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View Netork Printers on a Remote Machine

Q: View Netork Printers on a Remote Machine

I am looking for a way to view what netork printers are connected on a remote machine. Aside from going to the person's desk and taking control of their machine with remote control.

I have tried Dameware NT utilities and it only shows the local printers. And there registry keys that contain this info can't be accessed from a remote machine.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Preferred Solution: View Netork Printers on a Remote Machine

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: View Netork Printers on a Remote Machine

still have not found a good way to do this. But adprintx.exe is a very good batch file utility for add/removing printers from a login script in case anyone was looking for one.

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I cant see printers installed on remote PC, if no sharing of printer was once enabled. What registry/service is enabling to view remote installed printers?

A:Can't view remote printers on other pc

Whats the actual setup of this network? What OS's and what machine is the printer connected to? Could be a simple sharing issue so as mucyh info as possible please!! .

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I am unable to view printers on some remote computers running Windows 7 Enterprise. When I click View Remote Printers the window is blank and when I click Add a printer I receive a error "You do not have sufficient rights to perform this operation". I do have administrative rights on the PCs that exhibit this problem. I did notice if I Remote Desktop into the computer and share one of the printers then I can add a printer the original way. All of the PCs are using the same image. Any ideas?

Start-Run- \\PCNAME


Start -Search Programs and Files -\\PCNAME

A:Unable to view printers on remote PC

Hi Stew, welcome to the forums

I know your problem is not connecting to a XP machine printer, but maybe the solution will work. Please check this post: XP to 7 Printer sharing

Adding the printer as local and using the path as the port name might work

let us know

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Hi Everyone!!Long time user of Bleeping Computer to find fixes for my problems, but this is my first post. I've got a problem that I just can't seem to solve.I am a self-taught computer repair guy in a small town in rural America. I've been removing malware from comptuers for years, so I'm fairly versed in the available removal products. About 6 to 8 months ago, my wife and I got hacked on our home/work computer network. The hacker was able to uninstall software, delete folders, pull up Word documents, etc. In other words, he seems to have complete remote control of both of our machines. What makes this guy so insedious is that he seems to know us and seems to have a grudge. He has pulled up Word documents on my wife's pc saying things in large font like: "bleep you'd better leave town or you're dead" and "F*** you, go to hell, you've ruined my life, now you're going to pay!" and recently "I can see what you're doing". He also seems to know her really well, as he put a Nebraska Cornhuskers desktop background on her computer when she's a Colo Buffs fan. (Did I mention her ex is from Nebraska? hummmmm) He has also deleted family pictures and other important documents off of her comptuer.He has also really messed with my machine, leaving Word documents that say things like "Quit downloading porn" and such. I also do field service work through several different online tech ... Read more

A:Hacker is remote controling 2 pc's on my home netork

While you wait on the experts to help, I hope you have reported the threats to local authorities...

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Hello all. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to view available printers on another pc on the network. In previous versions once you mapped to the device you were able to view them. I know in win 7 there was a button to view printers on the device that was mapped. If anyone has found a way to do this in windows 8 I would appreciate the help.


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Hi everyone -
I've seen a few topics started on this, but none seemed to end up being very useful.

I am using Remote Desktop Connection constantly for work. Both machines run Windows 7 Professional x64.

My local machine has a few printers installed, but only some of them appear in the Remote Desktop session for use. Here is what I figured out so far:

Printers would NOT show up if
- They are connected to my local machine through the network (ie - the printer is shared by a server, and I am connecting to it that way)
- They are connected to my local machine via USB
Printers DO show up if:
- I connect to a network printer using their specific IP address as a local port instead of connecting through the server

I have all the appropriate checkboxes selected in the RDC box. I have also tried bringing my remote machine to the local machine and physically plugging in the USB cord and installing the drives to ensure I can print when physically connected to the machine.

Does anyone know how to fix this? My biggest desire it to get the USB printer working, with the server vs. IP address issue being secondary.

Thanks in advance!!

A:Remote Desktop & Printers

I'm guessing all the computers and printers are on a domain?

If you were to sit down locally at one of the remote computers they are connected to a print server via \\print-1\printername?

