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Turning down brightness to extend life for monitors and laptops?

Q: Turning down brightness to extend life for monitors and laptops?

Does turning down the brightness of your monitor and laptops extends the life of the product and reduce the chance of getting a black pixel?

Preferred Solution: Turning down brightness to extend life for monitors and laptops?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Turning down brightness to extend life for monitors and laptops?

Quote: Originally Posted by imeem

Does turning down the brightness of your monitor and laptops extends the life of the product and reduce the chance of getting a black pixel?

I don't think it will do anything except extend battery life. Your monitor will last longer than the other components.

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Do any of you have any tricks or tips to extend battery life as long as possible?
I use my computer to brows the internet when i have a chance for on average 15-minutes then i put it to sleep for about an hour or long interval. My current power plan is a slightly modified turbo battery plan that extends the length until the computer hibernates. I have aero enabled (it looks like crap without) but I have "show contents while dragging" disabled (hard on the gma500).
I'm looking at using CrystalCPUID to "undervolt" my computer (RMClock is incompatible with Atom processors).
any tips will be helpful.

A:What is the best way to extend battery life?

You could under-clock the processor and dim the screen.

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Hi all, I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T430 that I bought when travelling in New Zealand about 4 years ago. This thing has been incredible and up until recently I have had no trouble at all. I have never owned any kind of protective case and this thing has been chucked in and out of bags for years and it soldiers on.  Anyway I have digressed, just wanted to let you know what I thought of this machine! The thing is now that I have ran out of space on the HDD.  I need everthing on there so an upgrade of storage is a neccessity. I remeber (I think) once seeing a HDD that occupys the CD-Rom hole. I have never used the disk drive so this would be a perfect option for me. Can anyone point me in the direction of this part, along with fitting instructions?  I just need to get this laptop going well for my final year at university. The screen is dimming but I can live with that for a year I reckon.  Perhaps some more RAM is a good idea too?  Current Spec:  

2017-07-23_1450.png ?14 KB

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Hi there, Just bought the $2,400 version of this directly from Lenovo site about 1 week ago and am normally plugged in so haven't noticed this howveer I went to take a VOIP phone call in my bedroom on battery mode, came out an hour later with about 50%. Not sure how that's possible - it was a non-screensharing Google hangout with Chrome (10 tabs open) and Slack, nothing else. Specs are below, any suggestons? onfiguration Details?  Processor: Intel® Core? i7-9850H with vPro (2.60GHz, up to 4.60GHz with Turbo Boost, 6 Cores, 12MB Cache)?  Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64?  Display Type: 15.6? UHD (3840 x 2160) 500 nits, IPS, anti-glare, Dolby Vision HDR 400?  Memory: 32GB DDR4 2666MHz (2 x 16GB)?  Hard Drive: 1TB Solid State Drive M.2 PCIe-NVME?  Warranty: 1 Year Depot or Carry-in?  Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 Max-Q 4GB?  Camera: IR & 720p HD Camera with microphone?  Fingerprint Reader: Fingerprint Reader?  Keyboard: Backlit Keyboard - US English?  Wireless: Intel® AX200 Wi-Fi 6 802.11AX (2 x 2) & Bluetooth® 5.0

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Recently I had just gotten my Samsung ultrabook Chronos Series 7. I notice that I cannot remove my battery while charging like I did for most other laptops. It is somewhat like IPod and IPhone which the battery is in-built. I am very concerned about the battery life.(For my laptop, the battery usually lasts for 3 hours for high usage and 4~5hours for normal usage)

I usually have two ways when it comes to using the battery. I will like to seek your opinion on which one of them is better, or better yet, suggest another better solution for extending battery life(for long term usage, say 3 years maybe)

1. Activate Samsung Battery Life Extender, so that the battery will only be charged till 80%.(I heard that 20% should be left empty for lithium battery) And continue using my laptop as per normal while charging without removing the battery.(I cant remove it anyway)

2. I charge my battery till 90%, unplug the AC cable, and use the laptop without charging. I heard that it will reduce the amount of charging and discharging cycle on my battery, thus helping to extend battery life.(Correct me if I am wrong.)

Any input is welcomed and thanks in advance.

A:How to extend battery life for Samsung Ultrabook?

