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Antec p180 vs. Thermaltake ARMOR

Q: Antec p180 vs. Thermaltake ARMOR

I was trying to decide between a Antec p180 case or the Thermaltake ARMOR series casees.

Antec p180
Thermaltake Armor Series VA8000BWS

There was a issue I heard about the p180 of PSU's not reaching certain drives or even the motherboard. Does anyone have that problem with the p180?


So which would be better to get? both are about the same price. Trying to get the better quality :giddy:


Preferred Solution: Antec p180 vs. Thermaltake ARMOR

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A: Antec p180 vs. Thermaltake ARMOR

Personally, I`d go with the Thermaltake case, It seems to have better cooling.

I must admit however, that maybe I`m a bit biased. This may be due to the fact, that I have a Thermaltake Xaser III case. Not everyones cup of tea I know, but I love it.

Nice psu by the way.

Regards Howard

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Hi all,

Does anyone know of a PSU which will power the latest GPUs (Geforce GTX 280 - 6-pin and 8-pin connectors available) which would fit in my Antex P180 case?

Dimension: Standard ATX PS2 150 x 140 x 86 mm

Please help!!!


A:Antec P180 PSU

Any ATX PSU delivering at least 550W and 40A on the +12V rail(s) will run the GTX 280 and any other card just fine. I'd recommend the Corsair 650TX.

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Can this case hold at least 4 harddrives?


The upper box in this photo looks like it can only hold 2, 3 most.
The lower one appears to be designed differently - so I'm not sure if it would work.

A:Antec Performance One P180

looks like it may hold even more than 4... if the bottom slide out frame thing is 4 x 3.5" bays (sideways?) + 3 x 3.5" in the middle box + 2 (possibly 3) x 5.25" bays = 9??

Or i may be slightly wrong..

http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=81800 said:

>>Maximum expandability with 11 Drive Bays
- External 4 x 5.25"; 1 x 3.5"
- Internal 6 x 3.5" for HDDClick to expand...

Thats a lot of HDDs

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Hi All,

Finally all my lovely new things have arived (To help me build my first complete computer from scratch).

So, step one - mount the motherboard.....

Line up holes - Check
Change I/O shield - Check
Insert brass standoffs into case to mount motherboard onto - Urm, I need 9 and I only seem to have 3......

Anyone used an Antec P180 case before and found a secret hiding place for the standoffs? (The 3 I found were in a box with the air filter and case keys...)

I expect its just bad luck and I'll have to kick Antec *** but just in case I am being stupid....

Any ideas?

A:Anyone own an Antec P180 - Components Missing??

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Hey guys I recently got Antec P180 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16811129017

Which Power supply would be good for this system...

Thanks. Raffi B.

A:Power Supply for Antec p180

Hey :wave: Well that is just a case (empty inside) your gonna have to give us sytem info such as CPU, RAM, video card. you have/getting then we can point you in the right direction.

Edit: Here is a good PSU that can handle just about any sytem

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Just built my new gaming pc (more or less works, got some minor issues to sort out) and the case I went with was the antec p180, its a nice case and evrything but I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a spare side panel for it (checked antecs site and the only alternative is beige, looking for an exact replica). Just want to try and cut a side panel so I can see the innards and get some blue neon in there, and dont want to risk ruining the original case, so if i mess up ive got a back up. One more question, looking to upgrade it (im not that impatient that im upgrading a new pc after 3 weeks, i just didnt buy evrything when i bought most of the parts to bring the cost down) and was wondering whether 2nd hard drive (space isnt an issue, just for the performance boost really), another gig of RAM (got 1Gb already) or a soundcard (yet to get it working but at the mo integrated sound), i guess another option is speakers/headphones but they'll probs come after sound card, doesnt relli matter which as there all in the same price region, just wondering which will affect gaming performance most.

A:Antec P180 spare side panel

you want to marr a beautiful p180 side panel? perhaps you should return the case and get one with window, instead of messing with the expensive p180. if you do choose to proceed with the cuttage, i reccomend taking the side panel to a local machnists' shoip where they have tools and experience to cut metal perfectly. i have seen many an attempt at creating a side window from a solid panel, and the results were always far less than perfect.

