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Battlefield 1942/General Problems/Internet Problems?

Q: Battlefield 1942/General Problems/Internet Problems?

I've tried to take care of this problems elsewhere and I'm not finding any fixes, so I thought I'd try here

Here's basically what we know/tried/ etc. in the other forum of not-so-knowledgeable people...

Penguin1986 said:

My problem is this: A few times today while I was playing, TS has given me troubles... the first time it said "Connection Timed Out" and suddenly I was completely disconnected from the internet, and I had to reboot my computer to get connected again.

I figured that this may be connected to my firewall so I disabled it and played some more. TS timed out again, but this time I could reconnect. So I got back on the server, played for about 30 seconds before I disconnected again and the computer locked up entirely. So, I went into the TS folder and found what I take to be a log file that ended with this error: "Socket error 10055."

So I think my question here is obvious- wtf is going on and how do I fix it?Click to expand...

The "give it a shot" fix...

Other Guy said:


there is a microsoft fix for a simular problem... it may be worth a shot?Click to expand...

The result:

Penguin1986 said:

The problem persists. Actually one of two things have happened today. The first time I got an error window that said 0xc0000017 "The application failed to initialize properly".

The other couple of times the game has simply locked up for a good 20-30 seconds then comes back, then locks up about another 30 seconds after that. Now I don't think it's TS because I played WoW for a couple hours last night while connected with no problems. BTW I've run about eight million spyware and virus scans which turn up nothing.Click to expand...

Outside of that I was just playing WoW while running TS and TSO (Teamspeak Overlay) and got completely disconnected from the net again. Does that have anything to do with it?

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Preferred Solution: Battlefield 1942/General Problems/Internet Problems?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



I have been having big problems with playing Battlefield 1942. I read on your website that I need to make sure that all of my drivers need to be updated fully in order to play this game. I have updated everything that I could possibly think of and am still having problems. Below is a description of my problems and specs of my computer including driver versions. Any help that you can possibly give me will be would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, I can be reached at [email protected] at any time of any day. Thank you.

If I play for an hour, I will most likely have a crash 4-5 times within that hour. It crashes during no particular reason. I do crash a little more often when playing online, and when I am changing maps. Sometimes I crash to windows and am able to get back on the game and continue playing. Other times I crash to windows and have to restart my computer because when I get back on to the game, it just crashes when loading a map every time. Also, the game completely crashes windows and my computer automatically restarts in the middle of playing for no apparent reason (Or at least none that I could find). I have installed the Version 1.6 patch to the game.
Also, as fast as I should be able to play my game with great graphics because of my system, there are a lot of choppy areas when playing. Especially when I am around a lot of other characters.

Windows XP Home
Motherboard—ASUS - P4S533-E Bios version – 5.23.02
CPU... Read more

A:Battlefield 1942 problems

Hey, You Vcard and everything seems good. Try pulling your res to 800x600 or something and bringin down some of your settings. I used to Bf 1942 a lot at my friends place. He has Win xp to and it would crash a lot because of his graphic settings. I got it at my house and ran it on Win 98 , Med settings and it didnt crash yet. So try that, and if you didnt update your xp drivers, do that 2.

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It seems everytime I connect to a battlefield 1942 punkbuster enabled server it kicks me out. I'm not sure why it keeps doing this but it is telling me I have been kicked because punkbuster is trying to update but it has been doing this for 2 days now. I have re-installed the game and applied all the new patches...and if anyone is wondering I do have a legit compy of the game.

If anyone else has been having this problem please let me know and if you figured out a solution to fixing this punkbuster thing.

A:Battlefield 1942 Problems

You could try downloading and installing the latest version of Punkbuster?


Worth a try

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i have problems with my battlefield 1942 when i go to log into a server it says wrong version do i wish to up date then when i update it still says it i have windows 2000 pro and am connecting via a 56k modem

A:battlefield 1942 multiplayer problems

There is a large patch battlefield_1942_v1.6 and a smaller incremental patch battlefield_1942_incremental_patch_v1.6_to_v1.61b

Both are needed for multiplayer...

