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the speed of the processor is limited by system firmware

Q: the speed of the processor is limited by system firmware

OK so I have just got an ASUS N551JX it has an i5 4200h 8gb ram 128gb ssd and 1tb hdd it cam with win 8.1 where I was getting "the speed of the processor is limited by system firmware" every time I stared gaming on the laptop I upgraded to win 10 after making a backup with asus backtracker and continued to receive the warning in event log every time I started gaming

But then it got interesting when I installed win 7 pro as it seems win 7 does not require the intel CPPC driver and it seems so far than the warning of "the speed of the processor is limited by system firmware" has now gone when gaming.

it also seems that the CPU is not longer being throttled.

Processor 0 in group 0 exposes the following:

2 idle state(s)

16 performance state(s)

0 throttle state(s)

so im guessing the CPPC driver throttles the cpu ?

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Preferred Solution: the speed of the processor is limited by system firmware

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)



By visiting the Event viewer for my BSOD I noticed that two warnings are appearing in the list whose source is Kernel processor power and it is shown in the list every time that if i have booted my PC.
Had i not visited event viewer for BSOD purpose I would not have known these warnings!.

Warning 1:
The speed of processor 0 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report.

Warning 2:
The speed of processor 1 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report.

What is this? Does this show any prob with my processor or is it a normal thing to appear.


A:Speed of processor limited

What type of CPU and which motherboard do you have? It's possible that the CPU is being slowed/throttled due to excessive heat.

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Having this issue from Windows 10 in Even Viewer there are annoying events saying:
The speed of processor 0 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report.
The speed of processor 2 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report.
The speed of processor 3 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report.
The speed of processor 1 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report.
I am on Windows 8.1, I was in Windows 10 but it has too many driver issues and stuff so I factory restored, and still this event happens. Have the latest BIOS: BIOS Version/Date Insyde F.42, 18/03/2015 SMBIOS Version 2.8
I had to factory restore again an hour ago since the factory restore wasn't a full one.

- <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
- <System>
<Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Processor-Power" Guid="{0F67E49F-FE51-4E9F-B490-6F2948CC6027}" />





[ Name]

[ Gu... Read more

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Hello, My specs are as follows:Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 15D 64-bit, x64 basedAMD A6-5200 APU with integrated Radeon HD 8400 graphics @ 2.00 GHz4 GB RAM I can't get my Flex 15D processor to run at more than 0.78 GHz. I noticed the problem when I was checking the Task Manager under the Performance tab. Even in High Performance, when running resource-intensive applications, this maximum speed does not increase. The maximum capability of my processor is 2.00 GHz. When I open the Resource Monintor, I see that the Maximum Frequency is at most 39% (0.78 of 2.00 GHz). I called the Lenovo support number, and after over 3 hours on the phone, they were unable to fix the problem. I have posted on the Microsoft Community, and I was told that it is likely related to the Lenovo Energy Manager. Shortly after, I noticed a message from the Action Center saying that my power management software was not compatible with Windows. A few months ago, I had updated Energy Manager directly from the Lenovo support website, and I am certain that I downloaded the correct version. After seeing the message, I uninstalled Energy Manager and redownloaded it from the support website. While Energy Manager was uninstalled, I checked to see if the issue was still there, and it was. The problem is still there after reinstalling Energy Manager. I have checked in the BIOS options and have not found any processor frequency options. AMD OverDrive is not supported by my laptop. I have double checked in P... Read more

A:Flex 15D - Limited processor maximum speed

One other thing - if you do not experience this problem, please let me know what your settings are for the programs that affect this matter, such as the Energy Manager and the Catalyst Control Center. And if there's something I missed in the BIOS options, please post them here. Thanks,Owen

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So, getting these warnings every day on a brand new T470 I just received, a couple times a day and a bit concered.  Is this normal?  The fan kicks in quite a bit as well.  Everything is current (Windows, Drivers, BIOS, etc.). This is the message, and when it happens it is three different messages, one each for processor 0, 1 and 2: "The speed of processor 2 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report." My system is as follows: System specs:Model = T470Processor = i5-7300uOS = Windows 10 ProMemory = 4GBStorage = HDD

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processors have speeds like 2.7GHz and this actually a frequency at which it runs ..

frequency is cycles per second .... 2.7GHz = 2.7*1024*1024*1024 = 2,899,102,924.8 Hz i.e cycles per second or pulses per second .

i think 2,899,102,924.8 bits per second such processor is said to process .

on the other hand we have system type like 64-bit ... does that mean processor only processes 64 bits per second ? and how we differentiate both of these factors and distinguish clearly ?

