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Window Media Player Problem (Video Streaming)

Q: Window Media Player Problem (Video Streaming)

After I installed NERO7 i can't play anymore window media player (Video streaming) over the internet.

When i uninstall NERO7 i can play the window player without any problem.

Anybody knows how to configure so that i can play WMP as my default for video streaming? Maybe NERO change my default video streaming.


Preferred Solution: Window Media Player Problem (Video Streaming)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Window Media Player Problem (Video Streaming)

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I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and have the new version of Windows Media Play (12??).

Anyway, when I use it to stream lmusic it skips every 10 seconds or so. This does not happen if I stream with another player say winamp. I would not care about it except one sight I use imbeds media player to watch vids so I have to use it.

Any ideas on the skipping?


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You know sites which stream live video in windows media player inside the webpage; when i go to those sites then I cant see the video anymore. I can see the windows media player in the webpage, I can hear the audio, but inside the player there is just a green screen.
I watched a lot of streams before but never had this problem before. Its happening both in Firefox and IE. I updated to media player 11 after the problem started, but it did not help. I cant remember installing any software which might cause this.
Help please.

A:Windows Media Player Streaming Video

I'm having the same problem. I've tried everything I can think of, which isn't much since I know next to nothing about computers. I've had the problem for about a month now. It used to work fine and then one day it didn't. I get the audio but the video looks scrambled. HELP PLEASE!!!

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Media player 11 will not play streaming video

I recently purchased a new Emachine with Vista Home Basic
The problem is that Media Player refuses to play some streaming
video. It simply pops open a new window with the message "page cannot be
displayed", or keeps on searching forever.

Yet files with .WVX, .WMV and .asf always seem to work

It is the .asx files that rarely works (or sometimes open an error in the player). With Windows XP, Media Player would open and play the file. Now, with Vista, it will not.
And some .htm links cannot be displayed now when the same links opened the Media Player on XP.

any ideas?

A:Media player will not play streaming video

Hello again

"Yet files with .WVX, .WMV and .asf always seem to work" is only true with some pages. On other they don't work at all and only display the "page cannot be displayed".

And the .htm links are links to WMA and other files that won't stream in the media Player on some pages.

Is this a proxy-related matter? I've been tampering with proxy-settings without results.

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Hello all,

I recently upgradded my Windows Media player to 10.

In WMP across the top there are several tabs. The last of which is video. Clicking on this I see screen shots of videos with a link beside it that says "play video".

I assume this is free, streaming video. Is this correct?

I cannot play this.

I click on the link and the screen goes black as you would expect, very briefly then the screen goes white. The status bar says "playing" but the screen just stays white.

The progress bar moves as if I'm watching a 9 second video playing on a loop. As it does this the status bar alternates between saying "playing", then "playing playlist: Playlist 5", "clip c",

I went into the MSN Entertainment Download Troubleshooter and everything comes up fine except "Digital Rights Management Test" which comes back as unsuccessful.

I don't know if these two things are connected, but suspect they are.

All the other media I have that I previously had plays fine with no problems what so ever.

Any ideas?

A:Cannot view streaming video in Windows Media Player 10

Can you stream audio?
The 9 second clip that recycles sounds like a sample video.
I'm guessin' that the DRM test result is 'cause you're not subscribed to anything.

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Hello! Out of the blue this past spring my Windows Media player stopped playing streaming video (it says "Ready" so I click on the play button and nothing happens. Whereupon I click it again and again as I get angrier and angrier ) So I did a system restore to the earliest date possible and then it started working again...for about a day or two. So then I would do a system restore again. Finally even that stopped working and I gave up. I tried downloading the latest version of Windows Media (11) but that made no difference. On a tip from another forum I checked "use high quality mode" under video acceleration. Then, this past Saturday, it started inexplicably working again. I was ecstatic until today, when, yup, back to non-working. Why????!!!!!
Thanks so much in advance for whatever help you can provide - I'm pretty computer clueless; I had never even heard of system restore until I started scouring the internet looking for possible solutions.

A:Cannot play streaming video on Windows Media Player

Hello and Welcome to TSG Gaby

Try this:

• Make sure that the Internet Wizard or Network Connection Wizard has been run on the system. If it has not been, run either wizard:
1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Communications.
2. Click New Connection Wizard.
3. Follow the instructions and complete the wizard.

