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USB Hub Port Connection Information IOCTL / SetupDi

Q: USB Hub Port Connection Information IOCTL / SetupDi

I have a situation where my product enumerates to windows and I can see it and all its sub components.
My problem is that there is a USB Connector - HUB - Port 1 - USB Component

Port 2 - USB Component

Port 3 - USB Component

Port 4 - USB Component
At the time of enumeration the USB Components all the look the same. They have a serial number that is programmed into them at manufacture time, but it is not marked on the part. I can open the device by the serial number. What I need to
do after I open it, is to find out what hub port the device is on so that I can be sure I opened the proper part. If I have the wrong one I can open the next until I get the proper port. How can I tell which port the open handler is on? I
can try IOCTL or SetupDi but I do not know what to look at or what to do with the data when it comes back.
Any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: USB Hub Port Connection Information IOCTL / SetupDi

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


i am using a 4gb usb pen dive. whenever i insert it, a message pops while opening "drive not formatted format it now?" but when i click yes. a msg comes"cant format". i tried with dos but it gives "error in ioctl call" . how to format it pls help!!!

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Are the USB ports of Hp Pavilion 15 R260NE notebook fused?

A:Laptop USB Port Information.

You mean like soldered shut or is there a fuse that can be replaced if they die? Neither actually but please describe the problem you are having and perhaps we can help. 

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Ok. So I'm located in a University where the Internet Dorm is behind proxy that disables Internet Applications that involve P2P networking, sometimes Java applications and torrenting.

Ironicly, however, I got to get World of Warcraft going. While this question is game related, its mainly concerning Networking so please keep your eyes on the post.

I got this new game called Warhammer Online, port's blocked and I think I may have found the required port. I'm capable of contacting Help Desk to ask them to unblock this port, but I'm not sure if I wanna tell them that its a game.

So, my question is, can I lie and claim that its a port for some program without them finding out? (Unless they do some research)

A:Port Information Question

Sorry, but we don't be a party to bypassing the school's network restrictions. The point of them blocking such ports is to keep the network running for real school activities.

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The port in question is 14876 (outgoing). Does anyone have a clue what could be using this port?

A:Looking for information on a specific port

There is no standard mapping to that port, here's the IANA Port List of all known ports and their applications.

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My PNY 1 GB Pen Drive is having data recovery problem.

Pen Drive is sensed by the PC, shows the removable drive but not able to read/write.

Tried the followings:
When tried to format using windows XP, gives "write Protected" message. Tried the commend Line Format but did not work and gave "Error in IOCTL CALL"

Tried to change Registry setting - set value to "0" for writeprotect for StorageDevicePolicies, restarted and tried to format but did not work.

Please help to resolve this.

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I am reasonably OK diagnosing hardware etc but I have never really used a graphics card Display Port as the primary display port on a PC. I have 11 PCs setup in a network at work, all running Windows 7, they all work absolutely fine apart from sometimes when they go to sleep / screen turns off when not in use, I can not get the screen back on!

When this happens the screens etc go off as expected and normally, movement of the mouse or touching the keyboard will 'wake the machines up' however, sometimes the screen doesn't come back on. It remains with a 'No Signal' warning box for all inputs (DVI / HDMI and Display Port). The towers are connected via the Display Port only, anyone come across this before?

I haev another similar setup in another office, using the same / very similar HP machines which have the displayed connected via DVI and have never had the problem with those machines.

Any thoughts, ideas, information, links etc that would be useful would be appreciated before I raise this with our I.T. people (who are not very helpful sometimes, hence why I like to have an bit of an idea of the possible issue before I contact them).

I can find information from people that have asked the questions and had similar problems on other forums, just wondering if anyone had a more technical reason rather than 'it happens' haha.

Thanks in advance.

Tanis (Shane)

A:Display Port Questions / Information

I'd look at driver updates for the graphics card(from HP first, then from the GPU manufacturer), a firmware/BIOS update for the graphics card if available from HP if it's an add-in card, or a BIOS update for the system/motherboard.

