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Need help with recorded lectures on Adobe Connect

Q: Need help with recorded lectures on Adobe Connect


I not able to watch recorded lectures on Adobe Connect. Other people are able to do so, however.

I have tried everything on Adobe's website to solve this issue. I have also tried uninstalling the applications and re-installing them. I reset the laptop this morning, but to no avail. This is a new computer, which got delivered 3 days ago.

My exams will be over by Dec 11. I have 44 days to watch the lectures, study and appear for assignments. I had taken two days' leave from work to catch up on my studies. Those days have been wasted trying to open a single lecture.

I would be very grateful, if someone could help me in sorting this out.

Thank you for your valuable time.


Preferred Solution: Need help with recorded lectures on Adobe Connect

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Need help with recorded lectures on Adobe Connect

Does you system meet all of the Adobe Connect technical specifications and system requirements

Have you run the Adobe Connect pre-meeting diagnostic test?

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I'm looking for a little tech help and found this site via google. I hope that some of you can provide advice on sharing digital sound files privately. Specifically, I am a student and our class would like to set up a system whereby we can share recorded lectures. Due to the expected size of the lectures, email seems to be out of the question for distributing the sound files amongst the class, and we'd rather not pass around a drive or CD's.

I've considered purchasing an external hard drive to store all of the files and keeping it at school where anyone can access it, but ideally we'd like to have internet access to all of the files. I am aware of programs like bit torrent (and have noticed this forums aversion to illegal file sharing) and wonder if it can be used to a good purpose here. I suppose we could create seeds for each lecture and somehow upload them to a private website, but I wonder if there isn't a better way to go, such as some sort of web hosting?

I'm strictly an amateur (though a quick learning amateur) when it comes to issues such as these, so I'm hoping for some advice. If a file sharing like bit torrent is the way to go, can anyone offer any advice on setting up and maintaining a website to host the seed files?

I hope that this won't be viewed as an attempt at doing anything illegal, just professional students trying to pool their resources.


A:distributing recorded lectures

Why not create an FTP server? Simple, and you can establish controls over who can download the files. Take a look at FileZilla, an excellent and free FTP server and client.

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I am using Adobe audition 1.5 for recording my songs.. now.. i am facing big problem while using that software.. there is multitrack option available in that software. we have put karaoke track in one track. and one track should be selected for recording.. the problem is when i start recording a song.. the original track is also get record with my voice in the recording track. so, when i add echo to the recorded track.. whole track get spoil.. plz suggest me volume setting to not to record the original track in recording track..i am using windows xp proffesional. and adobe audition 1.5

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I'm burning lectures to CD's since my CD player in my car (a 1999) doesn't play MP3's.
On the burn options I set the BURN option to fit 7 hours on a CD. When I go to burn it still only allows abount 80 minutes. Any suggestions.

A:Burning Lectures to CD's

If the CD player in your car doesn't play Mp3 CD's, then all it will play are Audio CD's which have a limit of 80 Min. of running time, no way around it.

You could get a portable Mp3 player however it's not a good idea to be driving with earbuds in your ears, but you might be able to hook it up to some small speakers.

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Ok so I'm sorry if this had been covered...but I saw a commercial of a guy sitting in a college class and the professor was talking and as he was the computer was typing everything the he was saying. It was a windows 7 commercial and I have been trying to find the commercial so that I can utilize this. Any help will be appreciated.

A:Recording Lectures in College...Speech to text.

Quote: Originally Posted by Corey0284

Ok so I'm sorry if this had been covered...but I saw a commercial of a guy sitting in a college class and the professor was talking and as he was the computer was typing everything the he was saying. It was a windows 7 commercial and I have been trying to find the commercial so that I can utilize this. Any help will be appreciated.

Actually, that was a Best Buy Commercial with the Geek Squad 'Black Tie' protection behind it.

I wouldn't exactly say it was a commercial strictly for Windows 7.

