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Lotus cc:Mail Migration Directory Toolkit for Outlook 98 and Outlook 2000: Jan 14

Q: Lotus cc:Mail Migration Directory Toolkit for Outlook 98 and Outlook 2000: Jan 14


The utilities included in this toolkit enable Microsoft Exchange administrators and Microsoft OutlookŪ users to convert legacy cc:Mail directory information to Microsoft Exchange. Some of the tools in the kit (such as QuickDL and DirPop) are also useful for migration from other mail systems. Below is a listing of the tools provided in this toolkit, along with a brief description of its purpose. For more detailed information, download the cc:Mail Directory Migration Toolkit documentation in the dmt16doc.exe file.

Included in the Toolkit:

DirPop. This Exchange Event Script uses Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) to update a user's Exchange directory entry from data submitted on an e-form.

QuickDL. Use this tool to quickly create an Exchange Distribution List (through ADSI) to hold all users on a cc:Mail/Microsoft Mail Post Office/Exchange Server in the Site.

ML2DL. This in-place conversion tool takes cc:Mail Mailing Lists and converts them to Exchange Distribution Lists (uses ADSI).

PMLExtr. Use this tool to extract user's cc:Mail Private Mailing Lists into common format files, ready for import.

PML2PDL. This user-driven utility takes an output file from PMLExtr and migrates the data to the Outlook PAB or Contacts Folder (uses CDO).

CC8Priv. This tool extracts private directory information from a client using cc:Mail Release 8.x and migrates the data to Outlook.

PRIVDIRU. This user-driven utility performs a direct conversion of the cc:Mail Private Directory file, PRIVDIR.INI, to Outlook Contacts. This version of the utility uses the Outlook object model to convert the PRIVDIR.INI data directly to the Contacts folder, thus by-passing the file import stage, along with other improvements and innovations.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows NT



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Preferred Solution: Lotus cc:Mail Migration Directory Toolkit for Outlook 98 and Outlook 2000: Jan 14

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi All,

How would i get my outlook.com emails in lotus notes 8.5


I'm a noob so pictures would help thanks

Thanks, Ybotmallah2005

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Can someone tell me how to import mail from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2003, please?

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When I save an attachment from an email Outlook automatically starts in the "My Documents" folder. Is there some way to change this so that it starts in the folder of my choice?

I'm on Win2000.

Daniel Klein

A:[Outlook 2000] Default directory

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I'm migrating all the mail from Outlook Express 6 to Outlook XP on someone's machine (there's about 20 folders or mail as well as the Inbox) and all folders above the Inbox import OK into Outlook, then the Inbox crashes at 98%.

Can anyone please recommend a program for repairing the Outlook Express databases and a 3rd party program that allows me to CHOOSE which folders to migrate to Outlook?


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on win 2000 lan connected to isdn server 2 out of seven machines show new mail in the systray, but there are none in the in box.
any help please
regards Alan

A:Outlook 2000: Mail Notification in System Tray but No Mail in Inbox

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A firewall I didn't know about was preventing Outlook from connecting to the internet (thus the TCP/IP error). Once I worked through that everything functioned properly.

Thanks for the feedback!

I migrated my e-mail from Outlook Express to Outlook today. Everything went well until I tried to send/receive in Outlook. I got the following error message:
A TCP/IP error occured while trying to connect to the server.

The funny thing is that Outlook Express works just fine and is continuing to accept e-mails. I have made Outlook my default e-mail and have looked extensively at the account options in Outlook.

Help, please, I'm stumped!

A:Outlook Express to Outlook Migration Issue


Its likely a setting in Outlook is wrong.

I would have expected more in the way of an error message though?

If there is more can you post it?

Its critical to get the complete and exact message to help pin down the problem.

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I'm migrating all the mail from Outlook Express 6 to Outlook XP on someone's machine (there's about 20 folders or mail as well as the Inbox) and all folders above the Inbox import OK into Outlook, then the Inbox crashes at 98%.

Can anyone please recommend a program for repairing the Outlook Express databases and a 3rd party program that allows me to CHOOSE which folders to migrate to Outlook?


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Just wondering, for a casual email user, such as my self. Is there a point in
migrating to Outlook 2003 (which I have as a part of the Office 2003 suite)?