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go here to see what information travels in and out of each port

A:Ever wonder waht information goes through each Port??? Find out!!

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!!

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This isn't really related to windows 7 (although I am using it and doing my programming based on it), I have a simple circuit consisting of a battery, a transistor and an LED.
I want to use the transistor to light up the LED by sending voltage to a cable. I tried using the USB port, however, it has a positive, negative and 2 data cables. Both cables are continuously sending data, so I cannot make the voltage 0 on any of them and stop the LED.
I've heard I must use a printer port, or an ATA connector, I am fairly unsure of what control software has over hardware. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Later edit: I mean other than using an USB interface

A:What port do I use to send information to a piece of hardware?

With a 16 bit OS or even Windows 9x this would be a relatively simple task. But with the NT platform direct access to hardware is the exclusive domain of system level code. Actually it is done by the HAL but that can only be called with system level code, or in other words a device driver. Writing a device driver is not a simple thing.

You really need to find a device driver that can do what you want.

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Hello, I am an IT Technician for an electric cooperative. I am having a very odd issue that I can not seem to resolve and I am in need of assistance.

We have 4 Dell Latitude notebooks all running XP and we also have some very high end GPS units made by Trimble that we are going to be using to stake out points on a map. Whenever I connection through bluetooth with the GPS I am able to pair but the GPS control software never recognizes it when I chose the COM port assigned to it. Whenever I connect it directly through a cable(serial to usb) it never detects it either.

However this is the odd part, when I test this on my desktop I am able to connect just fine with the exact same method.

Any ideas?

A:[SOLVED] COM port and bluetooth COM port connection issues

Are you aware of any differences in your Desktop and the laptops? Like Service Pack is different, or maybe a BIOS setting?


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I'm seeing this error whenever I turn on my laptop ( Dell Latitude E6420). How do correct this?
Here is a screenshot if it helps.
Thanks in advance.  

A:How to resolve - ALPS driver has found IOCTL error: 320

How do I remove the above error message from appearing on each time I sign on

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We are being flagged with Intel Network Adapter Diagnostic Driver IOCTL Handling Local Denial of Service vulnerability on our HP servers.    This fix says:  The vendor has released an update to address the issue:  https://security-center.intel.com/advisory.aspx?intelid=INTEL-SA-00051&languageid=en-fr This obivously will not install on our HP servers to fix this finding since there are no intel NICs. Servers have the latest HP NIC drivers and firmware installed yet this Intel thing is still being flagged on the version of iqvw64e.sys installed. When I extract Intel's installation files I can see a new version of iqvw64e.sys in there.Can I just delete the existing file and replace it with the new version?Or is there some other patch/fix from HP that will fix this?

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I have been searching endlessly for this issue. Every time I try to connect to a VPN connection I get the error above. Thank you for any relevant input concerning this matter. My NIC is Qualcomm Atheros and I'm in Win8.1 x64.

A:VPN ERROR 619 :: A connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed

everything normal before?
is there any changes before this issue happen?
turn off your antivirus and firewall, update the latest VPN client software, if still not working go to security settings and change the VPN type automatic to PPTP. And also change data encryption configuration to Optional and select CHAP & MS-CHAP v2.
If still not working try with other internet connection and try to contact your VPN provider

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I can use hyperterminal,tera term,secure CRT to telnet and or ssh
If i try and use cmd C:\ telnet

I recieve the error reply could not oppen connection to host on port 23
what i have tried so far

1).  controlpannel\programs features\turn on turn off\ 
when the giu open, i select the selectable check box telnet client, also i selected tenet server after repeated failures.
2).control pannel\firewalls\advanced settings\inbound rules\new rule\port\tcp\specific local 23\allow\
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SO what am i missing ??? is it right in front of my face?

A:get error// ,,, could not open connection to host on port 23: connection failed

Do you have another software firewall on your PC? The first thing you could try doing is just disabling the windows firewall and any anti-virus software or other that could be performing connection filtering. That way you could eliminate all possible/known
options. Another thing to consider, if this is Windows 7, there can be multiple firewall profiles. So if your telnet server is on a domain, and you modified the public or private firewall profiles, then that wouldnt work if the network you are currently
on is a domain.
What is the OS of the guest machine and host machine?