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I have this morning started assembly of a new PC in an Antec P180 case, all going well until I started to insert the motherboard to standoff screws. The only screws that are a) long enough and b) fit the thread of the standoff, have 'washers' fixed to them which seem to me much too great in diameter. They overlap conductor runs and in one instance would crush what look like chip capacitors.

The motherboard as Asus A8N-E. Am I doing something wrong? Please help me.

A:Antec P180 and Motherboard fixing screws

The mounting screws don't need washers, they can be just regular screws, as long as they only touch the metal ring around the motherboard holes. Mine are hex headed, and also have regular screwdriver grooves in the top.


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A:Are there any cases as nice as the antec p180 for a lesser price?

No more than 140-150.

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Hi there ive been thinking about getting a new case and moving from air to liquid cooling.Now just a few things bother me i know liquid and electrics aint the best of friends but if it was to leak or something will it kill my rig totally?I heared the liquid used does not harm pc components is true?I currently have the Zalman CNPS 9500 HSF and a standard buget case,will there be a significant differance in cooling preformance?And is this case worth buying for 135 uk pounds?I have been reading a few reviews and i quiet like the case and cooling but i better leave the questions to the pros .Any info you guys can provide will be much appreciated .Many thx

A:Thermaltake Armor LCS VE2000BWS

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Hey guys, do you know where I can get some standoffs for my Thermaltake armor case? I have looked everywhere I can think of but I can't find the right size, I got the case over 30 days ago so Thermaltake won't ship me replacement screws. I had to return my motherboard and accidently shipped my case screws with it If anyone has some extra standoffs about 7-8 Should be enough, I am willing to pay you via PayPal for them, or if you know an online store that sells them that would be great the standoffs are around 14mm in length.

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I want to get 120mm Antec Tricool Blue LED fans to go with my Silverstone Temjin TJ09-BW case, cause the fans that come it with don't move much air. I like the Tricool 3 speed concept, this way i can adjust fan speed as needed. However, i've read a review that said that these fans work well only in Antec cases, i'm not sure what that means because that is all that was said on the subject. I'm curious ito know whether folks here tried these fans in non-Antec cases and how did they work out.

A:Antec Tricool fans only work well in Antec cases?

hi FP,

the case should not affect the operation of a case fan (unless the holes in the case are too small to allow adequate air flow, which would not allow any fan to perform well). the tricool fan should work well in many cases, not just an antec case. where did you read that review?


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The title sais it all,

Which is a better psu? Antec Smart power or true power? Power output aside, we'll assume they are both 500Watt.



A:Antec True power vs antec smart power

go to Tom's hardware http://www.tomshardware.com/index.html

they test and review PSUs all the time.

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I am having a difficult time with this program.
Last night I tried clicking on a link and the page opened really quick and then disappeared. It seems it will not let me download anything either. I don't care much for the program, but RR is not providing other Spam, POP blocker, or virus protection. Does this have something to do with the Firewall? I received a log from the Firewall and it said "EZ FIREWALL has detected 96 attemps" What does that mean?
Can anyone help?

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Who wants to settle a bet between my brother and my self? How is Termaltake pronounced? :bounce:


Me? I'd pronounce it "Thurmal - tayk" Can't see how else you'd do it really....

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Can one of Y'all tell me what the ThermalTake GiantII GPU cooler wont fit?? my cap on $$ is like 150USD. my shopping will start with your advice.



That is on SICK cooler dude...here's some specs that I found:

"A universal clip helps insure compatibility with both nVidia based and ATI based video cards."

(1) The video cards without the heatsink mounting holes or with components that interfere with the heatsink cannot accommodate this product. (2) The heatsink occupies an adjacent PCI slot. (3) If the components on the video card interfere in any way with the heatsink components, you cannot use this heatsink. In such a case, you should immediately stop installation and return the product. (4) This heatsink if quite large at ~4.5" wide. It will add some height to the top of the video card when installed. In some thin cases such as the Casper II this may make it impossible to reinstall the video card. Make sure your case has space above the card slots before deciding to use this cooler.