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When accessing youtube and certain other videos I have no problem, but when trying to watch other windows media content over the internet (such as CBC playbacks of newscasts or streaming audio) the player pops up, and shows "ready" but when I press play it says "opening media" for about half a second and then goes back to "ready."

My search on the internet results in advice that I should open Options in the media player and click the Network tab to make adjustments to the settings.

Here's the problem. Windows Media player won't let me open the Network tab. I click it, and it won't open, hence I cannot try to solve the problem. My internet search finds a reference to a thread at Microsoft that supposedly addresses this part of the problem but the thread is no longer available.

Can anyone help with these problems? I have another computer that does not have this problem even though both computers are running Comodo firewall, and Windows XP either Home or Media editions.

In an attempt to reduce the number of processes working I disabled several a couple of months ago. I can't recall whether the problems started then.

I have tried rolling back to WMP 10--no luck. So I have reinstalled 11.


A:cannot access streaming video through Windows Media Player

Well I resolved the problem. I corresponded with Microsoft several times. They were very helpful, but did not actually solve the problem. They finally told me it was a firewall issue.

I use Comodo, which did not seem to make a difference whether it was working or disabled.

I finally uninstalled a program called Threatfire. The problem then went away. I do not know whether I could have tweaked it somehow but for now the problem is gone.

I wanted to post the follow up for what it is worth.

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Window Media Player is a strangely behaving when I try to play either audio CD or Video DVD.
Some times I could play audio CD and sometimes I can record CD and save it in my personal computer. 
May I doing something wrong?

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Dear Anyone.

Downloaded WMP 11. It installed fine. But when I go to sites, such as lordoftv.com, that use an embedded version of the player to stream video, I get nothing. No error message, just a screen with the Windows Media Player logo on it. I can click on it, right-click on it, no error messages, just nothing happens!

Tested some of the single-stream sites - lordoftv.com is a multi stream site with 1000 plus stations - with VLC player and they work fine. Thing is, with VLC you can only use single streaming sites, you can't make it work on multiple sites like lordoftv. Which makes it a pain - every time you want to change stations you have to change sites, find the URL of the streaming page and manually enter it into the VLC player!

Please, anyone have any ideas why the sites don't like WMP 11? They didn't mind 9, my old version, but I haven't got that any more :-(

Again, I'm sorry I can't give you a helpful error message but I'm not getting any myself. Just.... nothing happening.

Yours puzzledly


ulrichburke on site!

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Hello everyone.

I was working on my pastor's son's computer on Sunday afternoon and he mentioned to me that a Baptist College which his daughters attend streams live sermons over their Web site. He said, though, that for some reason he was unable to access these sermons. I installed the latest version of Windows Media Player, but still to no avail. I also tried to play the streaming video on my computer, but I encountered the same problem. I am attaching the error message dialog because I am sometimes not the best at explaining things.

The link to the sermons is (apparently) always available on the Web site. The only thing which I could deduce is that the streaming video would only work when the sermons take place, but that if the link is clicked on at another time other than the scheduled time that this error would occur.

Could this be a possibility?

Thanks everyone for any help or advice.

Take care.

A:Solved: Windows Media Player Streaming Video Error?

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hi all,
whenever i want to watch a video on the internet, it's stuck on "connecting to media player" and nothing happen.. i searched for every possible way for a solution but nothing worked.. i found many who have the same problem without any ideas for it.. some says u just have to reinstall the windows.."thats the only way"..
what i tried: "proxy settings.. internet connection,flashplayer,....."
youtube and other similar sites work just fine ....
am desperate ... what i can do it's nearly a month!!! any good ideas ????

A:media player streaming problem

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I recently noticed that when I install Nero or Quicktime, Media Player does not stream videos from the internet. Instead, it downloads the media and then opens Media Player. I tried to mess around with some options but nothing works. Does anyone have a solution?

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for some reason when i try to play a streaming file in windows media player in Mozilla, it plays the video upside down. if i try to play the video in internet explorer, it doesn't play at all. is there away to fix this w/ some codec or something?