At my job we have an older, legacy domain on which some machines are connected.

Be sure, that when you are logging into the remote computer you're using the correct domain credentials...


You want to log into the computers using the same domain the computers are connected to.

Can you see the printers if you RDP to the printeserver?

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Last couple of moths we are migrating machines to win7. And the tendency of our company is to put all printers on network (server 2003). But something happens when we install new network printer. After installing new network printer, all the machines on win7 suddenly have lost connection to the all of the printers they have been connected to previously. And our policy is that users have no installing rights and we tend to keep that. Only solution is to go to the user and log on as admin and connect printer again. Did anybody had similar problems and has a solution or knows whats the problem. Thanks

A:Win7 machine + network printers

Yes we did. Sorry to say the solution was to install a new Print Server on Windows Server 2008 R2. All Windows 7 machines and XP machines have no issues with printers or them sticking.

I hope you find another solution. I will keep reviewing this Thread. -WS

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Now Default View Is Large Icons

I Try to Change Default to Small Icons Like This.

But When I Re-Open Devices And Printers Windows. Default View Is Back to Large Icons [It No Remember Small Icons View Follow I'm Settings Before]

A:How-to Change Devices And Printers Default View

That should work. Here's something to try, see if it will work. Restart in Safe Mode

Safe Mode

Navigate to Printers and Devices. Set View to Small icons, set Sort by to Name, set Group by to Classification

Restart and see if the settings stick.

If not, I'd run the System File Checker

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Rebuild Icon Cache

Icon Cache - Rebuild

Clear and Reset Thumbnail Cache

Thumbnail Cache - Clear and Reset

A Guy

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Dear Concerns,

We are using Windows 7 for client and they use Remote Desktop Connection to run SAP application on server 2012 that is placed in another location. Our users are connected with that server using dedicated LAN through internet. The problem is we want
to share printer and drives during remote desktop session, for this purpose we had make a tick sign on local resources on printers and drives in Remote Desktop Connection application. The drives are available during remote session but printer does not shown
there. The model of printers are HP 2015, 2050, 2055, 4042. While these redirect printers are available in local server 2012. Please provide assistance regarding this.
Your kind reply will be highly appreciated.

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On Windows Server 2000 SP4, Clients computers are set to use their local printer, and it works. The problem is that after they disconnect, and reconnect a few times, there is one printer entry in SETTINGS>PRINTERS for each session.

Even though they are on a new session, the old printer entries are left behind. I have to keep deleting printers manually since after a while there are printing errors.

What should I do?


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Hi all
Anybody managed to solve the shared printer problem when a USB printer is attached to W8.

I can't find any place to enable sharing the printer and set its shared name. The printer installs and works just fine on the W8 system but W7 / XP machines can't access it.

I got round the problem by attaching the printer to a Virtual W2K3 server running on vmware on W8 -- then sharing works fine to other W7 / XP machines.

Still no way to share with W8 .

I'm sure I'm not the only person who wants to share a printer on W8 with other computers --- anybody got this working.


A:Shared printers - Printer connected to W8 machine

Hi Jimbo, I haven't actually tried this but if you open up Control Panel, go to Hardware and Sound, Devices and Printers, Right click on your Printer and select create shortcut.

This should make a shortcut on your Desktop, when you right click on the shortcut you get the share options

I hope this helps

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Under Windows XP I can add remote IPP printers using the following command from a batch file:
rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /b "3rd Floor" /if /f "hpc4x50c.inf" /x /n "whatever" /r "http://printserver.domain.edu:631/printers/3rdFloor" /m "HP LaserJet 4250 PCL 6" /h "x86" /v "Windows XP"
This method has been exactly what I need to deploy remote printers without using Group Policy, and it relies upon the undocumented /x switch referred to near the end of
this article.
Before moving to Windows 7 I must find an equivalent method to silently and remotely deploy printers without GPO.  Unfortunately this method has failed in testing under Windows 7.  I have not yet found anyone who could move beyond speculation and
positively confirm or deny that this functionality has been deprecated by Microsoft.
Can anyone provide a successful non-GPO method of silently deploying remote printers in Windows 7?
Thank you. 

