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Dell Latitude E5550 - On Screen Volume and Screen Brightness Indicator

Q: Dell Latitude E5550 - On Screen Volume and Screen Brightness Indicator


My laptop: Dell Latitude E5550 - 15.6" FHD - Core i5 5300U - Intel HD Graphics 5500 - Windows 7 Pro 64-bit - 8 GB RAM - 500 GB HDD.

Does anybody know what drivers/software is responsible for displaying On Screen Volume and Screen Brightness Indicator (while pressing Fn+F2,F3,...) ?

What I've found so far that the Dell QuickSet may does the work (link to this solution: No Level Indicator When Using Keyboard Audio Volume Controls), but I couldn't find a compatible version of this soft with Dell Latitude E5550.

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Preferred Solution: Dell Latitude E5550 - On Screen Volume and Screen Brightness Indicator

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


While pressing Volume Button or  Light Button, Sound and Brighness increase but there is no screen display of  both, I loaded all drives properly. Please help me.Model No. 2530-A56  Z60  

A:No Progress Screen Indicator Volume * Brightness

Right click on the desktop > Properties > Settings > Advanced > On Screen Display > EnableThat should do the trick.Szabi


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I'm looking for the driver that gives me that on-screen indicator when ever I change the volume or brightness level using the F3 F4 F5 etc. keys. I know for other Dell laptops it's the tool called "Dell Quickset Application" that adds this functionality, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a version for the XPS 13 9434. It isn't listed in the "Applications" list in the drivers page. I tried the XPS 13 L321X one but it doesn't let me install it.
Does anybody know what I can do to get these indicators?
Thank you!

A:XPS 13 9434 On-screen brightness/volume/... indicator

Does nobody have an answer?

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About a week ago the indicator bar which shows what's happening with volume, brightness, and other functions disappeared, but the functions still work and can be changed.  Besides adding Skpye and a conexant audio device apps, and usual windows updates, I don't think anything has changed?  Why did the indicator disappear and how do I get it back? 

Go to Solution.

A:No on-screen indicator bars for brightness volume ...

Okay, so problem solved, though I'm not sure what I did exactly. On the off chance that the conexant audio app was the problem, I uninstalled it. When windows rebooted, i got a message that I had no audio device and that windows was trying to fix the problem. To confirm this, I tried to watch somethng on Netflix and sure enough, no sound. However, a moment later when i went back to Netflix, I had sound AND the indicator bars have returned, AND the audio device is on my laptop, showing that it was installed (could it be reinstalled?) today! 

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About a week ago the indicators which show volume, brightness and other function features disappeared. I can still turn these up and down, but don't have an indicator showing me the levels. I'd like to know why this happened rather suddenly? And how can I fix it?  

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Everything worked perfectly until 12/19/2016. Then i noticed the volume up and down and mute hotkeys no longer worked or displayed onscreen as they always did. Neither does the brightness keys. I know they worked on 12/18/2016, just a day before. I tried updating Lenovo driver and reinstalling several drivers from Lenovo's website, still nothing. I entered the BIOS to ensure no changes were made there somehow, they weren't (Hotkey setting was Enabled). I noticed on 12/14/2016 a security hotfix was installed, KB3206632, which i uninstalled. Nothing else haas changed or had been done to the laptop. Also tried a cold shutdown and reboot, several times, no good. The Lenovo settings app shows the hotkey function enabled directly for the keys and not the Fx key functions (I did confirm the F1 key does offer help if i hold the Fn key and the mute/F1 key so mute should be the buttons default without the Fn key pressed). Not sure what else to try.Things I have reinstalled include the Intel chipset driver, video driver, Energy Management Driver, Intel Vrtual Buttons Driver, and Lenovo Quick Optimizer. Any ideas?

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Hi, in the last days i have troubles with the laptop: In the left upper corner of the screen there is always an indicator identic as the brightness/volume indicator - always showing 100 independently on the actual values of brightness/volume. I am not able to make the indicator disappear.In the same time some operations slow down (e.g. I have problems writing an email - the letters appear in the screen a few seconds (or dozens of seconds) after pressing the keys. The start button (both in the screen and the start key in the keyboard) do not work, the touch control doesnot work properly, the hot-keys (like alt-tab) do not work.... I though maybe some of the new actualizations do not cooperate well with the drivers - I tried to uninstall recent actualizations, but without any success. Can you please tell me where is the problem and how to fix? Thanks. 

