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oparating system not found when booting is Sata option AHCI

Q: oparating system not found when booting is Sata option AHCI

so here what's wrong with my comp , i have an m17 r2 alienwAre laptop.in the bios menu the sata option HCAI is selected but when the comp boots it says no operating system is found when booting for bios sata option RAID it runs fine. But the comp should be on HCAI in order to run features that a specific to that computer . I have tryed reformatting but in HCAI it on finds the second of 2 500g hard drives but the partition with the boot is on hdd1 not hdd2 . Boot up again with RAID it finds both and and I can reformat . I have tryed to reset the registry and have tryed using drivermax to find out if I'm missing sata drivers I've also tryed reinstalling my bios from the dell/ Alienware site now im lost one what to do please help

Preferred Solution: oparating system not found when booting is Sata option AHCI

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: oparating system not found when booting is Sata option AHCI

Quote: Originally Posted by Thowgate

so here what's wrong with my comp , i have an m17 r2 alienwAre laptop.in the bios menu the sata option HCAI is selected but when the comp boots it says no operating system is found when booting for bios sata option RAID it runs fine. But the comp should be on HCAI in order to run features that a specific to that computer . I have tryed reformatting but in HCAI it on finds the second of 2 500g hard drives but the partition with the boot is on hdd1 not hdd2 . Boot up again with RAID it finds both and and I can reformat . I have tryed to reset the registry and have tryed using drivermax to find out if I'm missing sata drivers I've also tryed reinstalling my bios from the dell/ Alienware site now im lost one what to do please help

Are you referring to the Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI)? I have never heard of HCAI as an acrnoym in computer terms. If you want to change from a RAID (dynamic) to basic disk it will require formatting the drives.

See the following article for some information;



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Hi everybody, everything in the suject, please help. I want to give full power to Xubuntu.

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A:The AHCI option of onboard SATA mode of a Veriton ...

google m275 service manual

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Hi everybody, everything in the suject, please help. I want to give full power to Xubuntu.

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A:The AHCI option of onboard SATA mode of a Veriton ...

google m275 service manual

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W540 20BG001CGE, had BIOS 1.05 and RAID 1 with two Samsung 840 EVO 1TB working fine under Windows 7 - x64. Did a (by lenovo update tool recommended) BIOS Update with the bios update manager to 2.05. Update ran fine. After Rebooting (and loading defaults, disabling Intel Rapid Start, Changing BIOS boot option to legacy first ... I recognized SATA Option (AHCI or RAID) in BIOS is gone. At boot Intel Matrix Storage Configuration doesnot appear anymore (where you can build RAID etc). Boot then brings up message "missing operating system". Downgrade to BIOS 1.05 impossible, due to ISO File on www.lenovo.com support is not system compatible, message "Lenovo Group Limited - Invalid system disk; Replace te disk, and then press any key")(The link to the ISO File version 1.05 at the bottom of this page links a non bootable ISO imagehttp://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS039078)Also the downgrade to BIOS version 1.08 found here http://www.notebook-driver.com/detail/thinkpad-driver-id-22182/ doesnot work, CD also messages "Lenovo Group Limited - Invalid system disk - Replace ..."). Rewriting BIOS version 2.05 (GNET57WW) doesnot work (says "BIOS update not necessary"). Embedded Controller Version GMHT25WW (1.10) ME Firmware Version Anyone has a suggestion what to try next? Anybody has a hint how to get back my RAID controller?thanks and have fun

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A:W540 SATA Option (RAID or AHCI) gone after BIOS up...

Did you order your system as RAID model?  W540 does not come with RAID by default.  Lenovo has to license RAID option ROM (costs $) so it is only provided if you order RAID model from Lenovo.  As far I as I know, the only RAID model in Europe is 20BG001Sxx.  And your 20BG001Cxx model came with only 1 disk.  If I am wrong about this, please let me know.
I believe there was a bug in 1.05 that mistakenly enabled RAID on some non-RAID models.  The bug was fixed in 2.05, so unless you really have a RAID model W540, then RAID would become properly disabled on your system.

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My current system is running Win7 with SATA configured as AHCI.
I have an old desktop running WinXP but with SATA configured as IDE.

May I ask : Is it safe (in terms of data reliability) to plug the old WinVista HD in the current system for retrieving data files ?

A:plugging old SATA hard disk in AHCI system

Why do you mention the XP machine ?

Yes, it`s safe.

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I bought a brand new SSD, installed it in Windows 7, and there is no option in my BIOS for the SATA controller (to switch between IDE and AHCI Mode). How do I determine whether my computer's sata controller is using IDE or AHCI?