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After I installed the latest patch, the sound in the game goes crasy when I try to play.

A:Sound Problems Battlefield 1942

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I have the demo of battlefield, on my computer. AMD 2800+ barton, ASUS A7N8X Deluxe, Corsair pc 3200 1 gig ram, and nvidia mx440. The card is not the best, but battlefield ran fine before i replaced my motherboard, cpu, and memory. Now when i play on no matter how low or high the resolution its like I am lagging. Even if i have my own server, so its not my connection.
Please let me know if you can help, thanks!

A:battlefield 1942 video problems

When you replaced the mobo, did you format the hard drive and reinstall Windows? By the way, what version are you using? Make sure that you have the latest drivers, especially the video drivers.

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when i play battlefield online or just single player it crahes for a few seconds. It seems to crash every few seconds or so although sometimes its much worse. I have a ECS K7s5A motherboard with an Inno 3d Geforce 4 Ti4200 128mb ddr agp.

Does anyone have any ideas or the same problem even ?
please help :S



A:battlefield 1942 grpahics problems

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Ok hey everyone,

Im having problems running these two games and i dont know why... When i start need for speed i get this error message:

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (exception error)
(Hit Cntrl-C to copy this info to the clipboard)

The thread attempted to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.

Version: 242
EIP = 0x005C4906
ESP = 0x0012FBC8 EBP = 0x0012FE14
EAX = 0x01ED02AC
EBX = 0x0000000C
ECX = 0x00000003
ESI = 0x00000000 EDI = 0x01ED02AC

I have yet to play the game and i dont know whats wrong.

Ok second is Battlefield 1942, i install the game, updated it and run it, it loads the level but constantly has an unplayable framerate and after a while it just freezes and i have to restart. Ive been told it may be my power supply or old GFX card drivers. But i updated the drivers and it still does it.

My system specifications are:
CPU: AMD Sempron 2400+ 1669MHz
RAM size: 512MB

Please help me, thanks


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I have this very annoying problem: Every time i join a internet server, the computer restarts,

same when i complete a mission in Campaing, well i dont care about campaing but now we know it aint with my internet to do

well can any body help?

A:Battlefield 1942 Internet & Campaing problem

This kind of question is always the toughest to answer, and if we're gonna help you at all, we'll need you to do the things in THIS thread. Also, make sure you have the latest patch for bf1942. You can get it HERE.

As far as restarting mid game goes, the two most popular causes are overheating and an insufficient power supply. As it only happens at these two specific points in the game, it's probably not these. We'll be able to tell you more once we see what's you've got under the hood of your computer (see first thread above).

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hi there. just wondering if anyone knows any good programs for general pc maintainance.
having a few problems such as my browsers crashing regularly and my internet keeps disconnecting.
phoned my isp and they told how to upgrade the firmware on router then passed me onto someone else as it didnt fix my problems then this support guy said he would charge me money to help so i put the phone down. not sure what the problem is now. anyone know how i can find out whats causing these crashes and disconnects?

A:general pc help please! +internet problems

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Hello today i just got battlefield 1942 for my birthday but when i go to play it a black screen comes up and i can hear the game music and it says Not optimum mode: 1280x1024.

i have checked my display on my computer and it is all set to 1280x1024 and 60hz i really need someone to help me.

Thank you.

A:Battlefield 1942 Help

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All of a sudden (Ive had the game for a week) everytime I try to load a game i get an error in d3d8.dll message. This happens in single and multiplayer. Ive tried it with and without the patch and I have reinstalled several times. please someone help, If i have to return this game Im going to implode. TIA

(someone told me my directx was corrupt but I reinstalled that too and it didnt work).

A:Battlefield 1942

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I have a legaly bought copy of Battlefield 1942. I installed the 1.6 patch. (Just to make sure I installed the patch right... when you install a patch that you extract it or open it into the main directory folder? Right?).

