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Solved: Three Picture Folders!

Q: Solved: Three Picture Folders!

Hi, I have a Compaq running Vista Basic, and it has seemed to have created three Picture Folders for me.
The main one that I use is the usual one that I use is in C:\Users\Tadtheo\ the second one is located in the same location and seems to be a shortcut to the third. The third one located in C:\Users\Tadtheo\Documents. Everytime I attempt to delete the surplus Picture folders, they usually re-appear within a day or so.
The contents of the first are my photos while the latter are just sample pictures...

Can anyone help me remove these pesky folders they are really frustrating when trying to navigate to the right one.


Preferred Solution: Solved: Three Picture Folders!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Three Picture Folders!

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I don't know how this problem occurred but it happened last week around the same time I installed SP3 for Windows XP.....

All my folders were reverted to the picture template and short of going through and changing them all back I'm hoping there's another fix. Even when I just go to "My Computer" and open up my C:\ drive already the folder is in the Picture template with the ghosted camera in the bottom right corner and the blue bar on the left giving me "helpful" options to view things as a slide show etc. I've since removed SP3 because it had given me other problems as well but I'm hoping for a fix for this annoying folder problem.

Please and thank-you.

A:Solved: Folders stuck in picture template

Solved my own problem. Went to tools and folder options, then "view" and clicked "reset all folders." I'm not sure how I missed the obvious earlier but I'm not complaining. All my folders have returned to their normal template.

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Windows Restore came out of nowhere one night. Luckily, a simple system restore then running Malwarebytes and a system scan, things seem back to normal. However, when I open my picture folders, the picture thumbnails are kinda gray and fuzzy. When I open them in the picture viewer, nothing wrong with the files themselves. I went to the properties of one of the folders and it said the files were hidden. I had to select all the files and unhide them. Anyone know a faster way? And I've already tried going to the view tab on My Computer and unchecking the radio buttons.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

A:Picture folders

Try selecting the first picture then hold the shift key while selecting the last picture. All of them should then be hi-lighted.Now right click on any one of them and select properties. Remove the check mark from hidden. This should change all of them.oops. Replied before I noticed the moving of your post. But you can still try the above suggestion.

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question, but here goes. I was downloading some pictures from the internet and in the process of deleting some of the pics and other stuff (blank pages and pages with what looked like the IE icon) I somehow ended up with 2 picture folders. I tried deleting one, but when I do, it deletes both, I suppose because they are both the same...same pics, etc. as if I've inadvertently "cloned" my picture folder. This is something I can live with, but I'd really like to restore my desktop to the way it was...nice and tidy. Does anyone have a suggestion? It would be greatly appreciated. If you need more information, please inquire. Thanks.

A:Two picture folders

Hi, it would help if you can right click each of them and for each, rt click, properties, click the Location tab and post the path you see (i.e. where it's located)

FYI, had you, for example, tried to copy the top Pictures folder directly into itself, you would have got this:

so that can't be what happened.

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Hi all

Can anyone tell me why my picture folders no longer show their names?!?!?

A:Picture Folders...

Go to your My Pictures folder and set the View to Thumbnails then hold the Shift key down and click on the View button to select Details.
Remove your finger from the Shift key. You should now see file names.
Hold the Shift key down and click on the View button and select Thumbnails.

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I have about 3 folders of pictures, using vista, is there a way to move my pictures back to the main pictures? So when you click into pictures it shows up in there instead of having to go to the folder?

A:Picture folders

have you tried copy and paste

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Pictures folder where the photos are is buried very deep with the identification now reading "Users/Mike/Pictures/Pictures/Pictures/Pictures/Pictures/Pictures."
I found a similar issue in a closed thread started by loricherokee on 12th Feb 2012. I have followed the final advice given which loricherokee responded had worked. However when I tried it and clicked on the restore default button and followed the instructions I got a 'Cannot redirect descendant into parent. The specified path is invalid'

Is there some way round this?

A:Too many picture folders

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i am new to xp.
the contents of 'my pictures'folder(about 20 pics) have duplicated and listed themselves on the desktop/background drop-down menu. i do not want them showing on here but can not clear them from the list.
does xp do this automatically with picture folders -list them as 'backgrounds'? i did not place them there myself.

i have renamed and moved the 'pic'folder but uncertain if this will re-occur.
how do i clear them from the drop-down menu and ensure that contents of any future 'picture'folder will not do the same?

