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XPS 2720 32gb mSATA ssd upgraded (Cloned) to a 500gb mSATA ssd

Q: XPS 2720 32gb mSATA ssd upgraded (Cloned) to a 500gb mSATA ssd

I don't want to do a clean install but clon my OS & Apps to the 500gb ssd & keep my 2TB Hd for files. I'm a new to this and need step by step instruction if this is possible.

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Preferred Solution: XPS 2720 32gb mSATA ssd upgraded (Cloned) to a 500gb mSATA ssd

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


HI All,
I have a dell XPS 2720 AIO. I have upgraded the mSATA slot to a 1TB SSD and was wondering if there is any way I can use the second slot (MINICARD_TV) to add another SSD.

A:XPS One 27 (2720) 2nd mSATA Slot

No.  That's wired for communication cards only.

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I have an XPS14 laptop now out of warranty which is running very slowly. The ePSA shows that HD0 has failed (code 2000-01-42) I presume that this is the mSATA 32GB SSD rather than the 500 GB HD which appears to be OK. I can buy a replacement mSATA on Amazon or eBay but would it need setting up with software?Thanks in advance for advice.Roger

A:Replacement SSD mSATA 32Gb

That error refers to the hard drive failing - not the SSD.
Before the drive fails completely, make a set of recovery media if you haven't done so - -you will need it once you replace the drive.
You will also need a backup of all your data that's on the hard drive, as it will be lost when you replace the failing drive.

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New laptop Dell 14z came with W8.
Had a headache trying to downgrade to W7 but managed it now.

How do I set the mSATA drive as cache?

I installed W7 to main 500gb BIOS setting set to RAID/Intel Smart Response.
After install I loaded up Rapid Storage Technology but it doesn't give me the option to "Accelerate" as per configuration instructions.

Do I need to bundle the RST drivers into the W7 installation disk?


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I have an XP 9560 that came with  a 32GB SSD and 1TB HDD.
Windows 10 is nearly impossible to keep on what space is given by the 32GB SSD, but even when moving personal folders, programs, etc to the 1TB drive, I still get "not enough space" constantly.
Since I can't seem to get around that issue, I'd like to install the OS on the 1TB drive, but there's no option to select a partition when installing Win 10. I even went into the BIOS and disabled the SSD, but the recovery media reenabled it and used it for installation.
What can I possibly do to overcome this problem?

A:XPS 15 9560 - useless 32GB mSATA SSD

The 32G drive is designed to be a cache for the hard drive - not as a separate operating system drive.   Remove the SSD from the system and install the OS to the hard -- you can then re-enable the cache as you wish.  Note however that doing so will result in a major performance decrease relative to what you're seeing with the OS on the SSD.

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I have a Sleekbook 4-1215DX.  Came with Win8.  Updated to Win8.1.  Win8.1 became corrupted.  I blew away ALL partitions on 500GB drive and 32GB mSATA, and installed Win10 onto the 32GB mSATA and I now have an empty 500GB SATA drive.  Although it appears to be working fine and boots very fast, which is good, I am unhappy with the arrangement and would like to get back to a larger C: drive on the 500GB SATA.  I do NOT have any recovery disks.  Before I spend $50 on HP Recovery Media, does anyone know what the partition layout should look like from factory? Currently, from Disk Management, I have a Disk 0 with the SYSTEM, Win10 recovery, the 32GB mSATA and the 500GB hard drive partitions.  And a Disk 1 with a 4GB partition and no drive letter?  I have no idea what this 4GB partition is??? I would like to ensure the 32GB mSATA is setup properly for its primary function, which was caching.  Does it make sense to get this back to factory partition settings first, and then just turn around and upgrade to Windows 10?  If I just blow-away all partitions again, and install Win10 onto 500GB drive, how can I ensure the mSATA is doing it job of caching?  Is there something more I need to do to "activate" the mSATA?  Does the Intel Rapid Storage Technology just find it and use it???

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While there are several discussions on the topic, the information seem a bit outdated. I am in need of fresh 2016 details.  I have a 3rd generation T530 and wondering if I can upgrade to a 500gb SSD in the mSATA form factor. I've come across mixed responses and the Lenovo manual is no help on the topic. The SSD will be used to as the boot drive and for all apps which leads to my next question. Is there an easy way to install OS and apps onto SSD without having to resintall everything? For example, can I create an image with acronis software and place the files onto the SSD?  Any help on this topic will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I have an HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j063cl that originally came with a 1 TB drive with Windows 8.