A:Outlook Express to Outlook 2003 Migration


i would it looks worth while

HERE is an overview

good luck

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I currently use Outlook Express for my e-mail.

I use Outlook 2000 for work use, and notice that it has an e-mail function as well. How would I utilise the e-mail in Outlook.? Would I need a separate e-mail account to the one I currently have using Outlook Express or would I have to 'transfer' my O/E account over to Outlook...if so how is this done?

If possible I would like to keep my O/E e-mail account going but have the flexibility of using Outlook when I wanted.


A:e-mail with Outlook 2000

Open Outlook, click file, import and take your time using the wizard and in Outlook 2000 I believe you can import accounts, messages, settings and so on.

Just take your time and I don't think you will have any problems

I have Outlook XP or I would run through it for you.

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I have lost the mail sent and mail forwarded icons. It is a nuisance to have to go to Sent Mail to verify whether or not I have taken action on a particular piece of mail. The only icons showing are the "Unopened" and "Opened" mail. Can you please tell me how to get the other icons back ?

A:Outlook 2000 mail icons


Does this help?



Also, you may want to run a virus scan:




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Converted from Outlook Express to Outlook 2000, mail rules no longer work, have rebuilt from scratch, identically, trying to send specific senders to a specific folder...Outlook seems to ignore and retains in inbox. Any ideas?



A:Outlook 2000 Mail rule

Or recipients?

Are you using the right terminology?

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my computer froze up, i am on winxp so office was re-installed under another user name (in hopes that all would not be lost) where/how do i find those files that i had stored in outlook 2000?

A:recover outlook 2000 mail

Try searching the computer for *.pst files. Typically the one you need is with the latest date.

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Im am using Exchange 5.5 with Outlook 2000 in a small company. A few users cannot see their new email unless the click on a emailor click refresh. The whole company is using Win98 and same computer build. Since it is only happing to a few users it must be client related...right?

One thing that fixes this is deleting thier profile and recreating it. but I would really like to know what is causing my users to not see their new email.

A:Outlook 2000 does not show new mail

Your post was not specific enough, but if deleting and then remaking their accounts works go for it. I can't help you any further because your problem could be caused by a number of things.

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Please excuse if this has been resolved on this forum already...

Problem: Outlook 2000 (SP3) ; Exchange 2000 ; XP SP2 (Firewall Disabled). Email sent to mailboxes is not getting delivered. *Note: If you select another folder than the inbox the email gets delivered straight away.Another problem in this same are is that emails sent from Clients are staying in Outbox for apporx 4 -6 mins.

From having a look around I have found some solutions that tell me to enable forcepolling to the exchange server , others telling me to disable the firewall, but none of these are fixing this issue that we have. From what I believe, the exchange server is not sending the correct information via UDP. I have tried to set a manual UDP port (thus disabling Dymanic UDP) but this does not work for me either. I am starting to think that I have either a serious issue with my XP SP2 , Office 2000 SP3 (Outlook 2000 SP3) clients or there is an issue that I am unware of on the Exchange server. I am hoping that with the vast array of knowledge available on this forum, that you can help.

Thanks ... Steve.

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Hello, I cannot send from one application using outlook 2000. Till now everything was oke, but after upggrading windows xp to sp2 it does not work any more.
The error that outlook returns is: The message could not be sent.... Errror number: 0x800ccc79

A:cannot send mail in outlook 2000

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I am trying to send out a newsletter (as a PDF attachment of about 120 kb) to a bunch of clients and need to find a way to send it efficiently. If I send them all at once, some IP providers / email hosts block it thinking that I am spamming. I can try to send them in batches, if nothing works, but I was wondering if there is an efficient solution. I checked out the mail merge function in Outlook 200 and it works perfectly, but I cannot figure out how to attach an attachment with the merged email. Any thoughts on how to attach attachments to merged emails or any other creative solution?

Really appreciate this.

A:Mail merge in Outlook 2000

See the 3rd-party utilities and other information (below that) at:

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I am running Windows Vista (Home Premium) in my new notebook and previously used XP with Outlook 2000 for my emails. I installed Outlook 2000 under Vista, which does appear to run into problems (cannot send mails - getting an error that program cannot open Windows address book and cannot find file WAB.dll). Is there a known problem with Outlook 2000 in Vista and if so how can I transfer my old mails to Windows Mail. This does not appear to works, because WinMail complains that Outlook 2000 is not default email client, which I cannot get it to be.