I'd want to save Samsung Recovery and a WIn7 backup image of the HD to wipe the HD and get a Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 for comparison, because I've not seen any OEM battery crapware that is better than Win7's built-in power options. The same can be said about all of the useless utilities the factory OEM's lard in along with the other bloatware that corrupts and throttles Win7. Most tech enthusiasts will not run these installs at all.

If you want to do literally a side by side comparison, then after saving your Recovery and backup, shrink C to do the Clean Reinstall to a new partition and try both as an experiment. Then you'll know for sure which runs better and can easily if you don't want it delete the Clean and Extend C again in Disk Mgmt, or we can help you delete the Samsung install and factory partitions and reclaim its space for the Clean Install.

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If I connect two displays everything will work correctly until I select the option to extend my display. At that point, the entire screen flashes blue and comes back to the desktop this cycle repeats forever. My smart friends and I tried to fix this and couldn't if anybody on this forum can I will be amazed.

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Because of a crash, I am in the process of re-installing 8.1. All is well except, my 2 monitors are not recognized in device manager. Only 1 PNP monitor is recognized. Scan for hardware changes makes no difference. If I disconnect 1 monitor, W8.1 will recognize the connected monitor by brand name, and same for connecting/disconnecting the other, but not when both are connected. One is DVI and the other is VGA. Detect didn't find another display, yet both monitors are in the mirror mode. This setup works fine with all the W10 builds I have been testing on this machine and was fine before 8.1 decided to not boot/crash a couple of days ago. Appreciate any suggestions.

A:Cannot extend the monitors on new install

I just reinstalled the whole system again and both monitors are recognized as previous. Why the 1st reinstall did not work is unknown. I seem to be having an awful large amount of Win updates to deal with. One was 117 and after install and did a windows update check 28 more, last update was 13.

I am still working with the original 8.1 install SSD, but it is in a loop trying to boot and then restart.

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Extend the life of your desktop or notebook with solid state drives

Summary: SSDs, now a common option for new tablets and notebooks, can help small businesses boost performance of aging hardware.

By Heather Clancy for Small Business Matters | July 9, 2012 -- Updated 05:00 GMT (22:00 PDT)

Solid state drives (aka SSDs) have become an increasingly standard configuration choice for new notebook computers. Apple's MacBook Air is just one example of a system that comes standard with flash memory, which helps the ultra-thin notebook boot up more quickly and process data requests more rapidly.

Find out more.. Extend the life of your desktop or notebook with solid state drives | ZDNet

A:Extend the life of your desktop or notebook with solid state drives

SSD is awesome but too costy for old computers. I would rather buy a new SSD computer so that I can fully enjoy.

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Hello; i am trying to extend the desktop to three screens with Satellite Pro C50.
Please, what may i do?

A:Satellite Pro C50 - How do I extend the desktop to 3 monitors?

As far as I know for something like this you need extra equipment. I presume you need USB display adapter.
Solution could be ?Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital SE multi-monitor adapter? or some similar device.

Google a bit around and I hope you will find some device that you can use with your notebook.

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Hello everybody,
I'm having a little bit of trouble finding information for my question, so I figured I would post it on here. I'm working on a laptop with VGA and S-Video outputs and I'm wondering if I can extend my display to 2 additional monitors and keep my laptop display using one VGA output and one S-Video output simultaneously? I am using a 2 monitor display right now with my VGA extending to a 19" HDTV and it's really nice, but I want to be able to use the VGA to extend to a desktop monitor and the S-Video to my TV. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a small Acer Aspire One notebook which has a 1024x600 resolution and an oldish desktop monitor which I connect it to which is a Sharp LL-T17A4-B, which might have a max resolution of 1280 x 1024 (not sure as it is an old model).

Anyway, when I connect the notebook to the monitor via VGA, I can only get an identical display on both screens or just a single display on either. I can't get the 'Extend your displays' option in the Display section of Control Panel and enable me to drag items between the screens i.e. have different content on different screens. Why is this? I have tried Windows button + P but that does nothing. I haven't looked at the drivers yet as I suspect it is because the resolutions of the two screens are not the same. Is this so or am I wrong and the cause is something else? As an aside, is it possible to have one resolution on one screen and a different one on the other? Any help gratefully received. Thanks.