It would be nice if ThermakTake listed known cards that simply don't work with it...

And here's a decent review link going over the finer points:


Hope this helps...let us know if you get it and how it works out...

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I just downloaded this program. I get all these pop ups that ask me "Internet explorer is trying to access- accept or deny"
Then I get another about WIN32. accept or deny? How do I know if these are legitimate programs to accept?
Also I ran the scan for my computer and came up with 5 "java" type infected files. but it doesn't show me how to remove them?
any help?

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I have removed all files to the EZ Armor antivirus. When I go to run in the start menu and type in, "UnVET32.EXE" everything is deleted. The only thing that will not go away is this message "Removing VET from right -click menus FAIL". How do I go about deleting this out of my system so that I can install McAfee. In order to install this I have to have EZ Armor out of the system. Please help.

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Has anybody tried the free eTrust EZ Armor protection package from RR?

I use Kerio firewall and it has not failed me yet.

My AVG6 let the bck_drarmy.J virus throught last week and my Kerio saved me.

Would it be a good idea to just use their whole package including their add and popup stopper?

A:eTrust EZ Armor

Hi Deke---I have had the EZ Firewall and eTrust a/v package on a win98se machine for 3 weeks or so....no problems with anything.
I have checked the alert logs which are split into 3 categories, High, Medium and Low....the usual stuff shows that you always get when surfing. Nothing came through that I could tell. The logs say Blocked....there were the pop up alerts sometimes....I think only when the High was logged...but it was not too intrusive at all. I have done the online security scans, they all report "stealth" is working...no problems getting anywhere I want to, so I feel it is a good app.
EZ Firewall has good logging. The program has the usual learning mode which makes it fairly easy to start out.
The antivirus I have had no problems with, I kinda dont go out of my way to test them, so nothing has been caught by eTrust. Updates smoothly so far, not too often but then I don't check it every day, as that machine is turned off for days at a time.
I did have eTrust back before they went to subscription, for that whole year, had no virus problems....and, no catches. I always check with Symantec online, Panda, etc scanners, but nothing found that eTrust missed at any point.

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Has anyone tried Online Armor? If you have ,how about some comments?

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YoTank Mililtary-Grade DAP CasesYoTank introduces a new line of military-grade digital audio player cases that can withstand ?a RPG or mortar shell explosion 85 percent of the time.? http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-ga...grade-dap-cases

A:Serious Armor For You Ipod

do they make it for shuffles

if yes

i will have a set



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I just upgraded my computer:
2X256 PC3200 DDR

OK, I installed all the hardware, and I have been having troubles getting past the start up, but that's another post. Anyway, after trying various things, my computer started to freeze all of a sudden when ever I use the manual rpm dial that comes with the Volcano. If I turn my cpu fan up any more than approx. 2500rpm which is the speed that it just barely starts to register in the bios, the computer freezes. It worked fine before, just all of a sudden it decided to start doing that. I have a 350W power supply, and little power demand. I haven't been able to get past start up due to other reasons, so I have only tested it while in the bios. Anyone know why this would start happening after it worked fine before? I spent all this money for an upgrade and I haven't even been able to get past start up....urgh! Errors on start up and now the fan, GRRRR. Thanks, for any help!:rolleyes:


A:Thermaltake Volcano

do you have the fan plugged into the motherboard for power, or are you using the molex adaptor and just running the yellow wire to the cpu fan connector? You might try the latter of the two, though I'm not sure if it will help.

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I have a thermaltake Xaser wireless keyboard and mouse combo they work great but there is one problem. one i go to play my games (swat 4 ) Hitman 1&2)
ill start the game and as i move my character with my mouse its really glitchy and moves real sticky like it has nothing to do with my video or any thing because it worked fine with wired mouse i had. plus when i am playing the keyboard has a tendencey to have its own sticky keys . sticky keys is not on but i hold (up) and let go... up will stay on until i douple tap it or repeadelty hit it to make it stop. i tried moving the reciver closer/ farther and higher/ lower still the same problem i am wonder if anyone here knows if theres a way to fix this or if im just stuck with a bad model -Any suggestions for new wireless keyboard/mice combo post a link because at this point i am ready to buy something new -but i figured i give this a try first

**if this is Really confusing just email me for straighter [email protected]

A:Thermaltake Key board

Ive had a similar problem with my wireless setup, it was down to almost flat batteries.
Also, don't use rechargeables, they are lower voltage by 0.3 volts per cell and will give very short range indeed.