Any solutions to get my mail back into one place would be appreciated.



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Hola everyone,

My name is Marcos and I'm writing from Argentina.

I'm using Outlook 2000 and I'm trying to configure two new e-mail accounts.

I could add the two accounts but all new messages come into one Inbox folder.

Does anybody know how to make each account have its own folders and its own identity?

Thanks a lot for your help!


A:Outlook 2000 - new e-mail accounts

Outlook doesn't support seperate identities but you can set up seperate folders for each account and then use Mail Rules to tell Outlook how to sort the messages as they come in.

To set up a new folder, right click on either "Personal Folders" or "Inbox," depending on where you want the new folders to be, choose "New Folder" and type a name of the folder created.

Then create the new accounts.

Once you have the folders set up, go to Tools>Rules Wizard. Set up a new rule for each account:
1. First window, select "Check messages when they arrive"
2. Second window, top pane, check "when received through the specified account"; bottom pane, click on the word "specified" and enter the name of the account
3. Third window, top pane, check "move it to the specified folder"; bottom pane click on the word "specified" and point it at the new folder you made for that account.
4. Fourth window, if none apply, don't check any of them
5. Fifth window, be sure that "turn on this rule" is checked and "run this rule now" is checked if you want Outlook to sort the messages you already have.

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"No transport provider was available for delivery to this recipient."

When trying to send pop mail from Outlook 2000, I almost always get the error above. I have Outlook 2000 setup for internet mail, and also establish internet connection manually (under TOOLS>SERVICES). Note, I do have my internet connection open when I try to send a message!

What I do to get around this problem is open OE5.1 and send an email to my email address using the same pop server, but as a different user (i.e. it uses the same outgoing mail server mail.bigpond.com).

Once I have done this, I can usually send messages with no problems from Outlook 2000. Note, I have no problems receiving mail in O2K, only sending.

I am unable to understand why this is the case. Why would OE5.1 have no problems using mail.bigpond.com as it's outgoing mail server but O2K seemingly unable to detect that there is even an outgoing mail server chosen?

My system is P166 64MB ram, win98 (first edition), Office 2000, IE5.1.

Any help with this strange problem would be greatly appreciated......
[This message has been edited by Adster (edited 04-01-2000).]

A:Outlook 2000: problem with pop mail

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Hai! Who can help me?I am using windows XP Pro Services Pack 2 now and my Office version is 2000 (outlook services pack 2),my probelm is when I send out mail to many ppl come out this error message:-The following recipient(s) could not be reached: '[email protected]' on 10/25/2008 8:40 AM No transport provider was available for delivery to this recipient. '[email protected]' on 10/25/2008 8:40 AM No transport provider was available for delivery to this recipient. '[email protected]' on 10/25/2008 8:40 AM No transport provider was available for delivery to this recipientSo what I need to do???

A:Outlook 2000 can't send out mail - Pls help

This might help: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/197417

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I have Offiice 2000 running. My Outlook just started to do something strange.
I open an email, I can read it, I can print it, but when I close it, it disappears. It's no longer in the inbox and it's not in the trash.

Has anyone ever heard of this before?

Any help would be great!!

Running XP Pro

A:Outlook 2000 mail disappears

Have you recently made any changes in your Outlook settings? Perhaps you have set it to "auto delete after reading email?" You might try this tip found at another forum:

Go to View, current view and switch to All Messages view.

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I am having a very strange problem, I installed a new computer connected in a 2003 server network, running Exchange 2003. The pc is running Office 2000 Premium. When the person who uses this computer gets a new email. it isnt sent to the outlook clients for a long period of time. However if you look at the mailbox using the web client. You can see that the message is in the mailbox. As an added twist when this person clicks on the file menu, and selects another mailbox that they have rights to, any existing mail in their mailbox is delivered to the outlook client

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I am trying to import Outlook .pst files with email messages into Windows Mail (Vista), but receive error message that MAPI file is not defined and cannot be done.

I am transferring email from a computer with Outlook to one where outlook is not installed and only Windows Mail will be uses.

Any suggestions how to do this?



A:Outlook 2000 to Windows Mail

Can you tell us how you are attempting to transfer your emails?

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I've searched on this, and while other people have had the same problem no one seemed to have a solution.