A:Problem using two monitors - can't get 'Extend your displays'

It depends on the graphics capabilities whether or not to have 2 INDEPENDENT resoultions and screens. You should try updating your graphics drivers. Its possible with it being both a laptop and old it may not support those features

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Hi Guys I need help please. I am trying to connect two additional monitors to my laptop (Lenovo Ideapad Z580). I need the monitors to both extend the display and not just duplicate the display. The Laptop has a HDMI and VGA ports. It seems the laptop is reading both but cannot extend both displays. When a try under Control panel>Display>Screen resolution: and try to extend display on both monitors i get the following error (The display settings could not be saved. Please try a different combination of display settings) Can the Lenovo Idea pad Z580 run 2 additional screens and extend them both? If not, are there any adapters to solve this problem?

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What do I have to do or get to extend my desktop in Vista, I have two monitors hooked up via Y connector, and it displays the samething on both monitors. I have checked the extend my destop box to this monitor but it will not stay checked, I click apply and when I go back it is unchecked. I want to be able to open mail on one screen and spread sheet on the other.
Can anyone help me with this problem?
Thanks in advance
Ron Hughes

A:Vista Extend desktop, dual monitors

I have the same problem is it fixed by download drivers?

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I used to have my computer running Windows 8.1 32bit (upgraded from Win XP Pro) and both my monitors were working great with an extended desktop.
After a hard drive problem (replaced the HD), I managed to get Windows 8.1 64bit installed (after a very long and involved and difficult route now that XP is no longer supported) but both my monitors now show the same image.

Samsung 710N (recommended resolution 12080 x 1024) connected via VGA cable
LG Flatron E2240V -PN (recommended resolution 1920 x 1080) connected via HDMI cable

I have managed to change the monitor driver from Windows generic Microsoft Basic display to LG E2240V (HDMI).

But I cannot get Windows to see a second monitor as a different monitor. When I click on Detect under Display in the Control Panel, it does nothing. When I click on identify, both my monitors display a 1.

I have tried:
* Windows 8.1 Can't do an "Extend Display"
* unpluging each monitor in turn from the computer and from power and waiting a couple of minutes then plugging in and booting up.
* Unpluging each monitor in turn from the computer and from power and waiting a couple of minutes then plugging in again while Windows was running.
* Doing a full shutdown before restarting to see if Windows would pick up both monitors
* Looking for new drivers from Samsung's website and LG's website.
* Trying to install drivers that were not specifically designed for Windows 8.

What else can I try?

Forgot to say - just using onboard graphics. Mot... Read more

A:cannot extend desktop on 2 monitors 8.1 64bit. ok in 32bit

"I managed to get Windows 8.1 64bit installed (after a very long and involved and difficult route now that XP is no longer supported)" <<< Why was it so difficult? How did you do the install of 64 bit 8.1?

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How to extend dvi output to multiple hdmi monitors? Have Samsung Series 7 Slate tablet computer running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Nature of computer prevents swapping out graphics card/module. Please advise.

A:How to extend single dvi output to multiple hdmi monitors?

You can get an adapter to run a second monitor from a USB port. There are serveral available on amzon and such. Just search for "USB to HDMI Adapter" Assuming your Tablet has a USB port.

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I set up my dual monitors yesterday. This is how I have it configured: 

1. Monitor 1 cable attached to HP DisplayPort into computer via what looks to me like a USB type connection.
2. Monitor 2 D-Sub cable into computer via D-sub cable connection. 

Both monitors are on and working; however, monitor 2 is a duplicate of monitor 1. I tried changing the Display settings to extend, but the computer does not detect a second monitor. 

I did what was suggested by Microsoft: shut down computer and/or unplug the cable and plug back in. Doing this twice did not help. 

I downloaded LGs Dual Smart Solution driver to possibly fix this issue as well, but it did not. I contacted LG for support, but they could not figure it out - thinking it is a PC issue and not their driver. I modified the Dual Smart Solution driver with
a recommended modification from LG, but it did not fix the issue. I also reversed the cables as suggested, but that did not help.

Is there another solution for this problem or is it just the PC itself?

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I have a Windows PC built on the ASUS M3A76-CM Motherboard. This motherboard has the ATI Radeon 3000 onboard video chipset. For over a year, I was running the video via the D-Sub port to a 19-inch 4:3 LCD monitor, with no problems.