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Dell latitude e5550, win 7 Pro, intel I5 - 5300 @2.30 GHz, 8GB ram:
We have rolled out dozens of these systems. All with identical images. there is a small subset of these that are starting to come back with random freezing issues. Thus far we have not been able to narrow it down to an application, a service, or any other cause. The times it freezes is random, there are different number of applications and different applications running each time. 
I checked for bad sectors and checked the disk. No errors found. The only errors in the Event viewer were DCOM errors, but were different applications each time. The only why to get around it is to force restart. We cannot reliably replicate the symptoms. they freeze 1-2 times per day, or they wont for a week.
I considered that the memory may be bad but diagnostics show everything to be working as intended. Looking for any suggestions here.

Thank You.

A:Dell Latitude e5550 randomly freezes

Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum .
System freezing can be caused due various reasons .I would ask you to confirm if there is any overheating issue ,as this could be one of the reasons for system freezing ,if noticed then kindly update the system BIOS to the latest version  .Also since this is a random issue I would ask you to work on this system in safe mode as safe mode uses very minimal drivers and graphics ,hence we can check if the issue is seen in safe mode to know if its software or hardware fault .
Since you have already mentioned you have initiated diagnostics I would ask you to check if you had the chance to initiate extended memory test on the system .And if any error msgs are recorded in windows logs.
Hoping to hear from you soon .
Kindest Regards,

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I try to set my keyboard backlight to stay always on.
I tried to set up this on windows mobility center but i don't have this options.
I have installed windows 10 Pro 32 on my laptop.

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Hi all,

I have a Dell Latitude E5550 Windows 8.1 computer. I bought it in 2015, worked perfectly fine. A few months ago, the sleep mode disappeared from all menu's (start, power management, etc.). I looked for a solution on several fora, but I haven't found one yet.
When I type "powercfg -a" in command, here is the result:
"The following sleep states are available on this system:
Fast Startup
The following sleep states are not available on this system:
Standby (S1)
The system firmware does not support this standby state.
The following sleep states are not available on this system:
Standby (S2)
The system firmware does not support this standby state.
The following sleep states are not available on this system:
Standby (S3)
The system firmware does not support this standby state.
The following sleep states are not available on this system:
Standby (Connected)
The system firmware does not support this standby state.
Hybrid Sleep
Standby (S3) is not available."
It looks like it's a driver issue, but updating all my drivers with Dell Utility and Intel Driver Update Utility didn't fix the problem.

Can anyone please help me?

A:Stand-by mode gone from Dell Latitude E5550

Have you updated your video driver lately.  Sleep seems to be involved with that driver so perhaps checking to see if an update is available or uninstall and let the system reinstall.
If you go all the way back to a Basic Microsoft video driver, it will not have sleep options either.
Do you have alternate power schemes available you could try?

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I just put out a bunch of new Latitude E5550's for our users. This one user kept complaining that it would go to sleep randomly while she was typing. I tried re-imaging it, replacing the docking station, mouse, power supply and anything else plugged into it and it still kept doing the same thing. But I could never get it to happen while I was using it. So I replaced the laptop all together with a known good one and still the same results. Finally after I was about to give up completely I noticed she was wearing a bracelet and some rings on her right arm. I asked to try removing all her jewelry and see if that makes a difference. Sure enough it fixed the problem. Turns out her bracelet had a magnetic clasp that was triggering a sensor to think the lid was being closed and putting the computer to sleep.  I hope this can help someone save their sanity because I couldn't find anything on the web about anyone else having this same problem.

A:Dell Latitude E5550 randomly going to sleep

My first search about this issue led to this post and I'm glad you mentioned it because I was having the same issue.  My fitness track kept triggering the sensor in the laptop putting it to sleep.  I couldn't figure out why it was going to sleep when I touched it but I tested without my fitness track on and sure enough that was the culprit.

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On my keyboard when I want to raise or lower volume it use to show how far I turned it up or down with the little lines in the screen. But now they are not showing. It always showed before.
Any help would be so appreciated.

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I have always found the slider visual that pops up when the keyboard volume +/- is used very useful. All of a sudden it has gone. This is not the icon in the notification area but the one that appears whether full screen or whatever.

