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Solved: Vista Home Network Printer Issues, XP Home Network

Q: Solved: Vista Home Network Printer Issues, XP Home Network

Hi All,
Problem is the Vista Machine connecting to the shared HPG85xi AIO on the network.
I am working on installing a Vista Home Premium Gateway PC on an existing network that consists of a 98 machine, two XP home PC's and an XP home laptop.
With the exception of the laptop, all PC's are connected via ethernet cabling to a Linksys WRT54G sharing cable internet access.
One of the XP home machines and the 98 are connected to a Dlink switch which is wired to the Linksys router. This XP home machine has the HP connected locally and shared.
All PC's have printer and file sharing enabled. All PC's are in the same workgroup, all PC's can see and share files bidirectionally. Including the Vista machine. All PC's with the exception of the Vista machine can connect and print to the HP.
When you try to connect the Vista to the HP, and it doesn't matter how (using Network and connect, using Printers to add a printer, using add a Printer to set up a new network printer and entering the path...whatever), the error message is "Access is Denied" before you can even install the drivers.
I used my IBM laptop running XP Pro to serve the HP via the USB connection (same as how the XP Home PC is doing it), the Vista can connect and print no problem; so it would seem there is an issue with the access rights in the XP Home PC sharing the HP.
I also tested the Vista PC on another network that runs XP Pro and it connected and printed with NO issues.
I tried using the 98 machine at the same location (but connected to the same switch) to serve the HP. I get the same result as with the XP Home serving it, with the exception of the error message. It says cannot complete connection, error ........(some hex number).

Is there a way to configure the access right s to XP Home for the Vista to connect to the HP? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?
Help please!!

Preferred Solution: Solved: Vista Home Network Printer Issues, XP Home Network

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Solved: Vista Home Network Printer Issues, XP Home Network

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Here is the deal. I am running Windows XP SP2 on my home tower (custom built). The tower is hardwired to a Linksys WRT54GS router. The tower does not have a wireless NIC. There are a few other computers that access this small network at various times.

The router is using WPA-PSK encryption. Wireless MAC address connectivity is enabled.

I bought an HP 1022NW Laserjet printer and tried connecting it to the wireless network using the enclosed getting started guide. I initially tried connecting it in ad hoc mode because I believe this is what I should use in my home office. No dice. Nothing was recognized. The only printing success I got was when I hooked an Ethernet cable directly to the router. After unplugging the cable, I had no luck printing wirelessly, even though I tried also configuring the installation for infrastructure mode, where the printer was recognized but still would not print once the cable was removed.

I have taken the printer's MAC address and added it as a trusted endpoint in both my router's configuration table and in my firewall (Norton Internet Security). However, that has also not helped.

Some advice I have read is making sure QoS is disabled on the router and also making sure that the SSID and pass key for the printer match that of the router. It should be easy to make these changes to the printer, but I cannot access the embedded web server in this printer to make these changes. Also, one source said to make sure the printer is on the sam... Read more

A:Solved: Network ready printer will not connect to home office network

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I just bought a notebook running Vista home edition. I already have a home network set up with 3 other computers all running XP. I was able to connect to the internet with the new notebook, but how do connect to the shared printer. I seem to remember that the XP computer all found the shared printer automatically. I've run the "search for printers" and nothing comes up. The computer that is physically connected to the printer and the printer were turned on at the time. What do I need to do?


A:connecting an XP printer to Vista - home network

Try adding the printer locally on the Vista machine, picking the make/model from the drop-down lists. Take the default port they pick for the printer. Then, open the printer properties, select the Ports tab, and create a new local port. For the port name, type in the full network path to the printer, say \\MAIN\PSC-750. This is how I had to install my HP PSC-750 on Vista. For some reason, both of the laser printers installed in the classic manner.

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Not sure how actively anyone is tracking user needs here, but figured I had nothing to lose by asking for help...unable to find an understandable answer here so far.
I had been happily running Virtual PC 2007 on a Win 7 Home system, printing on a network physically connected via usb cable to a Win XP system.  I have now replaced the XP tower with a Windows 10 tower, with that printer attached to that tower, and
functioning normally.
When I run Virtual PC 2007 on the Win 7 system, it "sees" the Win 10 system, but on trying to install the printer, it is asking for a password to the Win 10 system.
I am guessing that it would require a ton of tweaks to get around this, and although I am not a full blown novice, I never like fiddling with too many settings that might screw up everything else that is working.
So, long story short, is there in fact a reasonably simple way to work around this, or should I just give up to progress and new operating systems?
Thanks to anyone who might be willing to point me in the right direction.