A:Silently deploy remote IPP printers in Windows 7

This command line will still work in Windows 7. You may try it on a sample computer.Arthur Xie - MSFT

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According to Canon Tech Support--spoke to the manager -- no Canon Printer is compatible with XP Pro's and Vista Business's Remote Desktop. Since their printer drivers are made in Japan, the manager of inkjet support told me all he could do was forward my request to the highest level here in America with the suggestion of supporting the Remote desktop.

I even tried Black Ice's Print2XP (the cost is over $100 and no phone support) which is supposed to create a virtual printer days ago but cannot get it to work --their email tech support has not answered in 4 days.

Does anyone know a way to get my PC at work which uses Vista Business to list my Canon Printer so I am able to print documents that are on my work machine and on my Novell Network of which I am the Admin? My home machine has XP Pro.

When I had the Epson 980 Printer, using Windows 2000 at home and XP Pro at work, the printer was recognized on my work PC and I had no problems printing.

Thanks in advance,

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We have 2 printers (one color, one b/w) in our office and 4 local computers.

The printers are connected by USB to one of the computers (a PC running XP) and they are shared on the local network. All of the 4 local computers can print to either printer with no problem.

The problem is that when I use remote desktop connection from one of the PCs (the only one that has Windows 7) I can only print to 1 of the 2 printers (the color).

When I use remote desktop connection from any of the other 3 computers then I have no problem printing to either printer.

I've tried speaking to the IT guys who run our offsite server and they have been no help (despite being expensive) so I'm trying to troubleshoot as much stuff on my end as possible to avoid spending a crazy amount on them. Does anybody have any idea of what I can check, or what other information I can provide to make diagnosing this problem easier?

Thanks in advance!


A:Can't connect to 1 of 2 printers when using remote desktop connection

Might need a different driver version for windows 7.

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Hi! Never posted here before and I hope I can get some help.

I started using Windows 7 and I am getting some strange behaviour on my Remote Desktop.

After starting up RD for the first time, I noticed that all my drives on the local computer were accessible on the remote computer. At some point, the drive letters stopped appearing.

Also, I installed an HP laser printer and after installation, the printer could be accessed via the remote computer. For some strange reason, that stopped as well.

Can any one tell me how to resurrect my drives and printer on my remote machine?


A:Remote Desktop not listing drives nor printers

So you are connecting to a computer that is Running Windows 7 Pro or higher correct?

according to what i am seeing now becuase i am using remote desktop is that you activate everything in the local devices and resources under the Local rsources Tab, and then you click on MORE.

then that will show your printer and everything on the host comptuer is that correct.

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Gudday all
I was at a friends last night helping(?) them with a printer problem. They have 2 printers, a Canon InkjetS520 and an Epson TX800FW.
The 2 printers are attached via USB to a PC that also has the DSL sevice.
The laptop at the back of the house uses the Netcomm NP285 Powerline Adaptor to access the DSL service which appears to be fine as Internet, Skpye all work ok.
Both computers are in the default workgroup and have sharing turned on.
I originally thought that the laptop could access the Epson but that is not the case. (If the wife wants to print something she must e-mail the file to her husband at the PC or put it on a stick and go to the PC herself).

The laptop tries hard to print on either printer as it goes off and does its thing but eventually returns printer error. The PC has no problems printing via either printer.
The laptop can appear to see the Cannon as it shows the path \\PC\CanonS520 but it cannot print.

I can see 2 possible error areas here
1. The Vista's are not set up correctly i.e. the laptop is not talking to the PC as it should. Is there a good site to show how to set up esp. regarding ports, sharing etc?
2. It is the NP285 that is causing the issue. Does anyone know whether the item allows printing over the powerline? The documentation is not very clear on that at all.

A:Accessing printers via remote laptop (Vista)

Hi -

Info from Microsoft on Vista printer & file sharing -





Regards. . .



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According to Canon Tech Support--spoke to the manager -- no Canon Printer is compatible with XP Pro's and Vista Business's Remote Desktop. Since their printer drivers are made in Japan, the manager of inkjet support told me all he could do was forward my request to the highest level here in America with the suggestion of supporting the Remote desktop.