For some reason I can't go to every server there are only a selected few that I can go to. I get an error that says "WRONG VERSION! Do you wish to update?" I click yes but it doesn't do anything (I don't think I would have to update if I have the newest patch!). Like I said before I downloaded the 1.6 patch and extracted it into the main folder for Battlefield 1942 (where all the main folders and icons are). I'm not really sure what to do since this is my first time playing.

Can anyone help me so I can play!!!

A:Battlefield 1942!!!

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hello i have a left click issue with bf1942 heres the problem this only happens when playing multiplayer online when i join any server or create on myself as soon as i left click the mouse i automaticly get taken to the desktop pronto.

this only started when i upgraded windows xp pro to sp2 i do not have this problem in sp1 so i went out and bought the logitech mx1000 laser mouse and still get the same problem i have reinstalled the latest drivers and even reinstalled the game several diiferent times i have been in touch with both bf1942 techs at EA and logitech and they give me no answers.

so i have uninstalled sp2 and the problems goes away but i would like to solve this matter so i can use sp2 here are my specs

alienware area 51
p4 3.4 ht extreme
1gig corsair ram
2 120 gig hdds
geforce fx 5950 ultra 256mb
soundblaster audigy 2
intel motherboard

thank you for any help

A:battlefield 1942

Sorry mate but i have been playing BF for the last 2 years ( great game ) in that time i have come accross and heard of many many problems but not this one :S

I am also on XP and SP2.

I would suggest uninstalling BF - Rebooting your PC - then re-installing BF but not overly convinced this would make too much difference



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I got Battlefield 1942: World War II Anthology yesterday. While I was installing it got to 70 percent on the 2nd CD rom...I got an error message that said:

Specified component cannot be found in the media. An attempt was made to access the component that does not exist with the named media.

Then I click ok and the installation quits.

I checked the bottom of the CD and I see a few little scratches, but most of my games have little ones like that and it doesn't effect them. Unless there is another explanation for this from you guys, I'm going to go back to the store and exchange it for a new one.

A:Battlefield 1942...HELP PLEASE!

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hi there

i am having problems runing battlefiled 1942 iv installed it and i have a 32bit system windows vista bussniess with a cpu duo t7500 and a nvidia 8600m gt 512 gfx card and a 200gb hard drive. i have al my drivers downloaded and up to date but when i try and run the game it comes up and then it bounces back to desktop and then a little box apears for a split second and the pins and does not work. i have done all the compatibility mode and so on but no luck. can someone please please help me with my problem

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It installed without problems, but it won't load. No error messages.
A friend told me I'd need a new video card (atleast) to get this game to work?
Video Card : Intel(R) 82815 Graphics Controller
Video Driver : i81xdw9x.drv
Driver Version :

Sound Card : SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
Sound Driver : SMW95.vxd
Driver Version :

DirectX : DirectX 8.1
Operating System Windows 98

Ack! Why can't I have a decent computer?

A:battlefield 1942

A great game, unfortunately one of the most demanding hardware wise. You card is not listed, and I doubt a new one will help. My 1800 Athlon with 512mb ram, and 32mb Geforce 2, barely keeps up at 800 X 600 in heavy action.

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Ok, well i installed bf1942 then i got all the patches and i tryed to get online but it did not work. So i uninstalled then i reinstalled and got the patches again, but now i cant even see any servers on the sever list. So then i turned off as much norton as i can but still nothing. I can play bf2 but not 1942. Also when i try to just type in the ip adress it gives me a "fail to connect". Surprised


o i forgot my specs

P4 @ 3.2
2 X 512
x700pro (im not useing it right now it's at ati getting fixed so im use ing the intergrated card)
200 GB HD.

A:HELP with battlefield 1942

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ok i just installed it and when ever i try to open it, it just goes black and then goes back to the desktop, and i've updated everything already. i have a P4 2.66, 512ddr, geforce fx 5200 128mb. anyone know how to fix this problem?