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Wanting a quiet computer, I replaced rather noisy default heatsink & fan on my Asus GeForce 6800XT with Thermaltake Schooner.

The installation took about an hour because the instructions were somewhat misleading, some of the screws were too long, and my hands are shaky. I got it installed properly nonetheless.

In my opinion, the performance is great for a completely passive cooler.

The manual says overclocking isn't recommended (of course), but I've overclocked core 20% and memory 10%, and unlocked 16 pipes and 5 shader units (default for the card is 8 pipes & 4 shaders).

This is what the temperatures look like after running 3DMark06 default test with the case closed:

Although the temperatures may seem high to some of you, the system is stable. GPUs can handle the temperature better than CPUs anyhow, from what I can tell.

Next I need to get rid of CPU and PSU fans, they're the only ones left.

A:Thermaltake Schooner

High temps are usually the main problem of fried (and ready to eat) boards. I suppose if the temps aren't much higher than with the stock cooler, you should be fine.

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Coolermaster HAF 922 fan connections with motherboard and PSU

Hello Techspot,

I am going to move my current components into another case (Coolermaster HAF 922), which I am getting soon. I am also getting the Corsair TX850 watt v2 PSU.
I will be using my current components, which can be found on my profile + a 9800GT ( I will be later getting the AMD HD 6950).

My question is, how will I connect the case fans? Do I need to buy extra cable converters/reductions?
I have asked a similar question, but that was using a GA-990FXA-UD5 motherboard. The motherboard I use now is MSI 785GM-E51.

Thanks in advance.

A:Thermaltake Element V vs HAF 932 vs HAF 922

Your molex connectors should work.

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I'm curious as to which CPU hsf would be better for a core 2 duo that is going to be overclocked. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16835118019
^^ a copper Zalman (one of the sideways varieties) with an unknown cfm, or a

Thermaltake copper/aluminum fan with 77 cfm.

A:Zalman Vs Thermaltake

I'll put my money on the Zalman offering. No questions about that. The 9700 pictured is one of the best aircoolers your money can buy at the moment, as far as reviews go.

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i was planning to install thermaltake big typhoon to my current m/b. is it advisable to install it? cause my cpu is really niosy during summer. the guy at the shop ask me to change the casing 1st n see how it goes, but the casing(antec p180 performance one) cost me aud$210, where else the thermaltake big typhoon is only aud$60... which should i install 1st? my m/b is D865PERL(http://www.intel.com/products/motherboard/d865perl/index.htm) is it advisable to install the thermaltake big typhoon to my m/b?


A:thermaltake big typhoon

Thermaltake Big Typhoon Cooler CL-P0114 is a good HSF.And nearly Silent.


Just make sure you have enough room in the Box.

Go for it.....

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Thermaltake has just released a new 120mm circular "flower" type cooler; http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835106103
It's in the same vein as the Zalman 7700s and TT Blue Orb type cooler. But it has heatpipes. Right now I am using a Coolermaster Hyper L6. It is a heatpipe system, but the radiator fins all point in the same direction. Consequently it doesn't distribute air toward all the thermal zones and ICH the way I would like. Also with the new Intel "Quiet Technology" the BIOS never bothers to spin the fan (PWM control) faster than 600 RPM. The new TT cooler is so new it doesn't have but one review, although that's a 5 egger.
This is an intel DG965WH board (ATX)
An Antec 3800 "solution series" Mid-Tower case (w/ side air duct)
Celeron 356 (Cedar Mill 3.33GHz)

I don't actually have a heating problem, per se, But I think I could do better.