I even tried Black Ice's Print2XP (the cost is over $100 and no phone support) which is supposed to create a virtual printer days ago but cannot get it to work --their email tech support has not answered in 4 days.

Does anyone know a way to get my PC at work which uses Vista Business to list my Canon Printer so I am able to print documents that are on my work machine and on my Novell Network of which I am the Admin? My home machine has XP Pro.

When I had the Epson 980 Printer, using Windows 2000 at home and XP Pro at work, the printer was recognized on my work PC and I had no problems printing.

Thanks in advance,

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I recently had a PSU start to fail which led to some file tables being corrupt. I replaced it, checked all disks (I have 1 80 GB SDD which is the boot drive and 3 HDDs used for application/data storage. After I replaced and fixed everything, I was still having a few issues with certain drivers. I cleaned them up by uninstalling them as best I could and seem to have finally gotten the two devices to work properly. My wireless N PCIE card was not working and windows would only recognize the fax & scanner from my MFP. As of 2:00am this morning, a run of driver sweeper (which did nothing), and rebooting in safe mode to delete the items directly from device manager, everything that I have checked now seems to be working (fingers crossed).

The problem I'm having now is that when I try to launch Devices and printers from the control panel, it takes forever to load. I saw a video on the Youtubes that said to have the bluetooth services start automatically, but my desktop MoBo does not have bluetooth hardware, though I do have a Logitech USB BT receiver that controls both my keyboard and my mouse. I had a problem before where the mouse would show up twice in the dialog box, but after deleting it in safe mode, it has not returned and only a single copy shows up. I also reinstalled the printer drivers and it also seems to be working properly now. My last hurdle seems to be this devices and printers dialog box and would appreciate any suggestions from anyone! Thank you!

M... Read more

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Hi All,
We're having a problem with some Windows 7 Professional PCs where when you RDP onto a 2012 R2 TS they are not passing through the printers. The client is set to in the RDP client, and the server is set to allow it. They pass through to older 2003 servers
without issue. If one of the affected PC users logs on to another Win 7 Pro PC it works without issue.
If you install print manager on the server you can see them appear in there, but not appear to the end user.
Is there a known fix for this that we've just not been able to find yet?
Is there a way to "repair" remote desktop in Windows 7?
I've tried to disable and enable it but it's all turned on by group policy so doesn't let me turn it off.

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Just joined the forum, so I have this is the correct subforum for my question. Here goes.

Back during the XP days, in a domain setting, you could browse to a remote computer and view what printers were installed on that machine, local printers via usb/etc AND printers who's queue reside on a print server.

I cannot do that in a Windows 7 environment. Win7 clients, Win 2008 R2 print server.

Turned off the firewall on the clients and server.
Put test machines and print server in an OU that doesn't get any Group Policy.
Turned on Network Discovery
Turned on file/print sharing
Turned on public folder sharing
(there's no antivirus, 3rd party firewall, etc in place).

On my test machine, I installed a printer. \\printserver\testprinter

On my work machine I browsed to my test machine by opening Windows Explorer: \\testmachine
Click on 'View remote printer'
I can see the default local printers (Fax, Microsoft XPS Doc Writer, etc) but I do NOT see the printer I installed who's queue is on the print server.

I've been googling and testing this all day. Is there something I'm missing here?


A:Viewing installed network printers on a remote Win7 Ent. remotely.

What does net view \\testmachine from a Command Prompt show you?

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I have a user who is using a domain joined Windows 7 Pro PC. She has several printers mapped via a domain print server.
She uses a VPN to connect to another site with a different Windows domain. She logs into the VPN with a user account setup for her on the other domain. She then logs into a RDS server using those same credentials.
The problem is that she is unable to print to any of her local printers from the RD server. The local printers show as being redirected on the RD server.
The redirected printers all look like they're online and she receives no error when printing but nothing comes out of the printer. However, when you view the printers on her PC during an RDS session, they are all showing offline. As soon as you disconnect
from the RD server and the VPN the local printers come back online and anything she tried to print to a redirected local printer while on the server now prints out.
I've checked and the print spooler service on her PC never stops so that's not the cause.
I've checked with another user as user #1's location who sits 10 feet away from her and is mapped to the same local printers. She connects to the other domain via VPN using her own credentials on the other domain and logs into that same RDS server. She then
prints a document to the same redirected printer that user #1 is trying to print to, but in this person's case the document prints out and the local printers on her PC never show as being offline while connected to the VPN and RD... Read more

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Good Morning.