I want to make sure that my AHCI controller is enabled and not IDE when using TRIM.

If anyone can look at the picture below and determine whether my computer is default in IDE or AHCI, then I will mark this as Solved.


A:No AHCI option in BIOS, is my computer default in AHCI or IDE?

Run this tool and see what it says,

AS SSD Benchmark 1.7.4739.38088 Download - TechSpot

It will show you what mode it's running in.

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I have the GA-EX58-Extreme Board and have just installed the pre release of Win7 7600 64 bit. Normally i have experience to get the BSOD when in staling with AHCI active in bios so i change to IDE mode. Installation went flawless and also the change to AHCI mode on Intel ICH10R controler went normal. As always i got problem to change the J micron controller to AHCI and of cause i got the BSOD again. I installed the latest R1.17.48.16 driver and tryed again but no luck. Can some tell me what i am doing wrong. ? I have a hardisk and a dvd drive attached to the J micron Sata connection.

A:Intel Sata controler ICH10R AHCI + Jmicron AHCI error

You may not be doing anything wrong...or at least, you're doing the same wrong thing that I am. I've never been able to get that jMicron deleted to work in AHCI mode.

So, I hang the optical drive and the port for the e-SATA connection to the external backup drive off it and run it in IDE mode.

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Hi, my computer crashed last night and when I have tried to switch it on since it gives me the above message.

I have tried entering setup by pressing F2 and changing the hard disk to be the primary boot device, but the same thing occurs.

I have created a Windows 7 32-Bit recovery disk by downloading the iso file on my dad's pc and burning that to a dvd. I am able to load this, but

when it first starts up it has a table supposed to list operating systems but it is blank and I cannor select anything. It says if my operating system isn't listed, "click load drivers and install drivers for your hard disks" but I don't know where on earth these are located and neither does google seem to.

then working through the option on the menu:

-if I click start-up repair it tells me "startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically"

-if I click system restore I get an error message saying I must specify which windows installation to restore

-if I click system image recover it gives me an error message saying "windows cannot find a system image on this computer" and if I try to select one none appear.
Any idea of what I can do now?


A:Boot from AHCI CD-Rom: Operating System Not Found

Oh and also on the startup repair diagnosis and details it says amongst other things "Root cause found: MBR is corrupt". Sounds ominous.

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This happened last night when general browsing on chrome then computer crashed on restart this error occured I tryed f2 and changing boot priority but same message, any suggestions?
using: samsung laptop rv510

A:Boot from AHCI CD-Rom: Operating System Not Found

Mod Edit:  Please...do not make such posts, it does nothing to speed up the process of some member responding to your topic - Hamluis.

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I could really use some help with this. I have a HD that I'm moving from one Windows 7 machine to another.

The new system is a Gateway DX4860. The old was was also a Gateway DX4820.
When I put the old drive in the new computer, I get the Windows Splash screen, the stars begin to appear and it resets.
I went back to the old machine and noticed the BIOS setting for SATA was set to RAID.
I changed the new system to RAID, it just froze.
I put a second drive in the new machine and now it boots properly.
I installed the AHCI drivers, changed the registry setting to 0, rebooted the machine, and changed the BIOS setting to AHCI from RAID.
When Windows tries to boot, I'm getting the same behavior as before (I get the Windows Splash screen, the stars begin to appear and it resets).
This is for Windows 7 BTW.

Gateway AND Intel have both told me I need to re-install the OS to make this happen. I'd rather not do that if AT ALL possible.

I'd very much appreciate some help with this.

Thanks so much in advance for any help you can provide!

A:Changing from SATA RAID to SATA AHCI - Help needed!

You have a few things happening here, 1st your Win7 is probably an OEM (Originaly came w/the system) andassuck is tiedto the original mobo & can'tbe moved.
2nd, you have 1 sys w/ a core2quad processor, and the other has an I5. This means the mobo & memory are different, you have a different setof drivers so thr=e DX4860 will not boot with the older drivers. Normallythis would take aclean install, but being an OEM version - you would need therecovery discsfromthe DX4860.


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I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5000, i7 3.1 GHz, etc~
So recently I changed the operating system from Windows 10 to Ubuntu 17.04 GNOME x64 using a bootable USB.
The installation was done with no problems at all but when it restarted, it wasn't booting into the hard drive.
I went into the BIOS settings to add a new boot option but it says "File system not found!"
There were 2 options before I installed Ubuntu, both of them were removed and now I can't do anything to add a new one.
I can, however, manually select internal HDD by pressing F12 when I turn it on, it then normally boots into Ubuntu and everything works fine.
Anyone knows how to fix this please?