A:battlefield 1942

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First time poster. computer novice.
Bf 1942 and generals will both play on my system but they play really slow even with all detail on low.
The most common suggestions is to open task manager and shut down all running programs in applications .My question is what about processes are there any that you can safely shutdown to free up more resources

A:battlefield 1942 help

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Hi all

I have a problem with battlefield 1942 Game.
I downloaded version 1.4 and 1.3 upgrade as well as the new maps.
when i install the 1.4 upgrade or 1.3 the game does not work !!

It starts then disappears from the screen !!

then i have to reinstall and install the game again to get it run

this made me a lot of headache.
Please any help for me .

thanks in advance.

A:Battlefield 1942

Try this bugfix here and see if that helps any.


If not there are some more on that forum for battlefield 1942.

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Having great difficulty running this game. During play I get a lot of hanging. This happens regardless what I set the graphics and play on.

my system is a asus p4s8x, intel 2.53 chip, 512 corsair pc2700 ram, ati 9500pro card, onboard sound card and os is xp

using all the latest drivers for sound, agp chip and video and updated bios.

so far i've uninstalled all drivers and reinstalled in safe mode and reinstalled the game

window will not let me set the agp to 8x. Why? The bios is 8x and I've tried to change to 8x in windows but will default back to 4x. If bios is set to 4x the game still hangs.

All other games run like lightning. Just 1942 seems to be a problem

A:battlefield 1942

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dear tech support,

i have a problem in Battlefield 1942 where some maps will not load. In maps like bocage and el almein, the loading bar gous about 1/6 of the way and then freezes up. this only happens on certain maps. is there any suggestions you might have as to how to fix this? i have tried reinstalling several times and downloaded the most recent patches for the game, but with no success in making these maps load. thank you for your time


A:battlefield 1942

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I need to know what ports the game Battlefield 1942 (and its expansions packs) use for playing.

For the time being I am going to need to block off these ports on my firewall.

Also, are these ports going to conflict with other known programs/games?

A:Battlefield 1942

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I used to have aol and i could play any game online with no problem, including AOE 1 AND 2, soldier of fortune 1 and 2, red alert 1 and 2, and among others empire earth. I just got cable from comcast and now i can play nothing online. I use all kinds of firewalls but when they were off, the online games still didnt work. Please help me out anyone who has any info.

A:soldier of frotune (general internet problems)

Ok, so what exactly is causing the games 'not to work'. More information will make it easier to work out the problem. When you try to play the games, can you get a list of all the servers playing the game? or can't you even get that far? I'm guessing the problem only occurs when your trying to play online, but how do you know it's had a problem. Ie. do you get any error messages? Also, what OS are you using?
Does your internet connection work fine. Can you use a webbrowser fine. Is it only games that don't work, or do other internet programs (like WinMX, or a FTP program) also not work?
Ok, any other information you can think of will definately help. I'm sorry I can't suggest anything straight out, but with more information I'm sure we can help.

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I have a question about battlefield 1942. i was wondering, are there any patches that allow your infantry controls to have turn buttons? i cant stand running around with foward and strafe buttons but no turn buttons because the mouse doesnt allow u to turn properly like any other fps game. does anyone know why you cant have these or any way to let me know if there is a way to have these. thanks for your help

A:question about Battlefield 1942

Ok, you obviously don't have your controls setup properly. When I play BF1942 the controls are almost identical to that of CS, HL, Quake 3, UT.. etc. I'm guessing from what you said that you can't turn why you are pressing forward? There must be something setup incorrectly. Try setting the controls back to 'default' and seeing what happens. Hopefully that will solve it. However I can remember having a similar problem playing CS at a LAN cafe, where some computers just wouldnt let you turn while pressing forward. It was quite strange.
As for patches, make sure you have 1.31, other than that there isn't a patch to fix your particular problem.
Good luck.

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I installed Battlefield 1942 on my computer , but didn't work on win98!!
Do i need an update file or patch ??

It woeked on the same computer with Win XP..