A:system type and processor speed

It would be more accurate to think of it as the way the chip handles data and floating-point registers.

I sadly do not actually know the math. It does increase the rate at which data is processed.
It has more to do with the registers though. I'm not sure how it would fit into your equation exactly.

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I have a RAID 1 server with a 3.0GHZ processor. On occassion the POST screen reports the processor as 6.0GHZ and the BIOS screen reports it as 1.4GHZ. It may also return a "machine Check architecture error. After several reboots the error will go away and reappear later on a reboot. The BIOS does not allow BUS speed modifications and the Processor is locked out from overclocking. I see no jumpers on MB for this either.

Does anyone have any ideas about what is going on with ?

A:System reports wrong processor speed

Do you have the latest BIOS for your motherboard?

BTW, Welcome to Techspot!!

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I moved into a city that has 1gbps fiber and I got it. I set my computer up to run Ubuntu or Windows 7 in the Ubuntu OS I have full speed, like 980mbps but in Windows I can only get around 370mbps, they informed me that it was a know issue which is why they carry around laptops with Ubuntu instead of windows to troubleshoot there system. Anyone have any clue on this, I cant even imagine where to start looking for the setting or fix. Thanks

A:Limited fiber download speed in windows 7 full speed in linux

1gbps is fantastic. I suspect the Windows problem is a driver problem. Did you check the Windows 10TP. Maybe they fixed it. But then, the really big chunks you can always download with Ubuntu. I envy you, LOL.

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Hi everyone,
At first I noticed a slow down with my ISP (Verizon FIOS) from 15mb/s to 6-7mb/s, but the upload speed is unaffected. So, I called my ISP they told me could be an issue with the Windows that I am using.
Then I called MS regarding the network issue, however they told me that my license has expired is not under warranty for technical support. Here I am asking for some help.

Some of the thing that the ISP done was conducting some test:
Buffer size:261360 bytes
Receive size: 66608 bytes
Their ISP network technician told me that the Receive size was too low and causing problem to the download speed, but the upload speed is still good.

So, anyone who have any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

A:Download speed is limited, but upload speed is fine

are you using a router?
if yes, try bypassing the routing by plugging directly into the modem.

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Is there such a thing as a firmware update for a processor?

A:Processor Firmware?

I want to say yes, but no at the same time. Wouldn't it be hard because it'd have to use the processor in order to figure out what to do with the firmware!

:S perhaps I'm thinking too deeply into it though.

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Hi all,
I want to connect my VCR to the computer to transfer old home movies to DVD.
The Analog to DV device requires a 1 GHz processor. Mine is 498 MHz.

Regarding the speed, will the device work only slowly or not at all?


A:Solved: Video capture device speed vs. processor speed

It is not a matter of slow or not at all. It is most likely a matter of dropped frames. If you have a cheaper video capture card [one without hardware decoding] it will probably work however you will not like the result.

Video editing / encoding is cpu intensive. I would hate to think how long it would take to encode the video file after you capture it [with that cpu]

To give you some idea, it takes me about 15 min to encode approx 1hr of video with an intel dual core cpu. With yours it will be hours.

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I need to order a new desktop for my office to replace a 3 year old machine that runs at 3.2 Ghz. The new machines that Dell offers only has this option:

Intel® Core™2 Extreme QX6700 (8MB L2 Cache,2.66GHz,1066 FSB)

I don't think there is a standard measuring stick that is used to compare all the processor speeds that I can find or understand. I work with CAD programs that use up a lot of resources and I typically get the fastest available and max the RAM. With all the latest software that I have to install, I need the new machines to run faster than the ones they replace.