About a week ago I started getting crazy junk mails to my main address which I never give out to companies so I dont know how they're getting there, but I'm trying to use Outlook 2000's filters to get rid of them. But they never work. Here is an example of the rule I have made by going to Organize>Rules Wizard:

I created a new rule, chose 'Move messages based on content', and set the rule up to check the subject and body for certains words like pill, *****, etc... I created a junk folder which its supposed to move the messages to. I also set the rule to move messages suspected of being junk mail based on the identification factors that come with Outlook. But to no avail.

I've seen lots of other posts by people who can't get these filters to work, has anyone figured them out??

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I am on cable high-speed internet...I can send e-mails OK, but the inbound e-mails from time to time tend to stack up at the web mail box...if I hit send/receive several times they may or may not come into Outlook....If I close Outlook and restart, they usually come in....Outlook is configured to check for mail every 60 sec.
I have worked with the cable tech dept about configuration and all seems ok.....ANY IDEAS???

A:Outlook 2000 Prem E-mail

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My wife went and installed yahoo messenger and all the other stuff that includes itself with it (toolbar and shortcut icons etc....) Now when I click on an email link on any site, it opens this yahoo! mail. I have tried to reset my internet options but to no avail... it always goes to the Yahoo! one. It is really driving me nuts.

Anyone have an idea how to fix this?

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I have been using my laptop with Outlook 2003 installed. I need to somehow import the Inbox & Sent Items messages into Outlook 2000, which I use on my usual PC.

Is this possible? I've tried it by copying the .pst file to my PC and then File => Import and Export (in Outlook 2000), but I get an error message.

One way is to forward all the 2003 messages to myself, but they'll all show up as coming from me. The other is to install Office 2003 on my PC. But I would just find it more convenient to import the messages if I can. Any ideas?

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Hey guys,
I will be migrating from Outlook Express to Outlook shortly, and I wish to find a way to transfer my address book.(system: windows XP, using Office 2007)

Here are my facts: I have 3 profiles in Outlook Express, each with its own address book, and each address book has several folders

Here is my problem: when I export-import, all contacts from all address books and all folders come as a mass to Outlook, with no indication of profile or folder.

Question: How can I solve this problem
So far, I have tried to export just a part of the Outlook Express address book, trying to go folder-by-folder, but was unable to do it. Whether I export as address book or as a file, ALL contacts are exported together

Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated

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I have been using Outlook express and to use some features in outlook I decided to switch to Outlook. How can I move the email messages that I have already downloaded to Outlook Express? I have also realized that the address books both programs are using are different. And when I right click on the emails Outlook doesnt have the option to add to the address book. Is ther a way to add this on the right click menu?


A:Migration from Outlook expr to Outlook

I believe you can Export the messages from Outlook Express into Outlook. Just create your Outlook profile first and it should detect this.

The Contacts are exported to a text file and then imported into Outlook.

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Hi everybody. I've had a search around and found several threads on this topic, but I'm not having any luck in finding a solution at the moment, so I thought I'd detail my exact symptoms. Hope that's ok

Setup info: I'm running Microsoft Outlook 2000 as may mail handler on a LAN comprising of 5 computers, all running on Windows XP. (Although each of the five profiles are stored exclusively on each PC - I don't have a dedicated email server). All of my PCs run Norton Antivirus, except for one computer which runs the self updating internet version of Norton Antivirus.

Problem: I've had a few phone calls telling me that people are unable to send email to us - I checked and I've not recived any email for a few days. I have experimented with all of the profiles by emailing to every computer in the office. None of the computers receive email, although all are able to send email to external sources (such as hotmail). There are no error messages.

The exception to this is "Computer 3", the one with the Internet Antivirus. This displays a whole host of error messages and will not send or receive email. I've checked the antivirus log and it appears that the software performed an automatic update a couple of nights ago. However, turining off my firewall etc has no effect.

The most common error message I receive is;
Error number 0x800ccc6a - 451 transient Brightmail processing error

Any advice on how I could fix this would be gre... Read more

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While this error isn't causing me any problems, it's one of those minor annoyances that I want to know how to fix. I have an e-mail "stuck" in my Outbox. When I try to delete it/move it/send it, this is the error message I receive:

"Can't open this item. The MAPI Spooler has already begun transmitting this message."

Thanks in advance.