Goal was to move the system drive over to a 256 GB mSata and keep the original drive for data, VHDs, etc., and I have completed most of the work to get there.

Basically I wish I had just started with a clean install on the mSata, but that's not what transpired. I wanted to try to leverage the current installation with HP drivers in place. So I went down this path...

I used Macrium to clone the 1 TB drive to the 256 and that succeeded with a little finagling. But then I couldn't get UEFI to boot into the new drive. I finally performed a "refresh" from the MS Win8 install media (and unfortunately left the data drive in during the process).

To my surprise, everything worked and all was well. however, I later discovered that I couldn't back up to the 1 TB because the EFI partition on that disk is being used as the UEFI boot (as per MiniTool Partition Wizard data).

I've tried everything to get the (cloned) EFI partition on the mSata to be the boot, but all attempts have failed. I've tried to use EasyBCD to copy the boot environment (error), windows repair to repair the boot environment (can't repair), but nothing works. system is dead without the 1 TB drive installed and b/c it contains the active / boot EFI partition at runtime, I can't use any imaging tools to backup the mSata to the data drive.

Any suggestions? I'm trying to avoid a new install, as I... Read more

A:Cloned OEM drive to new mSATA, but have boot issues

How to Migrate OS to new Hard disk.

1) Remove the HDD after cloning.

2) Set UEFI/BIOS firmware to boot from mSATA.

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Just a quick question as to the best use for my 80Gb mSata drive and 500Gb HD. Now using mSata for Win7 and programs, 500Gb drive for what ever. Am I making the best use of this configuration? note Intel i7cpu and 8Gb memory.

A:Best use for my 80Gb mSata as Win7 OS and programs/500Gb HD for files

Keep all your data on the HDD, that`s about the best you can do, so you`re good.

With only 80 gigs, you might wanna install your games on the HDD, I don`t think it will hurt gameplay.

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I have two drives, and I was wondering what would be faster: WIndows installed on the MSATA (128GB) and installing my programs on the 500GB SATA, or if setting the 128 up with a raid Cache on the Sata. Both of these drives are SSDs.


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I'll be getting a new laptop soon and I'm wondering what the differences are between these two SSDs. I'll probably be putting them in a Sager NP9377 from xoticpc.com. Both SSDs cost the same price but the Samsung 850 EVO has 120 GB vs Micron M600's 128 GB (both for $100) or Samsung 850 EVO with 250 GB vs Micron M600 with 256 GB (both for $160). I know it's a small difference but this is my first experience with an SSD so I just want to make sure I make the right decision. I'll be putting the OS on the SSD so what capacity do you recommend? Thank you.

A:Micron M600 mSATA SSD vs Samsung 850 EVO Series mSATA SSD

The only difference is form factor and speed.

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My Dell XPS 8500 has an MSATA slot in which I have a 64 gb msata board which acts as the system and boot drive. I have just purchased a 128 gb msata board I want to install in place of the 64gb unit. My system also has a 1 tb main hard drive.
I have tried a system restore DVD and Back/Restore, neither has worked at all. All I want to do is find a way to do a complete copy of the 64gb msata now installed and then replace it with the 128gb unit and copy over all of the data that was on the 64gb one. This way all I have done will be to have more storage available on my system drive, the msata drive.

Any help much appreciated.


A:How can i copy the system from my 64gb msata to a new 128gb msata?

Hi and welcome to the SevenForums!

One solution I can suggest to this is to use imaging software to create an image of your current Windows installation. Acronis True Image is one of the popular ones on here, but there are other programs that can do it such as Macrium Reflect.

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After a recent major Windows 10 update, my Intel Rapid Storage Technology decided to stop working and as a result my laptop has been much slower to boot and wake up.
My 3 year old  Inspiron 7720 came with mSATA 32GB SSD that accelerates the 1TB hard drive. I used to be able to choose to accelerate the drive when I open Intel Rapid Storage Technology Manager, but now I can't even see the mSATA SSD in the manager. Also, when I go to the BIOS settings, it says something like "mSATA: No", so the BIOS doesn't see it either. I tried re-seating the SSD but that didn't help. I repaired the iRST manager installation, no go. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, no go. I tried seeing the drive using diskpart, it wasn't there as well. I looked for updates using intel driver updates but didn't find any.
My Intel Rapid Start Manager stopped opening too, and when I reinstalled it, it started giving a "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software." message.
Any tips for troubleshooting this?