A few months ago, I wanted to extend my desktop to a second 19-inch 4:3 LCD monitor, so I purchased a PNY VCGFX522PEB GeForce FX 5200 256MB 128-bit DDR PCI Video Card (I was looking for an inexpensive card that had two D-Sub ports). This setup works okay most of the time, but the video performance is sluggish ? the video stalls and hesitates frequently. Occasionally, the whole system just stops working. I never had these problems running a single monitor with the onboard video.

Is the GeForce FX 5200 incapable of running two monitors at the same rate as the ATI Radeon 3000 runs a single monitor? Is there another video card I should consider? (both of my monitors have D-Sub ports, but only one of them has a DVI port.)


A:Video card to extend Windows desktop to 2 monitors

I don't think any modern graphics card should struggle to run 2 monitors. I have a Hd4670 that happily ran both without an issue.

Have you tried un-installing your current Nvidia software, and then re-installing the latest software available from www.nvidia.com ?

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Around this time, last year, my area had a terrible ice storm that left us without power for a week. We were totally in the dark (no pun intended) about the weather and how much more was coming. Now that I have an iPhone to use, I figured that with the 3G I would be able to read radar and such. The battery though, does not last for an entire week. Heres the question. We have two laptops in my house. I could use the charge off those for a few days if needed, ideally, but I was wondering which allows the charge to last longer. Closing the lid simply, or turning them off all together? Thanks for the help.

A:Solved: Battery Life on Laptops

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I've a question about Brightness in laptops
When I use Cord to Power my Laptop I usually get higher contrast, brighter back lightning then just using battery.

Can I fix so I get as much brightness with Battery usage as with a Cord ?

Best wishes,

A:Equal Brightness-level with and without Cord in Laptops

Quote: Originally Posted by vermin


I've a question about Brightness in laptops
When I use Cord to Power my Laptop I usually get higher contrast, brighter back lightning then just using battery.

Can I fix so I get as much brightness with Battery usage as with a Cord ?

Best wishes,


You can adjust the brightness of your laptop, go to "Control panel" then search of "Power Option" , there you can find the sliders to adjust the brightness of your laptop with and without cords.


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Screen brightness is increasing automatically when I switch on my laptop and it is giving some sound .Even touch pad is also not working.

A:My Laptops screen brightness is increasing automatically aft...

Hello @Prat1 Thank you for posting on the HP Forums! I would like to help out regarding the brightness automatically increasing and touch pad not working. What is the full product number of the computer you are working with and what version of Windows is on it?  I suggest running the Widows Update Troubleshooter here: Windows Update Troubleshooter For product number click here: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03754824 For Windows version click here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/13443/windows-which-operating-system Hit the "Accept as Solution" if we've reached a solution, and the "thumbs up" to say thanks for my help. Have a great day

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Im just curious as to how brightness affects LCD life. Is it significant? My new monitro is an ACER lcd AL2216W. Video card is ATI radeon 9550 and i use the catalyst control center (CCC).

Now on the actual monitor there is a menu button where when I push I can access controls to adjust BRIGHTNESS and CONTRAST. However in the CCC I can access a section to control Gamma, Brightness, and Contrast.

Are they controlling the same thing? How does Gamma differ from Brightness.
If I set brightness all the way up on the montior, then increase it to 100 in the CCC it makes it even brighter. Gamma also seems like it makes it brighter.

I like my screen bright but if it affects the bulb in the LCD I would keep it lower. MY main question is on how the CCC controls differ from the monitor's controls, since they dont seem like they override each other, but rather operate independently.


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My laptops, hp dv4000, had stopped getting on AC power (charger was fine), so I had it examined by the local repairman and he said that "charging I.C." is damaged and need to be replaced. I had him change the I.C. When it got repaired and I went to take it back, it stopped running on battery (at his shop), upon which he said
that the damaged I.C. on the last boot had damaged the battery too and now battery is dead (so I have ordered a new battery, which will arrive in some days).
Now when I had taken it back home, it worked fine when I watched a movie (for 2 hrs), but then when I closed the movie and started reading a pdf it turned off in 5 mins.
Then I carried a self-examination and found that it works fine when it is on high power consumption (or probably at high CPU usage) like watching movies or songs, but it turns off (as if power is cut) whenever placed idle or used lowly like reading e-books or using word or things that require less CPU usage.
The battery is currently taken off (I had the repairman repair the battery so I didn't have it now to check if it works fine with battery.)
Its not heating up (physically), the HWmonitor report is posted below. Please, any help would be appreciated. Had the repairman cheated and done something wrong. Before repair, everything was like for more that two years. please help!!!!
Note: I found the area around charger port relatively much hotter than the whole laptop.