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I have an Adobe Connect meeting scheduled for tomorrow, and when I click on the link to test my connection to Adobe Connect, which I just installed, I get this message- what can I do? I am connected to the Internet, so Firefox
does have permission to access the Web.
I attempted to connect using this link, in an email, and got the message below:
If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before:

Test your connection:  


"Hmm. We?re having trouble finding that site.

We can?t connect to the server at meet94924985.adobeconnect.com.
If that address is correct, here are three other things you can try:

    Try again later.
    Check your network connection.
    If you are connected but behind a firewall, check that Firefox has permission to access the Web."

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I have an Adobe Connect meeting scheduled for tomorrow, and when I click on the link to test my connection to Adobe Connect, which I just installed, I get this message- what can I do? I am connected to the Internet, so Firefox does have permission to access
the Web.
"Hmm. We?re having trouble finding that site.

We can?t connect to the server at meet94924985.adobeconnect.com.
If that address is correct, here are three other things you can try:

    Try again later.
    Check your network connection.
    If you are connected but behind a firewall, check that Firefox has permission to access the Web."

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I need help trying to install Adobe Connect Software for my grad school courses. I click on the download link and then open the files as directed and a pop up shows the download progress. It will download to 57% and then quit. It never shows that it fails or anything of the sort but just freezes at 57%. I tried to download another way from the Adobe help pages and it will download 10.7/17.9MB and then quit. I don't know what needs to be done.


A:Adobe connect

Hi wyomingcowboy,
Have you reviewed the Adobe Download Troubleshooting Page?
Cheers, TXjim

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Any ideas why I can't connect to www.adobe.com? I get an error message saying "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". Same problem when I try using Firefox. Also happens if a do a Google search on Adobe.com and try to connect to the Adobe site via the link.

I am using a HP laptop operating on Windows XP.

Probably related to this problem: When I try to download a pdf file from an internet link, I get an error message refering to the file adobepdf.dll. I downloaded the file and installed it, but the problem persists.

Really frustrating, since I use pdfs a lot!!

A:Can't connect to www.adobe

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section, couldn't tell where to put it. I have WinXP.

I've had this issue for awhile now and nothing seems to change it. Adobe cannot update because 'there is no internet connection.' But there is, I'm here right now...
Yahoo messenger cannot 'download files, check firewall settings'. But again...nothing I do lets these work.
I have turned off each firewall, I've put yahoo and adobe in the allowed/trusted lists.
I have Comodo and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, my Windows firewall has been off for years. So...what the heck is going on, how can I get anything to work properly??
I feel like it's something very obvious that I'm overlooking...

A:Messenger & Adobe cannot connect to net...

When you look at Network Connections, does Microsoft Virtual WiFi Minport Adapter show?

If so, disable it.

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When I access something on the net that uses Adobe Acrobat to read the pdf file I keep getting a notification form Kiero that is is trying to connect to Adobe Systems Inc. Is this normal. Also even after I close the reader out I will get two or three more notifications.

A:Adobe Acrobat Trying To Connect


It is probably the auto update feature in Acrobat accessing the web to search for updates.

You can check to see if it is set to auto update by opening Acrobat and going to Edit > Preferences > General and scroll down to "Update" and see if it is set to update weekly, monthly or manually.

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HelloI'm connected laptop model g5080 software adobe connect but I'm having trouble talking to the microphone. In this way, the noise is too much noise but not a problem in Windows Soundplease guide me
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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Hi, I have a problem that appeared on your forum but has now expired. I want to use a webcam with Adobe Connect. An image appears but it is upside down. When I try to share the image with others, Adobe Connect crashes.
All software is up to date: Adobe Connect, Flash, Webcam software IE.

I bought a new camera, (Logitech 170), installed it and disabled the laptops internal camera. Rebooted several times.
The problem is precisely the same with each camera.
Perhaps it is an add-on in IE?

Appreciate any help.

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I want to allow Adobe Connect to access my Webcam.