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Does anyone know how to get an all-in-one (HP - psc ) so that a person in the other room can use the director? [ Director is a globe that has: print, scan, copy, options ]

We are connected through a router and she can print anything she wants from windows folders or the web. Just getting the director to come up so that she has these other options is what I mean.

I'm thinking it will consist of editing the registry, but I don't know where; or procedure for that matter.

A:Solved: Printer on Home Network?

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Following the procedure given in "Help and Support", I established a home network between my desktop computer and my laptop in the next room. It allows me to access from my laptop files in My Documents of my desktop and also flash drives in the USB ports of my desktop.

I neglected to include, when establishing the network, my printer, which is connected to my desktop for access from my laptop.
I have tried to add it by clicking on "sharing" in the Printers and Faxes area of Control Panel. I selected the printer and in the File pull down, I clicked "sharing". My laptop was booted before I began this effort. I went into the next room to see if the printer was among "My Network Places", but it was not. I rebooted my desktop to see if that effected the sharing of the printer, but it changed nothing.

What must I do to include my printer in the network?

A:Solved: Cannot add printer to wireless home network

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I have a Desktop and a laptop running through a router. I have shared the printer that is connected to the Desktop which is running XP. I have also "trusted the network" on Mcafee and have opened the system service ports for file sharing in Mcafee. I have even gone so far as to shut down the Mcafee firewall and this doesn't seem to help either. I can see the "remote" printer on the laptop which is running Vista. The printer prints properly when printed to from the local machine, the Desktop. The printer connected to the desktop does not print at all when printed to from the remote machine, the laptop. The laptop thinks it has printed fine. There are no messages on the laptop that says that printing did not occur or anything like that. Additionally, there are no messages and or response on the Desktop. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


David W. Norman

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I had to buy a new computer (motherboard on old one died) it is an HP Pavilion S5-1126 with windows 7. I tried to set up a home wireless network so the Compaq Presario 2100 (Windows XP) can share the printer (Lexmark 2580).

The printer does work with the Windows 7 (connected via USB Cable). When the USB cable is connected to the Compaq it works fine.

For some reason the Compaq can not find the printer.

The Compaq was connected to the printer before the Acer computer's motherboard (Windows Vista) died.

The printer is shared on both computers.

I tried manually entering the computer & printer name (I found in help the format should be \\server_name\printer_name) but that did not work.

I read in the Windows 7 that when using the 'Home group' all computers must be Windows 7.

Does anyone have any pointers to help me out.

A:Solved: Home Network issues

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Hi guys, I have an issue with my home network that is really stressing me out now..
I have a Thomson TG585 v8 router that my laptop, iPad and iPhone connect to no problem but my iPad/iPhone won't talk to my laptop.. I want to be able to use my iPad to remote in to my laptop to watch movies etc...
Network sharing is on the laptop and I've checked that all devices are on the same network..I can't ping the iPad or iPhone from the laptop either..

Has anybody got any suggestions because I have exhausted all the solutions I can think of!!
If you need any more details let me know

Thanks in advance


A:Solved: Home network issues

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1) I have Laptop and PC connected with lan cabel. They are both with Windows Vista Home Basic 32bit.
They both have no problems with internet.
They have the same WORKGROUP names.
Both have real IPs.
I see each other on the Network but i can not connect to them... (it was all OK when I was on XP...)
>When I try to connect from the Laptop to the PC i recive: "Error code 0x80070035", I click on Diagnose and I see this.
I tried to turn off the Firewall and the NOD32 antivirus, but ... nothing changed ....
The Sharing and Discovery Settings are OK, like this.

2) I give share permissions to my network.

3) May be I have to install "Client" for "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" but is no listed 'Client' or 'Servise' to use.