I have P4 1.7Ghz
512 sdram
ATI All in wonder 64mb DDR Card

A:Battlefield 1942 is not working on 98...

yes you need to get updates. Visit the following link to get the correct updates:


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I have a blood patch for bf1942 and i think it sucks. when i guy gets hit all u see are like 4 drops fly in the air and thats it. are there any blood patches like the ones for mohaa where it sticks to the ground and walls?

A:Battlefield 1942 question

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Today i downloaded a new patch for Battlefield 1942.When i started to play the game the mouse cursor in the main menu was frozen and i could not play the game.i went to EA Games tech support and they could not help me.I have all the system requirements.How can i fix this problem?

A:Battlefield 1942 problem

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While starting 1942, I get bits and byte looking characters across my whole screen. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. looks like this:

A:battlefield 1942 problem

Make sure you read and do everything in this thread.

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I can't seem to uninstall battlefield 1942 by going to Control Pannel>Add/Remove
And it seems to go to a scream showing all the Battlefield 1942 games and even when i selected the BF1942 to uninstall it doesn't do anything, doesn't delete just says it is Setup finished for no reason at all

Help is much need

A:I can't unisnstall BattleField 1942? HELP

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I have a new video card Had it now close to a week . Been doing good have not played any games Till lastnight, Ran a few video test. And did pretty good on the score but. When I started playing battlefield the game would freezup. Sound was very good but kept freezing, So I TOOK the game out and. I seen a popup at the bottom of screen saying my virtual memory was very low... So I restarted pc and thats when it went crazy... The blue screen was all dotted and broke up.. And when it got to my desk top it keep flashing on and off. .Till it just went to a solid blue screen and it would not do anything..... So I had to hit ctrl-alt-delete.. And shut it down there.. I have a (ati 9600 radeon 128mb 128bit) my pc has 256mb of ram Running Windows Xp with the Sp2....... I WAS also using the (omega driver) on my video card. But now, I did a system restore back to the day I PUT the new sound card in.. Using the driver that came with the card. But am at this time scared to try the game, Until I understand what happend. Can someone please tell me what they think. And what I can do to prevent this from happing again?

A:pc went carzy after battlefield-1942

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Does any1 know of a way to get the kick *** game battlefield 1942 to run on my PCChips M810LMR mainboard witch has onboard sis 630/730 grphics and onboard sound

my specs of my system are as follows:-
950MHz AMD Duron Processor
512MB SDRAM ( -32MB for graphics but can go upto 64MB graphics)
sis 630/730 graphics
Dual Boot Win XP Pro/WIN98SE
if u need any more info just ask

A:Battlefield 1942 on m810lmr

Can you be more specific on the game, ie the minimum requirements, what OS it runs on etc...

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Hi everyone

My son has just installed Battlefield 1942 and he's getting an error message which says ...

"bf1942 has caused an error in D3D8.dll
bf1942 will now close."

Can anyone help with this please?



A:Battlefield 1942 causes error

Make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card, and download and install DirectX 9.

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When I load a battle in Battlefield 1942 my mouse gets crazy. The lag is so great I cannot play the game.

I have swapped my mouse. I first used a Microsoft optical cordless, and then tried a logitech optical usb. Both with latest drivers.

My system is:
Athalon 2600
512 ddr
2 hd a 40 meg and 80 meg both 7200 rpm
Windows XP

Any suggestions

A:Mouse lag with Battlefield 1942

It has nothing to do with your mouse...

The first thing that came to my mind is that you dont have a video card? I didnt see it posted above... no video card would give you crazy screen lag! Alot of computers that are purchased will come with Integrated Video cards, which wont give great frame rates...

Hope I helped you!

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Hi. I have just been out and bought "battlefield 1942 world war 2 anthology". I have installed the game fine. When I play the game it restarts my pc when I pass or fail a mission. How can I fix this?

A:battlefield 1942 restarting pc

Ive just played multiplayer for about 3 hours and it was fine. Then when I went on single player campaign I won and the pc restarted. Anyone know of any solutions please? Thanks!