Can anyone tell me how this 2.66GHz processor compares to my current machine? I don't have the exact specs for it, this is what it lists on the dell support site for my system - PROCESSOR, 80532K, 3.2GHZ, 1M, 533, M0.

A:How does this processor speed rate against a 3.2Ghz Processor

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The Device Security section of Windows is displaying the following alert: When I click on the "Get started" button, I'm taking to a page that ultimately takes me to the Lenovo portal where I'm supposed to download a BIOS update.  My question is: isn't this kinda thing supposed to come through the Vantage app? has anyone had any problems with this procedure?  

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I have a motherboard that has a FSB of up to 400MHz.
My processor is an AthlonXP 2200 which can only run at 266MHz
My memory is 256MB DDR DRAM PC2700
SisSoftware Sandra testing tells me my memory speed and processsor speed do not match. Question is: Does this really matter? I know a processor upgrade would sort it but a)the computer seems to run fine and b) I daren't try to sneak ANOTHER pc purchase past the wife! (just yet);-)

A:Memory speed faster than processor speed

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I am going to be buying a new computer in the near future and was wondering if backups, file copying, and defragging will speed up very much?

It seems like that at some point, the drives would not be able to keep up with the processor and faster processors would not be needed for many or even most applications.

I am using a 1 ghz Pentium 3 computer now and am going to get a new 3 ghz computer next.

Also, recently, I read an article about the new dual core Intel chips and that sounds like something that I would like but do not know if they are out yet, and if so, do not know what they are called.

A:Processor speed vs hard drive speed

The main point of having a faster processor is that it runs games smoother, compresses audio and video faster, and so on. These tasks are not particularly dependent on hard disk performance. Nearly all applications will benefit from a faster processor regardless of the speed of the hard disk.

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All, Thanks in advance for reading:

I recently built an I7, 64 bit, EVGA x58 SLI board, 6 GB dominator ram, Nvidia GTX 260, Vista Premium, and got some frequent blue screens during boot (although once it booted ran no problems under heavy use). I updated bios and chipset driver, graphics driver, and system. Havn't had any blue screens in awhile (although the updates didn't immedietly fix the issue) but I get the below 7 messages in the event viewer on every boot. Should I be very concerned? Any ideas what else I can update, or what might be the "firmware problem"

Performance power management features on processor 1 are disabled due to a firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware.

Performance power management features on processor 2 are disabled due to a firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware.

Performance power management features on processor 3 are disabled due to a firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware.

Performance power management features on processor 4 are disabled due to a firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware.
Performance power management features on processor 5 are disabled due to a firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware.

Performance power management features on processor 6 are disabled due to a firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated fi... Read more

A:Performance power management features on processor 7 are disabled due to a firmware

I have almost the same exact setup, but still have blue screens, and the identical error messages. Were you able to find a fix?

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I have a i7-920 on a EVGA x58 SLI board running Windows7-x64. In my Event Viewer log, there is an error message that reads "Performance power management features on processor 1 in group 0 are disabled due to a firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware." There are 8 new error messages added to the log everytime that I boot-up. I contacted EVGA and one tech said that it was a Window7 problem and I would have to wait on a SP from Microsoft. Another tech said that it is an Intel problem and that I should contact Intel...... I have later learned that they both are wrong.

I contacted Intel and the tech there told me that the problem may be related to Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST) and Enhanced Halt State (C1E).

Here is what I did to fix the error messages. In the BIOS I went to Frequency>Voltage Control and enabled Intel Speed step and set the CxE function to C6.

Hopefully, this will help others that are having this error message in their Event Viewer.

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In README, new firmware version is "W887904". But my SSD current firmware is "3887904"."W887904" and "3887904" are not same. But is it correct that "No new firmware found."? Or Levono utility program can't find firmware file? "No new firmware found." is too hard to understand. I think better, "No need to update firmware...".... Levono utility program can't find firmware file? "Solid State Drive Firmware Update Utility for Windows 10 (64-bit), 8.1 (64-bit), 8 (64-bit), 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad FWSD48 19 Oct 2018" is not easy to use. 

A:X1 Carbon SSD Current Firmware 3887904, New Firmware is "None", "No new firmware found." is normal?