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Hi.I've just tried to upgrade my 128gb mSata to a Western Digital Blue 250gb mSata, downloaded the USB boot recovery to load O/S and drivers for a fresh install from the HP website, when it's installing the Win7 Pro x64 O/S it won't allow me to choose the mSata SSD to load on the O/S in the Windows setup ?  The mSata SSD is recognised in the BIOS ( got the latest BIOS  - N75 Ver 01.13 ) Please Help

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Hi, does anybody have instructions, or can point me to an article, to safely remove the original 32Gb mSata cache drive configured to accelerate the HDD drive etc. so the desktop will boot cleanly from the HDD drive alone. I know it involves RST and possibly BIOS settings. I am looking for the exact steps as I have had bad experiences removing (and adding) 32Gb mSata cache drives in the past. System fails to boot ... Note I do not need any guidance on physically removing the drive and for the curious once I have a clean boot from HDD alone I will clone the drive to SSD (2.5 which I already have) so the 32Gb mSata is redundant and I would like to remove it completely. I am also interested in any experiences and/or any complications doing this. Thanks.
These instructions can be for any Dell desktop, the desktop in question is a Dell XPS 8700.

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I have been trying to upgrade WIndows 10 Pro on my x230T to the Fall Creators update (1703 or 1709).  But each time it gets to 27%, it does its first reboot and then crashes and rolls back the installation. Microsoft support spent a bunch of time on it, and they couldn't get it to work.  They pointed me to the Lenovo Support page where it wasn't mentioned in the list of tested machines.Has anyone with an X230T get this update installed?

A:x230t, upgraded to msata, trying to get second hdd to work

Hello and welcome,
1st: your subject and content don't seem to match.  Do you in fact have multiple drives installed? Which one holds the OS you're trying to update?
2nd: are you trying to do the update via Windows Update?  Sometimes downloading the full installer and running setup from that - or even creating bootable media and running that - can get around WU failures.
Sorry I can't address x230t specifics.

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Anyone have a  easy solution to correct the missing Serial and  model numbers. Why does Lenovo not want to provide a simple input method?? Is it they do not like knowledgable customers and want to get rid of us?I have a Twist S230u 3347cto Thinkpad, BIOS is missing Serial and UUIDAfter upgrades of 24 GB to  Samsung 850 Evo 250GB mSATA and changing out the HDD for Samsung 850 Evo 500GB SSD, both cloned using a Sabrent EC-HDD2 docking/cloning station. I also replaced the battery,At boot up I  recieve error codes 0187, 2200, 2201 all related to the missing numbers. but the OS still starts and I can use the laptop.(this i being typed  on it)Lenovo also will not allow any computer specific software and diagnotics, as it can't ID the laptop.I have now cleared the mSATA drive of all files and updated the Win 10 home to Win 10 Enterprisethe 500GB C drivestill has the recovery partions on it. I also have all the original files on the removed drives which I can easily access with the Sabrent docking station.I loaded AMI Bios editor AMIdeWin in Aministrator CMD prompt. but is not updating the numbers.getting init. interface SMbios errorAny solutions? Lenovo apparently has a APP to fix but apparently likes to frustate the hell out their knowledgable customers , so they will buy a DELL next time so they can easily access and download solutions.from a company cares about their customers..

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I just got a Dell XPS 2720 from the Outlet and it rocks so hard, except I can't get the SSD cache working and it's bugging me since I paid extra for it.
So far:

I received the computer and did a clean install of 8.1 with RAID mode set in the BIOS.
Installed all drivers and updates etc.
Opened Intel Rapid Storage to enable Smart Response but the Accelerate tab is missing. Performance only shows a power management option.

I tried using diskpart to clean the SSD, initializing it as MBR, GUID, setting up a RAW partition, etc and a ton of combinations of things in Disk Management but I cannot get IRST to give me that Accelerate option.
Anybody have any luck with this?