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I accidently downloaded a Windows Media player 9 runtime thinking that i needed this to run a certain program, but i didnt need it at all. Now i have this problem where i have windows media player 11 on my computer but whenever i stream a video online it shows the controls for windows media player 9 instead of 11, it does not play. i have read that without a system restore i cant get rid of windows media player 9 but i wasnt sure because my problem isnt that i want, or need, windows media player 9 uninstalled but i just want my windows media player 11 to stream videos instead of my wmp9..in my windows media player folder i have the wmp9 exe and when i click it wmp9 shows up... help please

A:Windows media player streaming problem!!!

Hi and Welcome to TSF

Windows Media Player 9 is not available for Windows XP, I'm wondering how it even installed without error.

Is WMP9 listed in Add/Remove Programs?

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I have Windows XP and Windows Media Player 10

When I stream video off of places like break.com, it works, no problem. However, I bought a subscription to MiLB.tv to watch a baseball game, and it didn't work. When I went on the computer that directly accesses the internet (and routes the internet wirelessly) I could watch the game no problem. I assume this has something to do with port forwarding, but I have no idea which ports to open.

I have a Netgear WGT624 router.

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:inlove:My windows media player is acting quirky now. I have hp laptop computer with windows vista on it. I've recently experience a problem my windows media player. Whenever I try to do some some streaming video from the web I constantly get a message stating "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the specified protocol is either not supported by the Player or not supported by the server." I researched it further and found out the error code number is c00d11bb. What befuddles me is that my older desktop computer with windows xp and and older windows media plays all my streaming videos fine, from the same sites. I want to just reload my windows media player but since my computer did not come with a disk I don't know how I would do it. Now is there a quick fix to this problem or must I reload windows media player? All help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:windows media player streaming problem

Microsoft suggests 3 methods that you could try http://support.microsoft.com/kb/940029

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Hi Guys,

I've been having a problem with my desktop machine and WM streaming. Now i'm not convinced this is actually a WM problem, and more to do with how my machine thinks I'm connected to the Internet.

Here are the symptoms:

If i visit any website and view a windows media player window, for example gamespot. http://uk.gamespot.com/ps2/action/gta4/media.html I can view the windows media player window, but i don't see any buffering, or any sign of life whatsoever in the player window. If i right click on the WM window and select error, i get box pop up basically telling me i'm not connected to the Internet. (no error numbers are shown at this point)

If i follow the link from the message box it takes me to this page on MS site (which is ironic considering the message box tells me I'm not connected to the Internet) http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/player/webhelp/default.aspx?&id=C00D10B3

A search on the MS site then takes you to this page, http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;q317101 where i thought my problems would be solved. I've tried the solution to no avail.

Now today i was in the process of setting up a new email account in outlook and i went to do a test email to see if the settings were correct, and i get an error message saying, basically I'm not connected to the Internet, so a test couldn't happen.

So this has now got me thinking the error is not with Window... Read more

A:Windows Media Player Streaming Problem

it is quite possible that it could be a codec needed for you wmp. then looking at outlook express it could be a firewall problem too.try closing down your firewall wall for a very short time, just enough to open outlook express and see if you get the same message,then do the same with wmp.

check your pop3 settings. be sure that there are no spaces in the out and in server setting, that the dot is not a comma etc.
eg: pop.server.com
eg: smtp.server.com

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Hello i have a windows media player Vista...i used to watch LIve TV streaming on it and since like 2 months i can no more watch live television on internet...it says Connexion...and then says Replay...I dont know why

can someone please tell me whats the problem i think its a problem with the streaming but not with the player

tks all

A:Problem streaming Windows media player Vista

What did you do? Did you update any Settings/Install Anything If so please Uninstall them also Could you run a System File Checker Scan

See System Files - SFC Command For More Information

Hope This Helps,

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Hi guys,

I get emails from Real all the time telling me new trailers and stuff to watch, so I clicked them and they start loading in Real Player (no. 10 btw) and when it's finished loading the audio streams perfectly, but the video is VERY slow frame rate and choppy...it doesn't stream. It only picks up like every 50th frame or something and shows that.

I have a 150kbps ISDN broaband connection (and that's what was automatically detected by realplayer as my connection) I have also tried playing around with the bandwidth settings but none of it makes a difference.

Hope someone can help. I have a 2ghz speed, pentium 4 248MB ram and the broadband connection. it should stream fine...but it seems to have trouble with the video. I have all the updated drivers.