You could also consider looking through the event logs on both machines to see if there are any indicators there.

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please help

i'm using powershell on windows 7 and i want to get the device path from an external usb hub's port to an attached USB device. powershell is great in reporting back a ton of information but it does not show which hub/port that a device is attached to. basically
id' like to get back the same information that UsbTreeView returns but via console so that i can write an automated script that calls the powershell command like below.
powershell -command "& {get-wmiobject -class Win32_USBControllerDevice -computername "LocalHost" -namespace "root\CIMV2" }"


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Hi...I use Crapcleaner a lot, to help clean up a lotta 'stuff' on my computer. But, I've found, after using it, and I shut my computer off for the day, when I turn it on again, I lose my DSL information and have to go thru my DSL server to get reconnected. Each time, my username, etc has dissapeared. The Crapcleaner is the only thing I can think has 'taken' it off my computer. What can I do to avoid this in future? And, is there anything any better than Crapcleaner to do what it does on my machine? I'm a Senior Citizen, and self taught on computers. As such, I need to know what to do in common laymans language, please.

A:lose DSL connection information

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Hi guys, I'm in bit of trouble with my connection right now. I have a Linksys 54G Wireless Router and Westell 6100 modem with Verizon DSL. The downstairs computer recieves connection through a LAN via the modem/router/ethernet and the two upstairs computers recieved a wireless signal. When trying to hook up my Xbox Live account, the IP fails because of trying to connect to BOTH the router and modem. I've researched the problem and found numerous solutions, which haven't worked, probably because I'm configuring something wrong. Anyway, I FINALLY got the Xbox Live IP to work, but the DNS test failed . The exact instructions I got to get the Xbox Live IP to work are found below..... The thing is, now when I followed these instructions, the downstairs computer is NOT connected to the LAN anymore, but rather an PPPOE (WAN Miniport). The two upstairs computers no longer have connection now.

IN A NUT SHELL: I got my Xbox Live IP to be found, the DNS fails (disabling me to play online), but I can only get the Live IP to work when the downstairs computer is connected through PPPOE and the two upstairs don't recieve any signals. When connecting the downstairs back to a LAN connection, it fails to connect to the internet. What I'm trying to ask advice for is... how would I go about setting up all my computers to work AND the Xbox Live to work as well. I've heard things like, "Bridge the connection", copy MAC addresses.... etc etc. Please he... Read more

A:Gateway connection issues - lots of information. Please help

Actually, I'd consider bridging the 6100 to eliminate it's NAT layer, the real issue here is two NAT layers in the path.

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A friend recently changed ISPs, from Comcast cable to AT&T DSL. She was sent a 2WIRE 2701HG-B DSL modem/wireless router w/ 4-port switch built-in. She also has a Linksys WRT54G v8 wireless router w/ 4-port switch.

I put the 2WIRE modem into bridged mode so we could continue using the Linksys router for wireless connectivity. I made sure to disable the wireless support in the 2WIRE router.

I had run into a problem where the Linksys router wouldn't reestablish the PPPoE connection automatically if it was lost. A firmware upgrade to version 8.00.5 seems to have addressed that problem BUT now when the router is connected, it's getting a strange subnet mask. It might not be strange but it's completely unexpected.

The IP address is aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd and the subnet mask is The default gateway IP address is aaa.bbb.fff.ggg, so the assigned IP address and the default gateway are on two completely different subnets but in the same class B IP network.

All of the important machines are able to connect to the Internet ok so I'm not sure if the above subnet mask is anything I should be concerned with.

Any comments or ideas?

Thanks in advance!


A:Solved: Question about strange PPPoE connection information

The subnet mask of is a valid mask for a PPPoE connection, it denotes that there is only a single allowed address.

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Ok guys, here's my problem...