A:Laptops turning off by itself

HWMonitor would give a readout on the battery but you don't have it. I think that you'll just have to wait for the replacement battery and see how things go after that.

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Hi Forum,

Had my Samsung S22B300H 21.5IN screens (2) working fine yesterday. Woke up this morning and the screens were mirrored (or at least not extended) and the resolution was turned down and both screens appeared zoomed.

I have an Acer Aspire M5811 with an intel graphics card that supported the dual monitors just fine up until today. I have one montior connected to my pc via VGA which is recognized by default as screen #1. The second I have connected via the HDMI outport. Both screens have a direct output from my pc. They are now operating as independent monitors and my system will not even recognize when I unplug and plug back in either of them.

Start > Control Panel > Appearance > Display > Resolution > the only two drop down options are: Display (1. default monitor ON) and Resolution (now set to highest). The "Detect" and "Identify" buttons result in nothing.

Please help!

thanks in advance.

A:Cant extend, only mirror dual monitors. 2nd screen not rcgnzd HDMIxVGA

a picture from my CP

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Hi there
I managed via a fix to the inf file to load the INTEL HD display drivers - but I cant seem to get the output to use the "Virtual Desktop" to expand to two monitors like I could for W7 and XP.

The file you need to change so the package will install on W8 is this one (attached) replace the same named file in the GRAPHICS folder

The other parts of the driver including acceleration etc work fine.igdlh64.zip

Hi all again now fixed -- you need to let Windows update the .NET Framework (don't know why or care but after the update driver works fine for multiple displays again).


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Hi guys,

The following set of exes allow you to map custom buttons on laptops to Windows shortcut commands . Currently supported is : to increase and decrease volume/brightness by a single click . Quick brightness change is great for long gaming or development sessions on the pc !

I have been missing that feature badly.

Also sending shortcuts i.e ALT+TAB is supported.

You need your laptop to have the software that can map the button to the exe.

This is donationware so all help is appreciated.

Coming soon also one-button changing the Nvidia color levels, as this is another thing that has been killing me.
Get it here.

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Hi, I typically work with dual monitors by using an external monitor with my laptop. I run windows 7 on the laptop. Typically I need dual monitors to run applications such as statistical software, GIS (ESRI), and archival research software e.g. Atlas.ti etc. I also need to keep interview transcripts (ussually word docs) and excel spreadsheets with raw data on one screen while I write using a word doc on the other screen. Here's my problem. I will be working overseas for the next three months and need to use dual monitors but don't want to lug an external monitor on a flight. So I was wondering if there is a way to use one of my two laptops as an external monitor. Both run Windows 7. I've thought about taking an Ethernet cable and trying to build a network between the two laptops, but don't know if this would work.

At this point I am too addicted to using dual monitors that I can't go back to one monitor. Any advice?

A:Using laptops as dual monitors?

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I have an HDTV and a laptop and my laptop has a DVI output (thats it) and the TV has an HDMI input therefore I bought an DVI to HDMI cable hooked up the HDMI to the tv and hooked up the DVI to the laptop

HDTV LG 20" Model 20LS7D
ATI Mobility Radeon X1400

So I plugged in both and the TV will not let me select HDMI input, basically theres no signal, I already activated the second monitor via the xp settings and set it to a display that the tv can support tried to turn the tv on and off and nothing worked. My Omega drivers are recognizing a second Panel, an "FPD" and the display however it wont work, I even tried to force connect to a tv and that wont work.

I was given an alienware 5500, the f4 function key only allows the switching between LCD-only, CRT only and LCD and CRT. F5 and 6 are audio options (because I know some laptops function keys allows dual monitors).

Any suggestions? Should I not be using Omega drivers? Was this free alienware laptop worse off then I thought, etc?