Help would be appreciated. I should say that I have already searched here for a solution.

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.


A:On screen volume indicator


Have a look at 3RVX its a bit

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Is there any way to change the color of the slider that appears on screen when changing volume or brightness? Right now it's completely grey throughout:

I would have thought that changing the window background color would do it, but nope.
Neither can I find a setting in the Metro PC Settings side of the control panel.

I'm sure I have seen Windows 8 PCs where the slider has a different color on one side of the bar...
Running Windows 8.1 64-bit, fully updated.
Any help appreciated!

A:Brightness and Volume indicator color

On the start screen swipe right side>settings>personalize>Background colors & accent colors.

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HI, everybody!
I bought three laptops same types (Dell Latitude e5550, i5-4310U, Intel HD Graphics 4400, 1920x1080, RAM 8GB, 500GB ) from two different shops and they had the same problems with the keyboard. I returned successfully all of the laptops and I bought another (fourth) from the first shop whose version is newer(Dell Latitude e5550, i5-5300U, HD Graphics 5500,1920x1080, RAM 8GB,  500GB Broadwell) then others. But it has the same problem.
Keyboard problems :
   1) when I typed a button(no matter which button was typed), and I released the button, the symbol appears multiple on the screen.
   2) sometime, when I typed certain letter - for example 'c', successfully (no multiple) and after that I put my hand somewhere on the laptop frame, but not on the keyboard, I had the previous problem - multiple typing appears again(the last typed symbol).
I also want to ask about the working temperature and the battery life.
The laptop(Broadwell) working temperature is between 50 - 60 degrees Celsius (and above sometimes) when I am not starting applications or running only one "weight" program.The previous laptops never exceed 45 degrees Celsius or they were exceeding that temperature very rarely(when I am using more applications).
I tested battery life today and the laptop worked at about three and a half hours.
It worked with 60% of brightness and it was idle during the most part of the working time.
I used LibreOffice Writer and some ... Read more

A:Dell Latitude-e5550 (Broadwell) - keyboard problem

Hello, would you do a comparison of model with i5-4310U and i5-5300U. Which producer are matrices, battery, noise, speed. Does the backlight bleeding.
P.S. I have i5- 4310U/FHD with a matrix of Samsung-SDC4C48 and have backlight bleed at the bottom. I don't have a problem with the keyboard.

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Can I get an on screen volume display for my HP keyboard?

I already installed the drivers for it, as well as the software that comes with it. The thing is, that when use the volume knob or hit mute, it indicates it in a lil popup bubble in the system tray...

On my old multimedia keyboard, it showed on my monitor, like as in it showed a number of bars to indicate the volume..

Is there any software I can get to make it display it on my monitor like that, instead of putting it in the popup bubble?


A:Solved: On screen volume indicator...

Never mind, problem solved. Works on laptops and desktops too.


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Have new Dell 1520 laptop with vista. It had this really cool on screen Volume indicator bar that popped up when adjusting volume. It is not the one in the system tray it was a git larger horizontally displayed in the top left corner of the screen...very cool. It quit working and I can't find the control.. Not sure if it's a dell thing or Vista. Any ideas?


A:on screen Volume indicator bar missing

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when I press the volume or brightness button does not go out on the display the pop-up that indicates the percentage.Which software should I download?I already disinstalled and reinstalled HP QUICK LAUNCH and HP ON SCREEN DISPLAY but not solved. When I push the volume or brightness button, the pop-up that indicates the percentage doesn't appear on the display.I just found on the web HP QUICK LAUNCH BUTTONS and it works only for volume and it's an old version.How can I solve this issue?

A:brightness and volume disappeared indicator on the display

Hi, You need the osd utility on the following link. http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=5086604&swItemId=ob_101310_2&swEnvOid=405... Regards, DP-K

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I got a new Dell Latitude E5550 laptop at work two weeks ago. Everything worked perfectly, except that the jack of my headphones seemed to pop out quickly, but that wasn't much of a problem. But now, since two days, when i plug in my headphones, the internal speakers of the laptop keep playing, and no sound is produced by my headphones. I checked the Sound Manager and it doesn't detect when i plug in my headphones.
I checked if an other type of headphone would work. Those were detected and worked perfectly. I also checked if my current headphones would work on my smartphone, and that worked as well. So the headphone (JVC) can't be the problem. The only problem seems to be the detection of this specific type of headphones by my laptop.
I already installed several new drivers and updates and checked the support page of Dell, but this didn't fix it. I just think its really strange that my headphones used to work on this laptop, but suddenly not anymore.
Can somebode please help?