A:Enabling 32GB SSD Cache on XPS 2720

Everybody seems to have a different story how to get the RST SSD cache back to work, so here's mine:
After a disk crash I had to reinstall Windows 8 and update to Windows 8.1. For some reason I ended up with a recovery partition at the beginning and at the end of the disk. It seems that the RST Accelerate option does not show up if the last partition is not the OS.
After I deleted the recovery partition with the diskpart utility (select disk, select partition, delete partition override) and extended the OS partition to the end of the disk, the acceleration tab showed up and Smart Response is working! So the error was not the mSATA SSD drive, but the partition structure on the OS disk.
So I guess, if the OS partition is not the last partition on the disk, the Smart Response option will not show up. Intel really should document this better.

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I have been having intermittent problems at boot for a while now. Some time ago, I replaced the 32GB SSD with a Samsung EVO850 256GB, and clean installed Win 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 on separate partitions. At  startup, boot selectable from Grub menu.Windows was fine, but after a while, Ubuntu started having problems at boot, with either a hanging pink screen that required a hard reboot, or a linux kernal / terminal screen that rolled off a long list of diagnostics. If I turned off and attempted to boot Ubuntu a few times, it eventually loaded. Once the OS loaded, there was no problem until the next reboot.I decided that I'd need to re-install Ubuntu, and deferred it for a period. Subsequently, I had the equivalent problem with Windows, which required a "repair". The repair did not succeed, and finally neither system would boot, no matter how many attempts. It appears that Windows somehow invalidated itself once the "repair" processing was initiated.I retained the original 32GB SSD, which had my previous Ubuntu installation on it. I also have the original Windows 10 installation on the hard drive in its own system partition...data separate. Prior to upgrading the SSD, if I removed the SSD, it would boot straight into windows without 1st booting Grub. Once both OSes were installed on the 256GB SSD, it seems that UEFI configured the hard drive OS as "non-bootable". After reverting to the original configuration, I could not boot either system. I... Read more

A:2720 AIO Haswell i7/16GB 32GB SSD -> 256GB SSD dual boot ubuntu 16.04 LTS / Windows 10

SSD Write endurance is likely the issue.  If you install on hard drives it will likely be fine.

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Q: Msata

Hi would i be able to install a msata harddrive in my  probook 6540b

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I have a new Dell 7800 Win 8 desktop computer with 2TB HD.
I found that it also came with a mSATA drive (32 GB: Samsung SSD).
I have no idea what is mSATA for.
I have a plenty of space in my hard drives.
Please advise me the use of mSATA.
I see that its smaller size 32 Gb) is not that useful either.

A:The use of mSATA

IRST acceleration cache

Intel links.
IRST acceleration cache
Intel? Cache Acceleration Software
New and Innovative Caching Solution

Dell tutorial links:

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Hi all, Just want to figure out a couple of points with an existing R61 that's been a real champ over the last few years.The thinkpad is a R61 8918-5KM series. From opening the unit up to do a maintenance routine, I came across that this particular model has 3 x mini pcie connectors without the headers. It is basically a T61 bar some. Anyways, I was thinking into soldering some headers and extending the unit to its full potential. In doing so, I thought of connecting msata mini pcie modules via that process. Has anyone managed to do such a mod, and if so, what are your recommendations in the mod? cheers

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Hello!I want to a little upgrade my AiO PC HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO PC (p/n: 23-d254er).Is this AiO PC support  mSATA Samsung 850 EVO SSD disk Samsung MZ-M5E250BW ?I found one free MINI_CARD2 slot on motherboard (see atteched photo).I don't know to buy or not this SSD.Thanks! 

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Okay, so I think I made a little screw up... I bought myself a Crucial m4 64GB mSATA SSD and when opening the packet I noticed it was very mini... I'm not completely sure but I think it's for laptops only, can somebody confirm this for me so I can send back if necessary in time?


It's for laptops or special motherboards that use mSATA caching or some all-in-one units.

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I am looking for mSATA related compitable issues with my laptop.I own an HP ENVY 15-j049tx Notebook PC and i just wanted to know the list of mSATA devices that supports this laptop 

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Hey so I bought an mSata ssd (Crucial M500 240Gb) for my Clevo W230ST, I have an ssd already installed as my boot drive but needed more space. I took the back off plugged the mSata in and expected it to appear in my computer as a data drive like an external hard drive - I love technology but I'm not so good with software and making things work. Can someone talk me through what I should do to get it running? Do I need to install an OS on it? If so how do I do this when my laptop has no disc drive? Any help is appreciated.