A:UEFI boot option: File system not found - Ubuntu GNOME 17.04

Whatever you are showing on the boot device menu for Ubuntu, should show as first priority in the Bios for boot priority.

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I am getting the same message as dreamcleaver. I can sometimes boot up and see my desktop but I cant get the internet to work to run a full virus scan from Nortan.

A:Re:Booting up saying No operating system found

Make backup and repair windows with a recovery dvd.

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Are you sure that the AHCI option is activated by default in DV5-1205EW BIOS ? I asked this question because I find MS default IDE driver installed instead of AMD AHCI one. Strangly, there are two drivers installed, one for IDE and second for AHCI but only first is working. What to do in order to run AHCI instread of IDE which take 30-40% of CPU when HDD exchange the data with this noise generating system. This configuration make performances as low as 70MB/s speed for a SATA ( AMD ) controller and  SATA3 7K1000 series HDD from HGST ! Any guidances are welcome ! Thanks in advance !

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HP Pavilion Slimline S5320UKWindow 7 64-bitInstalled new Samsung SSD 830 128gbI have tried installing msahci using regedit and rebooting - but still no AHCI option in bios setting


View Solution.

A:AHCI option isn't available in bios

I wouldn't think so. The issue is with the BIOS/chipset Unless the PCI controller has its own BIOS where you can set it to AHCI, then no, it wouldn't make any difference over what you have now.

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Hey all... New here.. hopefully you guys know whats going on with my laptop...

Its an hp dv.. it came with a partition for recovery, therefore no cd.. After surfing the web last night, I booted up to receive an os not found message. In the bios, I reset settings to default and I believe that its not recognizing the hard-drive.. The system recovery function attached to the F11 key simply doesnt work.. all I can get it to do is go into the BIOS but that hasnt really done me any good!

Help! Thanks!

A:Vista's booting up saying No operating system found

Hello Dreamcleaver

Welcome to TSF

Ok right there is a process called Disk2Disk recovery which allows you to recover the system without recovery CDs,It uses that recoevery partition and will return your system to factory settings and will delete everything stored on the machine.

To initiate press ALT + F10 when the computer is first turned on. Hold down the ALT key and repeatedly press F10. The window of opportunity is very small so may take a few attempts.

Alternatively someone was kind enough to upload a vista recovery download, download and burn to disk

Restart with the CD in the drawer and recover the PC that way

Vista Recovery Disk

Vista Recovery Disk - Torrent

I would advise try with the first option before using any recovery disks

I believe this issue on Vista machines can be caused if the system is using an NVIDIA nForce 430/410 Southbridge chipset

Once you recover the system to avoid this happening again please download one of the following updates from automatic updates page

? NVIDIA Corporation driver update for NVIDIA MCP61 Serial ATA Controller
? NVIDIA Corporation driver update for NVIDIA nForce 430/410 Serial ATA Controller
? NVIDIA Corporation driver update for NVIDIA nForce 590/570/550 Serial ATA Controller
? NVIDIA Corporation driver update for NVIDIA nForce4 Serial ATA Controller



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Laptop won't boot or recognize ANY Hard Drive/Operating system. I believe this is an issue with the SATA Controller Driver. Without it, the computer cannot recognize the drives. And unfortunately I believe the driver was installed on the Hard Drive directly and not available on HP driver sites. I'm having the same issues with 2 HP laptops I'm working on. Drives won't show up in BIOS, Manger, Repair, DOS, or anywhere. Can't even get them to be recognized through USB, but they work on my other laptops when running USB.  Hard Drives are good with OS on them but no SATA driver to install for the OS to see the drives. There has been so many posts all over the internet with no solutions. I have the solution, but cant find the driver.Please Help...? 

A:Missing SATA controller driver: Operating System Not Found

What is the model of the other HP laptop? The dv9000 series is a known problem child and the motherboard storage controllers will just go out because of issues with the main chipset and video chip connection to the motherboard. 

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I can't access to this option in the BIOS setup. I need a solution without risk of modding the BIOS or a way to acced to BIOS setup Advance Mode. Could you help me? Cheers

A:Cannot select AHCI option in BIOS for SSD

Hi: Please read this related thread.  You don't need to (and can't) enable AHCI on your notebook. SSD TRIM support is supported in RAID mode for your model notebook as long as you have the Intel RST driver installed. http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/How-to-enable-AHCI-for-HP-ENVY-...

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Hi, has just installed a SSD and was advised to set the SATA mode to AHCI. But the option available is only :disabledcompatibleEnhanced.is there a way that i can set it to AHCI?thanks!