I trouble shot an issue with RDP that has me to believe the sollution lies in somthing to do with printer settings in Windows 7.

Affected computer RDP's sucessfully logs into a load ballanced terminal server farm, several moments into the session being established I am getting the "Remote Desktop stopped working" dialog box.

This issue is localized to this single computer and is fixed by unchecking the "pinters" option in the remote desktop settings. this computer acts as a print server to a small laserjet printer, all other computer on this small LAN can successfully print to this printer from their local desktop or while connected to RDP sessions.

I have tried :

Rebuilding RDP desktop icon for user.
New Local machine user accounts.
starting/stopping Print spool services.
USB and LPT1 cables (currently on LPT1).
I'm 2 inches away from backing up this users data and giving them a new computer. It doesn't make any sense. Any wild suggestions are appreciated.

A:Printers causing Remote Desktop Session to stop working.

A strange one indeed! A few thoughts and questions...

Is the PC you are remoting into a Win7 machine? If not, what OS? How many other devices (PCs) do you share this printer with? Have you tried looking for an updated print driver?

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We connect to the server remotely with XP Remote Desktop... previously we had 2003 version and had no problem...the "local resources are all checked off, but I am not sure if the person who is maintaining the server has not provided the proper permissions? Is there a setting that would let you connect but then not access your local drives?

* I can see tsclient but for example previously \\tsclient\c would get me to the C drive, now I get an error

A:Windows Server 2008 can't see Local drives/Printers with Remote desktop

anyone have an idea? I am totally lost, I even logged on as Admin it still said I had no permissions to add a printer and still could not see the Drives on my LOCAL PC ( that is remotely connecting)!!??

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I seem to have an issue that I can't seem to find a similar forum or solution for.
Windows 8 clients on our network connecting to networked printers on a 2012 print server. Normally they talk to the printers perfectly. However, *after a remote desktop session to a client machine*, the printer shows as offline and the print spooler
needs restarting for the printer to show as online again.
Now, while this is a workaround, I'd love to know of a fix. Most of our users are not local admins on their machines, so restarting the spooler isn't normally an option unless I do it for them.
Does anyone have any advice on the above?

A:Client Networked printers showing offline after remote desktop session


For this issue, we can try following steps: 

First give yourself ownership and full access to c:\windows\system32\spoolsv.exe

1.       Start Search > services.msc
2.       If spooler is not on, turn it on. If after turn on, it turn off automatically, proceed to step 3, if can turn on go to step 4
3.       Start > Start Search > C:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exe (Right click > Properties)
4.       Click on Security Tab > Advanced > Owner. Take ownership of the file and give full permission to the file. Once done, close everything and try to start the service again.
5.       Start > Start Search > cmd (Run as Admin)
6.       del /Q C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS\*.* > Press Enter
7.       Once done, try to start the spooler in Services

Then, try to update printer firmware by contacting the manufacturer. 

Hope these would be helpful.Kate Li
TechNet Community Support

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Since more and more people are working at home, I had assumed that someone would know how to get a home printer to print documents from their work computers on their home printer when the printer driver was incompatible with the Remote Desktop. But alas I have gotten no answer. I finally found the answer at the following Web site:

Using Your Local Printers While Using A Remote Desktop Connection by Thomas Swaney Milestone Computer Solutions, LLC.


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Hiya Guys

Sorry for throwing this one in here, but wasn't sure where to put it.

I run a small business (3 people, 5 computers) and think one of my employees is taking me for a ride. I need to access their workstations without them knowing and see what they are doing. Is there any way that I can view their pc's from my office, or from my home office, without them knowing about it? I want to be able to run this in the background so all they get is either just the login screen, or the screen they are working on.

I have tested teamviewer, but each time if pops up to say hello to the user I want to view.