4) I found I have to allow permissions in the firewall to some ports like:
-TCP 139
-UDP 137
-UDP 138
-TCP 445
... I did this ...
Give me some help how to manage with my network so I can browse both computers, copy files and so on ...
Thanks in advance

A:Home Network Problem on Vista Home Basic 32bit.

I can't help but just wondered why you have made another post not long after your first post with exactly the same question ?

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I need a little help. I am trying to share the HP 8150 Photo Printer over my home network. I have a laptop that has the printer installed on it and am wanting to access it via my desktop. Currently, I can do this vice versa with another HP printer. One that is connected to my desktop being shared to my laptop. Below are the steps i have already attempted.

1- Turned on print sharing on both computers ( Note Desktop is SP1, laptop is SP2)
2- Installed drivers on both machines
3- Selected browse for network printer
* Active printer port for 8150 is not in list*

This is what i see as being the problem...

1- HP Installed printer on Virtual printer port USB001
2- My desktop sees this printer on different port, but not able to connect to it. Receive
Windows error about incorrect name, or loss of connection.
3- May not have firewall set up correctly from Desktop to laptop.

* note file sharing is enabled and works just fine, both ways.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


A:Solved: Virtual Printer port not sharing over home network

This has been solved. After reading through a few of the diff. forums, i found out that if you re-run the network wizard set up on both machines after installing a new printer, your problem will be solved.


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I have three home desktop computers all with windows 7 ultimate and connected to internet by ethernet cable via a Dlink n router DIR 628.

I know I can connect a printer installed to one computer and then sharing it through Windows 7's homegroup sharing. But I guess the printer can't be shared if the computer its plugged to is not ON.

The Dlink router has a usb slot at the back. Can I share the Printer on the home network thru the routers usb slot?. The printer has no ethernet port.

A:Solved: Can I connect a Printer to home network thru routers usb slot?

support site for that dlink http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=670 - with manual - click on "support resources"
The USB appears to be available only to setup wireless settings - so NO you cant use for printer - But you can buy print servers which will connect to the LAN connection - USB print server HUB - belkin make 2 one for just lan and one for wireless - but there others available

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I have three PC's that are part of a home network using a D-Link DI-624 Wireless Router. All PC's running Windows XP w/SP2.

One of the PC's can be "seen" by the other two; one only shows a "Shared Docs" folder; one shows nothing. However, when I click on "View Workgroup Computers", I can see icons for all three. Double clicking the one that can't be seen by the other two shows a printer, and a "Shared Docs" folder. Double clicking on the "SharedDocs" folder gets this message:
\\kens\sharedDocs is not accessable. You might not have permission to use this network resource......The network path was not found.

I re-ran the network setup wizard on all three computers, and it really didn't fix anything. If I click on the printer icon, it correctly "sees" my printer, so it works at least partially. There must be some setting I'm missing somewhere.

Not only that, what's with these "SharedDocs" folders? I want to be able to see everything, including the root "C" drive from any of the computers. It just seems to want to display a "SharedDocs" folder and not much else.

There's no third party firewall programs at all other than the built-in Win XP firewalls.

Thanks for the help.

A:Solved: Setting up home network: some issues

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Hi, I'm trying to setup a home wifi network. I have had some experience in the past with this but I'm a bit rusty. My ADSL modem (netgear DG632) has an IP of I configured my wireless router (DLink DIR615) IP to The subnet masks on both are Initially I reset each device to its factory settings and then configured each of them separately and then hooked them up together. Now I can connect to the Wifi but I can't access my router's setup page after everything is configured. Neither can I access my modem's setup page. How do I resolve this? What IP's do I need to assign for each of them such that I can access each device's setup page when everything is connected?

A:Solved: Home wireless network setup issues

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New windows 7 Home Premium desktop that can print when the printer is directly connected but can't print when the printer is connected to an XP pro pc. It can see it but we're getting a "driver cannot be found on the network" flag.

A:reaching a network printer in a home network

When the printer is connected to the XP machine can the XP machine print to it?

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Hello all,

I need some help setting up a wired home network with 2 computers. One is Vista Home Premium SP1 and the other is XP Home SP3. I am just directly connecting them, no router.

I have read through these forums and have tried to complete the setup with the instructions provided here by the moderators but still having some problems.

I have my workgroups setup and my file sharing.