A:A58 Thinkcentr‚Äče - bios no AHCI option

I have the same Problem, please could anbody help. I Did not find any possibilty in BIOS to activate ACHI

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Hey All,

I'm purchasing a new SSD next week. I've been reading up on it and it looks like I need to enable AHCI in my BIOS. I can't find any option for AHCI though.

I currently have my System setup as RAID0. This was how it was set up in the factory and I haven't changed it.

The only option I have is under SATA operation and I can either set it to "RAID Autodetect/ATA" or "RAID ON".

Is there anyway I can check to see whether AHCI is already enabled? If not will one of the above options enable it?

A:How to Enable AHCI - No option in BIOS.

Some motherboards incorporate AHCI SATA automatically. In the early days of SATA there was a lot of confusion in terminology. "RAID" - "AHCI" - all the same thing.

For your motherboard it looks like you want to choose "RAID Autodetect/ATA" to use a non-RAID setup with AHCI.

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Hello, I am in dam **** with my Vostro 1310 laptop. It had water poured on it and for the past two weeks, it signals the following issues:

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Existing PXE ROM.
Operating System not found

Please, help me recover very important files buried in my laptop, and also solve this problem

Much thanks in advance.

A:Operating system not found while booting my DELL laptop

Hi and welcome to TSF please try going into the bios and set the harddrive as first boot device save and exit then try booting,you can try pressing enter when booting and see if that gets you to the bios or it might be the delete key ther is normally a message at the bottom left of the screen when you boot telling you which key or keys to use,if you miss the time in which to do it just start over

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Hi guys
I was told by a friend that changing the sata settings in the bios from ide to ahci can help improve performance so i did.Windows loaded installed the drivers and asked for a reboot which i did all fine. Stupidly it was only then that i decided to look into it and apparently your suppose to change the reg key HKLM/system/currentcontrolset/services/Msahci value to 0 before you enable it in the bios otherwise its BSOD time. Well my laptop loaded the drivers and boots up fine however the value in that reg key is 3 not 0.
Question is should i change it as your suppose to or leave it alone

A:sata ide or ahci

Hello Danny,

Yeah, I would go ahead and change it to 0 and restart the computer to help make sure that it's using AHCI.

AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista

Also look in your Device Manager to make sure that it's show as a AHCI controller like below.

Hope this helps,

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Does the iMac G5 (2005 iSight model) motherboard have an Advanced Host Controller Interface compatible SATA interface?

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Where is the AHCI option in L350D BIOS ?

BIOS version is 1.70

greez grobi

A:Where is the AHCI option in Satellite L350D BIOS


Usually in BIOS there is an option called SATA controller mode. You can choose between AHCI and Compatible mode.

But I believe not all mainboards and BIOS version contain such an option so probably your computer doesn?t offer such an option.

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I just installing Win7 Ultimate 64-bit for the first time in my Asus A450LC.

First problem is:
Error: Windows cannot be installed to Disk 0 Partition 1. (Show details)
Details: Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GTP disks. Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. Windows must be installed to a partition formatted as NTFS.
Based on this : Windows cannot be installed to Disk 0 Partition 1
I delete both of the partition and continue installation without having problem.

But, when installation finished then laptop restarted it can't booting to windows.
So, i check bios and see that first booting is in my hard drive.
I try to restart again, but still can't booting to windows.

In some forums, it tells to check HDD Option, and if it AHCI change it to IDE.
When in Asus bios it can see in SATA mode selection, but i just find AHCI, no other option.

How can i change the type of SATA from AHCI to IDE?

What should i do? there is something that i could fix besides HDD setting?

A:No Boot Option, Just AHCI (Asus A450LC)

Disable EFI in the bios.

You can do it in Boot Options/Boot Order

There`s no need to change it from AHCI

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In my motherboard's site(http://www.gigabyte.us/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4970#dl) (go to choose your OS and choose windows 8.1 64bit if you want
to see which drivers are available for my motherboard.), I have some SATA RAID/AHCI drivers to download. (Just had clean install of windows 8.1 64bit.) So! 
1st one is Intel Rapid Storage Technology, (Intel rapid storage works better with Raid setup? And if you use AHCI you don't need intel RST?) I
also want to know what is the difference between RAID and AHCI setup?
2nd. Intel SATA Preinstall driver,  What does this driver do? It changes from Microsoft ahci sata driver to intel ahci sata driver? What is the difference
between the two? Which one is better? (I also know that it is better to install this driver before OS)
3rd Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 (I have to install this one right? I need it right?)
and last another version of Intel Rapid Storage Technology
So i want to have a healthy gaming pc...with maximum reliability and good performance. I have Samsung SSD 850evo 250gb and want to keep it as emty as possible
and fast. So all i want to know is if i need these drivers. Will i see performance increase? What does each of these drivers exactly do? What is the difference between the 2 versions of Intel rapid Storage? So all i want is to get informed and have a detailed
answer. Help would be greatly appreciated. *Also my motherboard is coming with AHCI mode right out of the bo... Read more

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Hi guys,

I just built my computer and am going through the bios. Should I configure sata as IDE or AHCI?