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i was thinking of buying an aiptek mini camcorder (just a cheap one) and i noticed that one of their newer models actually records in MPEG4 format.

can my windows media player play that format? or do i need to get something else? would i have to "convert" it to another type of format to save it on my computer and view it later, which now would entail buying another peice of software...(or are there any free converters out there) if i even have to convert it?

A:Solved: video camera / window media player / MPEG 4 question???

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do i need to use only a new cd .blank cd .
i have been trying to burn music on a cd with song on it .
is this is why i cant not burn music on it .
thank you

A:window media player problem

Read this and then determine what kind of CD you have

How do you re-write a cd? - Yahoo! Answers

But looks like you may need another CD

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i'm useing a window vista hp system..and i'm having issues with my media player..i use windows media player..all of the sudden, i'm having to save all files i view online in the media player..i've not changed any settings, and now when i click on a link to watch in the media player, it ask if i want to save the file or cancel..before i could click on the file and watch it, without saving it..it saves the files now in a download folder..how can i change it back to watching the files without saving tham..

A:window media player problem

This didn't work for me, but it's one of the first things I have tried and I've read that it's worked for other people. Goto Control Panel -> Programs -> Default Programs -> Set Default Programs and make sure WMP11 is your default program for WMP11. You can also go to Set Associations which is in the same area.

If that doesn't work, open up WMP11 and click on Tools -> Options and then click on the Network tab. Make sure all the Protocols are checked. You don't need the 'use ports' option checked though. Under Multicast Streams make sure it's checked and under Streaming Proxy Settings, make sure HTTP is set to Browser and under RTSP is set to None.

I'm just relaying the settings to why I have now since mine is working now...I reformatted. I didn't reformat because of the WMP11 problem, but because of a wonderful MS update that I got on Tuesday (the normal day they issue their updates). For some reason, it totally borked my system and System Restore wouldn't even work, but that's another topic.

If you've not tried these settings, try them, if so, I think the only way to fix this is to reinstall WMP11 and I have no idea how to install it since it won't let you unless you haven't allowed any updates to WMP11.

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I have been having problems with my Window Media Player v.10. I entered my first post on Dec. 30, 2005 in the Audio/Video Discussion area. I have contiued to attempt different methods of curing the problem and have posted progress reports to keep everyone up on what's happening here. I still have the same problem. The latest reply suggested I try HiJack This, so I've installed that and below is my scan log. To save space here please refer to my previous postings. Your help is very much appreciated.Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 9:11:24 AM, on 1/10/2006Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:F:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeF:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeF:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeF:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeF:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeF:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeF:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeF:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEF:\Program Files\Roxio\Easy Media Creator 7\Drag to Disc\DrgToDsc.exeF:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.exeF:\WINDOWS\system32\wfxsnt40.exeF:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exeF:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 4.0\apdproxy.exeF:\Program Files\Messenger\MSMSGS.EXEF:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32X8... Read more

A:Window Media Player Problem; Games Gone Also

Hi jupiter,Back again eh?You have a LOP infection and possibly something else causing the problems with WMP. Since it's been a few days since you've posted a log, let's start out by posting a fresh log so I can see if anything has changed. Please describe what you may have done to fix the problem and what is happening with your system now (since you posted your last log).Also make sure you have followed all the instructions in this topic before you post your new log:Preparation Guide For Use Before Posting A Hijackthis LogYou also forgot to unzip HijackThis. This needs to be done before fixing items with HijackThis so that the backups it makes are secure. Please download the self-extracting version of HijackThis from here:HijackThis_sfx downloadSave HijackThis_sfx to your desktop.Double-click the file then click the Unzip button. Then close the Self-Extractor window.Using My Computer/Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\HijackThis and double click on HijackThis.exe to run it. If you would like to make a shortcut so it's more easily accessable, right click HijackThis.exe and choose Send To > Desktop (create shortcut).Please run the extracted HijackThis.exe from now on. Delete any copies of HijackThis.zip that you have saved.Open HijackThis and click Do a system scan and save a log file. Copy the entire contents of that log and post it here by clicking the Add Reply button.

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I recently did ran Spybot Search and Destroy with a new setting that somehow screwed up my windows media player. For some reason when I want to play dvd's I get an error. I used to always be able to play videos before this. Can any of you tell me a way to reset it so that it runs the way it used to?