Also, and i know this might sound like it is coming from the fairy realms, but 2 of the computers are laptops and as such are not on all the time, is there any way of accessing a machine when it is powered down?

Thanks in anticipation

A:view another machine

Sorry, but due to the possibility of abuse of this kind of issue, we don't assist with this kind of requiest.


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A client just has asked me what software could they use to spy on their systems. They own a pizza shop and suspect that their employees are using the register PC as a social networking computer. I was hoping someone could give me some good ideas on where I can find this type of software.

I know of teamviewer but the problem with that software is it will alert the user that someone has logged in and is viewing the computer.

So, does anyone know of a remote viewing software I could either get for free, or purchase for a small fee that will allow my client to access their computer without the staff knowing?

Also, I did mention to the client that I could block the site, but they want to be able to access to websites if need be in the future on that PC. They need the software to also be able to access the PC and check the daily sales.

Thank you so much all!

A:Remote View

i'm afraid we cannot help on this forum with that request, as you can imagine any advice given will also allow others to use the same advice for illegal activities

so closing the post

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Hello All,

I have a situation where I need to map a network drive on a remote server so that a scheduled installation can tale place from the mapped drive. For scheduling the installation I used the Schtasks.exe which has an option to create the scheduled task on a remote machine too using :

Schtasks.exe /create /S <remote computer name>

What I am interested in knowing is if there is any EXE file that can help me map a network drive on a remote computer in the same manner as schtasks.exe as there is no option for doing it in net.exe that is used for mapping a network drive. To avoid confusion let me put up :

machine that I want to map the network drive upon : ABC
Server on which i need to map the network drive upon : XYZ
Network path to be mapped : \\PQR

A:Using Net Use on a remote machine

Hi rahul1911,

The procedure should be possible. Here's a tutorial that may help as it contains additional commands and addresses share issues: How-To Map a Network Drive using Windows 7, Vista or Windows Server 2008.

I hope this helps. If not, check to make sure the server is sharing properly and that permissions are set to allow this to occur (you aren't prohibited from Group Policy or Active Directory) and/or that you are using an appropriate username and/or password if required.

Good luck!

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I have been trying to find an application which will allow a friend and I to watch a movie together remotely, such as a screen sharing application. I've tried several including team viewer and fuze meeting and while we've been successfully able to view each others screen, the video content is blank. I can see the player, but the actual video area is blank.

Does anyone know what the problem might be and more importantly, a viable solution? Preferably a solution where I can play content on my computer and allow a friend to view it remotely, and not an option requiring us to either upload or access online content.

Thanks for any help!!


A:how to view video on remote pc

It needs an extremely fast connection to do that.

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Iam working with Lan IP adress in office ( 9.x.x.160), and i have DSL connection at home (10.x.x.x), Is there any way that i can take a remote view or sharing files of my home connection from here.

A:Remote view across diff IP

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I can't view video on vlc when using computer to go to remote computer when using Teamviewer.com program.

The person at remote location can see it there, but when I see it , it is black screen.

Is there anyway to adjust so I can see it ?


A:Can't view video on vlc when on remote

Hi Zhong,

We use TeamViewer in the office quite a lot, it's down to the configuration in the settings. TeamViewer does say on their website that:

" Optimized performance;
Whether you have a LAN or dial-up connection, TeamViewer optimizes display quality and speed depending on your network connection."

So if you're not on a GIG Lan, I'd imagine that this is set to off but you should be able to change in settings.

Hope this helps.

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Hello all!

I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out this problem I'm having.

I have 3 machines.

1: Win 7, 32bit
2. Win 7, 64bit
3. Ubuntu 11.04

My Ubuntu machine is visible and accessible on the network via computer #1 just fine, but I cannot view the Ubuntu machine on computer #2.

I can see my other Win7 32bit machine on the network.

All workgroups are the same and network discovery and filing sharing are all on.

Any suggestions?


A:Cannot view Ubuntu machine on network

I've had problems getting linux seen, but you should be good if it's seen on one 7 box. I would start by opening a Start/Run/cmd window in each 7 box and inputting ipconfig /all >%userprofile%\desktop\ip.txt, then comparing the two sets of settings.