I was on my pc last night, everything was running fine, i was on msn, the internet and downloading music. I then went to refresh my browser and it came up with "Internet explorer cannot display the web page". At first i thought the router had gone down, but then i noticed that i was still on msn. I decided to click on 'Diagnose connection problems' - It came up with:

"xxx" is not set up to establish a connection on port "World Wide Web service (HTTP)" with this computer.

At this time it was late so i decided to leave it until tomorrow, when i tried it again, internet explorer still wouldn't work,but google chrome did, even though it hadn't the night before, msn is also still working fine.

I have googled this problem and tried the suggestions such as turning my firewall off, this did not help, any other help will be greatly appreciated.


A:Not set up to establish a connection on port...

I recently had a custome with this problem and it turned out to be the Conficker worm. Go to http://www.enigmasoftware.com and try their Conficker Removal Tool.

-- Andy

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hii can not find any solution for my usb connection issue. usb driver not installed. 

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I recently started a thread regarding problems on my Compaq Presario not being able to recognize any USB peripheral on any of the US ports. After trying numerous solutions suggested by HP support as well as this forum, I think most software problems can be ruled out. I was about to take the suggestion of 'DAI' and pop in a PCI USB card.

I have just now discover that my floppy is not recognizing a formatted disk. These floppies are pre-formatted and cna be read in another PC. Can I safely assume this is a different and new problem??? or can this be a hint to what is causing the probelem with the USB ports as well.

A:USB port/Floppy connection?

I would say yes, two different problems...

the USB card is a good idea, would get a 2.0 just for the fun of it, will work with any 1.1 device so no problem there.

On the floppy, I am assuming this drive has been reliable in the past, does not have the light on all the time, and has all the cables and such properly attached. If you have been messing around in the case, sometimes it is easy to knock something loose.

Check it out...if everything is copacetic, maybe time for new floppy.

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using a windows vista laptop with IE8, all visible network adapter configurables are set factory standard. using a Belkin N wireless router, pairing with an Intel Pro 3945ABG wireless card on the computer, before running a full clean out of the cache, cookies and history the computer was connecting and browsing from any location in the home. now all I get is an error message saying "insert web address here not set up to establish a connection on port"world wide web service (HTTP)" with this computer"... I have no idea whats wrong with the computer, have three other laptops and an XBOX all connected and network active, can someone provide a solution?

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I'm working on a Dell laptop. Have formatted and reloaded all the drivers. When I plug in the network cable, it hooks up and pulls an ip address, but only for a moment, then it drops or looses connection. The NIC port wouldn't work before the format either.
Any idea's on what the problem is? Is the port just bad? Im wondering why it connected at all if its bad.
Thank you.

A:NIC port will not hold a connection?

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I have a D-Link router. I am trying to set this up so I can run a server off a wireless computer.

I have forwarded port 2593 (the port the server is using). When I go to Open Port Check Tool it connects, but the connection times out.

I can connect to the server via

Windows firewall is turned off

I've tried setting the PC to DMZ in the router

What else do I have to do?

A:Port connection times out

Make sure there isn't a software firewall on the machine blocking your access.

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How do I change from reading the port speed on the toolbar to the connection speed ? And does anybody know how accurate this is ?

I have done this before but can't remember how !



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My internet is working fine. There is only ONE website that won't work, yet it works for my friends. www.skullcandy.com <- When I try to acces this site in firefox, it just says it is unable to connect. When I try in IE it does the same, but when I cick "diagnose problem" I get the following error:

"www.skullcandy.com" is not setup to establish a connection on port "World Wide Web service (HTTP)" with this computer.

Using Vista SP2, every other site works fine, its only the one website I am having trouble with. It doesn't seem to matter which browser I use. The only security on my computer is the Windows Firewall, which I've even tried disabling.

A:is not set up to establish a connection on port

See if resetting HOSTS file helps -


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I'm able to print standard images but when I print Separations in advanced mode.It gives me a print error.

A:Do I need a parallel port connection rather than a usb?

Quote: Originally Posted by HANDUCK

I'm able to print standard images but when I print Separations in advanced mode.It gives me a print error.