Welcome to the CommunityWhat's the laptop MTM code?What's the SSD p/n as well its FRU code on the drive sticker?Could you provide the SSD sticker photo?

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Turned on my laptop this morning and noticed it was running really slow.
Checked with Intel XTU to see what the problem was and noticed my laptop was Thermal Throttling and limited to 0.80 GHz. 
Called customer support, and after 90 minutes of running diagnostics, re-installing drivers, disabling programs that activate on startup, and reinstalling XTU, the processor is still limited to 0.80 GHz (although XTU no longer says it's thermal throttling). 
Support said they'd call back in 24-48 hours, but otherwise don't know how to fix the issue. 
I've added a picture of what XTU is showing. 
Any ideas on how to fix? 

A:XPS 15 9560 i7 processor limited to 0.80 GHz

Is the system properly recognizing the AC adapter, or is it showing "unknown"?  F2 at powerup to check.

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I have windows7(x64) , and when i browse the internet , i get supper slow speed , i had some google searches on it and i found it has to do something with the firmware , upgrading the routers firmware version , i had to go to the manufacturers website and download the latest version . I did , i downloaded the file now , to upgrade to version i have to enter the routers ip adress on the adress bar on my internet explorer enter the username and password , and then upgrade. I got everything from the above , Im just saying all this stuff for other users who may have same problem to know what to do. Now what i want to know , when i will upgrade the version i will have to close any device in my flat , that has an wifi access? and connect to the router through a lan cable and install? do i have to close the internet to do that , when using the lan cable? it's a yellow cable i heard people saying u need to do that with an ethernet cable , idk the differences. So am i right? WILL THIS SOLVE MY ULTRA SLOW SPEED? i know that is slow cause on my laptop ( windows vista x32 ) i was getting very fast speed and some files i was downloading i was getting 1.09 mbps , on my w7 im getting max 900 ( and thats very rare!) so plz help

A:[SOLVED] Windows 7 slow speed, firmware reason?

See if same conditions exist in SAFEMODE w/ Networking - tap F8 key repeatedly during boot-up.

See what speedtest says - Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test

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I just got a 2nd hand T3600, and installed Win 10 on it.
I left it running and it should have gone to sleep mode, but instead it crashed. I found the following error in the event log:
Idle power management features on processor 0 in group 0 are disabled due to a firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware.
Source: Kernel-Processor-Power (Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Processor-Power)Event ID: 34
I have the latest BIOS A14 (I think)http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=YXDF3&fileId=3405977809&osCode=WT64A&productCode=precision-t3600&languageCode=en&categoryId=BI
How can I find more information about this. Is the CPU failing? I have a warranty on the machine with the reseller.
CPU = Xeon E5-1650

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Thought this deserved it's own thread.

I'm returning to post a follow-up; This appears to be the root cause of my issues... on a number of seperate installs. (Setting the WAN Speed to 10 resolves some connectivity issues.

Dlink has posted the following information as of Sept 23.

The firmware that was shipped with the DI-524 has the WAN port speed set to 100mbps. This can prevent connectivity with some DSL and Cable modems. For this reason we have put together this article which explains how to change the setting so you can get a successful connection. Be assured that this inconvenience will be fixed in the next release of firmware which will be applied to future releases of DI-524.

We sincerely apoligize for the inconvenience!

Click here for details on how to change the speed

A:Dlink firmware connectivity issue - WAN port speed set to 100mbps.

Bumped once more to hi-light issues for others.

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i have a speed of 1.76bit per second+or more(on www.bandwidthplace.com) <- is it only in USA?
on www.speedtest.net it shows-

^^ there is no server near me, so it's about 100km from where i live.
on torrents, there are MANY seeds but it downloads only 300-390kbps.
same on IE7. mayby there's some limits that can only do 400 kbps?

A:Limited speed?