A:Headphone suddenly not detected anymore (Dell Latitude E5550)

jvdickeI already installed several new drivers and updates and checked the support page of Dell,
Hello. Test by switching from the Realtek audio driver to the Windows native audio driver.
1. Open the Device Manager (find it in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc into the search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked.7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, then no need to restart.[To get back to the Realtek driver, do it again but reverse the names in steps 2 and 7.]
If it works with the native driver then the problem is the Realtek driver. If it doesn't work with the native driver then probably a hardware issue.
jvdickeI just think its really strange that my headphones used to work on this laptop, but suddenly not anymore.
When a laptop is running a Windows operating system, the headphone jack detects headphones using impedance sensing. Because impedance can vary quite a lot between different model of phones, s... Read more

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I believe this is being posted in the proper topic.

I'm running Windows XP Media Center Edition on a HP Pavilion a1630n.

I've started taking an interest in security and done some work making my computer safe. However, today I lost the green volume indicator bars that used to come up when I adjusted the speaker volume from my keyboard.

On a HP laptop it is a software program called Quick Touch that handles this duty but I can't seem to find a comparable program for my operating system and model of computer.

A:Missing On-Screen Volume Indicator Bars

This is not likely tied to your efforts into security. If it is relivant, you still need a workaround.

Diffrent programs render things in diffrent ways. Video and sound do not often compete.

If a client based program(config bad) is not effecting your screen(can't fix it), it's probably time to uninstall the driver.

Try this:
Obtain the current driver set for your device.
Uninstall everything(program wear in Add/Remove..) related to your product. !!Don't Reboot!!

Remove the device from "Device Manager", selecting the "delete driver" option in the prompts.

Use your archived source to install a new driver environment.
Reinstall the programs that allow you acces to the device(profile programs)

Let me know how it comes out.

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When I press the volume buttons on the laptop, it doesn't show what volume level it's at; I have to right-click Windows 7's speaker icon at the bottom right to see it or adjust it better, as using Dell's buttons increment by 2, meaning it takes forever to turn the volume up and down. Holding the button down doesn't help much.
Is there a way to get a level indication on the screen, and to maybe make the increments larger, like 5 or 10%?

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I have windows 10 installed on my laptop
This is not a problem I have had before
I have to shine a flashlight at my computer screen in order to see anything. When I open the display settings, it says my brightness is already at 100%, and nothing changes when I drag the slider, or when I plug it in. The brightness won't change when using the Fn key either. I tried disabling and re-enabling the display adapter and that didn't work either. I have also tried restarting my computer but again nothing changed. I don't know what could have caused this to happen; I've had this computer for a year and have never experienced this.
Any help to fix this problem would be appreciated!

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Following updates the on screen volume level indicator has disappeared
on my Medion laptop.
The sound system is Realtek.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:On Screen Volume Level Indicator Has Disappeared On Medion Vista Laptop?

Should be easy to solve
Notification Area - System Icons

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Recently i started getting a green screen and a dual screen on my monitor. The system works fine but dual screen and the green makes it hard to read. Sometimes it works fine when i run diagnostics for couple of hours but now even that is not working. when everything works fine the system automatically shuts down giving a blue screen (BSOD). when i checked the problem and solution i got the below message that thr are 47 problems. Please suggest me something.

Problem: Video hardware error
Files that help describe the problem:
View a temporary copy of these files
Warning: If a virus or other security threat caused the problem, opening a copy of the files could harm your computer.

Problem: Video hardware error
Files that help describe the problem:
View a temporary copy of these files
Warning: If a virus or other security threat caused the problem, opening a copy of the files could harm your computer.

Problem: Video hardware error
Files that help describe the problem:
View a temporary copy of these files
Warning: If a virus or other security threat caused the problem, opening a copy of the files could harm your computer.