A:windows XP. picture folders

Not heard of that one before - but then again I never used the pictures folder.
As long as you have it re-named and stored elsewhere, it shouldn't show up in wallpapers. Also, if you've moved the pics they shouldn't be listing either. If they still are, try click on selecting as a wallpaper in the display properties and maybe the unknown location error will remove it.

Just a shot ..

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Good evening.I have windows 7 home premium desktop.Been trying to sort my picture folder out getting rid of some older ones'Well not getting rid of just moving them to another backup'.
Regarding my picture folder I removed all the photos to an external drive to sort out then moved the ones I wanted to keep back to my picture folder on the C drive,Now this picture folder is also in my documents,Is that correct.
The way I'm looking at it this,If I have 10gb of pictures in my picture folder,And it shows that folder in my documents does that mean that there are 20gb of storage on my C drive?.I tried to delete the picture folder that's in my documents but found that it was a duplicate to the one in my pictures.
Many thanks.

A:Documents & Picture folders

Start menu - right click my documents folder - properties

See the size of the folder

Does that answer your question?

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Had a problem just start on my computer running Windows 7. I go into computer, E: drive, and My Pictures and view my Photos. As I load then onto my computer on to hard drive they are placed in dated folders. I then right click on folders and put a description of what's in folder. A very few times in the past and several times today I high light folder date and arrow key over until the blue high light goes away. I them space and type what I want to call folder. Well it started today and I can get it to rename folders with out this window opening. Find attached the clip. Thanks

PS I think the pictures are using Windows Photo Gallery.

A:Trying to rename picture folders

the folder may be open in another program ie paint, Facebook uploading, photo editing. it happens to me a lot.
I just copy photos to a new renamed folder n in a few days after a deep clean of my oc I'm able to remove the old un name able folder xx

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I'm really starting to get scared here. I have at least 2 picture folders in my slave hard drive that are missing. I just used it 3 days ago. I found a bunch of copies of some if the photos in the recycle bin, but I did not put them in there. Where could they have gone? I am the only user for this computer also. Please help solve the mystery

A:Picture folders missing, Where?

If I did a system restore to an earlier date, would that bring them back?

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Ok, so I have a model T2082 emachines, bout 4 years old w/Windows Xp.
Here's my problem. I have a ton of digital pics saved on my PC in my documents/my pictures. They've been eating up my memory-soooo, today I go out and by a 2 gig Lexar JumpDrive Firefly memory stick, you know to put the pics on. I fit just about all of them on there, except for just a few folders. Well, there were some videos mixed into these folders, and I forgot the boyfriend told me to leave those on the PC to make room for more pics. Anyways, I download away. Works fine. When he gets home and sees I put some vids on the stick, he unloads the stick back onto the comp.
NOW, not only is everything back on my desktop (in folders), but some of these pics have copied themselves--some more than once, and in a totally diff folder than they were in originally. I have noticed this happening before, why i don't know.

So my question is, to fix this mess, am I just going to have to go through one by one and delete the copies? Some of them are mixed in with original folders I've put on the comp and some made their own folder that just says (copy) next to the folder name. Any advice will be great. THANK YOU!!

A:Picture folders copying themselves!! ugh

I am assuming your boyfriend “moved” stuff from the flash drive to the desktop. If he “copied” them you probably wouldn’t be asking since you could just delete the folders on your desktop and then copy only the movies back to My Pictures like he should have done in the first place.

The easiest thing would probably be to run this software on your desktop: http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file/fid,25706-page,1-c,downloads/description.html Set it for “Name And Size” to avoid the possibility of deleting files with the same name but different content.

Once you have removed the duplicates I would do a Windows search for the file extension of the movies. If you just search the desktop Windows search shouldn’t find extraneous files. Edit > Select All. Then Edit > Copy. Right click on My Pictures and “Paste”. Make sure they all showed up OK in My Pictures then “Select All”, right click on one of the highlighted files and “Delete”. Copy the folders back to the flash drive.