So are you having trouble opening up or connecting to Internet pages? I'm running 4000 kb/s 233kb/s. Your router can affect Internet speeds too

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My download speeds are slower than what i see in several speed tests,
speed tests shows my download speed with an average of 0.35 Mb/s or 350 kb/s
while my downloads shows me only speeds at the maximum of 40 to 50 kb/s
I have already checked my download limit configurations in all the software i have used and set the download limit to 999999kb/s
but still no luck, also tried to disable windows firewall and antivirus which also resulted to
here is the video for more info:
ive got a modem and a NVIDIA nForce 10/100 Mbps Networking Controller

A:download speed limited

Welcome to TSG.

may want to read the rules page at www.techguy.org/rules.html , as we do not assist with torrenting issues.

closing thread.



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I'm using CD Burner XP Pro 3 and for some reason I can only burn DVDs at 1x with my 16x burner and 16x DVD-Rs.

Would any one be able to explain why this is or how to resolve it?

Also What burning software do you use? I've had bad experiences with Nero so haven't used it in a while.

Hope someone can help, and thanks in advance.


A:Limited DVD burn speed

Check the settings in the BIOS for the DVD drive - make sure they are set at Auto.
I use Nero because I have had less grief with it than Roxio and others - but beware as some OEM software will only work with the drive it was shipped with. Nero is 90% backwards compatible so if you can get hold of the latest version of Nero you might have fewer problems. You don't say what you are using now but there may be settings hidden in there to control the burn speeds. Also check the overrun settings.
One other item to check is how the system resources are - take a non technical look at the Windows Task Manager Performance Tab and make sure that at idle the CPU usage is < 5% and the PF usage is less than about 10% on the graph. Also see that you have less than 50 processes running. Any more than this will slow down the burn speed.
Hope this is helpful

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I have 3 Win98 computers, all of which connect to the net via dialup to Verizon, my ISP (Verizon is also my local phone company, and it's their lines we all use). Each computer has a 56K modem, and each has connected at speeds up to 53K at a different location in my county. However, in their present location, each consistently will only connect at 28.8kps.

I once asked a Verizon technician about this and got an explanation (actually only half an explanation) that was hard to swallow: that the underground telephone lines serving my 6-yr old development were limited to 28.8K. If 50-yr old lines in the location where I previously lived and connected could handle 53K, it's hard to believe that newer lines can't. DSL is available in this location, and I believe it uses the same phone lines, but I could be mistaken. Anyway, I don't want DSL; I just want to be able to connect via dialup at a more respectable speed.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions as to how I can fix this situation, I would be most appreciative. Thanks to all.

A:Why is connection Speed limited to 28.8kps?

Ask the ISP if there is a different number you can try to access. DIfferent modem banks may well be an issue and another issue may be the routing of your internet connection to it's final destination that may be the cause...you might not eb connecting directly to your ISP but an in between connection. Try the alternate number option first.

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Hi there, I'm having some trouble with my wireless internet connection. Firstly, I don't quite recall the specific max bandwidth my connection has since I have a problem with numbers, but I am very sure that the maximum download speed I can attain (170 kb/s) is far below what it should be capable of delivering and what it was advertised to deliver. Of course, I know that these advertisements often exaggerate, but still.

Furthermore, at times the download speed goes down to the 40-45 kb/s range and the normal maximum speed appears again at random. Yeah, you might say that's pretty annoying. And as skilled as I am with the more hardware-ish sides of computer technology, I'm having trouble finding out what's causing the problem and I don't want to mess up anything so I can't connect to the Internet at all.

The router is a SpeedTouch ST546 and the Internet provider is a Norwegian company known as Telenor. I'm not completely sure what kind of broadband package I have though and since I've moved recently, I cannot find the documentation. Any help to solving this problem?

A:Limited / Unbalanced Internet DL/UL speed

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Good morning everyone,My laptop has 8GB of RAM memory, with a declared speed of 1600Mhz. The problem is that if I go to the task manager, the effective ram speed is 800Mhz. Can someone help me solving this problem?Thank you in advance.

ram.PNG ?38 KB

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NOTE: *this is not a duplicate thread that was closed by valis, its just a lil misunderstanding, i was just showing my download speeds on the applications i used that shows 50kb/s and not torrenting issues*