A:mSata ssd help

Definitely do not need to install an O/S to it if it's just a storage drive. But you do need to go into Disk Management and Initialize, Partition, and Format it just like any other drive.

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I have lenovo G50-45 with Amd A6-6310 so does it have extra slot for msata ssd or the onlyone for networkor if i want i must replace hdd with 2.5 ssd  also second question about VGA cardsometime it be R5 M230 and some times as redon HD 8500Mwhich better to use also can i use Apu processor vga with external vga card or one of them only used

A:can i add msata ssd in G50-45 A6 -A6310 with Hdd

Hi antonygamal , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Common to the G series (page28), 2.5-inch, 7 mm / 9.5 mm SATA  ? 320 GB / 500 GB / 1TB 5,400 rpm 
Product specification:
Some: HDD / SATA 3.0Gb/s, 2.5" wide, 7mm or 9.5mm highSome: SSHD with 8GB NAND ?ash memory 
Option for SSD would be replacing the HDD similar to this discussion. 
M.2 PCIE slot are electronically available only for WLAN components.
As per benchmark comparison : 
Radeon R5 M230  Significantly more memory : 4,096 MB , Higher clock speed 825 MHz
HD 8570M : Significantly better T-Rex score :   1,024 MB , 750 MHz 
With the switchable graphics only one display adapter can be used at a time. 
Hope this help answer your query.

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I have the dell inspiron 15r 7520. I am planning of installing an mSATA drive into the laptop(I'll have to change the daughterboard and in the process of doing the same). So my question is what is the process of making my laptop boot from the mSATA drive and if I'm successful in doing so, will I be getting the genuine windows 8 OS that came pre-installed with my laptop?

A:Boot from mSATA

It could be done but Dell doesn't recommend it. Whether your recovery disks will work, I do not know. You may question this on the Dell forum

Clean install of Windows MSARTA
How to clean install Windows 7 or 8 on MSATA(SSD) drive - Desktop General Hardware Forum - Desktop - Dell Community

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Hi all. As mentioned in the subject I have a p50 I am transitioning to. I am trying to move a Samsung 850 mSata ssd drive from my current system into the p50. I would like to use the second 'Ssd' bay as i also have a spinning drive I need to move into the 2.5in 3rd slot. I have looked through the forums and did not notice if there was an adapter I would be able to utilize. Any assistance would be most appreciated. Thanks!!

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Hi all,

I have the following toshiba laptop and want to upgrade it with an additional mSATA SSD just for the OS [/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]


I'm almost 100% sure that this model does not support mSATA interefaces, but would like to check with you guys as well.


A:Satellite L50-B-1P1 - mSATA ?

The port is for wireless cards, SSD's wont work.
Only solution is to replace the HDD with a 2.5" SSD.

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I'm working with a Lenovo Y580 - 59359513. It comes with windows 8 preinstalled, uefi and all that other jazz. I've made my recovery usb drive, I've made my system image. The msata I installed is an m4 msata 256GB CT256M4SSD3. This drive is recognized in the bios. The disc shows in windows 8 install process. This drive formats and partitions in disk management. The 1 TB HDD is removed. I'm contemplating using it in another system possibly. Was originally going to keep it as a storage drive but I realized my ps3 could use the storage upgrade.

After not being able to recover via a lenovo provided recovery solution, I decided to Download en_windows_8_x64_dvd_915440.iso and checked it against the hash SHA-1: 1CE53AD5F60419CF04A715CF3233F247E48BEEC4

I make a DVD and a bootable usb both of which boot just fine. It seems to accept my bios stored key as it doesn't prompt for one. Everything is good until I choose my SSD partition. I get:

"Windows can't be installed on drive 1 partition 4. (Show details)"

partition 4 is the primary partition the installer creates for me when I delete all partitions and have it repartition for me. Showing details gets me:

"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu."

I've heard of many people booting off of their msata. One person I remember having the same exact model as me. Sata controller i... Read more

A:Msata does not boot.

Take a look at this post about Lenovo PC' s with Preinstalled Windows 8.
Moving pre-installed Windows 8 from HDD to SSD

How to Migrate OS to new Hard disk.