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My webcam freezes after a few minutes in a meeting.  If I turn off the camera and turn it back on, it just appears black.  The only way to get the webcam to work again is by exiting and rejoining the meeting.  I did a clean reinstall on my computer and Adobe Connect and my webcam worked until my computer upgraded to Windows 8.1. Hardware, Software, desktop configuration:-   Notebook: Lenovo Yoga 13-   Operating System: Windows 8.1, 64bit-   Webcam:1.0M 720p HD integrated webcam-   Browser: Firefox 36.0.4-   Adobe Connect Add-in Version: WIN 11.9.972.8-   Adobe Connect: 9.4.1I have been working with tech support at my program for the past few months, but we haven't been able to figure out the problem.If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate i

A:Adobe Connect camera freezing

We see this freezing camera issue too. We believe it is related to the other Windows 8.1 issues with Adobe Connect. Here's a forum thread discussing Windows 8.1 issues; http://www.connectusers.com/forums/topic/10006/recording-issues-with-connect-922-and-windows-81/ Adobe has suggested the Windows 8.1 issues would be fixed in 9.3 and 9.4 but they weren't. They are now telling us it will be fixed in Connect version 9.5, due out later this year.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 220 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2815 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 940886 MB, Free - 891582 MB; D: Total - 12879 MB, Free - 1571 MB;
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

My desktop computer is running quite slow, so I am checking all of the software that I have installed to see if something might be causing the problem. Do I need the above items please? I have Foxit Reader and I am running a free Office Suite called Open Office.

Thank you for reading this.

Kind regards


A:Solved: Do I need Adobe Air, Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader, please?

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I've been on holiday and recorded tv to my pc while I've been away. The programs I've recorded, seem a little jumpy. Just as though someone is pressing the pause button, and then starting them again. Will 'demuxing' cure this? Or does anyone know how I can improve the file. I want to burn the files to DVD-RW so I can watch them, then erase.

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I just submitted a form to this company after clicking send I got the following message:

XSS Attact Recorded With Ip : **.***.***.**. This is your 1. XSS attact. Your information is recorded.

Anything I should be worrying about?

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-FIRST OFF NAPSTER ISNT P2P- you pay to use it and pay for songs if you download them-
so dont ban this, its a legit problem

Today I bought a new mp3 player It came with a free trial for napster and it said I could Import my current songs I have on my computer. (not downloaded... I made these songs the others were from CDs I bought). Ok so I import them in to the napster library but I think it just moved the file name in there and not the file. But the file is not in my own library anymore under "my music" I deleted a couple of the songs off the napster thing and it said they were deleted but not off my hard drive...

um how can I get my songs back. I know theyre on this computer I just need help finding them...
please... I cant loose my songs

oh yea and I can see the songs on windows media player but yet again it wont play them

A:my recorded songs are gone HELP!

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Greetings-I have a rather small (OK, maybe it's large) problem. I am trying to capture video from my TV and transfer it to my PC. I am using an TV Tuner PCI Phillips 7130 ( SBT-TBFM) capture device to do so. I have checked all my connections and believe I have everything connected correctly. While the video is being captured, I am able to see the video and hear the audio stream and everything appears fine. That said, after I finish capturing the video and open the video file, the video plays but there is no sound. This seems to indicate that no sound is coming into the PC, but since I was able to hear audio during the preview, I know this is not the case. I am on Windows 7 running a 2.8 GHz AMD with 4 GB of RAM. I am using the Honestech TVR software that came with the TV Tuner. I have writing to the seller SABRENT and to Honestech, and their answers have not resolved the problem.

THis is very frustrating, so any help is appreciated.

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i recorded a program that contains only the winrar files onto a blank cd-r. i used nero 6, selected "Make Data cd" --> added the files--> selected "Finish" and then i successfully burned the cd. but when i want to open/explore the cd i get the following message:

"D:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function."

i'm doing this so i can place these files onto another computer at a different location. any ideas? thanx.

A:Recorded cd-r not opening.

Google gives 190 hits for that problem, so don't feel alone!