My download speed are always limited to nearly 50kb/s, it cant possibly reach as high as 100kb/s not like last month that shows my download speed at the maximum of nearly 1mb/s On any direct downloads
even using download managers that speeds your downloading tasks to 10x its speed, its always 50 to 60kb/s not even reaching 100kb/s it sucks!! it doesn't even multiply my download speed into 2x

speed tests says i got 0.35mb/s or 350kb/s download speed
but my download speeds shows 0.05Mb/s or 50kb/s max

heres the vid for more info:


more info:
got a modem
and an NVIDIA nForce 10/100 Mbps Networking Controller

A:Download speed limited to 50kb/s

You'll need to convince valis of the misunderstanding. To me, it definitely looked like torrent use. If valis is convinced he can re-open this or your other thread. Closing in the meantime. You can PM valis.

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Co-worker has asked me to take a look at her Acer Aspire one, one of those small "net books" type of computers, and I've given it the once over. Her primary complaint is that it runs slow on the internet.

I've given it the "once over", deleted all the trashware that came from the factory, ran Combofix (which found very little or nothing), ran housecall which took over 14 hours to get 1/2 complete (and found nothing). I canceled the housecall scan because I was tired of waiting.

So, then I tested the internet connection speed using several different online tests (speakeasy, speedtest, etc...) and each time got the exact same result. On an internet connection that tests 20 Mbs/2Mbs (Down/Up) on my "known good" computer, this little Acer Aspire One netbook consistently tests (2 Mbs/1 Mbs) on BOTH wired (LAN) and wireless connection.

The obvious 1st thing is infection, but I don't think it's infected. It has none of the indicators of infection; i.e. no toolbars, pop-ups, redirects, etc... and besides that the connection speed appears to be deliberately limited to 2/1 exactly. I find no evidence of any strange software installed either. The machine has been running for a couple of years and to all outward appearances they haven't really done much with it. No P2P filesharing software, etc... I've run chkdsk and deleted the temporary files, checked Device Manager for flagged devices and it doesn't need defragging.

I should also note t... Read more

A:Internet Speed Artificially Limited? (2 Mbs / 1 Mbs)

I would first try to update all of the drivers to the latest edition.

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This forum doesn't seem super active, probably because of the few Helix owners, but I'll post my question anyway hoping someone can confirm  My wifi speed is limited to 20 Mbps.  Whether connecting to the internet, or on my intranet.  Top of the line 802.11ac router, few feet away, no interferences, copying files to or from a PC (which is connected to the network by ethernet),  I get no more than 2.5 MB/sec.  Same location, with a 3-yr old laptop: 8-10 MB/sec.  Reboots driver update etc no difference.  Different router and location is the same. The Helix reports the wifi card as 802.11a, too.  Not 802.11n or a/n  Connecting the USB to ethernet lenovo adpater, I get 11 MB/sec, so close to the 100mbps limit of the adpater, that's normal. Issue: well, accessing data and for example browsing pic tures on my NAS or another PC is very painful at 2 MB/sec.  At 8-10 MB/sec on my laptop it's instantaneous no pb. I'm ok if it's a small cheaper 10" Atom tablet, but not so much for a $2,000 laptop/tablet.  My basic 3-yr old laptop does 5 times better. Or is my Helix faulty? 

Go to Solution.

A:Wifi Speed Limited to 20 Mbps?!

I second that, the Lenovo team should take a closer look at this problem.I'm oscilating around 4MB/s, which is also slower than expected, sometimes even dropping to 2,5.It could be a driver fault, hopefully fixable.

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Hi there,
I have an issue with my Dell M6700, latest bios and chipset drivers (Dell site).
My PCI-E bus is usually stuck at 1.1x16, insteda of 2.0x16, resulting in my nVidia K4000M running on minimal speed and being locked there, regardless of gpu load, power profiles or settings.
When not in the docking station, replugging the AC sometimes helps it go back to 2.0 speed and normal GPU clocks.Any idea what might be causing this?
Thanks for any input!!
Best, Andrew

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Can anyone tell me what this means I am thinking of buying a new pc and am not confident enough to build it myself. Have been looking in the usual places that people who build there own rigs probably disapprove of, when am looking at a certain pc from dell it says this

The memory speed of 4 DIMMS configuration will be limited at 1066MHz with Athlon II X4 630 and Phenom II X4 820 processors. ...