And your printer is...?

I doubt that many people here print color separations. (Most may not know what they are. I've heard of them, but never had anything to do with them.)

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Bit of an odd one.
When conencted via ethernet cable, browsing http sites works fine, however when switching to my wifi suddenly http doesnt work and the only way I can browse the internet is if the site uses https. both networks are configured the same, connect to the same
network and as far as I can see there are no external factors blocking it.

Does anyone have any idea on what I can look for? 


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Hello agin I have several mother boards with win 98 running on them they all are usb ready but dont have the connectors installed will any type [brand] work or are the certain ones for different MBs the MB doc.s dosent suggest eather way

A:adding a USB connection port

As long as they properly hook into the motherboard then they should work. You could always go out and buy a PCI card that has USB ports on it (usually 2 or 4), but those range from $30-$50, while the basic connectors are much cheaper.

My Page
Get paid to surf the net!

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I have a 2-sided USB cord I want to bridge a connection to on my Windows TinyXP.

When I go to Network Connections it shows my Local Area Connection, but how would I get it to show the USB cord to show in there so that I can bridge it.

I didnt go buy any hardware. This is just a cord I've had for a while. I looked around for a bit and had trouble finding this information.

A:Can I bridge a connection with a USB port?

what you are really saying is

modem---(router)----your system---usb.connected.to.nothing
doesn't show the USB. Of course not put something on the other end

---your system---usb.connected.to.something
However, your system needs the Internet Connection Sharing enabled,
the USB connection on your system needs to have an Ethernet feature,
and the other device needs the same kind of USB/Ethernet device.

The USB slots on your systems will not do networking without using a USB/Ethernet adaptor and installing the drivers.

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I have just received a palm pilot handheld for Christmas. I want to sync up to my PC, but simply connecting the handheld cradle to my serial port and installing the software is not enough.

I receive messages that my serial port is not available. How can I turn on the serial port on my PC? I run Widows XP Home.

I was once told to find the command for serial ports in the startup screen after a reboot. I have successfully changed the feature that only displays the Windows logo, and I can now read system commands at startup, but I don't see anything about serial ports...someone please help me!

A:Serial port connection

It is a setting that is in your BIOS that came disabled for some reason.

When your computer reboots and you see the text, you will see the computer running diagnostics on your computer (finding hard drives, verifying memory, etc...). On that first page, you have to press F1, DEL, ESC or some other key to enter your BIOS Settings. Once you enter it, you have to go into Port Management or Integrated Peripherals to enable the SERIAL Port.

If you can determine who made your motherboard, we might be able to determine the exact procedure on how to enable this for you.

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how can i make a connection with serial port in windows 7 like as i did in windows XP?

A:making a connection with serial port

Quote: Originally Posted by nnmmss

how can i make a connection with serial port in windows 7 like as i did in windows XP?

Hi and welcome

What about a usb to serial cable? here USB Serial


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I been tryin to setup a static ip and i've basically cocked it up, does anyone know how I may be able to reset it?

This is the process that I went through before I experienced all the faults, basically i went to my "network connections" window and right clicked on the connection that I use and choose the properties open, under connection uses the following items i then selected internet protocol (TCP/IP) and then click on the properties for that. I changed the options from obtain an ip address automatically to use the following ip address, and i worked out all the information that I had required and filled in the addresses, my internet did work after a while but when i rebooted it just died on my main computer... i know the internet does work as i have my old mans computer and my laptop hooked up to the router and the connection still works.

is there anyway of resetting the connection back to normal? i dont really want to have to reformat the machine to solve this problem
I have a router called Speedtouch780v6 (Thomson-Alcatel)

I am not trying to set up a static ip which is what the isp provide you with, this is totally different.

A:Port Forwarding... Connection not working now

"is there anyway of resetting the connection back to normal?"

To use dynamic address again? Just do what you did before except when you get to the TCP/IP Properties select 'obtain IP auto' and 'obtain DNS auto.' And to be sure it's good to then restart the PC.