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My wife has 2 jobs and needs to use 2 different laptops for them along with Display Monitors. Is it possible to have the 2 laptops use the same 2 monitors instead of adding a 3rd monitor. Her desk can only hold 2 monitors now and we need to make this easy for her to switch between jobs.

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I recently reset my computer due to some issues, and prior to this I was somehow able to turn automatic brightness off. Unfortunately, I am unable to now. I have gone to the power options and turned it off on every plan, but it still is not turning off. I need my screen at full brightness all the time because otherwise I feel my eyes squint and get very uncomfortable.  Any suggestions?

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Im having a problem with my laptops wireless capability; it worked fine, until i tried a hardwried connection (i went over to this center and tried one and it didn't work, so i unplugged it).

Now, I can't connect to any wireless networks unless i do the windows network troubleshooter, which it tells me my laptops wireless capability is turned off; I then have to click on the option to turn wireless capability back on..

I have tried playing in change adapter settings in Network Connections, but nothing is working.. I have tried disabling the LAC and wireless adapter but nothing is working..

I also notice under Local Area Connection that is says "Network cable unplugged". Also in one of the tables of the windows network troubleshooter it shows Network cable unplugged and wireless capability is turned off.. Is my laptop trying to find the hardwire connection all the time so it turns off wireless? How can i fix this :3

A:laptops wireless capability keeps turning off..

I also notice under Local Area Connection that is says "Network cable unplugged".Click to expand...

That's normal and accurate unless you have a cable plugged in. If you do have a cable plugged in probably the NIC or cable is defective. Although it's possible that the ethernet was turned off to save power.

I assume that you are using an integrated wireless adapter. What kind of wireless switch do you have, and is it turned on? Do you also have a utility that can switch the wireless on or off? If so, is it saying "on"?

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I have two working laptop pcs, and I'm curious about the possibility of combining them into one unit and running both screens as a dual monitor system.

My question is 1) Is this even possible with notebooks, and 2) How do I go about doing this?

I've found a lot of helpful tutorials on the topic in relation to desktop computers... but I'm pretty sure it will be completely different if trying it with laptops. And as I said, I'm not even sure it's possible... but I feel like it should be.

Any tips or links that might help point me in the right direction?

A:Combining 2 Laptops to Run as Dual Monitors?

I agree it should be possible, but it's not

Now, in saying that there are ways
One way is to have Remote Desktop setup so one computer can see the other Computer through sharing Remotely
Since one computer can see the full Desktop, you could split the screen to see yours and the other.
But I don't think this is what you want

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Hey all. My father just installed an AGP graphic card (yes, quite old PC), HD 4650 from Gigabyte by ATI. The problem is that after drivers installation some kind of weird automatic gamma/brightness correction kicked in, changing the screens brightness every time it shifted between dark/light images, resulting in a really annoying effect.

I have searched everywhere in ATI CCC, but can't find any options to turn it off. Drivers for the card seems to be up to date as well.

Any ideas about how I can get rid of the feature?

A:Turning off auto brightness correction?

Does this happen on the Desktop , in Game or on Video.

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Hi, I purchased my Lenovo Yoga 710 about 3 weeks ago. My battery life is not very good at all. Right now, it is 81% charged, and says it only has about 3.5 hours left. What gives? Shouldn't I have at least six hours? Also, my fans are running constantly, and my brightness keys don't seem to adjust the brightness. 

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Does anyone know the best place to get a good price on a flatscreen monitor

Also, I would like to get a really inexpensive laptop that I can use to do my writing away from home and be able use wireless..............any suggestions

A:flat screen monitors&refurbished laptops

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Have a Razer Blade and Lenovo. Want to use Lenovo as secondary monitor to extend screen and ease tasks. Have tried everything suggested online to do this with no luck. Any advice?

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Asking this here because there isn't a general category. Which range of Lenovo laptops would support dual-monitors with least hassle? I think I'm asking which models have displayport outputs as that seems the preferred route. The product selection system on the website doesn't allow this granularity of filtering so one would have to look through the entire range! Thanks, Rob.

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Hi Guys, I have a Lenovo Yoga 300 11-BY.  For some reason, my volume and Brightness turn themsekves down on their own.  I turn them back up and thry stay up for a short while and then turn themsekves back down again at random intervals.   I doubt that the keyboard is faulty as I can turn them both back up again.  It's almost like they have a mind of their own.  I have performed a full restore but to no avail.  Please help! Thank you in advance.