If the memory works at 1300 Mhz and the Processor only supports 1066 Mhz what does that mean ?

A:AMD processors limited to 1066MHz memory speed?

AMD CPU's have the memory controller built into them. Faster memory will just have the speed of it set to what the memory controller can support.

So if the memory works at 1300Mhz, but the controller only supports 1066Mhz, then the 1300Mhz memory will just slow down to 1066Mhz.

But Dell only says that the speed of the memory will be limited on those CPU's only if all 4 ram slots are filled with memory. Unless you will be upgrading the memory in the system when you get it, you dont need to worry about it.

Hope this helps.

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I'm on college campus internet and my internet download rate is limited to about 20KB/s somehow. This is with IE7 and FireFox. BUT! If I use Download Accelerator Plus to download things with, it somehow bypasses this "filter" and I can get speeds of up to 300KB/s.

My question is, since a faster speed IS possible for me, is there an internet browser that could somehow bypass the speed limit that I'm restricted to browsing, just like DAP did?

A:Download/Internet Speed Limited - Any Ways Around It?

Bump. Surely someone has to know how to fix this. .

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I've been having issues with my Ethernet speed on my 9360 while connected to TB16. I can't get anything above 100 Mbps even though my Ethernet speed is 250 Mbps. My other laptop with built-in network card has no problems with reaching the full 250 Mbps.
I've checked TB16 specs and it tells there's a gigabit Ethernet controller onboard, so it shouldn't be an issue.
I have latest drivers from Dell's website and also tried the latest Realtek drivers - no speed change.
I've played with the driver settings and disabled all speed optimizations and enforced 1 Gbps full duplex as a default setting, but still no effect.
I've seen a couple of other forum members reporting the same issue, but all of them were running Linux, while I'm running Windows 10 64-bit. Apparently, the fault is with the dock.
Can anyone confirm the limitation and can suggest any workaround? 

A:TB16 Ethernet speed limited at 100 Mbps

You definitely don't want to force 1 Gbps Full in Device Manager.  Forcing linespeed and duplex settings especially on gigabit connections can lead to worse performance even when those hardcoded settings are correct. The standard for gigabit is auto-negotiate.  There's a Realtek network FIRMWARE update for the TB16 and WD15 docks around here somewhere, but I don't know if that would help this issue.  But my main question is: What do you mean your Ethernet is 250 Mbps?  There's 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps.  There's no standard for 250 Mbps Ethernet.Have you tried a different cable?  Do you have any other systems that are negotiating at 1 Gbps with the cable and switch/router port you're currently using with the TB16?

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I got an old machine to give to a friend, and am gonna' load Me on it.

What's the speed of the Pentium(r)? Is 970X a chipset model #, to tell the speed?

A:processor speed?

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I am torn between purchasing 2 different types of computers to replace my Macbook that I had to sell to pay the taxman.

One has a 2.13 GHz processor and the other a 1.8GHz. How much noticeable/significant difference would there be between the 2?

A:Processor Speed

You can't simply compare mhz anymore. You have to compare the architectures. Are they both the same processor type, or are they two different kinds?

If they are the same, let's say both mobile Core 2 Duos...chances are, you won't notice much of a difference, and the cost savings can be put towards more memory.

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I currently have a desktop with a single core AMD Athelon 2.08 GHZ, 1 GB ram running XP. I am planning on using an older laptop in its place. HP NC6400 Intel 1.6GHZ Centrino duo ,3 GB ram running Windows 7. Will I notice a slower performance with the laptop?

A:Processor speed

Judging from PassMark.com benchmark scores.

AMD Athlon XP 2800+ > benchmarks between 400 & 500
Intel Core2 Duo 1.6GHz > benchmarks between 800 & 1100

To answer your question, I don't see any reason why the laptop would be slower. The laptop has two times the CPU performance and three times the memory.

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I was wondering how to find out my processor speed? I did "dxdiag" and under process it says

AMD Athlon XP3000+, MMX, 3dnow ,~2.2ghz

so what does that mean exactly?

A:What is my processor speed?