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Help! Last week a window masquerading as a true windows screen but with four interlocking puzzle pieces as a logo in the upper left corner made an appearance on my computer screen. I have been sort of aware of this type of crap before so assumed it was some type of Malware, but Ctrl-Alt-Del wouldn't get rid of it. I had to turn the computer off to get rid of it, turned it back on and restored it to a previous date. Everything seemed ok.

On a previous computer I had had Ad-Aware and Spy-Bot running, so I did a search for Ad-Aware. Ended up at cnet, a site I was familiar with and trusted ... downloaded it ... or so I thought ... and ran it. I don't actually see it anywhere. I see Undeleter ... a yellow an orange life preserver logo.

Then I discovered a LOT of my photographs had disappeared ( a few folders of which I had saved to disk, but only a few) all but a few of my bookmarks had disappeared as well, my free version of Capture NX which had been bundled with my Nikon D300 won't work any more, and God knows what else.

I really think the Undeleter download did it. But maybe it was the Windows Recovery Malware. I right clicked and did a 'Restore previous versions' of some of my picture folders. Got back quite a few, but there's still a ton missing. There were two days I could recover those files from. Now those two days are gone, and the other days that are there, the folders are empty and I can't recover anything from them, of course.

Man, ... Read more

A:Help! Most Of My Picture Folders are Empty

Ended up at cnet, a site I was familiar with and trusted ... downloaded it ... or so I thought ... and ran it. I don't actually see it anywhere. I see Undeleter ...I really think the Undeleter download did it.CNET is a reputable site but like many similar sites their is a lot of advertising and offers to download software. When you such sites, you have to be careful of the links you click to ensure you are downloading the program you want.The missing files can be indicative of a side effect from some rogue applications which changes file attributes to "hidden", making them appear invisible so the user thinks their files have been deleted. Please download unhide.exe by Grinler and save to your Desktop. Double-click on the file to run the tool.After running it, all files will have the "hidden" attribute removed. This includes files that are normally hidden by the operating system and any files you may have intentionally hidden. The tool is designed not to remove hidden attribute for system files. When done you will need to restore the hidden attributes to those files manually. To do that, open Windows Explorer, go to Tools > Folder Options > View and make that change there.

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Hi Guys,

This is my first post on here. I accidentally deleted 12 photos from a folder on my desktop. I have a backup of this folder also on my desktop, however I have a lot of photos, and going through all of the hundreds of photos I have is too tedious.

Is there any program out there that can show me what photos I have missing in my folder in comparison to my backup?

A:Compare Picture Folders

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I have had this situation happen a few times in the past but it is really bad now. I have a digital camera and I had to save the photos several times before I could get them into a folder that I could work with. The rest of the times, everytime I saved them, I tried to open the folder and the windows explorer would shut down. My wife just scanned in several photos and saved them as jpg files and everytime either one of us try to go into the folder that we scanned them into, windows explorer shuts down. I have tried to move the folder to another folder but still to no avail. Anyone have any suggestions on what I need to do or check to fix this problem? I am wanting to send these photos to my wife's family via email.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Thank You

A:Problem Opening Picture Folders

1st thing I'd do is up to date av scan. Then I'd run system file checker to replace any corrupt system files.

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Alright, through Folder Options I can set every picture file to appear with its' thumbnail and the folder with its content or I can set so every folder and every picture file of the same type look the same. What do I do to make every folder look the same (without showing it's content on the thumbnail) and every picture show its thumbnail?

A:Is it possible to enable thumbnails for picture but not folders?

Bump. Anyone? :|

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Apologies if this has already been discussed.

I have a new windows 10 machine. Specs are high end (wont bore you with the details), but enough memory and computing power that I never get more than 15% utilization based on core i7 16gb of ddr3. This issue has plagued me since it was new and cannot figure it out. I have a picture folder (1tb with 423 gbs available), HOWEVER, when I go to edit individual pictures (example, right click) nearly 80% of the time, it crashes the Explorer application and requires me to redo what I was hoping to accomplish (either copy or move an individual picture).

I am very well organized, by that I mean, events are categorized by year and event....so no one file is excessive in its size. I am sure the issue is within a setting, but wanted to see if anyone else has this issue and what was done to remedy it. While I worked around it for the past year or so, it's now becoming a QUEST to solve the issue. Any suggestions?