Problem: Video hardware error
Files that help describe the problem:
View a temporary copy of these files
Warning: If a virus or other security threat ... Read more

A:Green Screen - BSOD and Dual Screen Monittor Dell Latitude 630

Uninstall the video driver from safe mode either from add or remove programs or device manager.

reboot back to normal and install the update display adpater.

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I recently purchased a Lenovo Y50-70 laptop and after installing all the drivers from the site I noticed that the display that comes up when I change the volume/brightness etc may appear differently.
I recognize the dark+green theme from my previous Y570 laptop.
My question is what is causing either one or the other to be displayed? Is there anyway I can control which to show?
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:Y50-70 - Utility FN volume/brightness on-screen di...

It should have been working out of the box. You don't say what the OS is!!OneKey update will upgrade all older drivers if you miss any.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Windows 7 Home Prem - 64bit w/8GBZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Window 8.1 64bit FHD 17.3 inch Display, Nvidia G840 w/2GB memory

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Hello, I recently purchased a Lenovo Y50-70 laptop and after installing all the drivers from the site I noticed that the display that comes up when I change the volume/brightness etc may appear differently.http://imgur.com/a/AD3iLI recognize the dark+green theme from my previous Y570 laptop.My question is what is causing either one or the other to be displayed? Is there anyway I can control which to show? Thanks,Seerix

A:Utility FN volume/brightness on-screen display

It should have been working out of the box. You don't say what the OS is!!OneKey update will upgrade all older drivers if you miss any.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Windows 7 Home Prem - 64bit w/8GBZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Window 8.1 64bit FHD 17.3 inch Display, Nvidia G840 w/2GB memory

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I would assume this issue is because our company images laptops and removes all of the Dell software.  Can someone tell me what I need to download to be able to see on-screen volume and brightness?

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I have a Dell Precision 5510 laptop issued by my work. They have installed some custom software and  and I seem to have lost the OSD showing the little bars indicating adjustments to Volume and Brightness when you use the Fn keys to adjust them. A search of previous threads indicated this function was previously managed by a program called Dell Quickset or Dell ControlPoint System Manager, but these were from posts several years old and neither of those programs seems to be applicable to my current laptop. Any idea what program or drivers need to be installed to restore this functionality?

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I recently upgraded my W700 to a clean Win7 Pro x64 install, downloaded the latest Win7 drivers from the Lenovo website, and did a manual install of all of them. Mostly there were no problems, however the OSD for mute, volume up/down, and brightness did not work. Here is the page for the Hotkey Features Integration package, which contains the OSD program: Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 8 (32-bit, 64-bit), 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit, 64-bi... The problem appears to be a bug in latest version of the OSD program, for the W700. I collected data on the various versions of the OSD utility; see below (I have used the overall package version as a reference, although the OSD program itself has a different version). Here is the fix: 1) Install the latest Hotkey Features Integration package. This gets the latest other packages, plus a broken version of OSD.2) Manually uninstall the OSD program (in Control Panel:Uninstall); reboot.3) Download and install the Hotkey Features Integration package version 3.85.0000. This is last version which works fully with the W700. Run the package installer, the run the installer itself. Make sure that only the OSD component is selected; run setup; reboot. That should fix it. It appears that the bug also exists in Win XP. Here is the info I have on the various versions: 3.33.0002 - OSD Works with W7003.81.0100 - OSD Works with W7003.84.2000 - OSD Works with W7003.85.0000 - OSD Works with W700 <&l... Read more

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I resetted the BIOS and computer restarted, however, it now reads Performing IDE configuration. Under that it reads; Primary Master: IDE configuration.....
Secondary Master: CD-ROM Reader
Secondary Slave: CD-ROM Reader
After that, I can't do nothing. What do I do next?

A:Getting a Black Screen with a flashing indicator, after the DELL intro at startup.

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I am very unhappy owner for a Dell XPS 13 computer (it is a *** computer!). 
The latest issue, of many, it is not possible to change screen brightness. I have tried with on patch and one new setting (Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > Display > Enable adaptive brightness) but it still does not work. 
What can the problem be? 