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recently bought a new pc with an AMD athlon processor. I ordered a 2200+ processor. Under my computer/properties speed shows up as 1500+ which is 1.3Ghz. And also shows up in my bios start up screen. Did I either get ripped off or is there something I do not know about processor speeds. Eric

A:amd processor speed

Check your fsb setting. It probably defaults to 100. You need to set the fsb to 133 it will then read correctly. Check the manual; it will have instructions on how to set bus speed.
If this is a computer you purchased, why not take it back to where you bought it from and have them correct the problem. After all if you pay for something, you have a right to expect that it will work as advertised.

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(if this is posted in the wrong place, please forgive me.)

I am not sure what happened. I don't know if it's a virus or not.
It was running fine but now everything is slower.
I watch a movie almost every but now cannot because image and sound are jerky.
And every click of the mouse, especially internet browsing, seems to take seconds when before it was instant.

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium.
I ran Malwarebytes and have tried shutting down and restarting computer many times but it's still slow.

If you can help solve this I would be so very grateful!


DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01)
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Boot Device: \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Install Date: 6/25/2012 4:24:04 PM
System Uptime: 1/28/2013 5:08:53 AM (0 hours ago)
Motherboard: Dell Inc. | | 0UK441
Processor: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-57 | Microprocessor | 798/100mhz
==== Disk Partitions =========================
C: is FIXED (NTFS) - 112 GiB total, 1.025 GiB free.
D: is CDROM ()
E: is Removable
==== Disabled Device Manager Items =============
==== System Restore Points ===================
No restore point in system.
==== Installed Programs ======================
Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX
Adobe Flash Player 11 Plugin
Adobe Reader X (10.1.4)
Facebook Messenger 2.1.4651.0
Faceb... Read more

A:Processor Speed is Way Down

At first glance you have a hdd with a total capacity of 112 GB with 1.025 GB of free space.

You have less than ten percent of free space, you need more free space for swap space. This will most certainly slow your computer.

I would suggest defragmenting your hdd and do the disk cleanup.

I would also suggest either deleting files and programs which you don't need, or add an external hdd to transfer your data to.

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What would be faster, a 2.4ghz cpu with a 1066mhz fsb or a 3.4ghz processor with an 800mhz fsb? Is the fsb capable of being overclocked? Which effects overall speed more?

A:FSB vs Processor speed

In my opinion, the 2.4GHz CPU would be faster than the 3.4GHz, and especially in the case of an Intel Core 2 Duo vs. a Pentium 4 or Pentium D. If the FSB is low but the CPU is high, that might not make that much of a difference, cuz even if the CPU speed is that high, the FSB might not be able to do the stuff that it needs to do fast enough to keep up with the CPU.

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I have a AMD XP2500+ 333FSB Barton Retail Boxed 512kb L2 Cache on a MSI KT4V motherboard which should support up to 2800+. The processor apperrs in bootup as only 1100mhz - why is this and what do I do ? Thanks.

A:amd processor speed

Your FSB is likely set incorrectly. It is likey set at 100, instead of 166Mhz. You should find this setting in the CMOS setting or on the motherboard via jumper settings.

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Hi Guys
I have just built a new pc for myself using an Asus A7V600 Skt A DDR400 KT600 8X Audio/Lan/SATA MB mobo with an Athlon XP 2500 Barton processor. I am using 512 mb of crucial ddr ram 2100 pci.
I expected some good performance but was dissapointed. When I checked, the processor is shown as 2500 but is actually producing 1.4 mhz.
Any ideas??
Thank you


A:Processor Speed

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A pentium 4 has a processing speed of 1.4GHz and a Pentium D (or) Core 2 Duo almost the same but has two processors which share the job making it a lot better than the old P4 ... My question is how do I know the processing speed of a multicore or a multiprocessor system ?????

A:Processor Speed

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This may be a silly question but this is the place for those - especially for those of us still learning to be true geeks! I have been given the assignment of PC inventory and one of the requirements is processor speed. Is there an easy way to determine this without kicking the user off and rebooting and doing F10 during reboot? These are mostly Windows 95 and 98 machines so we don't have the luxury of Windows 2000 system manager. Thanks for your help!

A:Processor Speed

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