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Please help me understand an fix this

I cannot access the pictures as path is too long, or the highlite disapears repetedly. cannot move or do anything
i deleted some directories that I was not allowed to access like mydocuments, and moved the pictures into documents, and what ever else i did. i do not like this mess MS made out of my directory --> and now i made it worse, Is there any fix??

A:Directory Errors, 90 picture folders

I forgot this is a gateway q6600 desktop, 3gb, with 32 bit home premium

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In XP windows kept a thumbs.db in the folder that ensured thumbnails were available quite quickly even with many pictures on an external USB hard drive. With Vista now no such file exists and a large folder opened with many hundreds of pictures has a real problem giving thumbnails for much beyond the first pageful in Windows Explorer. As I am scanning my archive of 14,000 slides this has become a problem that did not exist with XP. Is there anyway I can improve this situation? Ideally the Xp functionality in Vista would be the desired solution. Any thoughts?

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Just noticed that I have this file in all my picture folders.
I have no idea what they are or how they got there. Can I delete them?
........Thanks.....Take it easy.

A:Why am I getting this file in all my picture folders. Thumbs.db

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I have been infected by "about blank" before and repaired it, this one is annoying me...help!

A:Solved: Click to see larger picture...about blank pops up with no picture!

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Hello all.

I am having some problems with my pictures folder. I recently re-organized it as it was getting crazy in there, and it is now much easier for me to use. The problem rears it's ugly head when i try to attach a picture to anything.

When I click on browse and navigate to pictures, all of the old folders, as well as all the new ones(which now contain the old ones) all appear.

I was wondering if someone could assist me with this as, while not a mojor problem, it is really quite annoying.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Andrew

A:Browsing to attach... picture folders all duplicated

do your old folders still have pictures(that you want to keep) in them?
you can delete the old folders if you want....right click and delete

can you post a screenshot to better explain if this is not what you want to do?

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When I upload pictures from my camera, I can't make any changes to the folder the pictures upload to or any subfolders I create within that folder. For example, my pictures will upload into a folder with todays date. Then I can go in and create new folders to sort all the pictures into. I then try to cut and paste each folder to a different location and it tells me that i need admn permissions for this but I am the administrator so I don't understand. I also can't rename the original folder from the date to anything else. However, I can cut and paste the pictures to another folder outside the original one and then delete it. It's very time consuming and frsutrating but I can't seem to find any solutions to it online?? Has anyone else come across this? I have a very basic knowledge of computers - but I would like to avoid taking it to someone to look at it as that can be very costly

Any help would be appreciated!!



A:Help! Unable to move picture folders or rename them

I have been doing a "work-around" that works very well for me, and allows me to customize the photos in any way that I wish. Here's what you can do: When you're in the process of uploading your photos, change the pre-set destination location of the upload from the default location to your "Pictures" folder. (Or, if you can't do that with your camera, perhaps you can move the uploaded folder immediately over to your Pictures folder.)

Then, open the new Pictures sub-folder with Microsoft Office Picture Manager -- which is a great photo app that is standard on all Vista machines (but not the default so most people don't even realize that it's there.) M.O. Picture Manager allows you to do whatever you want with the photos - edit them, resize them, rename them, and much more. Once you have successfully edited your photos, you could, if you wish to, put them in newly created additional Picture folders with different names, for any of your different images.

PS If your system won't let you "move" the uploaded photo folder, you might be able to fool the system by just "copying" the folder, and "pasting" it into your Pictures folder.

PPS For the real answer to your question re: the "administrator" issues, there's some great advice in the Tutorial section regarding running your system and accessing files as the Adminstrator. Here's a couple of them and there's more:
http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/67717-take-ownership-... Read more

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Hi, I just found out almost all folders containing
thousands of JPEG files missing from the location of MY PICTURES (the Library).  Only 1 folder of several photos and 2 photos without folder are left.  I can't recall anything extraordinary has happened.

I checked the Trash Bin but in vain.  Can anyone tell me how I can recover all those photos?  Thank you very much.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 215 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4863 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9100 , 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 599269 MB, Free - 549681 MB; D: Total - 11107 MB, Free - 1616 MB;
Motherboard: PEGATRON CORPORATION, VIOLET6, 6.01, 104922700001404
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Hi everyone. I was browsing one of my picture folders and noticed another folder in there. I looked in it and there was a bunch of files with various file types in there. I have no idea how it got there and so I deleted it. How could it have gotten there?