I can ping my XP from Vista using the ip address but not with the name.
I can't ping my Vista from my XP either with ip nor name.
I have my services started and automatic from Admin Tools> Services for both computers.
I shut off my firewalls(windows) on both computers.

I can't see either of my other computers from the other.

I originally set this up to just share one file as a test and I thought in the beginning that I could see the files but moved on to try to share my entire hard drive and things fell apart.

The folder I'm sharing in in "C:\Test\Vista Test File" on first comp and "C:\Test\XP Test File" on the other. I don't save in Documents.

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Solved: Need help with XP and Vista home network

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I'm having trouble getting my computers to see each other

They are all connected to my WAN and the firewalls all allow file sharing and the such, but still i cannot get my 2 vista computers to be able to file share, and the 2 XP computers to see anyone but themselves.
I have tried alot of the suggestions found on the forum but am still stuck

Help would be greatly appreciated


A:Solved: XP/Vista home network

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Hello guys, first time poster here, long time pc user, still at some kind of advanced-frustrated-beginner stage.

Anyway rather than in a simple manner explain technical terms with other technical error terms (which I don't know anyway), please bear with me as I walk you through my situation:
I've moved in with my GF and her dad and he's the guy that set up all the net stuff here (was before my time) and now he can't really remember how everything's connected, which became a problem when we recently bumped into some issues with the connection. So I took it upon myself to try to get the thing running and this I did, at the expense of having to disconnect a firewall which to me seems like a worthy sacrifice to have internet access.

My GF's computer does not agree. Mine and her fathers computers are both able to connect however. So why is her PC being a troublemaker? This I do not know but since I disconnected the firewall I thought that I should try to not have her PC connect to specific addresses (I guess that firewalls use specific addresses to make sure your stuff works and other people trying to get at your stuff doesn't? Ramblings of a madman or an IT guy in the making? Take your pick). So I set it to auto and hoped for the best but rather than doing what it did before, which was to display as connected but nothing worked, it instead failed to get an IP.

So my next train of thought was that her PC is one of the few that still connects t... Read more

A:Solved: Connection issues, home network (or the lack thereof)

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I have Windows 7 Pro installed. I also have an A-DSL connection which goes through a router, and it requires a username and a password. Everything was working fine until today. My LAN connection is in the Home Group, and the other connection that I used to dial with was also in the same group, but today, for some reason, it wont show in the home group. I can get online with this connection, but it has slowed down considerably. When I ran a diagnostic, it said that I need to reset my modem. I did that, and i also reset the router, but this has not changed anything. I ran the diagnostic again, but it could not find the problem this time.

There is also a 'caution symbol' on the network icon in the tray and all it says is 'Network - No internet access'. Below that is the other connection through which i dial with the username and password. My connection is named M 1, and earlier, when I hover the pointer over the network tray icon, it used to show 'Network - No internet access' and 'M 1 - Internet access'. Not anymore.

The network diagram that shows how the computer connects to the internet has also changed, and now shows that I am connected to 'Network', but there is no connection to the internet from there. This is different from before.

Any ideas whats wrong? Other computers using the same router have no problems.

A:Solved: Windows 7 Network connectivity and home group issues

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My ISP provided me with a new Huawei HG521 router today and I'm trying to get our 4 family PCs to get along nicely through it.

So far, one Windows 7 (SysInfo log below) and one XP machine are getting along really sweetly, with the XP printing through the W7's printer.

But the 2nd W7 machine sees the 1st W7 machine, but doesn't see its printer.

And the sole Vista machine connects to the internet but doesn't see either of the W7 machines, or the XP machine.

Anyone offer any relationship counselling for these four friends?
Blockbell (bemused)

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4300 @ 2.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2939 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 7 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 295595 MB, Free - 229864 MB;
Motherboard: Sony Corporation, VAIO, N/A, N/A
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: 7, XP and Vista in a dysfunctional home network!

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I installed a new wireless router(Vizio) today. I have a Dell Windows 7 Professional pc, and HP Vista pc, and a Lenovo XP netbook. All 3 had no problem connecting to the internet after the installation of the new router. However, within the home network, the Windows 7 pc can't see the Vista pc. Previous to the new router, this problem did not exist. The Vista pc can see the Windows 7 pc and can print on the printer connected to the Windows 7 pc.