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I would like to ask for your assistance because I'm already out of ideas how to resolve this issue. Right after I powered up the laptop, it will get past the DELL logo screen, then it will be completely just black screen. I wouldn't even hear any activity from the CPU fan, HDD and pressing the Caps Lock doesn't lit up the LED. The LED indicators on the side are only displaying the power indicator, but none for HDD, Battery and Wireless.
Here are the steps that I have done so far:
1) Removed the HDD and Battery, then press & hold the power button for at least 45-60 seconds to disperse the internal voltage. Then attach the Battery, but not the HDD.
2) Press and hold Fn and then the Power button, hoping to boot me up to the ePSA Diagnostic Utility
3) Press F2 or F12 while booting up
4) Re-seat the memory and also clean with a dry tissue
These are the procedures that I have done but nothing has changed. It still displays blank screen right after the DELL logo.
I do hope that you could assist me on this. Thank you so much!

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Another issue with my new Dell XPS 13 (9333 Model) - for some reason, while charging or not, the screen brightness changes without me telling it to do so (it just did it right now while writing this sentance!!).

Any ideas on why this is happening? It's kind of like an auto brightness thing on a smartphone but much more random! It's really starting to really wreck my head.

Any help appreciated no matter how silly it sounds!


A:Dell XPS 13 9333 Screen Brightness Issue

I found a setting called "Enable adaptive brightness" that seems to turn this nonsense off.  On Win8.1 it's at:
Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > Display > Enable adaptive brightness

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What do you do if your Dell Latitude w/ 233 processor won't offer you a set up screen? The laptop works fine..but at start up....pressing fn +F1 or F2 doesn't put you into set up mode? Thanks! Bill

A:Dell Latitude Set Up Screen

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Hi, I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 7559 for school, my first laptop ever. It took me about 6 months to finally decide on a laptop, and I'm very happy with it...it's beautiful. But, I've had two problems with the display. First, there is some slight yellow discoloration on the right half, not a big deal, just my ocd, probably just some backlight bleed or something. But the big issue is that the screen brightness flickers constantly. I can only really notice it on the lower brightnesses, but I use those so its a problem. I've tried EVERYTHING. Tons of driver fiddling, power option fiddling. I cant tell if it flickers in the bios screen or lcd bist, but I've disabled both NVidia and intel HD graphics drivers and no matter what I do, it still flickers. This makes me think that this Is a hardware issue. If anyone has some insight, I would really appreciate it. Should I send it in for repair, or just wait a bit as I read online somewhere that the lcd backlight needs to "settle in" for it to stop flickering with takes a decent amount of screen on time. Sorry for the long post, but this is my first pc and I'm a little bit picky about the function of my things. Thanks.  

A:Dell inspiron 7559 Screen brightness flicker

How long have you had your xps and do you know if it's a hardware failure?

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I received my XPS 15 recently and have noticed that the display flickers slightly when set to 0% brightness. No flicker is visible at higher brightness values or while gaming (unless my eyes are deceiving me).
I am wondering if I have a defective unit or if this is just a driver/settings issue.
Anyone else experiencing this issue? or have a solution?

A:Dell XPS 15 (9550) subtle screen flickering at 0% brightness

Yup. Same issue here with my 9550. No solution yet.
Do you also hear a noise/static type sound coming from under the laptop when its quite enough to hear?

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Good Morning all,
I have a Dell Inspiron 15 (7559) Laptop.  When I went to go power on the laptop, the keyboard lights up, but nothing appears on screen.  I also noticed the "Battery Light" indicator on the laptop was flashing.  It would flash white four times and then flash orange two times.  In the beginning I thought my laptop had died so I went ahead and charged the laptop.  I was able to charge the laptop, so I'm thinking that the battery is still good.  I'm hoping someone out here on these forums can help me diagnose and resolve this issue before I contact tech support.  Any information you guys/gals can provide is greatly appreciated.

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My Dell Latitude LS screen has a vertical single pixel width line where the pixels only show the color neon green or some flashy green shad only. Is there a way to fix those pixel. In the strict sense these are not dead pixels because they do light up but they do not show anything. I have found websites suggesting, I squeeze, or massage that particular area of the screen while the LCD is on and off and then on. But that does squat for my laptop. Does anyone have any suggestions or may have come across a similar problem. Thanks in advance.

A:Dell Latitude LS LCD Screen Probs

Hi and welcome to Techspot. Is the laptop within warranty? this sounds like something Dell would replace.