A:Solved: Problem with my Window Media Player

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This is strange - I am running the most current version of Media Player and have recorded Nova for my son. At any rate, I have audio - but no video. I have already turned the acceleration totally off and am using the most recent drivers for the Radeon Mobility 9000 IGP card. This computer is a Toshiba Satellite - I think it's the M series.

Any help greatly appreciated

A:Window Media Player 11 Recorded Tv Problem

Hello,It sounds like a simple codec problem, download the codec detective and see if there are any problems http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Sherlo...c_Detective.htm it could be that the video codec has been damaged and needs replacing.Hope this helps

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One day my media player can stream videos off the internet fine, but the next day when I go to view videos, every single video looks like a thermal image. Blocks of green, red, orange, and yellow...its very annoying. Do you know what causes this?

Please again


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When I try to open the Windows Media Player it give the following erro message: An internal application error has occurred.

By the way I'm running XP Pro!

Is there anyone that can help!

A:Window Media Player Problem, what does this error mean?

Uninstall it and then reinstall it. Its goosed!

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Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of organising a playlist of music videos for my works Christmas Party. This year I want to do something really special in the form of streaming the music videos from one (host) computer to several (guest) computers using VLC Media Player.

Here is a link to the method that I am using to Stream music videos -


I have decided on the HTTP method of streaming because this appears to be relatively simple to setup, and effective for reaching multiple clients.

However immediately I have noticed a number of caveats -

1). Media doesn't always play at the same time on all clients. I would like all music videos to play in sync (ignoring potential network 'lag' issues)

2). VLC gets stuck with the Playlist of music videos that I have created; it plays the first music video on each of the clients, but once the first music video comes to an end VLC stops playing altogether.

* In some instances it just stops, and provides no on screen messages
** In other instances it pops up a box which I have come to believe is related to missing codecs (even though the 'server' and all 'clients' have exactly the same codec packs installed).

I am looking for some tips on the optimum way to stream music videos (in a variety of formats, e.g.: avi, flv, mpg, mpeg). Ideally I need to setup several hours of music videos and just hit the 'play button&... Read more

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Hi, something seems to be wrong with my windows media player. I cant watch videos that I downloaded or have but can watch a DVD movie. Every time I try to watch a video that I downloaded or have, no video appears but has sounds. Whenever i try watching a video, a message in the buttom left appears "error downloading codec". I tried watching a DVD movie and it worked. I don't know why only the sounds comes out but not the video. Please help me. Thanks.

A:Problem when watching a video in Windows Media Player: No Video but has sounds

You don't have the right codecs. I suggest just downloading VLC. It's better than WMP for video playback, even with the right codecs.


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So for some background I basically stream music, pictures and video content from my computer to an Xbox 360 in the lounge room for my family to enjoy. This has worked for quite a long time with Windows 7.

I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview today and got settled in with it and indexed my libraries with Windows Media player so this could resume. But to my dismay this doesn't seem to work in Windows 8.

I have each folder and hard drive shared on windows for network use, I have a little experience from LANs in this area. I have enabled all streaming options in WMP that I know of and the entirety of my library has been fully indexed. This is WMP 12 and everything I possibly know of is up to date.

I haven't got the Homegroup feature active as I never had to use this before.

The only other thing I have noticed that has changed is this. A little green icon that in windows 7 would appear on top of the xboxs, I'm assuming this means something.

On the Xbox end it used to display the Libraries such as 'Recorded TV', 'Music', 'TV Shows', 'Movies' and other things but now when I try to access video content it gives me a folder called 'Videos' which contains nothing.

Does anybody know of any solutions?

A:Streaming Media Content to an Xbox 360 via Windows Media Player

After more messing around it seems media servers can see jpgs but nothing else. I'm just going to reinstall W7 for now.

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I'm using 3 computers. one at work, two at home.
I recently realized a problem on one PC at home.
When I open a html page with window media player embedded, it works fine on a computer at work and laptop at home, but doens't work on one PC at home.
everything (including play, pause, stop button and all) but doesn't start the video(audio as well). i checked settings in property page and they were same. does anyone know how to make it work?

all computers use Windows XP, they all use windows media player 8

A:Window Media Player embedded on HTML problem

can anyone help?

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I have Windows XP Home Editon,
A TCP/IP basic Lan network set up,
Newest Windows Media Players,
I want to know how to transmit and recieve "media Packets"
via my LAN so I can broadcast the DVDs/Music

Support would be greatly appriciated.