A:[SOLVED] Windows 7 pc can't see Vista pc on home network

Info from Microsoft on Windows 7 file sharing -

Networking home computers running different versions of Windows
Enable file and printer sharing
Share files with someone
File sharing essentials
File and printer sharing: frequently asked questions

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I just recently purchased an Acer Aspire 5100 preloaded with Vista Home Premium. I have a home network with a Linksys WRT54G router. The DNS address for the router is because I have a Viking ADSL modem with an address of The router has to have the above address or we cannot access the internet. Anyway, I have been trying all afternoon and evening to configure my home network. No one can get into my Aspire from their computers with Windows XP OS, and I cannot see theirs on my network settings.

Can anyonehelp me get this configured?

A:Solved: Can't Setup Home Network with Vista

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I'm trying to set up a home network where files/printer on my desktop can be shared over a wireless network. Here's how it's set up:

Desktop is connected to the internet via usb CDMA, which is my only internet connection. All laptops at home connect to the internet through the desktop's CDMA internet connection via a Linksys Wireless Router. there are no problems connecting to the internet, simply 'sharing' the CDMA modem's connection to the local area network.

CDMA modem-desktop-wireless router (via LAN)-laptops (wireless)

Now, I've set up file and printer sharing on the desktop, but since the router get an IP address from the desktop, at the same time giving IP addresses to the wirelessly connected laptops, I cannot 'see' the desktop computer from my laptop.

Now my question is: Is there a way to make all the computers visible to each other using this setup? the key is access to internet, which is only possible via usb (which is why I can't connect the router directly to the modem).

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated

A:Solved: Home network for file/printer sharing: desktop-wireless router- laptops

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My home network has several componants. DSL 1024 down 250 up and wireless 4500 down, 3000 up My windows xp computer is connected to the wireless, vista 64 ultimate is connected to DSL but both are part of my home network and I am able to share files. This part is fine it is hard wired. My laptop xp pro wireless or hard wired sees the home network all is good. Problem my tablet vista premium 32 can only connect to wireless down wirelessly is not able to share files.Not part of home network. file sharing and discovery are on It will connect to home network hard cable and share files when I get thwwat part figured out. It is a member of home network Vista says my home network wireless is a hidden network. How do I correct this problem. I am using a DSL modem to a monowall router with wireless to switches through out the house. The wireless signal from a different provider through a (5 meg I think anttena) also goes to the mono wall router. Monowall router is working correctly, at least hard wired. The purpose of a wireless home network is to sorry be wireless and able to move around and share files. Sorry if it is confusing I had it all working with xp Vista is a problem, that I have not figured out yet. Help

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connect vista to wireless home network

how can I connect a vista laptop to existing wireless home network with other 3 xp machines.

I followed googled info but keep chasing my tail as all effords end trying to make an internet connection.

My router is Negear wired & wireless capable in which 2 PCs are wired & an Acer netbook wireless connected, all 3 XP machines.
Hewlett-Packard Compaq Presario CQ61 Notebook PC
2.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium Dual-Core
160gb HD, 3GB Ram
32 operating system

A:Solved: connect vista to wireless home network

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I have somewhat similar problem to the one described in http://forums.techguy.org/networking/666848-solved-networking-vista-laptop.html

I have two desktops running XP (home) SP2 connected through Netgear wireless router, and I have no problems accessing the files on either of them. I now have a new laptop with Vista home premium edition, and ran the network wizard. I can access the files from the laptop, but can not access the laptop from either of the desktop. All are running zone alarm (free) edition and AVG 7.5 (free). I probably need to put the ip address in the trusted zone in zone alarm, but am not sure what the address should. The ip address given by what is my ip address is very different from 192.169.x.x, and running ipconfig /all on the laptop gives me an IPv4 address which changes from time to time (once it gave me, another time, the last three digits were slightly different). Turning off zone alarm (temporarily, of course) did not help.

Many thanks for your help.