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Since Win7 is the last version of Windows to provide the Full Network Map function, I'm trying to determine how to find the information displayed, and (if possible) find a 3rd party product that provides the same information.

But first, I would like to know some things about the Full Network Map. When I hover over the icon of a remote device, Windows displays the name, IPv4 address, IPv6 address, and MAC address of the device. Is there any way to capture this information as text - either from the map itself or from a command?

Many more questions will be posted soon.

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This is the situation. I am running a 3 PC Wireless LAN network. The host System is
using an ULTRA HIGH SPEED DSL connection. That system has the router, two other PC's
are using LynkSys Wireless USB adapters to connect to the router.. One system is using
Win XP pro and WIN 2000 Pro on a dual Boot. The other is using Win Me and th ehost is
using Windows XP Pro. The router has a 128-bit encryption and the PC is protected with
Zone Alarm the latest version by tomorrow it will have Sygate Personal Firewall.
It also has Norton Anti-Virus 2003 Pro. It does not have any monitoring software to
monitor and scan for Trojans. I think it will be a good idea if it had a program called
Tauscan 1.6 from Agnitum Ltd. This program monitors for any trojans, it resides in the
system tray and could be configured for daily updates. Also, in my opinion the host PC
should have a program called Spybot which could be run at start - up to scan for
keyloggers, malware, spyware, etc. Once the program runs in the background it cleans
all files that it is configured to clean and then just closes and does not stay in the
system tray using up resources.

The two other PC's that are on the network have Sygate Personal Firewall the Free
edition and AVG Anti-virus protection. These two PC's have installed on them the
Tauscan 1.6 Trojan monitoring and scanning program as well as Spybot the ant-spyware
and malware program. Everything is configured for auto updates and to run at l... Read more

A:wireless Netork Security

Let's just say that anyone who can crack that will be working for the CIA, so just don't keep any Soviet bunker plans on any of the PC's and you should be okay.

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I am interested in turning my PC to a remote machine (like a dedicated/rootserver) but to be able to start up and shut down my PC w/e I want remotely. Also I would like not to change my OS (windows) in order to achieve that, if it's possible of course. The whole thing has to do with my business trips (I have to travel around and change places) so I need to turn my home PCs into remote machines in order to be able to control them from my laptop. I searched a bit and I found this Home but I would like to find a way with windows.

Looking forward to your replies,

A:Turn my PC to remote machine

Mine have to be turned ON. But this is my favorite remote program.


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I cant seem to be able to remote desktop to an XP SP3 machine from my Windows 7 pro desktop. My colleague who has an XP desktop can remote desktop fine to the other XP SP3 machine.

I can also remote desktop from the XP SP3 back to my Windows 7 fine but not the other way round.

Can anyone help on this please?

Thank you

A:Remote Desktop from Win 7 to XP machine

hello and welcome,
did you already disable the firewall both of the OS?

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I recently switched my main computer over to Linux (from Win8), and everything is working fine, except that when I would remote into the computer from my other computer (running Win7), it was much faster when running Win8. Since I upgraded to Linux, I can connect, but the screen refreshes at a much slower rate, even over the same connection (LAN speed).

Anyone know of any settings either on the Win7 side or on the Linux server side that I can change to speed things up?

A:remote into Linux machine

Which Linux distro are you using ? There are some distros made specifically for older machines. For example, Fedora has it's flagship distro using Gnome, but it also has 2 lighter versions one using LXDE. and the other using Xfce.

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I have one very powerful PC that I would like to use as a VM server, and then I have a netbook and a HP pavilion dv2000 laptop that I would like access the VMs. My ideal setup would be to have my main machine running Windows 7 and have two virtual machines running Windows 7 that would be accessed and used by the netbook and notebook across the network, this would allow the two mobile PCs to make use of the main PC's sizable resources while still being three different machines that can be used by three different people. The reason I want to do this is that I have a lot of people who want to use the computer, but only one that runs Windows, has Office, and is very powerful. Any help on this topic would be appreciated.

A:Remote Virtual Machine

Problem: The VMs would not have office unless you could install it in each VM and that means a separate product key.

Also, each instance of Win 7 would need it's own product key since you can't run the same one in a virtual machine.