This is the computer that I am building for video production:

Asus P6T Deluxe V2
Corsair Core i7 XMS3 12GB
5 Samsung 1 TB Spinpoint 7200 RPM
Antec Nine Hundred Two Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Now I want to use 1 of the Hard drives as my boot drive. And I want to set the other 4 hd's to raid 0.

Thank you!


A:Configure Sata as IDe or AHCI?

I would only use AHCI if you want hot swappable hard drives connected to your internal SATA ports (not your eSATA ports located on the I/O panel). If you do want hot swappable then you'll need to install this registry edit before you make the change in the BIOS.

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 I have a Pavilion dv6 laptop. The default drive configuration is RAID. I recently upgraded to an SSD, and after reading from the Internet and using Samsung's software, I found that AHCI is better than RAID for single SSDs. How do I change this?

A:Switch from SATA to AHCI

Hi: That can't be done. As long as you install the latest Intel RST driver from your notebook's support page, or get it from Intel, TRIM support is enabled in RAID mode since your notebook has a mobile Intel series 7 chipset. You may find this discussion if interest to you, as your notebook is in the same status... http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/How-to-enable-AHCI-for-HP-ENVY-... This RST driver should work for your notebook... VERSION: OPERATING SYSTEM(S):Microsoft Windows 10 64Microsoft Windows 8 32 EditionMicrosoft Windows 8 64 EditionMicrosoft Windows 8.1 32 BitMicrosoft Windows 8.1 64 Bit This package contains the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver for the supported notebook models and operating systems. The Intel Rapid Storage Technology is designed to provide functionality for the Intel Storage Controllers. The driver improves Serial ATA (SATA) disk performance with Native Command Queuing. ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp63501-64000/sp63947.exe    

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When I turn on my Dell XPS 410 I can't get by a screen that says:

Serial ATA AHCI BIOS Version iSrc 1.02.22 07062006
Copyright © 2003-2006 Intel Corporation
**this version supports only hard disk and CDROM drives**

Controller bus#00, device#1f, function#02: 02 ports, 02 devices
Port--00: hard disk, wdc wd2500js-75ncb3
(this drive is controlled by the RAID BIOS)
Port--01: CDROM, nec DVD+/-rw nd--3650A
AHCI BIOS installed
Intel® matrix storage manager option rom v6.0.0.1022 ICH8R
Copyright© 2003-2006 intel corporation. All rights reserved.

I have no idea what to do. Please help.

Thank you


Can you boot into safe mode?

Any onscreen error messages?

The lines you list...are from the BIOS, which is part of the normal boot process.


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I'm trying to install Windows 7 on a new HDD but I keep getting "No drivers...". As a result I can't see the HDD from the installation screen. Can anyone assist with this please? Thanks.

A:No SATA / AHCI driver

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Looking for some help, I obviously didn't do enough homework..!!
Hope this post is in the right place.?

I have installed Windows 8 Pro on a small new ASUS Intel H61 based mini PC.
Everything appears to be working fine.?
I had 1 "!" in the device manager that went after doing Windows Update.

The issue is the disk is showing IDE.? I did not set it to AHCI in BIOS, It is a SATA SSD Drive.
I've done a lot of searching here and elsewhere and found various registry change fixes...
But they are different.?

This one: IDE to AHCI
Change the 0 DWORD value from 3 to 0.
Reboot, and change your SATA controller to AHCI in BIOS.
You will boot into Windows with AHCI drivers.

"will it prompt for drivers, which drivers or are they already in Windows 8 ?"
"Also are there SATA Drivers and AHCI Drivers, or is one in the same"

Then this one:
To Enable AHCI In Windows
1) Run the Registry Editor (regedit.exe)
2) Navigate to Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci
3) Set the "Start" value to 0 (zero)
4) Navigate to Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Pciide
5) Set the "Start" value to 0 (zero)
6) Shut down
7) Start up again, but before Windows boots go into the BIOS configuration screens and change
the disk mode to "AHCI". Save the new BIOS configuration and restart so that Wind... Read more

A:Windows 8 Pro ~ SATA/AHCI

The issue is the disk is showing IDE.? I did not set it to AHCI in BIOS, It is a SATA SSD Drive.