A:Why did a folder with random file types get in one of my picture folders?

It would help in knowing as to what types of files they were. I mean, more information would help at this point. Chances are you accidently extracted or moved files to that location. Could be a virus? Who knows?

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What causes picture folders in documents to all of a sudden all be covered with a white page image?
Is there a fix for this?
Thank you

A:picture folders in documents are covered with a white page

This is an unclear question, what type of documents? folders in documents? white page?
are you saying your thumbnail images are not loading in windows explorer?
more info please.

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Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68
Run by Magnus on 2008-05-20 21:07:48
Computer is in Normal Mode.

-- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------

System Restore is disabled; attempting to re-enable...success.

-- Last 1 Restore Point(s) --
1: 2008-05-20 19:07:50 UTC - RP1 - System Checkpoint

Backed up registry hives.
Performed disk cleanup.

System Drive C: has 2.24 GiB (less than 15%) free.

-- HijackThis Clone ------------------------------------------------------------

Emulating logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 2008-05-20 21:16:45
Platform: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer (7.00.6000.16640)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\WLKEEPER.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Firewall Client 2004\FwcAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\QuickSet\NicConfigSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\OfficeScan Client\NTRtScan.exe
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\OfficeScan... Read more

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I am sure it is somewhere between the Win7 and Win8 forum but search did not help so here goes:
Using Directory Opus 10, THE BEST TOOL for Windows ever, the Sync command always gets hung up on the empty My Pictures, My Music, and My Videos folders when running Sync. I fixed the issue by just moving the folders out of the offending folder (My Documents say). Is this kosher? Since I use these folders on another hard drive, could I just delete them from THIS folder?
EDIT drop the whole libraries thing. off topic.

A:Can I safely delete or move My Music,Videos, Picture folders?

Libraries are not a complicated topic. They're just a folder that allows you to "view" multiple folders as a single location. Say you have 3 flash disks, and each of them have mp3's on them. You can define all three as part of your Music library, and you can view them as a single set.

Not complicated at all.

If you only have one folder on a different drive, then just set that folder to be your only music location for the library. That way tools that use the Music special location will find it, no matter where it exists.

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Hello all,

I recently got a new digital camera, and now anytime I go to open the folders containing the pictures I take with it I get a data execution prevention, then the "Windows has encountered an error and needs to close" message, locking everything up and restarting explorer. The camera is a Casio Exilim EX-S5. All of the pictures in my other folders (taken with a different digital camera) still open fine, and I can view the problem files with Picasa3 without any trouble.

Here is a copy of the most recent error signature I received:

EventType : BEX P1 : explorer.exe P2 : 6.0.2900.5512 P3 : 48025c30
P4 : unknown P5 : P6 : 00000000 P7 : 00000000
P8 : c0000005 P9 : 00000008

The crashes are also periodically accompanied by a DrWatson Postmortem Debugger error.

This is driving me crazy, and I don't want to take any more pics with this camera if it just continues to do this. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me.


A:Windows crashes every time I open up specific picture folders

not sure how to fix it. I'm sure someone will post a fix.

But, you can go indirect. Your camera probably uses an SD card to save your pics, so forget the camera, just plug the SD in, if you have no SD slot you can buy SDHC USB readers for around ?3 from amazon or play. Your software will recognise the files and prompt you the same as though your camera was plugged in.

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I cannot see why they should be there, as my backups are on an external hard disk. Am I right or perhaps missing something? I'm wondering how they got there too!

A:Picture and Docs folders on Dell Win7 installation disk

On some later Dell's they added a second partition on the hard drive for user data such as documents, pictures, etc. Thus when you install with the disc, along with installing the OS it will create the extra partition for user data. Or have an option to install the user data partition as the idea behind that is, if you have to reinstall the OS you won't lose your user data.

I think there is an option in the Dell PC Restore (recovery partition) accessed by F8 at power on for this, too.

Its been a couple of years since I worked on a Dell or the Dell forum so I'm "assuming" this is what is going on.