If you want help with the Static IP show us the following for what you have now. And then show us what you get after changing back to dynamic (or show for another computer that is working now).

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I have a http server running on one of my computers
I used the 'port forwarding' option on my tp-link wireless router tl-wr541g to forward any connection on port 80 to computer and it all works great.
The problem is, I now only want computers with IP address 192.168.1.x to be able to connect to the server and block all others. Can this be done using the wireless router setting? if not can it be done with McAfee virusscan + anti-spyware module 8.0.0 ? (this has some firewall options)

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I have a loose eSATA port connection on an HP Pavilion dv7-2043cl. It is a combination eSATA/USB port that can be used either as an eSATA or USB port. When connected, I can wiggle the eSATA cable connection end - there's too much play there. The eSATA connection will intermittently lose and regain contact. I am connecting to a Seagate BlackArmor WS 110 external HDD. When I use the port for a USB connection, it is fine.

I read an old post in this forum about a loose USB port connection, where the solution was to open the laptop and re-solder the port. What I am wondering is, if the same can be done for my problem.

The fact that the USB connection is ok casts some doubt for me. I am not familiar with the physical build/structure of this port and wonder if this combination port is that much more complicated than a USB port and requires more than a simple solder.

I am not adept at nor technically experienced in tinkering with computer hardware and parts, but this appears to be a simple and inexpensive fix ... I hope. The laptop is still under warranty, but short of shipping it to HP, which would probably mean at least a month w/o it, I was hoping that there'd be an easy solution.
Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

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I'm seeking some help on port forwarding. My network description is as such

1. Huawei SmartAX MT880 router/modem dials directly to the ISP and is always online. It get's the internal IP as:

2. I have connected the Huawei Router to the D-Link switch.

3.Next I've connected my two PC's to the switch, they get the ip's as: & respectively.

Now the problem is that uTorrent has to run on both the PC's (tragedy of a shared broadband connection with your roommate), and without port forwarding the number of peer connections is very less, and using dmz option in the NAT section of the router we can only forward one of the PC to forward the ports at a time, is their any option to port forward from both the PC's at the same time. :dropping:

Thanks in advance.

A:HELP: Port forwarding on airtel connection

With NAT, you cannot forward the same port to 2 computers at a time.
But did you miss this from the site rules?

P2P Instructions - We do not support P2P file sharing applications and any threads requesting help for such will be closed. This includes Kazaa, Bearshare, WinMX, and the like. If you're interested in the topic, you are free to discuss it on our site (and please visit StealingIsIllegal.com), but information on how to use them will not be provided.
Click to expand...

uTorrent is a P2P application. You might be lucky if this stays open for more than a few more hours.

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Hi there. I've recently been having problems with my cable internet connection. I have no idea what this problem is, I've even contacted my cable provider and they told me that there is no ports blocked on their end. I have my windows firewall turned off, I've never even used it. This has been going on for the last 6 days, and I'm starting to give up hope. I have no other firewall on my computer, at all. I have McAfee anti-virus, but not the firewall. I can use my browser just fine, even downloading through my browser is fine. But I cannot connect to any p2p networks at all. I can chat fine on MSN, but when trading files with friends, it takes incredibly long. I've begun to give up honestly. Even downloading music through iTunes Music Store is taking way too long. Can someone please help me?

A:Internet Connection/Port Problem

Please read the forum rules...you'll get no help here with P2P programs.

Closing thread.

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My Ethernet port is not holding the connector. The "clam shell" gripper is not strong enough to keep the RJ45 connector in place. I keep having to "jiggle" the plug to get the connection back. This happens with all types of cables, home made and store bought. Is thre a reported issue with this type of port?

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Good morning,

I'm operating a server via Team Viewer, and I'm installing a software that imports data from another server, both at the same network, using a HTTPS browser, but, a "It's not possible to access that site" appears everytime. I'm able to ping the server I'm trying to reach, but when I telnet it via cmd prompt, I receive the message "Could not open a connection to host on port 443 : Connect failed". How can I grant the access that server?