It should have been set to AHCI for the install. Rather than try to fix that after the fact, I would suggest a clean install as my preferred method of handling this issue. However, there have been some with reported success in changing the mode from IDE to AHCI after the fact but there also have been may reported failures as well. I say go for the clean install.

Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

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Hey everyone. I hope everyone is doing fine. I've literally rebuilt my entire machine but I think I made a mistake before installing Windows 7.

I should have gone over the BIOS with a fine tooth comb, but I did not. The SATA mode is set to IDE instead of AHCI or RAID and now of course, I can't switch it to my knowledge without getting a BSOD. It means I would have to reinstall the OS over again.

I have been reading up online and did a search here, but didn't find the appropriate thead. I have two questions. I read on a forum somewhere, where an Intel user used a program to change this in Windows somehow. Is there some kind of utility that will allow me to switch to AHCI mode without reinstalling Win7 64bit?

Second question, is it worth it to switch over? I see the benefits are this:

AHCI mode brings 3 main advantages:
Supports NCQ (Native Command Queuing) allowing SATA drives to accept more than one command at a time and dynamically reorder the commands for maximum efficiency.
Supports hot plugging of devices
Supports staggered spin ups of multiple hard drives at boot time

My machine seems kind of slow when accessing data and don't know if this is an issue with the SATA drives being in IDE mode. I got some choppiness in some games that's coming from access data (tested) and that seems weird but could definitely come from SATA drives being in IDE mode.

I got an MSI R5770 Hawk Video card...I'm freaking in love with that thing

I have two Hitachi 7200RPM ... Read more

A:Sata Mode AHCI / IDE

That's weird. I thought Windows 7 handled switching to AHCI mode better than that. Guess it has the same problem as XP.

Anyway, quick answers to a couple of your questions:

1) There is nothing magical about AHCI. About all you will gain is the ability to hot-plug drives. That may be worthwhile if you use an external HDD connected by eSATA. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it.

From what I've read, NCQ is only of real benefit in an environment where the disk is being accessed constantly, such as server. Normal desktop users probably won't see any measurable benefit.

The staggered spin-up thing probably doesn't matter either. Maybe it would, if you were running a large RAID (like maybe a 6-disk RAID 10) and had a barely-adequate power supply.

2) Yes, there should be a way to install the AHCI drivers so that Windows 7 doesn't bluescreen on startup. I did it with Windows XP, although it wasn't all that straightforward. I didn't have to reinstall Windows XP, and you shouldn't have to reinstall Windows 7 either.


Just for curiosity, I tried switching my disk controller to IDE mode. Windows 7 booted, but then made me reboot immediately, presumably because it had to install the IDE-mode drivers for the disk controller. On next startup, I re-ran the Windows Experience Index test. My disk score remained exactly the same (5.9) as when I had the disk controller in AHCI mode.

I then restarted, got into the BIOS menu & switched the disk controller back to AHC... Read more

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I have just finished migrating my win7 o/s to a new SSD.
Everything works fine. No problem booting up.

As a next step I wished to enable AHCI. First I check the two registry entries as described in this tutorial
(page 1) and ensured that both Start entries were 0.

Rebooted and entered BIOS setup program.
Changed the SATA configuration to AHCI.
Checked the Boot order next. It absolutely refused the option to select the SSD (with O/S) as the first boot drive. In fact it does not display that drive anywhere in the boot list.
Only when I go back and change SATA configuration to IDE can I then select the proper boot drive.

Bottom line, no AHCI

Any suggestions?

PS I had first posted this question in the tutorial thread cited above; that is an older thread and got no response. Therefore please forgive this double posting.

A:How to set SATA configuration to AHCI

Which SATA port is the SSD connect to?

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Ok, so I got my new hardware for my PC yesterday and got to installing Vista Business x64. I set the BIOS up to make the SATA controller use AHCI. Everything went smooth until the "Completing Installation" step. It just freezes at that part. The hard drive is recognized, partitioned, files are copied and installed, it just doesn't finish.

Once I changed the SATA controller to just "Native IDE" mode, everything went through smooth as can be.

Is this a problem I should worry about? Are there major upsides to having AHCI set in the SATA controller? Is it wise/possible to change the controller after installing the OS?

A:SATA AHCI and Vista

Upon further googling, I have found that most people have this exact same problem when trying to install Vista with AHCI control. Unless someone tells me otherwise, I guess I'll stick with IDE mode.