A:Outlook 2000 - Can't Delete E-Mail From Outbox

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I am using Outlook 2000. I am having difficulty opening up e-mail attachments in .msg format. There isn't a security issue as far as I can see on my options menu. The type of files typically being sent to me are in .jpg format, however I receive an error when double-clicking the attachment. Any advice/suggestions?

A:Outlook 2000 not opening e-mail attachments

"however I receive an error when double-clicking the attachment"

If you could tell us exactly what the eror says, it would be of assistance.

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I'm fairly new to XP, having installed the Pro upgrade about 2 weeks ago from 98SE.

Last night I attempted to send email to my boss using outlook 2000. I included an excel attachment. When I sent my mail, outlook successfully sent a short email to my brother, than hung up on the mail to my boss - giving me the following:

"the TCP/IP connection was unexpectedly terminated by the server" my account info, and then: "Error 0x800ccc0f"

To make this short: I can send short emails (less than about 200 charectors), but I cannot send long emails (such as wordy reports) or emails with attachments (I've tried excel, jpgs, txt, etc).

All was running fine as of last Weds. The one thing I think could have altered the system environment is the installation of IIS last weekend. I've look to see if something there would be limiting the size of an email message, but can find nothing.

I have two PC's connected to a DSL modem via a linksys router. However the other PC, running 98SE, has no email problems.

I uninstalled and then reinstalled outlook and ran MS upgrade wizard to bring it to date. I also played with the time out settings, and breaking messages into blocks - to no avail.

I also checked on Microsoft - I did find a few articles addressing the above error, but none specifically related to my problem. I also checked with my ISP who saw no problems with my accounts or sub-accounts.

Any suggestions?


A:Outlook 2000 not sending large mail

Have you got Nortons AV software running, and is it scanning outgoing e-mail?

If yes, disable scanning of outgoing mail.

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I have all my email accounts configured to send and receive through Outlook 2000. All has been working ok until today, one of my 3 yahoo accounts now fails to send mail every time I try, it does however receive ok. I have altereed nothing in any settings at all yet although I've obviously checked for any obvious signs of configured problems.

The error message I get says " A tcp/ip error occured while trying to send data to the server error no 0x800ccc13 "

Please help.

A:Can't send yahoo mail through Outlook 2000

What version of Windows do you have?

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I am having difficulties getting the new mail notification to work in Outlook 2000. For almost 2 months now, about half of my users have been having to manually refresh their inboxes by clicking on a folder besides the inbox, and then the messages will appear in their inbox, ususally several at a time. They can be a few minutes old or even an hour or more old. I have tried rebuilding some of their email accounts on their machines, which works fine until they close and reopen Outlook, then it doesn't work anymore. I've also tried reinstalling Office and that doens't work. I also replaced a user's machine last week for a different reason, and so far their email is working fine, so I am not inclined to think it's a server issue, although I'm not ruling it out. Also, another problem I'm having is that some of these users are also having difficulties with sent messages staying in their outbox. The messages are actually being sent, but a blank copy of the email and who it's to is remaining in the outbox until you click on either the outbox or a different folder and it will then clear. We are using Windows 2000 clients with Office and Outlook 2000 on a 2000 Exchange Server. To my knowledge there have been no changes between the time it was working find and now. Could it be a security update issue from Windows Update or maybe a server issue? I've searched extensively on Microsft's KB without success so far. The really oddball thing ab... Read more

A:New Mail Notification not working in Outlook 2000

I don't really have any ideas, but just a question that might help clarify further. Do all the people that it works for have Admin permissions and the others don't? Just wondering because you said it worked for everyone in IT.

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I had Outlook 2K on my old compute(which died on me) and now I have Windows 7 x64 and I would like to import the information from my old hard drive containing my Outlook 2000 information into Windows Live 2011. Can I do this? If so how? I have the old hard drive installed in an external enclosure. Thanks to all who respond.

Dan Leppanen

A:Outlook 2000 and Windows Live Mail

Google "pst to eml".

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Hi! I have changed computers (from a '98 to an XP) and have set up all my email accounts in Outlook 2000. Don't want to use Outlook Express because it interferes with attachments people send me.

My problem is that it won't let me select which address I am sending from! This creates great confusion for the customers of our three businesses. I have clicked on the Options button as Outlook advises but it keeps telling me that it is out of memory and to close other programs and try again. This even happens when there is nothing else open.