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When I purchased my flex 2 15d I saw that there was an option for an msata ssd, however, now that I've opened mine I see no msata port.  I checked with tech support who could not give me any help.  There is a you tube video of someone adding an msata drive to his 15 D, but my motherboard is different than his.  There is a port attached to what appears to be a field replaceable unit,but it is not msata.  I have attached a picture of the MB with the FRU circled and a X on the port.  I have two questions: 1.  Is there an msata port which I have perhaps missed (not likely) 2. Is there a part that I can order for the motherboard that will provide an msata port?

mb (1).jpg ?5235 KB

A:Flex2 15d msata ssd

[email protected] Gfrenkel1   What indicas is not an mSATA port unless it is the other way around, you could indicate the model of your computer to see the features and verify that no, or a slot, I leave an image for yours da mSATA port.  On changing the plate with mSATA port, you should know that possibly cost you more than a new team, it is one thing you must think about it. Regards.

Click on the star to say thanks.Please mark if it solves your problem.No work for LENOVO I volunteer.

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I just ordered a Mushkin m.2 ssd. I thought I had an m.2 slot on my laptop but it looks like a msata slot. Will the m.2 sata ssd fit into msata slot?I have a E5-575-51GG laptop.  

A:Does my m.2 ssd fit into msata slot?

Hello, Hmmm... it's a M.2 slot on your motherboard.

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Excuse my noobness... 
I currently have a Dell XPS 15 L521x with a 32 gb mSATA and 750 HDD. The mSATA is used for Intel's rapid start technology. I've read of various people upgrading the mSATA to a larger size and booting from it. Is it necessary to upgrade the size? Could I boot and run windows off of my current 32 gb mSATA and still have access to the 750 gb HDD? 

A:Windows 7 on 32 gb mSATA

Hi clarkpierce!
32GB is way too small for installing Windows 7 there... System + updates + any software + Application data will exceed the 32GB limit very quickly. In my opinion - 60GB is a minimum.

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My notebook comes with a 1 TB hdd .I was wondering if there's any way to add another sdd alongside this hdd ( so i wont lose capacity ) in a msata slot .does my notebook come with an msata slot ?

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Several people have asked about using the Samsung 1TB EVO mSATA SSD (840 EVO MZ-MTE1T0BW) with the Yoga 13 and Yoga 2 Pro, but after hours of searching I can't find a definitive report that either a) it works! or b) specific reason why it doesn't work. I purchased this mSATA drive and had a professional install it into my new Yogo 2 Pro i7, but I tap the "recovery/bios" button next to my power button, boot into the BIOS, and see that the SSD hard drive is not recognized. I've been a PowerBook/MacBook user for the last 15 years, but the 3200x1800px touch screen, 2 in 1 touch Win 8.1 interface, and mSATA option that I thought would allow a 1TB connection attracted me away from my 11" MBA with 500GB SSD. Just a bit bigger, big heavier, but far more powerful... I'm very happy to move on to a new environment, just hope that I can get this SSD working. Lenovo's authorized service center here in Shanghai claims that the 256GB SSD that my 8GB i7 Yoga 2 Pro shipped with is the maximum sized SSD that will work in my laptop, and claims that this is because it's the "chinese version" even though my BIOS is in english... There is tons of information online that almost answers my question, for example: Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Hardware Maintance Manual (pdf) only lists drives up to 512GB, the largest drive listed is the Samsung PM841-512GB mSATA SSD (not the Samsung EVO series or the Crucial 512GB)Amazon reviewer Adam C reports he's using the Samsung 256GB ... Read more

A:1TB msata SSD in Yoga 2 Pro?

I've done some additional testing on this today. First, I purchased an external mSATA SSD enclosure and mounted my 1TB Samsung (840 EVO MZ-MTE1T0BW) inside the enclosure, connect via USB3, and other machines read it just fine. So my 1TB drive is definitely good. No problem here --- yet that drive still isn't recognized by my Lenovo Bios. Second, I purchased a 512GB mSATA SSD, the Samsung PM841-512GB mSATA SSD, the exact model number listed in the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Hardware Maintance Manual (pdf), but this drive isn't recognized by my BIOS either, even though this drive also works fine inside my external mSATA SSD enclosure. Third, I installed a 128GB mSATA SSD into my Yoga 2 Pro and it's immediately recognized.When I switch back to the 256GB mSATA SSD that came with my Yoga 2 Pro, of course it's still recognized and works just fine. Product Name: Lenovo Yoga 2 ProBios Version: 76CN31WW (seems to be most current version)EC Version: 76EC25WW (why doesn't embedded controller version match BIOS version?)CPU: Intel(r) Core(TM) i7-4500U CPUSystem Memory: 8192MBHard Disk: Unrecognized (when I use 512GB or 1TB mSATA SSD)Windows License: STD I've isolated that it's not a bad SSD, and it's not a problem with the way the SSD is installed. The SSD is seated correctly each time. My same problem still remains. After hours of searching I can't find a definitive report that either a) it works! or b) specific reason why it doesn't work.&n... Read more