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Hi all,

I need some help urgently.
I hope this is the right place to post by the way.

When I try to upload pictures and press the ''back'' button (ie the button with a folder and a green arrow) the whole screen closes down (and if I do this online, ie photobucket etc) the same thing will happen. I can't get past it, just trying to go to another folder closes everything down.

I've tried turning pc off and restarting in the hope it was a temporary error, but it still does it!

Does anyone know what is wrong and what I can do to correct the problem?

Many many thanks

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system is an HP elite 1010 desktop Windows 7 64 bit

windows explorer crashes randomly opening picture folders with any icon view (small to xlarge)
crash is always stackhash
this also causes Office (Outlook, Word) to crash when trying to insert pictures

it started just about at purchase, as soon as files were moved from an xp system

have tried everything i have read about
- checked DEP settings
- sfc /scannow showed no issues
- all windows updates done
- shellexview - disabled everything non MS in the context menu
- clean boot with all non ms services off
- moved all the picture folders to another W764 system where the problem does not happen, so assuming it is not a corrupt file
- broke folders up to smaller ones, and different ones cause the crash, so can't point to an indvidual file

it 'seems' to be related to the speed of clicking the mouse in the folder once it opens... extreme patience makes it happen much less often, but still happens sometimes

just ordered repair DVD from HP, but not sure what to do...
is there a 'repair' that will not wipe up installed programs, user definitions, etc that is worth trying?

any other thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
thank-you for BleepingComputer!

A:Windows Explorer stopped working stackhash crash picture folders icons

Welcome aboard 1) Open a command window (Start->Run, type in 'cmd' hit enter)2) Remove image preview. Type this:regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dllPress Enter.Restart computer.

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Hi all,

I am trying to move my users, and all future users folders (i.e. documents, desktop, appdata etc) from my SSD to a regular HD.

I followed a few tutorials and moved each folder by right clicking it and clicking the "Move" button on the location tab

After that, I editted the keys here:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

To use the HD. I also copied over the folders "Default", "Public", and "UpdatusUser" to the new location.

After restarting my computer everything works but my user has no picture. If I try and change the picture no pictures come up to be selected.

Have I missed a registry key or something? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

A:Moving user folders; User picture error

Welcome to Seven Forums MDGM. Did you follow this tutorial:

User Profile - Change Default Location

Or something else? A Guy

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I have found this BUG in Micrososft Word 2007, that I consider to be a SERIOUS ISSUE for Microsoft Office Suite.

If you copy an image from a website and paste in the Word file, the image pastes successfully the first time,
but as you go on & paste other images from the site,
the first image is repeated over and over again, in place of other images (which have the same dimensions).
All other text data remain same, the image titles remain same, but only the image is repeated over and over


Microsoft? Office Word 2007 (12.0.4518.1014) MSO (12.0.6514.5000)
Part of Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

A:Microsoft Office Word 2007 picture paste Bug *same picture is repeated

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I would not advise pasting images in doc files like that,
I would use ms Paint to paste or save picture as
I would really recommend using the windows snipping tool to get the images that way no bugs are being transferred to the machine or programs,
Then use the Insert image option in word...
It's just a safer way to do an operation,

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After right click properties on My picture folder and change a picture location in the location tab to an external hard drive in %userprofile%\My picture folder the My picture folder has disappear now from %userprofile%\ location.
I went to the registry in the Shell Folder and User Shell Folder \ My Pictures REG_SZ and change back to %userprofile%\My picture value but that seem not taking effect.


A:After right click properties on My picture folder and change a picture location locat

Hello Stuckfree,

Double check through OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to see if it may be able to help restore your My Pictures folder.

Personal User Folder - Restore Missing Folder

Hope this helps.

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Hi all,

Super bizarre.

So I woke up this mornind to login into my PC and see that my profile pic is changed back to the previous one. I have not any changes myself.

skype is linked to microsoft account. (skype had my old picture)

other option is that someone logged into my outlook and chaged profile picture then it got synced...

I cannot find any information on why or how picture would revert. ( even more so on a specific date )

any ideas or leads ?

A:login profile picture revert back to previous picture

Hello newbiew, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Since you Microsoft account is synced by default, then it most likely automatically changed back after syncing.