Most prevalent is Roxio burning software causing a conflict, followed by a conflict with Nortons antivirus.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4160 CPU @ 3.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3996 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400, 1774 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 464884 MB, Free - 409406 MB; F: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 898451 MB; Y: Total - 12013 MB, Free - 3049 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0VNGWR
Antivirus: Panda Free Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

With an HDHomerun Prime and cable card, I can play back recorded TV (Media Center) only on the computer (my desktop) where it was recorded.
Is there any way that I can get around this and copy a recorded program to a flash drive and play it on my laptop?

A:Solved: Recorded TV

If you want to move the actual file, it will need to be converted to another format to remove the copy protection.

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I have an external TV Tuner (Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-950q) and I have been recording some TV programs with it into Windows Media Centre (I have Windows Vista) consistently for a month now. For a couple weeks I was able to burn the recordings on a DvD with no problem, but now when I get to the "Review and Edit List" which used to show which recording I was burning, the list is blank and I can't go any further. I've tried clicking "Add More" and selecting the recording from "Recorded TV" - but I can't select any of my Manual Recordings, even though they do show up on this page.

My problem doesn't appear to be with the tuner -- my recordings do show up in Media Centre and I can play them, etc. The first difference I saw right before I noticed the problem was that there is no longer a still screenshot as the icon for my recordings (including the ones recorded prior to the problem) just the name.

That's the best I can do for a description -- any ideas of what's going on?

A:Can't Burn Recorded TV

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When changing the computer connected to a domain controller to a workgroup, will this get recorded in the registry?

Meaning is there anyway to check back whether the computer had previously been connected to a domain controller?

Please advise, thanks.

A:Recorded in registry?

Hi katmai, welcome to TSF..

yes, i'm pretty sure the event will be recorded in the event log and is possibly traceable by other methods too.

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I have recorded a video, but the bottom and right hand side of the video is what i want to remove.

I want to keep the white part and get rid of the yellow part, how do i do it?

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I have setup a Library named "Recorded TV"When i click on Recorded TV in the start menu, the location opens to this(i have circled in red the location), even though that i have set the folder save location to C:\Users\Derek and TienaMy Other Libraries, such as Documents, Open up under the Library list (again circled in Red)Also, the other libraries don't list the file location at the top, as the Recorded TV, below the green library title. I want to remove this from the Recorded TV. I cannot seem to figure out how.

A:Recorded TV Folder

I'm sorry, I don't fully understand what your problem is and what you want accomplished. Could you please restate your problem? Do you want to remove the "C:\Users\Derek and Tiena" entry from the Recorded TV Library?

Working with Libraries is very easy. When you have an Explorer window open, click Libraries in the left pane. Now, inside the main window, right-click the Library you want to modify. Click Properties. From this Properties window, you can edit what is included in the Library and what is not. It's very intuitive.

If you want to get rid of the file location at the top that you mentioned, simply do this: right-click in the empty space of the window and hover over "Group by". Select "None" from this secondary menu. This will remove the grouping by file location.

I'm not sure if that is exactly what you were after, but perhaps I will be better able to assist after I get a clearer picture of what it is you're wanting to do.

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Where does Windows 7 store recorded TV - which folder?

I would like to add recorded shows from my XP machine on my newly installed Windows 7 on another machine.


A:Recorded TV - where to find

Managing recorded TV shows in Windows Media CenterRecorded TV is stored in the following location in Windows 7: C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV

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Does anyone know if it is possible to access the subtitles on pre-recorded DVD's? If so, how? edit: answered my own question!

A:pre-recorded DVD subtitles

Hi, stlcardsfan, and welcome to the forums.

Do the other users who might need the answer and post how you fixed it, please.

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I've recently updated to XP pro. from ME. I find that I can not read discs copied or recorded now. It seems like the disc is not being closed after burning it does this on all programs cd and dvd I'm running a sony dvd burner along with music match and easy cd creator 6. it will record fine but than won't recognize discs on any player cd or dvd I contacted my computer manufact. they had no clue and told me that xp pro was incompatable with the record software and that I needed to remove xp. reformat the hard drive and reinstall ME.. Sony gave me the run around.. spent $100.00 waiting on hold and getting alot of nothing from roxio can anyone fix this without having to scrub the hard drive and removing XP pro. thanks Bilbo

A:closure of recorded cds

I have XP Pro and Roxio (although not my favorite). When you burn a disk, teh dialog box should have a section that allows you to "finalize" the disk. Another option is to put the open disk in the drive, then click File>Finalize

Hope this helps,


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Any REcordable CD I put in my CD drive locks up my computer. When I eject the CD, the computer returns to normal.