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I have a couple of problems with my new college laptop, a latitude D810. Every time I startup my computer, windows seems to be shuffling through the resolutions, starting in 800x600 to the standard 1680x1050. This wasn't a problem until recently, when after I updated the drivers (from the dell website), windows keeps getting stuck in 800x600 coming out of hibernation.

(On a side note, I also think this is making my welcome screen and everything on it ENORMOUS. When I was setting up Windows the first time I fired up the laptop, I couldn't even see the next and finish buttons!)

Another problem is that the display properties requires that I reboot after every resolution resize I try to apply the settings. Now, I clearly remember I didn't have to do that before.


PS-Keep the explanation simple for now, I have no idea how advanced this might get.

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Dell Latitude CPi, Win 98 se, Screen displays wide black curvy lines, looks like static, sometimes very bad, sometimes a little . Can run for hours ok, then starts to show, or can start at boot up. I was told that if battery was not up to par this could happen, ran on ac only, battery only, combo still same results. Any suggestions will be appreciated Thanks Paul

A:Dell Latitude Screen Problem

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I have a dell latitude d630 running windows 7. The screen has a horizontal line running through the middle and the same screen shows at the top and bottom. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi There
is there anyone out there that can solve me Dell D 600 screen problem as it doesnt seem to power up, all the base powers up ok but not the screen, any ideas or is it an expensive repair or exchange.

A:Dell D 600 Latitude Screen Problem

I don't know about laptops, but my desktop LCD monitor acted the same way - only black screen with power light blinking, but the computer was booting up properly. The monitor is still under warranty, (3-year warranty) so I sent it in for repair (at a shipment cost to me of $30). From what I could learn on the web, LCD monitors often suffer from capacitors going bad among other things. I don't know how much repairs cost, however several sites indicate it is fairly expensive just to work on them - from $115 up. See link for one price list of repair.


I hope yours is still under warranty. Good luck!

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i recently purchased a second hand dell cheep
and now the display has kinda blue lines through it
i have a dell inspiron 4100
they are both model# PP01L
is the actual display the same
will the mobo interchange from one to the other?
it seems a waste to forfeit both computers when one is a two ghz system
i would rather put the mobo in the inspiron, it looks cooler but, form follows function
i know that there are enough dells out there saturating the market somebody has replaced or noticed its similarities such as the connector from the display or mounting socket
or it's if it is the display, maybe i can swap them out.
im thinking its the actual piece of tape or ribbon connector
but the inspiron has a smaller board that connects to the mobo
i dont know as of yet whether they will interchange.
on the outside there's not much difference
what do you think
as always thanks

A:Dell Latitude screen issues

eyemfedup2 said:

but the inspiron has a smaller board that connects to the moboClick to expand...

The latitude should also have this "Inverter" board, if they are different then its likely they are not interchangeable
By the way, I suspect the orange flat ribbon cable only

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I have this issue on my Dell Inspiron 13 7000 series for very long time. I tried searching Google and Dell support community and I did:
Control Panel > Device Manager > Display Adapters > Intel HD Graphics 5500 > Driver > Update Driver > Search Automatically.
It fixed.
18:35 on 25-Dec-2016: Sorry bro, I did as above; it fixed but when I try pressing the brightness button then It come back problem again: can not adjust the brightness. Hic hic
19:00 on 25 Dec 2016: I even try downloading and installing the latest Intel Graphic Driver (issued on July 2016), but just after a while, the screen comes back very dim.
I accidentally discover this: Setting --> Display --> uncheck the box "Adjust my screen brightness automatically".
Sorry, but stupid Windows!!!!

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I have a 3 year old dell latitude d830 and everytime i turn it on the screen goes pink with a variety of thin colourful vertical lines through it. This is as far as it goes, i cannot get it to go to the regular start up screen or any other.
I know the battery is currently fried so i have to keep it plugged in for it to work, could that have anything to do with this? or is it another matter?
Thank you.

A:Dell Latitude D830 does not go further than the start up screen

Maybe u should try remove the whole battery and then plug the charger directly, if your pc turns on with the same issue, then it's not the battery.

Try to plug your laptop to an external monitor. if the display is normal on the external display then your screen is bad.
Check to see that there is no other sign of abnormality, such as after-POST beep or the activity LEDs.
I hope it should be this.

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