A:Solved: Adding Vista laptop to already working home network

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I have three computers networked together at home. They have different OS's on them. One is Vista Home Premium, another XP Pro and the third is XP Home. My problem is that I can't copy or move any folders or files from the XP home machine to the Xp pro machine. I get an error message that access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and the file is not currently in use. I can go to the XP Pro computer and go through my mapped drive and click on the same file and copy it without any errors. Why does this only work from one machine? I know XP home only uses simple file sharing and XP Pro has more security. Is there a setting that I should check on the firewall or within XP Pro?
I made some changes to get the XP Pro computer to be able to map a network drive to the Vista computer. Will this effect the ability to copy files from XP Home?
I have researched this issue and have not found an answer that will solve the problem. None of the computers are password protected or are any of the files password protected on any computer.

A:Solved: Can't copy folders from Xp Home to Xp Pro on home network

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I am attempting to tie in my laptop to my home network without loading the software into my laptop. I am using XPSP2 in both computers.

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I have a home network that includes a wired XP desktop with an old D-Link DI-528 wireless router. The are 2 Vista laptops that each share a wireless connection. Internet access and file sharing work fine and each computer can see everyone else on the network. I just attached an HP C4680 printer plugged directly in to the wired desktop. When I go to network and sharing center in Vista to add the printer, the laptops see the printer immediately. However when prompted to add the printer a box pops up stating the "server for the HP C4680 printer series does not have the correct printer driver installed. If you want to search for the proper driver, click ok." After I click ok, I get a box stating "The file INF on (unknown) is needed." It then asks me to type the correct path to find this file. When clicking the final ok, I get a message "Printer Driver Setup Error. Operation could not be completed. Error 0x800f0214". When the printer was hooked up to the desktop, I used the CD and did a full install. There is no problem printing from the desktop. Let me know what else you may need for info. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Can't add printer to home network

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I've got a wireless home network with a Dell Dimension desktop, my "work" Toshiba laptop and my son's Apple laptop. I had to send my laptop back to Headquarters to recover/replace crashed hard drive. When returned, I could no longer initiate printing to the 2 printers that I have on the network, a Canon Pixma iP 3000 and a HP DeskJet 600C. I've tried the add printer from the menu, but my laptop does not find any available priters to add. How do I restore getting at least one of the printers (preferably the Canon iP3000) as a printer option?

A:Home network printer add on

The "work" computer is probably configured to access the company's network. If you make changes to the configuration, you could find yourself locked out of the company's network or the computer entirely.

Have you talked to the IT department about how to set this up at home?

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Hello all,

I'm trying to network a printer that is connected to a PC. I successfully pinged both. I've disabled firewalls on both computers. Windows printer wizzard finds the printer, but returns the following message:"Windows cannot connect to the computer. Either printer name was typed incorrectly or printer has lost its connection to the server."

I'm at a loss as to what to do next, so any input would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

A:Home network printer

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Hi there, I use Wireless internet for both my pc and laptop, and connect through my BT Homehub. But whenever I open the wireless connections tab, it always shows a Talk Talk Wireless option along with the BT one which I use (and sometimes a 3rd connection that is unknown to me).
I think my network is secure, as I have to put a network key in before it will connect to the internet on the PC, but when I connect to the internet on the laptop no key is required, (so unsure a bit now) but I just wanted to make sure that the Talk Talk connection and the other one that is showing, is not somebody who can see all of the files on either my pc or laptop.
Just wanted some advice really, to make sure I dont have anybody viewing my files etc. Thank you in advance.

A:Solved: Home Network Picks up unknown wireless network

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--edit, see my second post...

This is supposed to be easy?

OK, first I have a desktop, win 7 pro 64. I never thought I'd own a laptop, need networks so I might have disabled something at some point.
(I've disabled everything I don't need for performance reasons - game/graphics rig)

It has 2 ethernet connections. 1 is to modem. 2 is open.

I recently bought a laptop, win 7 home premium 64.

So time for file sharing. Bought a crossover network cable.

Trying to set up a home network. Works on the laptop, but going through all the troubleshooters and all I get on the PC is 'cannot add home network to this computer'.

I can see and get into my PC from the laptop, but the PC won't register a network OR my laptop. (I actually want the opposite as it's easier to use the PC for transfers/work/etc...)

None of the troubleshooting in Win7Pro PC is working, any ideas?

(I've set both clocks to internet time, I have everything open to file sharing on both machines)


I did just notice that when I turn on file and printer sharing in network & sharing/advanced settings and hit save changes,

everytime I reopen the window it's set back to off. Doesn't matter how many times i turn it on and save, it always gets turned off again.