Any Non copied CD (Music or normal data) works fine.

I also tried said disks in other computers that I own, and they work fine. I never had this problem until now. Not sure what I did to cuase this to happen.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Recorded CDs Not working

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I am having a problem with my Internet Explorer 9
Something is wrong with the browsing history. A few days ago, it suddenly stopped recording the sites I have visited and it only records the documents I have opened up through Computer
I do not have InPrivate Browsing on, I did not check the option for Delete Browsing History on Exit, I did not click the Delete button to delete my browsing history, and I did not change any settings. All that happened was that I was browsing websites and
the Browsing History function was working like normal, and then all of a sudden on Wednesday, it stops recording my websites and only records the Microsoft Word documents I have opened up that day
I am not sure if the Temporary Internet Files Folder is full, but I have never had a problem with it in the past and the storage space is in the recommended range.
I have not made any changes to any of the setting at all.
I could really use some help on this because it is really bothering me
Thanks in advance to whoever helps!

A:Browsing History Not Being Recorded

Did you check the size of Temporary internet file folder? It is usually located in C:\users\profile\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files
If the folder is full, IE will not record history.
 Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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I have my daughter saved on my vip722 dish network dvr from where she was on tv. I do not want to lose this. Is there anyway to transfer the recorded show to my computer. I have no clue on how to do it. The only thing i can think of is to setup my camcorder in front of the tv and record it that way. Thanks in advance

A:how do you transfer recorded dvr to the computer

One way, would be to use a Video Capture device, if you have the available connections on the DVR.I don't do it enough to justify the cost of a capture device, so I use a round-about way:I record the video to my set top DVD recorder, using a DVD-RW disc.Finalize the disc (important step).Once the DVD has been created, I use DVDShrink, to back it up to the computer. (Guide)Once it's on the computer, you can use ImgBurn to create additional copies.

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i want to change the path of recorded tv inside C:\Users\Public\Libraries\Recorded TV too D:\Recorded TV.

The only thing i can do is include a folder but Recorded TV won't change directory.

A:Change Recorded TV Directory without WMC

Hello sfjmdsp,

There's no need to try and change the location of library since the files in a library are not stored in the library, but actually stored at the location of the included folder.

If you like, you could change the default "Save to" folder to another included folder for where files are saved to by default when you move/copy them into a library.Library - Set Save Folder
Hope this helps,

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I recently recorded a video interview using my laptop's video recording, the video was a little over 30 minutes long. When I went to play the video, my computer would not play it. When I try to open it, it says "Can not play. Choose something else to play. This item is in a format we don't support.  0xc1010103" even though it will play other videos I have recorded on the computer. I am not sure if the video was too long or if it somehow got corrupted.  This is a very important video that I need for a class assignment, is there any way I can play it? 

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I bought my wife Adaptec's VideOH multimedia center USB for Christmas. It seems to work fine, TV's great and recording seems to be. She recorded a VHS tape of the family and the video plays back fine on the PC, there's just no sound. I took the disc to the DVD player attached to our main TV and the sound was good. It appears the drive is not set up to play digital sound, which seems strange for a DVD/CD burner. I tried to see if there were any audio settings for the drive by going to Properties from the Control Panel. There weren't. The PC is running XP Media Center, it's an Athlon 64 3400+ with a gig of RAM.

Another audio quirk which may be unrelated: my wife and her sister play games on Pogo (I think that's it). If my wife logs on to the site, she doesn't get sound. If she logs on as her sister (they cheat) she gets sound. That's not a real problem for her, but I put it in as it might be related.

A:Solved: No sound from recorded DVD

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after installing a new video card my MCE does not play recorded TV, Live TV or DVDs anymore. It will play for a few seconds, and then crash.