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I have a simple problem here... I know some people knows the solution..

Can we put all ahci or sata driver in windows xp? So that every laptop that support ahci or sata we can install direct xp without changing from sata/ahci to ide...

Because my problem here some bios not have option for changing ahci/sata to ide... I must to configure always the windows xp to put a driver for ahci or sata...

I hope some people share there solution.. Or if they have the windows xp with all ahci/sata driver support can you share it?

Thanks in advance...

And sorry for my english...

A:about ahci or sata drivers...

and welcome to the Forum

You can slipstream the sata drivers on the XP CD, follow the instructions in this guide :


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everytime i turn on this new build it says the SATA HDD is running in IDE mode ... do I want to switch to AHCI mode or stay on IDE...?

now as far as I know it shouldnt be on IDE should it? as SATA isnt IDE...?

I just want it on the proper setting... it also seems to take a while to POST... checking drives the monitor flicks on and off about 4 times and it detects a Samsung DVD drive I have on IDE port (temp until i get the SATA DVD tomoz) and asks me to press any key?? then says 'loading operating system' and goes to load windows... just doesnt seem right to me... other POSTS just say detected memory and drives then goes onto load windows within a few seconds... this takes exactly 19 seconds from pressing power button to 'starting windows' logo.... surely thats not right? should only be a few seconds???

can anyone advise just what settings the mobo should be on with one sata HDD on port 0 and one IDE DVD drive... (but the DVD is being swapped for a SATA dvd/bluray tomorrow)


A:SATA HDD - IDE or AHCI mode?

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Motherboard: Intel DG33FB : http://www.intel.com/products/motherboard/DG33FB/index.htm
Hard Drive: Seagate 320GB ST3320620AS http://www.seagate.com/ww/v/index.j...c5fb010VgnVCM100000dd04090aRCRD&reqPage=Model

This was my first computer build. I was getting blue sceen 7B when trying to install XP, but when I changed "Configure SATA as:" option from AHCI to IDE it let me install. I updated to the latest motherboard bios, updated XP with all the windows update, installed programs, and it works. However, Intel Desktop Utilities list the hard drive as:

Model: ST3320320AS
Max. Transfer Mode: UDMA 6 (ATA/133)
Active Transfer Mode: UDMA 5 (ATA/100)
S.M.A.R.T. Status: Enabled
Size: 298.09GB

When it is supposed to be a 3.0 Gb/s Drive. I believe 3.0 Gb/s would be 384 MB/s and not 133 MB/s

The drive configuration menu reads:
ATA/IDE Mode: Native
Configure SATA as: IDE
S.M.A.R.T.: Enabled

When I change it to Configure SATA as AHCI, my computer won't go past the WinXP screen. I see the logo and the blue status bar starts to move, then the screen goes black, and starts loading again from the intel motherboard screen (the screen you hit F2 on). It will then give me the "boot safe mode, last good configuration, normally screen."

Using "Last good configuration" my computer starts up, but the hard drive is back to IDE mode. The other two options send me back to the F2 screen to start the process over again.

Also, I took the little two plug jumper ... Read more

A:SATA boots when set to IDE but not AHCI

Try installing the latest chipset drivers from intel's site, then switching to AHCI mode.


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I have just completed a new build using my HDD's from my old computer so I an running Win XP Pro SP3 32-bit before installing Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

My HDD are configured as IDE in bios and everything works fine. If I reset the HDD mode to AHCI I only get the windows splash screen and the system restarts.

Searching the archives I found the following from crjdriver :

FWIW I have done some tests running native or standard ide and ahci. On an intel p35 chipset board, an amd 770 chipset board, and an intel 945 chipset board. On each one, native ide actually gave better performance in a benchmark. Not by much however it was faster with both a raptor drive AND a seagate 7200.11 drive. If anything should benefit from ahci, it should be the newer seagate however it did not.
Click to expand...

Would AHCI provide any performance improvement? Do I need the F6 driver - which one? 32-bit Intel RST Driver Files f6f lpy96x86.zip V


A:SATA HDD - IDE or AHCI mode? (again)

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I just bought a new computer that I've assembled, and I've noticed that when I first booted it it warned me that I was running my HDD in IDE mode. So, after installing the OS (Windows 7), I went to BIOS and changed it to AHCI (for one reason: because my previous computer was on AHCI).

My question is: is there a difference between the two? and will switching modes after installing the OS do any harm? my HDD is a western digital "black caviar".

Excuse me if the way I phrased the question sounds weird or vague, but I'm terrible when it comes to hardware knowledge.

A:Shall I setup my SATA HDD as IDE or AHCI?