A:win7 home prem desktop/win7 pro home network issues

Quote: Originally Posted by Baddcog

This is supposed to be easy?

OK, first I have a desktop, win 7 pro 64. I never thought I'd own a laptop, need networks so I might have disabled something at some point.
(I've disabled everything I don't need for performance reasons - game/graphics rig)

It has 2 ethernet connections. 1 is to modem. 2 is open.

I recently bought a laptop, win 7 home premium 64.

So time for file sharing. Bought a crossover network cable.

Trying to set up a home network. Works on the laptop, but going through all the troubleshooters and all I get on the PC is 'cannot add home network to this computer'.

I can see and get into my PC from the laptop, but the PC won't register a network OR my laptop. (I actually want the opposite as it's easier to use the PC for transfers/work/etc...)

None of the troubleshooting in Win7Pro PC is working, any ideas?

(I've set both clocks to internet time, I have everything open to file sharing on both machines)


I did just notice that when I turn on file and printer sharing in network & sharing/advanced settings and hit save changes,

everytime I reopen the window it's set back to off. Doesn't matter how many times i turn it on and save, it always gets turned off again.

The problem is in bold. Once you disable those services all bets are off on the network sharing being functional until all your required networking services are all enabled and set to automati... Read more

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I have 2 computers and I have 1 printer. I need to share this printer between both computers. I have a desktop running windows xp. This computer is hardwired to the router. The printer is attached to the desktop computer. My other computer is a laptop running windows vista. This computer connects wireless to the router. I have set the network up and I can share files between both computers but when I go to print from my laptop it identifies the printer but when I tell it to print the computer hangs up. I can't locate the laptop from the desktop. I have the drivers installed on each computer. Please help!

A:Sharing printer on Home network

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Printer will not print. HP laptop Pavilion G7 and HP 7210 all in one printer home network. It keeps reporting printer off line. Contact administrator. I am the administrator. I changed the wire, replugged the computer and printer, contacted Mr. Fix, who indicated it could not help. " system not communicting" What do I do?

A:Home network Printer not responding

Welcome to SevenForums,

Could it be the Homegroup - Change File and Folder Sharing Settings in this tutorial that could help? Allowing network printers.

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I use a lap-top hard wired to a Netgear router in another room. Another PC stands next to the router, this PC is connected to a Canon iP4000 printer. I have always been able to print on this from my lap-top (using the other PC as a server ?) Recently when trying to print from the lap-top I get a message that the printer is off-line. When I disply the local network on the lap-top the Canon clearly shows there. I have dispensed with the old monitor on the desk-top and now can't access this PC to see what's amiss. Would appreciate any help.

A:Accessing printer on home network

Can any other laptop/desktop print to that printer (over the network)?

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have a new bt home hub - cannot connect to the network printer. please help!!

A:Bt home hub - network printer issue

Describe your network and your printer (brand and model) and how you are trying to connect to the printer and what the problem seems to be.

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My wife and I share a home network which includes an Epson printer. My wife also has a Samsung laser printer attached to her computer via usb cable. Can I add this Samsung printer to the network (so I too can use it) BUT still have it attached by usb to my wife's computer?

Thanks in advance.

A:Adding a printer to a home network

You can do this from Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Add a printer, then following instructions in this old post. It's about sharing a printer connected to a Windows XP machine, but the principle is the same when sharing a Windows 7 PC's printer.

In your case your wife's PC is the "XP computer" told in above mentioned post, the computer where the printer is connected. Do not forget that before printing to it you need to install correct Samsung laser printer drivers to your computer, too.


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Have got both Computers working on the New Router,both go on line and run indapendently on the same Cable Connect.Now I am trying to get the Printer to share itself between the two computers,Keep getting a message from the one not phsicaly connected that it cant communicate with the printer,I have enabled Printer sharingon both computers,any Ideas????George

A:Sharing Printer on New Home network

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We have a home network: two computers (my wife and I) and an epson printer which both my wife and I can access wireless through the network. My wife also has a laser Samsung attached directly to her computer through a USB cable. Can I add this printer to our home network so I too can send print jobs to it? The person who gave it to us had it on a home network the same as ours. If this is possible can someone please give me a hint or two on how to go about it. I have the original CD that came with the machine

Thanks in advance for all help.