If I play a file of recorded TV with Windows Media Player, it works fine.

The card I installed is a ATI Radeon HD 5450, 1Gb.

I can still play recorded TV from my Extender, so functionality seems OK.

Any advice is highly appreciated!


A:MCE does not play recorded TV anymore!

Hello, i would check Device Manager in your Control Panel and make sure i had correct driver for it installed

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red dot in toolbar '' activity is being recorded ''.
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Yesterday, 08:43 PM #1 (permalink)
Registered User

Join Date: Nov 2007
Posts: 3
OS: windows xp service pack 2

red dot in toolbar '' activity is being recorded ''.


i have a red dot in my quick launch ''toolbar'' when i mouse over it, it says ''your activity is recorded'' if i click it a new box opens and asks for a password to access viewer.
i h... Read more

A:red dot in toolbar '' activity is being recorded ''.

Please download the OTMoveIt by OldTimer

Save it to your desktop.

Please double-click OTMoveIt.exe to run it

Copy the file paths below to the clipboard by highlighting ALL of them and pressing CTRL + C (or, after highlighting, right-click and choose copy):

C:\Documents and Settings\amber\Local Settings\Temp\dbustrcm.sys

Return to OTMoveIt, right click on the "Paste List of Files/Folders to be moved" window and choose Paste.

Click the red Moveit! button.

Close OTMoveIt

If a file or folder cannot be moved immediately you may be asked to reboot the machine to finish the move process. If you are asked to reboot the machine choose Yes.


This will help to identify any malware on your system.
Please download Combofix from HERE or HERE

Save ComboFix to the desktop.

1. Double click on combo.exe & follow the prompts.
2. When finished, it will produce a logfile located at C:\ComboFix.txt.
3. Copy and Paste the contents of that log in your next reply with a new hijackthis log. Do not use Code or html unless asked for.
Note: Do not mouseclick combofix's window while it is running. That may cause your system to stall/hang.

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Wow! It's been such a long time since I've posted in the forum I hope you guys are well

I have a Nokia 6300 Mobile/Cell-phone. I recorded a video on it. The video is recorded in .3gp format. I recorded it the wrong way round i.e. upside down. I want to play the video on my computer the right way up.

Nokia Video Manager has no such option to do this.

Need help

A:Recorded Video Upside Down

Hope this helps


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I record all sorts of shows with my All in Wonder, and they used to all work, no matter how long, or the size of them. But now I can only watch the shows that seem to be less than 1 gig. When I try to open any of the larger shows with WMP, or ATI File player, they freeze up. Now I can watch them in Irfanview, but they are very very laggy and unwatchable.

Does anyone know a way to fix this, or a way to get around it? I was hoping I could catch up on some shows.

My system specs are in my profile if you think they are important.

A:Cannot watch shows recorded with ATI All-in-Wonder

Do you still have enough space on that HD?
Done any defragging recently?
(I have no solutions, just suggestions.)

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Is there any kind of software that I can purchase that can finalize DVDs that are already recorded. Let me explain. I had a DVD recorder a couple of years back that I transfered many sporting events from my VCR to DVD. However, I didn't know that I had to finalize these DVDs. Now, when I try to play these on the various players around my home, I get various error messages. Now I've figured out that I have to finalize these discs, and I have a different recorder, so I'm not having this problem anymore, but I'm wondering if there is any software out there that can allow me to finalize these discs so I won't have to re-record everything. If anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!


A:Finalizing Old Recorded Dvds

I've read that you have to finalize with the recorder you used to copy from, but I did just read on another site with the same problem and they went to E-Bay and found a very cheap recorder the same as the old recorder which they had copied with the first time and won the bid, back in business.

Cheaper than taking to professional.

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I'm using a karaoke app called everysing by opening apk in bluestacks in laptop. When I tried to record a song by plugging in earphone, it only record my voice and not the song. So, I unplugged the earphone, and tried to record the song, but the result is the same. Is there anyway to change in the sound settings to allow the app to record both the song and my voice?? Please help. (My laptop model is Dell5458).