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so as title suggested I want to change brightness of my display of laptop. the battery icon bottom right by clicking on it brings up window's default adjust screen brightness, which is a lot of hassle multiple clicks to get to it.

I have found a few application that could help me change brightness (REAL and ONLY brightness) on multiple monitors at once but its just looks different than window's default brightness change via battery icon. there must be something thats included in window's default brightness change, maybe colors temperature or contrast I do not know which but it isn't only brightness thats changing for sure.

so, could anyone help me and tell me what the differences are? why does it look different and what other things are changed other than just brightness.

also if possible, an application that changes window's default brightness change on multiple monitors at once, which I have yet to find a working one.

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Hi, I have had the issue for a while where my computer starts up but only sometimes will the monitors also start. I have a dual monitor set up and when they do start, everything works fine. However, more and more they now do not start.

What happens:
When I press the PC On button, the PC turns on as does the keyboard but the monitors do not. They both have power going to them as the power light is on.

- I have tried unplugging the monitors and replugging them. The cables all seem fine.
- I have tried start up repair

I don't know what else to try. This morning they all turned on but now for the rest of the day everytime I have tried, nothing.

Any help is appreciated.

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Well, I have to admit that I spoil myself, and now I'm running two Dell 1905FP monitors. I'm loving it, and I have Windows spanning the monitors; everything is running great, but not exactly how I thought it would work before I decided to do it all...

I am trying to play my NHL2006 game on one monitor, and "chat" or surf the web or whatever else.. on the other monitor. When I start the game, it changes modes on both monitors, and won't do what I want it to. Is there any software [other than the NVidia software for my GeForce 5200] that I can run to make running dual monitors more effective and convenient?

[Also having trouble finding desktop wallpaper..]

Replies and links appreciated!

A:Dual Monitors to make life easier?

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Hey everyone,

I have an old laptop with a battery that lasts about 3.5h in "Power Saving" mode. I'm going to be stuck next week for about 7 hours at a location with few available public outlets and need to stretch my battery life as much as possible.

I've already done the obvious generic tips of "defragging the hard drive", "dimming the screen", "using few/no external devices", "tweaking my power usage settings", etc, but it's not enough.

I'm looking for some good "techie" solutions now like "underclocking the CPU" or "removing the CD drive". All suggestions are appreciated. I'd love to try to squeeze another 2 hours out of this battery if possible (no, I don't have another battery and don't need to buy one just for this one event.)


(PS: Another idea: Removing HDD and booting from USB Flash drive?)

A:Looking for "techie" ways to extend battery life

Removing the HDD and booting from a flash drive is probably the worst decision you can make. Flash drives have very slow speeds (even though they are flash memory, they arent fast) and very little capacity. Keep the HDD.

There are only a few more ways to improve battery life other than dimming your screen and adjusting the power usage settings. Under-clocking the CPU is really done by the "power saving" mode.

Try these suggestions:
1) Run this tool: http://support.microsoft.com/mats/windows_battery_power_settings
2) Turn of your network adapter. There is usually a switch on the side of the PC that toggles the network adapter on and off. That will save you a ton of power. Also make sure bluetooth is off. I dont think your older PC will have it, but just make sure.
3) Use this tool to remove any unnecessary processes from start up. This will speed up your computer while also reducing the amount of processes that run (thus reducing CPU and RAM usage).

I can suggest other options, I just need your OS. If it is Windows 7, it is easy too, if it is XP, I cant really help there since I forgot the OS.

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I currently have a T430 which is an absolute beast and solid as a rock. However, it is a nightmare for external monitors. I have a Lenovo LEN LS2223wC monitor and a Lenovo LT1952p monitor that I would like to use as external monitors. Both monitors run on HD 4000. I run Windows 10 operating system.  I don't need the newest model. Just something solid and dependable. If it has the option of eventually doing three monitors that would just be icing on the cake (but not required).  Does anyone have any ideas for laptops that might fit these specs as well as docks to go with them?  Thanks

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Hey guys, i built myself a pc ( for the first time ever)

2GB (2x1GB) Corsair TwinX XMS2, DDR2 PC2-6400 (800), 240 Pins, Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 5-5-5-18

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro - P4 up to 4.4GHz - S775 Dual/Quad Core Ready - The Favourite One!