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Hey guys,

I have a slight problem with Battlefield 1942. The game will play out fine for about 10 minutes, then get really choppy. Any idea what could be causing this? I have an Intel Pentium !!! 800MHz processor, 512MB SDRAM, and the game is installed on a Maxtor 60Gig HDD that is 2/3 free. My graphics card was purchased and installed by me on Saturday, Jan. 8th, and is a NVIDIA BFG Tech GeForce 5500 FX OC (128Mb). I know all the drivers are updated to their newest versions from the NVIDIA website, so I doubt that it is a driver related problem. I am running Windoes 98SE and I have DirectX 9.0b installed and running. Any probable causes?

Thanks a lot,

A:Battlefield 1942 Choppy

Campbell685 said:

Hey guys,

I have a slight problem with Battlefield 1942. The game will play out fine for about 10 minutes, then get really choppy. Any idea what could be causing this? I have an Intel Pentium !!! 800MHz processor, 512MB SDRAM, and the game is installed on a Maxtor 60Gig HDD that is 2/3 free. My graphics card was purchased and installed by me on Saturday, Jan. 8th, and is a NVIDIA BFG Tech GeForce 5500 FX OC (128Mb). I know all the drivers are updated to their newest versions from the NVIDIA website, so I doubt that it is a driver related problem. I am running Windoes 98SE and I have DirectX 9.0b installed and running. Any probable causes?

Thanks a lot,
JohnClick to expand...

How did the game act before you installed the new video card?

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When I try to run BF, it displays the little picture in on the screen, then before it starts the intro videos, it just quits.

I just had to reformat my hard drive, and I just reinstalled BF, DC, DCX, and DC Final. BF Vietnam is running fine, so my hardware doesnt seem to be an issue.

So if anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

A:Battlefield 1942 crashing

post your system specs just to check

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Ever since DesertCombat .39 came out, I constantly get the "Warning: Connection Problem" error message while playing. It makes the game unplayable and it's really annoying.

This never happened until .39, the BF1942 1.45 patch didn't fix problem either.
I know my connection isn't the problem because I download at around 300kb/sec.

A:Battlefield 1942/DesertCombat .39

Well I hope you're not downloading while playing....

Have you tried reinstalling the game?

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I found myself buying a new computer , new graphics card , another gb of ram and on the all battlefield games it freezes up on single player( campain ) but not online . any one have any ideas .... I turned off the free demo of Norton anti virus 2005 and unpluged the internet ... and still freezes up.

A:Battlefield 1942/ colection

I am having the same problem althought the computer I have is 3 months old and I bought the Battlefield 1942 Anthology and as you described no problem playing multi-player but when it comes to campaign mode it freezes at the spawn point selection screen.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated-specs below
Asus A8N-SLI mobo
AMD Athlon X2 3800+
1024 Gb Ram
128 BFG Tech Geforce 6600ot SLI
300 Gb Seagate Barracuda SATA Hd
OCZ 450 Watt power supply.

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hey i went to uninstall Battlefield 1942 and the expansions and when i go to uninstall them, the uninstall wizard comes up but where i choose which programs to uninstall, it says the kb of the programs installed are 0 and as i proceed hitting next it says the programs have been uninstalled but they have not. there is no directory folder in my c drive but they wont ever uninstall. in my add remove prgrams, it says they are still there and taking up space. now i want to play them again but as i go to install them it says i cant. Please Help!!

A:BattleField 1942 Uninstall

I made the same mistake, by friend made the same mistake...until I learned the trick of handling a BF1942 uninstall. Do you have any mods installed? The trick is that any mods that were installed have to be uninstalled first, before trying to uninstall the main program. Then it works fine.

Unfortuneately since you already tried to uninstall BF1942 first, you may not have any luck. When it happened to my friend we ran registry cleaners, deleted all instances of BF1942 that we could find and we still couldn't trigger the installer to behave normally again and ended up reinstalling Windows again to get it to work.

Hopefully you'll have more luck and find some less drastic solution.

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Ok not for any illegal sale purposes, but because I want to conserve my original CDs. I don't like using the original copies for fear of damaging them...