The new TT cooler has the standard Intel push clips, but I actually like them , they haven't given me any trouble whatsoever yet.

Take a look at the new cooler, and tell me what you think, please.

A:New Thermaltake CPU Cooler

Its looks nice actually. I'd recommend this one for those with side panel ducts to quickly get heat out of your case and the zalmans for those who have the back exhaust like myself. Good find here, thx for posting

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Just installed a Volcano 12. Great HS/Fan! Trouble is I accidentally connected the CPU heat sensor to the fan and the manual speed connector at the same time. After this I booted it for a minute or two. Then I realized the mistake (and the warning in the instructions). So I powered it down and disconnected the CPU heat sensor connector, and left the manual speed dial connected to the fan. Unfortunately, the dial for the fan doesn't control the speed of the fan (I treid both the 3.5" and the PCI-slot manual dials and nothing will slow down the fan speed. It just spins at max (5500 RPM). It cools great but I'd like to turn it down a bit because of the noise.

Did I fry the dials (or the potentiometers inside) when I had both types of speed controls connected to the fan at once? I've emailed Thermaltake the same question. Anyone have any experience here? TIA


A:Need help with Thermaltake Volcano 12

Zalman makes a separate fanspeed-controller, the Fan Mate 1.
Available e.g. from http://www.quietpc.com
Don't know if you blew anything by doing what you did.

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I would like to purchase the MSI - Big Bang X Power II for my Thermaltake Level 10 GT, but I'm concerned if it is compatible.

A:Can XL-ATX fit in the Thermaltake Level 10 GT?

Yes the motherboard will fit into that case. The power supply you choose will be the most important part...

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A:Thermaltake Contac 29

You can always refer to the installation manual...
Or just repeat the installation process in reverse order.

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As I posted in the general hardware thread, I am building a computer and need some help deciding where to place the case fans. The case is a Thermaltake V3, it has a bottom mounted PSU, 2 top fan spaces, 1 bottom fan space, 1 front fan space, and one upper-rear fan space. All are 120mm. The PC isn't going to be doing anything that should make it real hot but I want to make sure its well cooled. I was thinking of just putting a front and rear, but will the spaces in the top and bottom cause circulation issues without fans installed there? I'm building a new pc because my current notebook is failing because the graphics card overheats quickly..so I'm a little paranoid about keeping things cool. :suspiciou

A:Help with fan placement in Thermaltake V3

Fans are comparatively cheap, and I err on the side of more airflow is better so i would say fill all of the available fan spaces, or put one more exhausting air than pulling it in for a negative airflow. Its a bit more dusty, but gets more air through the system.

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I have had a Thermaltake Bigwater SE that I have had sitting in the box in the basement for over a year now. Problem is, I have been having troubles finding a case that it will fit in, I have built several systems that consist of a 120mm rear fan however the radiator housing has not fit into any of them, there is just not enough top/bottom clearance for it to fit. Most of the cases have been Cooler Master mid-towers, however i have tried some other brands that I cant remember....Well and a Antec 900 which is on the large side for being a mid-tower. I am pretty sure that maybe a thermaltake case should house its own product, but I really dont want to take the chance of ordering one and not have it fit. (big PIA and expensive to RMA a case)

So I was wondering if anyone has this water cooler in a mid-tower ? What brand and model would be....

Thanks In ADVANCE....

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I just purchased a Thermaltake Xaser V Gaming Tower model V7420AU. For the life of me I can't figure out how to hook up the fans. There are a number of wires. Power, 2 prong connectors, one wire named signal. I am using an ASUS A7N8X-E motherboard. If anyone knows an efficient way to hook these wires up please let me know.

A:Need help with Thermaltake case

Your motherboard should come with a manual that tells you where to plug each connector in. Some of those fans may be four pin connectors, which will be connected to your PS. Others will plug into extra system fan connecters the motherboard has scattered around the board. The Power, signal, speaker, HDD LED, Reset, etc etc connectors will connect in a certain sequence on two rows of "little wire things" on your motherboard. Again, your motherboard should have a manual that shows these.