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1*32Bit 1Pk OEM (DVD)

550w Corsair VX Series PSU, ATX, PS/2, 5 year Warranty - see specs

Intel Core 2 Duo, E8400, Wolfdale Core, S775, 3.0 GHz, 1333MHz, 6MB Cache, Retail

500 GB Samsung HD502IJ Spinpoint F1, SATA 300, 7200 rpm, 16MB Cache, 8.9 ms, NCQ

Antec Three Hundred Case w/o PSU

Asus P5QL-E, iP43, S 775, PCI-E 2.0 (x16), DDR2 1066/667/800, SATA II, SATA RAID, ATX

HIS ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB GDDR3 TV-Out/Dual DVI/HDMI (PCI-Express) - Retail

hanns G HW191d

and a couple of fans

My pc doesnt start up properly soemtimes. It goes through all the things then when the loadign thing for vista comes up the bar goes across a couple of times, then the screen goes blank and i get a "no signal input" message. The pc keeps running though and i think it loads up properly, just that i can't see it. I've installed the drivers from my HIS disc and also everythign off of the asus instALL thing. The monitor stayes on every time in safe mode, so i was thinking its a driver thing. Earlier on it started fine then went off after the computer had been on for about an hour. Another strange problem i got after installing the asus drivers was that the psu kept running a... Read more

A:Drivers monitors and turning off

Oh i have that toO!! now it kinda of stopped not to much anymore

but it was happening a lot .

Umm what I did was delete nvidia drivers , and install them again , then it happened again but now it stopped it's stupid lol :D

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Microsoft ceased all support for Windows Vista SP2 in April 2017.
However, its "end of life" can be extended to January 2020 (an additional 2 years 9 months) by installing the monthly updates for Windows Server 2008.
As of this writing, monthly updates are available at the Microsoft Update Catalog site for the period of May 2017 - April 2019.

Each month contains several updates, so it will be a very time-consuming process to bring Windows Vista SP2 up-to-date.
Select and download the updates for May 2017, then install ALL of them before restarting the computer.
If any of them says it doesn't apply to your system, ignore it and go to the next one.
Repeat the process with June 2017 and continue in chronological order until you reach April 2019.

Depending on whether your computer has the 32-bit(x86) version or 64-bit(x64) version of Windows Vista SP2, type in the following at the Microsoft Update Catalog site:
windows server 2008 for x86-based systems
windows server 2008 for x64-based systems
After that's done, click the "Last Updated" link so the updates are listed from newest to oldest.

Do not select any of the updates that have R2 after "Windows Server 2008".
Those updates apply to Windows 7 SP1 and not to Windows Vista SP2.

Good luck.


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Hi there.
I really hope someone can help me with this.
I've been given a custom built pc through a friend of a friend. I was told there may be a virus on it so I intended to format the hard drive.
However, whenever I connect it to a monitor via the RGB cable it immediately puts the monitor to sleep.
I've tried three monitors that work on other machines and get power directly from power point on the wall, not the pc.
The monitor will stay on with the 'no signal' message until I plug it into the PC and then just goes off.
I've disconnected the hard drive and attempted the same thing but it still turns off. Could it be a virus that's transferred to the RAM? I'm puzzled.
As I haven't been able to get any display, I am unable to post specs, although I believe it to be running XP.


A:Solved: PC turning monitors off upon connection

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I have T570 and two same "thinkpad ultra dock" docking stations - one at the office and the other at home- with two monitors connected on each of them (DP & HDMI). At the office, I close the lid (2 screens) and at home I keep it opened (3-screen setup). A while ago it started flickering / blanking external monitors on *both* of them. Sometimes, when computer is left locked for some time (sleep is disabled!) external monitors are blanked and I can only revive them by removing + attaching the laptop to the dock again. I tried firmware updates on dock, driver updates on windows / lenovo... nothing helps. Windows 10, latest updates. I find it weird that two docks would go bad almost simultaneously. What else can I try - it is driving me crazy as I cannot work normally (sometimes it blinks like every minute or so but other times it is OK for more than an hour)?

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