Any clues?


Victoria, Australia

A:Outlook 2000 Want to specify which e-mail account to use to send

When you come to send the message, instead of using the SEND button, there is a tiny arrow just to the right of it. Click on that and it will drop down a list of the accounts you have set up for you to choose which to send from.

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I was running MS office 2003 for a while, but decided to return to Office 2000. After reloading the program, Outlook would not send or receive mail. When I try to send mail, the status box comes up immediately and tells me the requested tasks were completed successfully. Other wise Outlook seems to be properly installed.


A:MS Outlook 2000 Will not send or receive mail

Have you verified your POP and SMTP settings are correct?

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I have 2 machines using Outlook Express 6, and they both can't receive attachments from PC's with Outlook 2000 machines. does anyone know a fix for this?

A:Receiving Mail in Express from Outlook 2000

Is this happening with all mail, or just a specific person's? I ask because if they are using MS Outlook Rich Text, that will cause the problem. Tell them to send you mails in HTML or Plain text, and you should receive the attachments.

If that is not the case, then come back and let us know.

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I'm getting the following error when I try opening up e-mail attachments I have received in Outlook 2000, Windows NT 4.0

"An error has occurred while the following action was performed: Query Outlook for the Outlook Extension Callback Interface.
Error: 0x80004002
Description: No such interface supported

I then receive a 2nd message - "The operation failed due to network or other communication problems. Check your connections and try again.

The attachments are typically in .msg format.

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I'm running Win 98 and have been using Outlook 2000 for my email for about 6 months. Everything's been fine until yesterday when I hit send/receive I got the following message:

6 message(s) couldn't be retrieved from the server. This usually happens when the connection to the server is lost due to server or network problems. If the problem persists, contact your administrator.

Download Error (Account: '[email protected]', POP3 Server:'Mail.rdondo1.ca.home.com', Error Number: 0x80040119)

I called my ISP and they couldn't figure it out. I also have Outlook Express loaded and so I tried that and it worked fine. I also installed Norton Antivirus 2000 about a week ago and the ISP said that might have something to do with it, so I disabled email protection in Norton and that didn't help. So I reconfiguered my user name settings and tried disabling all of Norton and that still didn't work.

I uninstalled MS Office 2000 and reinstalled it and THAT didn't work. I'm out of ideas. HELP!

I'm running a Pentium III 800 mhz on Win 98

A:Outlook 2000 - unable to receive mail

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I'm getting the following error when I try opening up e-mail attachments I have received in Outlook 2000, Windows NT.

"An error has occurred while the following action was performed: Query Outlook for the Outlook Extension Callback Interface."
Error: 0x80004002
Description: No such interface supported

I then receive a 2nd message - "The operation failed due to network or other communication problems. Check your connections and try again."

The attachment envelope is an unusual dark yellow color as opposed to the typical manilla. The files being received are typically pictures in jpg format.

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I have Outlook 2000 installed on my laptop. This was installed by my company and I used this successfully in my office to send and receive mail.
Recently my company went chapter 11, they told us to keep the laptops, but they are probably configured for the company server LAN etc. Anyway,
I have dial-up service for email at home through netzero. I was able to add netzero and send and receive email via outlook through the dial-up service. The problem is when I travel and use hotel high speed internet connections outgoing mail does not send. I can receive, but not send.
Also, we have cable internet service in my home. I purchased a linksys router and card for faster service etc on my laptop. Again, I can receive mail through outlook, but all mail I wish to send gets stuck in the outbox?
How do I resolve this problem?

A:Outlook 2000 Outgoing Mail Problem


The first problem is because you cant send mail through your ISPs mail server when using a different ISP, try using their webmail service instead.

Dont know about the second problem though

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i can receive mail but i can't send it. i have the same configuration .......

my mistake. i fixed.

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All of my contact lists are saved "last name first" in the "file as" box in the individual contact record. I have enabled all of my contact lists as "show this folder as an E-mail Address Book" in the properties for that folder.

When I click on the "To" button to address a new message the contact lists show first name first. All of them are shown this way other than the "global".

How can I change these to show last name first?

A:e-mail address books, Outlook 2000

By default the eprsonal address book shows Last Name First Name and the Global always shows First Name Last Name. You can change the personal one in the address book properties, but I think Exchange is always that way for the global list.

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