A:Connect second printer to home network

Yes, you need to share the printer from your wife's computer so you can access it from yours.

This means her computr will have to be on for you to be able to print to it.

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I have a Windows XP and Windows ME connected to a D-Link DI-604 router with a DSL connection. I've used the Windows XP "Network Setup Wizard" to configure my "Home Network" and used the "Network Setup Disk" to configure the Windows ME system. My HP printer is connected directly to the Windows XP system and is working. If I try and print with the Windows ME system through the "Home Network", I get an error message that no printer is connected. The Windows ME system has the updated HP printing drivers and will work if I connect the printer directly to it.

Could the D-Link router be preventing the printer from working on the Windows ME system while using the "Home Network"?

Thanks ...

A:Home Network - Printer Sharing!!!

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I have 2 computers both running XP Home. I have a printer on my wireless desktop which i have enabled for sharing. I have tried to add the printer on the other computer and am having problems locating the printer. any suggestions?

A:Home wireless network printer

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Just received new HP computer with Vista Home Premium 64. My printer is a HP Photosmart 7550, when installing on new vista computer I had to install an alternative driver for HP Deskjet 5550 as HP does not have a driver for the 7550 with Vista 64. Printer set up fine and is working on new computer. Added printer to home network on Vista and had no problem. Tried to print on two 32 bit systems running Windows XP SP3. Both computers recognize network but when I try to add printer they indicate that vista computer does not have proper driver. What are my next steps. Thanks for any suggestions. Russ

A:Need help setting up printer on home network

Hello Reb451 and welcome to the vista forums

you need to locate and then install the XP drivers for your printer (HP Deskjet 5550) on the XP machines.

you could install them on the vista machine (check out the vista printer properties for options) but would probably be easier to install on XP machines

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hi. i have just setted up a printer network for my home network through Windows Xp pro. but i have another problem. i don't know how to set up my printer network so that the main computer the printer is hooked up to, doesn't have to be on when another computer in the network prints. i need help on how to set this up, or is this possible. PLZ HELP ME!

do i have to buy additional hardware?

My printer is a HP Photosmart 2575 All-in-one

my router is a 2wire 1701 gateway (wireless).

all computers run on Windows Xp Pro sp2.

A:Printer on my wireless Home Network

Your printer already an ethernet port, so no extra hardware is needed, except for a network cable perhaps.

Reading The Friendly Manual would be a good start setting things up.

Better detach and delete the printer from the computer - you are supposed to connect it to your router.

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I have a printer connected to a W7 PC, the printer is earmarked to Share, and am trying to connect to that printer from a Vista PC through the "Add Printer" dialogue.

The I can see the W7 PC but when I try to connect to it a Connect box comes up asking for a username and password.

I have never set up a username and/or password on the W7 PC, I have tried the Computer Name, Full Computer Name and Description , leaving the password field
blank but cannot connect to the W7 PC and so cannot get to see the printer.

How can I get to connect to the W7 PC?



A:Cannot connect printer on home network

I can see why no one replied, I finally got it working but what a ridiculous rigmarole to simply connect a printer in the same house as the two PC's, I had no problems with Vista to Vista.

What an overkill on the security.



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Oh Boy do I need some help!

I have read through several other threads on these forums and followed many, many sets of instructions, all to no avail.

Here's the deal (sorry, I'm not terribly tech-savvy, but Ill try my best!):

Desktop PC running Windows XP Home, connected to and printing to a Canon PIXMA MX300. Also connects to ADSL2 through a router.

DELL Laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium, can connect to the net wirelessly through the PC's internet service.

Question: Because the laptop can connect to the internet through the PC, does this mean we should be able to share the printer through this 'network', or do I need to set up another home 'network'? I have tried setting up a separate work group many times and I can't get them to talk to each other.

The printer has sharing enabled in the printer properties.

Question: Does the printer need to be somehow added to the network?

If someone could please come to my rescue with some easy, step-by-step instructions, I would be eternally grateful!

A:Please help with home network / sharing printer

Can't really help but one thought is are there any firewalls in the mix that may be blocking access.

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