If it doesn't, try going to Asus's website for an online manual.

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Is anyone familiar with this cooler? I've looked for reviews, but I can't seem to find any. Also, on the Thermaltake website it's not listed under retail products, but only under "system integrator" products...anyone know why that is? Thanks.



A:Thermaltake VOLCANO 10+

Just an update, I got the cooler and now I'm running at 2800+ at about 2 degrees cooler than stock speed and cooler.

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Online Armor Features:

Keylogger Detection
Mail Filter
Web Filter
Spam Shield
Cookie Cutter
Trusted Sites
Untrusted Sites
Prevent Spyware
Remove Spyware
Settings Monitor
IE Extensions
DNS Checker
Hosts Checker
Simple to Use
Easy to Use Firewall
Powerful Windows Firewall
Firewall Leak Tests
Run as Limited User
Worm Protection
Termination Protection
Spyware Prevention Tips
Spyware Prevention With Online Armor
Trojan Protection
How to Block Dangerous Sites
Lightweight Security for
Spyware Removal Tips
Autoruns Management


Here is a look at the GUI:
As you can see you have all your different sub categories on left side and you can uncheck Mail Shield, Web Shield, Program Guard, Firewall for any given reason. The Opera browser FF, IE is compatible with the web shield so you will be protected when surfing.

This program detects all Active-X and will ask you to allow or deny. It's a great feature.

Lets move to the Programs Tab on left and it will give you a inventory of whats on your computer. You have options of Allow, Block, Ask, Delete for each entry as well as "Hide Trusted" programs next to the Allow button. So can tailor each entry to your liking. If for example you don't want IE Explorer doing anything sneaky you can set it to "Ask" like I do.

You can right click on any entry in this list and you have a list to choose from Show File Information, Advance... Read more

A:Online Armor Firewall v2.0

Can a mod please help me out here?

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since downloading and installing the new version of ez armor i get free with my time warner subscription, i constantly get the same error message on every email i receive. that message is "an error has occurred in the script on this page. do you want to comtinue running scripts on this page?" Any idea how to disable this function?

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Symptoms of a problem:    On a acer laptop running windows 8.1 OS
In the middle of my midterms I powered down; I couldn’t bear even the slightest led as I was computer screen washed out.
Turning on my computer immediately revealed something was a-muck. And since, after running the usual antivirus programs, I have discovered a few more issues.  Yet my antivirus(s) didn’t pick up any concerns or find any viruses.
Turned on computer
All my icons were perfectly to the right hand side of my monitor.  I didn’t do this.
I started getting some website errors, like 404 not found warnings for sites I am constantly on with school.
I have a huge assignment that I am working on and it has its own folder on my desktop.  I was getting tired of reading all my folder names, as they are difficult to see, so I went into folder properties to change the icon to something that would stand out so I could quickly locate it on my desktop. My laptop ignored the button that says APPLY and OK.  I of course put it down to my error and tried again, still my icon selection was not taking effect.  I looked carefully at the properties of my folder and ‘read only’ was ticked.  I did not do this either.  Just to make sure there was a problem I tried a couple other icon changes and none of them took either. They to were ticked with 'read only'
My internet connection is unbearably slow.  I tweaked my rout... Read more

A:My nights in shining armor, I need you yet again!

I have been saving some screen shots using your directions under tutorials.  I am not sure how to post them on this topic. However, if they are better than the information I have I will post them wherever they are required.

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Last week, after a marathon 5 HOUR support session with an outsourced Norton Expert, I decided to dump 360 and go with something that demanded less of my resources. I installed Avast, which seems to be working just fine, and then tried Online Armor.

The installation went fine and I was prepared to be happy with my newly invigorated computer. Then I allowed it to restart and go into "learning mode". Big mistake.

It rebooted, but that's about all. The familiar desk top picture was there but no icons. I tried two more time and still nothing, so I rebooted into safe mode and chose the last configuration that worked. Thankfully it did, but after two more attempts with the same results, I'm going to try for some advice here before making another attempt.