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So I have recently upgraded the hard drive in this laptop to a Samsung EVO SSD.And from what I hear after upgrading to a SSD is that you need to change the hard drives settings in BIOS or UEFI to AHCI mode instead of IDE mode.But I can't find an option to do that in the BIOS. The BIOS is "InsydeH20 Setup Utility"V1.09Rev. 5.0 Is there any way to change the HD to AHCI mode???? Thanks!

A:No AHCI option on Acer Aspire R 11 R3-131T-P7HA??

it's AHCI by default. UEFI is not related to storage controller settings.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unified_Extensible_Firmware_Interface

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I have installed an SSD (Samsung EVO 850), and I want to ensure AHCI is set. Samsung Magician, says AHCI mode N/A, and I can't access the different menu items in the program. The PC is running Windows 10 - 64 bit.

A:Can't find AHCI setting option in BIOS HP pavilion dv7

Help us to help you by posting the following information. 1.  The complete Model Name. or Product Number. of the notebook - see This HP web document if you don't how to locate the model number and\or product number.  

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I am currently running windows ultimate. I had the upgrade version, so I installed windows xp first on my lenovo x200 tablet.

however, my problem was, my xp installation disk couldnt read my hard drive because it was much much newer, and had SATA enabled. I had to go under the BIOS menu to change an option from "AHCI" to "Compatibility" for it to work.

After installing xp and upgrading to vista, I tried to change "Compatibility" back to "AHCI", but when I do, I get a BSOD half way through the vista boot screen. It boots fine if the HDD option is set to "Compatibility".

How can I fix this? Thanks

A:SATA (AHCI) on Windows Ultimate

Sorry, there was already a solution on google. See link below.


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Hi. I replaced hdd with ssd 250gb samsung evo 850 use samsung migration data everything works fine. Windows 10.  But when i use samsung magician software, it said deactive AHCI and SATA n/a. The speed of ssd also slow. I changed bios to enable AHCI, regestry editor AHCI.  update new bios etc. But it still cant detect SATA and slow. In my asus i5 a455 everything detect and fast. And in many forum has a problem with lenovo 300 changed ssd. Please lenovo support team what can i do for change AHCI and SATA detect. Heeellllpppppp

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I have an XP + Linux dual boot setup. I booted XP for the first time in months, and it immediately went back to the BIOS boot (no BSOD, only the automatic reboot). Safe mode did the same thing. After experimenting with BIOS setups, I discovered that the problem was apparently triggered by my changing the SATA controller setup from IDE to AHCI mode. Linux is OK with this, but XP apparently not.

Can someone verify this? Do I need another driver for XP? I doubt if the performance gain from AHCI is noticeable (true?) so perhaps it is just as good to keep the IDE mode for both OS's.

A:XP does not boot if SATA in AHCI mode?

my 2 cents: keep IDE mode.

however, the problem can solved by forcibly installing the xp SATA driver while in IDE mode (you must install hardware that is currently not connected). then restart in AHCI mode and windows XP should work.

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HiI got M91p Desktop (ThinkCentre) - Type 7033D55my SATA Controller Mode needs to be set to AHCI in system BIOS but BIOS is protected by passwordAny solutions?

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Hello guys, I want to install windows xp x64 SP2 in AHCI mode.. I've tried downloading the intel Matrix storage manager and the F6 setup but they do not work with my motherboard. I guess I need the Intel 82801HB I/O AHCI drivers... anyone knows where I can get them?

A:Windows XP in AHCI Sata HDDs

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I have a company laptop (HP 8530w) with Checkpoint Pointsec HDD encryption and 32bit Vista.
I want to use win7 booted from an external eSATA drive. For that to work first of all I had to remove the internal HDD, because win7 install has already ****ed my system up one time (probably the MBR because the encryption never came up after I installed win7 on the external drive). Secondly I had to set SATA mode to IDE because in AHCI mode it can't be booted on this laptop. (RAID would also work but I didn't want to complicate things).
My question is if I try to boot from the internal drive would it **** Win Vista up or even the encryption stuff? I mean without resetting SATA mode to AHCI (so that i don't have to change it every time I want to boot from the extrnal drive). And that's not even the biggest issue: for now I think I will remove the internal drive every time I want to boot another OS, I don't want to go to IT support all the time.

Basically what i wanted to achieve is to get the laptop to boot from the external drive whenever it is plugged in at home, but boot the company OS Vista at work. It seems it is not that easy.
Do you think it can be done?

A:Changing SATA to IDE mode (not to AHCI as it happens usually)?!

You can not install windows to a external drive.

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