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Hello fellow board members and moderators!

I am a teacher who is trying to edit a documentary I recorded using a DVD recorder for presentation in my class. The DVD-R disk plays fine in my PC, but I need to edit the commercials from the recorded program.

Does anyone have recommendations to an easy to use video editing program, and if so, could someone briefly outline the steps on how to perform this task? I consider myself to be digitally savvy when it comes to understanding new applications, I just need a jump start of sorts in the right direction.

I certainly appreciate any help or suggestions the board community might be able to share with me.

A:Edit Dvd-r Recorded Movie

Assuming that this falls under "Fair use" (Title 17)

I can tell you how I do it using Nero 6 Ultra Edition, and Screenblast Movie Studio. (Neither are free)

I use Nero Startsmart, > "Photo & video" >" Make Your Own DVD Video" > "Import Disc". Choose the drive that your DVD is in. Nero will now rip audio/video files from the DVD.
When it's finished, You should be able to choose titles from the "Import titles from Disc" feature. (If you set the chapters ahead of time)
Highlight the desired titles and click OK. This will rip the audio/video from the DVD to your hard drive. They should be an MPEG-2 format

If you don't get audio when you open the file in your editor, use Nero to export the file,

In NeroVision Express, highlight the video and click the "Edit Movie" icon.
At the bottom, click the "Export" button. Choose the "output file" (destination) for your video.
Click "configure" > "DVD Video" tab. Change the audio format from "automatic" to
"LPCM" click OK. Then click the "Export" button.

I open the video files in Screenblast Movie Studio to split the events and delete the unwanted footage. Tho, I suppose you could do the same thing in Nero.
Using the "Edit Movie" feature.

Then re burn the edited version to DVD.

I don't know of any free video editing software. Sorry.

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The dvd recorder/player thinks that a dvd disc with content previously accessible and recorded on it is a blank one even though the amount of space used is recognised.
How do I get the dvd to play what's recorded?
The system is Vista.

A:Problem in playing recorded dvd

Check Disk Management - what is total space, free space on DVD?
START | type diskmgmt.msc

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I'm hoping this will be considered to be enough of a "computer problem" to qualify here....
Using my Android smartphone, I used an app called RMC Call Recorder to try recording phone conversations.  After I used it, I found the resulting AMR files in the phone and transferred them over to my computer and tried listening to them.  The only part of the conversation that was recorded was my side.  The other person couldn't be heard.  
Does this sound like a problem with the app, or with the sound file itself?  I've never heard of the AMR format.  I used a converter to convert it to MP3, but it didn't change the fact that I could only hear one side of the conversation.
Also, sorry about thread title.  It was supposed to say "half", not "have".  I couldn't edit it after posting either.  Mod Edit:  Fixed - Hamluis.

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sorry if this was previously discussed... but I couldn't find an answer.

A friend of mine has Windows XP Media and he recorded something for me. When he tried burning to a DVD it wouldn't let him due to the "licencing" thing. He was able to record so many movies without ANY issues whatsoever, yet HBO show could not be put on a disk. we ended up saving it on a CD (in its original .dvr-ms format) as a data file. I tried watching it on my PC using WMP, and it STARTS but 10 sec into it it stops and says that the content can only be viewed on the PC that originally recorded it.

I have a file converter software but even that didn't work because of.... yes, you got it; licencing issue.

Is there ANY way around this?? All I want to do is be able to watch this on my PC (and not have to watch it on the computer that was used to record it).


A:recorded program won't burn on DVD

I don't think you are going to get much help here on bypassing or removing the ""licencing thing" Such discussions on circumventing DRM are against TSG Rules.

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If a PC encounters an issue that produces a BIOS alert when starting up (e.g. rear chassis fan not detected or CPU fan not detected), does that get recorded in a log file somewhere? We've had a bunch of desktops that have run into fan problems on start up and needed the fan replaced. I was hoping to verify if a PC was doing it consistently or if it was just a one off glitch.

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