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I have a device connected to the USB and i want to know the COM port reserved for that device as i know that each device connected to the PC have a COM port number associated, but i can't find that as when i search the device manager i only find that info:

and when i search the USB Root Hub of the device i only get this :

A:How to determine which COM port represent a USB connection?

USB connections do not have com port numbers assigned to them unless its a usb-serial adapter which then it will assign a virtual com port #. Instead they have an address assigned to them. A simple way that I would do it would be if your running windows 7 is to go to devices and printer by clicking start-then click devices and printers. Find the device that you want to lookup. Right click and go to properties. Once at the properties, go to Hardware tab then click properties again. Once there up top you should see General, Driver, and Details. Click on the Details tab and drop the list down till you see Address. That number is the USB number that it's plugged into.

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Does anyone know how to connect a dell laptop IR Port up? While using windows NT 4.0????

A:Ir Port Connection On Dell Laptops!!

Forget it.... No IR support in WinNT 4, upgrade to Win2K or XP, that's the only way...

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My location does not give me the best WiFi signal so I decided to connect my CAT6 cable instead. The notebook connector is not the typical design with a tough to move door to get the RJ45 connector into. It has lateral movement once in as well as up/down if the cable is moves. Connection can break as well also unless I hold the  cable pushing in only then will it connect at 1GB othewise 100MB only. I can tell the width of the opening is too wide so the cable end can moveand the wire contacts don't have a lot of travel room. The connector has to be right in tight to make a good enough connection.  I have this cable run through my house to my router some cables may be a silight bit different EG A CAT 5 connector. This appears to be a very poor design and all to keep the round curve of the case.  Its the hardest one to use on any notebook I have used and seen. (I have seen a lot over 30 years working with them)

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Windows 7 Home Prem - 64bit w/8GBZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Window 8.1 64bit FHD 17.3 inch Display, Nvidia G840 w/2GB memory

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I used the AVG free 2011 tune up program on my PC as my windows xp system was running very slowly. Performance of the PC has improved greatly but I find that I cannot now connect my m1040 olympus camera to the usb port. It is saying unrecognisable device.

Note that I am still able to connect a stick to the usb port and I can also connect my Canon camera and everything works OK.

I can also connect the Olympus camera to the USB port on my Apple computer so the camera must be working.

I do not use Olympus software in the PC but I have always in the past connected the Olympus camera to the USB port, and my computer picked it up as another disk drive.

The problem seems to have arisen after the tune up took place. Any idea what caused the problem and how get my Olympus camera to be recognised.

A:connection of olympus camera to usb port

That's one reason why you should avoid registry cleaner/booster/optimizer/tuneup type programs like the plague. Besides the fact that they do little-to-nothing to improve speed and performance, they tend to break programs and damage the operating system.

When AVG 2011(10.0) was released to replace AVG 9 and decided to add a tuneup feature(which includes a registry cleaner), I stopped using it.

I suggest that you use System Restore to revert your computer back to a date and time prior to when you used it.


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I have a new computer and was trying to connect a photo printer. which didn't work. After that I was unable to print anything from my Quickbooks program. I was getting a message that read: There is a problem connecting your currently selected printer HP 5600 series on USB001,you may need to change the port assignment from the windows printer settings or reinstall the printer driver software. I am able to print from my email but not from Quickbooks. I tried changing ports from printer settings but that didn't work. I also tried installing the original software & it wouldn't install. Don't know whatelse to do. Any sugestions would be great.

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I'm using Alcatel Speedtouch 530 ADSL Modem and I have ADSL 4096/256 connection. This modem has two options. It can be connected using USB or Ethernet port. I recently upgraded my ADSL Connection from 2048/256 to 4096/256.
My internet provider' s stuff advised me to use its Ethernet for better connection speed. (I believe that it doesn't matter).
So, should I connect it to the Ethernet port or keep it connected to the USB?

A:ADSL connection through Ethernet or USB port?

For one computer connected it doesn't matter. If you later decide to add a router to connect two or more computers, then you need to use ethernet.

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