data transparently with an app on one of my other devices. For me, I also want apps that ... Read more

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For my robotic project I'm going to buy SUB-20
And use ROS
I'm looking for anyone familiar with
SUB-20 Multi Interface USB Adapter USB-I2C, USB-SPI, USB-GPIO, RS232, RS485, MDIO, Ir, LCD, PWM Click to expand...

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I currently have gtx 260 x2 sli bridged, I was wondering if there is any freeware out there that will let me do more with the video cards than nvidia control panel, like control fan speeds or even just a monitoring tool.

A:Just need some references please

Have a look at Rivatuner it works well for me, have had a lot of success with it.

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Anyone got any suggestions? I have a pretty thorough knowledge of windows 7 and am looking to get the greatest collection of knowledge possible. I already have been through the windows 7 inside and out deluxe, and been though google more than I would like to admit, anyone got any good references for pretty much anything advanced windows 7? Modding, administrating, security & configuration, etc?

A:Best Windows 7 References?

For the best information available on the net or off
Tutorials - Windows 7 Forums

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I am trying to create a field that is comprised of other fields. For example:

I want my A1 column text to be information from column B1, C1, and D1. So a formula would look like =A1-B1-D1 but obviously this will subtract tbe three cells from each other. I want it to look like Dog-Cat-Fish.

I hope I am explaining this well enough. I appreciate any help offered. Im not even sure if this is possible in excel though.


A:Excel References

Text does not work in the same way as numeric data, which seems to be what you want to accomplish; do I understand that you want words to subtract from themselves, or do you simply want to place (in your example) three words each from a different column, separated by a dash, in another column?

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I am using Firefox 6 with Windows 7, and periodically I find that, when I open, say, my bank information, my membership reference, etc., has not been saved, causing me to have to input it all again. I do tick the "Remember these details?" box, but perhaps two days later all the info has gone again. It is more of a nuisance than a desperate situation, but I would like to find out how I can prevent this from happening, if anyone has any ideas. Many thanks.

A:References not being saved

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I would like to know if I can delete all orphaned file/path references,shared DLLs,help file references,application path and activeX control references detected by my disk cleaning tool.Will it cause any harm to my PC after deletion?Thank you for your advice.

A:Orphaned File References???

I would not simply delete them, but move them to a hold folder. And then use the PC for a few weeks to see if any of them were really needed.

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Hello Everyone,

I am utilizing McAfee as my protection of choice and I used to use xofsoftse spyware remover. I was thinking of trying a new spyware remover before I renewed xofsoftse. As part of Comcast internet toolbar it has a free spyware removal tool but I have always heard of utilizing multiple spyware software. Since there are way to many bad ones out there I wanted to hear if anyone has anything great to say about a particular program. Free is always better but a great working program is what im after. In past spyware removers I would scan and get things with one scanner that another would not find and then it would find them again right after deleting the spyware?

I have a 4year (1year hard drive) old dell inspiron 8600, Windows xp sp2, 90gb, (only half full) ,1.7 mhz processor, 512 ram. I generally communicate and photo edit with my computer with some video editing in there also.



A:spyware remover references

I think AVG Anti-Spyware and SuperAntiSpyware Are Good Choices,
AVG also scans for trojans as well as spyware,
and alot of people recommend superantispyware,
both superantispyware and avg anti-spyware have paid and free versions I only have the free versions on both,
the avg anti-spyware starts as a paid version but after 30 days it reverts to the free version.
(links are in my signature.) \/

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I have an Excel97 spreadsheet that refers to, and summarises, a number of other spreadsheets. The files are all within sub-directories of one single directory held on a NetWare5 file server. I want to be able to copy this complete directory structure to a CD and then onto a laptop to enable it to be updated elsewhere, and then copy it back to the network. The top level directory names are the same on the file server and the laptop.

The problem is that when I copy the files to CD, the formulae all appear in the form:

='\\Sample_nds\.SAMPLE_DATA.sampleltd\StockLists\GROUP 1\[Region 1.xls]Store Summary'!$A$300

with the full NetWare directory handle which is not recognisable on the laptop.

Is there any way of doing this, to allow the files to maintain their linkages when moving them between machines? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Excel97 external references

Evening Steve,

Have you tried clicking on Tools | Options | View and then making sure that the Formulas option in the Windows Options section is Unchecked? That should sort it out once you've finished transferring the pages, although why it would want to check itself just when copying to CD is something I'd have to work on...



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Is there a way to check or uncheck references using code in Access?

I have a database that will be opened by Access 2003 or 2007. Both versions will need to be able to use the Access Reference "Microsoft Outlook 11.0 Object Library" or "Microsoft Outlook 12.0 Object Library".

A:Access Database - References

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I was wondering if it was possible to remove the libraries drop down in Explorer, as it is just a waste of space for me. Network too infact. I only use Favorites and Computer. Also, I would like to change the buttons in the start menu(Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos) to point at the folders themselves, instead of the libraries, is this possible? If so, how would I do that? Thanks!