Other than that it sounds doable running Win 7 guests under Oracle VirtualBox. Just set the networks up as Bridged so they get their IP address from the same router, then setup port forwarding to a VNC server running in each VM. TightVNC is a good choice.

I don't think you will be very happy with the performance though. Even with Gigabit network adapters it will be slow.

It would be fun to try though.

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I have XP machine, which Im accessing Remotly, Im able to Record In my current machine. But when I try recording in remote machine the Recording Option itself is Desabled. Will I be able to record Remotly or Do I need to Enable same thing in remote Machine to save or Enable recording Option. Pls Suggest a Solution.

A:Not able to Record in Remote Machine

Record what? What software are you using? Is your remote connection by Windows Remote Desktop? i.e. more information is needed to give a helpful response.

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Helloo I'm having a problem with connecting my Windows 7 laptop to my Windows XP Pro machine. I have my router at home (where the XP machine is) port forwarded for Remote Desktop, I set up the XP machine completely for connecting to by allowing exceptions for the Remote Desktop.

When on my Win 7 machine I type in the IP address and port and it gets me to the log in screen where it gives me the username (Matt) and I enter my credentials (password). After entering it and clicking OK it brings me back to the log in screen. Over and Over. Does anyone have an idea of what I may have done wrong? I can post a link of the site I used to set it up.


A:Remote Desktop Win 7 to XP machine

Do you have RDP access turned on for user Matt? If not you will not be able to use RDP.

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I am attempting to setup my Dlink DCS-1000 Internet camera, at work, so I can view images from my small business at home.

The camera connects directly to a Dlink router, DI604, which in turn connects to a Dlink DFE-530TX card located in my Pentium IIII machine. (The Pentium computer is using Windows XP Pro, and has 1Gb or Ram). Also I am using a SpeedStream 5100 DLS modem to connect to my SBC account, the modem is also connected to the router. (My Internet connection is automatically active, soon after the computer and router are turned on).

According to what the manual says, it should be fairly simple to access my camera from the Internet once I follow the below steps.

I have entered into my browser to access the setup utility for the camera. Then I click on Administration and enter the information for a PPPoE connection, (user Id and password). According to what the manual says, my Internet camera will get an IP Address from the ISP each time it starts up And yes I did check the field labled ?Assign Automatically Using.? My first question is:

How do I know what the IP address is that is being assigned to this camera?

When I look at the status tab, it still displays the IP address as

Also, directly below the set of fields asking for the PPPoE information, is another set of fields asking for information regarding DNS IP Address. My second question is:

Do I need to fill in this info, and if so, where do I find this ... Read more

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I am trying to get help with the astak security cameras and their remote view system. I need help with forwarding ports and i also need help with streaming video.

Model Number: CM-04LCU
Operating System: Windows XP SP3
ISP: Verizon
Speed: 860/280kbps

A:Astak Cameras Remote View

I'm not familiar with that site or their cameras. Unless you are using a router, you shouldn't need to forward ports.

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I was using Windows XP to see cameras remotely IP, when I up grade to Vista I stop seeing the cameras, any idea why?

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I have a W8 laptop and a W10 PC that I am trying to connect. I have enabled remote assistance for both. When I connect from laptop to W10 I get the same pop up error with the 3 possible errors. I have enabled remote assistance on both and both are connected to the same wifi.

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Hello, quick question, is it possible to view mapped drives from a remote machine? For example...

I know that on my pc I can do "Net use > drives.txt" and this will export all the mapped network drives I've got to a text files, is this possible to do on a remote pc on the same domain?

Hopefully so!


A:How to view mapped drives on a remote pc

Look at Pstools. Specifically Psexec.
Not sure if it will work or not but it is worth a try.

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In XP, I was able to get memory information from remote computers by right-clicking Computer, Manage Computer, Action, Connect to Another Computer, type in the computer name, then right click on the computer and and click on properties to get the memory information. Can you get information on memory from remote systems in Windows 7? I sometimes need to do this to determine if I need to order more RAM for systems that are being upgraded in an enterprise environment.

A:Need To View Memory On Remote Computers

Did you go though the steps you just listed?

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