What am I doing wrong. I know it has to be me because software is NEVER buggy and always works the first time. Could it have something to do with Avast? I told it to trust whatever was on the computer. Was that a mistake?

I don't want to go back to Norton. He's mean to me and makes my life miserable.

A:Solved: Online Armor...or not

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hi im on vista and have online armor firewall and in the past few days a message has come up saying , HTTP.sys wants to run and it located in c:\windows\system32\drivers\.

i keep blocking it because i dont know what it is but has just come up again .

is it safe to allow this action and what is HTTP.sys

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Virtual Machine: Vmware Workstation Pro, V12.1.1 build-3770944

A:Lucent Warrior's Armor

Good choice for NIS + Appguard

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I just ran ShieldsUp! from grc.com and my Online Armor firewall failed the stealth test.

Anyone else try this test with Online Armor?

A:Online Armor & Shields UP

I doubt anyone can help without reading what failed exactly.
GRC text can put out a text file you can paste the contents of into a post.

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Hello ,
I've missed the bulletin about Online armor demise. seems I need to uninstall it asap, please advise the best way of doing this !
I have Online Armor on two computers
Lenovo Thinkpad E530 Win8.1 64 bit and a desktop pc Win7 Home premium 64 bit
Any recommendations for a similar firewall ?
I have seen comments about the win 8.1 firewall doing an excellent job, would that be sufficient ?  If yes, whats the best way to set it up.
Also whats the best  firewall for the win 7 desktop ?
Thanks in advance  !!

A:Online armor uninstall help please

Hi there,I suggest that you post in the Other Emsisoft products section of the Emsisoft Support Forum. The staff will walk you through detailed instructions on how to uninstall Online Armor.In terms of replacement firewalls, HIPS firewalls are rare and usually unnecessary - so using the Windows Firewall from 7 and later is sufficient for home user security.

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The end of Online Armor is coming but will be replace by Emsisoft Internet Security.

The Emsisoft Online Armor product has been an integral part of our product portfolio for almost five years. It served us and our customers very well in complementing Emsisoft Anti-Malware with a rock solid standalone firewall. Emsisoft Online Armorís biggest strength has always been its HIPS (Host based Intrusion Protection/Prevention System) components, which are meant to alert any potentially dangerous actions executed by programs on the operating system.

As the internet threat landscape changes over the years, our response to these new challenges needs to adapt as well. Security software needs to be even more powerful, yet less intrusive to avoid any unnecessary annoying alerts. Thatís why we at Emsisoft believe that a smart Behavior Blocker, as incorporated in Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security, that watches the system as a whole, is significantly better than a HIPS, which sees each action on the system individually and therefore always causes much more alert popups by design. You can read more about the differences in this article.

For the above reason, we have decided to not spend any more development time on Emsisoft Online Armor, but instead focus on improving the award-winning protection of Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security, which we are certain have a great fut... Read more

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Mainly for information.
Reading on these boards that my ZoneAlarm firewall was now considered "poor" I decided as a beginner to follow suggestion and download Online-Armor. Disaster! For 24 hrs. all was OK, then the s... hit the fan. I couldn't open anything in Control Panel. I couldn't open CCleaner or Spybot or any of the malware programs. Picassa came up with a weird error message. Then it overlaid on my desktop the screenshot of my desktop I had taken months ago, with overlapping icons, some of programs I had long deleted. What a mess. It did, however, uninstall without problem and I am now trying Comodo. Fingers crossed!
Hope this helps anyone life myself who has to make a decision about a firewall.

A:Warning about Online-Armor

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I've tried and tried to uninstall this free d/l but I can't find any way to do it. Please help! TYVM!

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Has anybody tried Online Armor? I have a few questions and comments.

1. How good is the free version of OA? Does it allow me to set permissions for outgoing connections? (Lots of my apps like to access the ineternet without telling me.) How good is it as a firewall?

2. Is there a way to install it on a 64-bit computer?

3. Comodo Firewall sucks! The last time I used it was over a year ago, and I could never find any way to set permissions for my apps.

A:Firewall: Online Armor

Try ZoneAlarm Extreme beta. Very nice.

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