A:Removing References to Libraries

Hello YouTellMe

Is this what your looking for - Libraries Folder - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane

Regards Danny

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I've checked all the /dev/tty* references under Linux (bash) but none work for COM* access (via Python in my case). I've enumerated all available tty references using a simple python script but still unable to "decipher" the right string for the
serial access. The equivalent Python code runs under Debian Jessie without any issues (of course, the COMx reference there is slightly different). Please let me know how to access COM ports using bash in Linux for Windows (build 14965). Thanks.

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Is there a way to have Excel References "stay" on a PC? For example, I have a master workbook with millions of references installed (not really, but you know what I mean). I want to call a macro from that master workbook, but it will not work because that macro needs specific references installed to run. I do not want to have to install references on over 2k workbooks, just so I can use a macro?! What other options do I have?

A:Solved: Excel References

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My problem is similar to BTHORNBURY (All Search Engines Hijacked). His/her question hasn't been answered yet, and it seems we should not be using the recommendations made to other users, so . . .

I pretty much always use Google to search for things. It throws up a list of links to click on, but about three days ago, whenever I click on a link, I get sent to another search engine, like INFO.COM, or to another site. For example, I click on

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and I end up at a Smart&Final store website, which has nothing to do with what I was looking for. And my "back" button is usually disabled, so I cannot get back to the search page.

But then sometimes, I will click on the link and get sent to some other site (like I am looking for X-Files episodes and I get sent to a car dealer website), and when I get back to the search results, the links work OK.
Here is my HijackThis log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 9:06:16 PM, on 8/16/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16705)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\servic... Read more

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Good morning/afternoon to you all. First of, thanks a lot for letting me into the community. I hope we'll be able to exchange as often as possible. Well i'm a digital artist and i wanted to combine a professional laptop with some creative possibilities. So Yoga 260 seemed to be the best match (for its maneuvrability and integrated stylus)... to the point I saw the exact screen specifications... which are to be perfectly honest, pretty disappointing when it comes to refresh rate and Gamma/Adobe RGB range coverage. So i simply want to customize the hell of my future Yoga260 future acquisition, but I have 2 questions:Can any 12.5i multi-touch display do the trick, or must I get something compatible in any way.If I must get something compatible, which Full HD screen with better RGB ranges so i can do a better job ? Many thanks for any help you can provide me. All the Best max

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Hello all, bought a  X1 Yoga gen3  with the following reference:  20LDCTO1WW.Saw a list with specs from LD, LE etc, but did not save it.Anyone? I offcourse know my own config but would be nice to see that list again. Thanks, and happy bargain hunting today.


Go to Solution.

A:List X1 Yoga gen3 references. What is LD, LE etc?

Is this what you are looking for?  The psref?

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Is there any reference site that gives explanations for the experimental settings in "opera://flags/"? I do not understand many of them, and need more information.

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I need to know how to manually RIP OUT every single reference of ie8 from the disk, the registry, and my life. i am trying to reinstall ie7 as a trouble shooting step because IE8 is completely messed up. i cannot downgrade normally because the uninstall entry is missing. spuninst.exe fails to function.

i will rip the head off of anyone who responds with a cut and paste microsoft document because i am so fed up with people beating around the bush and assuming that there is some sort of easy to do this that inevitably will fail just like the rest.

I want a list of registry entries and files to delete. i am treating IE8 like a virus and wish to remove it by hand as such

A:How to manually remove all references to IE8 so i can reinstall IE7

I need to know how to manually RIP OUT every single reference of ie8 from the disk, the registry, and my life. i am trying to reinstall ie7 as a trouble shooting step because IE8 is completely messed up. i cannot downgrade normally because the uninstall entry is missing. spuninst.exe fails to function. i will rip the head off of anyone who responds with a cut and paste microsoft document because i am so fed up with people beating around the bush and assuming that there is some sort of easy to do this that inevitably will fail just like the rest. I want a list of registry entries and files to delete. i am treating IE8 like a virus and wish to remove it by hand as suchi 2nd that move too i have had a lot of trouble with ie8 from the start -- a system clean up would help!!

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I just cleaned some nasty viruses off my machine, but every time I boot up I get an error message telling me that it cannot find C:\windows\system32\ddayy.exe, and that I should remove references to it in the registry. I ran the registry search tool looking for ddayy.exe and got the following:

[HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows]


[HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1397865392-4000231507-2547351323-1006\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows]

[HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-18\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows]

How do I keep the computer from posting these messages every time I boot up? What is ddayy.exe anyway? Thank you for any help you can offer.

A:How to clean ddayy.exe references in registry?

Hi D. Scott and welcome to TSF !

Please follow the "HJT - 5 steps against malware" link in my sig. Read the instructions there carefully and post your final logs in a new thread in the HijackThis section. Our security analysts will review them and tell you what to do to get rid of these messages for good. Be patient as the HijackThis section is very busy and it may take several days before you get an answer.

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I want to change ALL references to E:\ to D:\ both in file names themselves & text within all file names on an entire drive. I know how to do this with the registry but not how to search & change a whole drive worth of files.

Anyone know how to do something like this? Any suggestions, warnings, tools that would accomplish this, etc... would be appreciated.


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