Need any more info just ask.

A:How to set up media streaming on Windows Media Player via network

Hi Karsten,

I have my own radio station- currently down now, because of a problem I'm having with my two hard drives. I use Winamp to stream the music. This, I've found, is the easiest method out there, and is compatible with just about all other media players (i.e., Windows Media, iTunes, Musicmatch, and of course, Winamp can all tune in).

To use this setup, you will need Winamp player, SHOUTcast DNAS server, and the shoutcast winamp plugin. These are all free.

In order to serve from within a network, you'll have to set up port forwarding for port 8000 (or whatever port you choose to serve on).

This is everything you need to get started. If after downloading all of these, you find yourself unsure of what to do, post again and I'll walk you through it- I just don't have the time to write out a guide unless it's needed.

Hope this helps.

Oh, and this is for streaming audio. Video is much more complicated and time-consuming.

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Hey guys,
I have a Windows 2003 server (Domain Controller), and an XP network of 30 computers. Recently the Windows media player and real player use port 80 for media streaming, and it kills the internet connection at work. I need to know how to block the media players from using media streaming. I am using a 3com VPN firewall and if i block port 80, no one will be able to browse the internet, so this is not a solution. I don't have capabilities to block media streaming in the firewall. As you know by now, the firewall is also my gateway to the internet which is an ADSL connection. I am runnin

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

A:Blocking Media Streaming in Windows media Player

Look here http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&q=Blocking+Media+Streaming+in+Windows+media+Player

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Hello everyone,
I cant play a dvd on my computer,it said to install new drivers to my video card, done all of that,still no results, Iam pretty sure it is in windows media player, because it will play on PowerDVD, Iam using ver. 11 media player. any help on this would be greatly Appreciated,am using Windows Xp home ed.

Many thanks bobbylee

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Whenever I minimize WMP10 to the toolbar mode, I am unable to use playback buttons (play, stop, previous track, next track). They are "grayed" out, and I am unable to use them. Also, the icon in the upper right-hand corner for bringing up a mini-video window (video and visualization window) does not work. I consulted the WMP help file and website, but was unable to find any answers. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

A:Solved: Window Media Player 10 Problem W/ Mini-Toolbar Mode

Also, when I close Media Player, it does not stop playback. The window closes, but whatever I was viewing or listening to keeps playing. I have to reopen the player and press "stop" to get the media to stop playing.

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Hi all, I've got a problem with WMP 11. Basically, any stream which is multiple bitrate encoded is being streamed at a lower bitrate than it could be. One site is streaming at 89kbps, I don't know what bitrate I used to get but it was more than that. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? I've already tried disabling intelligent streaming by appending "&WMThinning=0" to the stream URL but this just leads to an generic "cannot play file" type error message.


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Hi guys and Gals,

I've been really happy with Win7 thus far, except for the only thing that isn't currently working.

Media Streaming via Media Player 12.

Every single time I click OK, regardless of settings, it crashes explorer.

Anyone else encountererd this problem?

A:Media Player 12 - Media Streaming Issue

Try installing the codecs pack for Windows Media Player and report back.
Download Windows Media Player 9 Codecs Pack - Latest Windows Media codecs - Softpedia

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Ok, pretty skilled with computers here and I need help with this one. My home computer for some reason refuses to play video on any media player(except quicktime), it merely decides to play audio. For some very odd reason, quicktime will play some video files with video, but it appears to be the only video player that will do this, and it wont play all the native windows video files that windows media plays. This does not appear to be a codec issue, as i have ffdshow, media player classic, winamp, and i have all necessary codecs for certain files installed.
Anyway, like i said, no video with anything but quicktime. My best answer to this is that somehow the windows files required for video playback were somehow corrupted, since it appears not to be a video card issue (because i am able to play video with quicktime). The easiest way I would have fixed this is by uninstalling windows media player completely, but microsoft in all its wisdom decided to integrate win media player in to the os. I have tried upgrading to windows media player 10, rolling back, etc and nothing works. How can I completely trash windows media player and all its related files and get a fresh install? Since its not my primary computer its not really worth it for me to do reinstall the os just for this stupid little problem, but its damn irritating.
Again, upgrading windows media player or rolling back fails to work, and installing more codecs/media players is not the answer, and ... Read more

A:Media Player Video Problem

Uninstall Quicktime and then reinstallit. When you reinstall choose which attributes you want Quicktime to have.