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After owning a T530 for exactly 5 years, we've decided to finally put a msata SSD into it. Should have done it sooner, since the prices of msata drives are truly ridiculous nowadays. But as the years went by we've figured we should wait because prices were going to drop. Well, now we know that was a mistake, heh. Anyway, AFAIK if you don't have a WWAN card (which we don't) we can install a msata SSD into the PCI express slot. We were wondering, which type of msata SSD should we buy? Is it an M.2 drive or just plain msata? Is there a difference? We were aiming for a SAMSUNG 850 EVO mSATA 250GB MZ-M5E250BW (http://tinyurl.com/yans5exn) or (if we decide to cheap out) MyDigitalSSD 120GB (128GB) Bullet Proof 4 Eco (BP4e V2) MDMS-BP4e-128(http://tinyurl.com/ycbbt7q7). Would these be ok? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

T530: i7-3630QM, 16GB DDR3-1600, NVS 5400M, 2x1TB 7200RPM, 9-cell, HD+ 1600x900, WinXP Pro/Win7 Pro 64-bit L430: i3-2370M, 8GB DDR3-1600, HD 3000, 750GB 7200RPM, 6-cell, HD 1366 x 768, Win7 Home 64-bit

A:T530 and msata

The slot in the T530 supports mSATA not m.2.  They are not the same.
I'd expect any mSATA SSD to work, but there can always be individual compatibility issues.
Hopefully someone else here has experience with the models you link and can give you a direct answer.

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Just got two new X230 laptops. Will this model take an mSATA SSD? Is the mSATA slot 6 Gbs or 3Gbs? Any recommendations are appreciated.


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yes it takes the mSATA in the WWAN mPCIe slot under the palmrest. mSATA speed is 3Gbs.

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Hello Community, just subscribe to the Forum. I bought one week ago a B580 Notebook with i-5, 1TB, 4 GB and added 4 GB and a 60 GB mSATA.It was configured with Windows 8 and only a big partition for use. The other hidden parttitions belongs to Win8 and LENOVO. First I had to repartition the drive: Using a SW to backup the installation of Win8 to an external drive ( size was appr. 20 GB), with the same tool I deleted the installation and set up new partitions as my house standards (4). Afterwards I restored the Win 8 installation and did an upgrade to Win8 Prof. Those were the simpler tasks. I got a lot of problems as I tried to install SW to use the mSATA drive for acceleration, I spent almost two days to search appropriate drivers at the LENOVO drivers site for B580 and Win8, but none of the available drivers did work (h4iv07ww.exe).Even the BIOS did not show the mSATA drive. To checkout the function of the mSATA I removed the hard disk, installled Win8 Pro to the mSATA. It was working very fast a expected. Setting back the hard drive the notebook did work only with the 1GB drive. Sometimes I could boot from the mSATA drive (F12), but that's not what i like to do - it saves no time during boot! Is there an expert from LENOVO who could help? The Lenovo support on phone was not able to help.   


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A:B580 mSATA

hi LuigiMunich,
Welcome to the Forums.
Upon checking the specs on the B580 Notebook, there's an optional 16GB or 32GB mSATA SSD that uses Diskeeper's Expresscache software for data caching.
If you have a Sandisk SSD, check these articles:
ExpressCache & IFFS Partition Recreation
ExpressCache software is not installed (this is for Thinkpad units but same aspects applies to Ideapad)
If you have different brand of mSATA SSD, the Expresscache software may not work (haven't tested this yet as there's no available unit here in the lab) 
Hope this helps