If you wanted to have the same user account picture for all devices, then changing it for everything should help.

If you only wanted to change it on this PC, then you could turn off syncing for Appearance under "Personalization settings" using the tutorial below.

Microsoft Account - Switch to in Windows 8

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I have an HDMI cord running from my laptop to my desktop computer. I have the laptop outputting audio through the HDMI cord perfectly fine. However, my desktop will not relay the audio through the built-in speakers unless I have the HP Picture in Picture software open on the selected HDMI Input. I was wondering if there was a way I am able to bypass using the HP Picture in Picture software. The HDMI Inputs do not show up in the 'Sound' window through the Control Panel in either the Playback or Recording tabs. Thank you!- Bubbyfong

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I got this error message "Setting the account picture failed, please try again". I need to know how to fix this, i got this error after i browsed the pic i wanted to use, if you guys know how to fix this thing, I'll thank you here's the screenshot, I'm not using a pirated copy of this OS, please help!

A:Can't change account picture / lock screen's picture

I don't know what may happen,but I think it worth to try:
First of all, go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft
and copy the Default Account Pictures folder and then rename it to any name,after this open the original Default Account Pictures folder and delete the picture and the data file which belong to the user and try to change accaunt picture

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It seems ive tried different options and i still cant get to see a preview of the picture i have highlighted, i have to open it fully in order to see what it is .anyway to change this?

windows 7 btw

A:How do i get my picture icons to show the actual picture thumbnail?

Have a look at this tutorial Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable
Try this tutorial if preview is turn on Thumbnail Cache - Clear and Reset

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YouTube? Picture in Picture (Beta)

Users of this extension have also used
Watch YouTube? videos in the corner while browsing the site, just like in the mobile apps.
* Videos will continue to play in a picture-in-picture window when you navigate away from the page
* Re-open video page at any time without interruption
* Start videos in a picture-in-picture window with the right click menu

This extension is a proof-of-concept and is still in beta, with a few known bugs. Playlists don't work correctly, and sometimes videos don't load right. If something goes wrong, opening a new video usually fixes things. If not, try opening a new tab.

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I m running windows 8.1 pro. Please help me to solve this trouble.

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YouTube? Picture in Picture (Beta)

Users of this extension have also used
Watch YouTube? videos in the corner while browsing the site, just like in the mobile apps.
* Videos will continue to play in a picture-in-picture window when you navigate away from the page
* Re-open video page at any time without interruption
* Start videos in a picture-in-picture window with the right click menu

This extension is a proof-of-concept and is still in beta, with a few known bugs. Playlists don't work correctly, and sometimes videos don't load right. If something goes wrong, opening a new video usually fixes things. If not, try opening a new tab.

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I have figured out how to download pictures from the Verizon Samsung Gusto. I saw pedroguy asked about this November 2010, but the thread died.

1) Download BitPim
2) Under "BitPim Settings", for Phone Type, choose "SCH-U750 (Alias 2)"

I don't know anything about BitPim, I just played with the settings until it worked.


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I'm trying to edit out words I don't want on a picture, with out messing up the picture below the words.
How would I do that, and dose anyone know of an easy free site??
Thank you. XD

A:How do I edit out words I don't want on a picture, with out messing up the picture??

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It turns out that if I download a picture file to the photo app in 8.1, without putting it in a particular pre-existing folder, the file goes into the general area of the app displayed alongside several other non-related pictures. Okay, no problem. But for the life of me, I can't figure out how to then move a single image file into one of the pre-existing folders I had created at an earlier time. If your suggestion is to open both the folder and the picture file side by side on the screen and then click and drag, I have no idea how to do that. Is there no way to right-click the image and find a way to select "move to", or something along those lines; or is there a pull-down menu that I can't find with the app open that contains a command to "move to"?
Any suggestions?
Thanks so much,
San Francisco

A:How to move a picture file on 8.1 to a picture folder...

Well, you have many options. What you are looking for is this:

Context Menu - Add Copy To Folder and Move To Folder - Windows 7 Help Forums

But you can just copy the pics and paste them into the folder you like.

The side by side is easy too. Just open the source folder and press WIN + Right arrow. Then open the target folder and press WIN + left arrow, Now you can drag and drop from one folder to the other.

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