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Hello Friends, I have a problem that stumps me. When I play any video in my library, regardless of the media player, and i used WMP, KMPlayer, and VLC,]The dark areas on the video appear as a solid dark grey mass. It is hard to explain. This occurred on my last laptop (The videos worked fine in the beginning on that laptop, then, all of a sudden, this problem occurred), and I just bought a new laptop a few days ago, same problem. When I burn these movies to DVD, they come out fine. My drivers are up to date. I thought before, it was because i upgraded from Windows 32bit to 64bit, I am not sure when this started happening or if this is relevant on my last laptop. But now, on my new laptop, same problem. This laptop is win 64b with a separate video card.I cant figure out how to fix this problem, TY, Roger

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 740 @ 1.73GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 4020 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6370M, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 454938 MB, Free - 424090 MB; F: Total - 476835 MB, Free - 353450 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. , K52JT, 1.0 , BSN12345678901234567
Antivirus: AntiVir Desktop, Updated and Enabled

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Hi, I have just subscribed to a figure skating web channel....I have had no problems playing the files on my laptop (with Media Player) However my daughter is having problems with her PC....when she attemps to watch the files/or live streaming Media Player gives the following messages "A security upgrade is required to play this file" it then asks if you want to download the extra file...when you click yes it says that "it is unavailable at this time" then when you click web info...and go to the microsoft website there is a message saying "error c00(orOO?) d11d4...is currently under investigation.

We have re downloaded Media Player 10 with no luck...and am desperate for help as I payed a fortune to subscribe to this channel for my daughter who loves figure skating.
cheers Moira

A:Media Player & Streaming

here something on it

Does she sign in and has an account on the PC??

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Updated to player 11 and now I cant get streaming video or radio. Any one have a clue???? Duker

A:media player 11 and streaming

Check your firewall setings. It may have reset to block WMP11 after the update.

Can you stream using other media players like WinAmp?

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For Windows 8 Mobile that's similar in functionality to either the VPlayer and/or the Wondeshare Player

Does such an app exist (Preferably as a freebie) ??

Could REALLY use something like this for my new Nokia Lumina 521



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Hi, I have just subscribed to a figure skating web channel....I have had no problems playing the files on my laptop (with Media Player) However my daughter is having problems with her PC....when she attemps to watch the files/or live streaming Media Player gives the following messages "A security upgrade is required to play this file" it then asks if you want to download the extra file...when you click yes it says that "it is unavailable at this time" then when you click web info...and go to the microsoft website there is a message saying "error c00(orOO?) d11d4...is currently under investigation.

We have re downloaded Media Player 10 with no luck...and am desperate for help as I payed a fortune to subscribe to this channel for my daughter who loves figure skating.
cheers Moira
PS: the pc is less than 10 months old

A:Media Player & Streaming

have you gotten your windows updates etc ?

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im hoping someone can help me with this here since im quite a dunce when it comes to computers and microsoft want to charge me for any help.

the long and short of it is this: my son installed KMPlayer for some japanese cartoons, now when i try to launch a video from internet explorer it asks to save the file instead of just playing it.

i took the defaults away from that kmplayer and gave them all back to windows media player but i just cant get the movies to stream, i dont want to clutter up my hard drive by saving everything we watch.

i imagine this is something very simple i just dont know what button to press. im using ie 8, vista home basic and i have no idea what version of media player or how to find out.

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Trying to stream music from Media Player 12 onWin 7 Home Premium to my A/V receiver. Used to work fine, now it doesn't. I get an error message "error ocurred on your device". In the event logs I'm seeing a whole bunch of Warnings:

The Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service cannot process the request for URI ',formatID=13' from IP address '' due to error '0x80070002'...

followed by error: "Proximity detection failed due to unknown error '0x80004004'. The best proximity time detected was -1 milliseconds."
Anybody know what this means in plain old english language? The error is positively in Win 7 because on my wife's computer which is also Win 7 with WMP 12, it works. I can also stream from Win 10 to this receiver but I need to fix this Win 7 box. Anybody out there familiar with streaming and its problems?

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I can hear audio but no video, just a black screen. Help

A:Windows Media Player 11 video problem


can i ask were is the video you are trying to play from and what formate is it in.

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