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Hello, my friends. I have a HP 9480m Elitebook Folio (i5 4310u, 8Gb RAM, 256 SSD - MTFDDAK256MAM-1K12) which I won after the company I work changed all its devices. I notice that there is a mSATA slot on my secondary slot, which I'm not using. I was thinking to install a mSata on this slot for storaging music and video stuff (Windows 10 would be kept in the drive I have now) My doubts are:1) I heard from a friend that I was supposed to buy a mini msata SSD because a mSata drive wouldn't work in my computer. Is this true or a simple mSata drive would work? I'm sending a photo of the slot, if anyone can help me. 2) I heard that the other drive (in which the system is installed) can't be a self encrypting drive? Is this true? Is my drive a self encrypting drive? 3) Does the device support a mSata with more than 120Gb capacity (for example 500Gb)? (remember that as I don't know the bios password, I wasn't able to update it and I'm still with version M85.01)  

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Hi, want to upgrade my notebook HP 15-AY012DX and can't find information are there any mSATA or m.2 slot in it? Or I just need to buy ordinary SATA 2.5 SSD?


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A:mSata or m.2 on hp 15-AY012DX

@Falcomaster As soon as I seen these videos I remembered that I did not like this particular design!!! HP 15-ay000 Notebook PC series - FRU Remove/Replace Videos https://h20574.www2.hp.com/results.htm?SID=10862300&MEID=DCF73E2E-B847-414F-A43F-52FCC65135C9 Click on SSD. You can only have a SSD or regular SATA. Sorry. They take up the same bay. REO

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Can I upgrade my laptop with an ssd any kind? Preferably mSATA ssd .

A:mSATA ssd for my laptop

Here's the Service manual: Manual See p. 78. It does support a SATA type M.2 mSSD, but you have to remove the motherboard to install it. You have a 1 TB 5400 rpm mechanical hard drive and it would be a little easier to install a 2.5 inch SATA SSD in place of the hard drive but 1 TB and larger SSDs are pretty expensive.  Post back with any more questions.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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A:Is it possible to install mSATA in any of the P50 ...

Good day.
I suppose you could install an mSATA SSD into the 2.5" SATA space with something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Micro-SATA-Cables-MSATA-ADPT-Adapter/dp/B004YKJ5TE
And while there appear to be mSATA-to-m.2 adapters, like this: https://www.amazon.com/mSATA-Mini-PCI-Adapter-Converter/dp/B00OQ1Y5UA, I think that the extra width of the mSATA wouldn't work in either of the m.2 slots without impinging on something.
(Disclaimer: I don't have a P50. Just going by what I see in the hardware manual: https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles_pdf/p50_hmm_en_sp40j71944_01.pdf)

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Is it possible to have both an mSATA and HDD drive installed on this device? I recently installed an mSATA with Win10 in to it but now it won't detect the HDD. It's definitely connected correctly as when I unplug the mSATA drive it boots from the HDD just fine. Is there a BIOS update or anything along those lines that will let me use both?

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Hi,I have a W520 - 42844MG - bios 1.42I would like to add a msata hd like the Samsung 840 evo msata or the crucial m550 msata, both 512gb.- I didn't understand if my computer support these hd capacity.- I cannot find which speed support my msata connector 3gb/s, 6gb/s.Please help me!Thanks in advance for your kind helpMA

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A:W520 ssd mSATA 512???

mattia_albicini wrote:Hi,I have a W520 - 42844MG - bios 1.42I would like to add a msata hd like the Samsung 840 evo msata or the crucial m550 msata, both 512gb.- I didn't understand if my computer support these hd capacity.- I cannot find which speed support my msata connector 3gb/s, 6gb/s.Please help me!Thanks in advance for your kind helpMA
The mSata port in the W520 is SATA2 (3gb/s). There is no problem using either the Samsung 840 EVO or Crucial M550 in the system (I have the Crucial M550 512gb mSata installed in my personal system)

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Some time ago I've bought Vostro 3460 i7 version. Now I would like to extend the hardware using mSATA drive but after opening the I've noticed that there is no mSATA slot. I've made some search on net and found that there are two types of daughter boards one with mSATA / other without.
So ma question is if may I buy and replace the board that I posses with the one with daughter board. Similar to this?
Thank you for answer
Best Regards

A:mSATA connector

You can certainly do that, but realize that mSATA is usually 3G/s, not the 6G you'd get by replacing the hard drive with a 2.5" SATA 6G SSD.

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