So anyway, I use Ahead Nero to burn Disc 2. Then, it gives me several messages which say "Unrecoverable readable data" or something like that. What's wrong?

A:Trying to burn Battlefield 1942...

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Hi everyone, first time poster - I hope you can forgive me not searching the site throughly to see if my problem has come up before, i'm doing this from work and so I have to be quick.
Basically a few months before Christmas my internet started failing, when I switched to wireless and moved my computer upstairs. It's about three and ahalf years old, scratch built but with a few pieces cobbled from the old PC, although those pieces are now mostly replaced. At first it was just Windows update that wouldn't work, although now it's almsot everything net related except for torrents, light browsing and automatic anti-virus updates. The internet works fine on my dads and sisters laptops, and my brothers phone, and i've just had to reformat and reinstall windows so I figure it must be a hardware problem. Could I need a new network card?


A:Internet problems, windows update and general web fail

Please number your replies to match the Q's.
1--What's your OS and SP?
2--What the the brand, model number of your computer, router, network card?
2--Do you have the problem on IE, if so, which version, and do you have a second browser, like Firefox?
3--What's your anti-virus, and what other security programs do you run?
3--Please describe "the internet is failing." Do you get error message or do pages not download? Or are they just slow?

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I have a copy of Battlefield 1942 and whenever i try to load an actual game (The game starts up ok and goes into ingame menus) the program closes for no apparent reason- no error messages or etc..

Has anyone got any idea why??? I thought maybe RAM but i have 128 installed and that is the minimum needed (According to the game) Thanks in advance Tom

A:Battlefield 1942 shuts down while loading

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yesterday, i bought battlefield 1942... it installed fine and i was playing it for quite some time, but after playing for about 10 hours, my computer decided to restart out of nowhere. i booted it back up to windows and everything was fine, until it restarted out of nowhere again, which was when i decided to go to sleep and give my pc a break by turning it off for the night (which i rarely do... my pc is usually on 24/7). when i woke up i turned my pc on and went to play BF1942 again, everything was smooth and operating fine for about 20-30 minutes until i got a blue screen, which has never happened on my computer before. so i turned off my computer and gave it about 10 minutes to "calm down", but now my monitor wont even show anything when i turn on the pc... the cd rom drive lights just flash and the power light/hard drive light are on, but idle.

my specs = Athlon Thunderbird 1.4GHz, 512mb PC-2100 ram, geforce4 ti4400 128mb, 40gb 7200rpm western digital hd

os = win2k pro

i checked the power supply using the green-black wire test and it works fine.

i dusted off and re-seated everything in the damn case aswell...

also... i have two brand spankin new AthlonXP 2200+ processors. my motherboard is an ECS K7AMA w/ the latest bios flash (which allows the AthlonXP field of cpus up to the 2200+)

i put one of the AthlonXP 2200+'s in, because i figured the processor may have died (there were no burn marks or anything on my old cpu, the thunderbird 1.4...) wh... Read more

A:Battlefield 1942 totally annihilated my pc

First off im not the brightest computer guy going i usually just play games too. I don't know if your Computer is alright or not but i do know this battle field 1942 was giving me problems too. When i was playing 1942 single player my monitor would shut off and the game would still be running and when i would turn my monitor back on it would say no sync. My graphics card is a geforce ti 4600 and my sound card is a soundblaster audigy gamer. It was driving me crazy i reinstalled everything and it still gave me problems. I had all the newest drivers for all my stuff except one thing the newest sound card drivers and so far so good after installing the sound card drivers i have had no problems since then thank god. So my advice to you would be update all of your drivers and see what happens that's what i did and i have been running fine since then knock on wood. Good luck bro i hope it works for ya.

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I've got a P4 2.2 with 512MB memory and a Mobility Radeon 7500 with 32MB running XP Pro. This is a Compaq 1510US notebook that runs Desert Storm just great, but with 1942 it is slow as molassis.

Is this just something that is inherent in the game itself for this machine's configuration or have others seen a significant slow down like this on other configurations?

A:Slow running Battlefield 1942

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